Reviews of Ronald Reagan Minuteman Missile State Historic Site (Tourist Attraction)

555 113th 1/2 Ave NE, Cooperstown, ND 58425, United States

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Where is Ronald Reagan Minuteman Missile State Historic Site?

REVIEWS OF Ronald Reagan Minuteman Missile State Historic Site IN North Dakota

Glenn Zior

Step back into the history of the US during the cold war. This is a launch facility that was saved from decommissioning destruction. Everything is like it was back then. You get an hour tour by a very knowledgeable tour guide. Walk behind the large blast doors into the 2 man launch team bunker and launch center buried below the ground. It is a great place to visit.

Bob Taylor

This is a state park and it is much easier to access the below ground control room than the national park in South Dakota. Elevator ride to below ground control room. The key is shown in the control panel that would be turned to launch the missiles. These jobs still exist, it is thought provoking.

Nate Chertack

Fascinating to see how close our country was to nuclear war. Tour is very informative, definitely leave with a new appreciation for what members of the military are responsible for.

Caitlin Miller

Very historical, wonderful tour

Steven Wehner

Was here a few years ago, it's a great place to learn about history and think about the future

nancy rieke

Very interesting & great tour guide!

Angie Overby

Albert Gaines

Would loved the tour...was too cheap....but good people very informative!

Deb Bassen


Was worth the trip! A very interesting part of cold war history.

Lyo Faelan

Owen Fields

Lee Engelstad

Evan Koller

Chris Chalgren

Awesome hidden Gem. Recommend for anyone who has interest in Cold war era technology. Guide was incredibly knowledgeable not just on this facility, but pretty much everything ICBM related.

Robyn Ekern

Rich in history. Great your guides!

Hadrian Spooner

Super interesting

Shondra Lyon-Brown

Blake Fountain

Fun adventure in the small town of Cooperstown!

Bernard Wyant Jr

Sherrie Stanton

My husband use to work at a site like this one. I have a whole new respect for my husband after visiting this site

Stan McIntyre

A very informative tour. There is a wealth of information and memorabilia in this site. For me it was a trip down memory lane, I was able to see equipment and furniture from my service days that had been a distant memory.

Kenn Burdick

My wife was dubious at best about this attraction, but afterwards she commented on how glad she was that we visited here. This was a very interesting and educational experience, well worth the stop.

Paul Burcham

Steven Gordon

As one who lived through the 80s part of the Cold War, I really enjoyed touring the MLF (Missile Launch Facility). It gave me a sense of being in the Air Force, not knowing if the orders would come in to launch the missiles that would end life as we knew it on Earth. I commend the personnel of the USAF who put their lives on the line to defend our country. Ben was very knowedgeable and friendly, even so far as putting up with the know-it-all (points at self) who seemed to know more than he did. ;-) Very reasonable admission, and certainly worth going 500+ miles out of my way on the road trip to visit my father and DJ for a Star Trek club. I love ND and its people! Please visit this facility and stay a day or two in Cooperstown!

Doug Baker

Great opportunity to see a missile launch control facility up close and see how the missileers lived during the Cold War.

Christopher Band

Fantastic facility and very interesting. The tour guides are very knowledgeable.

Gerald Lopata

Cheryl Suhr

Scott Brossart

Educational and interesting. As a kid, driving by the missile sights I never realized what was all involved to keep us safe!

Joanna Lee

joshua simek

This was great, my kids really loved it too!

Ben Bernard

Amazing look at Cold War history and Air Force life. Planning my 6th visit soon!

Giovanna Rossing

Charlotte Opp

Very cool to see this missile control site exactly how it was used for almost 30 years. Also great information on how it was built, and the tour guide did a great job! Worth the drive!!

michael lopez

Very good tour out in the middle of no where. Well worth driving out here and taking the 1 1/2 hour ish tour. The guide was very knowledgeable. Something you dont see everyday. .

Keith Shumaker

Tom Simpson

Shane Mercer

Very informative re: cold war history.

Robert Hauter

Greg Lee

Pieter van Dongen

Nice and really informative the stuff is very nice

Homebuiltcamper Dave

Just the coolest stop. Tour guide was awesome!

Kevin Zebro

Very educational, about the men who defended this country during the cold war and the responsibility of unleashing such destruction on the world and what the cost would be

Troy Pedersen

Kurt Gelinas

nice to show the grandkids what working there was like

Matt Meyers

A very unknown gem of history was great to go u set ground

William Tyminski

Tamara Stoebe

It was very interesting....our guide was new so she didn't personally know the stories, but she did live in the area at the time the site was active. I definitely recommend.

Jill Whitlock

Ken Thompson

Amazing to see a unique ICBM launch facility as Oscar Zero preserved. This site is the updated version with all the support equipment under ground. Make it a point to see this historic site, you will not be disappointed.

oMykhajlo K

A real thought-provoking experience. Excellent tour that includes a video presentation and then a walk throughout the entire complex, right down to the underground bunkers. One really gets a sense of the potentially tense and surreal atmosphere at such a site at the height of the cold war. Worth the drive, worth the fee, worth including in your road trip plan.

Victoria Brager


Well worth the stop. Very informative

Sandi Chapman

Fabulous place to visit. Tour guide very informative. Great job Sami! I recommend it to everyone!


This was wonderful! Our entire family enjoyed visiting and learning. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and professional.

Joe West

Awesome history, see it exactly as it was when deactivated. Highest technology at that time, kids won't believe it. Basically the same technology we used to get to the moon. Well worth the drive off the I-94. Great tour guide.

Olivier Bourgeois

What a good idea to use an old military facility for tourism! We loved it and were lucky to get very precise explanations. Please just think of French speaking tourists also.

Wesley Brown

Chris Ahl

Fantastic place to visit and a must if you've never been.

TerrieJo McKeon

Awesome tour. You see how the missile crews and facility support staff lived and worked at the middle alert facility.

Tarn Mensinger

Patrick Diedrich

Scott Conrad

Mike O'Brien

Very interesting and informative tour. Guide was very knowledgeable.

Eric Zimny

Lari Helgren

Awesome !

Steffi N - kralsicu

Awesome site! Very friendly guides, amazing to visit a part of the more recent history

Brian Wilson

It's hard to imagine what a place like this. It's a must for all.

K .

Excellent Historical landmark. Informative, well kept and a great experience. It’s worth the drive. A little over an hour from Grand Forks, is well worth the detour. The tour guide Ben was Friendly and answered all the questions. Very pleasant experience.

Suzanne Butler

My husband and I try to take our out of state visitors here. This was our fourth visit and we will certainly go back! Our guide, Sami, was very knowledgeable and answered all our questions. So glad this part of American history was saved.

Pete Williams

Incredible yet thought provoking. Highly recommended!

Jess Brasted

Absolutely amazing to see one of these sites pretty much left the way it was when in service. Tour lasts about 90 minutes.

Jon Keller

Very interesting, good tour.

marianne kramer


Great Historical site. If you want to know Cold War History, this is a must see site.

Alexander Gagliardo

Great visit! So good to see inside the silo where our service men worked. Once a place very very few ever saw.

Brian Smart

Craig Lister

AMAZING - everyone should visit here. We were with the tour guide for 2.5 hours, it was so awesome. She was so knowledgeable. It's in the middle of nowhere, but well worth the drive. Definitely visit here instead of the national park site that's off the interstate in SD. We walked right in and got on a tour - unlike in SD where you need to get there at the crack of dawn to get a ticket for later in the day.

Rita Eckes

Very interesting, even as it was a second visit. Tour guide was knowledgeable.

Lisa Wessel

Fascinating example of cold warfare in North Dakota farmland. Guide was thorough and well-informed.

Kari X

Very informative tour. It was interesting, and scary to see the very equipment that could end civilization.

Terry Peoples

Donica Buechlein

Great to see these photos. In the early 1980's, I spent a lot of time at Oscar Zero. Hope to visit this year!


Robert White

Goodn buzzd

Great place, tour guide is very knowledgeable. Well worth the tour fee.

John Mills

Great museum of the Cold War with a terrific tour guide in Lois. I had worked in the Missile Wing in the late 80’s, but my wife had no idea what I was talking about until she visited the site. Lois gave an excellent tour of topside, the Launch Control Equipment Building (LCEB) and the Launch Control Center (LCC). Highly recommend the tour and the very read rate!

Kanaan Schramm

Ant Vision

Very cool! Love Cold War remnants... highly advise a tour if you’re near this area. Thee amount of decommissioned or abandoned military bases in the Dakotas is crazy to.

David LaFond

Very interesting. If you can find one go visit. Educational.

Trevor McIntosh

What an amazing place to visit. Spencer was the best tour guide ever.

Joyce Ettenger

Larry Liang

James Miller

Anne m


Paul R

Dan Kilbride

Haven't been there since 1998/9 when I was an E-4. I was one of the team chiefs to pull the last equipment out and install the security loop. I will make it back to visit summer of '16 for a farewell retirement tour.

Kenn Edman

Tour guide was GREAT!

Alex Tomlinson

This is a very cool place! The guides were were very nice and gave a lot of information i didn't know about these sites. Very cool experience overall

Joseph Czarnik

This site is an awesome piece of US history. Our guide was superb and happened to be a cold war history buff, adding tremendously to our tour. Something worth noting is there are two of these preserved missile sites, one in North Dakota and one in South Dakota. The one in South Dakota gets 250,000 visitors a year and is always booked months in advance; the one in North Dakota gets fewer than 5,000 visitors a year and is rarely packed on any given day. I'm neither a fan of lines nor crowds, so go to the one in North Dakota if you have the choice ... you can just show up on any given day and chances are they'll make room for you for a tour.

Richard Kulesza

Interesting place, great opportunity to see how missile control was done (and likely still mostly works). Small place but friendly guides.

Naomi S

It was cool to see. My grandparents met in the Navy doing something similar to this so it was cool to see with them.

Ray McGlew

This preserved launch control center is one of the few places where you can see from where nuclear-tipped missiles can be launched and get a glimpse of the lives of the crews who would send the world into Armageddon.


Whole family truly enjoyed the tour. Very informed and friendly tour guide made this a very educational visit. The site is an amazing time capsule - just how the Air Force left it. Can't say enough about this incredible place! You should definitely make it a place to visit.

Gina Baker

Jesse Eversvik

Melissa Burnett

It was a neat little tour. You first watch a 20 minute film about missiles and then you go on the tour. The cool part was when you go underground. The blast doors are huge! You can hold the launch keys in your hand. Crazy. On your way out check out the missile silo two miles east of the facility. It isn't affiliated with this museum but they'll tell you about it. $10 fee for an adult.

E Arthur Robertson

Deactivated Minuteman missile system site. Educational, sobering.

Jon Goldsberry

Brought back a LOT of memories, good and bad, of the cold war and how we lived it in these units. Remembered stuff I hadn't thought of in many years! Was a great tour. Our guide was very nice and helpful.

Clay Willoughby

Megann Schlenvogt

Denyse Smith

Todd Baker

This is a place everyone should see

Lawrence Mcdaniel

Great tour. Tour guide very informative.

N Kachur

Awesome interpretation of cold war america

Trevor James

Great tour! Intro video a touch long for the little ones (3 and 5) but only by about 4 minutes. Kids loved the tour and the guide was very informative. Nice to learn about this cold war history and the hard workers it took to make these sites happen .

Trent Coberly

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