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300 W Carolista Dr, Nags Head, NC 27959, United States

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Where is Jockey's Ridge State Park?

REVIEWS OF Jockey's Ridge State Park IN North Carolina

Rebekah Morales

Only here for a brief time, but it was pretty neat to see the sandcastle. Sand was super soft and not very hot. We also went around the evening time where it wasn’t as hot. Amazing place to see the sunset, or just hang out with the family/friends. Saw a few people ‘sand surfing’ which looked like fun. Right across the street is also a mini shopping center, some fudge/ice cream, clothes.. etc. Definitely something to see! Addition: We didn’t enter through the visitors center, we parked across the street at the shopping center and walked across the cross walk. Didn’t have to pay this way either.

Vanessa Kumor

Awesome place to visit! Especially good for kids to be able to run out some energy! Kids can bring wave boards to slide down the dunes. Great spot for pictures. ( Several families were there for family photo shoots.) And best of all, free!!

Elena Velasco

One of the most beautiful parks - gorgeous sunsets views of the sound with the ocean behind you.

Tony Wong

150% to visit; the scenic is a wonder. Bring a good sleds to get some fun.

Thomas Steinbrunner

Beautiful sand dunes and great breezes if you like flying kites.

Jason Ingles

Dress appropriately! Best time I found to go was in the evening in order to catch the sun going down over the dunes! This is also a great place to show off your kite flying skills if you like.

Carlos R. Alvarez

Awesome views of sunsets...super clean at midday but perfect in the evening. The cool sand and awesome fellow visitors make it a must see at least once destination in the outer Banks. Great for a day of beautiful views and exercise through crisp cool sand dunes.

Jedediah Seltzer

I have been to this park a few times and it doesn't matter what age of hte individuals I go with, everyone always plays in the sand dunes! it is a pretty unque park though I never spend more than an hour there.

Kristen Nuckols

gorgeous view! love going here. lots of walking and sand!!

Marti Deans

Just lovely and a wonderful place to hike and just get back to nature. Absolutely gorgeous!! Bring water, it can get hot on those trails in the summer!


Looks awesome. Good exercise climbing the dunes. Nice exhibit in the welcome center and the state ranger lady knows her stuff!

Monique Kirby

A must see. In the summer, go for the sunsets!!! It's cooler and the skies are so, so beautiful. Worth it! The winds can blow bit depending on the say, so check the weather and bring a jacket. Don't bring too much to carry because you'll be climbing. Perfect place for kite flying!!!

Ava-Emma 4-Ever

Was very hot and you had to walk in sand 90% of the time to get a good view. Loved how they had hangliding lessons, kites for sale and a museum of the animals

Daniel Moody

It's like an alien landscape up on the dunes. Very surreal. And the trails around the park itself are pretty cool hike. Try it out for sunset.

celia morrison

I went to the sunrise Easter service with some friends from church for the first time for all of us even though it's been going on 30 years... It was beautiful, very moving and inspiring for all of us. Local people re-enacted the final days and hours of Christ including his crucifixion on a hill on the dunes. It was really spectacular! It has been years since I'd climb the dunes and the park was terrific. I would highly recommend going there for sunrise or sunset and climbing the dunes for a view from ocean to sound.

Brian Bullock

Really fun park. Awesome views of the ocean on one side and the sound on the other. My kids loved rolling down the hills. Take your dog! Stay for the sunset, it closes at 9.


Very hot walk but a walk you need to take. Have shoes you can remove easily and bring water. Great views. Great place to fly a kite.

Kristi Torres

Absolutely loved this place. Love that it was free. We chose to follow the posts of the nature trail out to the sound and then on our way back explored by walking all over making our way to the top of the tallest dune. Not as large of a space as I expected, but it was clean and views were beautiful. I would maybe rent a kite across the street if I were to go back.

Stephen Haines

This place is a must-see for anyone in the area. Really good place to watch the sunset. Can also be great for flying kites if the wind is right


Such a great place to stop and see while visiting the outerbanks! Took my wife and grandparents here during a kite festival. We had such a great time! WARNING - ELDERLY PEOPLE MAY HAVE TROUBLE CLIMBING THE SAND DUNES! I highly recommend buying a tent across the street and flying it loud and proud at jockey's ridge!

Lia Biondo

Incredible, must-see location. Plan to be there about an hour before sunsent to maximize your visit. Bring water, towels, a picnic dinner, kite, and stable shoes to walk through the sand for a truly memorable evening.

Jaqueline Bustos

Great hiking trails, beautiful area & lots of history inside the visitor center.

Joe Diulus

Amazing place to visit. Would highly recommend to anyone who doesn't mind a little walking.

Jennifer Creswell

Beautiful area where you can hang glide over sand dunes, take the kids to fly kites and sand castles! We even saw deer!!!

Seth Crumpton

Jockeys Ridge is a fantastic place to walk around, sightsee, fly a kite, roll/run down a dune etc. Very fun. Views are awesome. You can see the Atlantic as well as the sound side. Excellent for a morning or evening walk. Midday or early afternoon can be a little bit as the sun beats down on you as well as the sand being very hot. Thus park is definitely a treasure and look forward to taking a walk on the dunes every time I visit OBX.

Meredith Jordan

What a wonderful outdoor experience. We enjoyed walking and rolling down the dunes and flying kites. It was one of my children's favorite days at the beach.

Emma Rogers

One of Grands favorite things. Saw it from the sound while on a sailboat ride and that became our next stop. Great fun.

Justin Long

This was the best surprise I had visiting North Carolina. The dunes were beautiful and the climb was pleasant and challenging. A beautiful park and well worth the trip.

Bill Woodward

we go here every year to watch fireworks on July 4th. the dunes give a great vantage point for both firework shows. pack some drinks and snacks and enjoy.

Ice 2496

When I was younger and we came here for vacation I climbed the dunes. I got to do it every year after and this year I sadly did not get a chance, but I did get to see the dunes and live their splender all over again after 5 years. Great placed to go and walk around, just bring plenty of water, sunscreen, a hat, and sandles/the sand socks they sell.

Tassie Newkirk

A wonderful place to take some nice nature pictures and get a workout at the same time. Do not be fooled though, that hike from the parking lot to the water is not for those with little or no physical activity in their lives. If you insist on the hike, take a bottle of water and don't get discouraged, just imagine what early settlers must have thought while traversing the area. Oh and Google maps will show you just how far/close you are to the waters edge while letting you know that you're not completely lost in a desert

Joshua Appel

I loved this place. My wife and I took a leisurely stroll along the dunes and just lost track of time wandering around, writing messages in the sands with our hands, and enjoying the wide and distant views. Great place for photo opportunities as well. If you're an outdoorsy person you'll likely thoroughly enjoy this state park - I know I did. Be sure to bring sandals if you're wearing shoes unless you like sand in the socks.


Eh...It's sand. The magnitude of sand is impressive and knowing they used to run horse races there is interesting history,'s sand. Having spent some time in another desert I'm not sure the long walk was worth it, but the kids enjoyed themselves. Make sure your thighs are ready for the hike though. Getting up some hills make the legs burn a bit. And really I would have some other things planned because I was good after 10 minutes. Go, get the stamp and be impressed, but I wouldn't come just for this.

Samantha Dardis

Such a beautiful place to go. Great place to fly a kite on a good day that isn't too windy. We had a picnic here first and then walked up the dunes. The area is pet friendly as well which was nice to bring out dog along. We went on a very windy day, so I would say be aware of that, the sand hurts a bit when the wind is blowing. Beautiful view of the sound and the ocean!

Jeff Fetgatter

This place is definitely worth a visit while you're in the Outer Banks. It's really neat to think that a large portion of the O.B. used to look like this strange desert landscape. Beware, walking up the sand dune hills is quite a workout. Be sure to bring water and take your time.

Anthony Moreno

Awesome place to explore. You can watch people learn how to hang glide. The dunes are fun to climb and just look at the wildlife around you.

Emma Tucker

This is an awesome natural treasure. Very clearly marked path back to the visitors center, it’s easy to get turned around when you’re surrounded on all sides by mountains of sand! Bring a kite, make sure it’s sturdy or it won’t last long. We also made our way to the sound and it was a short but beautiful walk to the water. Come ready to walk, bring water and sunscreen, and enjoy!

Victor Almeida

Absolutely beautiful place. You have trails to walk hidden in the trees and then a wide open dunes area to explore the sand. Very tall dunes that allow you to see both sides of the water. Perfect place to catch sunset or sunrise. Absolutely a must go to while at the outer banks.

Steve Hartig

Nice place to spend a couple of hours. We walked up the dune which had some nice views. Good exercise but nothing crazy. Can get a little hot and windy up there so plan your visit accordingly. The visitor center had some nice information on the local animals and environment and the rangers working there were extremely friendly and helpful

Matt Angel

Cool place to check out or take the kids. Has hang gliding and great winds for kite flying. Summer midday sun will make the feet hot! Great way to see what a desert would be like!

Polycarp Omollo

The largest sand park I have ever been to. The wind and climbing the sandy hills was so adventurous. The view of the ocean and the island was great. I used muscles that I didn't even know existed.

Jeb Trayer

Been going to the OBX for long time but never stopped at the park, finally did this year and it was amazing, i never realized how big the dune was and kids had fun on all the little trails and bird walks

John D'Amico

Family friendly unique experience. Best at dusk to see beautiful sunset over the sound. Great for flying kites.

Jeff Wilkie

If you don't enjoy being blasted for the joy of a great beach view, then this place isn't for you. Depending on the day, you make get away without the exfoliation. The sunset views are awesome when the weather cooperates

Michele Gilbert

Fascinating piece of geography! Go early before the sand heats up and all the cool animal tracks get trampled. Then check put the informative visitors center.

Avneet Mathur

Great place to visit. It's free to come here but the sand gets really hot during summer so plan accordingly

Patsy Kravitz

What a fabulous experience! The dunes are truly wonderful. You might want to bring a water bottle with you if you're going to hang out there. Before 10:00 a.m. the sand was not too hot for my bear feet. The park staff is friendly. A great place to explore. And enjoy the views. If you're looking for a shortcutto the sound side of the ridge, check out the park entrance that's opposite the gas station located near the park.


Largest sand dunes on the east coast is simply amazing. It's a half mile hike from the parking lot. I loved walking barefoot in the sand trail. If you are in the area don't miss this sand dunes.

Sean Durkin

A family photo stop each and every year. Fun place to fly kites and sometimes watch hang gliders.

Annette Bolden

Nice hike to the sand dunes. Scenic views of the Roanoke Sound and Atlantic Ocean.

Lynnette Baptista

We drove 4 hrs to come to the state park and we were not dissapointed. The views from the top of the dunes were amazing. The sand was kinda compact so it was easy to walk along. The weather was perfect although on a warm day I would recommend you bring a bottle of water along with you. The ranger was really friendly. The kids wanted to work on getting their jr ranger badge. He sat and talked with them. You could tell he really enjoys his job and the park and wanted the kids to enjoy their time there as well as learn about the park and why the park is important. All in all, a great family day!

chris schmied

It's a big park with massive dunes and tons of trails to walk or hike in. I'd advise bringing water on hot days. Great place to fly kites. You can even learn to hang glide there. The sand is so soft that at times it's hard to walk in. Really cool place to see. The dunes are huge and rolling. Great views of the sound too.

Ericka Carpenter

It is a must see!! This place is amazing. Can’t wait to go back.


My family came here for years when I was a kid and would never take me to experience jockeys ridge. I finally returned as an adult with my own kids for the first time in almost 10 years to the obx and coming here was on my list of things to do. I now realize why my parents never wanted to bring me! Lol. It's far larger than I ever expected and the trek up the dunes can be a chore if you aren't in the best of shape. Its not just one giant sand dune that goes straight up and down like you may how the dune in front of your beach house may be. It has numerous elevations to it. You can go up one elevation.and once at the may level out some and then you have to climb another elevation. And it feels almost never ending. Its almost like a huge prairie with rolling hills. Except with sand and not grass. But If you can make it to the top of any of higher elevations of the dune..the views are beautiful. I'd recommend to go as soon as they open before the sand gets hot. Or to wear tennis shoes. We went around 10:30 a.m. with flip flops and the sand was already too hot for me to walk barefooted on and at times some of the sand still getting onto my feet even with my flip flops on was not very comforting. If we had waited any longer we probably would not have been able to do much exploring with only our flip flops.

Joe Schlosshan

Excellent tourist site that is not to be missed!! Highly recommended

John Couture

Freaking Lawrence of Arabia in North Carolina. Stark. Beautiful. Funny to see people walking way in the distance like a caravan across the Sahara.

Carol Shaffer

So many dunes...nature...a variety of things, and we could bring our dog! The dunes dead ended into the ocean. The ultimate, fun morning adventure/work out. Parasailing too at a fee.

Dennis Nardi

Very unique park. You get into the park for free and walk around the massive sand dunes and go next to the sound. I'd highly recommend stopping if you're in the area.

Jim & Joanne Crosby

Very enjoyable, but one must be in good physical shape to climb the dunes. The view at the top of the highest ridge is spectacular. The best time to go is early evening when the sand isn't hot to walk on and also to view the sunset.

Kathy Robinson

My favorite place on Earth! Be sure to go early in the morning or for sunset. The sand in the middle of the day gets so hot it will melt your feet off!

Judy Oakley

What a great place to hike! Beautiful views, lots of trails,.and easy access from multiple entry points. My family and I loved it. Tips: it's windy, bring a jacket; if you aren't in shape you might want to skip the highest dunes; don't forget the visitor center. Enjoy!

Lorena Aguilar

Every year we come to OBX and this is my favorite spot to come check out the sunset. You should get there around 6 or 6:30 after dinner and stay through sunset. It's not as hot and you get to experience the real natural beauty of OBX with a panoramic view of the bay and the Atlantic. One year we happened to come on a day when there were tons of parasails and sailboats on the water. Incredible!!!

mayukh chatterji

Hot, hot, hot but the trail is a unique one, through sands. The park is home to the eastern shores highest sand dunes and you can walk to the top of them. The views are different and it looks like you are suddenly on another planet.

Nicholas Partee

Beautiful scenery--be sure to bring shoes and socks! The sand gets very hot. Wandered down and waded in the sound on the west side of the park which was also pretty. Had a great time!

Sushil Tiwari

Best place to view the sunset if your around outer banks. We missed the sunset by just a min or two but still the view was amazing. The sand dunes is amazing. Its an awesome experience. Try to get there early for the sunset so you can enjoy bith the sand dunes as well as mesmerizing sunset.

Donna Falls

Beautiful place. The dunes were so pretty. Lots of history. Very nice place to visit.

Marc Eickholt

I felt that the sand was just the right level of grit for my liking. Many dunes that I've been to over charge you and only give you either super fine powder sand or clumpy rocky sand...this was just right...and free!

Lynda Hultman

Interesting landform. Keep right for scenic view (sound and Roanoke Isl) dune, left to watch hang glider lessons facing Atlantic and slight right for middle dune and kite flying..

Aimee Lim

Nice place for walking. It was windy when we visited this place. View is awesome. Worth the visit. You can actually walk along the dunes. We walked barefoot. Sand feels good.

Jonathan Wilson

Definitely bring a water bottle and some good shoes for the sand. A few areas are kind of steep but not bad as long as you are somewhat in shape.

Alex Fernandez

These dunes seem small from the road... But once you get in the middle and have to climb up it's a different story. You get immersed in the hills. Once you climb to the top there is an amazing view. The facilities were very clean. Lots of parking. Free to enter.

Anna Walters

Had fun hang gliding off the dunes! Had great weather!


If you're going to be nearby Jockey's Ridge State Park, it's a must-see! The dunes are beautiful. It's like you've suddenly been transported to a desert. They have a nice little information center at a parking lot where you can learn more about the dunes and its wildlife. Many people bring their kites to soar in the sky while hanging out on the dunes. It's an awesome sight to see, and fun for everyone.

Samantha Green

Amazing sunsets. Make sure to take something your kids can use as a sled. If they're under the age of 13, they can pick up speed going down the dunes, they will love it as much as the beach.

Matt Brostek

We love coming to Jockey's ridge in the evening to watch the sunset. The sand is soft and cool to walk on, and the kids love running up and down the dunes. We usually park across the street and walk over at the light leaving our flip flops by the road. They have a visitor center and showers to wash off the sand if you go into the park entrance though. It's a great place to walk around and spend an evening in the outer banks.

Jared Wright

Great time for kids and adults. Being that it’s off season, we basically had the place to ourselves!

GalaxyBunny87 YT

Great visitors center! The Dunes are seriously amazing! But flip flops or sandals just don't cut it! Definitely wear sneakers or hikers!!! Take lots of water!!!! Beautiful place! The kids loved it!!!

Samantha Niemoeller

Beautiful! Free parking, an absolutely delightful place for a quick stop to walk/run around the sand dunes. Great for watching the sunset or flying a kite, too.

Jenn Keithan

Wide open sand dunes and a beautiful view of the sunset. We did not factor in the walk from the parking lot so we had to rush over there and walking up a steep dune is more labor intensive than I remembered, but it was amazing.

Zachary Lamb

What a great adventure.. I am disabled and not able to walk very much. They had me a gator cart and the nicest guy take me and someone in my party up to the top and meet the rest of my party. The rest of the people my party said it is a tough walk-up but worth it. Make sure you were to a shoes and bring water

Tara Fuller Thomas Real Estate

Great hiking and amazing sunsets! Gets super hot in the summer. Feet will burn with flip flops. Take lots of water.

Evan Miracle

Awesome spot, go after dinner so the sand isn't hot. Great place to take kids to fly kites after buying some across the street at Kitty hawk kites

basem boctor

Great place to walk barefoot and not worry about it. Soft sand and views are breathtaking. Sunset time, you can't miss it, walk across for a glimpse of a beautiful natural preserve right on the water, and the best thing is that it's free.

Anita Ambrose

Great park. Beautiful scenery. My daughter loved it. Dunes are a bit of a climb if you're not in peak condition but we did ok. Got some great pictures

Keith Mayer

pretty amazing natural phenomenon; must be seen; going to OBX? don't miss it

Michael Kaczun

Very neat to see the dunes but it was exhausting walking on the soft sand. If you leave the short boardwalk, definitely bring water or something to drink. Great place to fly a kite but we also tried to sled on the sand and it wasn't really worth it because of the soft sand (you sink more than you go even on a steep hill)

Soumya Khatri

A nice desert kinda feel you will get just make sure to visit in evening with a little cooler temperature otherwise its gonna be so hot..

Linda Smith

It continues to be an other world experience. Love it! Thank goodness we saved it as a park.

Dave Duffett

Sand and more sand. Great recreational area. My boys and I had fun flying kites.

Salty man Reviews

Would rate 5 stars if it wasn't such a long walk to the dunes.

Jessica Hall

Lots of fun to walk in nature and enjoy the scenery. We walked without shoes for most of it but had shoes for when there were sticks in the sand. It's a great place for kite flying as well

Justin P

Jockey's Ridge State Park protects the largest active sand dune system on the east coast. Located in Nags Head in the Outer Banks, it is one of the most popular NC State Parks. Two short trails lead around the dunes, through maritime shrub thickets and to Roanoke Sound. The top of the dunes has great views of both the ocean and sound, and give perspective to how narrow this barrier island is. In addition to hiking the dunes, hang gliding lessons are available through a private outfitter.

David Evanoff

Best sand dunes ever, not that I have seen any others to compare them to. Overall a nice park

Conner Couch

Fantastic views. Great for kite flying and highly recommended for a cloudy day. Make sure to wear appropriate footwear if you visit on a hot sunny day!

Shannon Bailey

Great place to fly kites but make sure you buy a quality kite because it is windy!

Lee Hallett

Vast dunes of soft, fine sand. Not course, like the beach sand. Expect stiff breezes, sun and hot sand - no shade. Nice sunset views over the sound. Bring a kite or take a hang gliding class.

Chris Newberry

Very nice view and the sunset was pretty. Went in the evening and it was nice but not sure if I would venture there during the day as I imagine it would be very hot.

Thomas Gerstenberg

Great family kite flying location. Expect to walk alot up /down sand dune hills. Best time is evening when sunset is 90 minutes away. Bring water, kite, camera, and smiles.

Alfredo Castillo

I love this place! Do you like to walk? Right here good for you!

Gavin Druck

Great park to visit. I'd recommend going on a possibly cooler day as the sand is the type that gets extremely hot but the park itself is definitely a must see if you've never been before. Also, if you manage to get there on the right day, Kitty Hawk Kites puts on some really cool kite 'parties' that are amazing to see and kids love.

Amy C

A must-see! I go every time that I visit OBX! Lots of space to fly kites, throw a football, roll down the hills. It's best to go before sunset when the sand is cooler and the sun is not beating down. Take lots of water!

Chris MacDermaid

Terrific 360 degree view. Perfect for flying kites, relaxing, letting the kids run up and down the dunes. Looks like you can do hang gliding, amongst other activities. Definitely worth the trip if you need a break from the beech.

Sally Crain

Beautiful place to visit, they usually have a kite festival each year and occasionally they have a 100 ft whale flying over; but I would suggest asking what the sand temperature is so you don't accidentally burn your feet.

C. K.

It's pretty neat for what it is....if you want to experience the "the wild" while in OBX this is as close as it gets. Large Sand Dunes that look like a desert with mini Cypress tree "forests". Definitely worth a look. Maybe too hot for most dogs ! My dog over heated very quickly as the sand is scorching in Summer. Please be mindful of your pets !!!

Arthur Bickford

Great place to fly kites and they sell them there which is convenient. Kids loved it. FYI - you will have sand in your shoes and socks. Little keepsake to bring home whether you want to or not. :)


A beautiful, fun place to visit where you can walk the dunes, fly kites or surf the sand. Great views of the ocean and the sound

Jessica Lawrence

Amazing ! I totally recommend this place to anyone! Disabled or not you CAN come here. They will help you. Also you can schedule rides for handicape individuals. CALL 24 HOURS AHEAD OF TIME. There is also a boardwalk you can walk on in case you do not want to go far. SUPER PET FRIENDLY AS WELL! Dog bowels are around for your fur babies ! The whole town seems to love dogs. Also you can bring a boogie board here and slide down the dunes. Also don't be afraid to ask the rangers at the desk anything ! They are SUPER SWEET! Thank you for helping me with dinner choices.

Thor Yang

This place is pretty cool but it is all sand so it’s definitely a workout walking up those hills of all sand aka dunes. We went when the sun was setting which seemed to be a popular time but it was beautiful. Although it was around 80 degrees, I was surprised the sand wasn’t hot and definitely doable for a dog to walk on.

Joseph Carmelina-Klosterman

Natural sand dunes on Outer Banks. Great exercise chasing the kids around the big sandbox !

Jack Head

Some of the best views of the Outer Banks standing on top of the "Big Fat Sand Dune". Fly a kite, go hang gliuding, or see the best sunset of your life

Meg Malone

Take water! There is little to no shade once you depart the visitor’s center for the dunes and it can get very hot very quickly. I’d also recommend that you don’t abandon your flip flops; we were thankfully to be carrying ours when our feet started burning. I wish the signage was a little better in the park because there seemed to be multiple different paths, and at first we couldn’t tell which dune was “the” dune.

Jessica Lewis

I was told by a local the best time to go is when it's overcast and drizzling. Jockey's ridge is tiring and hot. It is literally like the desert. Everyone should go once, and for me that was enough.

Kelsie Tromble

Beautiful State Park, well maintained and the visitors center was very well put together, my family loved exploring the exhibits and learning about the history behind the beautiful dunes and surrounding areas.

Traci Cosio

Reflecting back on our recent trip to the Outer Banks we fondly remember our late afternoon trip to Jockey's Ridge. We had never been before and now plan to include a visit each time we go to the OBX! It's always fun to add a little free fun to a beach trip and this stop, recommended by friends, did not disappoint. Our daughter flew her first kite ever during our visit and it was really the perfect afternoon! Great views, fresh air, and active family time made this a memorable stop. Definitely visit if you're looking for something different during your next trip to the OBX and be sure to bring your kite!

joseph Culbertson

Just past jockeys ridge on soundside rd, there is a public access to the sound with a little beach and it's perfect for little kids that cant handle the waves.

Trey Crawford

Very beautiful views from the top of the dunes. You can see from the ocean to sound. The best spot to fly a kite in the area. The sand is somewhat firm making it easier to walk on. Would highly recommend a trip here. There is the state park entrance or tou can park at Kitty Hawk Kites and walk across the street to the dunes. If you need a kite, stop by Kitty Hawk Kites.

Sonja Johnson

Billy,Wolf and Eli were awesome! The kids loved it.

Adam Getchell

Great place to go with the kids. I would suggest going either early morning or in the evening. There is no shade during the day and it can get really hot. There are also no fees to visit. Well worth the hike up to the top for the views.

James Reynolds

Simply beautiful. This place is just amazing the sand is so soft, sand dunes, hills, mountains. The views are great, places to relax, fly a kite or just take pictures. It's free to visit. There are bathrooms and some vending machines.

Jayson Metcalf

A beautiful place to have a family adventure! You are able to go inside the visitors center and look at the history of Jockey’s Ridge! Be prepared to do A BUNCH of walking in the sand dunes!! I would definitely recommend you check out Jockey’s Ridge if you’re down in the Outer Banks!!!

Michelle Vance

Beautiful and fun place to explore. When you're up high enough you can see both the lake and the ocean! (You can get up close to the lake, but the ocean is way far away...a cool view though). I would also recommend going around sunset.. gorgeous!! And be aware that the sand (in certain areas) will be extremely hot on those sunny days, during the day, that is, so bring your shoes along

George Fletcher

The dunes are pretty impressive and the park is open through sunset which is a great experience. If you go in the heat of the day take lots of water:)

Gowri Nataraj

It was a little hard walking up and down the sand but we had a great time here.

Logan S

Excellent park, not too busy and very unique place to visit, definitely a good way to kill a few hours. I found walking barefoot the best way to travel, the sand didn't get too hot for our feet and actually felt really nice. Only thing is to make sure you bring some water, since the hike is a bit of an exercise depending on how far you feel like going.

Brad Paradis

This place is pretty unassuming but is a great stop. The sand dunes are amazing to see and walk over. There is a visitor area too explaining the local history of the location as well as the animals and plants in the zone. My only suggestion to anyone would be to make sure you have sunglasses on. The wind is tossing sand around everywhere you go. You’ll be happy you wore them. Also if you have a small child (baby) it’s not the greatest place for them on a windy day. Saw people walking around with babies trying to wrap them up as millions of grains of sand pelt you like bb’s.

Ed Harris

This is a beautiful park with beautiful sand dunes in Eastern North Carolina. It's a little bit of a hike to get to the top of the dunes, but the view of both the ocean and the sound side with spectacular.

George Lenzer

Dunes are very cool. Nice breeze waiting at the top and breathtaking views.


Beautiful views on the dunes. Great place to walk around and get a workout. Your will definitely get sand in your sneakers, better to wear sandals. Bring water to stay hydrated.

Tammie Mirkay

Loved this place. Visitors center has great reading and exhibits and staff is super friendly! We really want to try the hanggliding school. If no time, then hike to the sound to picnic or try surfing down the dunes. They are expansive and beautiful! Bring water, because it's dehydrating.

r k

I had an awesome time here. I really enjoyed walking the dunes and watching all the kites. The fact that it is free definitely makes it even more attractive as a source of entertainment. If you ever find yourself in or around the Nags Head North Carolina area then i highly recommend checking this place out.

Brett van Beynum

Nice park for a hike. Since it is a hike on the dunes there isn't a need to stay on the trails. It is nice to go in December when it's not too hot, and the day after a hard rain kept the sand down. The park office is really nice with nice …

Nathan Ramirez

Really cool place to spend a few hours and bring the family. I was pleasantly surprised of the vast dunes and sand that covered the park, the view from the top isn’t to much... but for me the best spot is at the base. I would love to come back and try to hanglide.

Wray Watson

Great views and great hike. Only thing I missed was getting a chance to hang glide. Definitely coming back.

Tony Maxfield

This place was really cool. The sand dunes here are amazing, and some of the biggest I've ever seen. It's well worth the ten minute hike to see these huge dunes.

eli kohn

Nice place to walk around. Huge dunes. Lots of wind. There are nice paths to walk along with some shade and some activities like flying on gliders.

C McClenahen

Another beautiful way to see the surrounding area. The park is a great place to fly a kite, go for a stroll, or take in the view. I recommend stopping by for a sunset.

Deirdre McIntyre

Amazing spot. We were passing through iwhile on a road trip. Well worth the visit.

Thomas Szabo

Great place to hike around and explore. If you are bringing kids make sure you have water and sun screen, you are definitely a bit exposed on a hot day.

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