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15550 ND-1804, Williston, ND 58801, United States

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Where is Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site?

REVIEWS OF Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site IN North Dakota

Ronald Kasten

A little off the main roads but a very nice re-creation of this historic trading post. Worth the time and effort to get here.

Craig Lanham

A truly amazing place of historical significance.

Faith Titus

The employees were very knowledgeable about what they spoke of. The museum was inside the old house and very well layed out in a manner that was easy to understand. I also enjoyed getting to walk around and see how things would've been set up when the fort was still in use.

Ross Reinhiller

This place is a gem!

Michael Schweitzer

Full of history!

Kimberley Redmon


Dalis Tannler

The historian volunteers are so enthusiastic to talk about the time period. Enjoyed the frontier/rendevunous weekend with all the craft tents. Thank you all!

Patrick Bowles

Looks nice and clean. Lots to see

Chris Bauer

love this place!

Margie Rother

This is just one of the national parks we have visited. Each one is unique and well worth the time to stop and learn about our land. This site was a very important fur trading Post.

Pamela Hammond

Very neat historic place Nice educated employee.

Rien van der Wielen

Very interesting and fantastic rangers to give you all details that you need! Worth the visit


Barrie Rempel

Partially reconstructed major trading site. Reconstruction is well done based on major archeological work and photo evidence. I highly recommend!

Judy Van Poperin

Awesome piece of our history.

Michelle Barrett

Great place to learn about local history. We love it and go as often as possible. There is no entry fee.

Jamie Harvill

Really interesting site. Trail to the river was an added bonus. Lots of historic information, knowledgeable staff.

David Barajas

Bryce Hamblin

Great place and surprised it's open to the winter traveler. Will have to go again for the open season.

Ronald Marmon

mike brown

Disappointed. Not much

Peggy Fuller

This is a premier national historical landmark on par with the Custer Battlefield site in Montana. It is an accurate portrayal of this fur trading post that played such an important role in the fur trade in the Upper Missouri region during the 19th century. It is beautifully reconstructed and the surrounding scenery is much like it was then. If you love American history you will love Fort Union! It's well worth a visit! And if you come be sure to also visit Fort Buford and the Confluence Center Museum nearby!!!

Samuel Meuchel

We took the kids to the rendezvous. They have discussion of what it was like with the fur traders, the natives, the workers and craftsmen. The kids got to plant seeds, watch blacksmiths make nails and clasps and see a demonstration of loading and shooting a muzzle loader. There were also craft sales outside. A great adventure.

Glenda Holmes

I visited the area but did not tour the building

Karin Ford

Johnny X

If you like history, this is certainly a place to check out.

Amanda Reep

So fun for kids of all ages everyone is so nice and they even have real teepees with real natives! Here's some pictures

Debra Wagner

Very interesting

Mike Kirwin

Cool old landmark in the middle of nowhere. Made the detour on our trip just to break up the drive across North Dakota and Montana. Worth checking out if you're into history and the frontier.

Richard Gates

A fun place to visit for some history about the American West and an unexpected connection to New York City.

Michelle Unger

This was the highlight of our trip. I thought it would be a short stop-in, but we spent a few hours here because it was fascinating. The docent who chatted with us literally knew everything. We chatted with him about how the fort was recreated, the archaeology, tanning hides and Sioux cooking among other things. Worth a drive out and a visit all on its own.

Andrew Westberg

As soon as I walked into the fort I was met by an interpreter dressed in traditional indigenous dress. She gave us a wonderful tour of the trading portion of the fort and told us all about why this fort was so successful as a trading post. Hint, it involved a tremendous amount of respect for the natives as well fair trading practices. A small museum even shows some items dug up from the fort.

charles lalonde

the rondevue is worth going to if you are in the area

Cassie Howe

vincent brown

Nice place and great staff to explain the local history

Jennie Hagen

Great historical place. Great Rangers.

Connie Howard

Great history here.

Amy Phelan

Historical. I love history.

Tom Hannig

Awesome site !

Richard Martin

Nice place to learn about history

Dawn Miner

Very interesting place. Glad I stopped here.

Shelby Passer

Everyone who is thinking about going should! It is such a great place to learn about the fur trade and native American relationship! The people working there are all very knowledgeable and it really feels like you are back in time

Kenneth Lively

Took a blacksmithing class here after not doing it for over a year. Great experience and knowledgeable staff.

Caleb S.

Neat place, kindof small but thats how it should be. Staff is incredibly kind and very helpful if you have questions.

Linda Schwitalla

Knowledgeable park ranger. We walked on the ramparts and enjoyed the sod roof, the buildings, the videos and the displays.

Roger Marshall

Great historic site.

Brent Colby

An important trading post that has been nicely restored. You can get a good sense for what life was like for the inhabitants of the time by walking the grounds. The main building has nice, historically meaningful exhibits. Additionally, it has lots of local history books for sale. Fun fact: you’ll park in Montana and walk into North Dakota to enter the fort. Also note that your phone may well switch to the Mountain time zone (I had to force mine back to central time).

Mike Jarvis

Rendezvous every fathers day week/weekend, very awesome!

Gregory Ficker

Very neat historic place, the rangers dressed in period clothing do a great job at telling the story of the American Fur Company. The flintlock firing demonstrations are awesome, and if you are there at the right time they even fire off a cannon!

Jim Warne

Do not drive past this historical sight without stopping. It will not take long but it will give you a sense of what it took to settle the west.

Kristina Kvarnlov-Leverty

You would never know what an international hub that corner of ND was (and is). The interpreters are very knowledgeable and found ways to connect ideas from the past to the knowledge and experiences of the visitors. Highly recommend a visit.

Patricia McReynolds

Wonderful fort, enjoyed park rangers explanations. Interesting displays about the Native Americans living in region in the 1800's. Mosquitoes tried to carry us off.

Will Stone

Great place to visit!

Leslie Sinclair

When driving through the area a definite must see.

Amanda Hinkle

Nice quick visit. Very cold today but nice to get into the cover of the buildings. Only a few areas open. The main structure has someone manning it if you have questions. They also have a mini museum of things. Worth the experience if you're in ND. Free.

Doris Boller

Very interesting and nice place

Jewel Rittberger

Definitely recommend checking this place out, especially during the Rendevous! It is so neat to be able to see how a fort was constructed and what its impact was on the surrounding areas. There is another fort as well as an interpretive center nearby so you can make a very nice day journey exploring the past.

Manuela Van der Steen

(Translated by Google) Very interesting. (Original) Heel interessant.

Dale Curtis


kenneth McLaughlin

Fabulous place definitely visit again when have more time.

Adrian Maierhöfer

Paige Sherid

The history of this fort is so interesting and a great interactive place for kids!

Angelia McIntee

Wonderful piece of history.

Marcia Hadding

Good history.

Craig Lister

Had no idea the history of this region and how vital it was as a trading hub. A very interesting visit, and worth the time.

alex neal

It was a great history. I kept smelling burning wood and found out there was. State park worker there that was dressed up in old time outfit she was making cowboy coffee on a hot Humid day but I did so like the smell of the burning wood.

Julie Parrish

Fort Union is a neat historical Place managed by the National Park Service. I couldn't believe that a private fur trading company was actually preserved as a National Treasure. When I learned more about it though the totality of the circumstances makes it a wonderful heritage site.

Cindy Morris

Interesting history, free admission.

Sue Buck

Interesting. Very informative rangers.


Very interesting information in the museum along with old artifacts found at the site.

Brittaney C

I love the history. I hear summer is the best time to visit.

Lorena Currie

It was very nice, the lady working was very informative. They had great artifacts and a cool collection of furs that you could spread out and feel. Unfortunately my phone died and this was the only picture I got.

Marvin Meeker

For historical value, very nicely done, being totally true to authenticity. I cut my visit short because I saw no restrooms. If it was manned, I saw no evidence of it.

Edith Titus

Interpreter was great. She was very helpful and explained the fort and it's workings well. The ranger inside the visitors center was also very helpful.

Laura Moore

Friendly rangers and nice park site.

Anita Dumarce

Fun to visit

Linda Ball

Very well presented and preserved trading Fort on the edge of the prairie and the Missouri river in N Dakota.

Andrew Cuevas

Definitely a must-visit for any history buff or anyone who wants to learn about the most important and longest-lasting fur trading post in the US. Walk among the reconstructed trading post, interact with knowledgeable rangers and staff, and take the time to fully immerse yourself in this historic park unit. Sure, it’s out of the way of a lot of things, but it’s definitely worth the trip to taste this piece of American history.

Trail Commander

The park ranger was great very informative and friendly. If you like history it's a must.

Cheryl Leonard

Probably 89% restored. Very nice spot. Lots of history there. If you are in this area be sure to take the short drive out to see all 3 attractions in this very close area.

Anne m


HY Chen

J Rich

Another good historic site. Good museum. Info films need updating.

Tiara Bechtold

Well maintained

Lavonna Skeans

We liked it. Very friendly ranger on duty.

JR Hooks

A nicely recreated historic site ran by the National Park Service. A major fur trading site that served the global demand.

LaLena Showalter

So worth going! Loved it so much! My 5 yo daughter was completely impressed and just loved touching everything! Such nice people! (They have it where you can touch the things you're allowed to touch lol)

Loren Behrens

Wow! An awesome museum and even better historical reenactors. A must see for any interested in the fur trade era.

Angela Stubbs

Fun little stop. Great to see the history and it's in a beautiful location. What makes it even better is that it's free. I suggest taking a picnic and enjoying your time there.

Susan Hocker

This was our favorite National Historic Site. Lots of activities for kids, and a very interesting place!

Freddy B

Nice place to walk around. Folks are nice too.

Omar Garcia

Nice historic site

Jennifer Whittle

Such a wonderful place to learn something new. A place to visit more than once.

Tillie Cramer

An interesting place to visit and learn about the history of the peoples in this area. Lots of things to see, the visitors center is full of great gift ideas.

Peter Buck

Great reconstruction

Terri Grundvig

Super cool place if you like local history!

Lorren Loveless

Great place to visit and enjoy history

Jesse Kilwein

Very helpful staff and amazing history at this site. Great views and we even got campfire coffee with natural brown sugar in the Trade Room from one of the staff!

Dennis Fuerst

Interesting history and decent recostruction.

Haans Halvorson

Great place to visit and learn about the Fort. Expecially anytime or at rendezvous in June.

Stephanie Young

mike rosenquist

Very cool place

Ambrose Leahy

One of a kind, I’ve been there several times, and it’s never been even remotely busy. The park staff is very knowledgeable on the history of the fort and the area.

leon Spears

It was alright

Rachel Finch

Leigh Le Voy

John M

First visit the other day, I loved it. Lots of history

Michael Gerhold

A very interesting historical site they rebuilt The trading Post on the old site looks like it was very close to what was there originally they had demonstrations at the building where the trading used to happen the person giving the demonstration was very knowledgeable and very helpful and getting the finer points of what went on there well worth the stop


Step back in time. Fantastic reenactors

Dustin Church

Awesome place to bring your kids to learn about the history here and best of all it's free (unless you care to donate)

Topher Kersting

My daughter and I loved visiting Fort Union Trading Post. We made it a little detour on our drive from Devil's Tower National Monument to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. It was a great way to learn about frontier trading. The Junior Ranger--sorry, Junior Trader--program was one of the best. In all, give yourself a couple of hours to see everything. The rangers were very nice and knowledgeable. It's definitely worth a stop on a trip across the northern U.S.

Mia C J

Cool and very different from what we have in Europe

Zanderdad Ackerman

bad info on north dakota

Sharalyn Staricka

Knowledgeable staffers, well-constructed reproductions, fascinating stories and artifacts!

Stephen Spivey

Robert Smeltzer

Wonderful place for early American History 1830-1840-1850, Excellent Museum and fantastic & informative staff!!

Robert Killian

Great weekend visit

Daisy D

Beautiful surrounding

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