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400 E M.L.K. Jr Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28202, United States

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REVIEWS OF NASCAR Hall of Fame IN North Carolina

Dhiren Bhatt

Amazing place for car enthusiast, specially NASCAR...! I am new to this but still enjoyed learning about many things. Giving 4 star because, surprisingly they did not allow me to take one small bottle of water Also with me inside. Had to throw one and buy another from store inside.

Clay Elliott

This is a great place to visit regardless if you're a NASCAR fan or not. Coming up from a family that enjoyed the old hay day of NASCAR when racing was truly racing it was a great experience! I definitely recommend giving it a whirl and all the simulators are a blast to do! Definitely get there and spend the full 2hrs the staff recommends!

Robert Wallace

Came here on a trip with my grandpa (a NASCAR nut!), and we had a great time! The simulators were super fun, and he walked us through much of the history of the sport. I loved the split cars on the top floor that showed the differences between racing and street legal cars. Really great stuff, could spend several hours there, and I'm not even a huge fan. Lots of interactive stuff, including a station where you can be a pit crew, and race others. Such a great time!

Original Manic

Been a lifelong Nascar fan it was just an all-around dream coming true to go to the Nascar Hall of Fame and see some of the cars and trophies that have made NASCAR what it is today definitely awesome seeing Jeff Gordon's final Victory car from Martinsville there along with some trophies fire suits another memorabilias

Rick Emory

Tons of racing history here. This is a must see while you are in Charlotte. Great for the whole family.

David W. Calhoun

Very educational for even non NASCAR types. Very hands on. It was sad to see some of the greats of yesteryear that died way too young. Like Adam Petty, Davey Allison, and of course the Intimidator Dale Earnhardt. Kind of like seeing the older races of yesteryear when the cars were a lot different. It seemed that the cars were more differentiated than they are now. Today's racing seams so homogeneous sometimes. But it's still a game of characters inside the cars. And then there's the teams of people that you really respect. Like the remarkable run of Joe Gibbs Racing team of today. Or like yesteryear when Richard Childers was the big talk of the the town as a race owner. And of course the dominating years of Rick Hendrick of Hendrick Motorsports, with Jeff Gordon , and Jimmie Johnson. And of course my favorite all-time driver has a lot of history here good old King Richard Petty . It's all here and interesting at the Nascar Hall of Fame. Weather your the average fan or just want to find out the history. You will enjoy this place.

Vickie Price

This is an awesome place to visit. So much to see about NASCAR. And they even have a cafe inside. Oh yeah and a great gift shop!!!

Dean Rogers

It was really cool. Didn't have time to see everything, but enjoyed what I did see.

Imran Pachapuri

Awesome place for fans of NASCAR or for fans interested in any type of car racing. It has rich collection of vintage race cars, so it cloud also interest vintage car enthusiasts. If you skip or spend minimal time on reading the go-along information and activities, you can finish the tour in ~1.5 hours. On the ground floor Hall, the lighting conditions are not great, so you may have to plan accordingly if you want take some good pictures.

Ken Sellers

It was better than expected. I expected historic cars, firesuits, and trophies, and it has them all, well displayed. I did not expect every employee to be as friendly as they were, to get to touch and feel the surfaces of many different NASCAR tracks, or to get to drive in simulated races more than a dozen times (we went on a Monday). My 14 year old daughter enjoyed it as much as I did. We're motorsports fans but don't watch NASCAR on TV. TIP: You don't have to pay $20 to park all day in the garage; there's a $10 parking lot at 501 S. Caldwell St.

David Hawks

Pretty cool place...and I'm not a racing fan

Cecy Piemonte

Easy to forget that Nascar's origin being in NC! Incredible exhibits, simulation races, and even a spot to try your hand at changing tires like a crew member!! Using drills and all. The exhibits include cars, trophies, and uniforms. Varying from older to newer cars, there is so much history at this place. You can also purchase some headphones and have a NASCAR hall of famer give you the tour around! A must visit while in Charlotte.

Crystal Wilson

Awesome! The displays and the virtual rides were soo cool!

Michael Heath

Really enjoyed our visit to the NASCAR HoF. Loved the documents from the early days. Great activities for young people to partake in too. The mini documentaries and artifacts are fantastic too. Even though we got to see everything, I'd come back to look at them again.

Kevin Green

Must see for Nascar fans. Could use more exhibits, considering the basic cost to get in was $25. Expect a bit more for the money.

José da Silva

It was blah... It's nice, but definitely doesn't worth the money. Even if you get the general admission, $25 it's way to much money. If you go with someone that speaks Spanish they won't understand, it's not like other museums that have sings in Spanish

Hayden Williams

One of the BEST places I ever been to. I would highly recommend the racing simulator.

Victoria M

If you're a racing fan then this museum is a great stop. It's FILLED with memorabilia and artifacts from throughout racing's history. The staff are amazing and want to ensure that you have a great visit. My main complain would have to be the interactive exhibits. Several of the kiosks didn't work at all while others had issues reading the cards. For the ones that did work it gave me an appreciation of just how much goes on behind the scenes.

Jonathan Tatariw

A must for any NASCAR fan. Very well put together and organized. There are activities for everyone - from interactive displays for kids to videos and stories of the "good ol days" for dads. Will be back next time in Charlotte!

Travis Fuguet

Amazing hall of fame showcasing the history and greatest drivers of NASCAR! The Glory Road display showcases various race cars from the beginning of NASCAR to the present day and has information about past and present tracks ordered by their banking. Can even stand on 33 degree banking along the display! The Hall of Honor showcases the inductees and has a video for each inductee you can watch at their display along with showcasing artifacts from the most recent inductees. There are also plenty of interactive features that shows how a race weekend runs for the teams and drivers, including a driving simulator and pit stop simulator. There is also a whole floor full of historical artifacts from the entire history of NASCAR including trophies, firesuits, race flags, tickets, and race programs. Also has a gift shop and a cafe to get lunch. Spent six hours here and enjoyed every minute of it!

Krystle B

A must for any Nascar fan. Pay a little more to do the simulators... You won't regret it!

Kent Lewis

The cars are the stars, even if the drivers are the focus. Exhibits are interactive and engaging. The short movie is worth seeing if you're new to NASCAR.

Onyinyechi A

I ended up at the Nascar Hall of Fame by pure coincidence. I was actually on my way to a wedding reception and needed a place to park and discovered the Hall of Fame across the street from the embassy suites. after the reception I decided to take a quick cruise around the facility. Still has the new car smell (pun intended) . if you call yourself a Nascar fan I would definitely stop by.

Duane Cassida

There are a lot of interested exhibits including many real race driven cars. However, the organization of the exhibits is difficult to understand and there's no apparent rhyme or reason to it.

Caesar Peña

I am not a big Nascar fan but was visiting the city so I actually found it very cool an interesting. It's obviously family friendly

Arius Aibara

A good visit, even if you dislike or don't understand the sport. They have a good rotation of displays and themes which anyone who remotely likes cars will find fun and interesting, and everyone from toddlers to your grandma will enjoy eating up the road in the race simulators

Kasun Wijesooriya

One of the best attractions in Charlotte, NC. Well organised and can spend all day. Recommended for all ages.

Pearl Wood

My girlfriend and I are always looking for something different to do. While on a visit to Charlotte asked her if she be interested in doing this. Of course, and we booked the “ride along” and what an experience. What a rush it was going around the course at top speeds, not once but three times. I’d do it again anytime! Maybe not in a summer month, toooo hot!

Sherry Inman

Full of history of the sport. Go at your own pace. Lots of interactive things to do. Great atmosphere. Family friendly.

Josh Mon14

It was amazing, I had so much fun, you got to see so much and learn too and you can do so many activities there, loved the cars there

Dheeraj Bhat

It’s a small museum for NASCAR. They got 1 simulator ride and you can experience replacing sports car tires too. It was fun and not much rush at around 11:00 am on Sunday. Queues had just 5 min wait. It’s ok for one time visit.

Roxanne Beerhalter

Very friendly easy to see ans do all the different things offered. Friendly staff. Reasonable prices for snack in their Pit Stop. Ramps steps and elevators available. Enjoyed all the race history. Very interactive. Move at 6oyr own pace. Open from 10-6.

Robert Williams

This was my third trip to the NASCAR Hall of Fame and I can honestly say I think I've finally covered it all. You need to really plan to take your time in going through it. There is so much history to look at.Your journey starts out with a screen show and then moves over to the the foyer where all the cars are. You can view cars from the early days of NASCAR that have been preserved and kept in incredible shape. The display includes various degrees of banking that you are allowed to walk on in certain spots. It gives you a real feel for what the drivers race on each week. The next area includes the hall of fame inductees where you can listen to each of their voices. A few cars are on display in this area as well. Following that you enter a heavily interactive area where you can go through the inspection process, practice a pit stop, qualify a car on iracing and then race in a simulator. This area is a bit dated and I hope that updates for it are coming. The last area on the top floor includes a surreal amount of NASCAR history. You really need to take your time to walk through there and take it all in

Josh LaCroix

Awesome and very interactive, fun for anyone not just Nascar fans


Big NASCAR fan. You can get up close and personal with the sport.

Jason Nash

It's a nice place with a friendly staff. The biggest complaint here is the tickets are way over priced. Also the more fun things to do cost even more on top of the ticket price. Wouldn't be very interesting for young kids but overall it's pretty cool, especially if you're into Nascar.

Steve Wilson

A must visit for any NASCAR fan. Lots of cars, hands on experiences from sitting in a NASCAR while and driving a simulation of a real track, pit crew experiences of jacking up the car, removing lug nuts and refueling the car, an engine test stand, etc. Good theater to see the history of the sport, as well as some smaller videos throughout the hall. Food court was ok. Recommend the 3rd level pass for $49. It includes a free lunch and $10 off in gift shop. Taking that into account, you're almost back to general admission price.

Karen Carrier

Went for Father's Day brunch and it was wonderful! The HOF is an extra special place for race fans. Such great displays. All the personnel were so helpful and kind, too. We thoroughly enjoyed it and will go again.

Ben Sorrell

Lots of fun. Great way to spend an afternoon. Fun simulators. The people who work there are very helpful and friendly.

Kenny Washington

Very nice and historic museum, friendly staff and security team. They also host a lot of parties and events. It's worth the trip for the family or a nice one on one date.

Henry Fell

Really neat. The simulator is a little lame with other drivers. Definately do the "qualifier" first, in the back, so you can race on a track by yourself to get a good time and learn the controls. Then go for the full simulator with other drivers who will spin out and wreck u.

Kenneth Glenn

That was pretty cool. Probably don't want to waste time with the simulator...I've been playing driving video games for 20 years (both arcade style and simulation racers) and found it was insanely difficult to control these cars, you can get a better experience on your gaming system at home. Didn't help that a gaggle of "Bros" treated it like a demolition derby.

Tan Tat

Just a truly good time. Had a ball looking at all the history and interacting with the activities.

Micki Geffert

This was an awesome experience. There were learning games that teach you about race cars. I would 100% reccomend the unlimited simulation rides. We had a blast!!

Dave Kline

Nice layout. Great history. Must see for any Nascar fan. Interactive displays and simulators are with price.

Rebecca Hiatt

Every race fan needs to visit. All the memorabilia and interactive experiences was incredible. There was so much to see and do. Alot of learning about history and what teams go through and accomplish each week.

Beth Ward

Lovely history of Nascar, fun trivia along the displays to test your Nascar knowledge.

Claudia Marchetti

Nice things to see. Beautiful shop.

Abigial Turner

A nice museum. Lots of cool memorabilia to see, but don't get the audio tour it is not worth it. The ride is really quite fun though so I would suggest getting unlimited rides

Dorthy Thomas

My girlfriend and I are always looking for something different to do. While on a visit to Charlotte asked her if she be interested in doing this. Of course, and we booked the “ride along” and what an experience. What a rush it was going around the course at top speeds, not once but three times. I’d do it again anytime! Maybe not in a summer month, toooo hot!

Ryan Hogan

Even if you enjoy racing (but aren't a Nascar fanatic) I would consider this a must see. Friendly staff, beautiful presentation, very nice and well-kept facility. We spent 2-3 hours in here , and realized we needed at least 2-3 more to really take it all in.

Lola Cole

I have never watched NASCAR. But after going to the museum, I am intrigued. It's very informative, not boring at all. I learned lots of new information. The staff is ready and willing to answer any questions.

Paul Kriwanek

Great experience. A lot of history to look and interact with. Can't wait to come back.

Lorilin M

Went here with the family and learned so much about the history of nascar, as well as about how much skill and effort goes in to creating and driving winning cars. There's lots of interactive stuff for the kids--both digital and physical. The driving simulator is fun, but you have to be 56 inches to do it. There are so many life size cars here, the kids loved it. The only thing that was a little meh was the representation of newer, younger drivers. The museum doesn't showcase much beyond the historical greats like Earnhardt, Earnhardt Jr, Jimmie Johnson, some Harvick. It makes sense to focus on the greats, but what about a more modern section on the up and coming? Even still, the whole family had a lot of fun. It's expensive but definitely worth the money.

Nathaniel Petty

Very neat experience. Few let downs tho. The video at the beginning telling the story of NASCAR was very out dated along with a few of the exhibits. We were there during the 50th anniversary of RCR and the Class of 2019. Employees walk around the whole museum and watch you like you are trying to smuggle a stock car out under your shirt. When you try to speak to them, some don’t acknowledge you. They were doing renovations (August 2019) throughout the Hall with a lot of attractions covered by black sheets. The workers doing the renovations after hours left their tools laying around and put caution tape around the work area. You could easily spend 2+ hours just walking around. Overall the history was there and we will visit again.

Brian Donaway

Amazing place. Friendly staff Very handicapped accessible, even a simulator for wheelchairs Will definitely return!

Klo Klo B

We were blessed to get our tickets (3) and unlimited stimulating drivers for free thanks to toyato supporting the military! Great museum awesome interactive things to do. And awesome bdubs is attached for some beer and wings after!

Shawn Kennedy

Loved the experience only saw half the stuff and we were there for 3 hours

mimi koontz

Very cool place to visit. Watched a race which was cool to listen to the drivers, spotters and crew chiefs. It was hard to decide to listen to and I kept switching around, lol. The tickets were reasonable but everything else wasn't unfortunately but it was expected kinda like going to an amusement park. It was however very cool to see the museum. I will say trying to drive in the simulator was close to impossible for me. I just crashed a lot. And laughed and cursed. Hmmm.

David Tokarz

This is a must visit for any NASCAR fan! It is extremely well done! Just an awesome place with so much past, present, and glimpses of what's to come!

Patty Brown Preston

Love it all four floors. Some walls need more collections. Hall of Fame favorite.... fabulous.

Joseph Garrard

Cool place very educational spent 2 hours there needed a few more hours to see everything

Anna Höfges

It was a lot of fun! But for the price I would expect that and otherwise be disappointed. The parking is reeeeally expensive at 4$ for the first HALF hour and 2$ for each additional one. Despite this though, I would definitely recommend it! Even with a ba y we had lots of fun and could partake in all activities.

Andreas Willis

Visited Charlotte in July and visited the NASCAR hall of fame. Cars from the beginning of racing brought back memories of cars I wish I had bought. Well worth the trip even if you are not a NASCAR fan. We spent 5 hours at the museum with our son. We had a blast with the simulators and pit stop challenge. The movie was a good introduction, too. Not being a huge NASCAR fan, I thought I might be bored, but we stayed until closing time! It cost $35 per person, but it was worth it

John Teller

Very fun place to visit. Something for everyone. Educational. Good history of the sport. Not over priced.

Barnett Reresby

Several friends have told me how awesome and how much fun this place is, and when I visited it in April 2019, I can vouch that they were absolutely telling me the truth. This place was so much fun! So much to see, and plenty of interactive exhibits for all ages. All of the staff were very friendly, helpful, and were more than willing to make your visit the best one ever. I was truly amazed at how well this place was designed to showcase everything. Trust me, this place is worth every penny. I highly recommend the NASCAR Hall of Fame to everyone. You will not regret it.

Lo J

Great simulations. Pretty realistic. A ton of history. Worth the entry fee

Scott Wiley

Great place to stop in a spend a few hours walking through history!

Chris Kottemann

This place is a must for any racing fan, adrenal fan, car fan, hell... Any fan!!! Well worth the trip to Charlotte. The racing simulator was amazing. Very realistic physics.

Garrett Smith

Amazing place must see if your a fan of Nascar.

sheryl allen

My daughter....Christin is doing a summer internship there :) Wonderful place to gain invaluable work experience!

james ball

I'm a fan already ,but it's a must see if you are in the area, make sure you have a whole day to be able to see it all! Thx Nascar I enjoyed it!

Joseph Penn

A wealth of knowledge about nascar and it's long storied history. I could not ask for a better museum to visit to learn about the sport. I have been here twice and always learn something new.

Tony Smith

Great experience for NASCAR fans! Lots artifacts and memorabilia spanning over 70 years. Staff is great. Plan on staying at least a half a day to take everything in. And the iRacing simulators are well worth it. Made you feel like a real driver, shifting and all.

Dave Barrett

So much to see! Great for fans and nonfans alike. Very good job of bridging everyone's enjoyment. Plan on several hours here, we didn't and stayed half the day! Wish the interactive spots had shorter lines but don't know how they would accomplish that.

Zac Lane

I bought my Dad a membership for Christmas. I was able to go with him to the Hall of Fame on 1/13/19. Let me just say, WOW! We were entertained all day, not to mention the staff was very friendly and helpful. The place was very clean and organized. I would highly recommend this to everyone, even if you are not interested in racing. There is something for everyone. I will definitely be returning with or without my Dad! Lol!

Westley Hollamon

Only for true NASCAR fans. The entrance fee is pretty steep at 25 dollars. The hall of fame is cool though. The glory road is very cool to track the changes of the cars and tracks throughout history. I enjoyed being able to walk on and feel the difference of the banks of different tracks. The theater showed a very rushed and shallow movie about the history of NASCAR. The race week experience was very in depth and interactive. It could seem daunting to not NASCAR fans. I loved the history exhibit on the top floor. Full of cool exhibits and memorabilia. Hard to recommend to people based on price and lack of accessibility of the exhibits.

Steven Jayy

Not my cup of tea yet.. I live with. An older bruh & sis whom NASCAR missed out on ... good thing they retired driving ....

Alberto Reinoso

This place is beautiful. I really recommend visit it if you are in NC

Julius Edwards

First time visitor to the Nascar Hall of Fame, I was there for a symposium so there were no crowds just bunch of technology geeks. I have to say it was so cool seeing all the cars, history and the inner workings of the engines. No matter if you're a Nascar fan or not you will enjoy visiting the museum as it has been thoughtfully designed to engage everyone from small child to grumpy old men.

Toni Sorrell

Don't miss seeing this when you are in Charlotte. I'm not even a racing fan, but I found the experience to be great. I especially loved watching my teenage son compete with his father in the racing simulation. He also liked the pit crew challenge. The best part... not one complaint the entire time we were there. I didn't even get ..."Can we go now..." I'm still in a state of Well worth the $. I can only imagine that if you are a Nascar fan, how much more you would have loved it!

David Esslinger

If you are a fan of nascar and its history you need to visit. The staff was friendly and very helpful. The only problem we had was getting into and out of Charlotte.

Leonard Haglund

Very well designed layout. The race simulator was really fun!

Samantha Thompson

Came here right around Christmas time while visiting family in the are and loved everything they had on display. Love how they pay tribute to the smaller hometown tracks like Stafford were we are weekly competitors. All the displays and interactive things they had were great and I would suggest everyone to visit at least once.

Leslie Helinski

Be prepared to spend the whole day here. Theres alot to do. Hands on activities. Theres simulators to play on and races at a few displays. We had fun.


The NASCAR Hall of Fame, honors drivers who have shown exceptional skill at NASCAR driving, all-time great crew chiefs and owners, broadcasters and other major contributors to competition within the sanctioning body. It has enough interactive activities to make it an enjoyable experience even if you never heard of NASCAR. It is so interactive and well thought out, the pit stop competition was a blast for everyone in our party (I will try to upload a video, its hilarious!). There were several other simulations, both hands on and computerized. All had readily available staff for explanation or assistance. The museum area was nicely dispersed with artifacts and vignettes. The third floor has the Hall of Honor, which displays the plaques and memorabilia of this year's inductees, the rest of the floor was designed to take you from building a car through race day through various displays and hands-on activities. The official driving simulator is really fun! you can realize your dreams of flipping, spinning, and otherwise destroying a Sprint Cup car. You get a couple of minutes to sit in a replica of a car, and drive qualifying laps on whatever track they are using that day. Do yourself a favor and GO… I promise you will love it!

Barbara Yingling

Great day!!! Not enough time in one day to see it all. All the employees were great very friendly and helpful. Can't wait to go back.

Steve King

Very interesting. Attentive staff. Well maintained. Updating some exhibits for fresh information next time we come!!

Karen Redford

Had a great time. Friendly and helpful staff.

Ron Godbey

If you love NASCAR or just happen to be in town looking for something to do. It's a great place to spend some time.

Amy VanGundy

I really love this place. I have visited this place a couple of times and there is something for everyone. There are hands on activities, things to look at, videos to watch, things to hear. It is a beautifully laid out video with so much to see. Even if you aren't a huge racing fan, this is still a great place to go. Tiny details are even attended to like the crosswalks outside are painted like checkered flags. Some of the displays change so that way what you can see is fresh. I would highly recommend to anyone.

Peter Turner

It was so much fun! My 4 year old had a blast! There are lots of cool things you can do like the simulator there are 13 cars and you get to race everyone in the other cars. Then they have the pit stop challenge that will test your time to jack a car up take a tire off and put it back on and fill it with gas. Along with lots of other fun things!! The pit stop cafe is very good too. I recommend the BBQ sandwich!

Cory Willis

A must see for any type of NASCAR fan, from the die hards to the amateur. Some actual cars on display, as well as original equipment that the drivers used back in the day. Got the pleasure to meet one of the legends, very hospitable!

Daniel Boyce

Amazing venue for an event and terrific staff! We had our event at this venue and not only was the staff extremely helpful, but the venue itself was a perfect size for our event! Prior to the event, we worked with Nathaniel (Nat) on the production/IT side of things to ensure our event had the appropriate signage. Not only did Nat help us with determining the layout for our event, but he event went above and beyond to help us with our logos/images to ensure we were well represented on every monitor (see images for examples of how amazing this turned out). We also didn't realize how many options we would have for signage and event details - making our event much more official and professional plus allowing us to easily communicate the various aspects of our event (registration, open bar area, speaker panel, etc.). Our partners/sponsors also loved the fact their logos were shown on multiple screens and looked extremely professional. The auditorium was a perfect venue for the size of audience we had and to allow intimacy while still accommodating a rather large audience. The staff during the event were also amazing, especially Kathy. She also went above and beyond to ensure we had everything we needed prior to the event, during the event and even after the event (even though our event went a bit longer than planned). We also had a full sit down dinner after the panel discussion and the food was terrific. When catering to an audience of this size, the food is often poor to average quality, but the Nascar Hall Of Fame did a great job putting together a number of options that were perfect for all of our audience members, including the vegans/vegetarians. Next year, we will probably consider allowing our guests to choose between more of the available options, but the food was high quality with moist, well-seasoned chicken, quality fresh vegetables, and both a chocolate cake and cheese cake worth the calories! Overall, we were very pleased with the event and we will definitely be back again.

Richard Hale

Nicely done give a good perspective to those who don't already understand NASCAR. The Movie needs updating but other than that great time.

Alexander Singleton

Staff was super helpful and welcoming the the 14 Scouts we brought in.

Tina Trout

If you love car racing, well needless to say you'll LOVE NASCAR! I could actually care less about car racing, but I'm still giving this place 5 stars - so that should say it all! Even if you never feel the need to go to a race, this Hall of Fame is a fun place to visit in Uptown Charlotte. Educational and interesting, to say the least. We had a company event there, with more than 100 out-of-town guests in attendance, and everyone had a blast. We were able to rent out the entire venue for the evening. There's great memorabilia, awesome gift shop, real-deal cars....the whole nine yards. Definitely something to see if you're visiting Charlotte!

Jeremy Jones

This is an awesome place to visit. Great to either remember the past or learn about nascar through displays and interactive exhibits and experiences. You can participate as a shop crew through checker flag and flag man. Has pit crew challenge and qualifying lap simulators. Would highly recommend for the young or the old, the super fans or someone that is not a fan.

Alvin Hopper

A great place to visit I learned a lot about NASCAR that I did not know. And our students enjoyed it as well. And very friendly atmosphere.

Robert Maier

First visit to NASCAR HOF in downtown Charlotte. Very impressive. Not really a NASCAR fan, but it is a great museum with many real, interesting/fascinating artifact displays, and not just a collection of photos, or graphics like so many museums. Worth the stop-- give yourself a couple hours-- including a couple rides in the race simulator!

rane gross

Great time even if you know nothing of nascar

John Zimmerman

Awesome and awesome. Thank you And thank you Richard Childress for allowing the #3 cars to be there for a showing .

Jessica Laffrey

Traveled from Gatlinburg to see this museum and it was fun but some parts were under construction. Still had an amazing time. First time in North Carolina too!

jamel stanley

Learning how NASCAR came into existence. From outrunning the law during the prohibition era, to the tragic death of Dale Earnhardt. The attention to detail is top notch

Tim Crum

Location is terrible for RV’ers. Had to leave area do to no parking for bigger RVs. Drove 11/2 hours to camp then returning next day in our Jeep. Couldn’t find parking nearby. Ended up in overpriced motel parking garage. Lots of interesting displays once inside but was underwhelmed after all the trouble we went through to get there.

Walter Hand

One of the best experiences I had a long in a long time it was great to see all the cars and read the

Monroe Jones

Great experience! Our 2.5 year old is obsessed with Cars so we visited the HOF while we were in town. So well done, so much information, and so mich fun. I've never been into nascar or racing at all, but this visit changed my whole outlook on the sport and its fans. I'm kinda hoping my son stays into it so we can watch and learn together. Oh, and Charlotte is a pretty sweet city.

Steven Page

We were traveling to Virginia and stopped a long the way to visit the hall of fame. We are not diehard NASCAR fans but really enjoyed the place. They have a whole lane of cars tracing the history of oval track racing as well as detailed descriptions of cars and racing teams. Worth the time to visit.

Ryan Moore

Neat experience. Not somewhere to visit a lot. Food and drinks are absolutely ridiculously priced. Eat before you go in!

Chris Berube

Parking is pretty easy, but not cheap. Plus the signs are not great on how to get to the actual entrance. The displays were well put together and had some great historical cars as well as new. The reason I can't give 5 stars is it was disappointing to find probably half of the hard card stations were not working or worn out. Otherwise a good experience.

Ritesh Sharma

1st time at the hall fame. Loved it and I will be back.

Kim Martin

Gotta get unlimited simulator rides ticket because that was amazing. I can't wait to go back and spend all day racing.

Justin McGrath

Can do in under 2 hours or spend all day. Well kept. Educated staff that's very helpful. Lots of interactive activities for people of all ages.

Cynthia P

My husband and I aren’t NASCAR (or auto racing in general) fans. However, we both enjoyed the Hall of Fame and the interactive displays. Unfortunately, not all of the displays were functioning. Don’t miss the Pit Stop and the Race Simulation. Remember to do your qualifying round (it will make the simulation must easier). Staff is very helpful and informative.

Sara Barrett

Wow. This stop proved to be so much more than we expected! Definitely fun even for non-Nascar fans. Great activities for kids (we met the education program director while there are were blown away) ... build your own car, make your own trophy, decorate your own flag ... lots of fun stuff. Really impressive. Excellent customer service from everyone we encountered. Spotless restrooms and great food in the cafe (at a reasonable price). I would definitely add this stop to your trip.


This place was pretty cool. There were tons of things to do and watch. Some of the things didn’t work well and some were flat out broken. The food was way too overpriced and not that great. The place is clean and taken care of for the most part. I’d definitely suggest it if you’re in the area and wanna burn 2-4 hours. Great for kids and nascar enthusiasts.

Thomas M Dewey

This is a Great place for all racing fans even my wife enjoyed her visit.

Murilo Pimentel

I love this place I spend hours having fun reading about the drivers and cars. My favorite place on all my travels to Charllote

Adik Yoffe

Don't purchase unlimited (big waiting line with camps, food (no chose drink mini bottles)and 10$ "gift" nothing for 10 $ in this store accept small race toy car ( in dollar tree store 3pcs for 1$. Good idea but miss something...

Kristina Ilina

Great place, we really enjoyed it! But 20$ for parking is too much!

Matt Krull

ALOT of nascar history and info. Interactive things to do with the simulators and being part of the pit crew. Spent 4 hrs here, saw all of it. Bought the headphone package, enjoyed the extra detail we got from it. Might be a bit much for younger kids, and those less enthusiastic fans, bordom might set in for them.

Mike P

It was a good time....very interactive and informative with a polite staff!!! Must if you enjoy racing or history

Eric Osborn

What a fun time! Especially if you are a Nascar fan/racing fan/car fan. Located downtown Charlotte, easy to find. Upon entry you get an interactive card to use that allows you to experience different aspects of racing. Try your driving abilities at the simulated track. Be part of a pit crew and change a tire (you're timed!). Museum is filled with race car memorabilia with everything you want to know about your favorite driver. There's the history of racing and real cars from way back then. For the mechanically inclined there are displays on the nuts and bolts of engine building. Lots and lots of cars to see. You can give feedback about your experience before you leave. They post some of the handwritten surveys, which are neat to read.

B Malmq

I care nothing for NASCAR, but this was actually fun and informative. I'd recommend a visit if you are looking for something to do - even for a non-fan like myself. The first floor is primarily a showcase of historic cars, drivers, teams, and race tracks. Though I didn't know most of the drivers, there was a lot to soak in regarding how the vehicles, tracks, and the sport as a whole has evolved over nearly hundred years. The second floor housed the actual hall of fame for drivers and owners. It's a pretty small room with placards and recordings explaining the individuals contributions to racing. The latest year's inductees have larger exhibits with cars and memorabilia on display. The remainder of the hall has interactive exhibits where you can learn parts of cars, how the race team travels, the rules and regulations, and a variety of other facts about not only NASCAR, but engineering, physics, and other sciences that underpin the sport. There's also a life-sized Lightning McQueen, a pit crew challenge, and a racing simulator, which should please those that didn't care for anything I've written so far. Also ... exit through the gift shop for those looking for souvenirs.

ashwini ashu

It is amazing place. Anyone who loves racing will be so excited about this place... it is expensive but worth only if you are interested. They have cool racing simulators...

Douglas Miller

Pricey and limited hours. It looked amazing but was only open till 5 on a holiday Monday. Thankfully the ticket salesman gave me a heads up before I paid $35 since I arrived just before 4. Also at $35 a pop you might want to plan a budget for this visit. A couple nice touches is its connected to the conversation center and the piping of NASCAR smell (yes, tire and fuel) to the outside of the museum.

Geoff Weeks

Great exhibition and some history that makes you appreciate the sport even more. Only in Charleston for a few days from the UK on business so would recommend spending a few hours here, well worth the visit.

James Langer

If you're into nascar, it's a must place to go. And the virtual racing is awesome!!

Cabha Rufus Baskar

Nice experience . It will be more enjoyable for people who like Cars and Racing with good background knowledge on NASCAR legends.

Larry Geiswite

Awesome. Great day looking back at the Nascar history. Great fun in the simulators. Recommend it to everyone to see.

Larry McComb

Great exhibition, but a number of non-working also.

Jannette Lynn

There was a lot of work going on. It appeared exhibits were being changed over. That detracted from the visit a bit. Otherwise, it was a good visit.

Terryl Stark

We have been wanting to visit the museum for a long time. We aren’t huge NASCAR fans, and we’re a bit worried we appreciate the museum as much as we did. We enjoyed the whole museum really great way to learn more about the sport. We really loved all the simulators. Our kids 5/7 were able to play with the simulators as well, certainly worth adding the simulators to your visit.

Michael Cheung

A good amount of collection items and a good overview of NASCAR history. However, for $25 admission fee, I believe it’s overpriced as it is smaller than I thought and would personally not suggest going there. It says there are 4 stories to visit, but actually it is more like 2 to 3 full stories with actual things to see (one being the movie theater room, and the other the ramp entrance to the actual museum). While the website may say it’s a technological interactive museum, there aren’t that many interactive activities to play, which might also be caused by the current renovation work. The most disappointing point is that the simulator, the most exciting part, requires an additional $5 for a 5 minutes game! PS: never park at the museum parking lot, for a little over 2 hours, they charged us $12. Just over those 2 hours, we spent over $60 that were mostly a disappointment. If you’re thinking about going somewhere fun for a fair price, I would discourage going there! But if you want to support NASCAR, this might be the right method to help!

Mark Pollack

Not into NASCAR but it's still cool to see the history of the sport. Who knew it started with bootlegging!


The cars are cool. Most display area is for kids. Expensive for what it is.

Clara Jordan

Very impressive set up! Lots of hands on activities to do while there. If you are a NASCAR fan or car enthusiasts, you will love this place! Make sure you use the little map that you are given. Place is very large and filled with the rich history of NASCAR racing.

Chris Sprenkle

Amazing place. Loved all the NASCAR stuff. Activities were also enjoyable and the simulator was a blast. Found myself a lot of the time with goose bumps. Must see for every race fan.

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