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Where is Pisgah National Forest?

REVIEWS OF Pisgah National Forest IN North Carolina

B. Jacob Partridge

Visit one of the hundreds of waterfalls and drive the blue ridge parkway. Beautiful.

Robert Gray

Truly magical, incredibly beautiful and clean, even trash can were bear proof... I love this place, be back soon..

Audrey Ivester

Beautiful morning hike. We hiked to Lookout, which had a great view. However, not so good for people without young legs; the path was not very flat and you basically had to climb up some parts of the trail.

Linda Bahr

Once you climb the gravel path and get on a normal trail, it is very pretty up there. I take two dogs on a daily hike up there so they can run off the leash. There are bears, rattlesnakes and copperheads up there so be careful.

Michael Carson Sr

Great drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Best place to hike in NC by far.

James Smith, The Quiet Hiker

The first National Forest remains one of our nation's finest! Endless outdoor pursuits!

alison foster

beautiful place to visit we didn't get to do sliding rock because the water was coming in to dangerously so they closed it for the day but they allowed us to go down and look at it.the reason I gave four stars is because there were many other places to see up there but due to lack of signage to tell you where to go you didn't know which roads to take and the roads are very narrow there's not a whole lot of places to turn around. One wrong road up in the mountain can take you a great distance out of your way.

Jared Andress

My lady and I fell in love with this park. The hiking is wonderful, the views are wonderful, the river was clear as day and very refreshing and the climbing was fantastic. I wish they had more campsites because we couldn't find one that was already taken even on a Thursday. I'd recommend going here and staying in the park for a week and just explore the whole area.


, I give Pisgah National Forest to 5 because I love going to Sycamore Flats on picnics I wish they had some way of extending it out though because on the weekends and on the holidays it is very full and you barely can fit a vehicle in between the other vehicles at Sycamore flats and a lot of times you have to take your own table because all of the tables are full because it is the very first spot that you hit when you go into the Pisgah National Forest I do wish that they would offer package deals on the Cradle of Forestry as far as families going in together and place of charging $8 or $10 per person whatever it is now it's not like we have many places that are free to enjoy anymore

Adam Gibson

Beautiful area. The rhododendrons were in bloom and white and pink we saw turkeys and baby turkeys and plenty of deer.

Boot Leg

How can anybody NOT love a place as beautiful as this place is?!? This is truely what is meant when somebody uses the term "Heaven on earth"! You need to see it to believe it!

Countryman Livery

Pisgah National Forest is a wonderful place for all. You can hike, bike or just ride in a car. Good Forest Service roads wander throughout the park. Lots of opportunities to see wildlife. There are places to fish, canoe, kayak and raft. Plenty of camping whether you car camp or hike in to a more secluded campsite. Pisgah is a short distance from many metro areas and even though it has lots of visitors it rarely feels crowded.

Dave Kersey

I love the mountains and the great outdoors. This is a beautiful place to go if you haven't been.

Debby Burchfield

Love the beautiful hiking trails, beauty of nature, and the occasional wildlife sitings.


Nice wide paths very pet friendly. Many dogs use this trail. Nice wooden bridge and historical site . Their is some spots that require you to be exceptionally careful. Small stream to walk over on some rocks. Can be dangerous if handicap or shaky. Trail is flat but has a few minor acensions. Not recommended for the elderly or small children to climb to see the actual falls. It requires you to maneuver through the boulders. Otherwise nice path. Their are some smaller falls for you to view along the path.

Fabiola Esparza

I loved it, you can breath pure air, see any kind of birds, the smell of the air is awesome, the views and vibes are spectacular and uniques.

Callen David Tobler

It is an incredible experience to hike this mountain, such an amazing place to go. The hike isn't to long and gets a little strenuous around the last fourth of the hike but it is 1000% worth going up. It's incredibly beautiful and the drive up is impressive and fun as well. The only back drop is that at the last part of the drive there is a semi not really sketchy dirt road you drive on. So just be wary when driving it. Lots of blind spots

BeverlyFaye Banks

I am very grateful to have this grand old forest in my back yard .

Joe Cote

It is the greatest place for primitive camping. The water in the creak is as clear as good tap water.

Brian Field

It's a National Forest and the Blue Ridge Parkway runs right through it. Beautiful place and one of my favorite things places to hang out.

Johnnie Hughes

Beautiful place to visit.. definitely will come back soon

Trey Schultz

I love this place, cant beat the view.

mike cosola

Love Pisgah.... beauty all around you. Waterfalls, camping, fishing.... something for everyone

Bunny Hogue

The sliding rock was great. There was a line, but it does fast and it's worth it. Make sure to wear swimming shoes and bring a safety vest for the smaller children. Overall, this place is worth the drive to see and visit either the trails, waterfalls or the sliding rock. They have safety vest for $6 on site.

Edith Phillips

A good place to be! Spectacular waterfalls and scenery!

Jim Hamilton

Like you're stepping back in time to enjoy the simple things in life. Take time to enjoy God's handiwork! His fingerprints are everywhere if you just look.

Patty Miller

It was on our way when we we're coming from South Carolina to Tennessee we had stopped there count to get a break and we just had a great time sitting and talking looking at the trees and there was a little river it was nice was said on some rocks and decide to take some pictures.

Rhesa Heath

Nice trail. Not too strenuous at all. Bring water!

Austin Pierce

Black Balsam Knob offers a beautiful panorama that is relatively easy to get up to. Easy to bring a family up to. Free camping spots that are to die for on top of the balds.

Hank Pierson

The Fed and state parks in NC are amazing! Lots of parks rivers and falls.

Sam Edmisten

One of the most beautiful places on the planet with the oldest mountain range in the world and it is my backyard. Check out Wilson Creek on Brown Mountain Beach Rd. and be amazed by the natural wonder and beauty.

Matt McCall

I visited for a weekend fishing trip. Great water, ample parking and plenty to see and do.

Sam Robinson

Great place to spend the day with your family and friends. Wonderful views of God's great masterpiece. Give yourself plenty of time to explore this great treasure.

Patrick Barcia

Beautiful scenic drive with a couple of nice water falls and several places to pull over to get out and look out over the mountains.

Kim Perry

My Adventure Was a difficult walk, but worth it Thanks to my brother and Dan's GREAT CONCERN for me I made it Not for the faint of heart Kim


Did some amazing primitive camping in "God's Country" I love how everyone that camps there cleans up after themselves!! No trash just beautiful natural forest!!

DJ Tyler

Love the mountains! Cool mountain breeze great trails and the views! Oh my goodness.

Sherry Imerion

Vacation in Beech Mountain North Carolina with my daughter and grandsons. Wow. I had a wonderful time. The chalet we rented was clean, cozy and well stocked. I actually went snow tubing. It was awesome.

Sherry Honaker

We were just passing through but very beautiful

Layla Morris

The forest liked us to go hiking

Jennie Suggs

I love to get out and ride and enjoy nature. To see all the beauty that nature has to offer us to look at is amazing. It brings peace to a soul and it's breathtaking

Bradley Grimm

Cool views and awesome forest but hard to find where you are trying to go!

Daniel Kimble

The forest is gorgeous, I wish everybody would not leave any trash behind. No wonder they are considering limiting the public's access. Seriously campers, how wonderful to have a place to go, so appreciate it, clean up after yourselves, pigs!

Eric G

Absolutely beautiful national Forest. it is a must go and see.There are plenty of ways to experience the forest, from hiking , biking, car ride, white water rafting and many other ways. It has some amazing views with great trails. We went right before leaves changed, but was still beautiful.

Rey Montes

Amazing view. Very clean and the scenery was breath taking. Clean fresh air and the water current was so soothing to listen too as you're walking or running.

Hilda Dickerson

I live in Transylvania County North Carolina. This county is called "Land of the Waterfalls" for a reason. Not only do we have beautiful waterfalls, we have access to the Blue Ridge Parkway where we can see the mountains for miles and miles. There are many scenic view pull offs to take wonderful pictures to share with family and friends. Enjoy your trip!!!

J Marinelli

Awesome journey!! This area has some 270+ waterfalls ... we visited around 15 and made about 30 miles of hiking over a 3/4 day period. The ranger station is a great find. The volunteers are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They have small paper maps to share and you can find those waterfalls easily. Along with a few swimming holes.

Lori Coleman

I'm in love!! And go to Zen tubing... It was incredible... There's not enough positive that I can say about it

Wandering Princess

Beautiful place. We went to Max Patch while we were there and fell in love with this place! The 360 views are absolutely gorgeous! We will definitely be coming back to explore more soon and to camp

Antonia' M.

Beautiful park once you find it! There were hardly any signs leading to the attractions. You just kind of stumble upon different waterfalls and pull off when ever you see a bunch of vehicles parked. Once we arrived at Looking Glass Waterfall we were in awe of her beauty!

Patrick Murphy

The most beautiful place you can ever visit if you like the outdoors. Plenty of outdoor activity. Fishing, hiking, sightseeing, lots to offer. Wildlife everywhere. We love it here. It’s our backyard. Be very careful when driving in these areas in the winter. We come here all the time, but the weather here doesn’t discriminate. Just last week we were on our way down the mountain, and is snowed for less than and our. It iced the roads up fast. We lost control along with 4 other motorists in front of us. Just do a thorough road conditions check. Highly recommend this place for sure.

Travis Montressor

I'm really impressed with how clean things are out here. Still some litter but most of the things out here are just raw nature. Watch out for hornets while hiking.

Mario Cuellar

Beautiful place. Tranquil, relaxing. Great for camping.

joshua floyd

We did some car camping out past the fish hatchery along the river. It was a wonderful weekend and the folks at the ranger station and visitor Center were really great to us

Jim Phares

Lots of waterfalls and scenic beauty. From Sliding Rock waterfall to Rainbow Falls.. the two most popular waterfalls in the area ... there are many more waterfalls and scenic spots in the Pisgah National Forest for visitors to spend as little or as much time as they want. The Pisgah is a large forest with countless trails, steams and many waterfalls.


Absoulutely stunning!! There are a lot of trails just have to look for them.

Thor Sandgren

So many beautiful things to see...

Jorge Matias Caviglia

Pisgah has everything. Trails for hiking, all levels and lengths, the parkway for driving and stopping at the many overviews, picnic areas, campong areas, rivers, forests, mountains. The rangers are very helpful to recommend sites and activities according to people's interests and abilities. Perfect place to visit or live.

Philip Oja

One of the best nature walks I’ve done!

Jason Groves

Took a ride up to the sassafras mountain this is a wonderful place to visit. It's a good day trip if you live in the upstate. The view is stunning and the weather is cooler as well. It is a steep climb from the parking lot up to thepedestal so please take your time it's easier to walk backwards uphill.

Tressa Rankin

So Serene and Beautiful ♥️ You have to go there and really experience it yourself. It goes on for miles. I am definitely going back. Thank you.

Luis Javier Hernández Calderón

Wonderful place for walk or just like the amazing views.

Katarina Špehar

The place is so beautiful but don't let that deceive you cause sometimes you can have a bad day on this interstate 40 flat tire, accident,rock slide,or just a turbo charger coming apart on a big rig What ever the problem once you get on this road there is no turning back for miles,so please be careful when you see a stranded motorist and get over,slow down,and stop to see if you can help them get back on the road,I know cause I sit on this road all day and no one ever stopped not even a highway patrol.

Cathrina D. Flynn

I drive through frequently and stop when I can ... but my message must be this: Respect, maintain, and protect our public land. It's under threat and shrinking ... and it belongs to us all ... the greater of who want it to be there, unspoiled, for our grandkids. Our wide open spaces, with their plant and wildlife diversity, are the balance/counterpoint to our congested cities and part of what Actually makes America great. Be in the know. Be interested. Be involved. Be courageous enough to defend the irreplaceable and ancient tracts of unspoiled land that make our existence possible.

Sherrie Mcswain

Gotta hike it, drive it and take in all the beauty. Plan to stay at a hotel. Lots to see.

kristi gibbons

Love the coolness of the forest...good for the soul!

Colleen Ryan

Catawba Falls - beautiful, fairly easy hike. Dog friendly. Picked a REALLY crowded day to visit.

Diane McCann

Bring your kids and dogs and be ready for a funky cool vibe. Good food, especially the specials, and live music every night. We bring all our out-of-town guests and they all love it and want to come back!!

Kenneth Ward

Great place to hang out with your friends, great staff

Mary Morgan

Beautiful and one of the few places with free camping!

Derek Matchette

It's a temperate rainforest in the mountains of North Carolina! How can you not love it?! There's trails, biking, hiking, dog bringing. I love this place some much. If you love the forest, it's the place to be

Martin Sconduto

Amazing hiking if you're up for a challenge! Awesome views, and highly recommend for backpacking.

Stacey Dennis

I gave it a 4 star only because it was really small, but soooooo beautiful! The were small, hidden waterfalls and everywhere you look it's picture worthy! Stunning old barns, rolling hills and mountains! I suggest allowing yourself to get lost! GPS doesn't work very well in those areas anyway!! Happy travels!!

Cindi Sanden

Just beautiful area of the country. We are from the Pacific Northwest and I was wowed by the beauty here.

Jennifer Brewer

Sliding rock was a blast! Haven't been there since I was a kid. My daughter and cousin had a great time.

Archer Pippin

Nature at its finest. Driving in the Smoky mountains is always a beautiful experience no matter the weather. There's always something new to discover for those who look for it. What a wonderful place to live!

Lep Stewart

What a beautiful place. I could spend days here. Sadly, it was raining and my family was a little worried about wet roads at those heights so not the most enjoyable experience. I will be back when it's dry

Leon Vinson

What can one day about this beautiful place? If only we could lop off the hands of the litterers who spoil things by dumping trash in the wilderness. It takes a special kind of inbred hillbilly white trash to dump a stuffed armchair next to a once pristine river. I suppose you could sit on it admiring the piles of trash and beer cans...

jules marie

Really beautiful in North Carolina must see if you can go. Only five hours from Jacksonville Florida. Stay in Asheville North Carolina it's the best.

CJ Parris

We wander these hills frequently and found an excellent walking trail that we will go back to often. It's relatively flat for those days we don't want to go for more strenuous hikes. The area between a mountain and a river is perfect.

Dwight Holloway

This is my favorite place in Brevard, so many waterfalls and hikes, just remember to have a poncho with you because it can rain at any moment. You could spend days here and still not see everything!

Flawless Tuber

The tour guides are the best!!! Me and my friends went there for 4 days and it was great.. Thanks to Mike without u man we wouldnt enjoy it.


- our multiple trips a year never disappoint. Beautiful place! Lots to see, learn and enjoy. This year ( April/May 2019 )we enjoyed lots and lots of lightening bugs.

Courtney Pollard

Very beautiful place. Rocks can be a little slippery but it's so pretty.

Kenneth Crumley

Love this place nice place to go get your head straight

Travis Lewek

I have been to Shining Rock, John's Rock, Looking glass, and Balsam point. Hiked the Art Loeb which is not the most maintained trails but senior easy to follow along, except when you get towards cold mountain. Overall, Pisgah is a great spot with hiking/backpacking and great views.

bobpin byky

Great place. Huge national forest. There are many reserved as well as unreserved camping grounds. You can use camping app to navigate. I have been to many camps here few have restrooms included. Good place for camping. Hiking and trekking. You may also go to nearby places like sliding rock from here.

Deborah Major

Cool in the summer. The food is great in the dining room. Get the 2nd floor, you can leave your windows open.

Mark Schnautz

Just a really nice area to visit.

Tracy Julian

Beautiful and little treasures where u least expect them. This waterfall I spotted from the road. Awesome.

Nancy Woods

It was so pretty and lovely and cool and you can have a picnic net at the park

David Lawrence

There is so much to do you cant do it all. We go every fall and are still discovering new places.

Joseph Larrimore

Both rugged and accessible. Some of the tallest peaks in the Appalachians, and accessible to whatever variety of a challenge you would want. Views from the parkway are phenomenal, with lots of short hikes to amazing points of interest. Or, if you're more into backcountry excursions, there's trails through a vast rugged wilderness just waiting to be explored.

Denise Decker-Swyt

Love the Beautiful scenery and waterfalls! Fresh airs a plus too!


There are so many trails and waterfalls to see that are stunningly beautiful! Some are pretty popular spots and others quite private. Tons of picnic spots and swim spots along the river. This is one of our favourite family spots.

Blue MountainCur

Quiet, clean, off the beaten path, what more could city folks looking for a little peace ask for. Oh yeah, don't tell nobody! We're trying to keep this to ourselves! Hey, how's this "likey" button work?!

harold b

Beautiful place..anticipating our return trip in autumn

Caleb Franzoy

Overall... Beautiful area! Came out on Memorial Day weekend so the crowds were pretty bad, but camped away from vacationers in regular forest areas and everyone was awesome in our neck of the woods. Avoid big holiday weekends, follow the rough road signs to camping spots, and clean up after yourself... And we'll all be awesome!

Trudy Rutherford

Beautiful drive can't wait to see the leaves changing for the fall season

Kevin O'Brien

We loved hiking to these falls! We hiked about 2 miles total. The views were spectacular! The experience climber could go up farther than we could. If your in the area it's definitely worth the trip.

Neil Pendleton

Awesome place. Great views. Lovely place

Clark McCall

This is the place I call home. I can't blame anyone for wanting to come here it's one of the most peaceful tranquil places. Pisgah Forest is home to many things the Cradle of forestry is one of those. Where forestry in the United States started. We have many waterfalls and lots of activities one can do hunting, camping, fishing, hiking, bicycling and horseback riding are all available. We do have do have all four seasons it does snow some here.

Michelle Whitibg

Beautiful waterfall, a must see when driving thru

meggie 777

very pretty views. I recommend seeing one of the many waterfalls around here and driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Carol Forbes

The forest looks pretty but I have never actually been in it. My husband and I just drive past it.

Vivian Oaks

Beautiful country. Just make sure anyone who gets car-sick has been dosed with Dramamine before starting the trip!!

Theresa HIggins

What can one say about the National Forest. Spectacular views as we climbed the long dirt road up the mountain train. There were a couple of tight places where sharing the road was difficult but not impossible. We were heading to Douglas Falls, a spectacular beauty. The parking lot was small and a little crowded but manageable. The trail to the falls is about a two or three mile hike with moderate difficulty. It entails climbing over a few downed trees and walking over protruding roots. The trail winds around the mountain with no real climbing up heights. Good hiking shoes required for safety. Base of the falls is strewn with large rocks but navigable. It is a moderate climb to get under the falls itself. More trails lead up the mountain. There are lots of places to dip in so don some swim water and carry dry socks. Amazing beauty all around.

Kristie Lehner

We have been going hiking every weekend now, and it's always incredible to get into the forest and explore. We love going.

angie brown

Went to Brown mountain beach and all I cam say is it was the best time I've had in awhile. This is the closest you could ever get to being at the beach. The water was crystal clear. And very secluded and peaceful I cant wait to go back again

Angie Luther

Took a two hour trail ride at Pisgah Stables up the Blue Ridge Mountains and back. Beautiful!! Friendly guide, wonderful experience!

Carol Mullins

I was just driving thru coming from Columbia, TN area. It is a beautiful area & so glad there's plenty of STATE TROOPERS traveling around there to help keep traffic under control. It's a beautiful drive & 1 area very winding, so take your time & BE SAFE❤❗

Cindy Copeland

Beautiful place to go. A must to see.

Vince A

Absolutely beautiful! a must see if in the area or looking for a place to enjoy.

Keith Krueger

Nice, gentle hike on the Mountain To Sea trail from Walnut cove to Sleepy Gap overlook.

Byron Hayes

Very beautiful but also very crowded. Hard to get a good picture.

Mic Platt

Loved our time here! Beautiful vistas! Just a ton to see and do if you like nature and the outdoors! Please "like" my review if it was helpful or informative.

Michael Evans

This is a great place it is a beautiful place and I caught my largest rainbow trout here. So many beautiful scenes beautiful Rivers running through the mountains. If you get a chance to go you want to go spending time there would be a plus.

Steve Franklin

This is the place to go for hiking and camping. If you don't want to hike to camping spot there are plenty of designated roadside camping. However, use caution in the North Mills River designated roadside camping. I have spoken with Forest Service Volunteers and this is a high crime area. High crime in the sense of tents getting stolen, food being stolen when your camp is not occupied. Also, it is a requirement that your campsite stay occupied at all times. If the Forest Service drives by and sees no one at your site the site is considered abandoned. They are then required to leave a notice at your camp for 36 hours. If they return and you are not there'your equipment, tent and anything else is confiscated, tagged, inventoried and held for 90 days. If not claimed it is then disposed of or auctioned off.

Donald Jordan

Love it like always this is our a favrote get away spot & you run into some strange people & you hear some strange sounds also but it's still one of the most beautiful places in NC .

Lydia Miller

Absolutely loved the looking glass rock hike! However, on Google Maps it will take you much further up the road from where the actual trail head is. Maybe this was just me but I ended up having to turn around the first time mostly because it was evening when I arrived and no cars were around. It gets quite busy here during the weekend and summer but fall is beautiful here!! Highly recommend this national forest.

Dean Cooper

This is a lovely forest and wilderness area. The entire day I only saw 5 other people and I was there 10 hours ... So if you like remote places this is great.

Oscar Rueff

Lots of hiking trails, including sections of the Appalachian Trail. Varying levels of difficulty, from family and pet friendly to challenging. Camping and other facilities too.

Timothy Brown

Camping at Bear Den Campground milepost 324.8 on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Campground is privately owned but has a state park feel with a natural setting. Close proximity to Linville Falls which shouldn't be missed.

Donnie H.

It's always great up there. If you like hiking you must go.

Alan Nichols

Great place to get away from the August heat.

Babylea12 Leah

it was a lot of fun I went with my family and we all had a great time beautiful views fun trails to walk on it was easy and accessible to take everybody on some of the trails I saw some of the waterfalls in really enjoyed myself

Jacob Narayan

Lot of fun hiking on the trail up to the water fall. Great views and cool rocks to climb on


Absolutely enjoy this park. Grew up backpacking these mountains. Just stick to the trails and no trailblazing. Really not suitable for younger children unless they are versed in hiking. Some of the most stunning views of the Smoky Mountains.

Chad Cosgrove

Really beautiful and amazing place. Forest is amazing. Pictures can't say enough unless you see for yourself.

Heather Johnson

Romantic scenery love to just drive and escape from life.

Clifford Lundquist

It offers quiet relaxing camping for the most part.I stayed 3 days there if it wasn't for the noisey people who set up camp next to me I may have stayed longer.

Ethan Cloud

Very beautiful scenery. Enjoyable wildlife and plenty of places to camp. Has many areas to go exploring and not see a soul. Park is clean and well kept.

Kathy Martin

I stayed at The Mountain Retreat Center for a women's conference. It was gorgeous. It had nice accomodations. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The food was good. I stayed in the lodge and spent a lot of time on the porch overlooking the mountains from North Carolina to Tennessee. I watched the sun rise on the porch as well, sitting in a rocking chair. It was very peaceful and relaxing. You need to visit The Mountain.

Max Well

Hike 9.7 miles up to the peak of Sam's Knob, Small Sam and all around it. Beautiful peaceful and serene. Got the early to avoid the crowd.

Tammy Stamp

Mother Nature at her best...

Keith Primeaux

Very clean beautiful forest. Some areas could use more signage to help guide you. Stopped at Ranger station for complete map but couldn't find one.

Laura Adams

The 3.5 mile hike up Looking Glass is beautiful and worth the climb! Fit hikers can make the climb in 90 minutes or less. The views from the top are spectacular.

Danny Joiner

Pisgah has some of the best waterfalls in the southeast and the views are incredible. During the summer, swimming or floating down river can be really relaxing time. We visit many times every year.

Corey Zimmerman

There are so many options for waterfalls and scenic views, it is hard to decide which to do in a weekend-- but all of our choices were wonderful! We hiked up to Devil's Courthouse and took in the breathtaking views; we did Sliding Rock and altho it was cooooold, it was so fun; we also checked out Looking Glass Falls. We have visited Pisgah twice now (in 3 weeks), and are already planning our next trip-- perhaps to include camping next time!

Rachael Golinski

The riding is on a whole other level. Be ready. Pack snacks and extra water. Gnarly af. Have your endurance built up and leave your whining at home bc this ain't no joke.

William Lee

Visited Mount Pisgah on a camping trip with three other friends and had an absolute blast. Will definitely be coming back in the future. We had a blast driving the parkway, hiking, and best of all saw the milkyway from our campsite.

Yvonne Bright

I love it here. Beautiful views.

Darby Aubin

The waterfall is just one little part of this beautiful forest. Accessible trails, education center, waterfalls, and camp grounds. Lush and biodiverse forest that everyone should visit

Alex morie

Trees....trees everywhere. love trees. Love them a bunch. Let me tell ya now this is the place to visit if ya love trees.

West Fullerton

Beautiful forest with a nice drive through it on Pisgah highway and Blue Ridge Parkway. A number of good overlooks and some nice waterfalls, such as Looking Glass Falls.

J-K Conge

Incredible!! Catawba falls is a must! Nice easy hike with the MOST BREATHTAKING waterfall at the end

Bob Fox

Check your brakes coming down the mountain! Mine were smoking halfway down. After I seen where someone smashed the guardrail and could smell my brakes really good at that point I pulled over to check them out and they was Smoke rolling off of them for over 20 minutes. Be very careful. Lots of wrecks going down that mountain. Guardrail is all smashed up all the way down. looking back on it now I was traveling a little too fast and hitting the brakes really hard going into those I did not realize I was going down such a big mountain and my brakes heated up really fast with combination of the road the mountain and my driving. I ended up having to get new brake rotors and brake pads after I got back home. Thank God I realized and pulled over and let them cool down. I ended up pulling my van down in low gear and crept the rest of the way down the mountain.

Sam Odom

It was beautiful and enjoy riding my bike through the mountains

Edwina Gazaille

I love a hike with a prize at the end! Beautiful!! Moderate rating on All Trails app is spot on. Great hike!

T. Walters

Absolutely love Pisgah National Forest. It's so relaxing being on Lake James anytime of the year. Great place for family trips.


Beautiful scenery. The elevation may be challenging. Always have a map and let someone know where you are going. I was on an established path but some areas were overgrown and more challenging than others.

Rob Hagaman

A beautiful place. Favorite spot is Craggy Gardens. Easy access and a quick, steep hike to the top.

Jake Wilbanks

Visited the Linville Gorge Wilderness for an overnight hike up Shortoff Mountain. Amazing views of the Gorge and Table Rock from the top. Definitely worth the steep incline!

Angel Rivera Y Gonzalez

Only passing through on a work force.Just drove through the forest.Beautiful.Amazing and high.

A H Stanton

Long drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Steep Cliffs with lots of overlook points to admire nature at its most vulnerable & innocent frailty. This waterfall is named The Looking Glass and worth the drive but crowds are found... Traffic on this road is out for the same scenic route so prepare for strict speed limits for your safety and that of others too! There are tunnels that REQUIRE HEADLIGHTS so proceed cautiously.

Tina Worley

This is Gods natural beauty! So many places to visit here. Waterfalls' , camping, hiking, picnic areas, historic places, fish hatchery, scenic views, you name it!!! Water tubing, swimming .. list goes on. Lots of family or individual fun!

Mario Sánchez, Ph.D.

Wonderful. Relaxing. Nice vistas. Hard to get here but well worth the journey.

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Tourist Attraction - North Carolina

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North Carolina State Capitol
North Carolina State Capitol
Tourist Attraction - North Carolina

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