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REVIEWS OF Roosevelt Park Zoo Office IN North Dakota

Josh Drapes

Who would think Minot USA had a zoo? It's fantastic! Lions, tigers, bears, exotics, bison, aviary, leopards, monkeys, lemurs... More all here in Minot. Recommend the family pass for people that like to take their kids to the zoo!

Rose Poirier

What a cool little zoo. In two hours we saw more animals actively engaging in their pens than I have in an entire day at larger zoos.


This is such a nice zoo! It's better than some of the zoo's I've been to in cities twice Minots size. They have a kids train zoo tour (I think its $5) and concessions and bathrooms throughout. There are lions, tigers, bears,giraffes, monkeys, lemurs, penguins, some local wildlife(wolves, buffalo, etc) and much more! It's in Roosevelt park, which is a beautiful park and also has a public pool. Highly recommend!

Jeff Wicks

didnt have all the animals out but still fun

tOnKy wOnKy

The big cats were kept in tiny cages! One of the lions looked like they haven’t eaten in months! It was so skinny that you could see his ribs!

Michelle Robson

Worst zoo I have ever visited. This zoo is in desperate need of funds and staff. The enclosures are too small for the animals, weed infested and worn. The animals are lethargic. The large cats have worn spots attracting flies. There is no staff to be seen besides those in the gift shop and the concession stand. Poor layout. I am surprised PETA isn't protesting this location daily.

Jasmine Pflepsen

Very small animal enclosures, and very little information about individual animals and/or how they came into the care of the zoo is available.

Shawna Nelson

Very nice zoo. Beautiful flowers along the walkways.

J Foster

Impressive for a small city. We were welcomed to the zoo by the male lions roars. The monkeys put on a display for us. We then got to watch the zoo keeper open the penguin pool for the day. Favorite part was feeding the giraffe some lettuce!

Troy Novak

Nice zoo! Totally reccomend to anyone in the area.

Heidi Lindsley

I really liked this small zoo. Lots of animals that my kids loved seeing... red panda, penguin, wolf, eagle, and so much more. Great time.

Art Martinez

My 2yo daughter had a blast feeding the sheep and giraffes:)

Thomas Briese

Very diverse wildlife. Clean. And a very nice layout with adequate shade.

dwight johnson

Terrible I got lost and couldn't find anyone to help me

Kelcifer Rose

Zoo was very busy when I went but I still liked it. I do wish the animals had more space. Seems like the big cats are kept in such small spaces. Otherwise it's a very nice place to visit to see the animals and see the river.

Matt Huseby

Awesome zoo! Knowledgeable and helpful staff that really care about the animals.

Caitlin Rogers

Things are being remodeled but still a nice place to visit.

Joseph Biggane

For a small city this zoo is pretty great! They have a great volunteer contingent among their staff and you can tell they care for the animals. They are always trying to raise money to improve the housing for the animals. They always seem to have community outreach events going on and there are often lots of people.

Wendy Tully

Cute little zoo. Nice for the little town it's in.

willie griffin

Great zoo! not as big as your big city zoos, but the Minot Zoo has a lot to offer, and reasonably priced

Regina Cantrell

Great day trip and such clean and appealing surroundings. IT's evident that the staff works hard to make this experience one to remember and revisit.

Alicia Guffey

It was a good 4th of July. The bouncy houses were included in the gate admission. What a relief not to have to buy separate tickets.

Tanita M

Lots of animals. Loved the noisy monkeys.

Jess G

Lotsa fun for the kids! Good variety of animals, nice set up

Nadine Rhymer

I love taking my dogs for a walk here . It's a beautiful park

Scott Masonsinandand

No one care about the zoo boring

Troll Cracked

It's a zoo the animals seem well taken care of lot of variety

Bob Herrington

Clean animal areas and friendly staff !

Mallory Schumacher

Very clean environment! Friendly staff. Wish they had more animals though! Didn’t get a 5 Star as I think the prices are a bit high! All n all the kids and I enjoyed it.

Amelia Doll

Wonderful zoo with great exhibits!

ahmed alkawwas

Wonderful place from May till October to spend time here with the kids and all the family, other times forget about unless you born here , and you know the cold winter !

Joshua Sunrise

Surprisingly enlightening and enjoyable for a small-town zoo

Stephen White

Nice little zoo and great people working there. Definitely worth checking out. Animals seem very content, well cared for, and happy. Children love feeding the little goats and lambs.


We went for the first time during the winter. Seen 3 animals outside. That's what we paid almost 20 bucks for. We left. Why they didnt have more indoor type stuff like snakes and such when half the year in ND is cold was a little crazy to me.

Bjon Krebs

Pool is great bring your dog on Monday at 6:30 for closing day and four dogs swim

Michael Campbell

Nice Zoo, well cared for, sctive animals. The kids had a great trip.


Nice zoo. Just did not like the that the lions were in such a small area.

Ashley Wasvick

They have a great variety of animals, lots of exotics for this part of the world! Love the giraffes!

Sean Perry

Pretty fun. Fair pricing. We went when it was 90+ with 40 % humidity so most of the animals where shacked up. All in all the family had a great time. Can't wait to return on a cooler day

Alexus Kirk

Everything looks great this year! Also I'm so glad the cats are getting new homes!

DaNae Schuh

Our family loves Roosevelt Park Zoo. All the employees are super nice!

Kristin Piña

Horrible. The monkeys are locked in TINY cages as well as the tiger which just paces his cage and weakly growls. This place should be shut down. THEY DO NOT KNOW HOW TO TAKE CARE OF BIG CATS. the eagle also seemed depressed

Andrew Heidt

We had a nice visit. I can't wait for the new tiger exhibit to be finished.

douglas atardecer mina

very good

Willie Pratt

Even though they are undergoing renovations it's a cute zoo at a fair price.

Debora Greene

Love our zoo

TerrieJo McKeon

Great little zoo. A nice variety of animals in very nice habits. There are a couple new habits under construction to give those animals a larger living area.

DL Wheatie

Had a great day at the Zoo. Well done.

Marti Tate

Go to every zoo i can when traveling. This was a good one

Zoe Reeves

Nice park. Very clean. Would be a great place for a family or other gathering.

Bill Hewitt

Even though they were very busy they took good care of the people coming and going they did a good job checking people in and into the park

Jesse Baker

Omg we had an amazing time at the zoo here we got to feed and pet the giraffes for only $5 they also let us take pictures with them the staff was really nice about everything! I really loved watching the otters play in their water! You can also feed goats there they are doing a lot of renovating I can’t wait to go again we went twice this last week because they had a free day sponsored by midco then we took my fiancé’s family this last weekend.

Makenzee Watt

The cages could be a little bigger but they feed and treat the animals very well! They get as close to their diets in the wild as they can and the staff are very nice

Cameron Aberle

It's not to bad of a zoo for a town this size. Would like to see bigger pens for some animals. It seems like they are in enclosures that are way to small.

Zachary Bergstrom

Friendly staff. Love the new improvements to the zoo.

Krystal Heth

Such a blast! Great place to get some fresh air and have a family activity!

Morgan Lafae

Office staff..k..I love the zoo & gift shop

Ervin Charette

Plenty of shade, great staff, variety of animals and a petting zoo

Randal Mitschke

Such a wonderful Zoo for a smaller town great exhibits fantastic staff always lots to see and do here.

Kristen Meuchel

Small zoo but very nice. Wish the enclosures for the animals were bigger but you are able to get really close. Looks like they are expanding.

Jodi Jones

Quite a collection of animals for a remote zoo.

Janet Hazel

I had a really good time thank you

Justin Feistner

Only 4 stars because of the bees. One of the kids in the group got stung twice.

Carla Haskett

Great place and the employees are very nice. The animals however look really sad :(

shayne m

Nice zoo and it's fun feeding the giraffes

Don Galusha

Great place still under construction

John Shipes

This is a very nice zoo and the staff was very friendly. They answered all of our questions when we had some.

Joseph Cherry

Im excited for the upcoming changes in exhibits here, the new Lion and Tiger exhibit. It will creat such a nice environment for the beautiful big cats they have at this zoo!

Ryan Wells

Giraffe feeding is only reason we came here... Zoo is a zoo, we get that, there isn't much we can do as visitors but to support. Zoo is great place for fun & experience for the kids and some adults, it's just most likely always going to be around. Either way animals are going to stay in the cages. But i do strongly feel that the quality of cages & exhibits can be greatly improved. Some are way too small, and only have barely foilage for most of animals here. I'm sure zoo business may be more complicated than this, but I feel that little details can help the animals and the visitors too. Overall, didn't like it much, but I do have to give credit for many varieties of animals


Some nice things, but very disappointed in the bear habitat. It was all concrete and a nasty green water pool area. They are in the process of upgrading the lions & tigers habitats.

Charlette Barr

Love Minot zoo Get the summer family pass it's worth it *****

Eric Tronson

I was amazed at all the different animals they have. Was unexpected.

lela white

Beautiful and fun place

Bronwyn Held

Pretty small but really good considering Minot's size. Always fun and cheap, lots of stuff going on for kids, and they're constantly improving. Boo at the Zoo is a must for Halloween

Margo Zadow

Beautiful day for the zoo. Lots of flowers being planted! Love it here.

Judy Aho

Love this Park and Zoo.

Krista Flowers

A nice zoo for a small town. It's a great thing to do with your family, it only takes a few hours to get through its the perfect size for little ones. No need to worry about missing nap time!

joseph plaza

Nice spot for the family, small zoo, water park, and play grounds all in one area. Limited parking but the park are is maintained and looks nice.

Alexis Puckett

The Zoo staff are so friendly and helpful! It's a small zoo but they are actively making improvements to it. It's a great, inexpensive way to spend an afternoon with your family!

Mateusz Oleksik

Great little zoo excited for the new projects

Tim Cross

The kids always enjoy going to the zoo. But the last few times it seems like most of the animals are not too active.

Gregg Walker

Very clean. Take the train ride with Jason!

Codi Smith

Cute small zoo, maybe two/ three hour day there tops. You can buy a membership to the zoo or the daily charge for an adult is nine dollars. You can rent strollers or wagons from the zoo for kids. Giraffes are kept up if its raining or suppose to rain. Small concession stand available if you get hungry there .

Kara Lawler

We love the zoo! We have the zoo pass, and for convenience and how often we go, it is worth it. The animals are always asleep. And they are under construction. The gift shop is somewhat reasonably priced. The bathrooms are generally clean. The zoo is a nice stroll with animals

Cassie Back-Peak

It is small with a decent amount of animals some I hadn’t seen in other zoos across the US. I liked that for the most part the animals were close enough to truly sit and watch them. And they were all out. Disappointed to see that the Alpaca and Llama had no grass to eat on. It was clean but hardly saw staff out and about. My biggest issue had to been the workers at the concession area they were not friendly, seemed bothered by anyone approaching the window. Other then that it was a nice little outing for my family.

Michelle Lopez

It was really cold, but overall you can tell the zookeepers love their job and the animals are really happy. We got to feed some billy goats and my family has lots of fun!

Tuesday Shaw

For its size, it's a nice little Zoo. The kids always enjoy their time there.

Lindsey Schreiner

Honestly this zoo is pretty much the only highlight in Minot. Definitely worth going to. Affordable prices. Beautiful exhibits and a wide variety of animals, including some rare species. Great place to take the family.

Rebecca Seehaver

The zoo is busy building new exhibits which will be a huge plus for bringing in visitors. It was a beautiful morning when we were there so we were able to see most of the animals. Our granddaughter loves feeding the goats

Tyler Morgan

Kids love it

Sam Melland

I love it there

Jennie S

Had a great time even though the animals were sleepy

pockets mchugh

Love it cat is loud

Amanda Becker

The city of Minot has done a fantastic job rebuilding the zoo from after the flood that the town suffered from. A great place to go for the afternoon with the whole family

Cyndi Goudge

I love the new exhibit for the monkeys and the landscaping is amazing! Keep up the good work!

Linda Hart

We heard about this park in MN. Is it snowed over?

Justin Ciak

Very fun! Wonderful zoo for the area! I go all the time, it's fun to walk around a few hours and feed the giraffes and the lamas and what have you. There isn't much to do in this town so this certainly makes a nice sunny day a bit more fun! Come on out and have a good time :) And I gotta mention the concessions area, it's actually quite delicious. I recommend the pizza pretzel.

Lori Caldwell

Spent a super fun day there with 6 children. They have a nice variety of animals and the petting zoo was a big hit! Don't forget to bring some quarters to buy food pellets for the goats. No outside food or drink is allowed but there is a small concession stand that sells limited items.

Roland Vance

Awfully thrilled with their support service, and their thoughtful crew.

Jason Gauer

This zoo was very good. I was surprised in the quality of the zoo based on the size. All animals were close and active.

Jason kenzieq Bishop

The zoo is under construction to improve the habitat for the big cats but was still a really fun place to visit. The bears were awesome, as were the giraffes. We will certainly visit again when we return to Minot.


Wonderful zoo, clean, friendly staff, the giraffe feeding station was a highlight for a kids

Shane Luke

The Roosevelt Park Zoo is a great place. Sadly though this zoo is aged and a lot of enclosures are not up to standards for some animals. The big cat exhibits we're particularly small.

rose prince

It's kind of a weird and janky small Zoo but the people who work there seem to be doing their best to create Humane environments for the animals. as a person who's worked ar the denver zoo, it was kind of like going into the past, cuz it looks more like zoos looked in like the 1950s. That being said, I think it's wonderful how family friendly and educational it is, and it seems like they put the focus here on animal and human well-being more than a lot of silly cosmetic stuff. it's also very affordable, which is fantastic, what's the point of having a zoo if not everyone can go to it? There's something to be said for a place that isn't prohibitively expensive for so many

Roger Johnson

Great Zoo. Well maintained and what a selection of things to see.

Ronald Deraas

Had a great time. Nice variety of animals.

isaac haffner

Decent little zoo. Many of the poor animals looked depressed and bored out of their minds in their small enclosures.

Minkkit Andrews

My family and I have been to the zoo many times this year since it reopened and have a wonderful time each and every time! We miss the animals that haven't made it home yet and can't wait for their return! I use to go to this same zoo as a kid and loved every thing about it then too! The Poison Dart Frog exhibit is my all time favorite!

Ronald Smith

Fantastic good time. You are up close and personal with the animals.

Denise Gillies

Great place to walk around and look at the animals

Mason Terry

Right now (July 2019), the zoo is just okay. They are renovating many of the enclosures so I'm sure in the future it will be quite nice. Very cheap prices!

Victoria Pauling

This zoo is making huge improvements to the animal enclosures right now. The new enclosures are beautiful and what these animals deserve. The landscaping and upkeep of the zoo is just beautiful and really well cared for. The zookeepers love to share knowledge and help families get to know the animals better!

Goran Misic

Nice little zoo

Ernesto Alvarado

Very clean place and staff is very friendly

Wynand van der Merwe

Very relaxing good place to see animals and looks like its up to standard also a nice place to take your kids and have fun

Nikki B

I love this place and the worker was actually pleasant. It's usually a hit or miss with parks in the US.

Ben Aufforth

Nice zoo lots of animals lits for the kids to do

Carlos Giovani

We visited the zoo during the winter and we had a great time here. Even though during the winter a portion of the animals aren't out, you can still have a lot of fun and is definitely a place you have to see when you are in town. The tigers are great and this zoo offers the closest view to them I have ever experienced. You are litteraly feet away from them and they are actually out in the open instead of behind some glass. The staff is very friendly and passionate about the animals. I love that they like to give you random interesting facts about the animals.

Jessica Rockeman

Great zoo and friendly staff on beautiful grounds. You can tour the zoo and then enjoy the park. Make the trip to Minot for this gem.

Neal Baker

very cute zoo. always a great time

Emma Owen

Great place Come here once twice a week with my son Staff are awesome and so friendly

Andrea Yeo

We feed giraffes!

Michael Linnell

About half of the animals weren't out today. Should be a sign in the main office letting us know. Otherwise, it was good. Great little zoo.

Roc Macg Eorge

Getting alot better putting work into animal pens especially tigers

Josh Church

Small and convenient. Good variety of animals, cheap eats and toured the place without breaking a sweat in June.

Lynn Ray

They need to have a wider variety of gifts for sale.

Nicole Hodge

We visited the zoo for the first time this past weekend and we loved it. Plenty to see and hands on for the kiddos. I only have 4 stars because I was highly disappointed with the brown bear exhibit. They have 2 beautiful lg bears but sadly they had no stimulation in the exhibit. Bears are very curious animals and need challenging fun obstacles and stimulation for their mental health. Other than that the zoo was very clean and the staff were great.

Angela Sneed

A large variety of animals who seem to enjoy the attention of visitors. Great staff & volunteers. All were very caring & knowledgeable of the animals. Bring $5 to feed the giraffes. It's a great experience & the money is a donation to the giraffe program. Definitely a great little zoo!

Greg Lucas

Nice local Zoo with a larger selection of animals than I expected. The grounds are well cared for and the staff seem to do a great job taking care of the animals. Great place to spend the day with family and or friends.

Brandon Esty

I did not go to that lovely zoo. I'm planning to give the zoo three new pachyderms.

Dawn Marie

We will Roosevelt Park Zoo buy the season pass great place to bring the little kids and the big kids alike

Neatness lawn care LLC

So cool. Get to be close to the animals. Very well maintained. Visiting from Indiana

chris daniels

Great Zoo, especially considering its location. Animals were awesome, the lions even made some noise for everyone.


The red pandas are cute

Deonna Lynn Koop

Nicest zoo I have ever been to. Loved it!

matthew poleschook

A wonderful assortment of animals.

John Beach

It's fun and they ate making some real improvements but some of the exhibits make you feel really bad for the animals. . .

Lonnie Brawley

A great zoo, we loved seeingbthe baby giraffe.


Little zoo.. animals were sleeping mostly and tried looking.. will try again another day.. bur it with going to support community.. looks like they were expanding a little

Dan Richmond

This was a nice small zoo. Not as nice as Bismarcks but great for the kids. I would say my only complain was that the big cat enclosures where tiny. I am normally not a person so complain about something like that. But they are so small I would not even keep my dog in something that small.

Macayla n' Saara SAaylaJoahnemarinaMacara

They could defiantly spend more time and money on the animals environment, sooner then later.

Angel Gourneau

Beautiful place with so many animals. Definitely worth the money and trip.

Cheryl Fladager

Love the Minot Zoo. Beautiful animals, fun activities for the whole family.


It was one of the nicest zoo we've visited even though some of the animals is still not out...

Erika Waldner

So much fun my kids loved it and so did i

Sassy me

Nice for a daytime outing for families. Low priced and lots of animals. Hate the small cages.

Chaz Lanz

free day at the zoo course I'm going to give a 5-star review who's not I got to take my son out see a bunch of animals got to yell at a bunch of monkeys saw some giraffes good place to take kids I choose would choose a cooler Day to go out it can get hot

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