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1609 19th Ave N, Fargo, ND 58102, United States Located in: Hector International Airport

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REVIEWS OF Fargo Air Museum IN North Dakota

Gaagle Plas

Bought the Groupon and stopped here while on our family road trip this summer. Parking lot has some major potholes so be careful entering and exiting the parking lot. They have two hangers to display the aircraft and other vehicles as well and housing the gift shop area near the entrance. There was a small plane kids could sit in (neither myself nor my wife tried to sit in it so not sure if an adult would fit) and also a section of a helicopter that you could sit in for photos (this one I did sit in). They also have washrooms and the boys received a goody bag when we were leaving. It's not a high tech exhibit and won't "blow you away", but it's fine for the price we paid to spend a little break from our drive from Saint Paul to Bismarck.

Kyle Ross

Great place to have an event. Attended a wedding here - great way to dodge the ordinary!

Steven Brown

The Fargo Air Museum is so fun to visit! Every time we go visit we have a blast. It's fun to bring the kids along as well. There's so much you can learn. You can even rent out the main building for events. Wedding receptions, business events, birthdays, pretty much anything. It's a good time. Well worth the trip or the money or whatever. Just come and visit! You'll love it!

Alan Culley

Nice little museum! Slice of history, and the cut-away radial engine is fantastic!

Todd Cooper

We received a great history lesson and saw real cool planes and cut away motors. Fun and very interesting!

Patrick Hendry

Awesome place for a little history can't wait till its complete



Awesome exhibits, my only complaint is that I wish there was more to see!

Perry Gienger

Great little museum. Nice that the planes all still fly.

Caleb Anderson

Great museum! Was quiet when I went and they have quite a few exhibits. More than I expected out of a museum in Fargo.

Terry Dueck

Very Interesting Museum with old Planes & Memorabilia

Nancy Litch

Great museum.

Melissa Beach

Very cool place for kids and adults alike.

Joel Potter

Not a lot to see, and rather pricey for what they've got, but it was a welcome stop for two toddlers obsessed with planes.

Ron Freed

It is a "Have to go place, you won't regret it"

Lynn Lauderdale


dan berglund

Small museum with interesting pieces

kevin raynard

Great smaller air museum, nice and friendly staff

Gordon Court

An excellent place to learn history.

Joseph Nolting

Worth the effort

Abe Abrahamson

Great team with a great venue for events set to the backdrop of a Fantastic aircraft display

Pete Weber

All planes are air worthy. We watched a P51 land and get hangered.

Wade Williams

Very nice collection of some special aircraft! Lots of good vibes here

Melanie Larsen

Unexpected fun!

Erik Kitchens

Some great memorabilia and planes. Not the biggest museum but really cool stuff.

Meghan O'Connor



Jackie Williams

Great friendly place to spend a few hours!

Landon Garfield

Doggy is yellow

sblack blackmon

Really awesome old planes and a very low price to see them.

Sharon Anderson

Hands on tour, great Airplane displays, very enjoyable

Dan Boelsche

A well-cared for, small air museum which is rare in that many of the display warbirds fly. Has many North Dakota hooks in the displays. A small but interesting library of books for purchase. Would return to bring friends and family.

Steve Johnston

Great displays and very informative

Samuel Meuchel

Nice museum with two hangers good assortment of planes

caine wallace

Was prety awsome there is 2 buildings, we went on a free weekend when they had a rv show otherwise i wouldnt have paid to get in.

Samantha Y.

This museum is okay, but it is seriously overpriced. There are some cool things to see, and some neat things to read about. Once you have gone once, though, you really don't need to go again. You've seen it all. For the price, you'll really want to be super interested in aviation to go see it.

Eric Yancy

Great experience for the family

Seamus O'Brien

Exhibits are incredible. Especially liked Vietnam-era "Huey" helicopter..

Chelsea Thompson

Loved the displays

Alberta Bratland

Nice service

Orrin Bare

Pretty neat tour. Some of my favorite planes (mustang and B25). Was hoping to see a Corsair based on pictures on the website but there wasn't one. Maybe on loan somewhere else. Lady behind the counter was very friendly and helpful.

Mark Niles

Some great displays and rebuilds. A lot of the interactive stuff is still being worked on, but will create a nice place for the kids when it's all done.

Ben Bernard

Amazing facility; lots to see & great activities for kids!

Addel Ve

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Excelente

Nathan Grismer

Such a fun experience! I took the kids and they absolutely loved it! The staff was friendly and very knowledgeable making the experience even that much better.

Tara Thomas

Xavier Bmauto

(Translated by Google) Visited very pretty (Original) A visité tres jolie

Anil Maddimsetti

This seems to be a community driven place, it has few small hangers with some old planes. You will have to walk between hangers for some exhibits. They have great staff and its fairly priced. The Yellow plan seems to be the biggest attraction here. The dog tags with names are interesting as-well.

Jason Crow

Quite a bit of history in this place! They had some pieces from really early aviation to some modern exhibits. There's enough variety from the very young to the most seasoned aviation enthusiasts, and even at reasonable admission imo. A few hours should be sufficient time to browse most of the stuff in some detail.

Meghan Battest

I never thought I'd enjoy an air museum, but this was actually a really fun couple of hours. We got a guided tour from one of the employees, and he was so friendly and informative. If you can get a tour, I'd highly recommend it. I'm not fascinated by aircraft, but I learned a lot of really cool things about the planes they have and the stories of people who flew them. There are two airplane hangars full of aircraft. Kids would love this museum, and adults (especially those who love airplanes) will enjoy it too.

Jen Hanson

Alan Hendren

Enjoyed the museum. It's small not much to do... Only reason I'm giving it a 4. They try to sell party venues and marriage package for kinda high prices.. Probably better off going else where. But if your in the area or really like planes then it's a good place.

Lindsey A

Eugene A. Buckley Jr.

Good Museum

Roy Johnson

Nice selection of aircraft and assorted memorabilia. Staff is friendly. Some of the electronic exhibits don't work currently.


Small Museum, But very well presented and wonderful staff

Jonah Sonderman

Great fun place to visit if you love aviation, just wish they had more interactive stuff.

Carlos Nunez

Beautiful planes. Lots of history. EIGHT DOLLARS. I highly recommend it!

Big M

It was a fun stop!

Daniel Zimmerle

Small and qwirky, but you can get right up to the planes. Since interesting world war two birds.

Bryer Day

Decent place to burn some time in Fargo

Joshua Nordquist

Pretty cool place

Julia L

Relaxed atmosphere and a little bit of hands on experience for both adults and little. My 5yr old had such a fun time!

Mandi Hanson

Great place for events. Parking is a little rough if you don't get there early, though!

Grand Pa Mike

small museum ok for local folks

Dave Mollins

Talked with fellow Vietnam vets. And met some great knew guys and friends.

Brian F. Tankersley, CPA.CITP, CGMA

Loved the drone, older planes. Nice diversion when I was a few hours early for my flight.

Paul Sorensen

Neat place lots of planes to see

Patrick B

If you're a fan of aircraft, you owe it to yourself to visit the Fargo Air Museum. It's got everything from the original Wright Brothers aircraft to a state of the art military drone, as well as various other aircraft from different points in history. Probably one of my favorite places in Fargo.


Chris Lange

Very informative staff Ann's lots to see and do.

Ana Goller

A cute little museum worth well the visit!

Jordan Nernberg

2 hangars full of planes and a library with lots of good books.

Rob Shannon

Small, interesting, not much "hands-on". Nice local displays and info.

Russel Stabler

The Fargo Air Museum is an excellent place to visit and tour. They have excellent vintage aircraft and several newer examples. They also have an outstanding library for the public to enjoy.

Pablo Listingart

Great place to go with kids. Small but very well done


Awesome museum and full of history in aviation!! Wonderful place to visit


Great place to visit

Bashar Shamwna

Awesome place. And many historical planes. Definitely recommend it.


Great museum. Hoping that they add more planes and choppers soon.

Tracey Janisch

Great experience with a lot of information in the building. Lots to see and could even go in a few things. We had the opportunity to see the Blue Angels there it was a great experience. Very friendly staff and easy to navigate around. Would definitely go back with the kids. We all had fun for sure.

Misty Marotte

VIP is a rip off

Dave Lee

Great place for an aircraft enthusiast.

Don Flanders

What an awesome place.


Took about an hour to look at all the fascinating planes, would have been there longer if I had read all the info about each. Well worth the trip.

Jerry Christenson

Nice group of birds.

Rho M.

We parked our RV from Fla here as the museum is also a 'Harvest Host' host for campers. The museum is extensive and informative and took us @1.5 hrs to tour. These life-sized flying artificats of air and space history are impressive. Only $8 entry fee but discounts for vets (may have other discounts too). Easy large parking lot. Across the street from NDSU - North Dakota State Univ. Close to everything. Highly recommend for families and groups!

shubham kapoor

Unique museum with every plane operational,Good customer service.

Nick B

Really good place to see some interesting planes. They have a lot of great camps for kids.

Jodi G

Chaitali Borole

Small museum but good maintained. Kids love to play with there paper plane..

Dave Iverson

Michael Cummings

One of the coolest places to visit in Fargo. They have some awesome exhibits with amazing history to go along with them.

Travis Rosenbluth

An really awesome display of aircraft in this museum. Something about planes up close is still a sight to behold. This place is also a good spot to rent out for massive gatherings.

John Roney

Very informative and interesting.

John Hanson

Public gathering.

Kenny Witte

The emotional pain felt observing the plain plane was excruciatingly insane.

Nate Nickell

Nice museum in town with great displays of aircraft that actually are still airworthy! Staff is friendly and the museum is kept nice and clean. Would recommend a visit to anyone interested in aviation and anyone looking for something fun and educational. Make sure to check out Duggy the DC-3!

Grand Gao

Nice place with 2 hanger exhibits, doesn’t take long to zoom around but plenty to dig into. Price is very friendly, so are the staff!

Chad S.

Small but very good museum, very interesting aircraft!

Jeremy Truhlicka


Michelle McFadden

Sage Bendickson

My two very close school friends volenteer here!! SO INTERESTING!!! Come here ASAP!!

Neal Wolff

Not a very big museum by any means, but the aircraft inside are very well kept. A good selection of planes to learn about as well, and friendly staff on hand to answer questions. It's located right next to the Fargo airport, which adds to the atmosphere of the museum. I love seeing the "Smile in the Sky".

Ducky Quackersworth

Very nice collection of aircraft, in probably the best shape I've seen. Most fly, though I didn't personally see that.

Phyllis Hohle

Excellent show and so well organized. Happy to have this event in Fargo.


Not huge but alot of different items from history. Vert clean and friendly helpful staff!

Kevin Christenson

Patrick McLaughlin

PATHETIC!! I took my kids to see the Vietnam War exhibit, as they are always asking me about the war. I agreed to take them and show them some of the things that we carried in the bush IF they would leave me alone about that particular time in my life. Just a few of the weapons and different types of ammo, maybe a radio, or a mine or two used by us Army ‘grunts’. I could have put on a better exhibit with a quarter of a ream of computer paper, some printer ink, and a half butt Google search, as that’s about all they had. A bunch of old newspaper articles and some art that was so bad one could barely tell what it was supposed to be of. About the only thing there of interest was a UH-1 Huey (Chopper, Slick, Grunt’s Primer, whatever you want to call it) and you weren’t even allowed to get inside it. On top of all that there was apparently a wedding scheduled for that night and ALL of the boards containing this crap was pushed to the side so that you could barely see the write-ups IF one were so inclined to read them. Eight dollars a head for THIS garbage. Spend it wisely, Fargo Air Museum, it’s the LAST dime of mine that you will ever see.

Michael Toomire


Eric Gault

Very Cool!

William Williams

Joseph Harrington

Brandon Markwardt

Very cool place they have many cool planes and items to check out.

Carol Boerger

The children had the most fun flying the paper airplanes they made. There weren't many people there so they weren't bothering anyone. There were probably over 20 aircraft to examine.

tom behlke

Marcel Zouzouambe

It's amazing to see the airplanes

Sherry Olson

It was ok.

Gary W Goodnight

Nicely done small air museum. WWII aircraft (B25, Mustang, reconnaissance planes, trainers), as well as some modern aircraft (drone, jet trainer). You can get up close to the displays.

matt mangel

Oleksii Antypenko

Хороший музей. 2 ангара с самолётами и экспонатами. Цена 8$ для взрослых.

Wyatt Gunzel

For such a small place, the folks here do a great job of packing it with information and great aircraft. Inside the side hanger they have highlights such as a Predator drone, anda P51 mustang. as well as outside the classic B24 mitchell that they are restoring.

Richard Hewitt

Lovely little air museum, I stopped over here for 30 minutes before catching a flight. There are a diverse range of aircraft to see, which include a write-up on each. There were some interactive exhibits,which didn't appear to be operational. There is also an archive library. Small fee to enter.

Logan Jones

This place is awesome. Tons of aircraft to check out plus lots of interactive exhibits for the kids! My kiddo loved it!

ToolMan56 Tenn

Very nice museum

Gary Weis

Awesome venue and lots to see!

Greg Young

A smaller museum with several nice aircraft. Worth a trip to see and the staff was very nice.

Tim Kresien

What was there was great, not slot of planes though.

Justin Heubrock

I did not enjoy this museum. It is overpriced. There is no guide.

Adam Hansen


Ande Poehls

Cool place. Very neat.

Ritika Sahni

Dan Loutz

Went to visit nothing saying they were closed, for all the peaple that were inside no one took the time to say anything

Ben Sperle

Great place to visit.

Jane Lemieux

Great place to bring all ages. They bring in changing displays. Often times they feature veterans displays, planes, etc.

Sara Sprosty

Wonderful family experience

Joy Wills

Nice place to visit if you're interested in aviation

Robert henderson

Fargo air museum puts on a great dance night

Jennifer Klath

Great wedding reception spot!!!

Vladimir Petrov

Awesome places to visit

Todd Baker

Very interesting. Well presented

Tyler Feist

Cory Carter

Good time had by all

Chad Rexin

Great airplanes to look at and they provide classes for young people and boy scouts on a regular basis. Very good service.

Ryan Borris

Neat planes

Yosef Mamo

Not worth the money and there isn't many planes and the ones that are there are plaster or you can't see the engine it is sad not worth the money.

Amy Dailey

Great place see see and learn about vintage aircraft and warbirds. Also has a nice selection of clothing and jewlry for souvenirs. A good place to bring kids to introduce them to aircrafts.

Casey Yonkers

Not what I expected but it was still awesome!

Christina B.

Really great collection of planes to look at & even a couple areas for kids to climb in and pretend to fly.

Fred Loesche

Very nice

Benjamin Angell

Awesome planes, in beautiful condition, and lots of space to explore.

Gerald Boyd

Small but well done!!

Buddha Pudge

Super fun, and really cool to see the B-25 and planes getting work done.

M Gilmore

They always have awesome community events. Love the place.

anik asif hasan

Good for nothing

Nicole Jarvis

Fun little miseum fit the family. Hubby enjoyed.

Kevin L Jordan

I really enjoyed my visit to the Fargo Air Museum. I was impressed to discover that most of the planes in the museum are still fully functional. There is a small library with things for kids to explore. The staff is wonderful and the facility is very well kept.

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