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New Salem, ND 58563, United States

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Where is Salem Sue?

REVIEWS OF Salem Sue IN North Dakota

Penny Cloutier

Great park up on a hill with a view of the sunflowers, AMAZING! Salem Sue is preserved very well:)

Dani Rhodes

Fun drive to get up there. The rocks behind are even better. Go at sunset, it's a beautiful view.

Scott Hiland

If you're traveling as a tourist on 94, there's no excuse not to take fifteen minutes of your time and drive up to see Salem Sue. A quick walk up the path gets you a fun photo op with the world's largest Holstein statue and a great view of the surrounding land. If you have a few minutes extra, walk all the way to the top of the hill and get a stunning 360 degree panorama of the area surrounding New Salem. Free to everyone, but drop a buck or two in the donation box for Sue's upkeep.


MOTORCYCLISTS BEWARE It’s a dirt road with a real tight uphill turn up to the cow .

Jake Weitzel

Wonderful, and creative

Lali Arambula

So fun!

Matt Elliott

How can you skip seeing the World's Largest Cow when you are a really boring stretch of I94! For only a dollar we took lots of pictures and had a great time for 15 minutes while we stretched our legs!

Derrick Most

Exceptional! Gives a great representation of what true type for the Holstein breed was in the early 70s. Also, the views are awesome.

Dave Alex

What a fun little town. Great food at the local hotel. We got turned around and headed out of town on the wrong road and had to turn our 30 ft. trailer around in a tiny cemetery. All added to the adventure

chegui Lugo

(Translated by Google) So cute (Original) Muy lindo

Troy Martin

Big utters

J.T. Cray

So good! Look at that cow face! If you're into giant animals or Americana tourist attractions, it's worth a visit.

Derek Swanson


Kevin Dunseath

If you love giant roadside attractions, Salem Sue is definitely one. And a nice view can be had from up there.

Damien Riehl

Roadside Americana at its best. Go up to Salem Sue for the kitsch factor, and stay a while for the stunning views.

Kirsten Ann

A neat roadside attraction of a giant milking cow. Great to see at sunrise. Definitely unique to North Dakota. If you're driving by it's worth a stop and a looksie.

Desiree Grounds

Great places kids love it

Manda Tumberg

So fun! They work hard to keep Sue up and she always looks great when we stop and see her.

Hunter Colby

When I was driving by, I was appalled by this eyesore. What a travesty that the cow up their isn’t larger.

Scott Mansfield

Sweetheart of the rodeo

Robert Hopkins


Mike Andsandrad

I pulled over on the ramp at this exit to take my 30 minutes break and 20 minutes into my nap two Native guys in their early twentys knocked on my door while 1 guy was holding something in his pocket. I just put it in gear and got the Hell our of there. Be careful around here.

Beth Swaby

Very nice stop on the drive across ND. Easy off/on the interstate.

Samantha Ruter

A really neat road side attraction

Tallal Ibad

Worth the travel there. Pretty huge cow and awesome view

C Young

That's one big cow

Malcolm Sturdevant

It's a big ducking cow

Stephen Cook

A cool stop on a boring road

Gloria Landis

Impressive! Visible from quite a distance away. When we were there there were fields of sunflowers for Salem Sue's view!! We loved the photo op stop!!

Dawn Greenwood

Very large cow. A good place to stop for a break. There are some picnic tables. Also, plenty of portable toilets. Lovely views all around. Great high place to take pictures from. There were some orange fencing that I did not care for. Apparently Salem Sue needs a new paint job.

LeeAnn Shively Brown

Great little stop! The locals are awesome and full of information.

Heather Aberle

Kids loved it.

Richard F

See the worlds biggest cow! Heed the sign warning of trailer length! Great city park just down the road.

Adam Peter Shinn

She’s udderly fantastic!

Debbie Black

great view and who does not want to see the largest cow in the world

אתה ברטון

Pretty cool views.

Dead-Dog Rising

Great view. Go Holsteins! Passing through from canton oh

Grace Roue

Beautiful views.

Bob Andersen


Matt Blake

By far the best place to visit in North Dakota!

Raven Collins

Great views of a small town

Raymond Martin

I was bring up to see this cow years later I bring my daughter to see the same cow I like the Outlook of the town More cows than people in this town

Brett Mclellan

It's a big cow!

Nicholas Petrillo

Its a road side attraction. Gives you a reason to stop the car and stretch the legs.

Monica Resnik

Definitely worth this short detour! Such a neat roadside attraction.

Curtis Williams

A fun detour from the drive from Mott to Bismarck. You have the time just do it.

Ferdinand Van Loggerenberg

Liked the place good view over the surrounding area

Eric Poe

Sue is a worthwhile highway stop. No amenities, just a great view and an impressive structure. Truly an enormous scale cow.

Claire Gover

Massive cow on a hill with great views

Aspen Johnson

Drove by her many times as a kid and we were never able to stop, so this time around we took the opportunity. It is slightly more impressive passing by on the highway, but it has great views and was a nice place to stretch our legs and snap a few pictures!

TineCrine C

This place used to be nice until tons of people started coming here and ruining it.

Jonnii Ahola

It's a giant freaking cow

Howard Glad

What a wonderful place to visit. I've seen this from the interstate many, many times and this time I finally went up the hill to see the "cow" up close. It was well worth the time! The view is amazing and it is a wonderful place to stop and enjoy the peace and quiet, and eat your lunch. Salem Sue is every inch as big as she looks. A great landmark, well kept, and not commercialized. A free will donation suffices to keep Sue in good shape. Take the time to visit Sue if you are in the neighborhood. I wish I had done so years ago. I won't pass her by next time.

Kaileene Krauth

LOVE SALEM SUE!!! I know I'm almost to my family every time I see it!! <3

Lindsay Richhart

Great place!!!

Joel Steward

Nice little stop for a seat break.

I'm You

35ft high, 50ft long cow! Pretty freaking cool roadside attraction!!! It's less than 5min off I-94 and totally worth a quick stop!

Rasha Urchinpick

A must see for bored travelers


Funny statue on the hillside. See it for miles approaching it. Scenic place to stop at.

Nicole Botzet

We loved this quick stop!

Kyle Briggs

Large cow.

Ethan K

Nice Quick stop with a view

Amanda Bachman

I mean it's a giant cow. It met expectations.

David Kodl

Fine to see but not much else in area

Anna Hill

Love sue!

Chad Merkley

Pretty neat. Drove up to the top, and walked to Sue. Nice view. .... It's a giant cow.

Audrey Brick

Fun and quick side trip - the recording from The Talking Trail was informative!!

Aaron Klein

Utterly amusing!

Nadine Raddatz

I grew up on a dairy farm so I always enjoy stopping by

Benjamin Witek

Road closed. Can’t get there.

Katie Jones

Quick, fun, roadside attraction. Worth the 5 minutes of you aren't in a hurry.

Emma Passaglia

Beautiful view and amazing experience- definitely worth the gravel road up and the poor parking and the lack of bathrooms. Be sure to climb to the very top of the hill- the view is breathtaking.

Ranga Manthena

My kids liked this place. Very nice scenic places from the hill.

Jan Austin

She sure is big and beautiful. A lot of work went into her.

Adam VanBenschoten

It was neat. There was a Miltank here.

Theo Sage-Martinson

A must see

Toby Ludwig

It's a neat roadside attraction less than 5 minutes off the freeway.

Jim Fieser

We have climbed the hill behind this monument to dairy farmers in the area. It was a lot of fun.

Mark Mankey

Holy Cow! Would steer that way again.

Neil Ayers

Surprisingly in good shape. No graffiti, and clean area!

Evan VanHoever

This is a very mundane yet amazing attraction. It's one of those things you never go see on it's own, but off of 94 it's a perfect pit stop for a leg stretch, picture, and good story.

Matthew W

She was a big girl. Very thicc.

Michelle Rose

Nice pit stop .. she is huge!

Be More Colorful

A sight to behold! Make sure you pay Sue a visit when traveling along I94 in New Salem.

posy girl

Well, it's about as good as a big cow can get.



holly lynn

Just really cool.

Joshua Jameson

Kids had a good time. There is a walking trail over the hill behind the cow. Good place to let kids burn off some energy if you are on a road trip

Ciaran Brooks

A fun stop just off the highway. Apparently the world's largest Holstein Cow. Good views offered from the top of the hill.

T Griggs

Fun :) great photo opportunity.

Andy Duvall

A must see stop along I-90, and a great way to stretch the kids' legs after long hours of driving.

Nicolas R

Great place with an awesome view!

Daniel Sheehan

Awesome! I remember being five years old going here with my grandpa! I brought my twins! Worth a photo! Take a half hour and drive up close!

Dan Skorheim

A very good veiw and very fascinating. we built the medieval Rush there and it is awesome. It is a good home too! Would definitely recommend it

Melissa Rast

It's a gigantic cow!!! What's not to love??

Steve Thibodeaux

Salem Sue is a great attraction to visit. Truly unique in all aspects. Beautiful view of the country side from this location.

Emily Geyer



Great view of the rolling North Dakota plains from top of the Butte where Salem Sue is.

James Hamilton Healy

Great stop on our long journey, our 5 year old loved it. Hiked to the top of the "mountain" for a nice view and the dog loved that too! There are picnic tables which arenice, but no shade.

Jordy B

Loved Salem Sue! If you have ANY sort of trailer-camper, boat, etc. DO NOT drive up to the statue, park at the bottom and walk. It is a very small parking area and there is NO room to turn a trailer especially if other cars are parked up there! It’s a fun little stop on a long road trip across North Dakota and bring some spare change to throw in the donation bucket on the way out!

William Mitchell

Salem Sue is very impressive as well as the view from where she sits especially from the top of the hill. It was really interesting getting info on her dimensions. Highly recommended!


Great place to stop. Kids love it!

Christian Sickles

Biggest tweets I've ever seen

Dana Itman

Great way to take a break from driving, see an awesome cow and with a wonderful view of sunflower fields.

Robert Ringel

Very impressive!

Jane Doe

Best part of ND. Great views

Kristina KeelWilcowski

Giant statue that you can see from the interstate and you have to stop.


It's a big cow

Debbie Rosinger


Oliver Gelpke

Cool. Wer schon mal hier ist, sollte das überdimensionale Kunstwerk unbedingt besichtigen.

Susan Thering

Big cow. Really big cow. Tent on top of hill the day we visited. No place to turn camper around. Had to back down.

Jumpin James Jaspar

love salem stu . love the milk. 5 stars, graduated colliege with a degree in engineering :)!!!!! good job

Rich Balfanz

Holy cow!!!

Johnathan Wallace

Just a nice place to stop!

Tess Johnson

Weird painted vein is a little creepy...this attraction looks more interesting from the Interstate.

Titus Oneill

I always make sure to stop and pay my respects to this Holy Cow.

Charles Bennett

Five stars for what it is, a giant cow sculpture and nothing else...well a nice view too.

Nicole Wallace

Beautiful view at the top. The cow is so much bigger when you get up there!

Keith Ingram

Largest Holstein I've ever seen. And North Dakota folks are so incredibly nice, polite, and friendly. I'm looking forward to my next trip.

Laura Dorinski

We loved Salem Sue, it was a nice break in our trip and the view is amazing!

Chad Gnadinger

Kids loved it, easy off easy on road. There is a tiny sign at the entrance that 'limits' vehicle length. We took travel trailer up. At the hairpin turn there is a small access road that can be backed into in a pinch. Beware if towing an RV.....

Kelly & Rusty Glen

This is pretty amazing. I didn't think it was very big. When you get there it's amazing. She is high. The view from on top the hill is amazing. It cost $40,000 to build. All the dairy farms put in the money to build her.

Ross Thompson

You can see for miles

Ken and Alicia Lund

I am just driving across North Dakota minding my own business, when I come across this giant cow statue on a nearby bluff . . .

Maddysen Hull

Love Salem Sue! The hike to the top of the hill is fun and quick, and has great views of New Salem and the western ND prairie!

Vincent Josik

"Enjoy the view, from Salem Sue!" Thanks, Salem Sue. I definitely did!

David Bonnier


Andrew Powers

Simply amazing! Look at those mammary veins!

Karl Peterson

Fun stop on a long drive! Cement picnic tables for a day without wind. (Does that happen?) No outhouse.

Sammie Rose

Favorite cow around

Paul Labranche

It's just a cow, but it's a cool break 2 minutes away from the highway and you get a nice view over the town and the prairies.

Cody Nash

She is big and beautiful!!!


Definitely worth stopping for. Great views from the top of the hill. Perfect place to stop during a long drive. The cow is huge and looks great!

Colton Schulz

Great views.

Kamal Neupane

Salem Sue (or The World's Largest Holstein Cow) is a large fiberglass Holstein cowsculpture located in New Salem, North Dakota, United States. Salem Sue was built in 1974 for $40,000. The project was sponsored by the New Salem Lions Club in honor of the local dairy farming industry. The artist was Dave Oswald and the construction was done by Sculpture Mfg. Co in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The statue stands 38 feet (12 m) high and 50 feet (15 m) long. It sits on School Hill near Interstate 94 off exit 127 S and can be viewed for several miles.

Tim Greshik sr.


Amy Fleck

Huge cow. 10/10. Would touch again.

Bob Hartman

Easiest the biggest, most beautiful bovine that I have ever posed under.

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