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REVIEWS OF Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Museum IN North Carolina


Many beautiful antiques. Some with a story to tell, all with a history. We arrived with only enough time to walk around and get a few pictures but everyone we met were nice friendly and respectful. We didn't see anyone without a smile. Hope we can get back there soon. Thank you for making our 10 minutes enjoyable.

Doug Tilman

Many bikes especially older ones. Harley, Indian, and many others. An awesome collection! Well worth the visit and the cheap price of admission. Cars also here. A great look back on history. Plan on spending some time to see it all. Staff was quite knowledgeable and friendly.

James Platek

Spur of the moment trip. Absolutely one of the best motorcycle museums in the world. Incredible array of early American motorcycles and related articles. The staff is very well educated about the machines

Andrew Moon

Great motorcycles and cars. Staff very nice. The history and displays are awesome

Justin Lee Morris

Awesome place, I have been here 2 times now. Once 12 years ago and there is definitely alot of cool things to look at and would come back again.

Jomething Iomething

If you like motorcycles and you like learning about them this is the place for you. Very knowledgeable staff who go the extra mile to ensure you get every question answered. Be sure to carve out a few hours you will need them for this place.

David S

Love this place. Awesone display of motorcycling history. Great staff that is willing to help out and explain anything you ask. I visit at least one a year.

Betty Tingle

My husband absolutely loved this place. So much history, old motorcycles and cars. The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. If your a motorcycle person you will love it.

Kathy Coldsmith

This was a great tribute to history of wheels. We enjoyed it fact my husband and son went back a second time to tour it again with my other son and his wife when they went...they had enjoyed it that much.

stephanie bryant

So much to see but your admission is good for the day. Knowledgeable staff, learned some great facts and heard cool stories about rare motorcycles. They even started a few up by request!

Chris Clarke

Amazing, awesome, cool, unbelievable, enlightening, highly recommend if dig motorcycle history. Well worth the time.Even places inside and outside to catch your breath because there is So much to see. Andy is the great and chocked full of cool knowledge, funny too.

James E. Swaby

If you like motorcycles or things from the past you will love this place there are bikes still run to this day and they will start them up right there in front of you. The people who work there will take all the time that you want to talk to you about anything it doesn't have to be what's in the museum. A very friendly and pleasant place you can even have a picnic right out front on the grass by a stream that runs in front of them.

Melissa Skinner

Amazing. Just amazing. Were going back because I dont think you can take in everything in one visit.

DaFamily Grant

Where else can you see some of the rarest motorcycles known and actually walk up and touch them?! We had museum curators actually start several motorcycles that were 100 years old!

Km Porter

Superior museum. We can't say enough good about staff & volunteers Matt was super helpful and informative.

Cris Sleightholm

What an incredible collection of bikes! The accompanying stories and displays was very interesting. Plan on taking your time browsing this fantastic place!

Robert Bernier

Awesome look back through the history of motorcycles. The best collection I have ever seen under one roof.

Donnie Johnson

It is s places if you are a motorcycle person need to see this it is one of ever and Awesome must see

Teresa Lane

This place is fantastic and I'm not even a motorcycle or car person. I really enjoyed watching Dale and his son on the shows they had hosted on the TVs that were setup at both ends of the museum. Oh, I loved seeing Captain Kangaroo and the bicycles. I had one similar as a kid with a sissy bar and a banana seat. Good memories!

Jonathan Merryman

This place is absolutely amazing. Everyone there is really knowledgeable, eager to educate on any and every bike there. The collection is extensive, mind blowing. One of the best parts is some of the bikes can be started so you can hear the machine purr mightily. Best Moto Museum ever.

Jamey Foldhazy

You don't feel like you're walking into just another museum. This a full experience. The staff is very knowledgeable and you leave wanting more/wondering when you can return again.

Joe Baltimore

This place is full of amazing people and artifacts of motorcycle history. It is a crazy bargain! Go. There. Now. The folks were so friendly and accommodating and knowledgeable about the museum collateral. The only ding I give them is that this is very much a "US-only" view of motorcycling. And they tell you that up front, so there is not a surprise. I think there is opportunity to expand the concept if you move beyond the US ingenuity and genius engineering that is on display here.

Scott Malo

This was a great place to visit. A lot of history here. If you have any interest in motorcycles, this is a must to stop in.

J.R. Hammond

Love this place (make sure that you look behind the restored stuff to see the really cool stuff)

Kimberly Little

This place is amazing!!! Even though you may not be into motorcycles or old car will love this place and its rich history. The price was not too bad as you can leave and come back throughout the day and really take your time going through the whole place. The people who work here are very well educated and often turnover some of their bikes and cars. The experience was great, signed their guest book and recieved a post card from them. Something the whole family would love to see.

David Tait

Was better years back, when they had other brands in there. Now mostly dedicated Harley. Curtis made a few bikes. Harley is Not the only Motorcycle out there. Still had a good time though.

George Schwab

Really an amazing place, bikes automobiles and items from many eras. The attendants are great and very good at explaining the various exhibits . If you're in the area you have got to go, well worth the time.

Charles Sommers

Awesome unbelievably I couldn't believe all the motorcycles and the staff was great.Andy your number 1 in my book I appreciate everything thanks my friend Charlie

Sam Russo

Funny thing was, always wanted to go, never thought i would have a chance. We took a vacation to visit the Smokeys on the Tenn side, and was driving around the mountain hiking. We swung into Cherokee, NC to say we touched NC. I just happen to look at maps, and saw i had starred Wheels Through Time on the maps, and saw we were only 30 min away. At that point we HAD to go. Was so glad i got to see it, if your a motorcycle fan like me (so far 22 years of riding) you HAVE to go. I have to say WAYYYYYY better then the Harley museum in Milwaukee. Dale, you did an awesome job!!!!

Linda Zee

This amazing place absolutely is filled with working vintage motorcycles and cars. Dale is very approachable and willing to talk about the collection, and will even fire up motorcycles for you to hear. A fantastic place!

Courtenay O'Connell

I'm not a motorcycle fan, but for my hubby and girlfriend's SO, I went. Throughout our ninety minute visit, we saw more motorcycles than I knew existed. We walked and looked at our own pace & stopped to read and see the iPad information at staged areas. The iPads had background information and videos. Employees with vast knowledge answered questions and stopped to talk in-depth about solitary exhibits to anyone who listened, and we listened. When you enter the museum, you are actually in the gift shop. This is also where you pay admission ($15 adults & $12 senior citizens). Walk into the museum, and you see the evolution of motorcycles from inception to modern times. We all liked the history - war years, racing, television shows, women’s roles, and so much more. We liked best the 23 year old guide who started up Dale’s first motorcycle for us & also talked in depth about the rarest motorcycle in the world made by Richard Traub & found behind a brick wall in Chicago. We didn’t see & read everything, but what we saw was educational, impressive, and fun.

Jessica Dodson

The most fun. This is our third time visiting. Everyone is friendly and passionate that works or volunteers there. Dale has even started up cars and bikes for us. We will return many more times. Oh and the wall of death show was so much fun we went twice in one day!

Chris Deal

If you like motorcycles this is the best place. They will gladly take the time to give you the history of any bike there. Spent hours there with the best employees ever

Terry King

So sad to see all that American iron sitting there, it should be give a day pass to enjoy the road and some mountain air for the day! Beautiful testament to AMERICAN MADE!!! A must see and revisit when in the area!!

S Damron

Absolutely amazing. From the Wheel of Death to the museum. Nothing you will see online does this place justice. It was great!

Jim Walczak

Amazing displays of classic motorcycles. Their slogan is 'the museum that runs" and they didn't disappoint. Several bikes were started during our 2 hour visit. The staff is amazingly friendly as they walk around and talk and share with you. Almost like a guided tour. Can't wait to go again when I can spend more time.

scott Willoughby

Great experience! It is a must see whether you are into motorcycles or not. The knowledge of the staff is outstanding.

Jennifer Booth

First time here. Was great to learn about all the old bikes. My husband especially enjoyed it. We even put in to win the knucklehead. Crossing fingers


Wow!! I could have stayed there for weeks! That is on amazing museum! All the guys there are so knowledgeable. Really spectacular collection!

Doug Harrill

Everyone that loves motor cycles has got to see some Harley Davidson history

Jessica Covington

We happened upon this Museum on our way back home. I highly recommend stopping. Great for families lots of bikes to see from all Genres! Great knowledgeable staff.

Ben Collins

One of my favorite museums. You can get up close to 99% of the exhibits. Its an incredibly impressive collection of motorcycles. Dale Walksler can even be seen working on exhibits and is happy to talk with people about the bikes.


Fantastic experience!! Best to give yourself extra time, or you will regret it for sure. Great displays, bikes and folks to talk to. Multiple cool stuff started in our short time there. Those guys have forgotten more than I'll ever know about all the cool stuff in that building!!!! One of the best bucket list stops EVER!!!!!!

Diann Smith

Awesome place. Unimaginable collection. Very welcoming, informative staff take the extra time to share the history and even started several bikes. They also delighted young and old when they started up the old side car and gave a few rides.

Shaun Hinds

It’s been years since I’ve been here and it was every bit as great as I remember. It’s great having the staff give you the history of basically any bike and be willing to start almost as many. Fantastic museum.

Bubba Gump

Very cool place. We were pleasantly surprised at how packed full of motorcycles and cars it was. So much to see! You can tell this has taken someone(s) a great deal of time, expense and love to compile all these machines and have them on display for our viewing pleasure. I would go back in a heartbeat. I'm guessing I would find more bikes to lust over that I didn't notice before.

Jeff Venderley

Very few museums I go into that I see something I never knew existed. There are 2 bikes he has that were just that. On top of that the staff is extremely knowledgeable ....and they are self-proclaimed talkers! As an added bonus they started about 5 bikes while we were there including a 1915 Harley. Cannot speak highly enough about this place!

Jay Motley

Great place! Loved the unique and rare pieces they had! They even had a couple Buells! Not enough though, I should donate a couple. Loved the vintage military stuff! Well worth the stop!

Karen Riehm

This is a must see! Alot of history and amazing bikes and cars under one roof. Well worth the money!

McMannis Photographic

Met and exceeded expectations. A lot of old Harley's and Indians, many in great working condition. Staff were friendly and very knowledgeable and willing to share with guests, as well as fire up various motorcycles and cars for guests to see. If you are near or driving through Maggie Valley NC you owe it to yourself to stop!

Carey Williams

I am not really into museums but Wow! This place is really cool! My husband could have spent weeks there reading everything and talking to the staff. Everyone there was so knowledgeable. It was really fun to hear some of the old bikes run!

eddie thompson

The best museum I've been to. Everything works and you are up and personal with the old beauties. This place is a treasure.

Robert Short

I loved the collection. The building could use some climate control for the amount of money they make. I went with the enthusiasm of a motorcycle nut. I love anything powered by gas. Awesome displays, and artifacts. The reason for my low review reflects the owners lack of people skills. I saw him talking to a couple of older women about an old CVT transmission driven car. So I stood and listened for a few minutes to hear his explanation of how “ The car of a thousand gears” works. When he was finished I introduced myself and told him how great I thought everything was in his collection. Told him I watch the show. The interaction lasted about one minute. He never said a word. He looked at me and never said ANYTHING! Not great, thanks, nice to meet you, nothing! And then proceeded to walk away. I had every intention of buying some merchandise in the gift shop. But after that I was ready to leave. I will never be back. It’s sad because we only live about two hours from the museum. I haven’t watched his show since. It’s very sad.

Richard Lee

My wife and I visit Wheels through Time once or twice a year, it's always a great place to go if you enjoy motorcycles. There is so much to see and learn.

George Miller

Great place to visit. Staff is amazingly helpful. Items in the museum are incredible. We will definitely be going back.

Alan Dalton

I go every year with friends on a trip and I could walk through for hour's

Ken Gee

Awesome place. Great job, You have to put this place on yr bucket list

Daniel Fletcher

A must go to place. They have something for everyone to enjoy. Very informative staff. One of the best stops in the Smoky mountains in my opinion. My only regret is that I didn't visit sooner. A mind blowing personal collection.

Melissa Knaffl

Great if you're a motorcycle buff but I really expected there to be more cars. Lots of cool motorcycles though! A bit hot inside and the exhaust fumes from the bikes running in the building made me a bit woozy.

ricky tucker

A must do if in town there...great staff, Andy was an absolute pleasure to speak with!!!

Bonnie Fyffe

Go visit this GEM ! Wow! A museum that "runs". Hundreds of employee fired up 3 bikes and rode a bit in the museum. Staff friendly, and circulates to answer any questions. Been there 3 times.

Andrew Bisbing

I received two tickets to the museum in my raffle pack. We traveled quite a distance to go and definitely were NOT disappointed. This place is amazing. It's a step back in time !

Morgan Silverkill

Fun, educational, and affordable. My family love motorcycles and being able to walk through a museum dedicated to the history of them was amazing.


Really cool down to earth Museum shows bikes in their original state and refurbished has a shop setting attitude really done well

Donald Johnson

Great motorcycle museum with tons of historic bikes. Great staff.

Cindy Copeland

Very very AWESOME !!!!! You will see everything you have ever dreamed of or wanted plus more. If you are lucky enough they will start a machine when you are there. You will not leave disappointed. Just allow enough time to see it all.

Renea Davidson

I really enjoyed this museum. All of the history of motorcycles is very interesting. They have other old items as well. A bunch of these old wheels still run, and the staff will ride thru the museum at any given moment on one. It's awesome to see the old still running. The down side for me and others I was with is that it was way to hot inside at different points, so hot It was starting to effect us physically. We would've taken more time if it wasn't so uncomfortable.

Mike Campbell

This place is a must see. Lots of interesting classic american motorcycles. Staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Dont miss it.

Mike Umphres

Interesting collection of American steel. Well displayed with knowledgeable staff. Worth the price of admission.

Tyler Mooney

Absolutely brilliant establishment with an impressive collection of domestic motorcycles and some associated with the development of the industry. Along with tons of memorabilia that they use to create an all encompassing aura/environment that makes you feel as though your in the workshop. 10/10

Tom Christenson

Best motorcycle museum around. Go and visit. You WONT be disappointed

Robert Walsh

If you want to see the history of the American motorcycle this is the place to do it. They have a mind blowing collection of vintage bikes, starting at the very beginning of their existence in the early 1900's. There were a huge number of early manufacturers, which sadly almost all no longer with us. Most of the bikes are in running condition and they take some out every day.


This wonderful museum wity all things Harley, Indian and lots of everything possible is a fantastic top notch museum and store that's got to be over 35,000 square feet of showroom. WW II motorcycles and up plus so many other types of bikes, we had planned to make this trip forever but we rode it and now have a lifetime get in card from the owner, we ran late so they kept it open an extra hour for us. If you haven't gone, go but you've gotta "love" motorcycles. I ride a Harley Davidson but I've had all types.

Donovan King

My Mom and I just made our second visit,better than the first! My Mom is a double amputee of her legs,on the way in two fellas grabbed up the front of her wheelchair and helped me lift her onto the ramp going in,only among two wheelers do you find brotherhood like that! The best place on earth in our opinion!

Tonia Kline

The place is amazing! If you have allergies take your pill before you go. I had to step outside. But would definitely go back!

Jake Rains

It was really enjoyable, a great place to spend my birthday. I would recommend it to anyone going through the area!

James Mullins

Awesome museum that runs!!! A definite stop for those who enjoy the old machinery and some of the rarest in the country. And if your lucky enough to see Dale he just might fire up a bike or two. He just might even do a burn out or even take the kids on a ride in a sidecar on the property.

Toby Johnson

Awesome cannot say enough about the staff and how courteous they are as well as knowledgeable they will walk you through the museum and answer all questions they have motorcycles of every kind from the beginning to Modern as well as the old belly tanker race cars they have automobiles in there most importantly I would have to say you don't have to be a complete motorcycle person to enjoy the enormous amount of history that is in there most of the stuff in the museum runs and they started up for you as well I've been to many museums so far I consider this to be my favorite next to the Smithsonian

Timothy OHara

I am a motorcyclist and a motorcycle enthusiast. If you haven't been here or heard of Dale, the man mainly responsible for this museum. Ride on in to Maggie Valley. They have a number of different makes of bikes (but mostly Harley and Indians). Many of the bikes they can start up for you to hear. They have old memorabilia, parts,artwork, and even other things Harley built to run off of their engines. It's a great place to learn about some American history regarding life on two wheels.

Mark Schumacher

Well done layouts of various motorcycles, themes and history thereof. Even had a special area for Schwinn bicycles

DJ Molter

Some very rare and unusual motorcycles and a few great cars. Well worth the trip and a nice couple of hours. 95% of everything on exhibit runs and they'll even start some of the more unusual and old bikes of you ask.


If you're in town for Thunder in the Smokies, you need to stop by to see this amazing collection of motorcycles. We had fun seeing all the different kinds of bikes, it really feels like you're going back in time seeing all the cool things in this museum. My favorite part was the chopper collection. I loved seeing all the old army bikes and side cars as well. We'll definitely return next time we're in Maggie Valley

Bobby Schulz

Very knowledgeable staff, great examples of all kinds of motorcycles and cars. Nice to hear some of them run.

David Lee

Obviously a labor of love. If you dont dig old motorcycles you will probably not get it. It's still cool if you like Harley Davidson or motorcycles or Americana or old stuff because there are literally tons or cool old things there. If you are a gear head or petrol head or someone who lives and breathes vintage bikes, it's Nirvana


Motorcycle owners, this is a must see! If you're not a two wheeled fan but appreciate engines/history it's also a must see. See an interesting bike? Grab a staffer and they'll give the history and fire it up!

June Tassillo

Always a great ride to Wheels Through Time. Had to get more coffee mugs and their new Dale shirt

Dustin Ainolhayat

Awesome place with great staff! This is a must visit for all motorcycle enthusiasts. So much history and nostalgia. I will visit again every time I come to this area.

Michael Greenham

Spent the day at the Wheels through time motorcycle museum in Western NC. We read all about the museum. Google had ~1100 5 star review. In this world in which everyone has an opinion I don't pay to much attention to reviews. One wrote it should be on any motorcyclists bucket list. Another wrote, he's been to the Smithsonian and this was better... Yeah sure.. A $15 admission gets you into this museum. Within steps of walking through you are met by not just motorcycles, but mechanical masterpieces with incredible design that truly borders on art. There are hundreds of bikes in here from the early 1900's - present day, and they all run. The staff wonders the huge showroom and knows these bikes, stories and the history inside and out. The history. The design, the mechanics. The staff periodically will start various bikes for those visitors that are around. To hear these machines run was a treat worth the price of admission alone. Jake. A college kid at Western Carolina is one of the experts. He shared his knowledge and stories of many of the bikes we looked at. You couldn't find nicer people to run the place. From the girls in the gift shop to the owners son, they all are eager to make their visitors feel welcome. After 5 hours I got to meet and thank Matt the founders son who shares his dad's passion for these old bikes. Then he offered to take me and my wife to the restoration shop outback and shared his knowledge, answered questions and just generally couldn't have been more pleasant. When the founders son invites you on a small personal tour, you jump at the chance. We hung out well past closing time. We actually walked through the dark museum to get to the front door. So a 5 star rating is truly justified in the case of the wheels through times museum.

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