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REVIEWS OF The Tour at NBC Studios IN New York

Nichole C

Best part was the video the group makes at the end so be sure to participate and you get to keep the cool lil pin they give you in the beginning

Amanda Higgins

Great tour! The interactive experience at the end was a lot of fun! Rachel, the Group Sales coordinator, was so nice and extremely accommodating! Would recommend!

Roy Hutchinson

One of the better tours that gave an insight to the behind the scenes working of the studios and the building. The groups was the right size and the tour guides were very good, knowledgeable and helpful. This is one to be recommended. It was good to see inside a studio and also to watch some workers in action at their consoles - you cannot fail to be impressed by what happens. The downside for us, we shared with a school group - they dominated and it meant that the final aspect of working in studio meant that my son was sidelined in discussions of 'roles' - we were left to camera. This was a shame and the teacher should have stepped in - otherwise it would have been 5stars. They would find it easier to return than we will, however, highly recommended but make sure you do not share with a selfish school group!

Haris Qureshy

The NBC Tour is great and a must do when visiting NYC for any film/TV lover. They give you a rich history about NBC and take you behind the scenes where nightly news is broadcasted , where SNL takes place and other cool studios. Felt bad for our tour guide. One of the people on the tour asked her how much the job pays , then 15 minutes later said to her " that salary is tough living in NYC no ?" Some people got no manners !

Officially Jaay

Had an impromptu visit to the NBC store and ended up taking the tour. Was fun, entertaining and interesting to see behind the scenes of SNL and Jimmy Fallon.

Federico Scocchi

The tour was amaziiiing!!!!...I was in a bad time so the nbc give me the opportunities to come back and see all the tour again. I have seen the stages where the tonight show and snl go on air. I've seen also the control room and the office where all the news start. It is an experience that you have to do!! Before I wrote: (We spend a lot of money to reach NY from Italy and I can see one stage behind glass. No jimmy fallon, no snl. I think that people should know that before.)

Jacob Metcalfe

Interactive and fun. Learned quite a bit and the tour guides were beyond knowledgable.

Bovel Anderson

Got my one minute of fame being a cameraman.

Paul Zomparelli

Kind of neat to see the studios and the guides were knowledgeable but the our of empty studios was a little boring. Maybe die hard fans of the late shows and SNL would appreciate it more.

Chris Hsin

The pages were the bomb!! Awesome tour around a legendary building. A must if you love the NBC live shows!

Tania G. Linares

Don't miss the opportunity to walk through the SNL, Jimmy Fallon studios and have a really cool tour. It costs U$35. And if u visit the shop, you can find an intern searching 4 audience for some rehearsals and, echo, knows, get the golden ticket to see Jimmy Fallon Late Show with the famous celebrities

Vibhav Mehrotra

Good to see the place where they shoot SNL, Jimmy Fallon, and Seth Meyers show. The tour ends with all attendees making a small clip of themselves in a made-up tonight show. No photos allowed during this tour.

Deborah Liber

This tour was great. Our guide took us all around the Rockefeller buildings and explained all the art on the buildings. I have been to NYC a couple of time and saw the mosaics and sculptures but never knew the history behind them. It was fascinating.

Swiper StopSwiping

You get to see many important sets for NBC shows and it's a fun experience over all. The price tho is really high, you should really be a fan.

Bryant Altizer

What a great way to see some behind the scenes of real history in the making. I really enjoyed the old photos of the history of television. The guides (NBC page program) make the tour fantastic but it is a fast paced race through a small part of the studio. Seeing the Saturday night live studio and the Tonight show studio were definitely the highlights of the tour. The making of a talk show video was fun too. Sure wish a photo or two during the tour was possible, but I guess it's good to know that there are still some places where cameras are not permitted.

Adam Hovey

This is more a review of NBC than it is the studios. NBC, get rid of those bigoted Christophobe writers on SNL. You won't, because you have caved into the liberal elite (the same people that mistakenly believe the religiously unaffiliated are the largest religious group in the US, they aren't). Fellow Christians, stand up to these bigots!

Emilio Camacho

Worth the price, very interesting to walk around the same space where comedians and everyone involved in creating SNL and the other night talks shows walk as well, the give you a great overview and history of the process of creating the shows as well and fun/interesting anecdotes. I recommend booking 4 or more days in advance to make sure tickets don’t run out.

Monica Mehmi

Do this tour. It's so worth it! Get the bundle and go to the viewing terrace as well. Worth every penny and then some. The pages are so freaking knowledgeable, be kind to them! I had the best experience, I got to sit in on a rehearsal with Jimmy Fallon. I had a blast!!! Could not have been cooler. Best experience ever! Everyone was so nice and professional too.

Mark Zimmerman

Our paige's were funny and informative. This was a great behind the scenes and a speacial ending. Would totally do it again.

Tami Toney

This is a must if you're a Tonight Show, SNL and NBC fan! You get to visit the sets briefly and you can also see where NBC Nightly News is shot. I was hoping to run into a celebrity, but we were there when both shows were on vacation around Memorial Day, so it was pretty quiet. If you go during a week when SNL is on live, you might get to see a rehearsal.

jason sickels

Informational yet captivating for those who love television especially NBC programs. Loved the studios and how educated the pages were. Worth it.

Richard Prescott

Our early tour was just my wife and I. The Pages did an excellent job and we got to see some very cool behind the scenes parts of 30 Rock. Definitely recommended.

Vicky Dyke

Great tour. No photos allowed. Saw SNL, NBC NEWS, MSNBC, TONIGHT SHOW STUDIOS. 10% off in gift shop. Made our own video at the end. Fun

Mary D'Arrigo

One of our favorite things to do. Our page tour guides were spectacular. Nice selection in the gift shop.

Lucais Horsley

On the last Saturday afternoon in September, we took this fun and iconic tour. We saw the SNL set from behind a glass wall behind the audience seating. The set was busting with energy from lots of crew members preparing for that night's …

Erin Williams

Awesome tour. We were able to visit the SNL set, as well as Jimmy Fallon and Seth Myers sets. I understand they rotate the studios they use for the tour. One of our group members needed a wheelchair for the tour and they had one for us to use for free and we were able to go to see every part of the tour.

Dr. Michael Gampolo

What a great tour! We absolutely loved it and our Pages were very talented and insightful. One of the best things we have done while visiting NYC and we have done A LOT. I look forward to the next time we are here to do it again

Brennen Kapaun

Recommend the tour! Spent a lot of time around Rockefeller Center during our trip, tour is semi short but shows multiple cool locations and has great info, may be given a chance to witness a Seth Myers monologue recording as well. If you’re looking for tickets to shows such as Jimmy Fallon it is way more challenging than you may think, system could definitely be improved as you can do all of the steps right and still potentially never get a ticket if you’re from out of town and stand by is difficult because you sacrifice a day of the trip to hopefully.. get a ticket.

Jerry Erbe

This tour was a lot more interesting and fun than I thought it would be. We had a great time. We were there on a holiday weekend, so all the shows were on a break, which meant we got to see various studios that we might otherwise have not been allowed into, including the SNL Studio, which alone was worth the price of admission.

Betsi Shelffo

We took the tour on Saturday 10/12/19 and it was wonderful!! Our pages Will and Summer were professional, personable, knowledgeable and made the tour so much fun!! We so enjoyed seeing the sets, especially the SNL set and all the behind the scenes goings on there. We learned so much about what goes into making television shows and the history was equally as fascinating! At the end, creating our own talk show was a blast and we all had a lot of laughs! I would do this again for sure, and would highly recommend the tour to anyone visiting NYC! Thank you to Will and Summer for an unforgettable experience!

Brandon henes

Was pretty cool. You see a hype video of the history. Take an elevator to a couple studio rooms and the guides tell you about some cool facts. At the end of the tour you get to produce a 5 minute show. The whole thing is just over an hour.

Alexander Burmistrov

Wonderful experience. I and my girlfriend really enjoyed the tour. The tour guides are so nice! They make the whole experience great. Really interesting and fun tour.

Rick Zakowski

Fantastic your! One of the best experiences I've had in NY. Matt and Hayley were excellent

Tim Sykes

This place was a lot of fun if you are into a behind the scenes look. Like the SNL set is so small. I was impressed what the could do in such a small space. The pages were fun and knowledgeable. Suggest going at around lunch time. You get more access when the sets are not being used in rehearsals.


Enjoyed the tour very much and we had lots of fun making our own video!

Katherine Woznek

So cool being on SNL set, Tonight Show and Later Night sets!!

scott wood

This was really worth the money!! The tour guides were very nice and knowledgeable. You get to keep the pin they give you and at the end when you make a little video with the entire group, they email it to you at no cost. It was a lot of fun!!

Amy Hale

My daughter and I took this tour on our last day in New York and we found it to be a great end to our amazing trip. The groups were small and split between two Tour Guides, the tour length was perfect, the studio views were interesting, and the show at the end was entertaining and fun. The gift shop was filled with t-shirts, trinkets, cups - some typical touristy things but also a lot of unique things too. I’d definitely recommend this tour.

Elizabeth Kelly

Great tour and guides. Definitely worth doing.

Chris Thompson

Loved seeing SNL and Jimmy Fallon studios. Lester, yours was okay.

chad fine

Fun tour behind the scenes. Favorite part was the Saturday Night Live studio. So much fun!

Parsa Tayebi

Very interesting and fun-filled tour. We got to see many rooms in the building, including Jimmy Fallon's recording studio.


Awesome experience and peek behind the curtain of the iconic NBC studios in NY. Got to go into the actual studios of The Tonight Show, NBC Evening news and my favorite-Saturday Night Live. The pages give a great informative narrative tour. Just over an hour and well worth it to me. Book on line in advance-it will probably sellout.

Jasmine Casanova

It’s definitely a must!! The fact that you get to just stand in a building filled with so much legacy is beautiful. —now the tour itself is a memory to always remember. The staff is friendly and intentional with treating you as guest of the house. the tour is SO INTERESTING and inspiring. I had the privilege of seeing SNL set and I was lucky to see it get setup the day before. There’s so much to say but I won’t ruin the surprise for you! Thank you NBC

Melissa Mashburn

Absolutely loved the tour, our paiges, Will and Ali, were fantastic. Very informative, extremely fun and friendly, and just all around nice people. We thoroughly enjoyed going backstage and getting a chance to see the stage/ set for SNL, O'Fallon, and the morning show. I'd highly recommend this tour if you're on vacation in NYC.

David Krueger

Overall, the inside sits feel like a museum dedicated to NBC with pictures and murals on every wall. And it's kinda of cool to know that's what the production environment looks like.

Justin Paulger

Amazing just amazing to see how their programs started and how, they are run.

David Chen

Very cool to see how everything works. The amount of raw footage is amazing!

Rick Manion

So much fun! Fun to see several studios and the pages were fun.

Christina Walker

It's definitely more geared towards children, but was still an enjoyable experience and I learned from it. Got to see Studio 8H! But was a little disappointed we didn't get to see more. Also, if you do have kids, the tour begins in the gift shop, and that could be a little frustrating.

Josh E.

A great tour that everyone should take while in NYC! The sets and history are truly something to behold.

Norene Pinkney

Completed a tour of the NBC studio with Kent and Emily. The tour was very informative both Kent and Emily did an excellent job walking us through your daily routines in the studios. I have been watching for 40 years and start my morning each and every day. In addition my husband and I are big fans of the Jimmy Fallen Show! Thanks for the opportunity to tour!

Keith Williams

Lots of fun and the tour is long! It depends entirely on the day what you get to see. They put together a segment at the end where each tour member plastic a role. It was hokey and tons of fun.

aaron fowler

Loads of fun. Very interesting and you learn lots of kool facts. The people are great. Tour guides are very friendly and fun. Definitely 2 thumbs up and a must for anyone visiting NY

Steven Walls

We did the tour during a snowy day in NYC. It was a great experience. Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly! You get to record your own show at the end. Definitely worth checking out if you're visiting NYC.

Jefferson George

So much fun, the tour guides are excllent. Go early though!

David Adams

Do not be late for your tour. Do not expect that they will shout your name or even look for you. They will go ahead without you. If you manage to get there on time the staff is great. The tour is a little pricey for what you get but... Well you're already there. Enjoy your trip New York is a beautiful city

Ron Matta

My daughter and I had fun on the tour. Made a video at the end; saw Tonight Show stage and NBC Nightly News room. Tour guides were excellent and professional. Worth the price of admission.

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