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REVIEWS OF Carowinds IN North Carolina

Jennifer Scott

Awesome place! Just moved to the area, close enough to drive and go home in the same day! Will definitely be back and getting season passes! Amazing! The only thing I would recommend is getting the dining pass, great food selections, but man is it pricey!

Jennifer Ferguson

Make sure you don’t get thirsty an hour and a half or less before park closing. If the park closes at 10 pm , the only place to get a drink after 8:30 is either of the Rita’s stands or Sweet Frog. Shame on you Carowinds when it’s still 90+ degrees out only having about 4 places to get a cup of water.

CJ Conrad

Great park, always clean and friendly workers. I have a Gold Pass, well worth the price. As far as Rides and Entertainment 5 *****. The only reason I did not give a 5 star is because when I go to a park I want two fresh items. Fresh squeezed Lemonade and Fresh cut Fries. Not frozen fries and minute maid lemonade!

Aman Garg

Super thrilling rides! Great place to spend entire day. Do download the Carowinds app to help you navigate and find good offers.

Maegon Smith

The park is well kept and is a lot of fun. If you get there early, then there usually isn't too much of a wait with the rides. Try to go on a day when it isn't as hot or you will be miserable!

Kerry Parent

If you like roller coasters this place is a blast! My step-daughter and I had so much fun today it was amazing. Her smiles, fear, laughter, enjoyment made this one of the best days of our 10 year's together. We will be coming back again and again to enjoy this place. We upgraded to season long Gold passes and will continue to do so. Thank you to New Forum for providing your employee's with a family day together, and thank you to Carowinds for not selling out!!! Kudos to you all! ❤

David Richter

We try to visit a couple of times a year. Lots of fun with some great coasters. It does get hot and crowded so be aware and plan the time of year you visit carefully.

Gail Jacobs

Great experience. Would have been 5 stars but the Copper Head Strike was down again. The dining pass and drink pass are a must on these hot days. Will be back

Jonathan Sweetman

One of my favorite amusement parks. There are excellent food options for whatever age group or food preferences/sensitivities you might have. And of course, a fantastic variety of roller coasters and flat rides. The Mack multi launch coaster Copperhead Strike is absolutely amazing. Every single ride there I enjoyed greatly and I definitely plan on coming back. Make sure to check out a show while you’re there too. They have great entertainment as well.

Ken Sellers

Loved the Fury 325, Intimidator, and Nighthawk roller coasters. They're awesome. Loved the short lines (on a Monday). Liked having lots of restrooms and the cleanliness of the park generally. Liked the friendly employees. Did not like several naked grabs for cash: the $9 "processing fee", $20 to rent a locker for the day, and especially, the rides that wouldn't allow you to bring your refillable cup in, but they have a temporary locker you can rent for $4. That's B.S. Not a fan of "camera people" that try to make you pose as you enter the park. Also think that if you're gonna put "y'all" on a sign, you should spell it right!

Marcio G.

Fun, easy, not to big to maneuver around. Rides are fun, but you’ll have to wait in line. It’s not too bad but under the heat can get a bit tiring. Make sure you were sunscreen and wear a hat - hold on to it when riding the coasters.

j jay

We like to go to water ride but it was closed we don't know till we enter into it.some rides are fully dustly they didn't clean while moving fast it comes into our eyes its mainly in the kids ride.Lot of items are closed.Theatre also closed.we enter in the morning and we return in 2 hours too disappoint without water ride.

Abigail Klein

Went on a Monday in August, and had such a great time! Very short line times and the crowds weren't terrible. It was very hot, but anywhere in the park with a soda fountain will give you a small cup of water if you ask for one. I recommend getting parking and the all day meal pass ahead of time online - both save you a lot of money and some time in the park. I also recommend wearing a small pouch or fanny pack, as anything larger cannot be taken on some rides and you'll have to rent a locker - very expensive.

JoAnn Rivera

Nice place for family, only down side is food is a bit high. We ate there a place with smoked chicken and beef, food had no taste, cold, and the chicken was extremely dry. Will never eat there again will just bring food in a cooler and go to the car and eat.

Jeremy Goding

Very nice park with very clean costs more for fast passes than admission. But if you want to ride more than a few rides its a must. All the rides are very well maintained and you feel very safe..most of the staffs attitude is sub par which kept them from getting a 4 from me.


I’ve been to carowinds multiple times and it’s always a nice experience! The ride operators and anybody else around the park are always willing to help out anybody in need of assistance. The waits for the rides can get long and unbearable during the summer months so going earlier in the morning guarantees a short wait and the ability to get on more rides.

Michael Napier

First time experience at Carowinds. I had an expectation of a six flags style place and for the most part it met that expectation. The upside was the quantity of rides. We rode 4 rollercoasters in about a one hour span. Park was enjoyable, saw a cool show and had a great memory making day!

Christian Rekowski

Had a great time with my family. I stayed in the water park area the whole time. The park was clean, the staff were pleasant and we all had an enjoyable day. I rented a premium Cabana to get out of the sun - it was well worth it to get a bit of quiet and semi-privacy.

Yazmean Burgess

The park has grown so much since I was little. I loved the new ride! My family and I went together and there was something for everyone. We also really appreciated that the tester seats had light indicators to let us know if people could ride.

Christopher Mulholland

Visited for birthday! Stayed just the down road... easy in and out for the park... short wait times... attended end of August.

Qiyi Yang

This theme park is more for local residents around the area, less travelers come here comparing with famous Disney or Busch gardens. The season pass is a very good option if you have little one that just within the age range enjoy all kinds of rides. This place has good traffic options as it is right beside the highway I-77.


The biggest things I look for in a park are coasters, atmosphere, things to do other than coasters, and food, all of which I was very impressed with here. Copperhead Strike blew me away and was an extremely fun ride, they have Fury 325 (need I say more), and plenty of other solid rides to round it out. The atmosphere was the best of any other Cedar Fair or Six Flags park I have been to. The water park was good, not as good as some of the standalone water parks I've been to, but great for being included in the price. The food is another thing that blew me away, specifically the barbecue in Harmony Hall. I would definitely recommend getting the app before your visit, which is extremely helpful. I can't wait until the next time I get to visit here.

Doug Mauldin

Haven't been in a while, must say, impressive; clean with a lot more rides. Lines were not too long even though the park was busy. Fury was amazing, you gotta ride the front. Water park had something for everyone. Live entertainment at Harmony Hall was on point, tight group. Stayed til park closing, so much to do.

Chrystal Derry

Fun, fun, fun. Need something to do, here is the place to go. Rides, rides, rides. Win prizes. Great food. Prices can vary though but that is expected.

Ayush Padhi

Amazing amusement park. Wide variety of rides for all ages, and a great water park. The food selections are numerous, and the staff their is great. You can go with the whole family, with a group of friends, or your significant other. This is a must go place if your in the Carolinas.

Mackenzie Wilkie

The rides here are a lot of fun. The new Copper Head ride is very fast and is full of loops and corkscrews. Fury is still one of my favorites. That initial drop is so exhilarating and the line is never long. I think the longest I have waited in the line was for 30 minutes tops. I like that they added live music. The water park can ge a little gross in the tidal zone area but it is a water park.

Owen Taylor

Great local theme park. Great kids area. Lots of investment in new rides and renovating areas. Tremendous local value with season passes. Awesome coasters, fun water park, lots to do, can get hot and crowded on weekends especially.

David Dunn

Paid full price for the tickets and several of the rides where not open. The attendents were taking there sweet time in between rides making the lines longer than they needed to be. Been here since it opened and only got to ride 7 rides. The excuse was that they were short handed.

Ty Adams

My kids love going here. If you have ever been you know there is plenty of stuff for the entire family to enjoy. It can get a bit expensive as any amusement park do but they have create ways to help families save. Most people know about the season pass but if you don’t please get one if you plan to attend more than once you actually could save money and they even have a payment plan option with no credit check if you purchase online. The earlier in the year you get your season pass the cheaper it is. They also have meal and drink plans. This year I got my kids season passes and added in the season meal and season drink plan( these can also be paid with on a payment plan if you purchase at the time of the season pass). With the meal plan they can eat lunch and dinner at the park when they go without paying and with the drink plan they get unlimited drinks. This is ideal if you have a season pass and plan on Using it often. They also offer all day meal plans for those who don’t need to purchase season meal plan. This plan is fairly inexpensive in the grand scheme of things and you are able to eat every four hours. Carowinds is really trying to Make the park more affordable for families and I can appreciate that.?

Jake Albohn

Great rides for everybody. Imaginative fair rides with some cool interactive mechanics, small little coasters for casuals, and even great adventures for thrill seekers. The Fury deserves it's reputation as does the rest of the park. After Burn being a personal favorite. Highly recommend going especially to Rock the Park. Skillet is an amazing band to end on after a day at Carowinds.

Thomas Gouthro

Nice, clean park. Went on a day that was over 100 deg, so didn't get to experience everything. Will likely return when the cooler weather is back. Crowds weren't too bad, although some coasters had long lines. Good mix of activities for kids and adults alike.

Eddy Oneil

Great times to be had. First off, this park was one of the cleanest theme parks I’ve been to. Secondly, the roller coasters here were all top notch and kept the smiles coming. Fury was absolutely thrilling and one of the coolest hyper coasters out there. We opted for the VIP experience and I can’t recommend it enough. We reviewed all of our photos, drinks, food, front of the line access and a lovely tour guide.

Shaly Farmer

I've come here many a times and have enjoyed them all. My last visit, however, was a little disheartening due to the number of people taking advantage of the "Fast Pass" line without actually having a Fast Pass. Perhaps your lines wouldn't exceed 2 hour waits if your employees actually did there jobs and checked for those expensive little bands.The park itself is fantastic, rides are amazing and ever changing to keep up with the times and technology, it's the other patrons that will ruin your experience.

Alicia Arceneaux

This park was a blast! All of the employees were very friendly and helpful. The walk ways were wide enough that navigating a double stroller wasn't at so difficult. The bathrooms were clean and there were plenty of family restrooms. Snoopy's Campground was a perfect fit for my two kids (3 years and 18 months); both of them were able to ride everything except the little roller coaster in that area. We also enjoyed the Great pumpkin patch that's currently set up for fall. Over all it was a great experience and we'll definitely go back!

Sherhonda Cathey

I don't think I ever want to go to Carowinds ever again without renting a cabana. We had the BEST time!!!! Nice, fun, family gathering!!

Joel Fletcher

We're so lucky to have such a family friendly park so close to us! I it's a perfect day trip. The park is large enough that you can fill a day and small enough that you don't feel like you're not going to take it all in. The kids area is awesome and there is plenty for the coaster enthusiast. We didn't visit the water park area the last time, but you could also send your whole day there. It was easy getting in and out, even with the security check. Food and drink pricing is pretty much what you would expect in any park... or movie theater... But what we ate was tasty and didn't feel like packaged food. It was an all around great experience!

Karen Harbin

We love Carowinds. It's a great place to come for a day of fun. The are lots of thrill rides for the big "kids" and plenty of family rides for the "little" kids or ones who don't like coasters. Even just sitting and people watching can be fun. Be sure and buy the refillable drink bottle. It can get really hot and you will want to stay hydrated! Fortunately, there are lots of shady spaces to stop and rest, too. If you are going to stay all day, the all day meal plan is also worthwhile.

Maulike Akoni

I can't wait to come back, best theme park yet. I also appreciate how they manage crowd control when getting on a ride... Six Flags should take notes from Carowinds.

Nancy McBride

Part of the ride were not open which was a huge disappointed to my grandkids. I would like to thank a young man named Matthew. I had an asthma attack an he wheeled a great distance to my care. So maybe the lack of ride didn't matter after all.

Ashlee Bacon

I love this park every time I come here! Summer months are particularly agonizing due to heat but otherwise, I had a blast when we went today! Lines were relatively short, employees were kind and food was good!

Maranda Thrush

Parking has drastically improved in efficiency and convenience. Try to remember that the employees are working super long shifts and are exhausted. They're doing a great job considering how tired they must be. If you are an adult, be prepared for lots of loud mouthed, misbehaving, scantily clad teens constantly in the way and and being generally disruptive.

libby buckley

Always such a great time. This trip was my girls first visit. They had so much fun! We definately didn't have time to do all the things. Will be back!

Micki Geffert

A wonderful park full of many thrilling rides. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful! Fury 325 was my favorite coaster!

Alex Cren

Tons of fun! Hit too many coasters too fast which I never thought was possible. Great time!

Michelle Loeser

It was great. Definitely smart to go in the off season. My head hurts so bad though, being shaken up so much. Worth it. It was super cheap because it was a sunday and in the off season and the lines were virtually nonexistent. Win :)

Ana Alfonso

Best place ever! Something for everyone. Love it!! Best water park by far even better then the Disney water parks. Rides and fun for all ages. Even great for 2 year olds. Need two days to see and do it all.

Faithe Pettis

Best rides. Fast passes definitely worth the cost. Never had to wait for anything

Sommer Cooper

Great deal season passes well worth it parking+,rides+,water park+. I love how they switch things up. Water park and amusement park. Great value. Willing to drive 2 hours 2 times a month.

Logan Stringfield

I grew up coming to Carowinds and love this park! Always clean, very manageable wait times and tons of attractions. Great park for thrill seekers or families looking for a fun day away.

Timothy Stoudmire

Great rides!! In my opinion they were better than six flags and have actual restaurants in the park. Tickets and parking are cheaper if you check their daily deals.

Kathy Ogletree

It is so clean and well maintained. They train there staff well and there was plenty of them. Everyone was welcoming and helpful with the wheelchair we had in the group. Seemed like they all understood and knew the policies and all the handicap entrances and exits. Other than the weather being so incredibly hot, we had a great time.

Nola Shade

My family always has a great time here! The rides were awesome, the lines were not bad at all, and the park was very clean. I would advise purchasing the refillable drink cup, it is well worth the price considering the hot temps.

Local Traveler

This park has shown so many improvements over the last few years. The shows have become world class. The food is great. The collection of rides can compete with even the best parks. Fury 325 is a must do!

William Glover

Great fun. Lines moved fairly quickly. Staff seems to be minimal, but everything worked out great. The one day refillable soda was a good buy. Plenty of coasters to bring thrills.

Charles Hutton

Daughters and friends rode rides in Park all day, wife and I enjoyed pool and cabin at the Campground. Great stay!! Staff very friendly and helpful. Would definitely stay again!!

Spontaneous Drew

I love all the rides. I try to go to Carowinds at least once a year. This time they had a new (to me) venue called silent disco. Dance to the music in your headphones. It was great!

Debi Jumper

This is a great place to spend time with or without kids! My husband and I went and spent the day, I think the hottest day of the summer yet! The staff was very nice! At one point, we were looking for a certain shop and a staff member stopped what she was doing and walked us to the other side of the park to show us where we needed to go! Thanks so much!! Periodically over the intercom, it was announced that they care about people's health and well being that they provided free water to everyone, to please stay hydrated! I know they lost a lot of money that day, but they gained my respect for caring about others! Thanks Carowinds for a great experience!

Kaitlyn McGuire

Great place for a family vacation. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because one of our kids lost her prescription glasses and we knew the area she lost them in and no one ever attempted to even look for them after the park closed. But other than that we all had a blast and we cannot wait to go back again!

Abigail Reid

Had such an amazing time here! We splurged and got the fast pass! It was very much worth the extra cost. We were able to just walk up to the ride we wanted and had very minimal wait times. This was truly a meaningful trip!

Robert Windsor

Do yourself a favor and get the Fast Pass Plus, you will not regret it! Fury 325 and “the Intimidator” were amongst my favorites. The park is always clean and they have a variety of food options. I can’t wait to go back!

Angel Lawson

Get fast lane plus its worth it if you can afford it rode 15 coasters in 5 hours!! front of the line on fury 325 it was amazing(we went to scarowinds)

denise veler

One ride before it rained us out. Looking forward to going back. Got season tickets for 2020 with our gate ticket for the day subtracted off of price. Two thumbs up.

Heather Setlock

This was the place I rode my first real roller coaster. I have gone every year since. My kids now enjoy going and riding all the rides.

Michael Cudd

I enjoy going to Carowinds except for a couple of things. Toddlers are very limited to what they can ride even with adult supervision and their are very few rides for them. So in my opinion, Carowinds is definitely not 100% family oriented more like 95% (just a guess, not an accurate percentage) And they need a 3rd entrance between the 2 existing entrances, since they don't have a tram, trolley, or shuttle bus. It can be an extremely long walk especially if it's South Carolina hot outside. It can be a miserable hike to one of the entrances. But other than that it can be pretty fun as long as it isn't crowded especially for teenagers and young adults. Even for us older adults that are young at if you're on a budget. Pack a cooler with food and drinks, because the food and drinks inside the park are expensive. Remember, no coolers can be taken into the park, so it might be a long walk for dinner. The ice water is free, thank you Carowinds for that. No pocket knives, weapons, or spray's can be taken into the park, so leave them in the car or home. You will be checked for them. I could go on and on but Carowinds has a website that you can check for all of the park rules, picnic shelters and such.

Aaron Young

Lots of rides from high thrill coasters to the more tame. Drink refill deal is worth it on hot days. A bit of trouble finding the entrance to some of the rides. Other than that, great place.

D H828

Awesome park! Would be 5 star if it wasn’t SO expensive. Your spending $ every time you turn around! And lots of it!


Everything is fine and fun here. Except for the multitude of kids in the smokers area. That's our place to sit and relax and have a smoke. But how can you when there's multiple kids sitting there on the benches. This is reserved for smokers. Please have your kids respect that we have areas we can smoke in. I think they ought to let us just smoke in the park if this continues

Andrea F

Carowinds will always hold a special place in my heart. I can remember coming here for various activities when I was growing up, whether it be with school, girl scouts, with friends, whatever. The only amusement park in the US that straddles 2 states, it has a variety of rides and water park that has grown and changed over the years. Some things have not changed (I am looking at you wooden Gold Rush ride that is just as jerky as it always has been) to the new rides. I came recently to hangout with a friend I have had since high school (which seems like it was only yesterday). I would recommend this for anyone looking to make some memories with friends and family that will last a lifetime.

Alfred B Jones Jr.

Great Park. Season pass highly recommended. You cant enjoy the whole park in 1 day. Season goldpass is less than 2 days admission And you get free parking with gold or platinum pass.

Penny Berger

The park I s okay. Not the best rides nor shows. Staff was not friendly, and they moved with no sense of urgency. Park bathrooms were dirty. Did not go to water park. No music playing throughout the park. The park is NOT well lite at night. It is really dark at night. When park announced it was closed the bathroom lights got turned off with people inside who came out by using thier phones flashlight. The cool part was that the state line runs in the middle of the park. This park rates below Kings Dominion and both of those rate below Busch Gardens which is a very clean good park!

Julius Edwards

Several rides were closed which all happened to be the ones for 46" . The place is filthy, the staff looks miserable. This was not a good experience and to be honest a big waste of hard earned money. If Six Flags buys this property they have a lot of work ahead of them.

Marian Pizeno

The most fun I had in a long time! So happy I went on all the coasters and Fury 325 was by far the BEST coaster I have EVER been on! The entrance into the park to ride that ride alone was worth it! FYI... The front row is where it's at!!!

James Naruke

We take our international students to Carowinds almost every year on Labor Day, and I am always impressed by how well this place is run. Ticketing is well-organized and very efficient. Going through security at the entrance gate is a little bit of a headache, but I understand that it's for our safety, so it's good that they search our bags. The wave pool is always fun, and the life guards help us feel like we are monitored well but without being overly strict. Bus parking is free, so that's helpful for a big group. I am sure we will return to Carowinds many more times in the years to come.

Laurie Tucker

Easy to get in and out of. We picked a great day to go. It was not very crowded so very short wait times for rides. Our longest wait time was getting through the bag check line. I strongly suggest downloading the app. It will show wait times and also send you meal and ticket deals.

Michael Jericho

Awesome place for ages 10 and up . Roller coasters are amazing and the price feels too good to be true. Would revisit and recommended to all my family friends and anyone I talk to.

David Bloomfield

When we went today 08-17-19 it was a pretty dismal experience. This is our first time here and our last. The water park was insufficiently staffed. The lazy river was half closed. The one water ride we did do was hurricane falls and it was fun but took over 1 &1/2 hours to get through the line. The wave pool is fun. The only part of the park that I truly enjoyed was the seasons of Cirque show. It was amazing! All of the food we got with the day pass was mediocre at best. The amusement side seemed to be running a little smoother but still had some delays. The copperhead and afterburn roller coasters were a lot of fun. So ultimately the rides are fun but I feel that overall the park is being very mismanaged and not worth my money.

Carolina Spa Guy

Absolutely the best place to take your kids for a week. And the campground is the bomb! My entire family love it! Can't go wrong riding the roller Coasters and other rides.

Brian Van Kirk

Love this place. They offer so much to do including live music some nights. Family fun at it's best and safest.


Best group of roller coasters I've ever seen. Couldn't get thru them all even though the lines weren't excessively long and we were there from open to close. We had a challenge making our way around as there are minimal directional signs

Sel Vlogs

Apparently they don’t allow you to take your shirt off on rides, which is kinda lame, security hawked me down after about 20 minutes cause of the picture, pretty good day other than that, loved the rides, security was easily 10/10, loved them. Wish they would have given me the photo of me without the shirt but it’s whatever. Also, don’t flip off the camera or you’ll get hawked down as well, only “peace love and soul” is allowed.

Jessica Clendennen

Good park with lots of rides. Definitely get the fast pass and don't be fooled into thinking getting there at park opening is early enough. We got there right at 10 and the lines just to get through the bag check were huge!! Get there early, plan to wait a little extra for the rides, they take a long time to board, even with the fast passes. We saw a show in the Paladium and it was fantastic. Food is just okay, way overpriced but that's typical. Overall good experience, convenient to the highway!

Daniel Boyce

A surprisingly worthwhile season pass for Pre-K kids and families. This park has been around since we were kids and I can tell they have worked hard to provide worthwhile options for all age families. Camp Snoopy is surprisingly fun for kids of all ages with options for adults and kids as young as 2 years old. Even though the characters are rather less well-known to younger generations, they are quickly seen as fun characters for the kids. It is also nice having an iconic cartoon that we grew up with. The splash zone is also an amazing place for kids of all ages and adults (especially with the various levels of slides) and provides a secluded area for kids to play without parents having to worry about them going elsewhere.

Francisco Zavala

I would recommend getting fast pass plus. You will not regret it. And get it online! Since it’s cheaper. It’s 73$ if you get in the park. I think 65$ online!

Rebekah Scanlon

A lot of fun!! Perfect place for family fun and great rides for the kiddos and the adults. The roller coasters are thrilling and when you want to relax the lazy river is for you. The water park is amazing and offers a lot of thrills as well. So if you're looking for a fun family day, I highly recommend Carowinds!

Adam Crawford

Several fun coasters. Traffic was not handled well in the park. Many of the employees were rude and did not have much information to provide about the park. Went in one haunted house and there were only 3 characters in the house scaring people. With King Island and Cedar Point being my home parks I a very disappointed in my visit.

Dennis Heffner

Great!@! Love it only 25 min. away. I have come about 17 times so far this year. Just getting started. Got the every 4 hrs.x 2 meals a day. Come sometimes to just eat supper and watch the 2 piano players play hits of the 70's 80's ,

Josie Peplinski

New attractions every season. Season pass is very worth it. Fun even if you don’t ride coasters.

Raven Whiskey

Awesome place and my daughter loves it. Some roller coasters dont accommodate larger people. They should have seat examples in front of the rides for testing

Jamie P

This park has seen its better days. It definitely needs some major uplifts in some parts. I know I'm not going to get Disney World experience, but I expect a little bit better than it looking like a "Traveling Circus came to town" atmosphere.

Clarissa Parker

All I can say is season passes, season passes, thank God for season passes. The best water park I've ever been to. They have something for all ages. The water park is included in the pass so you can enjoy the entire park in one day. I prefer to do one or the other which is a perk of having the passes. I also enjoyed the option to upgrade the souvenir bottles to unlimited drinks. Very much needed if you are gonna stay all day. Thank you Carowinds for making my summer enjoyable.

Abby Bjelac

I’ve been coming to Carowinds on and off for 3 decades. They’ve recently upgraded and added more little-kid friendly attractions including a playground (hooray for no lines there)! Going during the week (summer only) will spare you from the masses on the weekends. Lots of bathrooms and cold water available no matter where you are in the park.

Jeff Thomas

Great park. Some of the best coasters. Fury 325, fast about 95 mph. The new coaster Copperhead Strike, not fast, but quite a novelty with it's twists and turns and double launch. The new Carolina kitchen has great southern food. The entertainment is top notch. My only complaint about this park is it's pack of big trees. On a 95 degree, 90% humidity day, shade sure would be nice.

Chris Holland

Really enjoyed this park. Lines were short and it wasn’t even hot when I went. The cast members were very helpful. Overall a positive experience.

efram pierce

Fun park! We will definitely continue to get the fast lane plus tickets .... The best way to ride all the rides in a short amount of time

Saad Wali Jaan

A perfect place for the whole family as there are rides for all age group. The only thing is you need at least two days to cover all the rides or plan in advance and get on the ones which match your thrill level. People living nearby should get seasonal pass as that can be used throughout the season plus free parking. If you plan to take many rides, it's a good idea to have fast lane pass. I was able to ride Fury 365, and it was one of the best rides of my life. There is a water park also within the same park. But it closes at around 5:00 while the remainder of the park is open till 10:00 p.m.

Geremy Dolan

We had a great experience with children from 4-10 years old. They had fun things to do for everyone. Great service, food, and the park is kept clean.

Xander Rice

Great park! So many rides and so much to do. My son and I had a blast! We will definitely drive the 3 hours from our home state of Georgia to visit again!

Marianne Sereno

My opinion is that it’s better than Disney because there’s rides for everyone. If you want big rides there are rides like the fury than there’s snoppy land but I don’t think it’s called that anymore. I could honestly live there everyday and I would go everyday if I didn’t overheat. My experience we could just walk right on to the ride or there’s like a 5-10 minutes wait. For night hawk, it’s a little longer of a wait like 30/40 minutes or so. I really recommend going if you haven’t been or if your visiting.


The rides were awesome, and not too bad of lines. Only one wave pool was open and had way too many kids for the life guards to watch but the did an awesome job. Will go back again.

Jonathan Yiv

Interesting selection of rides - I've never been on one that lays you down or one that stands you up. The choice of concrete between water park rides, especially given the heat, was very hot. Perhaps it would have been wise to wear some footwear, but I feel like there are other less heat absorbent materials one could use. Standard amusement park experience - was a good time.

Nance Robinson

Lines moved quickly and smoothly. Free water for hydration...great when you have several children. Patient and very courteous people operating rides and shops

Casey M. Ritter

11 roller coasters plus the other rides and the water park was combined with the amusement park. Got free refills with the souvenir cups purchased then after the refills are $1.00. Food was great a little pricey but some things reasonable. They also had games, a dinosaur exhibit. Lots of fun!!!


My Grandchild wanted to spend his birthday here and wow was it a birthday the whole family really enjoyed there self. Food prices was a little high but it’s to be expected at a amusement park. Great entertainment and everything

Caleb Mason

Carowinds is always amazing and a great family place to go. Tons of rides, food, and other activities fun for most ages. 100% better than six flags and I definitely recommend going if you havent before.

Alisha Knox

Parking is a little pricey, but if you get there early to beat the crown and you will have a great time! We have a 3 and 1 year old and they both enjoyed themselves. Got there at 10:30 and had no wait for any rides until about 12:00

Angela Elmore

It's always great. Staff is nice. The kids have fun and they offer so much in 1 spot than anywhere around.

Daniel White

Top-notch park with top-notch rides. All the coasters are great and thrilling. The water park is lots of fun too. Definitely worth a season pass if you live close by.

Robert Person

First time visit - very nice amusement park with a fantastic selection of roller coasters. Friendly staff who genuinely seemed to care. And the park is clean and we'll maintained. The only complaint I could make is that they are super slow at loading rides, especially the roller coasters. I know safety is of utmost importance but after visiting Disney and Busch Gardens, their loading process seems to be from the stone age.

Kira Mandl

Carowinds was lovely park! Lots of roller coasters and fun for the whole family. Copperhead strike is their newest ride and it is fun, fast, and wild. The theming for the ride is I credibly detailed. Fun park!

Shatina Barnes

Real fun place my family always has an amazing time. Friendly staff. Love that they allow payment plans for the season pass and you can use them while you pay.

josh of the light

I know being overweight is my fault however it's a handicap even if self inflicted just like being cripple. These theme parks other than Disney need to be accessible to us larger folks as well. Disney rides can be ridden by all sizes... but here 70 bucks for a ticket and just about 90% of the attractions are not big person accessible... this is very disappointing you should make the rides accommodate people of a larger size.. were people too we deserve to enjoy thrills too.

Adam Smith

This place was so much fun! I love the rides and the people. So friendly.

Angela Fischetti

We love Carowinds! We bought season passes even though we live 3 hours away. We visit at least once a month. The all day dining plan is a great deal! And this cirque show is simply amazing and at no extra cost!

Renisha Got'the Goods

Lines move pretty fast when all the cars are properly functioning.. I love Carowinds, been going since I was a baby in the late 80's.. I truly miss thunder road..


Had a really great time with my family. There is a kiddie area where all the rides are mainly design for family fun. If your children are short you can buddy a ride with them. However this place is overly expensive for tickets, food, and gifts.

Alex Warren

My wife and I went here for a date and it was far more exciting than I remember it as a kid. There were endless things to do and all of them exciting. We want to make a yearly activity going there as it was so fantastic.

david r

Over all a great park . The circus show with the raccoon character was much better last year. The advertising photo at the show is was from last year , there is only one raccoon in the show that in my opinion is much less funny this year and they also removed a great juggling act from last year the show is still good but last year was on a higher level of entertainment. Also at the harbor house restaurant they need to remove fish from the signage on the building since they no longer have that option

Vickie VanArtsdalen

So much fun! The water park has a lot of choices for all ages, rides for all ages, the Peanuts live shows for kids are well done, and so many choices of places to eat! We got season passes this year to cut down on the costs so we've been able to go back multiple times to get it all in without rushing through all the fun.


It’s great having an awesome theme park close to home. Although it’s been a while since we have been there because our boys are older now. We certainly enjoyed it for many years. Always got the season passes and they paid for themselves in no time!

antonio alvarez

We went on a three hour road trip to the park on Sept 28 specifically for the water park, only to find out it was closed. The lady gatekeeper said it had been closed for two weeks already and no idea when it will get reopened. We bought the ticket on line and none was said about the water park being closed. The website did not put any announcement about the matter. Our excitement turned to disappointment. We still went for the rides, though, so as not to waste our time I wish the park management would be more diligent in updating their website.


I absolutely love this park! We have platinum passes and frequent a fee different Cedar Fair parks. Being from northeast Ohio, this park has a Geauga Lake feel to it. It's a great people watching park for those like myself, that don't ride. The park is extremely clean and the employees all act like they love their job and want to make your experience the best it can be. We have found the food to be hot and fresh....more so than Cedar Point. My husband and kids love the coasters and other rides as well. They have a variety of activities for all ages. We have children who are teens and also an 18 mos old and we all have a great time! Water park is awesome as well. Slides, Wave pools, water spray parks and the best lazy river! Definitely a park more than worth visiting!!!

W Bake

Great place for family fun. Two parks, water park and conventional entertainment park with plenty of rides for all ages 1 to 100. Plenty of places to eat. And adequate parking. Easy access off of Interstate 77.

Nicole Nash

Great times as always! The fast pass is definitely worth the money if you are going to ride all day. You never have to wait in line!

Jared G.

This place is absolutely wonderful! Besides the incredible rides for all ages, it's clean, friendly staff, and unique being on the border of two States. As a Cedar Point regular, this place lives up to their standards, just scaled down a bit.

Prilompa R

Outstanding non-stop fun, affordable, please keep it that way for all to enjoy! Great chicken fingers at Harmony Hall and good entertainment too! Love me some Carowinds!!!

Michelle Edwards

Plenty to do with the family. Food and drink is overpriced but i guess that is to be expected. Season passes is the way to go especially if you have a large family. Kids 5 and under season passes are free. We love the water park, the wave pool is the best place to be when it is really hot.

Deanna Mapes

Great times spent at Carowinds. Rides for people of all ages and sizes. Plenty of food options. Weekdays aren't as crowded and lines short, but soon they will only be open weekends and select nights. Only downside is food costs. Prices are double, at minimum, than you would pay outside park. Nice to have option to purchase large refillable drink cup. Ice water free. Plenty to do, ride, eat and see here. Also have great water park.

Andrew Walker

Amazing place. Loved the whole experience!! Great place to take family and friends. Lots of rides, and things to do. Good food if not a little expensive. Over all happy with my trip :)


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