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2576 8th St SW, Washburn, ND 58577, United States

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Where is Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center?

REVIEWS OF Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center IN North Dakota

Mark Jantzer

The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center is a must see place along the path of the famous explorers. Learn about their expedition, the interaction with the Indians, and enjoy the beauty of North Dakota along the Missouri River. A gift shop and convenient restrooms are another reason to stop, walk the grounds, and learn some history.

Todd Gates


theresa a

Michele Nixon

We loved the Interpretive Center and their gift shop has quality merchandise and books that are above the norm. The art galleries were a complete surprise.

Margie Rother

One of many centers following the Lewis and Clark travels. They are definitely a not to miss stop.

Doug Arneson

Nice rest area. Plenty parking.

andrew ohlensehlen

Amazing history artifacts and fossils

Matt Ruhland

Really cool rest stop

Mark Javers

Very good and informative

Jim Comings

Intended to be a "pit stop" but wound up spending most of the day enjoying the exhibits. Very helpful staff!

GoodLuck 5234

Kyle Hunt

Very interesting place. Worth the stop.

Ed Smith

Good information about Lewis and Clark expedition.

Kris Johnson

Fidensio Araguz

I got the chance to vist this place . It's very nice.

Greg Osland

Very interesting

David S

Interesting history.

Troll Cracked

Clean rest area lots to see if you like history good place to stop

Bob Herrington

Great rest stop!

Paula Miller

jake meyer

Phenomenal museum, lots of great information and visuals, easy self-guided tour.


Very informative. So much to see there just wasn't enough time!

James Strandberg

The great historical site to see and how history was made through Lewis and Clark on their Adventures to an all water route to the West Coast and how they went to North Dakota and and discovered it back in there 1804 and the trip back at 1806 pretty interesting you get a chance you need to come up to North Dakota and see everything you need to take adventurous trip and it's a good vacation time to explore North Dakota it's got a lot of beautiful surroundings and Hicks darkle of How the West Was Won and all about wildlife and nature

Bryce Hamblin

This place had a lot to see. The exhibition was awesome with art and history put into the place. The place was so interactive and is on par if not better than most of the National Parks exhibits which I love. This is a must stop for visitors coming in especially if you follow the Lewis and Clark exhibition.

Dan Boelsche

Wow...what a wonderful stop! The displays are the confluence of art and well-written and researched history, with principle focuses on the Missouri trade, Lewis and Clark Expedition with Sakakawea, and the Plains Indians of this part of North Dakota. The Shelden and Bergeson Galleries within are tops -- U.S. national treasures!

DyAnn Carlson

This place is really cool. They have a small museum there, a really nice gift shop, conference room, medium size ballroom that opens out onto a big deck which overlooks the river, research library, statues out front, a garden in the summer where they grow native ND vegetables & many acres of land to explore. I love stopping here whenever I'm in the area.

sam cooper

The Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center just had new exhibits installed (Jan. 2012). The exhibits describe President Jefferson's motivation for sponsoring the expedition, Clark's journal entries can be experienced via an audio kiosk, there's an interactive exhibit describing the supplies they took, and much more. It's worth visiting and experiencing!

Mafany Mongoh

Good serene place for a family

Donna Landers

Very neat, great scenic views!!

Andrew Heidt

They have a great museum, it's worth the stop.

Johnny X

very nice. lots of info

James Faut

Awesome place to vist

MM Masterscross

Great place to stop and enjoy

M. Joy Groothuis

Joe Junion

Not sure it was worth paying for but whatever, money isn't a factor when on vacation.

Richard Gates

Some interesting information and exhibits here, though a little expensive to enter for what there is to see.

E. Jasso

Carol Kathrein

Great history lesson

Jeremy Ostrander

Really nice place. Peaceful sleeping overnight. Cant accommodate many trucks. Nice view to the west


Besides being able to stop here 24/7 to be able to use the restroom, they have wonderful displays about the area and the people who lived here. The history of Lewis and Clark among other interesting facts about the fort which was built and how the Indians helped these pioneers.

Ron Gerhardt

great time. Juan was very accomadaing to three boys . thanks. they had a great day

Stephen Kister

clean rest stop

Laura Westmeyer

Ladies were very helpful and courteous. My husband and I enjoyed the experience.

Michelle Carrier

Love this rest area and gift store very clean well lit

Tom Hannig

Stopped to use the rest area good place to p--p.

Tom Beckel

Great museum full of information and stories about Lewis and Clark and their journey out west.

Kevin Zebro

Great displays and interactive interpretations of Lewis and Clark, the expedition, and the people they met along the way. Never was taught in school, the details and events of the trip

Bethany Hildebrand

Very nice place to stop and stretch your legs and your dog's legs too

Colleen Gerber

We were able to see the fort and learn things we didn't know. Worth the price


Good starting point before seeing Fort Mardan. Your entrance fee of 8 dollars covers both and students/kids are free.

Debbie Baumann

Gift store is awsome. Friendly staff

John Bruse

Very educational. Displays are interesting and modern. Variety of gallery types from historical to art. Lots of fun!

Divine Tarla

I enjoyed the place last weekend

Grand Pa Mike

Not much information to be found

Jimmy Gilbert

Play for everybody ought to go to catch a little bit of history

Jennifer & Dick

Love it

KC Luchsinger

Very good Museum! Make sure you have time to see it all then head down to Fort Mandan just down the road. It's worth your time!

Lori Ganske

Helpful, happy staff, nice displays.

Katheen Waldren

Nicely put together for education and fun. The kids enjoyed being explorers for the day.

Thad Henderson


Van Spiros

The visitor center is excellent. The tour of Fort Mandan is the best.

B More

I bought a book there prices kinda high on items staff don't seem to talk too much

Michael Thorne

Lots of great art and we'll planned out

James G

Really nice rest stop/interpretive center!

Ryan Hurley

Very informative and worth going to see!

John Napurski

Very informative.

Kathleen Kister

Very good exhibits and knowledgeable staff. Wonderful experience!

Tammy Gilbert

Large dog run area. Lots of interesting info & history

Roger Evenson

Amazing artwork

Julie Treib

Excellent rest stop with convenience store and museum option. Great history lesson for the whole family!

Tuesday Shaw

We stopped here and mostly for the bathrooms, but the museum is very nice too.

Trindarae Dawson

Terry and I

Our RV Adventures

Give it three stars because the restrooms are clean, good parking for RVs and nice sculpture art outside. Did not go in because we had limited time and the cost is $8 per adult. The items in gift shop were nice however also expensive. From what I could see it looked like nice exhibits and would probably spent some time going through the center if it was $3.

Christie Lynn Henderson

Bathrooms have been very clean each time I have stopped by. The museum and Fort cost a few dollars to tour. I believe I saw something about them have room to host some events. Sorry no pictures as I left my phone/camera in the car to walk around... Next time I'll probably remember.

Vicki Darnell

Husband and I enjoyed our short trip here at the end of the day. Wonderful exhibits, educational information, gift shop, and staff. Definitely worth a visit when you are in North Dakota.

Lavonna Skeans

I would have liked to have seen more about their winter here and their return visit. I think all the centers should just tell the story of the trio up until that spot. Kind of let each interpretive center be like a continuation from the last. This would encourage people to tour the entire trail.

Aaron Klein

It's good but I think it could be better.

Frank Kurek

Great place! I hope our Park's system never loses funding.

Manuela Van der Steen

(Translated by Google) Very instructive (Original) Heel instructief

Johnny Piatz

Good I love this place the lady in the shop super nice and help full. Great place to take the kids just to see some of are history

Kathy Lafuse

Very well done exhibits. Loved the level of education offered

Dale Curtis

Very well done & informative!

Jon Keller

Not real big, but very informative. Great displays. Nice staff.

David Nelson

Great display of the Expedition...informative, interesting, enjoyable

Greta Burck

Awesome displays. Great information. Doesn't shy away from the tough stuff.

Robert Robinson

Beautiful vista. Center was closed (it was the 4th of July) but we did enjoy the view.

Daryle Mindeman

Nice place to stop on the drive between Bismarck and Minot. Has a gift shop with local products, a museum, and public restrooms.

pockets mchugh


Carleton Borden

We love stopping here for a strech and to learn something new each time.

Ryan m

Very neat presentations about Lewis and Clark and the original inhabitants of the area.

Rick Indianenboek

Beautiful museum also about the mandan indians.

Jennifer Fine

Always a pleasure

Wade Picard

$8.00 to get in is too much for this place.

Ray Ann Christmann-Wolf

Best rest stop in ND

Chris Heidt

It's always been nice in the past when I stopped in. This visit however I just used the parking lot to take a nap while my gma used the facilities.

Carol Guler

Lewis and Clark expedition fans, this is the place to go.

Peg Smith

A surprise stop. It was very informative. Much enjoyed. Expect to spend some time here

Paul Boyle

Great displays and interesting information

Kari X

Interesting Museum.

marc Leslie

I just used the bathroom but the museum and gift shop looked top notch

laurajdickinson dickinson

So clean and well maintained! staff is helpful, And take pride in the facilities


Excellent quality of exhibits and artifacts about Lewis and Clark Expedition. Also other information about North Dakota history.

Phyllis Hohle

Wonderful facility. So well done. Worth the trip for sure!

billy mcnab

Doors were locked. Had to poop

Ron Erwin

A must see

John Robert Murphy

Jerry & Judy Funk

Fort Mandan, Washburn, ND

Mitzi Hager

Very well done and worth a stop to see.

Anthony Frausto

Awesome! More specifically: the staff is friendly and the place is clean. Easily accessible pamphlets provide information on the expedition and the exhibits are well organized and explained. [vvv] The fort itself (off-site) offers an view into what living conditions were like, and guided tours are available that I assume go more in depth, but I didn't have the time to wait. [vvv] When all is said and done, there is a gift shop offering expedition related books, movies, etc; native history and art; local products and more. Worth a visit! [---]

Peg Sherven

Interesting history lessons!

Noel Dwarika

nice clean bathrooms!

Rose and Mike Farmer

Nice stop.

Nancy Gohl

Amazing reststop in washburne nd

J Rich

Great museum!

rickey odrisco

First of all I met two young ladies here that work here they explain to me what the whole museum was about very clean great ice cream and by the way great great great experience great job ladies

Lance Devon

nice rest stop

Isaac Schroeder

Great time, FUN but needs to be more interactive. Staff is nice but bathrooms need help

Dennis Herrmann

Excellent tour of the first winter camp for Lewis and Clark. The park ranger gave a detailed report of the camp.

Loretta Lynn

We enjoyed our visit as were traversing some of the Lewis & Clark Trail. The park rangers/guides were knowledgeable and friendly. Demonstrations during the summer. Great gift shop. Also great for kids. BellAir Adventures follow us on fb & YouTube

Kristopher Zanotto

Neat little stop with gift shop, book store, and a museum if you have the time. Very clean rest stop. Very friendly staff.

Michelle Keller

A lot of knowledge that is meant to be shared about what has before it was a state

Ray Sanford

Great presentation on their journey.

Natasha Reiss

Great learning experience for the 4th grade field trip and parental chaperones.

Jose antonio Ramirez

Is a good place to visit at any season of the year and is recommended for the people who want to come and relax

Hettianne Cekalla

If you are interested in history, you will enjoy this place!

Clark Renfrow

Excellent place to visit.

Vanessa Lowrie

Neat place to visit.

Jeremiah Cramer

Great place to stop and spend a couple hours. Very informative and convenient for a break in travel.

Pamela Thompson

Very nice, but pricey.

Kevin Kurtz

History what more can I say!!!

Frank Twinn

Clean facility to rest at

Anna Steiner

(Translated by Google) This makes you want to delve into the details of the great adventure of Lewis and Clark. (Original) Cela donne envie de se plonger dans les détails de la formidable aventure de Lewis et Clark.

Nancy Spafford

Bruce Henne

An Absolute must see for all US and North American citizens. This center is an expertly constructed authentic small concise museum you can walk through in 30 min or take a couple hours reading detailed amazingly important historical descriptions of Lewis and Clarks expedition with all the rich authentic Indian history of the important Discovery and pre-homesteading period. The museum cost approximately $10 per adult or less and includes the full moderated tour of the amazing Fort Mandan located just a couple miles up the Missouri River shore line. Free parking and restroom at both sites with souvenir shops and snack food and beverages. Please do not miss this opportunity while all this detail and support is being supported by the State.

Charles L

Very nice museum, well presented with good artifacts and interactive displays, I left a little bit smarter about history and enjoyed the learning process

Tammie Masters

Really enjoyed it, very informative. I, also, enjoyed walking to the river on the Lewis and Clark Legacy Trail. The information that I found said the trail was 2.2 miles, that's 1 way, end to end; I went a bit past the riverboat and back and went 3.5 miles. It's a very nice, easy walk with some elevation; there's, also, a Frisbee Golf course. The entire visitor center was well worth the stop. Make sure you go to the Mandan Fort, also.

marg stra


Kayla Peplinski

Beautiful setup and amazing history provided. Everyone should stop at least once!

Jennifer S.

Wonderful museum! Friendly and helpful staff!

John Cooper

Great rest area

johnson lawson


Kevin Bower

The center overlooks the Missouri if you go out to the back porch. The gorgeous view added to the center's very nice collection of items pertinent to Lewis and Clark's expedition.

Laura Wilson

Pretty amazing. Learned about people on the expedition that I hadn't heard of or didn't remember. Gift shop sold books that were the complete journals of Lewis and Clark. I would go visit again.

Terra Nelson

Rangers are very knowledgeable and the tour is very interactive for field trips.

Larry Abdallah

History, that is often ignored ... MUSH ... Yo the loss of this generation

Douglas Doerr

As we are riding the Lewis and Clark Trail, this was a "must see side trip." It provides great incite to Discovery and also to agriculture in the great state of North Dakota. The admission cost includes a tour of Ft Mandan, about two miles away.

Emmanuel Jackson

Its just part if our American culture

Blaise Kathol


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