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Where is Great Smoky Mountains National Park?

REVIEWS OF Great Smoky Mountains National Park IN North Carolina

Jack Branchout

Beautiful national park. Reminds me of the Rockies, but it's much greener since it's all at a lower elevation and there's more water to sustain the flora. Excellent hiking and recreation!

kate smith

I love the Smokies. Our visit yesterday was awesome. Not crowded and cool enough to be really enjoyable. Cannot wait for the leaves to start changing this fall. ❤

Ben Markel

Ten stars. Great hiking and wildlife viewing. No need for the tourist traps, the natural beauty is better then any of the commercial enterprises in Gatlinburg and other towns. The hikes are at all levels, so there is something for everyone. Be sure to bring a camera.

Abby Ericson

Absolutely stunning park. Went up to Clingmans Dome - the road to it is quite curvy and fun to drive on, the views on the way up are beautiful. Walked the steep but paved 0.5 mi up form the parking lot to the top and the views were truly breathtaking at the top. Well worth the quick hike up. There are a couple benches to rest at on the way up. Lots of bees this time of year along the path. Also hiked out to Andrew's Bald which is a quick less than 2 mi easy trail from the same parking lot. Had lunch in the mountain field, not a ton of places to sit that aren't just grass but the overlook has some nice views. Loved that there was no entrance fee to the park, parking lots and roads were packed with cars by lunch time. Definitely get there early, we went at 8 am and had no trouble at all.

Bethany Chappell

A breathtaking and beautiful park. I highly recommend at least one trip here in a lifetime. You will not be disappointed.

G.W. Barker

I love the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We have visit different portions of the park and just continually get awestruck at the beauty. Come here. Stay. And really take time to look up, down, and all around. I personally love getting in the rivers because the chill reinvigorates me and feels good after I start sweating.

Courtney Oxendine

Always love visiting. If you want to enjoy great views but aren't able to hike very much, the scenic drive through Cade's cove is highly recommended! We had a two year old and two grandparents along so it was perfect. Great shops with info, food, novelty gifts.

Luna Mystique

Nothing like a quiet drive from NC to TN thru all the lush greenery to clear the head. The vistas are beautiful, the air is clean and you leave feeling rejuvenated. If you're up for hiking, this is a great destination!


Beautiful park, but way too filled with tourists who look like they have never been outside of a major city. This is sacred Cherokee land that has been disgraced and heavily polluted. The "Smokey" effect is air pollution that collects in the mountains. If you are a regular hiker and camper going for the nature I would recommend nearby Pisgah National Forest over Great Smokey Mountains

Nasir Cervantes

Oh Lord my God your creations leave me breathless. What a majestic and awesome experience to look out over miles of expanse, and consider how small I am in the scheme of things. Definitely consider making the trip if the opportunity ever presents itself.

Biplab Kushari

Just unforgettable wonderful natural views. Feels like never ending smokes coming out from every layer of mountains as if fire caught all over the mountains. Endless trees, herbs and creeps are self-decorated with wonderful wildlife created naturally. Thanks to God.

Teresa Stephens

Hiked Charlie's Bunion with friends yesterday. What an amazing view on the Bunion with some spectacular views along the way. It's mainly a shaded tree covered hike. It's a rocky trail with an incline, levels off some and then downhill. Great breeze with view at the top. We ate lunch on a rocky knoll. Well worth the hike!!!

Kathy Williams

Beautiful! I recommend checking out Laurel Falls. Short hike on a paved trail with a beautiful waterfall at the end. Well worth the effort.


Beautiful place. This part was interactive for all since you could do it from your vehicle and stop where you wanted. There were rest areas, lots of parking, and places with signs to explain the sights. Make sure to fill up your tank

Jeff Sis

So scenic. We hired a guide from Smokey Mountain Guides and had a great time. He was so knowledgeable and informative of the history and the area. We highly recommend them.

Brittany Kane

First time my husband and i went was for our honeymoon. Then we went back for our second wedding anniversary. Now we want to go every year! We love the mountains! It's our happy place!


One of my favorite parks, the best place to see fall foliage colors. Gets crowded so drive safe, people stop in the middle of the road it will walk in front of your vehicle for a photo

Carol Alexander

Wonderful Week, as always when we come to Maggie! Nothing more enchanting than Fall and the colors. Cabin was very nice and secluded, yet so close to everything. The beds are wonderful!

yamany shemman

Most beautiful place in earth. I suggest to have a plan where to visit before you go there. Also ask people that they've been there the best places where to stay. There will be a lot of hiking so prepared with a good walking shoes. If you have a kids and they under 5 years years old, please be careful because some of the places are so dangerous.

Andy McDaniel

Me and my family go to Tennessee about two to three times a year and we take the time to go to the Smokey Mountains National Park almost every other time. Every time that we have gone so far there is wildlife given the weather is appropriate. It is always fun to see what life used to be like by looking back at what was left behind by the settlers and to see the wildlife freely roaming around. It is absolutely worth bringing the family or friends out to go see.

Cheryl Cruey

I love this park. It is so beautiful and clean. You can find trails for any level of fitness. All four seasons are spectacular. You can still see effects of the Gatlinburg fire a couple years ago but the new life is coming along nicely. The park is also filled with wildlife including bears.

Tracy Credeur

Deep Creek hiking was beautiful and fairly easy. Take note of the hike description if incline is an issue since the way you enter the trail matters. After hitting the trail cool off with a refreshing (or freezing;) tube ride down the creek. I highly recommend life jackets for the kids. You never know what to expect on the creek since the water level is constantly changing. The likelihood of falling out of the tube is high.

Drew Mueller

I dont think this place needs a review. If you're wondering if the smoky mountains are worth your time then you've obviously never been and need to go so you can fall in love with them. If you visit and still aren't enamored then you should find another hobby that doesn't involve being in magnificent nature. Tons of hiking locations, tons of cabins to stay in, and tons of fun little towns to explore. 100% worth your time.

Gwen P

This one of my favorite places on Earth. The mountain air, views, rivers, and valleys will make you appreciate the beauty of nature. Don't just stay in the crowded city. Get outside and enjoy all the GSMs have to offer!

Chase Horton

Went to TN for the weekend and came back home via Hwy 441, glad we did saw a lot of elk. Always love driving through here. Best place to go if you've never been.

Frida Patricio

We love ❤️ mountains

Allison Siegel

It's absolutely beautiful! We simply were driving up the mountain, but the were a lot of pull offs so we could enjoy different views. If hiking is more your thing, there are trails all over to be able to go on. It was nice for us, because we were able to get out and go down a little ways on a couple of trails with out having to have hiking gear.

Robert Clevenger

It is real cool that there is still places that you can ride though the back rodes and see the wild animals...Like bears, turkeys , elk and you can pull over and get in the creek to cool down from all of those 90 plus degrees days that we have had this summer....nothing else just ride though the mountain to unwind after a long week at work ...

Kimberly Nichols

Beautiful as always. Never disappoints. Native trout streams, elk, wild turkey...

Li Cara

I drove through this area and was blown away by its beauty. Being higher than the clouds is a moving and transformative experience...I wish I could do it every day!

Aaron Heffner

Always a pleasure coming to the mountains, beautiful country, have been all times in the year many times and it's always a different experience with something new. Could go for many years to come and we'll still never be able to do all there is to do in the park.

Jennifer Lacy

This is such a beautiful park, with great trails and scenic drives. The visitor center is also a wonderful place to stop by when you enter the park. Not only are you able purchase merchandise, but you can also visit the museum and learn a lot about the animals that are native to the Great Smoky Mountains. If you are ever in the area, you should definitely add this stop to your itinerary.

Jay Henderson

There is always something new to see in this Great American National Park. There are short and long nature trails, some paved for handicap usage, and even several one way paved driving trails. Great place to relax and enjoy the beauty of God's creation. We have enjoyed this park for well over 50 years and travel back from Ohio at least once a year!

Lacie Chevalier

One of my favorite places to visit! So many beautiful places to stop and enjoy the scenery and so many different things to do while visiting! If you haven't been here, I highly reccomend it!!

Tina Post

Nature is amazing! Can't find any words to describe how truly beautiful The Smoky Mountains are. Good news, the National Park is absolutely FREE! That's right, I said FREE! There are many things to do and see or simply just soak in the beauty.

Jay Brodie

Amazing park. The views are one of a kind. The road way through is clean and well paved. Watch some of the corners though as they will sneak up on you.

Lucy McKernan

Awesome. Took the 11 mile one way loop drive(after first coming through Townsend) and waited in traffic to see Mama bear with her cubs inside the park in July. Many butterfly species. Need more time and to go back.

Lil Dawg

I loved every second of it. I 100% recommend going there. Great for the whole family. 100% kid friendly. And there is no fee to get in.

A Hollingsworth

Beautiful and not too crowded at this time of year. The Rangers were working on several improvements so some areas were not accessible but there was so many trails to choose from it was not an issue. We loved visiting this gem of a park.

Shannon Valdez

Breath taking in more ways than one. Majestic, I wonder if the locals ever get used to driving these roads. Words can't describe and pictures don't do it justice. You MUST experience it for yourself.

Don Johnson

No words can describe beauty. I like the National Parks out west (Yellowstone, Zion, Yosemite, etc.) better. But, this place holds a special place in my heart.

Jason Sanders

We hiked the Laurel Falls trail. It was pretty busy, hard to find parking. The trail was black top, mostly up hill going in. The falls were pretty. We saw 2 copper head snakes and two bear.

Jon Waldorf

Love the mountains. Make several trips a year up here the views never get old. In this fast pace life, you need places like this to really help you relax. A little piece of Heaven!

Rick Nobers

This is the most visited National Park in the US. I like the drive and scenery better than the Blue Ridge Parkway. The park is a relatively easy drive for what this is. Hills and winds but nothing to get worked up about. Plenty of overlooks and summit type areas. Good time to be here is in fall as leaves change colors or when icicles are formed. Good place to get away from it all. Beautiful.

Bea Godbee

So beautiful! Words cannot describe the beauty here! So many great trails picnic areas, little gift stores! You HAVE to visit the oldest working grist mill in the area here! Stunning and very historical! Fabulous!!!

Brett Dillard

We were driving through and it was very pretty. There are lots of overlooks and just a nice drive. It is a curvy road so be careful. Also when at some of the overlooks be aware that you might see a bear or bears. These are wild animals. Don't go up to them. Otherwise have fun and make some memories with loved ones.

Ashley Kinsinger

Stunning! Well maintained with the best rangers and volunteers around! Everyone is so helpful and informative when we come to the park. They were repaving the roads when we were last in the park, and many trail updates. I will always come back to these mountains and this park!

kenny james

Extremely beautiful. Great views for everyone. If a family member has trouble hiking, there are many of beautiful views which can be accessed by driving up to them. Has challenging trails as well for even the most experienced hikers. Could spends months here exploring. YOU MUST GO HERE!

Mark Askin

The peace serenity and all who go here should feel blessed knowing that our country has such amazing and beautiful places to go visit and vacation. It's not always about leaving the country when there is so much beauty to see right here in the great old USA

John Welsh

My family drove through the park we had a great time. Lots of spots to pull off and explore and some great hiking. We went and saw a couple different falls that were easy access. I was also surprised the park wad free to enter. You can donate at the main visitor center which is worth it even if it's a few bucks. It's really well maintained for being free.

Noah Rogers

One of my family's favorite vacations. We come here often and it never disappoints. So much to do, and so much to see. Go for a hike. Have a picnic. Enjoy some time with your family. Great for all ages.

Kate Haverland

Its beautiful and an easy drive to get there if on the East Coast. Sure, the traffic can be bonkers, but its a huge park and there is plenty of wonderful places to get away from the crowds. It's been a family trip every few years for my whole life and every time is better than the last.

Tricia Darty

Beautiful scenery. Enjoyed getting back to nature. We saw bears and elk. Spent a great day hiking. Definitely a must when you visit the Smokies!


Great family fun. Remember to be courteous and pull off to the side to stop so you don't back-up everyone behind you for a mile. You are not the only one driving the loop hoping to see a bear.

Shannon Roark

It's always beautiful here. If you haven't been your making a mistake. One of the most beautiful places I've ever had the pleasure of visiting.

Edward Smith

Went to try our hand at fly fishing for wild trout. Upon returning via the main trail, we walked up on a bear raiding a honeybee nest right beside the trail. We backed up and gave him plenty of room til he was finished. Nice weather that day, rained off and on but was cool in the forest. No success with the trout but had a good time fishing the pools.

Ginny Gerling

Best time ever! Really enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Many memories made here on our visit. Met the caring hospitality and kindness of people in Tennessee. Already planning to come stay longer next vacation!

B-rad M

Great views whether just driving through or hiking. Short and longer hikes available. A number of waterfalls, old cabins, animals wandering, etc. Bike routes, camping, picnics... Lots to enjoy.

Jeff Rowe

Loved this park. So well maintained and great staff at every encounter. Excellent hiking trails. Wish there were more places to bike but liked the cabes cove loop ride. Toughest hike was chimney tops, best was alum cove, nicest was Abrams falls, worst was Appalachian trail at highest point in park.

Erika Hernandez

Absoutlety beautiful. I love the feeling of being unplugged and in the middle of nature. I'm new to hiking and the trail to Grotto Falls hike was TOUGH! Around 3 miles in and out but I made it and it was well worth the views. Highly recommend visiting all parts of The Great Smokey Mountains!

reney l

What a great place! A National Treasure that should be preserved! Don't miss Clingman's Dome, Cade's Cove and the Alum Trail! I was so lucky to see bears and an elk! The roads are amazing - very well maintained. I loved it!

Shannon Shedd

Beautiful as always. So happy to see the vegetation growing back on since the fire a couple years ago. Stopped by Cades Cove like usual and had a great time!

Anne Simmons

The mountains are beautiful with the blue hue over hills. The curved roads have a canopy of trees providing some shade with a stream running along side most of the road. Bring your water shoes to cool your feet after a day of hiking. Relax and enjoy the views!

Charmaine Bacorn

Most beautiful and amazing place. Beautiful waterfalls and trails. Plenty of scenic spots to pull over. Absolute must if you are in the area. Very clean but if you picnic or take snacks please clean up your own mess!

Ken Madsen

Beautiful park with a lot of awesome wildlife. Very clean and the park rangers were very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend taking the family and seeing as much as you can

Dawn Horney

Such a beautiful place---abundant with natural beauty, teeming with abundant plants and animals. Good balance of protected natural spaces and trails and infrastructure for people to access nature

Marialana Hardy

A beautiful area that I consider my second home, having visited there about 100 times over more than 40 years. Cades Cove is a very special part of the park, with an 11-mile loop road you can bike or drive. There are historic buildings and helpful rangers to guide you. You can see bears, deer and wild turkeys as well as a coyote or two in this park.

Tenny Elf

If you have never gone you should at least drive through the park to see its beauty. Depending on what season you prefer the Smokies have it. There is more nature than you can take in in one day.

Stephen Hicks

The Smokey’s should get a one star but I guess I can’t blame them. We went there Labor Day Weeken and walked from the road to the stream and I got...yep, poison ivy. Pics to follow. Otherwise, it was beautiful. We always love going when we’re in Knoxville. Just be sure you’re careful of the little green plants. Water was cold, but you could get used to it. Tubing was the plan, however, we ended up getting there to late so we just enjoyed the sunset and peacefulness. Creatures are neat. No bears this time, but Mr salamander and Miss butterfly stopped by. Not sure about the Orange fungi, but being that close to Vol country might explain it.

Tometha Weber

Beautiful in October. Got to see 2 bears and plenty of beautiful scenery. Hiking trails are great.

McKenzie Brown

Wow! I do not know where to even start. The mountains are honestly just gorgeous. I saw the mountains from TN and SC. The park is just as wonderful. Very informational and pretty. There are beautiful streams and I even saw a waterfall. Its a great fishing spot and they have great hiking tails. I could go on and on about this place. You can see wild animals roaming the area. We saw deer and black bears. So much fun for all ages!

Greig Smith

I have spent time in Germany, but the food here was as good or better than anything I had in Germany. try the Bacon Potato Pancake appetizer. amazing

Sara Fulmas

We drove the Cades Cove loop spending a few hours at some of the stops along the way, and still wished we had time to do so much more! Beautiful scenery. Makes you truly appreciate God's creation!

brandon jackson

Very nice place to vacation the cabin we rented was beautiful with 3 hot tubs 1 on every floor of the cabin a game room which had a pool table and air hockey was great. Did not see no bears at all during the 3 days there. Very beautiful sights to see

Sanjeev Chugh

Very vast and lots of interesting hikes Good areas to drive through. The visitors centres were manned by very knowledgeable rangers

Edward DeMellier

Always enjoy my visits to the park. This time we had a great hike on the Alum cave trail and a very nice drive through Cade's Cove.

Matt Manganello

So beautiful! Leaves are starting to change color. We went on Thursday 10/11 and the park was packed...I couldn’t imagine trying to visit the park on a weekend. Thankfully the line wasn’t terrible in the one way loop. We didn’t get out and do much hiking. Overall, it was a nice trip!

Brad McMillan

Fantastic scenic drive with plenty of "pull-offs" for photography. Road way was in good condition. Park offices were well staffed with knowledgeable people and plenty of pricey souvenirs.

Amy Rose

I really love the Great Smoky Mountains. My favorite moment was the night before we left to drive home, and they really lived up to their name: the smoke/fog/steam was rising all around the mountains, and it was an incredible sight to see.

Paul Moseley

Love this place, I would give it 10 stars but the option is not available. The Foothills Parkway is absolutely breathtaking.

Anthony Pippin

We went to Cade's Cove. I always love a drive through the Cove. I wish more people could slow down (speed) when going through, enjoy it. We saw 5 deer, 5 turkey's and a coyote. No bear this trip. Of course we had to stop at the camp store and get ice cream. Hands down the best I've cream cones. Make sure to get a waffle cone.

Luke Andrews

My wife and I were staying in Gatlinburg for our honeymoon and decided to go hike rainbow falls. Nice hike, but definitely get there early. The first two parking lots were full, so we had to park on the side of the road. It was a 6+ mile hike round trip, so be prepared for that. It can be a little rough in places, but not too bad at all. There were people hiking it with their kids and even strollers, so it can be done. We saw some turkeys, deer and some other wildlife. Nothing to extravagant, but still nice to see.

Todd Robinson

Visited several area within this park. Everywhere was very well maintained and free of litter. Great views.

Emily Rose

It was a nice trail and easy to place to follow, without overly complex hiking. The mountains are beautiful. A star off because I wish there was more to see based on the couple of trails we were at and the national park section we were at didn't have a lot to see. Still worth going to and I do recommend it.

Caitlin Bahr

This was our first National Park experience, and we had such a great time! The park is beautiful - the drive in is serene, the hiking paths are well maintained, and the views are stunning. All the staff and fellow visitors were so friendly and helpful. I also highly recommend the Junior Park Ranger program for kids - ours loved the workbook activities and the Ranger-led programs. They were so proud to earn their very own Junior Ranger badges, and now they're asking to visit more parks and definitely want to come back to this one. Thank you Park Rangers for maintaining and protecting such a beautiful national treasure!

Stacey Adler

We drive up through the national park every year that we visit for Jeep invasion. There is nothing like a drive through this breathe taking country with the top and doors off. There are so many trails to hike and beautiful scenery along the drive. It has beautiful pull off spots or make it to the top. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Markie Caine

A free national park is awesome! It was cloudy when we went on the first day but still pretty beautiful. Lots of places for hiking if you're into that. If not, you can drive around to all the lookout places!

Laurie Schoeck

Can I give it a 15! Beautiful, stunning, calming, did I say stunning! Clingmans dinner is a must for a 360 degree view of all the park... Just stunning. Walk up is challenging so just go slow and steady.

Mark Sproles

This part is fantastic. We love visiting here on family vacations. We usually see a bear. Great scenery.

Garrett g Robison

Great Park. We had a blast driving around and hiking. The driving is definitely not for the faint of heart. Have to keep up with speed limits and be able to spin the wheel pretty freely. - Almost didn't have time to talk to my phone, while eating and texting with a cigarette in my other hand- yelling at the kids they are going to have to put up with touching each other while we go around nicely banked corners...

mitchell crowe

Totally awesome place to go. Haven't been here since I was 3 years old and I'm 55 now every experience is different and there are so many things to do and see. Park rangers are awesome. Can't wait to come back

Shorty Piercer

Absolutely some of the most beautiful nature in TN! A nice leisurely drive thru the forest is exactly what I needed. Didn't disappoint! We stopped in a few spots to explore the woods and play in the creek.

Michelle Haddock

Love love love! Amazing. Free. Great way to connect w/ nature and your family. No cell service! Even the section of the forest impacted by the fire of 2016 was breathtaking! Absolute must to visit!

Dave Barrett

Always fun to visit this National park. Hiking abounds with sites of all sorts. Can be busy at times with such high visitation rates just need to know when to go. Camping areas are in perfect spots throughout the park. Wildlife, history and culture are in abundant supply, bring boots and a camera and make a day of it!

Louise S.

My significant other works in park service. We come here a lot. Every time I see the scenery as we cross over I am blown away... The three pictures I posted here do not compare to anything... Simply show the greenery of this year. It is gorgeous. Bountiful. Lush green in the summers and autumn seasons leave you feeling as if this is/was God's paint palette. This is by far the best national park to step foot into. Please take your family or yourself to see this at least once in your lifetime. It is a bucket list item you didn't know you needed. A breath of fresh air that takes space in your lungs that lasts. Once you smell that crisp mountain air; you don't forget it... it is like smelling the ocean air for the first time. The aroma and scenic atmosphere is primitive and gives you the sense of belonging.

Rustin Keller

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is beautiful. It is the most visited park in the nation for a reason. Unfortunately it is the most visited park in the nation. Be prepared for traffic and crowds of people around the more popular and easier to access trails and points of interest.

Douglas Wimsatt

GSM, the beauty, majesty and God's country! We ride the mountain back roads, we swim in the lakes, we dine everywhere and shop the artisans in the area. Our home away from home! ✌

G. Renata Marlowe

Our family had a great time there. It was a catered event during the family reunion. We did see a cub and proceeded to blow the fog horn because it kept advancing. We were certain that Mama bear was somewhere close by. We did not want to see her.

Charles Hekman

The Smokies are gorgeous. We hiked the 70 miles of Appalachian Trail through the park. It was hot and humid the whole way, but the scenery was beautiful. Make sure your shoes have good support and soft insoles. The trail is quite rocky.

Colt Caylor

An amazing and wonderful piece of mother nature to visit! Recommend for friends, family, and even couples just getting away! Enjoy the beautiful wildlife and black bears! (Be careful and respectful of them and there space)

Ctine Cor-Willcox

Spectacular views, elevation is gradual climb. Many pull offs. Top peak never fails seems like the fog is always out and winning.

Kelly Ross

I have many photos and videos of my recent visit to the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. There are so many things to do and so many things to see. It's a great place to visit all year round.

Abdeljalil Ouhammou

Fabulous family getaway. Nice hikes with river/creek side walk (Alum Cave Trail) and waterfalls views (Laurel Falls Trail). Hiking and park guides are sold at visitor centers for $1 or less. The park gets extremely overcrowded on holiday weekends. Best times to visit are weekdays in Spring/fall time.

Haley J

Just go if you haven't.. well worth it. So much to explore and such beauty. The park is our 2nd home we like to say. Cade's Cove is my favorite place ever, been going over 20 years multiple times a year and it never gets old. I do recommend going early because it has become very popular and gets quite a bit of traffic after about 11am. The evening hours may be busier but it's also amazing. We have seen turkeys, hogs, deer, bears and coyotes as well as elk on the Cherokee side. Make sure to leave a donation as the entrance is completely free. And please please stay back from the wildlife, as you not only endanger yourself but the wildlife as well. Also, be courteous if you want to stop for anything and use the pull offs, there are pull offs every where. Get out there and enjoy!

Terry Fields

The Smokey mountains are such a wonderful place. To see them, experience them is a wonderful thing. I had a great time on every trail i hiked. My wife and i hike the Laurel Falls and Grotto Falls trails and both were awesome! We visited Cades Cove and the Rocky Fork Motor Nature Trail as well.

Junaid Khan

Awesome. We enjoyed the lush green mountains and excellent weather in September. Views are spectacular. Too many visitors but everyone seems to enjoy and in good mood.

Aaron Gibson

There's lots of great info about all the surrounding towns as well as all of the hiking trails. They have some very nice souvenirs including cook books made by locals.

Kirsten Welch

Probably our favorite National Park! The beauty is just breathtaking! Come back at each season and have different views and experiences. Perfect for a quick getaway or for an extended family vacation, you won't regret coming!

Bob and Barb Hettesheimer

I have been coming to this park for over 30 years or raised our children on this park and my grown daughter of 25 and myself just enjoyed another wonderful week at this park and of course Gatlinburg. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful memories and gets you up giving us over the years you are a blessed park.


This area is incredible. So many places to catch some great views. There are lots of scenic pull offs to stop and take in the beauty of this park. Tons of fun, curvy roads for motorcyclists. There are many hiking trails, waterfalls, and attractions here. I've been lucky to see some bears on a couple trips. Mostly in Cades Cove. Ended up moving hundreds of miles to be closer to these mountains. I highly recommend visiting and bringing all of your belongings because you won't want to leave.

Lena Harrison

You can't go wrong with America's National Parks and this is a beautiful one. The trails were well maintained as were the campgrounds and public restrooms. We enjoyed a relaxing week tent camping in the park and even saw some bears. It was a great experience filled with wonderful drives and good hiking.

Debbi Kubicky

Great views & great people. Unfortunately there was a fire, but thank God for the Rangers controlling the situation. As it turned out it was only a car fire not a forest fire.

Mel Tadese

God is great. Its an amazing nature. I drove all the way at top of the mountain... 80 degree down to 66 at the top of the mountain, Ow Lord you are great.

Pamela Jean

Always an awesome place. The views are wonderful. Lots of hiking trails. Lots of waterfalls. Very friendly people. Wouldnt mind living here

Mic Platt

It's no wonder this is the most-visited National Park in the US! Beautiful from start to finish. A great place for everything outdoors--from camping to hiking to stunning vistas to a dip in a cool mountain stream and everything in between! Please "like" my review if it was helpful or informative.

Michele Kane

Great Smoky Mountain National Park was beautiful. There are so many different hiking trails in the park and there are even some waterfalls! Off of one of the trials we saw some ruins of old burnt down houses. We were even lucky enough to see some bears while we visited the park. This is a great national park to visit.

lisa bobber

Just beautiful. Breathtaking views, nice country roads. Lots of pull off spots for pics. Will be going back again soon.

Chirag Nakrani


Chad Ehnert

Beautiful! Everyone should see this area. Roads are well kept. You don't need to leave your car, but there are places to pull off and take pictures if you want.

Jack Wolfinger

No other place like it. Hiking, photography, or fishing a mountain Stream away from the crowds. Seems to be something for everyone. Stories of settler's braving these mountains on their own terms and music as beautiful as the people's that create it. Come and be a part of something magnificent.

The Crystal Rose

Beautiful scenery and well marked trails with lots of choices of where to camp. Park rangers are very helpful if you call ahead with questions and other campers/hikers are fun to meet. I recommend backpacking/ back country camping and trying out a shelter on the Appalachian trail as well as seeing the stars from Clingmans dome where a lot of people car camp and video the stars because your so high up near them :) I had bear spray but never had to use it and do not recommend carrying your 30lb backpack up Ramsey Cascades ;)

Kevin Beseman

What a beautiful park with amazing views in every direction! Make sure to plan for hiking. Some paths are more strenuous than others but all were worth the hike. We wish we would have spent more time hiking here!

Mo Tracey

Just gorgeous. I loved the old homestead and the drive. Saw some black bear cubs even. I like that the proceeds from the store go to the park.

Steve Earp

Only God could create such a beautiful place. Lots to do and see. Saw deer, elk, and a bear cub in the wild. Will be back

Martha Stawiarski

It is a must do drive a Phenomenal 10 mile in the Smoky mountains if you are not up to hiking and you are here only for a short time. Lot's of streams to see and hear as well as an old log cabin that was lived in many years ago.

Victor Shelton

Great big variety, something for everyone young old and every body in between. It is the most visited national park in the east of the united states.

Justin McGrath

Beautiful walking and hiking trails. Scenic drive with multiple overlooks. Very well kept. Can't believe this is free

Robert Hogeland

It's an amazing place. I don't know what more to say. My Cub Scout son loved hiking various trails all over the park.


The trails are a bit tough but manageable. The views however are not as spectacular as I would have hoped. If you like hiking through nature however, this is a great location. However, you will likely not be the only one enjoying the trails, as there are lots of people who visit these trails as well. Not for those who are seeking a more secluded experience with nature.

Cory H

It turns out there's a reason Great Smokey Mountains is the most visited National Park. It's incredible. There are endless trails and pull offs and motor trails to drive. Highly recommend going as early as you can to avoid the crowds at the most popular hikes, as parking can get tricky. This is especially true for Clingmans Dome, which is a must visit at the park. Truly outstanding.

Justin Osborne

Love this park! We've walked/hiked several trails, camped out a few nights, and have enjoyed every minute we're here. We generally stay on the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area when we visit.

Blackjack Widow

I drive through here a few times a year. Beautiful drive, breathtaking views & opportunities to see elk, bears, and other wildlife. Plan on stopping at the turnouts at least a couple times. I keep wanting to chase the sunset up the mountain and photograph at every turnout. When the steam / clouds are rising in wisps, it's easy to see why they're called the Smokey Mountains. One of my favorite places on earth.

Marshall Bloom

We LOVED THE MOUNTAINS. Had a great couple hikes. Very beautiful

Sentient Soup

Beautiful park and amazing views! There are tons of trails with sights that look like artwork. Hiking the trails was is so much fun with family going with you. The unobstructed view of the Great Smokey's is unbelievable and pictures can't do it justice. I would recommend this National Park to anyone who has the chance to come!

Alex Albarello

The endless views, the countless trails and stops, it's just breathtaking! Fun for the family and for those who want a private getaway. The smokies is a great place to visit and it's a place you really never want to leave.

Nicholas Hart

Wow what a spectacular place. Looking forward to seeing more of its beauty on my next trip

Donnita McCown

One of the most beautiful places I have ever been. So much to see and do it was totally amazing and it took my breath. I will definitely be going back to this area.

Elizabeth Uchiyama

Beautiful pristine wilderness with trails for hiking from half a mile, 2.5 mile, 4 miles and up. Bring water and snacks, this ain't Disneyland! And there are wild bears so talk, clap, sing and be aware. We hiked Laurel Falls trail to the top. It was lovely.

Kiara Givens

This place is gorgeous! My family has visited here for the last 4 years now. Amazing views, beautiful streams, and wildlife galore. I love the nature of this place. Truly God's Country.

Dena Thompson

The drive threw is so nice all times of year. It is crowded in the popular places for sure. My advice is go Monday threw Thursday and you can enjoy better.

Kathy Aker

Wonderful scenery with plenty of breath-taking vistas. Great hiking trails ranging in length and skill level. Depending on what you are looking to do there, local towns very commercialized with plenty to see, places to stay and eat. Traffic heavy and really extends local commute times.

Brenda Sereni

Beautiful beyond compare!! Nobody should miss an opportunity to see this amazing place. Add it to your bucket list. Great place to be reminded of just how's beautiful the world we live in is. I will return here often.

Jacque Webb

I have always loved the mountains. The Smokies are beautiful. The roads are well maintained with plenty of pull offs. The streams are beautiful. Beautiful waterfalls. We saw quite a bit of wildlife including bear, elk, deer, Turkey, etc. Well worth going to see

Destin Nickles

Absolutely stunning, will be back again and again. If you like the outdoors and seeing wildlife this is the perfect family vacation spot. I recommend spending atleast a week there.

Nancy Flanders

You can never go wrong visiting the Smoky Mountains. My family and I visit every year since I was young. My dad passed his love for the mountains along to me. I have always called the mountains GODS country.

Brian Fritz

The smokies are an amazing place to go and lose yourself, then find your true self in nature. There is lots of beautiful wildlife and fun creeks and trails. The roads can be a little tricky in some areas and there are black bears so be safe and respect wildlife. The views are breathtaking, the air is clean, and the nature is peaceful and calming. I recommend going to the smokies and enjoying some peaceful time to yourself or giving your family a trip to remember.


9.1.19 to 9.3.19 - last part of our Tennessee trip. We hiked to Myrtle Point, Mt. Le Conte, and a few other trails, just awesome. You can't go wrong when you're with nature and you're prepared. In the mountains you can lose civilization to hear and see nothing but the wilderness.

Casey E

Make sure that it has rained recently before hiking 3 miles to see a "waterfall". The hike was beautiful and difficult (partly because I'm out of shape) but, when there is a record dry season, there's not much water to see. I'd still recommend the hike to Rainbow falls because it was the best views we saw on our vacation.

Michael Haynes

Extremely beautiful came at just the right time to see the fall leaves. And the spectacular views especially when you get high enough and it is cloudy and you can see the mountain tops disappear in the clouds and watch the clouds roll throughout the mountain valleys. And thay are lots of places to pull over to take in the beautiful view and take pictures would highly recommend everyone to check out the Great Smoky mountains National park. I love bringing my family here time and time again.

Angelique Wright

Going to the Smokies is always a treat. Especially when the weather is perfect. The trails are awesome and the sights never disappoint. I live close so it's a trip that I definitely don't take enough but am going to try to more. The Cade's cove drive is sure to bring wildlife into your life. Remember not to feed anything while you are there but do take pics.

Ray Goodwin

The historical preservation and aspect are worth four stars, but the one lane one way road creates traffic that makes rush hour seem preferable. If you come here to visit nature, please park in one of the hundreds of parking lots or pull outs. But don't stop every five feet to roll down your window and take a picture.

Paul Kelley

Lot of very old beautiful trees. Roads in great shape. Visitor center spectacular.

Cathy Alemany

Love the Smoky Mountains! A beautiful place to visit. Nice roads with great views and lots of overlooks. Best not to try to visit on holiday weekends, it gets super crowded! A great vacation destination with lots to do - hiking and enjoying outdoors, shopping, eating out, and tons of fun activities close by in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.

Carolyne Hunter

Tour guide was awesome. He had great stories. Enjoyed the gift shop. Prices were reasonable .

Jeanette Dice

This is a must see! We took our dogs hiking and it was perfect with lovely streams and cool trees. Next time, I hope to see the Indian reservation.

Umer Hassan

It is one of the best places to be in North Carolina. Not only the spot is great but you’ll probably also enjoy driving there, we got there from the east side in North Carolina and the views throughout the driving were great. One advice is that have your gas tank filled up before you get into the park as for miles you won’t find any gas station. And another thing is to make sure you have offline navigation or maps, because most of the time you won’t receive any signals ( we had Verizon & T-Mobile).

Scott Avidon

Great large wilderness area. Saw birds and butterflies and insects but no furry mammals unless you count guys with beards. Excellent for hiking. Abundant streams. Roads well maintained. Some drivers too slow.

Zachary Hill

Beautiful place to go for a drive and picnic with some friends or family. If you love nature, the Smoky Mountains is the place to visit.


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