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742 Chimney Rock Park Rd, Chimney Rock, NC 28720, United States

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Where is Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Park?

REVIEWS OF Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Park IN North Carolina

Teri Turner

I need to go back! So many different trails. Such a beautiful place. Try to go on a week day and go early! Wear comfortable shoes, hat, sunscreen, take water! They do have a gift shop that has a lot to offer. There are trails for all different levels from moderate to extreme. You won't be disappointed!

Nicole H

We’ve been to this state park several times, when my husband and I were dating, later with the dog and the kids. We had our wedding here as well, the views are breathtaking and it’s never too crowded. The park rangers/staff are very kind and helpful as well.

Buck Hiltebeitel

We had a good time. The Hickory But trail was well worth the trip. Beautiful falls at the end.

SC Dreamers

It was ok. Highest priced state park I have ever been to. Hope you like stairs!

Barry Steele

Nice place. Great views. Elevator almost to the top.. Gift shop, food & drink up there. If you aren't a hiker or there for a picnic.. Not much else to do. The road needs serious maintenance.. potholes, crumbled asphalt edges rolling off to oblivion.. Not enough room for 2 campers to pass.

Amy Metcalf

Views for miles! This monolith chunk of granite has been a tourist destination for decades and does not disappoint today. The state park has done a fantastic job of maintaining it and providing multiple activities for people of all different abilities. We rode the 26 story elevator to the top and only had to climb one set of stairs, which was great as I had a 3 year old, two aging parents and my husband with an injury. All got to enjoy the best view. There is a children's area that was closed (we were there at the end of the day) that looked fun.

Kris Shannon

Fantastic views and a lovely setting. The walk up stairs is Definitely gruelling but the views to make up for it. What's unfortunate is there's not much to do once you get to the top but perhaps I missed some of the hiking trails. I would have liked more of a luncheon place at the top so I could sit and enjoy the view for longer. $17 seems like a steep price per person but it is a once in a lifetime view so I just dealt with it.


Oh my goodness this place is gorgeous! Parking was easy, the staff was friendly and the view was to die for! When we visited the elevator was not functioning, but climbing those thousands of steps was worth it! We spent all day there exploring the various trails. There’s even a waterfall.

Christie Lawrence

We loved the family time together. A lot of STEPS...but a nice 72 degree day for exploring an climbing the rock. Beautiful wild flowers. Clear, exquisite pictures of the waterfall, Lake Lure an the Gorge. Well worth the $17.00 each. Cooled off in bate cave an then enjoyed the elevator ride down to the bottom. Even the devil seemed to be enjoying the view on his ledge. Ate at the rock cafe at the entrance of the park in the village.....amazing! Nice to sit on deck beside water an watching ppl enjoy the area. Seeing all the full bloomed trees. Well worth the visit to the area! The village was fun shopping too. Lake Lure beautiful, flower bridge full of blooms an the lake shimmering in the sun! One thing- a lot of bees.


It was a nice view. Elevator was working. We went on a Sunday and it was pretty busy. We parked further down and took a shuttle up. The lady was very nice and drove us safely up the rest of the way which was an adventure in itself. Kinda glad we didn't have to drive up there because of how many cars and people were up there! We took the hike to the waterfall also. Good little workout and dogs are allowed everywhere except elevator and gift shop/cafe.

Marcus Lasarko, Sr.

Neat place lots to do. A day full of trails and a 404' waterfall .. picnic areas and other activities including a rock climbing wall, well worth a day just for the views!

Barrett Taylor

This was our first visit to Chimney Rock and it was a lot of fun. We decided to take the stairs up, and it is a good workout for sure. Really nice views from up here! Amazing how many beautiful places SC has to see.

James Reeves

If you love hiking Go!!! And if you don't still go!!! They made it great for everyone

Laura Case

A bit overpriced. We walked on the Hickory Nut Grove trail which is described as moderate. Maybe for an athlete. But for a regular person like me, it was difficult at least. It's uphill the entire way and very rocky. Lots of stairs to reach the somewhat unimpressive waterfall. I also took the elevator up to the tip top of Chimney Rock which was cool, but they don't allow dogs, so my husband had to stay in the car with them and the AC running. Probably wouldn't go back, sort of a waste of money.

Adam Garris

The views are amazing but the old Cliff Trail where the scenes from Last of Mohicans were filmed isn't accessible. Hence the 4 star.

Graciela Jimenez

Loved the place! great walks and landscaping Ideal for a relaxing and active weekend. it has restrooms and a souvenirs shop where you can drink coffee ah hot cocoa

David Moushey

lots of beautiful views to be had, especially if you can deal with lots of stairs. we took our time and stopped to catch our breath several times and just look around at the beautiful views. elevator is cool. glad we used it going up.

Michelle Clark

Fantastic experience! Great views! There's a gift shop, elevator, and wonderful workers on the hikes to give you information if you want to know something! Take the hike to the lower view of Hickory Nut Falls!! - It's beautiful!! - and worth the trip! (upper, not so much). So glad we visited!!

Brian Newman

A beautiful, historical state park that has personal significance to me. Note the need to hike several miles to get to the falls. Many steps so be prepared or plan to take some aspirin afterwards. Beautiful year round but expect large crowds in the summer. Knowledgable park staff.

Yan Malanchuk

It's a good place for families. They have railings everywhere for safety. So if you want more freedom and less people then it might not be for you.

Courtney Resnicky

Lovely hiking trails that are just the right amount of strenuous and offer wonderful views. Love the fact that you can either take the stairs OR the elevator to the top... Definitely a workout if you take the stairs or do the trails above Chimney Rock!

Did Dhdnd

Incredible natural wonder that draws so many people to it in the summertime that your attention eventually shifts from the wild rock formations and one of a kind views to dodging endless 10+ group families trudging up the stairs on both sides, screaming toddlers being dragged around a place they won’t remember, and... that’s when you remember this was 17 bucks a pop. Most likely much more enjoyable when the tourists are at home. Otherwise an absolutely beautiful and well-maintained wonder.

Elayaperumal G

The view from chimney rock is really nice. Also you have nice trail to the water falls. best place to take your family for an outting. beautiful natural box views and the path to the chimney rock is well maintained. There are shuttle services if you have to park in the park entrance due to parking full near the entrance of the rock above.

Rachel Honeycutt

It was a little crowded, but worth the 30-something second, 26-story, max of 8 people elevator ride and short walk up the steps to the top lol. The views were great. Honestly, I think the rest of the park was better than going up to the top tho. You can still get great views from the deck and in front of the gift shop area that's not as crowded.

Zabrina Lumbert

Great hike. Take the stairs for a good cardio workout. Beautiful scenery

Jenny Reilly

Options for all ages and abilities. My daughter enjoyed the short loop of the adventure trail and the information boards there. Also enjoyed taking the elevator up to the top on a very hot day and taking the steps down for added views.

Rachel B

Easy to get to. Liked the elevator and the sturdy stairs to get to the top of the chimney. Courteous staff. Trails well marked and plenty of picnic tables with umbrellas for our picnic.

Dave Henry

Definitely a must stop if in the area. Memorial Day weekend was crowded but worth the trip. Bus ride up and elevator inside the mountain takes you to the base Chimney Rock. You can walk up but need to be in shape.

Aimee Lim

Been here a bunch of time and still wants to come back. The hike to the top is a good workout. View is breathtaking. Well come back again on the fall.

Bill Waddell

Great views. They have really made the hiking safe and enjoyable.

Jesse Metzler

Really interesting place. Don't forget the river walk (still considered part of the state park) before or after. Watch for snakes. The drive up the mountain is very tight and interesting. It was busy when we went and they made us park 1/2 up the mountain in a parking lot and they bused us the rest of the way. Several hiking trails to the rock itself and the 400' waterfall make this a place I will visit again when my kids are old enough to walk up by themselves! Also, they have an elevator that takes you nearly to the top

Britni Davison

Great day trip with my 10 year old. We hiked all of the trails together in a few short hours. We enjoyed the bottom of the waterfall after finishing all the hikes and made great memories! Plenty of scenery and well kept trails.

Bruce Lazenby

Absolutely outrageous fee of almost $20.00 per person to visit a State Park! What do they do with our tax dollars? God established the Rock. Why should North Carolina be allowed to charge a fee to visit?

Jim Phares

Great place to visit. Trails are not overly difficult. Be sure to take the trail to Hickory Nut Falls..very beautiful and that trail is easy.

Ted Bradley

Great all-around (touristy) spot with nice views and trails. Visitors have the option of taking an elevator to the top as opposed to using the stairs. Clean and well maintained park.

David Carillet

Been here a few times now over the years. Always enjoyable to revisit, as the park and views are quite unique, with a lot of neat boardwalks, stairs, and passageways to explore. For a lesser appreciated feature of the park, walk along the road just before the parking lot to see some odd trees growing around rocks, including one that is literally holding a rock in its 'arm'.

aiden hempel

It was fun but I wish there were real trails not just stairs

James Hartis

I love the trails. Beautiful sights along the way.

April Milam

Very neat place to visit. Great views. It was hot when we went, so we didn't hike but took the elevator up and then the stairs to the top of Chimney Rock. Nice experience but the road up was rough and narrow. Definitely not large vehicle friendly. They also had to shut down elevator service and the tunnel exit for some construction they were doing. So, once we were ready to leave, we had to wait 30 minutes at the top for elevator service to start back up. Then we were stuck waiting in the tunnel for another 20-30 minutes or so before we could actually leave the park.

Donnis Longino

Very unhappy with the Sky Lounge. There are 5 people in our group. We wanted pizza. It's now 4:18 and Donnie at the snack bar said they don't close until 5pm. There was slice of pizza. I asked if they could make more and they said no because they are about to close. Ummmm yeah, in another 45 minutes

Mariah Hannan

Our family loved climbing the stairs up to the gorgeous view! The only reason why I took off a star is because it was $17 a person. It was about $85 for five of us. The trails are nice and the parking is free, but it’s a little steep of a price for a state park. Other than that it was beautiful!

Johann Xie

Wow, amazing rock formation. Hike is not bad

Vanessa Parmely

I enjoyed it,word of advice, if you plan to hike trails as well as Chimney Rock you should take the elevator to the rock itself lol be prepared to pay an arm and a leg for anything to drink or eat though!

Daniel Morbitzer

The park was great. I thought $17 a person was high, but the view is the best around. The Four Seasons hike was just challenging enough. The waterfall was perfect after the hike. Also wish they had Coke!

Lori Morris

Beautiful place!

Mark Vizcaino

Had a great hike with the family. Nice view for the top of Chimney Rock.

Gary Tobel

The elevator wasn't working so instead of climbing 45 steps needed to climb 550. Still cost $17 per adult and $15 per child. They didn't tell you about elevator until after you paid fee. Beautiful placebut needed to work for it.

Jason Dudek Fishing

Great park to get a good work out climbing the stairs! Lots to look at from all the vantage spots.

Lee Richardson II

I loved it! First time I had ever been there, the wife has been a lot. We hiked the upper trail 4.4 miles it wore me out but we had a blast! Next time we go were gonna hike the lower trails and hope we have just as much fun as we did this time! Its a trip well worth the drive.....

William Graham

Getting there takes some effort (the park). And getting there takes a lot of effort (the Rock). But in the end it worth it. Plus if you're feeling lazy you can take the elevator. Great views. Much more touristy than other state parks.

Ute Lentz

Great State Park, well designed and maintained. The views are phenomenal and worth climbing everyone of the 500+ stairsteps. An elevator is there, too. Trails include a 30 minute walk to the awesome Hickory Nut Falls.


Absolutely spectacular views. I was concerned with the amount of walking with my 80 year old Father but we were able to park near the entrance to the elevator and Dad was able to enjoy the view. This is a must for everyone visiting Lake Lure.

Mac A

Seriously unreal views from up here! The place is truly amazing. I think it’s cool how they have multiple different viewpoints at different elevations and points on the mountain, allowing you to see the scenery from different spots. I also thought the bat cave was really cool, but I’m glad I didn’t see any bats while I was in there. We took our puppy up to the top and I think he really enjoyed the views, too. I’d definitely recommend this spot for anyone in the area that is up for an adventure. Don’t worry, if you don’t think you can handle all of the steps here, there is an elevator, you just can’t bring your dog in there. Again, Chimney Rock is definitely worth a trip!

Christyn Edwards

Fantastic views, and great trails. There is an elevator with a very friendly man controlling it & giving historic facts on the way up. Before going up, we stopped at one of the picnic areas, on the way up to the parking lot, and enjoyed a packed lunch. We bought icecream at the top of the mountain after taking in the views from the large rock. We will be back :)

Terence Staples

This park is amazing. No wonder it makes the list for best State parks in the US. You can hike or take the elevator to Chimney Rock (included in the admission to the park). The is also a cave, and a water fall. There are plenty of trails to hike. Lake Lure can be seen from the top of Chimney Rock. Great for a day trip. Be prepared for the many stairs. Bring plenty of water and enjoy!

Shaun Spainhower

Great view from the top of lake lure and surrounding area. Lots of stairs, or if you prefer they have an elevator that's gets you most of the way there.

Ryan Junior

Great place with lots of amazing things to see. Hiking up the stairs is very challenging, but well worth it. Highly recommend also taking the hiking trail to Hickory Nut Falls

David Colee

Put your walking shoes on - your going to need them! The view is well worth the walk. And, if you walk all the way up and/or down, you get views that you won't get any other way.

Ian W

The overall experience at the park was good, if a bit pricey (compared to similar areas run by the National Park Service). Beware however that the longest trail to the top of the waterfall has no real pay off - you can barely see the falls from the overlook there. You would be better off viewing them from the bottom and saving the lengthy walk.

Thomas B

The views are breathtaking! The climb up will be challenging for some but it is worth the experience. They do have elevators for thos of you who cannot endure the 499 steps up. For some, taking the elevator down is also an option as I've heard some people complain about knee pain going down steps. Wear comfy shoes as the Rocky portions can be uncomfortable. A great experience and very friendly staff on hand. Also, if you go on your birthday, you get in for free! They also have military discount. Visit and have a great experience.

Martin Feigt

Beautiful park with lots to do. We wanted to stop for chimney rock and found out that there is hiking and a waterfall, an elevator and lots of viewing platforms with breathtaking views. You can easily spend 3 to 4 hours here. We will be back!!

Tyee Kennedy

Trails will lead you to multiple beautiful views of the mountain. Nice cardio and legs workout going up those stairs. Don't be alarmed, there are many rest areas along the way.

D. Knapp

Great place, with some great views and hikes! Don't miss the Hickory Nut Falls, that hike is especially good with little children! We will come back!

Bobby LaTour

The wife and I had a wonderful time at this park. We did multiple hikes and found the staff to be very accommodating. Outstanding views of Lake Lure and we’ll maintained grounds. Great place to visit!

Remus Tiberius

Amazing view! Loved it. A must see if you are in the area. Elevator is available so you don't have to climb as many steps.

Anita Laabs

A great place. Very organized. I was surprised at the cost to get in but there are many staff members helping to move people around efficiently. Beautiful views and worth the climb.

Michael Torres

Completely awesome. Much to do in Chimney Rock. Stellar scenic attractions, mountains, waterfalls, beautiful Lure Lake, shops etc. We will be going back there for sure next year.

Michelle Whitibg

Beautiful view at the top. Lots of great pictures on the way up.

Annani sweetheart

ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! My family and I went for spring break and it is worth the entry fee, in fact we went after 4 the first day so we were able to go again the next day for free when we brought our receipt! Everyone there is/was super amazing and very friendly! :) They all have personality to them and a great sense of humor! Would recommend to anyone who loves a great view!

Janene Groff

Elevator to top was awesome way to avoid the climb, leaving us with energy to climb to the Opera seat, the devil's rock, and the waterfall. Go early for empty trails, and less people on observation deck.

Grandpa and Grandma Bryan Wandering Footprints

Nice, interesting place. Lots to do. The views are spectacular. Nice hiking trail to the waterfall. Even gift shop had nice variety of handmade items reasonably priced. One negative is that it is $17.00 per person. Pretty pricy for a state park.

Albert Jurina

Worth the trip! Very family-friendly. The views are amazing and the falls are breath-taking. We loved every second of our time there!

Ben Massey

Great outdoor fun! Beautiful views of Lake Lure and the surrounding area and nice hiking trails. Nice for a family outing.

Chris c

It has an okay view but very pricey entry fee . An when they tell you they got a sub shop

Simone Mark

It`s a wonderful place. I was there several time.

Iren Reger

Great SP! The fee might be shocking at first, but not after you acknowledge all the job that is being done there. The infrastructure requires good maintanance and they are keeping up great. Nice spots to hike around, short as well as longer options. A lot of stairs! Loved it

Evan Guthrie

Chimney Rock State Park in Lake Lure is a beautiful park and nature area. I really like all of the different trails and spectacular views available throughout the park. The park is very well managed, clean, and maintained for the benefit of all the visitors. There is so much to see and do at every point in the park. It is difficult sometimes to choose what to do first due to so many activities and points of interest. I like that there is an elevator to get to the top of one mountain so it is easy to get to and enjoy. I enjoyed all of the different history and educational displays at the park and learned a lot. The staff here is very helpful and willing to help and answer questions from visitors. This is an awesome park.

Yaroslav Zaitsev

I was excited to go there but ended up being somewhat disappointed with the experience. First and foremost... there needs to be a sign ON THE BOTTOM BY THE ENTRANCE that park is "not RV friendly". I have a 24ft class C that I drive up and down winding roads across Carolinas and first time ever I was legitimately terrified. People drive center coming down the hill leaving zero space. After a lot of cursing on my part I finally made my way up the mountain only to be welcomed with what largely amounts to "ridiculous" entry fee. $17/adult. I am sorry... what.... the .... you can't be serious... per person?! The hell? Every single state park charges a nominal $2-$8 per car fee for crying out loud. Hell even Table Rock State Park charges $5/person. We paid $67 to get in. When there... it is like a zoo. Hundreds of people everywhere. Trails are like highways and stairs EVERYWHERE. Other than trail that leads from parking lot to waterfall trail all other trails have crowds of people navigating about the interstate. Views from top are spectacular but experience of getting to/from ... take away from the experience.

Chad Jemison

The $57 entry fee for 2 adults and 3 kids felt steep compared to the free entrance for the blue ridge parkway, and just $3 per person for Sliding Rock...but then I remembered that a day at Disney or a ski resort is $100+ per person. The staff was delightful, the elevator and accompanying guides' Carson-worthy jokes were memorable, and the views were simply spectacular. This is a bucket list visit that is very much worthy of being on your list. We'll be back!

Byron Shaw

The amazing views are worth the hike. (The hike itself was really not to difficult.) Bring your own snacks/lunch.

John Darby

My son and I tried to race up the steps made it 25 floors before we both nearly had a heart attack. The views were amazing and the place was very well-maintained.

One Bmf

Very expensive if all you want to do is go to the lookout.For a family of 4 it was around $45. It is a beautiful place with lots of trails but if you’re not able or have time to walk the trails there’s nothing else to do or see.

Amy williams

I was going to park in the meadow, but one of the employees saw how wobbly my mom is and said for us to park in the upper parking lot and that they'll make room for my car. I'm so glad that they saw how she is. Amazing gift shops! One on the lower level and another on the upper level. Hoping to come back in October.

Armando Rodriguez

Always a great view with great friendly knowledgeable staff. Sometimes you have to ride a bus from a gravel parking lot. If you decide to take the hike to Hickory Nut Falls be sure to wear suitable shoes for water and gravel.

Gretchen Williams

This used to be my favorite place. My husband proposed under the waterfall you can only view it from a distance. Some of the trail is no longer accessable, so you get a nice walk without the gorgeous view.

Stephanie Conway

The park is gorgeous. We went on our honeymoon and it was totally worth the trip. The views were spectacular. We took the elevator up, thank god we did cause we're out of shape lol, but walked the stairs down which was cool. We also took the trail to Hickory Falls and that was completely breath taking. It is so much fun. Bring the family.

William Parks

Wasn't able to walk up there due to health. Looks beautiful. Check out the town. It's fun.

Robyn Conner

Had so much fun visiting Chimney Rock State Park. It's absolutely beautiful. There is a "bat cave", a gift shop and nature trails. If you take the stairs, be well prepared to walk a million stairs but it's honestly so worth it, or you can take a elevator.. Great place to visit and to take your entire family. Wonderful views and very much fun. They have 2 decent parking areas and a classroom.also they have an animal exhibit and rock climbing for children.

Michelle Saylor

Took fifth wheel up that narrow road. Good thing my hubby knows how to drive big rigs.

Jayson Metcalf

The experience of walking up the mountains and Chimney Rock is amazing! It’s quite a long way up into the mountains! There is a ton of walking, so be prepared! The gift shop has many great items and souvenirs!

Marcella Miller

We had a good time there. The trailers are easy to follow and the views are amazing. They have an elevator if 499 stairs is too many but they also offer scenic view spots on the way up. It made for a nice afternoon.

John H

It’s definitely a bit pricey for a small state park but with that, it is incredibly well maintained and staffed. The trails are great and the views are definitely breathtaking. I’ve been a few times and each time I grumble about the cost but quickly move on as the park is really treat tucked away in NC.

Lorie McNabb

As a native North Carolinian, I have visited CR often. I was engaged at the top of the falls in 2005. My husband and I went back to see the spot where we were engaged. To our disappointment, we could no longer walk the path we took or even get close to the area of our beginning. In fact the trail to the top of the falls is a waste of time. It dead ends 50 yards up the hill from the falls. You can't see anything but trees, dirt and rocks while on the trail. NO GREAT VIEWS after you leave exclamation point except one other spot. The OLD SkyLine trail was amazing. But, the government decided it was not safe. We talked several people out of wasting their time going to the top. Totally boring compared to the old trail, where the entire walk was an adventure with spectacular views. Sad that the old trail was closed. Doubt I will ever go back up there again. I would be willing to sign a waiver to walk the old trail. You could get get close to the edge of the falls before, that was guarded by a rail. It was spectacular! NO MORE!!!!

Madonna Warwick

Really enjoyed the beauty of the area. Attractions and great hiking. Family friendly .

Jacob Baldwin

Great place to visit to see some beautiful Asheville views over lake lure where dirty dancing was filmed

melissa parker

Awesome... Havent been since i was little... Omg didnt realize i had a problem with heights but i do... But still awesome.

Rajesh Krishnan

This is so nice place for a day with family with big kids. Enjoyed the day with the peak of fall colors. Lot of walk through the thick forest was a different experience for my kids. I thought it is only a big rock, but we're have more than that. 1. A tunnel and elevator to the top of the rock. 2. Steep tail around the rock. 3. Caves. 4. Upper water falls. 5. Lower water falls. 6. Four season trails. 7. Wood land trail. 8. Chimney rock. There is a live camera on top of it.

Kenneth Rehme

Great place to see some beautiful panorama views of the Carolina mountains! Very feiendly staff. Very well maintained facility. Even an elevator to the first observation level. Good place to hike as well. Refreshments available too.

Vickie Pinion

Easy access to the top, you either walk or take the elevator. The vies are spectacular!

Paul Harris

A national treasure. Great hiking. Beware, if you're not in shape you could wake up the next day very sore. Awesome views of the other nearby mountains and Lake Lure.

MrLakeLure Greg Balk

No better place to get an amazing view of Lake Lure, Chimney Rock, and the surrounding area. Great experience for the entire family! MR. LAKE LURE® VACATION RENTALS

Emily Henning

This was a super awesome place to visit. There is several hiking trails, some of which lead to a waterfall. There is an outdoor classroom for school groups. A discovery center for young kids. At the bottom of chimney rock there is a gift shop, bathrooms, and an outdoor sitting area. You can either walk up steps or take a 32 seconds elevator ride to the top. There is another gift shop up there but that one also has food options. You have to take a flight of stairs to get all the way to the top but if you can’t do stairs there is a lookout point just below them which is still beautiful. From the top you can hike to the top of the waterfall, the opera box, or a higher lookout. I think this would be fun for all ages and physical activity levels.

Wendy S. Delmater Thies

OMG, you totally have to go to this place! Call first to see if the elevator is working, because it's a long climb.. but the view is insanely good. We go up there from SC to get our ration of fall leaves in glorious color.

Sumanth Ramakrishna

Well managed, greatly maintained and friendly staff. People at the ticket plaza are very informative and try to give you all the information you need. Take the skyline trail for an even better view (exclamation point and further.) Come back down to the hickory nut trail to get a view of the falls from the bottom

Vincent Barnes

Absolutely loved it. We'll come back again to visit. The town is nice as well, and we love being ankle to walk along the river next to the town. The price is a little steep to go all the way up Chimney rock, in my opinion.

Sandy Gates

Such an incredible place to visit! The day was perfect for the drive there. I was surprised by the $17.00 admission fee for adults but after driving there, what else can you do. My sister is visiting so we walked trails, read interpretive signs, and laughed a lot. When we drove up to the rock itself, it started pouring rain so unfortunately we couldn't see any views but saw so much beauty prior it didn't matter. I would not go there in the summer as I imagine it would be so crowded, you may lose the magic of Chimney Rock.

Chris Sprenkle

The view from the top is absolutely fantastic. There are many paths to the top, whichever route you take, you'll see amazing views.

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