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Where is Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum?

REVIEWS OF Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum IN North Carolina

Deena Doud

Honestly. Not my cup of tea. There are some cool relics there but I don't feel like it's worth the price and it's pretty small there. Main lobby then one room with exhibits, mostly from queen Anne. I was super excited but left mildly disappointed. If you're super into Queen Anne's boat you will love this.

Bob Taylor

OK this isn't the greatest museum in the world but it is a great place to spend a couple of hours during your beach week. This museum is especially good for grandparents and grandchildren to tour / enjoy together. Part of the museum has a …

Amy M. Toman

Great small museum with wonderful displays. There's free parking, and the building's design resembles a ship's core. We entered and the ladies in the lobby were friendly. The giant fresnel lens is the centerpiece of the lobby. The displays in the main room are well researched and easy to navigate. Good displays for children as well. We came back twice and will drop in again.

John Ramsaur

Information packed museum

katrina herman

Interesting.u- Boat & blackbeard info good. Bit dark.needs better lighting.

Sam P

Pretty small and basic but still interesting. Staff was very friendly.

William Jantsch

Lovely little museum in the village of Hatteras, one of the most difficult places to reach in the continental US. There are mostly maritime displays, ranging from artifacts derived from wrecks of pirate ships, to documentaries of famous sea rescues and wartime submarine activity. My brother who is retired from the Navy really enjoyed this museum.

Michael Connick

Very small, but worth a quick visit.

Brand Inlow

I enjoyed the museum, visited during the 2018 Thanksgiving weekend. The museum display area is surprisingly small but very high quality. There is also a gift shop and a film room housed in the building. There is no charge for this venue, donations are accepted. Great option if you find yourself deep in the ferry line as the location is contiguous. Easy to see all in 30 minutes or less.

__ B__

It is a small museum. They have some items from blackbeard's ship queen Anne's revenge. There is an exhibit of the Monitor and of scuba diving.

Meagan York

Amazing museum with so much background of Hatteras. So glad we made

kevin giffin

Surprisingly interesting exhibits!

Wanda Gooding

Love this place!! If you like to explore the history of the places you visit and love, time spent here is well worthwhile!!

Obrad Milutinovich

Been visiting since it was first built. Have loved watching it transform and grow. Great musuem. Helpful knowledgeable staff. Exhibits are top-notch!

Mark Wandrey

This is a small museum operating on donations. A good amount of historic artifacts including things from Blackbeard's ship and the original Cape Hatteras lighthouse signal partly restored. Worth the stop.

Zack Maki

Nice small museum, tells a great history.

Mark Cosgriff

Neat museum. It appears to be a large facility but the exhibits on local history, fishing, diving, & wrecks only take an hour or two to fully explore. Some remnant wrecks are on the grounds. The young woman staffing the front desk was very informed and engaging to both kids and adults. The nearby beach was nice but busy.

Jeffrey Ewart

Amazing the history that happened along this beautiful coast.!!!

Michael Vehmeier

Interesting history, very clean and well curated exhibits.

Hugo Hackenbush

Free admission and parking. Donations appreciated. Plan on 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Many artifacts and displays. High quality, class act museum. Sections on Blackbeard, Titanic, WWII German U-boat activity, various shipwrecks and original artifacts from them, the Iron clad "Monitor". Right next to the (free) ferry to Ocracoke island, so plan to arrive a little early to the ferry and check out the museum.

Angie Miller

Such a great place to learn things about the ocean for all ages

Cheryl Niday

Everybody who goes to Hatteras needs to go to this place. At least once!

Danny McLeod

Loved the history and the friendly workers.

Joseph J. Sydlo

Great place filled woth history and interesting information! It is completely free, but they so accept donations.

Jeff Wermers

Deep in OBX interesting shipwreck uncovered


Great little museum, very informative and Free!

Richard and Erica Sunny

Nice stop while traveling the coast.

Jaqueline Bustos

Very informative, great historical items

Noelle Guimond

I love history, fun place

Dan Teachey

Artifacts are amazing. Maritime information from A to Z. Very nice and cordial staff. Lighthouse inside . So much history. Thank you for all the preservation you guys do!!!.

Max O'Grady

Great museum right by the ferry. It’s free too!

mr. P.

Pretty cool history. Be careful not to touch artifacts, ghosts may follow you home for a night .

Matthew 1238

The graveyard of the Atlantic Museum is one of the best museums that I've been to incorporating local Legends and interesting things about the island. Sometimes they will have presentations for adults. And they also have very fun activities for kids.

Jennifer Shelley

Very interesting. I like all the local history

Becky M

Neat and only donations for entry, don't see that much anymore.

Ice 2496

Great museum for pirate. WWI and other ships

Dirk Roelofs

Very informative museum. There are a lot of shipwrecks at Hatteras

B Hamilton

Cute little museum, nice history of tve area.

Noah Nason

Outside doesn't look like much but inside was a plesent surprise. Much larger and quite interesting. Nice gift shop. Need about 60 to 90 minutes to see.

Bradlee Darrah

Definitely worth the visit. FREE admission, lots of history and information. Unique exhibit. I'd recommend donated a couple of dollars in their donation box so they can keep it open and add more to the museum!

Jon Graff

This is an interesting museum dedicated to the maritime history of Hatteras Island and the immediate area. There's exhibits dedicated to historical pirate activity, the Monitor from the Civil War, World War I and II events, a short history …

Casey Verl Woolsey

Fun scavenger hunt kept the kids engaged

Dan Frazier

Nice place to visit after Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Kids enjoyed the exhibits.

RetroReclaimations Jen Benson

My family visited over Thanksgiving weekend and spent over 2 hours. Great for all were able to color and read while I went through ENTIRE museum. Fascinating local history and interesting stories about how local, maritime history affected broader economy and commerce. Best part? Queen Anne's Revenge artifacts!

Gregg Weber

Very nice. Well laid out. Activities for everyone. Check online for schedule of activities and events Worth visit

Gail Markle

Really cool place, full of history.

Austin Stehley

Great displays, no admission fee but gladly donated.

Sabrian Trips

I got to touch one of the canons from the Queen Anne’s Revenge.

John Hardin

Awesome history about the area and free

Andrew Doss

Excellent! Wonderful place to take your family and learn about some of the shipwreck history. And also to learn about other related things that have happened to ships during various wars etc.

carson roberson

If you enjoy learning about pirates, old ships, and light houses I would recommend

John McCullough

This is a small museum, but it is spacious and clean. The exhibits are in a large unified hall, but are quite detailed and enlightening. When we were there last, there was a scavenger hunt for the older kids that they really enjoyed. …

Reformed Wooden Creations

Informative displays, would like to see it a little more interactive.

Fred Cathey

Lots to look at. Very enjoyable museum

Ann Ford

I feel like this museum has missed an opportunity to delve into a really interesting topic—all of the many shipwrecks along the Outer Banks— and instead focused more on the the Civil War and the island’s other interests, with a focus on very few shipwrecks. Perhaps if they changed the name it wouldn’t be a let down.

Alisha B

Our son LOVED this place ❤️

Luis Braz-Ruivo

This is a neat place to visit in Hatteras with lots of artifacts from shipwrecks. Must see and best of all, it is free. They have a donation box, please don’t be cheap and contribute what you can.

Jessica Keeton

Very interesting museum, definitely worth a stop. Admission is free and there's beach access right across the road. Plan to take your time. Although it is small, it is packed with interesting information and exhibits.

Joe Cephus

Very well put together. Alot of information here with alot of exhibits to see. Donations only with a small gift shop. Worth a stop

Doug Dubois

Nice little museum.

Becky Wyble

Very interesting. They had a kids program and a scavenger hunt for the kids to keep them interested. The place was very cold so bring something to keep you warm. They also had a movie going in one of their rooms. There was some interactive exhibits to try as well.

Elizabeth Coggins

A nice quiet museum with some unknown history about the OBX. I love coming here and seeing the artifacts they’ve collected. Will always go back.

Spencer Jones

Small..packs a huge punch for size. Highly recommend

Maxime Dufresne

Kids enjoyed the hunt and kept them interested. Parent enjoyed the visit too :)

Susie Poindexter

Very cool place!

Carmelo Quijano

For free, it's fine. But could I have missed it? Sure. Billy Mitchell mannequin was meh. Fresnel lens light house too was interesting. There is a museum store which was interesting. Overall, bring your kids and share a little history.

Taushana Keeton

Great and free.... lots of info on local shipwrecks, stories, fishing, pirates, and even the Titanic

Michele Matras

Sweet lots of facts and some cool old stuff

david Troast

Very enjoyable and informative, free- can't beat the price. Thanks fred.

Pat Bustle

A really cool experience. If your in Hatteras, a definite must see. It really does a great job of explaining the contribution this area has made to the Marine industry

Kira O'Neill

Loved the info and the scavenger hunt.

John Dalton

Very cool history from Civil War through WW2 with German u-boats. Doesnt take long to get through and awesome beach right across the road

Andrew Schimmelpenningh

Very well put together museum. I learned a great deal here.

Sue Wentz

A place we stop by every visit to Hatteras. Many exhibits, easy to understand, a good way to learn about the rich heritage of the area. From lighthouses, pirates, Titanic, diving, Civil War, Monitor and Merrimack, shipwrecks and how close WWII got to America's shores. Something interest to everyone!!!

Maria Linden

Nice artifacts from the past and interesting stories.

Good gamer morning -ggm

Really enjoyed the history

Starla Wicks-Heath

Self guided museum. Informative but seemed a bit unorganized. Like .. the flow of it was all over the place.

Ann Bridgers

Even though you were closed when we went for a visit, we still enjoyed the grounds outside and walked out on the pier. Thanks for a lovely time and hopefully we can get back one of these Days to see the inside of this museum. Please consider opening on Mondays!!!

steve jessop

Neat information about the many shipwrecks in the area as well as the fishing and diving activities surrounding the Outer Banks.

Justin Martin

Wonderful place to go to see the history of shipwrecks off the coast of the OBX.

Brenda Smith

Very nice place that everyone can enjoy!

Shannon Bailey

Could lose yourself and a ton of time in this amazing little museum

Shanna Campbell

This museum is excellent considering it's free. We really enjoyed our time there. Cute gift shop, too.

Debbie Doyle

Impressive and so informative. You won't be disappointed with your visit

chris schultheis

If you like history it's very informative

Danielle Kaltenmark

The family loved it!

Cassie Conti

What a great experience! Thank you Ms. Riddle for taking the time to speak with my shipwreck obsessed son and signing his copy of your book! We will most definitely return!

Bob Morris

Lots of good information about local ship wrecks

Pamela Neese

Very well presented, lots of good stories and items.

Michele Pastorius

Awesome!! Learned so much. Proud to be American!!!

Christian Fletcher

Worth seeing if you are at all interested in ships, pirates, diving, or lighthouses. Some very cool exhibits, including the original 19th century French-made original fresnel lens from the Cape Hatteras lighthouse.

Marc Parent

Interesting displays for whole family. Takes 45 min go through.

Obx Salvo

Very nice, easy in and out besure to check out the different rooms and or ask the staff where displays are.

Joshua Campbell

Very nice museum. This place does real research! They find stuff in the ocean, then clean it and display it! Very cool. You can see into their lab.

Jay Brown

Learned a lot here and it's free

Karen Peterson

Interesting exhibits, though some NC connections were a stretch (Titanic tie-in: the Vanderbilts' valet ...?!!)

TD Smith

It is a small museum, but it has some very interesting items in its collection. No entry fee, but there is a place for donations. The items from Blackbeard's ship were very interesting. It's always nice to be able to learn new stuff. Be …

George Selby

Pretty interesting little museum. Things to do for the kids, nice little theatre with a 30 minutes or so collection of a few short videos. They have an Enigma coding device recovered from the nearby waters. Only thing that was strange was the main exhibit hall was kinda hidden, I almost missed it. Once inside, though, out was quite interesting and much larger inside than I thought. Plus you can observe items being preserved by scientists.

Edward Scott

An absolutely incredible museum! I am extremely interested in ships and ship wrecks, but this museum is not exclusive for those fascinated by ships. The Outer Banks has a rich nautical history and this museum does a great job of portraying that history. The staff is extremely kind and knowledgeable. I had a great time here learning about the history of the area. I definitely recommend visiting. They are in need of funding and I hope someday they will receive it.

Elaine Reckrey

Staff very nice. Exhibits enjoyable

Particia Miers

Really enjoyed learning about the ships wrecked along this coast

Jeremy D

Great place to visit. Lots of information about the history of the Outer Banks.

Mike Dillery

Very interesting. Outstanding volunteers. Loved all the history and artifacts.

Greg Davidson

Very Educational and interesting, well curated, friendly staff, and free

Tom Chan

A free museum that has quite a collection of historical ship wrecks. We spent less than an hour there. The parking area is also a good spot where you could access the beach in a short walk.


The employees were amazing they let u do a scavenger hunt and sometimes they would give u some hints.

Richelle Gibson

Small museum, but interesting displays and relics if you like ships and the history of diving, fishing etc. For the kids there is an educational area with knot tying station, code breaking, children's books and some other activities. The kids could also go on a museum scavenger hunt with a list from the front desk. Nice break away from the sun and no cost to get in. There is a donation box if you are inclined to give and they have a gift shop.


Very fun, and neat artifacts!

Jerry Sullivan

Take time to visit here! Rich in history and seafaring lore...

Brianna Stump

Sooooo much too see here ! Quality exhibits, nice gift shop .

Donald Bowling

Nice museum. Needs a few more exhibits

Richard McGinniss

Grate atmosphere and educational

Carolina Coto

They need change the entrance but still is amazing place

Ron Manning

Very interesting and great relics and photos.

Nathan Truitt

Very interesting displays, definatly with a visit.

Ashley Fabela

It's free to visit so donations keep this place running. There is a small room for kids to practice knots and play games and the remaining part of the musuem has artifacts from sunken ships. I only wish there were more information on all the claimed ships from the area.

Alyssa Saldivar

Intersiting Queen Anne's Revenge exhibit and Monitor exhibit with many great artifacts. Free, so a good stop.

Brian K. Brown

Nice location and very informative!

Joshua Walton

Great little place to stop by, the staff were kind and helpful and the exhibits were interesting. We visit during the special exhibit of Blackbeard which was neat and got to see some original artifacts from the Queen Anne’s revenge all in all it was a great stop on our trip

Ray Prill

A good distraction on a rainy day. Smaller than expected, but the price is right. Don't miss going through the "secret door" to the larger gallery. Coordinate with your visit to the lighthouse to marvel at the actual 1860s era lens/light.

James Miller

Great New building

Cheryl Gallagher

Exceptional time capsule of a museum from the Queen Anne's Revenge to modern day diving equipment and so much more. No admission but we gladly donated the recommended 5 bucks. Plus how can you resist a photo OP like this!

Justin Rittwage

Very interesting! Lots of lost history from the ocean!

Brandi Scott

Free to go in and has some cool displays.

Craig Molnar

I love history, and this has Civil War, WWI and WWII history and more. Plus it's free. They only ask for donations. Really something to see.

Jenny Hults

Very historical place fun for kids

Cody Carpenter

A lot of fun! They had a scavenger hunt and a prize for completing it! It was really informative; I didn't know NC had a role in the sinking of the Titanic. There was also a lot of stuff that I taught in my history class, so it was cool to get some added details, like General Burnside's involvement with Hatteras (fun fact from my class was that Burnside led to the term "side burns." Good, free place to visit, but do make a donation!

Amber McCaslin

The lighthouse stuff was the most interesting, a lot of the exhibits were a But it's free! And the building itself is super cool. Worth a visit.

Cat Doane

Great museum to visit, small but well kept with friendly staff. Free admission, nice little gift shop too! The Fresnel lens along with its history is very interesting!

GREG Samples

Nice place to learn the history of the locals. Love that it's free for all and you can donate what you can afford.

Jan Černín

A great place to visit! Lots of information on the history of the area and the treacherous ocean that surrounds it.

Brian Williams

Bulk of the exhibits were for the civil war and pirates (Arrrgh!). There were other exhibits for both world wars, diving in general, etc. Museum is worth seeing if you're a history buff or even just a vacationer. It was very informative and interesting!

Daniel Deignan

A nice self guided museum tour of the local history, facility is top notch with helpful staff

Thomas Carmines

Very interesting museum - will return because there was more to see than we could do in an hour.

Ruby Crumpler

Very interesting place. G. Granddaughtet loved it. 5 yrs old diid schaverington hunt. Did good, found all.

Sonja Bruns

Waa very interesting. But if you are not in the area, it's not worth the detour

mike siggin

It was free they had a search thing for the kids

Trudi Heiselman

Very interesting museum. Great beach right outside.

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