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Where is Uwharrie National Forest?

REVIEWS OF Uwharrie National Forest IN North Carolina

Donnie Dial

Great place especially for camping. They have tent and RV spots, as well as electrical outlets for generator and RVs, and washrooms for people in tents. The people who rent the spots are usually very nice and are always helpful.

Bob S

A getaway that's not too far away!

Charlie Ashby

Great place to get outside and enjoy nature. I love horseback riding this place

William Lunsford

Very nice for hunting. Didn't see no turkeys but there were lots of deer track. I'll be back to find them turkeys.

Carla Moshier

Badin lake is so beautiful and family friendly!

Kimmie Q

When it's not overcrowded, especially down by the river, we love to go jeepin, rock crawlin, muddin, campin.

John Lowman

love going to Uwharrie to go fishing and the people that I have came apon have been friendly and helpful. The only thing that I wish is that they would pave the road to the camp grounds because the road is full of ruts.

K Morlando

First time here, loved the hiking trails!

Michael Rogers

This ancient and worn mountain and forest area has lots to offer. Go gold panning, shooting, camping, hunting, and hiking. Really a fantastic and wonderful national forest.

Carolyn Holston

Always adored the trails. Especially as I was a better driver than my husband. Never put a scratch on mine. He flipped his. Not rolled. It was on it's roof. Killed that car! Hysterical!

Mariah Moser

Beautiful spot. Fun trails. Fairly quiet. Good for familys, groups, and pets

Justin Shaw

Best kept secret in the south east.

John theGiant

Great place, there's camping, picnic areas, a huge lake, and ohv trails. Wolf's den is the easiest and even an all stock 4x4 should be able to get thru it. Great way to spend a day outside.

Joey Grissom

Was at Tuckertown Lake. Beautiful and peaceful lake!

Bobby Kiger

Lots of good motorcycle riding opportunities, street or trail. The Eldorado Outpost is a must stop. Great food.


Great place to bring the family.

Emma Rogers

Always beautiful. A well guarded secret

kevin lee

Wish I had more time to look around enjoy the area.


WE HAD A BLAST! The facilities are great, and the staff was very helpful. Tons of options for camping. Horseback riding, kayaking, hiking, fishing, and much more. UNF is a great option for a weekend or longer escape to the outdoors. We had an exceptional experience over a 4 day period. We reserved a month in advance for a spot over 4th of July 2019. We had site 50 which was right next to the bathroom facility, and also have a slab big enough to accommodate 2 full size SUV's and camping gear. There is an outpost/gas station close by that has very good product selection. Clothes, bug spray, and fresh food. You should be able to get everything you need for a great weekend in the forest, or longer! We highly recommend Uwharrie National Forest.

Clayton Reeves

Only $5 for all day. Awesome

Camella Mitchell

We love fishing here.

Josh Blackburn

I live and play here everyday, riding horses, kayaking, hiking and swimming... The forest is practically my backyard literally

Tommy Braunsberg

I've been coming here for 45 years. If you like camping, hiking, horseback trails, 4+4 , dirt bike and especially fishing

Hmong Yang

Great place for hunting if there weren't so much horse rider during hunting season. They make too much noise with their music during their horse back riding

Claudia Swanson

Come spot Bigfoot on one of its many walking trails. Maps are often available for hikers, but I recommend you take a photo of the trail maps at the parking lot before you set out into the wild! The closest "bathroom" (an outhouse) is three miles away, at the end of a hiking path... Good point to remember!

Tracy LeCompte

Did the first 3.5 miles of the trail. Great trail, some strenuous parts. Not another soul on train, made for a great day!

Jedediah Seltzer

One of the best places to go backpacking within 2 hours of Chapel hill. There typically isn't much traffic and the weather is wild so you can hike in the winter without much increase in gear. I recommend the Uwharrie trail and running a shuttle.

John Adams

We visited the North Carolina Aviation Museum which is located next to or on the same property as the Asheboro Municipal Airport. Google insists that we were on Uwharrie National Forest property, but we were not. So much for artificial intelligence. The aviation museum is a rather disjointed collection of aviation-related bits and pieces, but was very interesting and we were led on a tour by a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable gentleman who worked there.

Chantelle Jordan

We explored a trail and it was beautiful. At this time of year the creeks are running dry but my children still played in it and enjoyed the day under the canopy.

Lisa Hunter

A wonderful place to hike, kayak, camp, ride horses and fish. There are many trails of varying degrees from a beginning hiker to more experienced, there's a trail for you. There are also many campgrounds and places to backpack camp. If your into atv or 4x4 trails, you'll love Uwharrie. Please be aware there are rattlesnakes and copperheads in the area.

Alexandria Shelton

We love visiting Uwharrie, especially with dogs. There are primitive campsites throughout and some are very close to water. It’s busy on the weekend and during peak times. You can sometimes hear guns and ATVs throughout the night. Uwharrie is our favorite close National forest, as it’s less than an hour from Charlotte.

Pablo Gonzalez

Beautiful place to camp out, walk, run and hunt. There are many pine trees here, oaks (red and white) and other species that I didn't recognize. Some creeks run through it.

Adam King

A great place to enjoy the outdoors. I just wish people would clean up after themselves better.

brianna nicholson

Really good place to take a vehicle off road! The day we went wasn't too crowded. Trails were clearly marked.

Karen Burnett

was so happy to find some forest service roads to explore in NC

Michael L

Uwharrie is an underrated gem in the Piedmont of NC. Most folks go further west to go hiking, but the hills here are great for both spectacular views and a glute crushing hike. There are a handful of campsites most of which do not have water or electricity and since it is a National Forest, visitors may camp "backcountry" style in a non-designated site. There are multiple stream crossings. The recreation trail is moderate difficulty and the Dutchman's trail is strenuous.

John Maynard

The Uwharri National Forest is a beautiful network of trails conveniently located in Central North Carolina. We use this trail Network often with our scout troop in order to learn the important skills a backpacking and camping. We can always count on this trail Network being well marked and clear of trees and debris. Safe and fun for a weekend adventure.

Mike Hughes

Great family friendly camping ground and gun range!

Lance Glass

Good for Jeeps and gear driven ATVS, not so much for anything belt driven. Lots and lots...and then lots of rocks. Slow placed but technical. Finding the parking lot is half if the battle. Look for Dutch John Parking area or Wolf Den for the trails. Just a few muddy areas.

country Girl

This place has always been a favorite of mine. It has so many hidden gems.

K. N.

The National Park is absolutely beautiful and so is the lake in the middle of it. Fishing, boating, camping, horses and hiking. Get outdoors there people!

michael willis

Beautiful place with lots to do

Roger Brittingham

A quick visit to Celestial Hills off Hwy. 134 and then a quick trip through Troy, Biscoe and Star was wonderful. I love the subtle rolling hills of this area. The land of Opportunity, Montgomery County.

Alex Hursey

Great hiking, camping and backpacking experience. Will go again... and again, and again...

Jaylan Chapman

Would give a zero star if they had it will give you a fine for anything got a 80 dollar fine never coming back NEVER TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE

DUDE Tim Jordan MAN

Awesome place to hike! So beautiful. Is so great to see the nature that God has created for us to enjoy

Elizabeth Espitia

Great place to swim and take your family to have fun!

Robert Beam

Good place to go but, next year you better check to see if they're charging at Yates place

Jim Gardner

First time an we had an amazing day! Will go back often!

John Mueller

Lots of outdoor fun here.

Lynne Cipcic

We live here and love it!

Dee Shaw

One of my favorite places to go kayaking!

Austin J Campbell

Yo okay so we took my disabled wife on her birthday hike that she requested. She usually does fine on hikes but this one finally got her. She gave out halfway back and could not function anymore. We were out of water, way too far from the entrance and in deep trouble. Called Park Rangers and they rescued us in minutes, were so kind to us and basically called the dang town to help. 10/10 would recommended

Annj Collins

I love driving through the forest during all the seasons. So beautiful, Serene, peaceful place. We're very fortunate to have this forest in our area


Love it here! Great place for the kid and dogs

Benjamin Cecil

Always a great day trip or weekend vacation

Chris Poole

Great hiking and vistas. Try not to get lost!

Joni Vestal

For someone who doesnt mind getting dirty and loves off roading! Camp sites are really primative in some areas. Only complaint is no lighting in the bathrooms once the sun goes down.

Bill Cody

if you like outdoors and like rugged places to go 4-wheeling then I highly recommend going to the uwharrie national Forest. What a great place to camp and enjoy the wildlife and outdoors.

Angela Jowers

Awesome spot to go off roading

J Mohamed

Can't wait to take my Jeep out.

Kimberly Newby

Had a blast kayaking down the Uwharrie river from low water bridge to the 109 bridge. The water was low but still had an awesome time. Will check the levels before heading down next time. I believe it's about a 6 mile stretch of river. Took us about 5 hours and that wasn't paddling constantly and having a few slow downs from the lower water causing us to bottom out... We stopped 3 times and hung out on the bank 3 times too lol its perfect for beginners and kids!

Dale Cook

Ohv trails gets you off of the main roads and lets you test your skills. Most of the trails are easy going with the exception of a rock climb or some deep ruts but as long as you know your limits you're good. Perfect place to get in touch with nature with camping, fishing, hiking or even horseback riding. Get away from the every day hustle and all of the video games. Get your family outdoors and enjoy what life has to offer.

Ryan Martin

Now this is camping. The trail we took to get to our campsite wasnt too bad and I wouldnt do this but I saw plenty if sedans driving it with no problem. Im trying to get my wife out of the mindset that our 31' camper is actually camping and Uwharrie helped me get that point across. We camped here with 3 adults and 3 toddlers ranging from 1.5 to 3.5. We all had a blast. The camping is "dispersed" so you can camp literally anywhere, but for us car camping with 3 toddlers was the only way to go. There aren't any developed campsite but you can see camping areas all over the place. Plenty of fire rings made out of rocks and tons of clearings to set up camp.

Spearhead Hatfield Trail Rider Watson

Fun trails I rode on my SXS !

Pastor Stephen Saunders, Sr.

Great hiking trails!

Amanda Rosario

Great fishing...everyone is nice and they have bathrooms!

Donnie Hall

We always love to visit and enjoy the wildlife. If people would help keep it clean the park would be that much nicer!

mike mills

it's an excellent place to ride ATV all-terrain vehicles love going there it is fun for all riding experience

Mal Mikus

Great place, we will be coming back

Richard Faile

It was great food was great service was great.

Annette Nichols

Well I live on the edge of the forest. It's a great place!

Shirley Coraggio

Great park to visit. Lots of off reading trails. Big foot we see why.

Diana Wolford

Great place for horseback riding and 4 wheers, also plenty of places to go hiking

Justin Whisner

Great place to fish, swim, trail ride or nature hike

Michael Thompson

Ok except for the trash who cant pick up their litter, trying to relax and wind up cleaning $#!+ up!!

Basil Guevarra

Great daytrip destination for a Raleigh resident with plenty to do: multiuse off-road trails, camp on the trails or designated camp sites. horseback riding. fishing, boating, shooting range, even once saw cyclists (not recommended on the multiuse trails). This place can get busy during peak months but it's also large enough to accommodate plenty of people across many activities.

Mark Mitchem

Beautiful place. Good fishing if you know where to go

The Urrego's Channel

Awesome place for outdoors, family and kids friendly.

Efird Marla

The best place to go to get away from the everyday grind. Relaxing and back to nature!

Fakhri Abbas

A nice easy walk by the lake.

Matt Smith

Great little trail. Kids were able to complete on their own!

Joey Brock

One of my favorites places in NC!

Larry King

Fun place to get away.

Michael Leavitt

The drive through this area of the country is beautiful.

Mikala Shremshock

One of the dirtiest National Forests I've ever been to. People seem to be living in makeshift camps near the roads. Lots of litter on all the trails. Lake and docks were covered in discarded fishing line. There are plenty of trash cans around but no one uses them.

Project DORTON

I kayak down the uwharrie River, maybe 20 or 30 times now. Always check the water level before going, bring a snake bite kit just in case. Absolutely beautiful, makes you feel like the middle of nowhere, a bunch of it is.

Cliff Wittig

Great tall pines, crystal clear water and fresh air.

Ashley Menges

What a nice resource here in North Carolina. Great place to Off Road and to camp. Excellent trails and horse riding to

Jonathan Davis

Beautiful scenery. The autumn foliage there is beautiful this time of year. This is a great place to hike and camp. This is a wonderful example of the beauty of God's creation.

Wendy Locklear

Fast friendly service! Food was hot and very good!

annette barnett

If you love riding the trails in a jeep, side by side, anytype of 4x4 or a fourwheeler. This is the best place to enjoy yourself. From easy trails to the hard rocky trails. Campgrounds are great, plus swimming at the lake and boating.

Jeffrey Springer

Was a pretty place even though I thought seen Sasquatch but ended up being an old man taking a dump in woods flashlight

Pat M

First time love the OHV trails definitely have my truck a challenge

Quinton Winborn

Beautiful place to be. Will be back soon. The OHV trails are tons of fun with great views if you have the vehicle to get you to them.

Sonny Cruz

Great trails, just lots if ticks during the warmer months.

Joshua Hirtle

Came for the bike trails. Rode Supertree one week and Keyauwee the next. Both trails are awesome and I had a blast.

jessie stinnette

The easy trail is basically just a dirt road ... the moderate is way more extreme then i thought it would be ...even in a ram with four inch lift kit... we still bottomed out... so dont take anything out there that you dont mind getting some scratches amd dings.. this is mainly for rock crawlers.. also the map is not detailed at all...we had to turn around several times and still didnt find the trail we were looking for..

Charles Holcombe

Plenty of room out here. 4-wheeler, trail bike and 4 x 4 trails in many levels. Paved camping and primative camping, Swimming in some places and a Boat Launch I can even drive the family car through here. The Eldorado Outpost is right out front for supplies, Non-Ethanol fuel , Burgers and Fried Chicken! Spend the day, weekend or week here!

Jason Roberts

The Uwharrie Forest is a hidden gem of the Piedmont region of North Carolina. Tucked away right in the middle of NC where you're supposedly several hours away from the "mountains" there is...Suprise! Mountains!! And as a bonus, a river runs through it!! The Uwharrie River is a gem unto itself and a great place to kayak, even for beginners or the whole family.

Barry Mullins

Awesome place to ride your off road equipment

Andrian Ross

Love walking through the area when we go fishing up in Uwharrie. It's peaceful and relaxing.

Brandon Williams

I really enjoyed getting out in the woods and the conversations with Bigfoot are amazing

Bill Hier

This is a pretty decent place to ride your four Wheeler however the road in is really rough and I actually blew a shock because of the size of the potholes. Even the easy trails are slow going and somewhat technical so you’re pretty much crawling everywhere. However it is clean and there is plenty of shade

Keelan Murphy

Spent a few weeks out in the woods. Beautiful and relaxing. More Bud Light cans everywhere than anything I've ever seen, but I'll still give five stars because it's not the park's fault it's infested with a malignant virus.

Evan Grady

This is a great place to visit and also to live. Thousands of acres can be enjoyed by all ages. Hiking, wildlife viewing, hunting/fishing, boating, 4 wheel and 2 wheel adventures, and a shooting range can be enjoyed. Also, some places allow camping both in tents and campers. Some locations even have "bath houses." All locations are currently closed due to Hurricane Florence. Enjoy!

James Williams

Had a blast. And plenty of trails to ride..

hEcToR pRiEtO

Been there a few times, I enjoyed the Jeep trails , nice , polite and respectful jeepers there , u get a few choices easy , moderate and difficult trails, I highly recommend the anual pass ( $35 I got mine at -Eldorado outpost- 3 min from the trails , they got good food , ice , snacks and free air for ur wheels ) There’s a shorting range , camping and more . U will have a good time ! olllllllo 4ever

Jacques Jackson

A great experience very challenging. Just a bit of a break from the norm!

Kevin Hedrick

Lots of fun things to do from fishing swimming camping and trail riding. I always have fun no matter what I'm doing there.

Chris Allen

Once in a lifetime experience. Me and Dad did the OHV tails in our respective SUVs. Moderate and Expert trails out here so be prepared. Easy to get lost and we had a hard time sourcing DETAILED maps or directions. BE PREPARED

Cathy Charpentier

Beautiful, quiet, peaceful ..what more could you want.

Joshua J. Lyon

Today I had the opportunity to go up to Uwharrie National Forest and hike the Badin Lake. Today was the perfect day for it, the sun was out and the weather was just right. Initially I stopped at the gas station in Eldorado (I think it was), where the Jeep picture came from. There was a bunch of jeepers there! Not long in the hike, I came across the cross picture, and it was placed there for a young lady who had passed away. Not sure if she had passed away on the lake or just that's where family wanted her memorial to be. Once the trail moved away from the Lake, it crossed paths with a horse trail, which that was the first time any of my trails were able to have any horses on it, and it was just magnificent. Although it was a short hike, when I was about three-quarters of the way through there was this amazing clear area where I was able to sit and read my book for a half hour. I was able to sit on a down tree right next to the lake and it was great. Lastly on my trip, comes the snake picture. I walked right up on this snake! Moments after I backed up I noticed it didn't move very quick. It definitely was injured, it had a banged up head. I felt bad that someone didn't make sure to finish it. Since it was Sunday, there was no one I Googled that could come and get it. So, I got it off the trail pathway. But I am thankful I am alive and not in a hospital. Thanks for reading my story! Please like and share!

Jo Covington Nencetti

Nice hike but so much trash left by stupid people. If you lug it in lug it out people! We filled 2 bags of trash until we couldn't hold anymore.

Dylan Lowery

Beautiful place to take your family to relax and enjoy the site

Betty Jo Monroe

If you Love nature, this is the place to visit. Pure wilderness.... Absolutely beautiful

Candace H

A beautiful place to go!

Cameron Graves

Always a pleasure spending quality time in nature very clean

ronnie lard

Great place if you like to be out there in nature

Jeanmarie Phillips

Always one of my favorite places to escape reality!

Tay kwe

Very fun very pleasant enjoyed

Mykyll Austin

Awesome area for hiking and camping. Clean sites for tents. Primitive camping allowed in the forest..


I come here often for either day hikes or weekend long camping trips. The trails are great for trail running and have campsites throughout if you plan on backpacking.

Gayri Lemons

Great place to visit with family or church groups,etc,etc...we actually live in & around the forest & love it. Lots to do & enjoy!!

Carole Sanders

Beautiful area. Badin Lake is awesome!

Mike Voigts

Awesome time wheeling uwharrie!


Beautiful place! Very large and remote in some places so be safe bring a buddy! Bring plenty of gear for long stays :) great place to bring the group for camping. Lakes and as much space as you could need

David Pruitt

Always a great place to off-road and find a private spot.

jaydeep patel

beautiful place love this peaceful environment

Marvin Lyles

Great place to pan for gold an gems...ride trails. In 4x4 trucks trails hike fishing an camping just a all around great place..some of the camp grounds have showers an restrooms Deer hunting an orher hunting

Chris Heyl

Bathrooms and camp sites. Mtn bike trails are good for my 5 and 8 year old all the way to good technical single track.

Andy Clark

BEAUTIFUL! #ncoutdoors

sunflower Blalock

It's just beautiful. Especially if you can camp near the lake!! Wow! The sunsets are absolutely gorgeous. It's just a great way to get into nature and see what GOD had given us to enjoy here in heaven on earth!!!

Kim Lynch

I love it.I have lived here basically 17 years.I love the little country town

Jennifer Smith

Beautiful mountain trail with 5 creek crossings, some downed trees fun climbing over or walking along on trail path, and moderate elevation challenges throughout, this trail is a must do for those looking for a 10+miles of loop trail

Mike Pickett

Bike and off-road trails are amazing. Worth the drive from Raleigh

Kendra Miner

Beautiful riding, good roads.

Terri Lunsford

Great hiking. Peaceful


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