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REVIEWS OF Biltmore IN North Carolina

Grease Munky

Awesome building and lots of trails to walk or ride. Well worth the trip. Also, earlier the better!

Kate Toler

I've been taking my kids to the grounds since they were babies. The membership is definitely worth it! When I grow up I want to work here

Kenneth Wacasey

Everything about this place is incredible including the service. In order to het the full experience make sure to visit the village as well. The tour is pricey for being self guided but well worth it.

Christopher McLarty

My wife wanted to just drive by and see the house, but we found out you can not see it without paying to get in. We ended up doing the day pass and toured the house, which some people probably enjoy. It wasn't really or thing, but we did enjoy the gardens and farm area! We had our 6 year old with us and got the normal complaints from her about heat outside and "it's boring" for the house tour. She did like petting animals and playing on the big playground at the village area. The do have a good military/veteran discount.

Anne Tra

This is a modern house back then and still a modern house now. Runs in electrics, has indoor heated swimming pool, walk-in refrigerator, indoor bathrooms and toilet, heaters for the winter. Everything in the house is original, except for the curtain, wall papers, paintings. It’s worth the visit. It cost approximately $70 per person. You wouldn’t be disappointed.

Kelly McCabe

Beautiful home! Amazing architecture... Amazing landscaping. Very busy... Lots of walking... If you have trouble with stairs I suggest you don't go to the third floor since the elevator only goes to the second floor. We didn't take the audio tour because we didn't want to pay for it.... But just looking at everything was still amazing. Fair warning... The trolly does not take you to the winery.

Beth Osborne

Our Favorite Place!!! We love everything about Biltmore! The house, gardens, winery, restaurants, Inn at Biltmore and Village Hotel are all top notch! Throw in great tour options, overnight packages, impeccable customer service, a variety of restaurants including fun picnic spots .... well, you just can’t beat the multitude of options for things to do! Biltmore is a great place to spend a day or several days!

Nicole Denigro

Wow such an incredible place. I didn't realize that it would be so magical and pristine until I arrived. Being the largest house in the country 100 years ago, and still holding that title today speaks volumes. The care, passion, authenticity that was put into creating this beautiful castle was so rewarding to look at. The best part is, after the museum and the Gardens, you can travel to the Winery and Village. Here they have great food, that is fresh and vibrant. The winery offers taste testing on their home grown wines, which you can then purchase on site. Great experience and everlasting memories

HistoryBuff 57

A great place to visit. Be sure to take the Land of Legacy bus tour. We saw 2 black bears, several turkeys. The dairy has good

Barbie E

It's pleasant. The food is amazing and incomparable to anywhere else. However, I can't get over how much I paid rich people to look at their rich stuff. Y'all can come walk through my home half that price if you'd like.

S Squires

An amazing piece of history. Beautiful, amazing story. I’m am very happy I got to see the gardens, the house, and the property. I have no idea why you charge 4 Star dining prices for Village Inn quality food. The buffet I had was not on par with everything else.

Grace Lovelace

Loved it!!! Will add pics later. I made a quick stop. Purchased tickets online for will call saves time in line. You can enter anytime at or after your scheduled time. Viewed Mansion in 2-3 hours. That’s all I did but you could spend days there.

Liz Smithson

We spent a lovely day touring the Biltmore, enjoying the gardens and participating in the wine tastings. It was a very cool location with lots of history. The gardens were beautiful as was the house!


Loved it. 95 dollars including tax for an adult ticket. Get an annual pass if you live nearby. It is payed for in two visits. Use the annual pass to get discount on food and shopping. Good food to buy and plenty to see. Youth ticket is cheaper and kids can enter for free.

Vicki Munro

Absolutely stunning. You will need at least 4 hours to cover the house & gardens. Make sure you hire the headset, great to have extra details but you can always push stop and move on.

Harold Giles

Overall, great experience for first time visit.. even though my wife and I sensed there is more to the Vanderbilt story than what is portrayed and revealed in the tour. But regardless, we enjoyed the visit.

Carol Johnson

Make sure you have a full day here to see everything.This is a huge place and as not cheap a bit of planning needed to get your money's worth. A tour of the house impresses, the garden lay out extensive. Wine tasting is included in ticket price and an enjoyable ending to the day.

Benjamin Davis

Beautiful grounds and estate. I enjoyed seeing the innovation, attention to detail, and grandeur of Vanderbilt's work. It could have used more signage explaining what was being seen in the building for those doing the self guided tour. The only way to get detailed information is by purchasing an upsell.

Kristi Hartwell

This was a great place to spend the day. I highly recommend it. The shops are very nice, the restaurant is excellent. The gardens are beautiful The tour in fantastic. The wine! All around wonderful place to visit.

James Sailors

Such a magical place. Always find myself drawn to conservatories built from a time forgotten. Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. I making another trip to this again in the future

Jackson Jacob

The Biltmore is an amazing facility. My wife and I visited on an August weekend. The tour takes approximately an hour and half. The facility does not have working restrooms available inside, so you may want to be prepared for that. Antler Hill has a museum and video tour that gives details about the Vanderbilt family. It gives a little bit of perspective about the family and the house, it is a good idea to complete this tour before touring the mansion and the surrounding gardens. It also has a winery and restaurants that serve some of the Wagyu beef that's raised on the grounds of the property. Definitely worth checking out. The house itself is grand, with multiple tapestries from the 1500's, ornate furniture, and beautiful paintings. The view from the back patio is priceless! One of the most Serene and relaxing places I have been to. I look forward to going back there in the winter to experience the Christmas lights.

T Weaver

What a beautiful house for the world to see. We also had lunch at the Stables. We had the sampler and it was amazing! If you get a chance, this is a "must see" place to put on your bucket list.

Joseph Carter

Lovely place to visit! I truly feel like this is a rare gem. I can't imagine a more professional and complete experience! Well worth the money, the restaurant is very good, and not over priced at all. I think couples or adult groups are best. I brought my two very small children and it just isn't anything toddlers are going to care about within the house. However, there is a toy shop and candy place which they'll love.

Kascia Lipford

I enjoyed what should have been two days worth of activities, packed into one! The estate was just incredible...I thoroughly enjoyed the home tour, kayaking, wine tasting and dinner! They made my birthday trip very special!

Thrifty Tool Shed

Such a beautiful and amazing estate. Something you definitely have to see yourself to fully grasp the level of architecture and means to actually make it a reality. It's all around from the plants and trees in the garden and of course the magnificent mansion that was so ahead of it's time and designed so beautifully.

Vanja Raduka

Beautiful attraction. Plenty to see. Did the general admission tour to view the Biltmore House and gardens. Took about 4 hours to walk/view everything but definitely could take all day. Great wine tasting at the end to finish your tour too. Definitely recommend visiting this place if you are visiting Asheville!

Lynn Trezise

Antler hill village on a Friday afternoon with a jazz band and a glass of wine is a relaxing way to spend some time with friends. Wine can be a bit pricey per glass and is usually the house brand. You can bring you own chairs or use the available tables and chairs around the outdoor venue area.

j. gill

Amazing estate and super friendly staff. If you do nothing else, your the house and mosey down to the greenhouse (you can also get there if you drive out and park at the garden shop, but you miss a pleasant walk on the grounds). Recommend the audio tour. There's lots more to see, we just haven't gotten that far yet. Kids are free and our 6 & 8 yo loved it. Could be a whole day but not less than 2-3 hours.

Jonathan Mayer

Always amazing on the estate. So peaceful and tranquil. The air just seems cleaner when you're surrounded by lush trees.

Dan Mitchell

Enjoyed my first visit to the Biltmore Estate. One day is not enough to take in and admire the versatile craftsmanship and engineering behind the entire estate. I recommend a 2-3 day trip to not feel rushed through the many magnificent views and details within. There are several areas to park within the estate that bring you closer to the specific places you may want to see without walking exhausting throughout the entire property. I recommend you drive to the gardens vs walking the long journey and back to the Mansion itself. Along with the pond, horse stables, and the inns. There are various eateries within the property, but for those on a budget the restaurants just outside the property offer the most for your dollars. Parking is free, but it does cost to enter the property gates and visit the mansion interior. I plan to return in the future and enjoy many of the sites I missed on this trip.

Robert Mackey

Just breathtaking. A must see. I recommend taking the audio tour with the extra secret passages option. Really interesting! The village is fun and the winery was such a fun time.

Glenn Plunkett

Of you know anything about this place, you probably know the house. But Biltmore is much more than that. Top notch hotels, amazing gardens, gourmet food, outstanding customer service, and friendly people of truly impressive caliber. This is a destination that should be on your bucket list. Everything about this place has been done with excellence and attention to detail!

Parker Bush

Biltmore is a very pleasant experience - the entry cost is a little bit high but you can easily fill an entire day here. Beautiful house, beautiful gardens, quaint shops, good food, ice cream, and wine. It's definitely worth the trip.

Sandi Quest

Plus 100 more stars...did main house tour only due to time restraints..use audio units for sure. Will go back many more times to take in rest of areas..the 8th wonder of the world..staff was exceptional, especially Larry our express driver!

Ken Thomas

This was a much nicer tour than I was expecting. The house is, of course, beautiful, but the gardens and grounds are as well. Lots of nice trails to walk. Nice shops with something gor everyone. Candy shops and cafes. Staff was polite and helpful. We spent 4 hrs there which flew by. I'll definitely visit again in winter.

Lisa Hargate

I could write a book about why I love this place! We stayed at the Inn. It was very elegant and our room had the most amazing view of the mountains. Had the buffet style breakfast in the dining room, it was absolutely amazing. We visited the winery, walked through the beautiful grounds and did a little shopping. We did not visit the mansion because we have been there before but we were absolutely delighted with everything else that the Biltmore estate has to offer. We are currently planning a return trip!

Daniel Iversen

The exterior of the house is amazing, each room on the tour is breathtaking and amazingly preserved. The food everywhere was some of the best food I've eaten at an upscale restaurant. We are lunch at the Deerpark buffet, and dinner was at the Bistro, both had great service. The gardens were beautiful and worth walking. The flowers were well taken care of and the grounds laid out perfectly. The conservatory was by far my favorite part. The plants from around the world were great to see. And the trains were neat to see going around the natural material models.

Gary P

One of my favorite places to be a tourist. The house is fascinating and beyond beautiful. To be honest, I really loved the multiple gardens and conservatory the most. Just touring the home and gardens can easily take half a day. The staff were so friendly, and on a hot day too. That takes dedication. We are going back to see it decorated for Christmas.

Jay Abbott

Amazed at the attention to detail and the enormity of the house. The history has many fascinating details. So many aspects. Fun and educational experience. We rode bikes, 2 tours in the mansion and ate and wine tasted in Antler Village.

Josh Standeven

Gorgeous place, but terrible service. They don't let you drop people off and they won't provide a shuttle to pick people up. They need to develop better systems to create a better experience for entering and leaving the premises.

Courtney Markle

Such a lovely place. Visited for the 3rd time, the first visit in 10 years. They have added so much to the estate that you could easily spend at least two full days exploring everything. All members of staff were extremely kind and helpful. Everything was very family friendly. If you have kids, get the kid's audio tour, it was adorable and my 7 year old learned a ton.

Idaliz Guadalupe

Absolutely stunning experience! We bought tickets last minute, but every step of the way the employees were helpful and polite, which always make a big impact, no matter how beautiful the visit. You need to schedule your tour in advance, and it takes about 20 minutes to get to the house from parking lot A. The self guided tour takes you through 4 floors of the home, with signs corresponding to your guidebook for more info. The gardens are to the side of the house, and were very serene and well thought out with regards to the paths and even color choices. My biggest impression was the noise. I know that sounds crazy, but everyone was so respectful and kept their voices low, even when outside. The loudest part was the dining and shopping hall, naturally. But even in the gardens, we barely spoke and just took in the surroundings. You could easily spend an entire day here open to close, and not spend any more than your admission. For the house tour and gardens, I’d set aside a good 2-3 hours. The house tour took about an hour.

Joanna DeFilippo

Such a fair price for what's included in the tour. Free parking and the option of which lot you'd like to park in. Each lot gives you a different scenic route to the front of the beautiful home in which you have the option to walk or take the shuttle which is also free. If you arrive before your tour time there is plenty to do to fill your time. There are restaurants and shops attached to the home so you don't have to go to far. You can also enjoy the area around the home. The tour itself is amazing and worth coming back for. There are so many things we didn't get to enjoy but plan to come back for.

Hawaii Miss

Maybe ppl have provided reviews of this place and none are wrong. The house is everything you'd expect it to be and the grounds are magnificent. I've never had an experience like having a hawk land on my arm. I'll never forget it. Thank you!

Matthew Donbrosky

Very neat experience! This place is massive. It was really inspiring to learn about the Vanderbilt family that lived here. By all accounts a generous and caring people. The audio tour in the house is well worth the money! Beautiful gardens and epic views abound.

Sally Bradford

Historic and scenic day visit that never fails to impress. The gardens are amazing and wonderful to see again and again as the seasons change. The house tour is breathtaking and great exercise! The village is fun to visit with its shopping and the winery. I love the Biltmore in all its seasons.

Glen Scannell

Still here, really enjoying it. I'm not a tourist I'm more of a traveler so I don't usually like these things. wines are good in very responsibly priced. I recommend skipping the line to the free wine. Sarah at the ticket claim with the red hair is an excellent customer service representative.

Donna Thomas

This place is amazing. My son and his wife surprised me with a trip there today. My daughter and i make a yearly trip from Texas to see my son and his family in South Carolina every summer. I want her to experience this awesome place too. She will love it.

Kristin Guthrie

The fact that we visited in August and the house was very humid did not stop us from enjoying ourselves and seeing as much as we could see (with a three year old!) I like learning the history and seeing how people from all walks of life lived in earlier times. The gardens were beautiful and I was glad that they had a playground for my 3 year old. I wish we had more time and that my three year old could have handled seeing more of the grounds by walking around. I would definitely come back - I heard its beautiful at Christmas time!

Terri Brown

Beautiful! Loved seeing the antiques and the architecture. Surprised at the modern conveniences they had in the home for that time period. We went on a weekend that had a bonus with it...Chihuly! His work was set up in the house as well as out in the gardens and greenhouse. He also had pieces at Biltmore Village. Great visit all the way around!

Ginger Staton

This is an all day event! We toured the house, 2 hrs, ate lunch, toured the Conservatory and gardens. 6 hours We did not go to the Winery or Village. Wear good walking shoes! I highly recommend the audio device to hear about the house and family.

Beth Cafaro

Lots of fun! We bought a two day ticket and toured the house one day and the gardens/winery the next day. FYI, the house isn't airconditioned, but it has fans everywhere, so it was a little warm in July, but tolerable. The library is amazing - designed and built to accommodate the art work on the ceiling! Lots of gift store items-very pricey. Food court is okay-again, pricey. The gardens are gorgeous! The winery is fabulous-free tastings!

Heather Rochester

My husband and I always enjoy spending time at the Biltmore House. The gardens are expansive and beautiful and there is plenty to see and do without touring the house. They have a winery, a village with animals, shops, and restaurants. There are miles of walking trails and two hotels if you want to stay more than one day (you cannot see everything they have to offer in one day). I highly recommend that everyone see the house at least once, you will never forget it.

shelby nicholson

Beautiful estate, would definitely recommend spending a whole day here as you need time to explore the house and the gardens and then go explore the village with the winery and restaurants. Also don’t worry about your ticket time at all you will be let in even if you are late. Parking is easy accessible and has buses running you into the Estate every few minutes

Benji Simmons

So sorry to hear about the driving route has changed and are limited on where you can drive. Of course the shuttle will run continuously but it seems that it is always about the company not the patrons. I have been a pass holder for years and little by little you have to pay more and receive less. On top of this now you have to reserve a time to enter the house year around.

Paul Stull

An amazing accomplishment and wonderful place to visit. We have been twice and still haven't seen everything. Looking forward to returning in Nov for the Downton Abbey exhibit. The extra additional tours are interesting and enjoyable. The tour guides really show that they want you to enjoy the tour.

Lucy Oliver Kyler

Not bad until you realize you are essentially paying the bills for the Vanderbilts. I know there are lots of things to do on the grounds and there should be with the hefty price tag. It was a fine experience. I am glad I have seen it and don't have to go back.

John Pepper

The architecture was great and the interiors were historically interesting. Many modern advances for the period. The grounds and gardens are wonderful. Take time to walk through them. Cedric's tavern was excellent for dinner after all that walking.

Tara Richardson

Highly recommend getting the audio guided tour along with your visit. It's a simple cell phone-like device you listen to recordings that explains details about each room. Also, I recommend visiting the gardens early before it gets too hot. Definitely worth the walk out to see the boat house and just beyond that is a beautiful waterfall!

Summer Hindle

I highly recommend that everyone enjoy is beautiful estate and all it has to offer. Take a moment to take in the breathtaking views surrounding the main building. It's certainly a place that you could go several times and still see new things or try other things that you weren't able to try before because there is so much to do!

Cheryl Ann

Mind blowing! There is so much more to do on the estate besides tour the mansion and gardens... one could spend a week here and not grow bored. Be sure to thoroughly read their website to grasp all there is to do and plan your itinerary well in advance so as not to miss out. There is literally something for everyone, regardless of age or areas of interest. The mansion itself is surreal... we took several tours so as to see and learn more full about this very unusual home and its occupants and visitors. I highly recommend the behind the scenes tour, "Biltmore House Revealed." It is oddly fascinating to witness their over-the-top lavish lifestyle. Beyond this, there are wine tastings, horseback riding, Segway tours... you name it and I think Biltmore has thought of it. So much to do! I recommend joining their free wine club while there... you can sign up in the wine tasting bar, where they will keep pouring tastings for you at no cost... and you'll get 25% off your purchase of a case of wine.

April Milam

Awesome to behold. Expensive, but there are good deals on tickets if you watch for them. The grounds alone are worth the trip. Reading about the history before you go helps you understand and make connections with what you're seeing. The audio tour is also very helpful for learning about the house.

Lauren Chiaradio

Always an enjoyable time! I highly recommend going to the Stable for lunch and grabbing some Biltmore Ice cream. The audio guides add a price of $15 per person, which can be pricy, but gives you a lot more history inside the house and can really improve the quality of your tour.

Dana Davidson

One of my favorite places on earth. There is something truly magical about the Biltmore Estate. You have to see, hear, and feel it to understand its beauty. I would go back in a heartbeat.

jennifer sharak

Know what you will be spending in advance, you will need extra for hand held tour device, souvineer picture, and some killing time money while you wait to go in. The tour is two hours more or less no restrooms available you have to exit then go back in line to re-enter through security line, so don't drink before you go and go before you enter. Not very kid friendly no pets or smoking on the property no flash photos. I have had this on my bucket list for years can't wait to go back and highly recommend it.

River Gal

My son was married at Biltmore and I was so pleased with the wedding planners at Biltmore. Everything was beautifully planned and organized. The food was excellent. The venue had to be changed because of the flooding and Biltmore upgraded the venue to an absolutely stunning ballroom with windows surrounding the room, overlooking the mountains. We couldn't have been happier! Thank you Biltmore!

Jacob Martin

How to describe the Biltmore, simply awesome and breathtaking. The employees are quick to help with any questions you may have, the grounds are beautiful to look at and explore. Everything about the Biltmore is awesome!

Cindi Sanden

Amazing! We almost didn't do the tour because the tickets seemed too expensive but I am so glad we did. I loved seeing the house and the gardens. The winery was a fun stop too. Great way to spend a day.

Emily Rose

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful! You must go if you are in the Asheville area and make sure you do the reveal tour. That gives you more insight into the butlers quarters and the mechanics of the house as well as more of the living areas and even some clothes that were worn from Edith. Definitely take advantage of seeing the largest privately own home in the US with 250 rooms. Also, we did the audio tour and that was good because it gave interesting facts but you can still embrace the beauty of the house without it.

James Adams

Biltmore is breathtaking. It is really unbelievable that someone could have such wealth. I recommend visiting to feel like a peasant.

natasha boyden

Amazing house (well, castle really). Beautiful gardens and the interior of the house is utterly authentic. I highly recommend the legacy of the land tour as well. Definitely worth visiting!


This place is stunning. We visited for the first time this weekend and really enjoyed it. From the gardens to the house to the shops, everything was amazing. Like other people mention in their reviews, wear comfortable shoes. I can't stress that enough. We parked in parking lot C and a complimentary shuttle took us to the Biltmore house. But after that, you walk everywhere you go. It took us about 2 hours to tour the home. We both had an audio device and I can't recommend purchasing them enough. You learn so much more with the audio tour then you would just walking through the house with the brochure they hand out. Every detail and room in this house was breathtaking. I loved learning about the history of the house and the people who lived inside. I would recommend this place to everyone and definitely want to come back to visit during the Christmas season.

Ben Krumnow

Whats not to love? Beautiful and huge grounds! Has something for all ages. Everything from good food and drinks, some shopping, flowers and nature, small petting zoo, and of course one of the most fabulous houses in history!

Joe Amaral

It is hard to describe how amazing this place is. There isn't another property I am aware of that the public can access as beautiful or expensive. As a native Rhode Islander, the Mansions of Newport give a similar experience. Though in no way the same scale. The property is really incredible we spent 7 hours in total and had so much to do. Loved it.

Cory Mattox

The place is full of history. There is literally a chess board that Napoleon used to play on in the sitting room. The architecture and the beauty of the craftsmanship is worth the visit. Some advice though, it can get hot in the upper floors in the summer so dress appropriately. My wife and I thought that we would bring a stroller for the little one but ended up carrying it the whole time. The place was built before elevators so there are too many stairs for a stroller to work. The grounds are beautiful as well so make sure to check out the garden.

Steven Davidson

Its a cool place, looking at the life of wealthy guy at end of the 19 century. The grounds are beautiful and I am fascinated by the detail in the house, the stonework, the woodwork and the attention to the most recent advancements for the time; electricity, elevators, indoor pool. The most fascinating aspect of the estate is the relatively brief period it was actually used as a residence. It was finished in 1895 and George Vanderbilt, the visionary who built it died less than 20 years later. His wife lived there for another ten years and his son kept an apartment there. But Biltmore Industries was sold shortly after George died. I give it 4 stars because $70 is a bit steep for an hour walk through the house. Keep in mind there are a LOT of stairs and, while there are attempts to provide some level of cooling, its HOT in there. If you are not up for lots and lots of stair climbing, don't waste your money. The grounds of the estate are open to the public at no charge. The exit from the parking lot goes in front of the house and along the conservatory. If your party is not up to climbing back up to the parking lot, they can wait for you at the conservatory.

Courtney Smith

I always enjoy visiting the house, it seems they change the tour as I’ve seen new rooms I didn’t see before and did not see rooms I saw previously. I’m glad to be an annual pass holder so I can keep coming back to see new rooms. Lots of different tour options and the guide book and staff are helpful enough that if you don’t purchase the audio tour you will be ok. Takes about 2 hours to go through the house at a leisurely pace. There is an elevator that goes to most floors (not the basement) so for those with mobile restrictions, it is possible to still see the house just fine and wheelchairs are available. This time I went with my mom and we also did the rafting trip at the outdoor center in Antler Hill Village’s outdoor center.

Srika Gopal

Beautiful place... I really enjoyed everything I saw- when touring the house, you can go at your own pace, and read the guide provided at the front, it's so interesting to see how Mr.Vanderbilt created such a perfect house! I highly recommend visiting the gardens as well, as you can see some really beautiful roses and flower varieties. Not only is this place so wonderful on the inside in the house, but the drive/ walk to and from the house is so scenic and nature filled! So much greenery!! If you want to see something different, something really unique, visiting Biltmore is the best thing to do! Walking through Biltmore is like walking through a palace- it's amazing... Lots of awesome photo opportunities as well!!

Virginia Stockwell

Wow, huge huge place 16,000 acres to include a $75 house tour otherwise you can visit for free. The house tour is very impressive. Audio tour is a little more or you can pick up a free written guide with less detail. You should definitely make a reservation in advance so it will be $10 cheaper and the line will be shorter. After visiting the house, highly recommend the trek down to the conservatory, an indoor huge greenhouse for exotic tropical plants and formal gardens, beautiful. From there, take the free shuttle around the property to see the sheep, horse stables, fishing pond, restaurant area, and more. Hop back in your car and drive 5 miles to the winery for complimentary tasting (don't be intimidated by the line, it goes quickly).

Dawn Seibert

Our visit exceeded our expectations in every way!!! Very, very impressed with how the current heirs have continued to maintain and upgrade the extensive estate and grounds. Note: water bottles ARE permitted contrary to what their website states. First, we loved the Rooftop Tour! Wilma was a super knowledgeable guide. The tour focused on the unique architectural details, the scultures, a tour of the upper floors and the attic to see the slate roof construction methods. Audio guide for the house tour definitely adds extra interesting information. Extensive tour through 38 rooms which have the original furniture and set up beautifully with fresh flowers and live plants. The diversity and design of the gardens and plants in the glass conservatory rival many botanical gardens we've visited around the country; albeit a smaller size. On top of all this, lunch was delicious and reasonably priced! Most of the people on our tour and several others we met there have been to the estate before if that gives you an idea of how this is a first class sight and operation. The 2 mile drive in and out from the house is also an amazing sight!

Amanda Childs

Love seeing this huge old house. The different exhibits they have going on are cool and keep it different. Get the audio tour at least once. We've done a couple backstage tours and those are cool too.

Grace Becker

So beautiful. My only suggestion is comfortable clothes and shoes because you will be doing plenty of walking. Also an umbrella wouldn't be a bad idea. Otherwise I would strongly suggest this to anyone in the area who appreciates history and/or architect.

matt Bryarly

Such an amazing place! My wife and I went here for our honeymoon and came back for out 5 year anniversary, we loved it so much! The house is beautiful and the staff is so friendly and helpful. We did the behind the scenes house tour this time and our tour guide (I forget her name, but it was the 10am tour on 7/8/19.) was very informative and you could tell she really enjoyed what she was doing. She was very excited to tell us back a lot of the history and was a wealth of valuable information. The grounds are beautiful as well. The gardens seem to go on and on forever, with more beautiful flowers around every corner. The Garden Railway exhibition was super cool as there were models of all the buildings on the grounds and several model trains that wound there way through the conservatory. And who can forget Antler Hill? The little farm with a petting zoo (great for little ones) and more history around every corner. Our favorite part of Antler Hill is the Winery and the wine tasting that come with your ticket! The staff is very helpful in describing the wines and helping you choose ones that are best for your palate. We even joined the wine club and are looking forward to our first shipment in October (even if it is a little pricey). All in all, I cannot recommend the Biltmore enough! A wonderful place, full of history and beauty! My wife and I cannot wait to go back!

James Mellis

I do not even know where to start for a review of this site. It is absolutely awesome. My wife has tried to get me to go there for years and I have resisted. Shame on me for not listening to her. The home is absolutely beautiful. The craftmanship is just awesome. The attention to detail is mind blowing. It is hard to believe that something as beautiful and detailed as this house could have been built over a hundred years ago. I can only imagine what Mr. Vanderbilt would have accomplished if he had not died in his early 50's. When you take in the technical advancements in this house it will overwhelm you. It is hard to believe the innovations in this house for the period. I could write all day on how awesome this place is. The gardens are just as beautiful. I found the little trains that go all through the gardens so cool. One thing is for sure. You cannot take it all in on one visit. I cannot wait to go back and visit again. A must for your bucket list.

Catherine Pfeffer

This place is really gorgeous and I am glad we finally made it here after living in South Carolina for a few years. I could spend all day here but sadly with a toddler that is not possible. I think given more time and a patient child, we could have spent the whole weekend there. Many fun things to do and see.

Holly Bachmann

We had a great time here. The house is unbelievable! We walked the gardens all the way to the bass pond. Did you know the estate is so big that it has s 3 mile driveway? Before it was paved it took an hour to get out to the mailbox in horse and carriage. There is a shuttle bus with a/c from certain parking lots. I would recommend the lots with the shuttle as they drop off right at the front of the house. Very nice shops and be sure to have some banana pudding ice cream before you leave! Delicious! Oh, and kids are free through summer 2019! Check out the website.


I guess good for people who like historical stuff but this place has areas that are extremely hot and the place is really cramped! I recommend taking multiple days to visit the area as it is huge and you’ll probably die of thirst otherwise! I visited in the summer which is probably why my review is negative but please don’t come here in the summer, especially with a family, unless you know what you’re doing and getting yourself into.

Michelle Rabalais

Treat yourself to this experience. There is no other place with the grandeur and elegance of a European castle. The gardens are absolutely magnificent. The scenery and landscape are tranquil, offering a feast of beauty for the eyes.

julie jean

Our third visit to this beautiful place. Love it here. The Inn at Biltmore is such a great place to stay. Very relaxing yet many activities to do if you want to be more active. Only a few miles from Asheville and that is a fun place to visit.

weusi baraka

Biltmore is an incredible display of Vanderbilt wealth. The tour is great. The staff is super knowledgeable about the estate. The more questions you ask the better the experience. BUT be prepared to walk ... A lot!

E Mo

This is a lovely place. The whole story about the Vanderbilt family is intriguing. If you go here, be sure to do the "Legacy of the Land" tour. Our guide, Mike, was phenomenal. So much info. The house is beautiful, though not as ridiculously opulent as other places I have been (like Hearst Castle in Cali). It is a HUGE place, but not as over-the-top fancy, which I found interesting and, quite frankly, appreciated. I'm looking forward to going back again.

Jean Vanwyk

Too huge to wrap you mind around that this was one person's estate. It's worth making reservations at one of the restaurants there and having a great meal. They really are a good place to get away from the crowd. Otherwise the whole place can turn into a Disney like experience. There are lines to buy hot dogs, and lines to buy bottles of wine,lines for everything.

Lauren Stafford Bruce

Architecturally amazing. The detail and craftsmanship astound. The rating is low because they let way too many people in this place at once, its nearly impossible to move or breathe or see anything at all. They should limit their ticket sales to an appropriate amount.

Carla Williams

It is really pricey but beautiful and opulent. The free wine tasting with entry was so much fun! There are bike paths but most are not paved. We loved it so much we paid the additional $25 to go again the next day. They give you an entry time for the house when you buy your ticket. You cannot go earlier than the time given but you can show up later.

Christine Hiatt

We attended for Homeschool days. It was pretty decent. My kids didn't think some of the events were for their ages. But that's pretty normal. The house was perfect as always. It's a must see at least once in your life. Go when you can see the gardens to. They were amazing.

Aravind Selvapalani

Take a walk back to hundreds of years of history and magnificent. The largest residential house in the US doesn't fail to impress. Wear comfortable cloths and footwear as you have to walk miles to just see the house. And there would still be the gardens.

Raena Smith

This is a place I would go to again there is just so much to see and you can't see it all in one visit really and lots of gift shops. The bus driver was very friendly and wanted to make sure that I was able to get carefully on and off the bus. If you have a disability there is a elevator to the second floor but it doesn't go up to the third and fourth floor but they do have a room with video that shows everything on the third and fourth floor and if so I can go to the third floor for you and take pictures then you're good. I had a lot of fun took lots of pictures then lots of goodies in their stores..

Linda Marshall

Fantastic experience. Biltmore is a must see even tho pricey.. Tons of visitors but all was well organized and flowed well.

isaac walker 3rd

Amazing place just wish they had a guided tour with the admission. Price is high compared to Hearst Castle. Large group of people but not impossible to get a good view of the house. Staff was wonderful very helpful and friendly. Winery was great to sample the variety of wines.

A Gandhi

Be sure to make an online reservation to visit the estate. It is a nice place to visit while in town and I definitely recommend spending time in the gardens. Take care to plan out your visit with consideration of the weather. The complimentary wine tasting was nice as well. We had lunch on the patio at the Bistro - the food was nice and the service was very good.

Bill Bukovec

I highly recommend touring the Biltmore house. Make sure you rent an audio tour guide as it provides details that makes the tour more enjoyable. It was as a hot day ( 88 degrees) but out tour time was 9:30 am, so we avoided much of the heat. The staff were all very friendly and helpful. We plan to return, possibly in the fall, to take advantage of the cooler temperatures and enjoy the fall colors.

Rosalind Cordero

I've been a few times and each time was a good one. So much to see and do. From the gardens, to the house, to a private tour none of my visits have been the same. Marveling at such beautiful architecture, enjoying history, or just seeing how the upper-class lived, there's something for everyone.

Mic Platt

It's difficult to put into words the grandeur of the Biltmore. Walking around the grounds gives a sense one is in Europe. A wonderful history and a testament to an American family. Please "like" my review if it was helpful or informative.

Samantha Musho

Expensive entry but by the end of the day we decided it was worth it. Plan to spend ALL DAY here. The grounds are massive. The tour of the house is actually very long but very interesting and detailed. The food at the cafe was good - they also have decent beer! The gardens are amazing as well!

Peggy Lawrence

It was beautiful in May with most of the gardens in full bloom. Ate at one of the restaurants and enjoyed t whole day just touring the gardens and toured the estate. It was a wonderful Mother's Day gift from the children.

Clinton Cimring

Regardless of reviews this is a landmark you can’t miss seeing. It’s like the original Disney from decor to service... I highly recommending visiting and they do give discounts for combat injured veterans!

Christian Frazier

The Biltmore is an amazing experience and trip back into history. You are going to want to spend at least a couple of days so that you can take it all in. Everything from the exterior grounds, botanical garden and the wine tour was amazing. The tour was breathtaking you may want to upgrade to an audio tour and include the behind the scenes wine tour. If you are a military veteran don't forget to ask for a military discount. Great place to bring the entire family or a nice romantic getaway.

Lisa McDonald

Great place to spend time with your family. We all had a great time. We used the had held audio to listen to information on each room. Gave us a lot of information. Love going to the conservatory to see the trains. So beautiful!

Brent Arvin

It is a beautiful place to visit. Have been there at least 6 times, every time I see something new. I proposed to my wife on the rooftop 17 yrs ago on my first visit. The tours are awesome, people are very nice, I would, and have told others about how nice it is to go and visit. Plenty of things to do for everyone.

Noel Coward

Love Biltmore for its history, gardens and charm. The kids had a great time as well as the adults. Something for everyone. The house and furnishings are amazing as is the history of the estate. Spend a full day or more to fully explore the house and grounds. It's well worth the money and time!

Jake_ Gaming

The Biltmore has such a rich history, and it is the best place to visit in Western North Carolina in my opinion. It is beautiful, and after you park they offer shuttle rides to and from the house so you don't have to walk.

Tina Klink

Beautiful estate. I would go in the spring or winter. Make reservations for your tour before you get there. Early morning arrival is best because there is so much to look at.

Davina Woods

Bring your walking shoes to explore all this beautiful masterpiece has to offer. From the guided audio tour and gardens to the delicious eats, fine wine and free wine sampling at Antler Hill Village & Winery this is tour promises to be a memorable experience. A few tips and recommendations from one first timer to other first time visitors: Arrive early but not to jump in line for your scheduled "show time". Arrive early to visit the gardens first, especially during the warmer months. The cooler temps of the morning offer a better experience in the gardens before the heating of the day. And honestly there was no need to rush to the tour line because they did not allow you to line up for entry until your actual showtime. Otherwise you end up in an overflow line, standing in the sun waiting for your ticket time. The audio tour devices have audio jacks so bring your ear buds and headphones for an even better experience. Prepare to allow yourself time for a full day. We arrived at 9:00am with a 10:15am showtime and left at 7:00pm. While we did break for a short lunch, there was still more to do and gardens to explore when we left.

Katie Poterala

What a beautiful and amazing place to spend a day or weekend. I have been here numerous times over the years and always see or learn something new every time I visit. It’s especially fun to go when it’s decorated for the holidays. Expect waiting on buses and parking to be a little bit of a pain, as it’s a huge tourist attraction. Also wear comfortable shoes and don’t plan to ever need to go back to your car.

Steffon Cumberbatch

The house and estate are exceptionally massive and there is so much to see and do. The house itself is enormous and every room is completely different from the last. The tours are really good and allow you to see parts of the house you wouldn't see with the self guided tour of the house.

Rachel Mumford

I always love visiting the Biltmore. It's astonishingly large and incredibly beautiful. The views and the gardens are as stunning as the house itself. I highly recommend the audio tour.

Kevin Privette

It is truly unimaginable as you tour the halls and rooms to think that a family once lived there. The grounds are very well kept as well. When you step outside some of the rooms and step onto the open air spaces, you can see mountains for miles. I highly recommend this tour to anyone. It’s not just a house.

Alan Weber

Did the house tour today. Very interesting. The staff are very knowledgeable and can answer lots of questions. There seems to be a great playground, bike trail, and lots more we'll have to check out another time. Semi dog friendly. He can tour the outside, but not in the house.

Beverly Hamilton

Parking was thoughtfully provided with shuttle. Food available at ice cream store of a food court. Seating available in shaded areas. Tours with audio self guided equipment and well maintained rooms in comfortable temperature were pleasant. Elevators maintained by staff for handicapped. Gardens were beautiful and impressive, and insertion of miniature railroad through conservatory was creative, entertaining children safely.

Jhana Anderson

The house and surrounding grounds were beautiful. We went on Legacy of the Land tour. Very informative and ontetesting. Great place to have year-round tickets if you live there.

Amy Robertsonsmith

I’ve wanted to visit this historic home for a long time, but other travels came first. We loved this place, take the special tours if you can...Legacy of the Land was phenomenal if you want to understand how it all came to be. If you like Hearst Castle, The Palace of Versailles, or other historical homes this is a gem...for America.

Elizabeth Tipton

Everything about Biltmore was absolutely gorgeous! The only issue I had was that it was (as expected) very crowded. It was very hard to get up to the ropes to see anything because the individuals that bought the audio tour stood at the ropes for 5 minutes or more listening to their hand-held devices (I added the photo of this occuring in the library.) This made it difficult for them to pay attention to their surroundings and see that others were trying to look as well. It would be helpful if they could have some guides maybe usher them a long after a few moments and/or create a single file type line so we could all see and take photos. The house was gorgeous but I'm not sure worth the $60 we paid for each ticket. We enjoyed walking the grounds and Antler Hill much more. I was told you could buy a separate ticket to Antler Hill for $20 after 4pm. If they could make that for the gardens as well and available all day, that would give more options. Overall, I cannot say just how beautiful it was to see the Biltmore House and grounds. I absolutely loved it. We have already made plans to go back during the Christmas Event.

Kirby Reynolds

Amazing and mind blowing view into history. I can't believe how much there is to see, I fully recommend the audio tour. The only issue I have is there almost isn't enough time to let it all in.

Jenn S

I love coming to Biltmore! I've been there 4 or 5 times and I always have a great time!! There's easy access to parking lots and shuttles to take you to the Estate. You can tour the house as a self guided tour at your own pace and also add an audio tour. It's a great place for the family!

heidi reilley

Recently toured, mansion beautiful. Tour not nearly as good as Hearst mansion in CA. Tickets purchased online must be printed or held at will call, get with the times and scan a code on our phone. Tried to ride the bike trails and the bike shop was out of maps. A gate was closed going one way and only open the other direction with horribly marked arrows. The roads should have a bike lane. The trolley to the mansion was silent. the Hearst mansion has a prerecorded overview to listen to on the way up. Walking yours are given by well vs guides at Hearst mansion. You are “on your own” at Biltmore. For the heafy price, a guide should be included.

Paul Spencer

This place is fantastic. This is excellent. Has the first ever indie swimming pool in the basement. Library it's as big as most people's homes.

Andrew Hampton

Pricey, but you can take all day just walking around the gardens and taking it all in. The breadth of possible activities is stunning, as, of course, is the house itself. I highly recommend the rooftop tour to supplement. It gives you a more personalized experience and some killer views.

Meng Thao

Nice place to visit on a nice weather day. Great guest service for the most part. The shuttle ride to the house is about 10-15 minutes not including the wait time. I waited maybe another 15 minutes or so in line. Lining up and waiting to enter the house was also not too bad. The security check was quick and simple. Well staffed for the most part, directing traffic, greeting, and answering questions. Now the bad (this is what you’re here for): Not stroller friendly! Whether you are a child, disabled, or elderly. If you can’t walk, climb using stairs then this place is NOT for you. If you disregard this, you will pay $80 to wait in the lobby area. If you want to carry the stroller up and down the stairs, feel free to but I promise you it won’t last. I think the place offers assistance for disabled but I don’t know how that works, my guess is that they would bypass you. But trust me, you will be missing a lot and there are areas that you will not see.

The Bee Man Jay

Beautiful place and great to walk the house and land. I gave 4/5 because of the cost of the tickets. It is a lot of money to just walk around unguided. The guided tour cost even more money. Looking around and seeing the amount of people that were there when we where. They made over $10,000 in just one day, before you pay for meals and guided tours.

Zack Helms

Took the kids to the main house and greenhouse (my favorite) which had some cool model trains running through a wide variety of interesting flowers. I probably enjoyed it more than the kids; I partly blame the energy draining high heat for that.

Ken Fisher

A wonderful many ways like a Disney World for adults. An amazing house, gardens, and grounds. 1st class operation.


You will see and experience nothing like this anywhere else in our country. The architecture and art is amazing. Take some extra time and walk the paths of all the gardens starting with the Italian gardens down to and around the bass pond. There are some amazing specimens to see.

Deanna Watts

Anyone we mentioned Asheville to said, “You have to go to the Biltmore.” I got online to order tickets and was kinda surprised at the price. $85, say what?! We decided to do it anyway and I’m so glad we did. Such a cool experience. You could easily spend the better part of a day here and not see everything. There are restaurants and shops inside so no reason to leave. If you download the app, it will let you know about upcoming events. The day they were there they had live music scheduled in three different spots and an outdoor movie that night. I would definitely recommend taking sunscreen. I was under the impression we’d spend most of our time indoors but there’s so much to see outside. I got burnt. Oops!

Michael Bryan

Wow. Given the period of construction it is so impressive. Excess to be sure, but still impressive. Expansiveness and use of what was state of the are technology at the time is amazing.

John Barrett

Went to outdoor summer concert with the Marshall Tucker Band and Charlie Daniels Band. It rained so there was a 30 minute delay but after that it was great. The shuttle buses leaving could be better organized but once we got to the car it was a quick departure. I would go back next year.

Stacie Banonis

I highly recommend getting a season pass if you're able. We go at least once a week to the playground and farm area. We were actually there yesterday for over 4 hours exploring in the gardens and down to the bass lake. There is so much to do!

Prasen Gope

To be honest, we were shocked at the ticket price of $79 each plus tax. There are lot more additional charges on top of this charge. So be prepared for that. If you take digital photos, even getting the digital copy sent to your email with a moderate print out costs $35. Inside is poorly lit but you might enjoy. The gardens are the best part.

Judith Schramm

Great place with lots to see. Need better lighting since you're not allowed to use a flash. There are lights that aren't UV. Should invest in those so people paying $69 and up can get fantastic photos.

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