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REVIEWS OF International Peace Garden IN North Dakota

Dennis Tjaden

This is a place one has to intentionally go. This is not anything random. You have to plan and go. I have heard for most of my life about the International Peace Gardens but never made the trek. We happened to be within 4 hours. I will say the 9-11 Memorial and the Peace Chapel were the highlights fir me. Others will find other reasons.

Heather Hanson

Beautifulb peaceful.

Christy Young

Gorgeous formal gardens with multiple paths and ways through them, many plant select plants on display, has indoor hot house for cactus, clock tower chimes ever 15 minutes, annual clock with funtional workings, water gardens and fountains, peace chapel at west end with quotes of peace, 9-11 garden with metal beams from towers, longest unprotected border in the world- mowed grass and trees trimmed vertically creating a 50 foot slot to the edge of the horizon. Bring water and snacks along hike, bathrooms available at east end, MUST BRING PASSPORT to get back into either country.

Preston Stanton

Impressive large well kept grounds!!!! There are flowers, plants, cacti, trees, etc. A lot to maintain and take care of but it was quite presentable. Also a 911 tribute and a game warden museum on the grounds

Cynthia Rolle

Beautiful and peaceful

Karishia Washington

It was so beautiful but border patrol treated me as if I had no rights. They claimed that they picked me randomly for a 2nd interrogation and the fact that I was black had nothing to do with it. But officer Davis and supervisor Doceanau only informed me of that after being stopped and questioned for nearly an hour. I have no record; not even so much as a speeding ticket. But they made my life unpeaceful. They confiscated a 1oz. bottle of one to one oil (cbd:thc) and tried to make it seem that all was right with the world because of that little bottle. I never crossed the Canadian border. As advertised, you don't need a passport to go in there. They had no problem using my interest in visiting the park to treat me like a criminal. I've never been treated that way in my life!

Glenn Muske

Peaceful and beautiful

Ed Rose


Denyse Anderson

Pretty but don't go out of your way.

Chris Bloomfield

Great place to visit. Lots of pretty garden spaces, great spots to picnic, a wonderful campground. Our youngest son flipped out when we crossed the border and thought it was the coolest thing ever. Go hiking here. No one was on the trails, but we saw tons of animals. The border crossing was easy and the agent was very friendly. We spent three nights here and would have stayed a few more if time permitted.

Martin Burrough

Very good and interesting.

Empathetic Heart

I really liked it because it was our first family trip there very peaceful and beautiful I honestly think I really like traveling lol its so fun and exciting for me I definitely went picture crazy everything was just so awesome I would really like to go again

Barbara Kelley

Gardens are beautiful but getting there and staying in the campground I would not recommend the effort

Donna Klemke

No flowers or fountains in early June. Wait for July.

Jeffery Will

Definitely a must see, visited during the last week of June, we're just starting to put the plants and flowers in , I would have thought that would have been done a long time before that, otherwise, very photogenic and a nice place to just go for a walk


Beautifully inspiring, Loved it


A really cool place to visit

Victoria Tekin

We love this Garden, it is beautiful, our favorite part was the cactus garden.

Debra Richman

So very beautiful and peaceful...... until we got to the 9/11 display. We did not think that should be there. This is a PEACE garden, and that is evidence of war. It was upsetting. It has nothing to do with our US/Canadian relationship. It certainly has it's place, but this is not it.

Ron Hyvari

What a beautiful place! Awesome campground too!

Chris Fletcher

Beautiful landscaping. Nice 9/11 memorial.

Wesley Mason

Great campsites and wonderful park. Lots to explore and see.

Vids Tube

Its garden is good very good place a quick visit to a garden specially summer place...


A beautiful place to visit regardless of where you are from, another reason to travel!

Bruce Renton

The staff are friendly and helpful from the people at the gate, in the cafe, and even the gardeners. We camped for two nights; our site was roomy, private and the washrooms were very well kept. The picnic sites were private, in scenic locations and each location had a stone shelter. A vast area including an expansive flower garden and tropical plant conservatory that is a must see and smell! We enjoyed being able to enjoy many hours walking back and forth across the border. It is a garden of peace, tranquility and commemoration of the relationship between two great nations.

Donna Landers


Brent Hand

Very peaceful and serene. Beautiful!

Tallal Ibad

You will cross the border when returning from the garden. Make sure you have your passports. The garden is nice but it is only in the middle. There is about 6 miles of drive that is just trees nothing fancy. Also a bit pricy for what you see.

Ladyhawkmb Heyer

Lovely flowers, tons of trees, wildlife, cacti, great picnic areas. Don't forget your passport.

LaDonna Carlson

We enjoyed our time here! So much hard required to keep the beauty, we definitely appreciate it!

Richard Gates

A wonderful park and garden, with sculptures, an indoor cactus garden and other items, right on the USA/Canada border. It's well worth a whole days visit. There are also several memorials within the park. There is a nice reasonably priced restaurant. Don't forget to carry the passport.

Brenda Sikorski

Such a neat place to go, great campground.

River's Edge Geographics

I recently visited in January to attend a workshop, for which there are great facilities here in terms of meeting rooms, meals and lodging, and a terrific director. However, I can't wait to return in spring and summer as there are extensive gardens and wooded grounds for hiking , a beautiful visitors center, and more, including famous summer music and sports camps. The drive to get here, through the Turtle Mountain area, is really beautiful too.

Travis Rivard

When the Peace Gardens first opened in 1930s 50,000 people came from all over to witness it. Now it is quiet tranquil place where one can get disconnect from today's society and reflect on the beauty of the world. A definite must stop and well worth the visit as they are always improving and revitalizing these beautiful grounds.

Twila Benz

Early spring trip to the conservatory. Well worth drive!

Christine Benitez

Beautiful. Peaceful.

Linley Doerksen

In mid July the flowers were very beautiful, also in the evening there were very few others there so made it very relaxing with the family.

Doug Alt

On a beautiful day, August 7th, 2009, another motorcycle rider, myself and my wife departed Eastern North Carolina for a 4850 mile excursion. One planned stop was the International Peace Garden north of Rugby, ND. It was beautiful and very peaceful. Doug Alt

Ryan Cormack

A wonderful variety of flowers on display and several beautiful statues. Spent about 3 hours walking the grounds, taking photos and visiting the sites and museums. I would reccommend choosing a day with few clouds and blue skies. We're glad we were able to visit.

Ferral Thompson

Beautifully relaxing place to visit for anyone who loves the outdoors. Make sure you visit The Game Warden Museum.

LS Greger

Amazing place to spend and afternoon or day at. If not traveling to Canada, you will still need IDs because you will still pass through US Customs while coming out of the park. Passports preferred.

Tim Lewis

Today was amazing that the peace garden. Seeing the succulent garden was amazing when it was below freezing outside. It was beautiful and relaxing. The rest the park even know it's not summer was beautiful and relaxing. The new executive director is carrying on the traditions of the park so well. We are very lucky to have this gym in our backyard.

Abdiel Acim

Great place! If you are a nature lover this place is absolutely for you!

Ay Jay

Enjoyed the scenery so much!


We spent a beautiful day here. It was a spur of the moment trip so we didn't have passports to get back into the USA but we used our driver licenses without incident. We had one with us who can't walk much but we still got to see all we wanted to see. I really liked the game warden museum and the succulents. We all had soup and salad at the restaurant. It was a delicious meal. Food and souvenirs are expensive. If we had planned better, we should have brought a picnic lunch as there are idyllic spots throughout the gardens to eat. The flowers were beautiful. The fountains gorgeous. The staff all well trained and polite. Nature trail on Canadian side not well maintained but still great. All together, It was well worth the 20$ entry fee.

Ken Yost

Beautiful gardens, well worth the $20/car entry.

Linda Bakker

Very peaceful. There are 80 000 varieties of annuals and perennials. Very beautiful I was impressed with the Conservstory with 5 000 varieties of cacti. Staff were very friendly. The cafe was very good with comparable prices. It was a lovely day.

Marion Higgins

Amazing place of Peace and beauty.

Diedrich Dueck

It was where nice

Lyle Jerome

Love it coming back next year.

B Kelly

Family members love all of it.

The Farmer

Very nice good Campground

Taustin Harrington

Got there on a nice day lots to see and our daughter went to band camp there to

Lowell Azure

Flower look so pretty. Gardens are a great place to visit. But I'm never going back. Was intergade in the holding facility.


I think we visited to early in the season. I could see all the beauty ready to bloom but it just wasn't ready yet.

lela white

Beautiful Park, drive and easy walk, beautiful fountains, wheel chair accessible, little cafe and gift shop, lots of beautiful photo ops. Will go back, do need a passport.

Cody Malloy

The campsite was great. Family of 5 - kids 4-11. We tent camped and it was quiet, private, and clean. The bathroom facilities, roads, etc. were good. There is no cell service. The restaurant food and prices were good- the hours are not. They are not open late so eat early. Flowers, scenery, etc. is nice. There was a nice playground. If we had not camped it would be a 3 star probably as kids were not real into the garden itself.

Rex Stores

My wife has been waiting for 20 years to see the peace garden and was thoroughly overwhelmed by the beautiful displays and the entire area. Loved the campground, really quiet. Well worth the visit.

Rachel Boese

Any Manitoban who hasn't been here yet is really missing out. It's amazing and a full day's Excursion. There is a charge to get in and I don't believe they take cards.

Betty Olson

Beautiful! Miss the Peace Towers....

Journey of Moses

Gorgeous in the summer! Once you're here, the directions are not too clear

Paul Boyle

Beautiful Garden! Great idea to share with Canada. The cactus building was very interesting. They also have a campground. No passport needed.

Nick Jolliff

Beautiful little garden area with lots to see and do. If I lived in the area I would visit more often as there are tons of areas for picnics and just having a good time in the beautiful outdoors. The grounds keepers were nice and the chapel peaceful. There was hardly anybody here. The one downside is you have to go through the border police to get out of the garden.

Christie Lynn Henderson

It was huge, be prepared to walk even if your just walking around center of park. Beautiful flowers that smelled really nice. Awesome venue for weddings, which one was taking place as we toured the park. Peace chapel had several quotes carved into the inside stone. Beautiful all around.

Mechelle Hicks

I have lived in North Dakota for 7 years and never visited until just recently. I have been missing out, this was very easily the best experience I have had in this area. The International Peace Garden is beautiful, well taken care of, and a unique experience. I will definitely visit again!


Words cannot describe the breathtaking beauty and idyllic setting of the Peace Gardens. It is apparent that a huge amount of work went into the design and maintenance of this location. My cousin was married at the fountain area and it couldn't have been a more lovely setting to begin their journey as husband and wife. We enjoyed our visit immensely as we wandered the gardens and took a million photos. This is definitely a must see tourist destination!!

Jacob Vigesaa

With a group of friends camping in NE Nodak, decided to take a small detour on our way home to visit the gardens. Was better than I expected! Very beautiful with tons of walking paths and trails. Stopped by the game warden museum, which was pretty fascinating. All in all, I'd love to visit again!

Dale Curtis

It is beautiful and peaceful here! Wonderful that 2 countries can be at peace with each other.

Roger Wimpfheimer

It is beautiful. Sad thing you have to go into Canada to enter it.

Peggy Wollmuth

They keep expanding and growing more florals, plants and exhibits.

Robert Remington

Very beautiful scenery. Very relaxing, and tranquil. Has a lot of meaning.

Robert Willis

Very large and beautiful garden

David Lunsford

So much to see there plan on getting a yearly pass for next season an my travel card border agents have no sense of humor.

Ruhann St. Martin

I saw this for the first time. Never even knew of it until my granddaughter started to work here. I was enthralled with the beauty and peacefulness!

veronica patraw

Beautiful place

Rod Peddycoart

Great place, they charge too much for entry and camping. Need to discount for entry plus camping.

Julie Erickson

Beautiful place loved the hands with the dove

Bryce Dahle

Most Beautiful Place In The Midwest

Matt Sedelbauer

Should have longer hours during the summer. Looks like they didn't more flowers in the past compared to what they have now.

Rexford Dundon

Beautiful gardens and 11 September 2001 memorial.


Really cool place I must cost a lot of money to maintain its cuz they have so many flowers

Edmund Laldin

Garden is underwhelming. Chapel, museum and cacti desert compensates for the garden really well

Coreen Bradley

Not very impressed with the entrance fee applied. My daughter is attending a camp at the Gardens and to simply drop her off and leave within minutes of dropping her off, I was charged $20 just to drive in. i explained the situation but did not make a difference.


The gardens are spectacular and well-maintained, who's interesting structures such as fountains and Towers. It is awesome that this park straddles both United States and Canada. You do not need a passport to return to the United States, however, you need identification. If you're traveling with children, be sure to bring their birth certificates.

Anza Beldon

Loved this. Beautiful, would visit again if ever in area.

Craig Lister

I planned an entire week long road trip around going here - it's a hike to get here from anywhere. Was it worth the trip? Yes. Could there be improvements? You bet. I was really sad to learn that the visitors center was closed and not staffed. I was really looking forward to buying a souvenir. Luckily we got there before the conservatory was locked for the evening and saw all the beautiful cacti. Other than that - we seemed to be the only people in the garden on a Wednesday afternoon - my wife and I strolled the garden and contemplated life, said a prayer in the chapel, and just loved the serenity here. I would love to come back in the late summer to see everything in bloom.


Went June 22 many of the flowers hadn’t bloomed yet and the floral clock appeared pretty naked. Very quiet and serene place though nice to walk around the garden and the Canadian side road attempted one nature trail but it wasn’t well used and I turned around when it appeared to be full of poison oak. Great value for $20


This is a must see in North Dakota

Julie Parrish

This beautiful garden was just incredible. There was so much peace here beautiful flowers great statues and of course the conservancy and the game ward museum was tops!

Nedda Bentley

We visited over Memorial day weekend. Non of the pools we're set up yet. It's better to visit later in the season. End of May is too early. I'll visit again later in summer.

Dallas Thompson

Great stop. Picnic and view the gardens with a nice hike.

Lowell Toews

Beautiful, quiet place. We often go in the later part of the day and sing in the chapel. Not many people at that time of the day. I really miss the Peace Towers. Hopefully they can get the new one up soon.

Inesh Prabuddha

Amazing place. Beautiful in Fall. Go before October to have the best experience. Good place to see the fallout.

Jeff John

Should have more to do there. More exhibits, etc..long was to drive with nothing more to do than walk a mile, go home

Brenda Beebe Wieland

Quiet and Reflective

Sarah Joy Ramos

Beautiful garden at the heart of turtle mountain provincial park. It lies at the border of USA and Canada. It was worth the drive. Everything there was nice. It’s well maintain. The food in the cafe was a bit pricey but it’s good. The conservatory was nice too! Entrance is $20 per vehicle but we had 50% off yesterday. :) Day spent here was really nice. :) Recommended to all who likes garden stuff and a little strolling.

ScottandDebbie Dick

Weeds could be taken better care of.

Trevor Fedyck

Very scenic and we'll maintained.

Drake Heide

We visited the park on June 2nd and while the gardens were not all planted, what was there was amazing. I would recommend to visit later in the growing season.

Ant Vision

Beautiful! Absolutely stunning! Glad I finally got myself up here to see this. Definitely worth the drive. Lots to see, lots to do. I must have spent about 4 hours hiking & looking around.

Glenn Yri

I visited the garden when I was a child and remember enjoying myself quite a bit. We even encountered a moose on the road nearby. My wife and I will be visiting my family in North Dakota this summer and a day trip to the garden is one of our must do's while we are there.

Derek Lion

A fantastic time. My wife and I grew up around the IPG and went for a return for our one year anniversary. It was so wonderful being there again. We look forward to returning and one day bringing our kids here.

Karen Laldin

Beautiful place, loved the peace chapel. Gardens were a bit underwhelming but it was early for them yet!

Rachel Gasal

It was so fun thinking I was in 2 countries on where I was standing. The flowers were beautiful and it was fun learning the history. This is a good place to visit

Amanda V

Beautiful but BRING YOUR PASSPORT, border patrol was not nice.

Brian Ramsey

Very beautiful and historical

Aleksandra Korkosh

Beautiful place. I June a lot of causes were blooming, but not so many other flowers. If you want to see more flowers come closer to the middle of July.

Kyle G

Cafe is well priced and the food was good. Grounds were well maintained and had great plantings, the main gardens are a relaxing way to spend a sunny day. Conservatory had a great selection of succulents and cacti.

Noel Dwarika

Beautiful place to get away. Great clean cared for property. The cactus garden is quite overwhelming! Peace Chapel is cool. Tons of stuff to do there... brig your bicycle if you're able to... Nice place for a bike ride.

Patrick Villacorta

The flower displays were plentiful and in full colour when we visited. The Peace Towers are an interesting structure. It's too bad that it has suffered damage and can't be saved. Hopefully it will have a worthy replacement. I especially enjoyed the conservatory with their cactus displays. They also had some wildlife conservation org on-site with an animal (an owl if I recall correctly) to spread awareness and receive monetary support (they were selling items too I think). There also was a small restaurant here. There are a lot of picnic areas on the Canadian side. I heard the American side is more developed but we didn't drive through there. On the Canadian side, Turtle Mountain Provincial Park and the town of Boissevain (with "Tommy the Turtle" roadside attraction) are nearby. There was a lot of road work when we went but hopefully it is completed by now. We visited with my father-in-law who had a multiple-entry Canadian visa and we had no problems. I don't recall if his passport was checked but bring it to be safe. Visited August 2015

Robert Laducer

Very colorful and all the different types of plants

the angel caught me

Beautiful garden featuring a 911 memorial with steel beams from the site. Bell tower, cactus garden, gift shop.

James Miller

Very Beautiful.

Ronald Deraas

Always a must visit

Judy Cornett

Awesome place to go see

Leila Hildebrand

An amazing conservatory with 5000 kinds of cactus and succulents! Beautiful gardens, and a tribute garden to 9/11 with sections of girders from the twin towers. Very moving.


What an amazing place! We were there about 3 hours and didn't see even a quarter of it. We spent the majority of the time at the conservatory which had a beautiful hummingbird garden, cafeteria, gift shop, and a phenomenal collection of succulents and cacti. I hope to go again to see the wildlife collection, and more of the outside areas. Remember to bring your passport or pass card because you cross into Canada and will need one of the two to come back through.

Denise Gillies

Loved it great place to visit

robert erstelle

Here's a wonderful place to take friends & family, incredible selection of plants, excellent customer service personnel. Fantastic place very unique plants set up, nice for small or large groups, they have large inside building for events, with washrooms, gift shops, with great great selections of park items

Jerry Weber


Tillie Cramer

Beautiful landscape. Lots of different plants and flowers. And entire gigantic display of cacti from all parts of the world. Various species of the more unusual plants. Totally an enjoyable excursion, don't pass it up!

Nada Hajjar

Beautiful place that can benefit from a little extra love

antonio bacani

Romantic place good for strolling Couple

James Summers

Beautiful gardens, peaceful walk through luscious flowers, shrubs and trees.

Jeremiah Schwanke

Definatly a must visit!!

Frank Berrios

Beautiful ❤️

Jeff Bridell

Beautiful gardenI would like to see more items added to the garden, there's plenty of room to expand!


So peaceful and beautiful. Outdoor gardens, indoor cactus observatory, gift shop and cafe with ice cream, I recommend the Juneberry ice cream it's the best and locally made by Pride Dairy in Botinneu.

Christi M

Lots of great things to see when we go annually for IMC. The only restaurant on campus is not prepared for big rushes. It's not a big place, so even when they are busy it should not be overwhelming, but we waited over an HOUR for their very basic menu of chips and chicken sandwiches. Unless they butcher the chicken onsite this is obviously them forgetting about their customers. Unacceptable.

Donna Rhoades


Philip Brett



Beautiful area!

Roland Lafrance

Great place to spend the day. Lovely flower gardens, great cactus exhibits just a super place to visit.

Noah Mueller

Beautiful garden and incredible camping area. The park is extremely well maintained and has a wide variety of flowers and other plants on display, as well as numerous sculptures and monuments. While cell service in the area is sparse, free WiFi is provided in the restaurant/gift shop building. The building also has an area with a large array of cacti and succulents on display. The tent camping area has spacious sites, surrounded by trees, that each have a fire pit and picnic table. Camping here was a great experience- we felt fully immersed in nature.

Lynn Ray

We should have visited later in the year. Not very much was planted, it was raining and cold.

Shahid Malik

It's nice and clean. Great place for camping

K Mack

Very beautiful place. We will return later when the flowers are blooming.

Tyler Alldredge


Ken and Alicia Lund

I thought the $20 admission was worth it because the grounds are exceedingly massive with tons more to do than just the garden. Great place to hike, picnic, stroll, or look at exhibits. The surrounding Turtle Mountain is surprisingly beautiful. And there is fun in the novelty of crossing the border 100 to 200 times during a visit. Well worth the long journey.

Janet Parton

If you have not been here for a while, you need to go again. The formal gardens are spectacular. The Peace Chapel is always a welcome time for reflection. I encourage you to bring a picnic lunch as they have limited food and drink available. Camping is an option but pretty rustic compared to state camp grounds. Family had a blast bicycling around.

Callie Randall

A Great Place to Spend the Day

Joyce Yoder

Love all the flowers!

Sheri Hodnefield

I love the place! The tribute to 9/11 was humbling to see.

Ike and Martha Klassen

Good camping, biking, hiking and gardens. Don't miss the cactus gardens!

Roberto B. Hernández

Amazing place, great to spend some quality time with the family and enjoy the beauty of nature

Travis Frey

Great for family and friends. Beautiful flowers

Patty Riske

Truly an awesome experience. Beautiful gardens! $20 for a carload of people. In my opinion this is an underutilized park/garden. Highly recommend.

Ludicrous Fox

Really cool Place with lots of historical background

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