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Jaclyn Tyner

Great place to bring a family. Shaded walking trails. Great exhibits. They allow you to bring in water bottles and snacks. We had a great time. Be prepared for a lot of walking though!

Terina Isaacs

Because it was a week day there was hardly any people there. It was like having our own personal zoo. Very clean and the staff was knowledgeable about the animals in their area. We had a blast and will be coming back very soon. If you are going to visit wear good walking shoes. LOTS of walking unless you choose to wait for the tram each time in all the different areas. Start in North America. Its mostly down hill to get to the Africa area.

Sarah B

This zoo is really lovely; the staff/volunteers are incredibly knowledgeable, and they often have interactive booths or short events near certain animals exhibits that let visitors learn even more, or let children do fun animal-themed activities. I've read somewhere that this zoo is one of the best on the country's east coast, and it's great to see staff/organizers so greatly care not only about the well-being of such beautiful animals, but also about the education behind biodiversity, the local environment, and opportunities to save wildlife. However, you really, really need to plan your trip here to the T. When it's busy, man is it crazy busy. This is, of course, within good reason as it's a fun place with a lot to see, but definitely try and visit either in the colder months or when school starts back up in the Spring. If you go during the Summer, not only is it incredibly hot (especially by how much walking you'll be doing), but the crowds can get quite dense making it difficult to move throughout the facilities and see the animals. I'd say you can skip the gift shops if you don't want to buy anything. They are all pretty much the same and it's worth more spending a little extra money to say, feed a giraffe (which is awesome; would definitely recommend), rather than buying some animal-themed candy or hat. Regardless though, wear comfy clothing and drink plenty of water/eat enough throughout the day; as again, you will likely be doing a ton of walking and standing. Plan your day around the map specifically to be as efficient as possible to not get as tired. Somehow though, a lot of the paths are uphill (there's even a sign at one point nearing back to the entrance that says something like, "don't worry it's all downhill from here!", so be prepared for that.

Maxwell Johnston

Love the zoo here. There is a ton of beautiful scenery to see. All of the animals have a ton of space to roam around. Also one of the few places that you can still get dippin dots.

Ian Luecht

A nice clean zoo with a good variety of animals. Pretty hilly terrain, but if needed you can take a tram to the middle and walk to the ends and tram it back up to walk the other half for downhill walking. If you're working on a budget then bring snacks and water to stay hydrated, otherwise you'll pay $4 for bottled waters and what not.

Lauren Hines

We were gifted a membership which has more than paid for itself. The zoo is very spacious (it's huge!) and clean. So many animals to see in North America and Africa. Appreciate the plentiful trees, shady areas, and inside AC exhibits on a hot day. Be prepared to do lots of walking but there are shuttle buses. We usually pack lunch, eat at the picnic areas and buy dippin' dots for dessert. We go on a weekday and the crowds are very minimal- it's so nice! I only wish it was a closer drive from Raleigh.

dontavis ruff

Lovely experience! Came at the perfect time. Most of the animals were outside roaming around.

Walt Bealafeld Jr

Very nice place. Interactive and informative. We went on an extremely hot day so it's easy for us to say they could use more water fountains haha. The enclosures look good for the animals, lots of room. One thing they could use improvement on is better signage (some signs were kind of hidden or on a side path that you could easily miss). Otherwise a great experience. My nephew loved it (2 year old)

Lou Pascucci

Loved the new live free bird show! It's a piloylt program that I hope they keep. My daughter loved it and if the zoo would do more of these I'd re-up my membership yearly!

Angela Gause

First time visiting the Zoo and it didn't disappoint. I had a great time Africa was Awesome the animals was great. From the moment we enter the staff was great, bus driver was kind and very helpful. Everyone was wonderful. I'm sure to come back soon, since I know my way now. For all the people that comes there you all keep it clean. Wonderful Zoo to visit

XxKing WalrusxX

A pretty neat place. Beautiful and entry is pretty well priced for the amount of stuff that is here. The problem is that everything is an insanely long walk and Hornets rule the parks stands, trash, water fountains, and pretty much everywhere. If your fine with that this is an amazing zoo to go to.

Tanmay Mhaske

Most amazing place. The Aviary is awesome... You won't leave it soon. Polar Bear is the King of the zoo.... Great experience. Will surely visit again.

Heather Kirk Rodriquez

So much fun with our 3 year old twins and family from out of town. We have gone there the last 3 years and our kids enjoy it almost as much as we do. We try to go in the fall and spring so it isn’t too cold or hot. We opted to go in the dead of summer and while it was super hot there was no crowds and no waiting for the tram.

Nicole & Robert Moosmann

It is a very important part in our family live. We support the Zoo where we can. The staff is always in a good mood, helpful and never say no to a question or explanation. Also very family oriented. Most of the animals have way bigger areas to live in then in other Zoo's of course probably to small compared to their real nature but anyway there are some days where you dont spot a Bison. We heard that there are extensions planned in 2020 Asia and in 2021 Australia. Hopefully it will be in extension because its pretty cool to walk from one end to the other and see nearly every part of the world and not like other Zoo's where you have to cross back and forward or need a map for orientation.

Angela Hough

This place is amazing. So many wonderful animals and so much for the whole family to do. The tram was great to use part of the way up and we walked back down to the other side and the tram was able to take my moms motorized cart we rented. The food was great and prices were to be expected. Can't wait to go back with more family. Also the associate in the line when we arrived informed is of what discounts they gave and AAA was one, luckily we had our card and saved on admission. Staff throughout is so helpful and informative.

elizabeth wren

The place itself is so much walking. I love that they have more room for the animals but just make sure you are taking bottle water and sneakers. Worth going.

Marissa Jeffrey

The NC zoo is huge, great for repeat visits and first timers alike. Lots to see and animals are usually out and can be seen despite their huge natural habitat homes. People are friendly, food is good, and attractions are cool.

Doug K

Awesome place to take your family. We walked the whole park and got to see all of the animals. You can bring an empty bottle and fill it up once inside. They also have a few places to eat but you can walk out of the park and eat your own packed lunch at the picnic benches they provide.

Jim Meredith

The NC Zoo is a fantastic place. My youngest daughter and I have visited it annually since she was small. It is our favorite father/daughter outing.


Great day at the zoo. I highly recommend walking shoes as you will be doing A LOT of walking.... mostly uphill. Food was tasty at a fair price.

Stefanie Papke

Love this zoo! Such a great experience. You could spend multiple days looking at all the animals. Highly recommend for the price.

Amber Miller

I have been going to this zoo since it opened when I was a kid and it is always a great experience. I just took my daughter and nephews and it was just as great experience as any other time I have gone. I love all the new attractions they have been added.

Rachit Pandeyy

Bob cat loves me Ask him my name he might purr back. And hey animals animals leaves some forests for them. And green definitely green. I meant trees.

Catalina A. Ottolina

Beautiful place to spend a day. Lots of walking, take good shoes, water, snacks and a stroller for tiny tots or adult Walker if needed. Go to the bathroom every chance, as you can get caught up on really long distances between restrooms. They do have refreshments and snacks for sale along the way and a restaurant with yummy choices. The animals are in captivity, yes, but their areas are large, clean, open, and most animals have companions.

Sharon Adkins

Always a fun time! Highly recommend getting the annual pass. It pays for itself in 2 visits!

jessica morehouse

The staff at this zoo were all so friendly. Plenty of snacks along the path. Several restaurants, too, even had good purchase picky toddler ate. The long, straight path seems daunting but they have FREE shuttles to get you back to where you started. These shuttles are equipped to carry your stroller, too, if you happen to bring one. They do have strollers for rent, too. Lots of trees meant lots of much appreciated shade along the walkways. Enjoyed seeing large pastures for some of their larger animals. They also have playgrounds for kids to let loose a bit. And as I have a nursing infant, we really appreciated the air conditioned locations to nurse in private and out of the heat. The staff were so accommodating. Definitely recommend for Families.

Jim Fell

So awesome. My wife and I have a season pass and go about once every month or two. Lots of walking, friendly staff, and good food. Reasonably priced.


I chaperoned my daughter's field trip and all the kids had a great time! Great exhibits. Food is pricey but decent. Plenty of bathrooms throughout the zoo. The trams are great for getting through the entire zoo on a time crunch.

Dewayne Ray

Great place. Kids will love it, plenty of open space to explore. Lots of animals in a natural setting. Be prepared to do a lot of walking sometimes up hill for quite a distance. This is a very large place. Quite a bit of distance between exhibits.

noreen russo

Great place for a family day! Clean, pretty well shaded and so many exhibits. Food is great in the cafe and kids LOVED the Carousel and Butterfly exhibit. Have a yearly membership which is just perfect for us and love going there!! Highly recommend

George Cabasug

It was a hot day (95 degrees) and I really appreciated all the trees that shaded us as we walked between exhibits. The hot weather kept people away and we pretty much had the place to ourselves, a shuttle driver told us there were only 85 guests at 11 am. The animals were not moving around too much but we were able to see most of them anyway.

Morgan Barbour

Loved the zoo! We all had an absolute blast! The only recommendation I would make, is better security. There was no metal detectors and no one searched the bags and it’s sad to say but in this day and age with all the mass shootings you just never know.. It made me a little concerned that it seemed like you could just walk in there with anything you want. But we truly had a great time and will most definitely be coming back! The trams are a life savor, especially with kids!

Jessica Halker

The zoo is well designed and organized. It is a great trip for kids of all ages. An annual membership is well worth it.

Sabrina Mendoza

This zoo is awesome! It is so big, before I realized it 3 hours had passed so definitely plan on being here for some time to really take it all in and enjoy what the zoo has to offer. (Also we went on a Tuesday at 1pm and it was empty but still took some time) best zoo I’ve ever been to, and the animals have so much space I love it. If I lived here I would get a yearly membership but I’m from Chicago so I’m out of luck there. Highlights: Shuttle bus to parking lot (because it’s so big you can end up on the opposite side of the zoo which is a long walk back) Triple A members get a $2 discount of each ticket Easy to navigate (designed for a nice flow)

Jason Stratford

Me and my family love this zoo! We are big fans of the Polar Bear. But all the exhibits are very good. I think the zoo is laid out very very well for traffic flow and has many amenities to suit all interests. Take your family, you will love it to.

Lewis Merit

A great zoo, and very large. We particularly enjoyed the butterfly exhibit, and the aviary. The only disappointment was 'Wild Burger' restaurant near the kiddie area in North America. Expensive, bad and slow- a trifecta of suck. Iron hen is a much better choice. In fact, going hungry may be a better choice.

David LeBeau

Great zoo. Prepare for a lot of walking but this zoo is fantastic and they have a lot of things to see. Also have a very nice place for kids to play while you take a load off and relax.

Lisa Waltermann

Been going here for many years now. Feel very fortunate to live within a reasonable distance to such a supper zoo! Yes, there is a lot of walking involved, but that means more room for the animals to be able to be more comfortable. Always enjoy hearing information on the different animals from the staff when you get the chance, so make sure talk with the staff when you see then at the different exhibits.

Melissa Clark

This was the best zoo I have ever visited. There was so much to see. Such a huge variety of exhibits. There was a fair amount of walking involved but the shuttles were helpful also. It was crowded and hot the day we went, but I would definitely go back. I would like to stay an entire weekend in the area and go 2-3 times to ensure I see it all. I will definitely be back to see what I missed. Great place.


I appreciate the quality of exhibits and even that they are spaced apart so as to allow the place to get really full on a Saturday and still be able to be viewed. However, I do not appreciate how many of the exhibits had no animals visible (I know, some times they are asleep) and mostly I DO NOT appreciate being charged extra for every little thing. See a giraffe feeding? pay 3$ a person, want to see the butterflies? 3$ a person. Want to ride a simple carousel? 3$ a person! (ridiculous). If they are going to charge for every little thing (especially the 3.25 water) then I should get a refund for every animal that was not available! A dollar bill waiting for everytime the hogs are asleep, a dollar for the black bear sleeping in his enclosure. You nickel and dime me and I think I should be able to do the same.

ranjith kumar

Great place to spend a day with your family especially if you have young kids. Park is neatly designed and the views exceeded our expectations. My kids had a great time.

Mandi Sumners

Always love coming to this zoo. It's really a two day trip if you're planning to see everything. I love that they give their animals plenty of space to roam, including private areas that are not in view of the public. The zoo is involved in lots of research and conservation, and their zoologists are always happy to talk to you about their work. Food prices inside are steep, as you'd expect from any place like this, but they do allow you to bring in your own food and picnic.

Kishor Bhagat

Its definitely the largest zoo. I had walked 7 miles that day. However, few things to note, there are very few animals , like just 1 pair of lions, 1 pair of bison, 1 pair of crocodiles & polar bear was not to be found etc. and due to summer most of the animals were sleeping or resting or sitting in shades so you barely see them. We just had good trekking experience.

Gris Molina

Great zoo! I just recommend that you wear comfortable shoes and clothing because it's a lot of waking! But overall it was nice to see all the animals. I just wish the prices of the food and drinks weren't ridiculously high... but I guess it's like that in all zoos.

Nicholas Sodano

Went with my girlfriend and her child. We had lots of fun. Definitely a large zoo, and merits a two day trip. We will be returning soon to see the African side. Spent about three hours meandering through the American side. Parking was plentiful. The line was short. Everything was well marked, and easy to navigate. There is a shuttle to take you from the midpoint to either entrance. Great times for all ages.

Kurtis S

Here at the North Carolina zoo they do not cage the animals they let them roam free. Which is a very good thing but be prepared that sometimes you may not see the animal they could be in a cave or something. I would suggest going early in the morning because they will be up and about more then and Try to avoid going on a hot day also you will do lot of walking so be prepared for that.

James Davis

We really like the zoo and the membership is a great value for our family. This zoo is very spread out. If you can, just visit one section per visit or else it will take the entire day to see everything. The only negative is the food options are not great.

Samuel Price

This zoo is unlike any zoo I've ever visited. The enclosures were massive, and the paths took you through the forest to the point of being with nature the whole way. The animals had their space but could still be seen, which is rare for some zoo's. I had a great time the whole way, and the staff was friendly. This is the kind of place I want to take my kids to one day!

hall c5

I had a great time. This zoo is huge, did not get to all the different animal sites, because there is so much to do. The trams are a nice service for doing less walking. The zoo is on steep landscape accssible by walking and wheelchair. There are places that sell food and drinks, beware of the high prices, a 32 oz. Pepsi fountain drink was $6.99, kids meal no drink $5.78, Chili fries 6 oz. $6.99. Some trams have A/C. Bathrooms are clean and not hard to find. The grounds are beautiful with lots of trees, flowers and plants. Some exhibits were air conditioned, that gave nice break from the heat. I enjoyed the animals that were in their closest natural habitat. I saw only one polar bear and he wasn't active. A great trip.

Sarah Havener

I love to support this zoo, but it has a lot of room for amenity improvements. Staff is nice, animals are only sometimes visible. The length of the zoo is just ridiculous though, so if you have little ones or elderly, please consider a different option.

Natasha Esworthy

What an incredible zoo! Can't praise it high enough. Zoo itself is extremely clean with lots of places to grab a bite and hydrate and a convenient train running between North America and Africa parts. Loved attention to detail throughout : some beautiful ironwork and whimsical footprints on the pavement. Rhinos were a highlight a you can rarely see them in any place. Also aviary was wonderful and a desert pavilion truly impressive! We will be coming back for more visits surely!

Aubergine Smith

Enjoyed having education tables set up outside certain animals to enhance the kids learning especially if the animals were sleeping. Beautiful sculptures throughout the zoo. Nice playground.

Brittany Frankena

Loved the zoo. I like going during the week and getting to know some of the zookeepers who have fun facts about the animals but it’s not so crowded with people on the weekends

The Bucket List

Always have good family fun at the zoo. A wide variety of animals and explosives. Admission is not bad, but the inside prices are OUTRAGEOUS.

Rob Franks

Great zoo! Expect long walks. I've been to San Diego, Omaha and Toledo Zoos and this is the only zoo I've ever been to that has had good food. Eat lunch at Billy D's - the mac & cheese is homemade. Very good animal exhibits and definitely worth the visit. Free parking.

Derrick Welch

Great zoo with plenty of space for humans and the animals. We went there during the hottest part of the year and were relatively comfortable due to the shaded trails. Be prepared to walk as this is a natural habitat zoo. That said, the paths are well paved and should be suitable for motorized carts.

Donna Coco

Best zoo for animals. Wild habitats and viewing sights are great. Lots of walking. Took grandsons on 8/9/19. Very hot- need more misters on paths. Gift shops are gift shops. Need to lower prices on extras and more people will see them. Would have loved butterfly exhibit but $. Need to have labels on icee flavors - what ingredients are in them. A must see for NC.

Laura Hennessee

Lots of walking here. We love the giraffe deck where you can be up close and hand feed the giraffes. My kids also did the ropes course this last time and it was great. We always end with the kids play areas, including a mud kitchen.

Eva Freeman

This year I took the plunge and became an annual member of the North Carolina Zoo. For comparison if you visit the zoo twice as a pair or 4 times as an individual you have paid the same price as a yearly membership for you and a companion. It is a great investment. it also lets you come several times and spend more time visiting and exploring the individual exhibits. As adults you can easily make it through the entire zoo in a day. Additionally, if there is a specific animal you like i would recommend going to their feeding and keeper talk. It is a great way to have a more personal interaction with the animals. The times do change daily on what these interaction times will be so pop by the exhibit as soon as you get there and make a note of the time. Overall enjoy. Stay Hydrated.

Danda Naveen

This zoo is so big that from end to end we walked around 10 miles to cover all exhibits burning 1000+ calories. There is an option to take tram after reaching other end but seeing crazy crowd, took walk back to my parking lot. Coming to exhibits, don’t expect all animals to be active like jaguar, lion, gorilla were all sleeping but some like elephants, giraffes were so active. There is a viewing deck for giraffes which comes for 3$ but its better to check at deck first if giraffes are available to view or not and then get that ticker. For me it happened that I bought couple of tickets for butterfly park and giraffes deck but since giraffes deck was closed as giraffes left the deck I ended up using second ticket for Virtual reality. Would suggest going in morning by 11 if you wish to cover exhibits on your own pace. Buy tickets online as there might be a long queue at onsite. Would prefer buying refillable drink cup as well as we can refill them at certain stations. Park as other activities too like zoofari, behind the scenes too but plan ahead if you wish to take them as they are limited. But overall a nice place to kill time especially if you have kids, a place where you have to take them considering the kids play are and animals they can view. Butterfly park, dessert and other specific areas were well maintained and they really give a good feel of them.

g g

I do not really like zoos, but this zoo is great. The animals seem well taken care of and their habitats are out of this world. The staff is also really nice and helpful.

b n

The NC Zoo was a very enjoyable place. I definitely recommend going during the fall. The zoo doesn't have as many quest so it's more enjoyable to view the animals. The staff is a lot more laid back and relaxed

Rob Martinez

This Zoo is absolutely wonderful. My family enjoyed every part of it. Be prepared to walk or take the shuttles in the zoo. My recommendation would be to park in Africa, and take the shuttle to North America, and walk down hill the rest of the way!! There are so many animals to see. I hope you enjoy!!

Robert Windsor

Amazing Zoo! Absolutely stunning Flora & Fauna! Wear your walking shoes b/c you will definitely get your steps in for the day, but all the walking is worth it!

Dennis Knoetgen

Enjoyable experience. Get there early to see the whole zoo. Be sure to schedule for the feeding times of the various animals for a closer look at them. For a few extra bucks, the bus safari is the best experience by far.

Vickie Culpepper

Awesomeness for two days! Most incredible and amazing. Cant wait to go back. My favorite was the polar bear. He really knows how to show off.

David Easter

Great place to spend the day. Perfect for kids of all ages. Staff are knowledgeable and very friendly. If you're in the area make sure you visit.

Martha Bustamante

Love going to the zoo. Not only do the kids really get to enjoy seen the animals but it is great outdoor time and great exercise too. Love all the great stuff they have added over the years. Definitely worth the ticket price which is not bad at all! Will definitely be looking into getting the membership.

William Grimes

This is a great place for the whole family to visit. My family found out it works best if you take the tram to the top and then walk down one side. Once you arrive at the bottom, take your lunch break. Then ride the tram back to the top and walk down the other side. This way, you won't be exhausted at the end of the day. It's especially helpful if you have smaller children.

Barry Jones

Fun place to take your family. Lots of walking but there are benches to rest at along the way. You can see pretty much the whole zoo in about 4 hours but plan for more time if you like to read the educational material & spend time at your favorite animals. The chimpanzees, gorillas and baboons are usually very popular. A Spring or Fall visit gives you the best chance for tolerable weather.

Keala Epps

We love this amazing place. Only drawback is not knowing which enclosures are closed until we arrived. Lots of walking so bring extra socks &/or extra pair of shoes. Avoid super hot days because the animals aren't as energetic.

Kong Yang

Good for kids. Walkway has lots of bench and shade for short stops. Best time to go is early while the animals are still up and going. Animals tend to hide out during the day. Also there is a tram that can take you from one N. America side to Africa. This zoo also offers rent a cart if you dont have one or forgot one.

Leslie Parsons

Our 2.5 yr old daughter loved the zoo. Great value for the price. We can't wait to go back!

Ali Kuhn

Great place to visit. All the animals looked very well cared for. Only down side, it was super hot and i wish they had an extra tram stop or something for those who needed a break from the heat and walking.

Brianna Carter

Nice zoo! Logged almost 7 miles walking from Africa to North America and back. Saw almost everything except we accidentally missed chimpanzees and lions. Only part that was disappointing was the length of the wait/line for paddle boats (so we'll do that next time). The grilled chicken sandwich at the cafe was amazing, very impressive! One suggestion would be for some way to crack down on the number of visitors smoking--that wasn't cool.

James Morosky

The animal exhibits are very good (good views and great information), but walking leaves you going uphill to the exhibits and back to the parking lot (the expression of walking uphill both ways, came to mind). The shuttles inside the zoo are okay, but would be better if marked as either an "express" (from Africa to North America) or "all stops). It's a pretty crowded zoo, at least on a weekend. While not the best zoo that I've been to, I'd likely go back and give it another go.

Laurie Tucker

This is a beautiful zoo. It is easy to walk through and see the animals. There are activities for everyone to enjoy like the Air Hike and the butterfly garden. I only wish the food places would serve faster. On a crowded day, you will spend a long time in line waiting to get food. Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy right outside the entrance if you don't want to waste a lot of time.

Bridget Jackson

I've been coming to NC Zoo since I was a child every year at least once every summer, it means more to me than just being a zoo - I have made family memories for life and will continue this same journey with my children. With that being said...NC Zoo is an amazing place to visit. So many different types of animals and other critters to see and learn about, family events, exercise, playgrounds, food, and gifts. I look forward to going g every year. Each time I go there is something new to see and learn.

Mamie Putzel

It was a hard walking experience but I am older. Been more than once, took older relatives, now I am one. Just learned it's the largest acreage area in the world, for a zoo. Please place more information on your website and tell the world about this wonderful place or I will start asking questions. Bronx zoo, Columbus zoo, Washington zoo, Oregon. Specifically, what kind of conservation programs are they doing with all that land space?

Carl Wood

We have been to several zoos and this is one of the best. It shines because of the natural habitats of the animals. This zoo spaces out the exhibits so there is a great deal of walking with up and down slopes. Those who find lots of walking difficult might need a scooter. There is plenty of shade trees to help on sunny days. The multiple viewing angles of the exhibits make it easier to see the shiest of animals. We would definitely revisit this place.

Iryna S

Good layout of the zoo that does feel like a park not just a big pavilion with animals. Interesting animal species and very interactive. Great addition is to see animal feeding or close views of species (giraffe deck, aviary, and etc). Zoo is also clean and well maintained.

Andrew Delisle

Walkway is poorly planned. You have to double back multiple times to see the entire park. Safari ride is only 3 times a day at $25 a person. Not bad otherwise. It's a zoo.

Melanie Willner

Great zoo. Very nice and big. When you get to the end and you don't want to walk all the way through to get back to the parking lot, you can use the free shuttle.

David Sand

Fantastic zoological park, wonderful exhibits of animals in good habitats. Access is easy for all, since they provide both walking trails and shuttles. Enjoyable for everyone and educational. Oh, plan on a minimum of 5 hours to see it all.


I am blessed to live only an hour away from the zoo. Wow.... I had the best time of my life today. The animals looked well taken care of and I learned so much about why it's important to keep these animals alive. I would 100% recommend going here! The down side though it's 3.50 for a bottle of water...

Disney Family

Love taking the kids to the zoo. Always a fun educational experience. Very knowledgeable employees, lots of hands on activities for the kids. Have enjoyed every visit.

Abigail McBride

I've been visiting the North Carolina Zoo since I was a child. I can honestly say there is something there for all ages to enjoy. If you plan to visit in the summer, bring a reusable water bottle and a personal fan. It will make the experience much more enjoyable. Free parking, low admission prices, and the variety of animals to see makes the drive so worth it!

Dhanavignesh Chandrasekaran

One of the largest zoo with many Species living in their own habitat. It has two entrance.If you started with one and it will reach you to other one.Both the entrance parking are connected with Buses. Inside the zoo also it well connected with Trams and Vans. All over the way snacks,drink stalls and Resting chairs are available. It’s good to walk around the trail to see all the species but don’t miss the Tram ride. There is Tree house trek and but thing is we have to get separate ticket for entering into particular zones.In entrance itself we can get Fun tickets along with admission.In that we can Choose four places which we like. Good sign indicators,ATM and Rest room facilities are available.

Veronica Palmer

We live the North Carolina Zoo! One of our yearly trips, as a family! The staff is knowledgeable, the gift shop prices can't be beat, THE ANIMALS seem so content! They are well taken care of! The food is a bit pricey but we always pack a picnic and then return with our stamped hands to finish the second part of the zoo. One of the best zoos that we have been to.

sravanthi jaini

Nice zoo, the employees are really really friendly. They suggest what is really best todo in the park. The good thing is they are collecting donations for saving wild life. I did my contribution and please do from your side and save the wild life.

Ravindra Jadhav

Excellent zoo. It's longest zoo in America. There are several animals and especially the Africa part is good. There is internal train service to go from one point to other. However, you have to walk a lot. Good food and ice cream options available. Natural place to enjoy.

Julie Zahn

Wonderful zoo!! We only did half of it as the kids were getting tired...but that half was great! You definitely need a full day to see it all. The cups you purchase for drinks are forever cups...a great thing! Only down side is the bathroom you use before you enter seems like it needs a makeover. Bees around the garbage are not enjoyable. Viewing areas of some of the animals is rather small...hard for the kids to see..someone to help keep kids to the front and adults to the back might help. We will definitely be going back!! Can't wait!


Great zoo, really feels like they care about the animals. Highly recommended for anybody who wants to have a good time

Alisa Watlington

Really amazing zoo, lots of different kinds of animals and a really good flow to the park so you’re easily able to see all of them. The wayfinding is straightforward which is important for such a large park. The kid’s park is fantastic for families, very updated and fun. Good amount of exhibits for what you’re paying for.

Alexei Vladimirsky

This is easily one of the best places to spend a day with kids. Arriving early is a good idea to be able to park your car closer to the entrance. We usually take a bus ride to the other side of the zoo and start walking back from there. That way you won't have to seek a shuttle to return to where your car is parked. You can feed giraffes for a nominal fee, another great photo opportunity.

Sindhu Radha

Enjoyed our trip to NC Zoo. Well managed and had good amount of food options. I gave 4 star and I reduced one just for the map. Kind of little lost in between. There was many trails which were not in the map.

R Toman

Great place to visit. Great staff and the animals all seem healthy and happy except the polar bear who constantly swam to stay cool. I can’t imagine anyone not liking this place. I am definitely going back someday.

Laura Al-yemeni

Kiddo loves the playgrounds. Pretty and shady. Am upset about the recent increase of paid attractions like the butterfly exhibit. There is also a bird one that is paid, not sure what it entails/deserves an additional fee. The feed the giraffes and carousel are worth it though.

David Kurisu

We love the NC zoo. A great all-day family fun day. You’ll want to plan on visits during the cooler parts of the year as the animals are not as active during the hotter months.

Alan Morean

Wow, great zoo. Really big, best to do it in 2 days. Very good park food although it is spread out quite a bit.

snowwhite Bullock

Absolutely amazing! This is an experience like no other. All these beautiful, majestic animals alive and well in natural habitats. There is so many and so much to see. Definitely plan a full day and bring your most comfortable walking shoes. There are bears, lions, elephants, eagles, giraffes, and the list goes on. Our favorite was the polar bears at the time of our visit. This zoo is very well kept and the animals have free run in their habitats. Highly recommend!

Taylor Dahl

The zoo is very easy to navigate and well maintained. Enjoyed the exhibits around during my visit. Not as much variety of animal life from other zoos I've been to but for the price and experience a must!

Kaleigh Rings

This zoo is amazing and a must visit! We went in the summer and even though it was really hot outside the entire zoo is so shaded walking through forested areas the heat was really not an issue. We definitely would like to go again in cooler months when the animals are a little more active. This zoo has large, beautiful exhibits while still giving guests plenty of opportunities and vantage points to see the animals in their habitats. Just a beautiful zoo with amazing animals. We got so close to the elephants too. Highly recommend going!

Michelle Stefani

Great. Reasonably priced. Hours of entertainment for children and adults alike. Exceptional service from the moment you walk up to the ticket booth. The tram drivers were helpful and friendly. The environments for the animals seemed quite nice. The playgrounds are unique and fun.

Brittany Greene

Feeding time for the puffins in the attic zone is fun to watch. Feeding the giraffes is a must. Food was pretty good. Pack a small backpack with a water bottle and snacks; wear comfy sneakers. A lot of walking, and it’s hilly! It would be difficult to do the entire park with very young children. Staff are all friendly. Great detail in exhibits. Only bummer was not seeing the polar bears.

Airca Cox

Fantastic zoo. The animals are accessible but all parties are safe, animal and human alike. The zoo has a nice quick shuttle service to get you back down the hill if you would like or need. Nice little cafe with a good staff. It was a wonderful day trip. Definitely worth the drive.

Kris Bryan

Lot of walking to not see most of the animals. Some are always where you can't see them or off waiting for food or asleep. But in all fairness it was hot so who would want to be running around anyways. Still fun though.

Tyler K

An absolutely amazing zoo. Definitely a day trip, unless you have the opportunity to return. I recommend parking at one end, taking the shuttle to the other, and walking back. This is the best way to avoid the lines at the end of the day and see everything. The zoo has a ton of shade so you're not in the direct sunlight and tons of great exhibits. Also, just get a membership for the Association of Zoos and Aquariums for your local zoo; it's for a great cause and gets you discounts at other zoos and aquariums nationwide. Definitely a worthwhile investment.

Meg H

This zoo is one of my favorite places to go. I have loved it since I was a child, and have only become more and more enamored with it over time. The exhibits are large and roomy, and you can tell that the animals are comfortable and well cared for. They are often given enrichment items to make their lives even better. All the staff I have met here have been very nice and helpful, glad to tell you anything that you want to know. It's worth getting a membership and returning at different times to see what the animals are up to. I absolutely recommended going here.

Angela Roy

Take 2 days to see this zoo!!! It's extraordinary!! So big, lots to do, lots to see. You forget you're in a zoo! The animals look well cared for and the surroundings look well kept. We especially enjoyed the play areas and butterfly garden. We ended up buying a membership and plan to return often.

Natalie Smith

They have added so many new features. Like the Zipline through the woods. My sons loved it. I recommend doing that last because it is a workout. More of the staff were out at the exhibits telling facts about what you were looking at. It really is a fun thing to do for a day. Yeah, it was hot and I was getting tired of walking after 1 mile. Spending time with family is something to treasure. Oh, I mainly go to see the Gorillas.

Jennifer Booth

Biggest zoo in the world! Loved seeing all the animals in nice large enclosures so they can roam. It's wonderful how they support conservation around the world.

Rick Nobers

This doesn't have the large amount of animals that the San Diego or Columbus (OH) Zoo has, but this zoo really does provide a natural habitat for their animals. This is an understatement and they do a great job with this that I wish other zoos would take note of. NC Zoo is one of only two state supported zoos in the country. Cool. I mentioned the habitats and exhibits. The animals, particularly the large NA and African animals have a ton of room to roam. This is awesome. The other habitats are more of the same as they also make it as close to possible as its natural habitat. They really do a great job here. There is plenty of walking because of this. Get your walking shoes on. Parking is available in both NA and Africa. Tram stops throughout. Their eateries are slow and can be jammed and this is the only thing I find wrong with the zoo. NC does a fantastic job with the zoo.

SPN Fangirl

It a great place to take the kids. You don't only enjoy the animals but nature as well. There's a lot of walking involved but its worth it. I recommend getting there when they open because it's an all day event. The employee are very nice and helpful. The only thing that botheted me was we were not able to see all the animals. Some were off exhibit and others were out of site. It sits on a 500 acres natural habitat so some of the animals may be out if view. Still it's an amazing place. Plenty of shade, places to sit, different areas to eat and other activities. I only have a 4 because of the situation with the animals but in all it was great. Food is pricey if you don't mind it.

janet strickland

Had a great time with my family! Lines were relatively short for the amount of people who were wanting drinks and such, and everyone was very friendly! My family and I loved seeing all the animals! It was a great experience and we enjoyed leaving quarters on all of the binocular viewing machines! It was nice to be able to watch others get to look! All in all a great place to spend the day with a family or friends!

Yanci Aguilar

The NC Zoo is so much fun! My kids had such an amazing time, there was so many things to do.

Michaela Cyers

Had an amazing day with the family today. Wasn’t too hot and met an employee (Jordan) who was super sweet and insightful about the animals and other attractions in the zoo. Will be coming back and can’t wait to see Asia and Australia.

Mary Maness

Great place for a family to spend a day. Beverages are too expensive. A bottle of water is way too much. So many people take their kids there. Should not be so expensive to feed them or buy water for them.

Tanya Weeks

We had a great time! We were a little bummed that the giraffe was off display for the season and the black bear habitat was under construction but there was so much to see and learn about. Definitely need to wear comfortable shoes! The polar bear was our favorite exhibit!

Adrian Megee

This zoo was awesome! I love how big the animal enclosures are. The animals look well cared for and plus I was on a date and it was sweet and cute. The only issue is if you don't like crowds, don't go on a Saturday when it starts to cool off

Travis Buchmann

Great experience, staff up-sold us into a different yet affordable package. We went on a holiday weekend and the park was a little crowded but expected. All the enclosures were clean and designed so patrons can see the exhibits from different angles, able to see a great portion of animals. The lunch menu was good and prices were as expected.

Cedrick Edwards

If you life animals and experience! This is the place to go. Took my whole family gear for a very great price and loads of fun! Caution your children may need a nap afterwards and yourself because of all the fun!

Fatima Henriques

I love animals, but seeing them happy even though they are captive is one of my very first observations when I visit zoo's. I loved the amount of space each animal had, the attention to details and needs of each individual animal. The structures around the whole park were so pretty. There is a bus who can take u from park to park which it is quite of bit of walking. We went on a very hot sunny day and I was pleasantly pleased with how many shaded areas there were. Loved this experience!!


Start at the Africa side and go early in the morning to see the most activity. There's plenty of shade along the walking parks, but it would be nice to have more misting stations. The guides are very helpful & friendly.

Jaclyn Miyoshi

Love, love, love this zoo. Great exhibits and staff. I hope that some of the animals have more room to play...

Robert Williams

Nice zoo. The area is big, so consider it a "hiking" zoo. Wear good shoes, cause you will do a LOT of walking with random stops here and there to see animals.

Daniel Leahey

First week of October meant no crowds. It also meant about half the exhibits were closed for maintenance. (No list at gate, no discount .) I understand that timing makes perfect sense. Just wish I knew in advance, would have saved a day and some money. Looks largely the same as last visit about 8 years ago, just 8 years older.

Gabriela Juarez

Loved this place! It was worth the drive! Make sure to dress appropriately (shoe wise) if you plan on walking the whole deal. There are shuttles to take you to the next place if you want. There is plenty of food, snacks & candy for your appetite. It might be a little costly, but not too much. There is also an event called, "Air Hike" (I believe) which costs. If you want to experience that, get to the "Africa" part quickly because the line gets pretty long & you will spend 30-60 minutes there. For kids, there is a carousel & a Kaleidoscope Garden with butterflies (Just as the last event, it costs). In the "North America" part there is a little kid's playground as well. Oh & don't worry if you forget your stroller for your toddlers, there are buggies for as little as $9 here. All in all, this is a great place to go.

Sara Rodriguez

Definitely a huge zoo with many animals to see! Sometimes I wish the animals' environment would be able to be larger, but they look well taken care of. It would also be neat to see animals of continents other than North America and Africa, but they still offer a large selection, for sure. The prices of food within the zoo are pretty expensive, but you have the option to being your own food and water. Overall really great and a fun experience!

Jacob Bennett

Zoo was GREAT! We got to see every animal in the Africa region, and any time we spoke to staff, they went out of their way to help us. Was one of the best vacation activities we've done.


This is a fabulous zoo. If you're not a big Walker or have trouble walking plan ahead and get accommodations. Some of the exhibits are very big, can have several viewing decks for 1 exhibit. This is wonderful for these wild animals. Make plans based on feeding times at different exhibits to get a real good animal encounter. Try and spend 2 days if you can, if not make sure you get there first thing. A lot to do and see.

Jennifer Lee

Great zoo. I loved the female and male elephants. They even have cool down fountains which are awesome if you get too hot. The train is really nice to ride to get back to the point you started from. I love this place.

K Chak

Parking is free of cost and pretty close to the zoo entrance. There are about 6 ticket booths and its easy to get the tickets. There are good food plazas with ample space to relax. Strollers are must for those who go with kids. Carry your own water or you have to keep moving until you find a faucet or the rest area/food plaza. Kids will definitely have a lot of fun.

Luis Borges

This zoo is nice, and it is a good affordable activity to do. You should take advantage of it, since some of your state taxes are going to pay for it. 60% of the zoo budget comes from North Carolina state government. The entrance is $15 per adult. Expect a lot of walking uphill and downhill.

jeremy coy

Absolutely awesome adventure. Lots of walking , fun for the whole family. Be prepared to spend 6 or 7 hours to see the whole park and enjoy lunch.

Anony Mous

Huge zoo with so much to do! My kids and I love it! I only have 2 complaints. The prices there are pure robbery. Pack a lunch and bottled waters. Just one bottle of water is almost $4!!!!! Customer service was a little slack in the tram area. We were supposed to be first in line waiting for the next ride. When it gets there are guys loads up everyone else first. Other than that, wonderful experience! We bought a year pass.

A. B.

This is a gorgeous, spacious park filled with a lot of very happy and healthy animals. Only minor complaint is the safari that only runs Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, instead of the whole week. The rest is just about perfect. Will visit again!

Stephanie Turner

I was very excited to go to the NC Zoo. I am generally upset by the notion of zoos, but I thought with this being the world's largest natural habitat zoo, it would be different. In some ways, it was. A few animals had plenty of room to roam and relax. But a lot did not. I have seen bigger gorilla exhibits at other zoos for example. It was heartbreaking to see some of the animals be in the size enclosures they were, inside and behind glass to boot. I am not an expert in this field and am glad to see the animals safe when their natural habitats are constantly being threatened because, well, people suck. I do applaud the zoo for its conservation efforts. But after today, I don't ever see myself going to another zoo and will only go to smaller sanctuaries. Also, people should teach their kids that it isn't great to be super loud around the animals. I imagine they are already stressed without all the extra noise.

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