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Where is The Enchanted Highway?

REVIEWS OF The Enchanted Highway IN North Dakota

Laura Z

Beautiful drive with amazing art sculptures all along the way. Plenty of parking at each sculpture location as well as picnic tables and some play equipment for the kids at some. Awesome ride!

Beverly Hoeftman

Fun sculptures in the sweeping prairie scenery. We visited in the off season, so didn't get to see the little museum in Regent. But it was a great break from the interstate & a chance to get a better look at the area.

Bob Taylor

It is worth 90 minutes to drive the highway, stop and take pictures and listen to the commentary on each work of art. True midwestern American art. Kind of amazing they keep it all repaired in light of the strong winds and bad weather the area gets every year. It's free.

Renae Hull

Was watching CBS this morning and they were talking about the Enchanted Highway in North Dakota! They said a resident of Regent was determined to put their city on the map - and he did! Haven’t been yet but would like to visit one day!

Patricia Boyle

It is an easy drive with not much traffic. Really enjoyed seeing the very large sculptures along the way. The town of Regent was a lovely stop at the end of the highway.

Sheryl Pachl

We loved the Enchanted Highway. It was amazing to meet Gary! Here's the beautiful tree outside the gift shop! Tour the great state of North Dakota and make sure you have this on the list! We're going to stay at the Enchanted Castle the next time we're through!

Donna Bryan

Take this short drive. You won't be sorry!

tonya terry

Truly an artist makes magnificent statues with metal

William Kirkpatrick

One of a kind. Spend 2 hours+. Stay in Enchanted Castle motel in Regent.

David Chasteen

Cool sculptures in the plains of North Dakota

Dennis Smith

Very Cool Drive, the art was amazing

Catie Glass

Such a fun drive! Be sure to check out the gift shop as well! These cool sculptures are magnificently huge and so fun to see!

Reed Rawson

A little off the beaten path, but well worth the drive


A super fun drive along scenic roads. The sculptures are super interesting and fun to look at.

Jill Judd

Different about a good way to have fun

Neal Wyse

Once you've traveled the Enchanted Highway visiting the sculptures, this is great for picking up something to capture the experience. We each got a t-shirt with an image of a sculpture, but they have other items as well.

Viperflt viperflt

Very interesting scrap metal sculptures. Long drive (32 miles)

Kathy Hokkala

It was amazing. We kept looking forward to what was next. Fun day.

Jeremy Hall

Check out the Enchanted Highway during the winter.

Tracy Doe

If you like scrap metal art, this is a drive for you. Another display will be built this year.

Marvin Voyna

It was fantastic and the museum in Regent is a must see

Isaac Weiland


Heather Hakanson

Beautiful highway full of fields of yellow flowers and grasses. World's largest collection of metal sculptures! Definitely, worth the trip!

Nancy Bielik

A bit of a drive. But well worth the time.

Doug Hoff


Dave Foerster

Everyone should see these sculptures at least once.

Holly Hunziker


KSP Games219

Very awesome statutes

Danielle Tilden

What a great surprise in North Dakota! Travelling through, we didn't expect to find giant metal sculptures, but were pleased at the creativity and dedication of the group who put this together!

Kristin Mraz

Amazing, very nice drive, bring the whole family

Clint Call

Would give it five stars if it wasnt run down and falling apart yes I know its a sculpture I get that but if you wanna draw people to it more u gotta maintain it alittle more. Really disappointed in it wont go again.

Joan McKinzey

Aways enjoy the wonderful sculptures - and delicious ice cream at the gift shop in Regent! Added bonus this weekend with the first ND Renaissance Festival at the Enchanted Castle!

Mark Fokken

Amazing contribution by area farmers donating there land for these sculptures and the creator of the scultures.

JJ Coy

Check out the renaissance festival

Margaret Cronin

Quirky ride

Rose McKenzie

Not much of interest to me


Worth to go. Just as cute and Peaceful as North Dakota is. All sculptures can be easily found along 100th Ave. A rather high speed is also possible. Please , watch for small birds on the road though.


Eclectic, historic, and very amusing. Needs some upkeep especially on Fisherman's Dream, but still worth the detour!

Tony Rogers

Interesting !

Shawn Gray

What a neat concept. My kids loved getting their pix next to each sculpture.

Heather Aberle

Really neat

Richard F

Fun for the kids! Things for them to do. Ride a grasshopper, go in a boat or stagecoach. Great sculptures!

Julie Watermolen

Great drive in the country. The scrap metal art was huge and the drive is well worth it

Philip Cohen

Americana at its best. We loved the giant sculptures. What a statement. What commitment! Regent was interesting but I'd skip the castle. We made a return trip to North Dakota to see the Enchanted highway. We were not disappointed.

Bill Clark

Massive steel works done by local artist/teacher who got very little financial help. The brutal winters are beginning to take their toll. The Geese In Flight is not accessible due to some political issues but is so large you don't need to be close. Stop in the gift shop at the South end of the highway to learn more.

Wade Bryan

Pretty cool.

Rob Dobson

If you are into giant things by the highway, this is where to be.

Mary Marshall

Fun quirky sculptures along a highway to Regent, North Dakota. Very sad to hear about the bird sculpture land, shame on the new owners of the land. Someone should post his name on social media and where he works. SHAME!

Stephen Von Haden

Cool for a weekend trip.

Leola Schultz

Great exposure to some small town culture!!

JoAnne Vogler

Gary Greff... retired after 18 years of teaching grades 4 thru 7 to try to revitalize his home town. He is the sculptor and part owner/ operator of the mid-evil tavern and restaurant and hotel. And one of the kindest men you'll ever meet. We pulled up and shortly there after there was a tornado watch...our trailer was sashaying and he let us park right next to the enchanted castle for safety. Offered us the hotels electricity and free continental breakfast. He's been working on his revitalization plan for 6 years...I really hope he makes it!!! And the food was AMAZING!!! Love the story!I His story. Spread the word! Cone and spend some money! You'll be glad you did!! We are!

Kayla Wendlandt

Love the fun stuff. My kids always look forward to seeing all the fun sculptures when we go visit my family. Regent is my Hometown.

Linsey Lansky

Cool to see, wish more highways were like this

Dixie Leanne Donner

Amazing a must see

Tyra Hansen

Keep in mind this is basically a field with hookups but the grass was cut and the sites are large. It had dumpsters. Grocery store and convenience store/gas station across the street. For the price it's a great stop. Finding it was tricky just because the gps took us to the hotel not the rv park which is down the street and no real signs to help you out.

Trisha Cullinan

What an incredible drive. We spent all day looking at the incredible sculptures along the highway. The Geese flying in the air was closed unfortunately.

Mike Sneed

Great adventure, wonderful work .

Gillian Cancade

Great scenic drive. Sculptures are amazing! The gift shop in Reagent were quaint and the food at the Enchanted castle was great! Definitely stop there if you are hungry.

levi burton

Took a Sunday drive down the Enchanted Highway after church. Wanted to show my Fiancé whom is from South Carolina the amazing sculptures that were created. Got all the way to Regent and went into the Enchanted Castle. Mind you on Sunday nothing is opened in this small town just FYI incase you're not as fortunate as we were. I asked the gentleman in the office if there was any place close where we could get a bite to eat. Low and behold it was Gary the creator off all the amazing art-work. He actually opened up the bar, fed us pizza and answered all of our questions of his life story! After the meal he gave us a tour of the restaurant and hotel amenities, truly a hidden gem, and he went above and beyond for us two "nobody's". He's put all of his life's work into revamping what might of been a ghost town. Awesome experience and can't wait to get out there again to try the steaks! Thanks again Gary and continue chasing your life goal. You have a lot to show for all your hard work!

Amanda Smith

Kimd of cool to see but the statues are all getting old and are in need of repair.

Linda Rothwell

Just awesome sights. Glad we took the detour.

Jeff Garner

Add an hour to your timeline and check this out. They are huge. Myself, I like things like this.

Cynthia Kelley

Amazing that 1 local man Gary Greff can do these sculptures. They are awesome

Kim Tjolsen

Fun to watch for the sculptures in a place with little to look at. They're fantastic!

Jim Willard

Great sculptures

Jamie Kouba

Great ice cream! Awesome sculptures!

Clem Decker

Might be out in the middle of nowhere some of these structures-sculptures, but one hell of a view if you go for a nice days Drive

Kayla C

This is a must see sight! Its so beautiful and the sculptures are a wonder.

Pamela Scott

The guy who made these is amazing; we got to meet him in town at the shop/ice cream parlor. If you've got the time for the detour, I definitely recommend it. You can tell a lot of creativity and effort went into this.

Paige Rose

Really cool road to drive down some very cute little towns!

Jimmy Albritton

We met the sculpture and stayed at his hotel the enchanted castle in Regent North Dakota nice little town and great museum in town.

Kathy Lee

Loved the Metal Art. The one person trying to ruin it, shame on him.

larry broughton

Not a bad wato burn an hour.

Lana Melby

Great place to visit.

Shannay Witte

Unique outdoor experience

Betty Mereness

Great unusual road trip.

Joan Mims

very interesting

Dave Koehler

Heard about this from a local, it was well worth the side trip to see the sculptures made by local farmers years ago very interesting I would like to have gone later in the day so I could have gone through to some of the museums that were and the town that the end

zenobia harris

It's art work of huge metal sculptures that begin at Exit 72 on I 94 in Gladstone ND, and goes 32 miles through the Southwestern part of the state. It's a nice drive and gives you something to look at, some of the sculptures have a parking area where you can stop to take pictures,read about the sculptures or just do a little sightseeing.

Beth Burgess

Great road art.

Emma Passaglia

A ton of fun to drive through and take pictures- we spent hours and had a blast!


It is absolutely a trip worth taking. I took the detour and loved it. I even had the pleasure of the company of a Bald Eagle flying above my car for a few miles. I have a sunroof on my car and got to watch a eagle travel with me. Totally amazing

Beth Polacek

Lots of unique sculptures along this highway!!

Malina Malina

We could see all of the monuments it was to dark and late. But I believe ittcool

Misty Cortez


Randell Jones

Will be more awesome when the Renaissance festival comes to town

timothy baird

Awesome detour if you have time

Christina Kasal

Awesome sculptors and the town of Regant was cool. Must see.

Robert Stites

If you like out of the way spots this is it...

Jason Truchan

Cool sculptures and photo opportunities, I would recommend visiting the museum in Regent at the and of the highway if you are interested in more of the history of the area.


Definitely worth the drive, the sculptures are stunning!

Kate Crawford

Must see

Julie Price

Loved it! Worth the drive from wv!

Alan Pease

Great small town stop. Get good info on the Enchanted Highway

Tammy Jacobson

Didn't have a lot of time to check out all the different sites but they are really cute

posy girl

Great and free. If you're in the neighborhood, go for it.

Lalida Sahiram

This is an awesome place! We come here every year, currently they are working on The Knight and the Dragon. They have Geese in Flight, Deer Crossing, Tin Family, Teddy Rides again, Grasshoppers in the field, Fisherman’s Dream, Pheasants on the Prairie and More! My Favorite is the Tin Family and Pheasants of the Prairie! Would Definitely Recommend!

James Shoop

Interesting sculptures

Jason Yliniemi

Many neat sculptures along the way

mary and lucee

My cousin built them

Kimberly Herring

The Enchanted Highway is an Awesome display of artistry. It's Beautiful and Spectacular.

amanda smith

Interesting. The statues are getting aa lottle old and in need of repair.

John Matthews

The ONLY place like it!


(Translated by Google) We took a detour from our on the road tour on this road and on the advice of local Americans met the night before in a pub. Never advice was better (if you can talk to local people and use tour guides to a minimum). Modern sculptures that dot the street but it is the street and the landscape that "enchant". Silence, rare cars crossed in 50 km, straight ups and downs and a plain with waves caused by the wind in a sea of grass. Simply an "enchanted" road. (Original) Abbiamo fatto una deviazione dal nostro tour on the road su questa strada e su consiglio di americani del luogo incontrati la sera prima in un pub. Mai consiglio è stato migliore (se potete parlate con la gente locale e usate al minimo le guide turistiche). Sculture moderne che costellano la strada ma è la strada e il paesaggio che "incantano". Il silenzio, rare macchine incrociate in 50 km, saliscendi diritti e una pianura con onde causate dal vento in un mare di erba. Semplicemente unsa strada "incantata".

Aleeya YellowBird

Beautiful and stunning place that everyone should visit at one point. Our personal favorite is the grasshopper statues but the family statues are a close second. It really embodies a small piece of North Dakota.

deb zylka

Loved all the different sculptures

Carlo Emanuele Barbi

Nice sculptures. Makes driving more comfortable.

bill sylvis

very nice drive with large metal sculptures along the highway. the town of regent has an excellent free museum .

Dawn Morrison

The sculptures are really neat and it is a beautiful drive!

Joel Aukes

Such a great piece of Americana! If you want a fun detour on your way across North Dakota, drive the highway and have lunch in Regent. If you want a truly original destination trip stay a night (or more) at the Enchanted Castle.

Roy Coons

Fascinating story, stop in to the Enchanted Castle hotel and have Gary tell you his story. The Enchanted Highway is a work of love and determination. Gary and a small group of farmers are working to save the small farming community and they found a interesting and creative way to accomplish this. Hearing the story is worth the trip.

Jaci Tull

Such a fun, cool and quirky highway to drive along

Kim Barber

Love this place!!!

Beth Stockton

The kids had a blast!

Briana Jones

Definitely worth a trip if you're in the area. Pictures of the sculptures really don't do justice to the true size of them.

Susan Thering

We really enjoyed these sculptures and especially enjoyed meeting the man who created them. Wonderful!

Mickanddon Young

Great way to have a little fun.

Jody Zuniga-Centeno

Had a great time checking out these unique sculptures.

Vickie Steele

Fun little trek. Nice metal structures.

Charles Bennett

North Dakota can be tedious sometimes for sure. The Enchanted Highway is a wonderful way to break that up. We visited all of the ones on the left side going down and then the right side coming back to I 94. Honestly this project gives so much joy with it's whimsy, engineering, and creativity. It is well worth the adventure.

Dathan Howard

Very nice and charming the ower made it such a enjoyable trip would recommend it for a nice get away weekend

Plum Winner

Great place for a picnic with the family or just you by yourself. Peaceful place for a quick retreat and rest from the road.

Why So Serious?

Interesting sculptures along the highway. All sculptures are placed off the main highway. You have to drive a little bit on a gravel and watch out for pot holes in the gravel if your driving a motor home.

Ken and Alicia Lund

This looked amazing just from the sculpture I could see on Interstate 94. I didn't have time to drive it, but from what I saw, it looked like a drive I would very much like to make.

Charles L

It's free, its art, its Americana and comes with a drive in the country, you just cant go wrong

Scott Meske

One of the most iconic sights in North Dakota. Must see.



Amy Dailey

Loved it!! So cool, where else can you see giant handmade sculptures in the outdoors!

OrangeTractor 2900

Maybe it's because other people hyped it up and our expectations were too high, but after the first sculpture off of I94 and a long drive down a 2 lane blacktop we turned around in the first town we came to and continue on our trip. If the sculptures were closer together we might have kept going. Our experience was more of a Disappointed Highway than an enchanted one.

AmazingWorld Photography

Great drive and awesome view!

Bennett Family

Stop by the castle and have a bite. It will not disappoint.

Peggy Reed

Fun and kind of a crazy thing in the middle of ND. HUGE metal art statues.

Jon Collins

Very neat. Worth the detour finally, after many road trips in the area.

Brandon O'brian

The Enchanted Highway is a collection of the world's largest scrap metal sculptures constructed at intervals along a 32-mile stretch of two-lane highway in the southwestern part of the U.S. state of North Dakota. The road has no highway number, although its northern portion is 100½th Avenue S.W. (counting from Bismarck, N.D., which is 85 miles to the east). Local artist Gary Greff conceived of the project, built it beginning in 1989, maintains it and plans more sculptures. A goal is to counter the trend toward extinction of small towns such as Regent, North Dakota. The Enchanted Highway extends north from Regent to the Gladstone exit of Interstate 94 east of Dickinson. Each sculpture has a developed pull-out and several have picnic shelters. The highway passes through scenic farm country with intermittent buttes. Regent is a popular pheasant hunting area, and wild game is abundant.

Brian Handel

A definite must see.

Robert Edlund

Short drive off interstate... Worth the trip

Reasa Wright

Great little side trip. Best to go north to south to see all the sculptures from the right perspective.

bernie brown

The Art work was Amazing!!

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