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REVIEWS OF St. Patrick's Cathedral IN New York

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Awe inspiring cathedral as timeless as it is magnificent. The detail and commitment to perfection in the architecture is unbelievable! I very relaxing and calm place located in the middle of one of the busiest parts of the city. Be sure to visit and say a prayer when in the city.

Nance A

Living in NY it's the one place I always visit whenever I am in the area. It's the place I also go to every Christmas Holiday to light a candle in memory of my mom who passed away on Christmas Eve a few years ago. I am of the Muslim faith and my mom was Presbyterian but I grew up respecting every religion. St Patrick's Cathedral is so majestic and so beautiful that it always amazes me don't matter how many times I have been there. Take time to sit and listen to the service or just sit and take in the meaning of it all , u will find your quiet even if there's people walking around.'s a must to do.

Joe Zuccarelli

Great NYC tourist destination. Architecture is Middle Ages European. If you are going to celebrate Catholic Mass go early, the tourists are a real distraction later in the morning or in the afternoon.

Juan Leon

Why do we continue to build Gothic cathedrals? The arches and domes don't serve any function, the steel structure can handle the weight at any angle. And allow for huge windows which we refuse. I am not pleased by the deception but in this case the stone and the dark isolate this space from the surrounding mayhem, the doors a sort of warmhole from the adrenaline of Manhattan into relative contemplation. Of a sort, because in this case the gods have arranged for interesting people watching as tourists from all over the world walk next to us looking up without noticing us mortals, except for the children who always know you are looking.

Arthur Hugand

Such an amazingly built piece of history in one of the most iconic cities of the world. The cathedral is surrounded by the colossal buildings of midtown making it all the more cozy. To top it all of it is a free place to visit and the inside is magical; so much history and incredible architecture, a must see if you are in NYC!

Selina Robinson

Outstanding amazing choir! Powerful uninhibited spirit of worship in the house! Don't leave Manhattan or New York City until you visit! Unforgettable life changing experience!

Trevor Suelzle

Such a jewel in the middle of Manhattan. Open to the public for just a donation ($5 recommended). This is a wonderful cathedral so open and light (and clean). What a great place to escape the bustle of the city and take a moment to ponder and reflect. Highly recommend.

Stephen JW Steele

Faith is a personal journey. In spite of my Catholic Dogma, I return here and recommend it to you, of whatever faith you are. This Cathedral reaches for what's best about Catholicism and helps me consider my faith, even in the face of disgrace. Our history has been a flawed one, but I keep returning...always faithful. Recommended

Michelle Rice

A phenomenal piece of history, a perfect sanctuary in the middle of a busy city. Beautifully restored. All of the scaffolding was worth the wait.

Arnaldo Laus

I always stop by St. Patrick’s to pray or attend mass every time I’m in NYC. A truly spiritual experience in the heart of a very busy metropolis, where you can retreat to pray and contemplate. The architecture reminds me of European cathedrals. Only a short walk from Times Square, Central Park, and right in 5th Avenue.

Mr. Jones

Had not been here in years so I forgot what an amazingly beautiful place this is. Looks like they cleaned it up nicely inside. Lots of tourists but they offer a private chapel at the back for quiet reflection. There was a security checkpoint for those with bags but it moved quickly.

David Walker

Visited on Sunday, July 21, 2019. Stunning, humbling, and gorgeous. The interior is simply breathtaking. And the stained glass a sight to behold. It’ll take you about 30 minutes to walk the perimeter of the interior. Check the online schedule for Mass times. Remember this is an active cathedral and there are people worshipping. Be quiet, be reverent, and be very respectful.


An architectural wonder. Being surround by the city it takes some of that magic away - but once you step inside you really see it's beauty. So much detail in the way it was built. Definitely something that must be seen

Frances Secondo

Wow! First time back visiting since the renovation and clean up. The church is gleaming again, bright and airy. Still one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world.

Satish Shikhare

Really beautiful structure which took 21 years to finish. The place is massive with 21 altars, 2800 stained glass panels, and a brand new organ with 7855 pipes. The structure occupies a whole city block and holds 15-18 masses each day! The place is busy with visitors soaking in the whole grand structure. Yet, if you take a sit and close your eyes, you can find calmness and solace.

F Parvaiz

This is a must see. Just steps from the shops on 5th Avenue and close to the New York public library. Admission is free after a very brief security screening. You can walk the perimeter of the cathedral and see all the shrines. The stained glass is absolutely breathtaking as is the main altar. Nice place to cool down from the heat.

Felicity Seraph Chow

What a beautiful church in the heart of NY. It was very peaceful and calming in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city. Great place to connect with oneself and have a moment to feel centred. Always nice to have a quiet place to reflect :)

Wade Brinton

Such a beautiful cathedral in the middle of a skyscraper city! We stumbled upon the place while exploring the city and was not disappointed. The staff was extremely nice and it was peaceful to sit on the benches and stare in awe at the amazing glass and architecture.


The architecture of this cathedral is very beautiful from the road side and it even improves on entry. Were not religious types but were drawn to visit and lit candles for our dearly departed. Well worth a visit.

Lucais Horsley

Really good experience at St Patrick's today. Privileged to attend Mass, then saw an excellent performance by a school group from Ohio before we took the audio tour. Good pace and interesting information. All attendants were helpful and friendly. Well done. A marvelous building and a living church. Lovely cathedral, stunning architecture. Great to wander around and take in atmosphere.

Dina Benedetto

This place is pretty cool! It’s right in the heart of town and a 3 min walk from some amazing food places. Definitely with a visit while you’re in Bermuda. We didn’t go to go inside because we arrived late but it looks cool from the outside.


So I'm not a religious person whatsoever but I could still appreciate beautiful buildings. This place seems so out of place now in today's age surrounded by a huge skyscraping buildings then all of a sudden a beautiful Church. The architecture was absolutely stunning. Definitely would recommend everybody check this place out even if you are not religious

Melody Walsh

The street next to the church is not wide, so the church seems to have a feeling of going straight into the sky. Entering the inside, you will be awe-inspiring. Perhaps this is the educational role of architecture. The church is very well maintained and is equipped with modern lighting. Architecturally, it is definitely worth seeing. The tour is completely free.

Tortillas Jalapeno

Beautiful! A truly magnificent cathedral in the heart of Manhattan! I lit a couple of candles for recently deceased relatives here. Plenty of tourists, but you don’t really notice since you’re not bumping into each other too much. It’s quite large. And the church organ...holy cow, the organist wasn’t holding back. The music that filled the whole cathedral was tremendous! Pretty cool to be honest. You don’t need to be religious to appreciate the grandeur of St. Patrick’s. Highly recommend!

Marc Neilson

Beautiful beyond imagine! Very well maintained. Don't miss the remarkable alters around the sides of the naive plus relics. If you need spiritual uplifting, come here.


The church is beautiful. It's a shame that you can't just go in and say a prayer. The tourists have ruined it for the locals. You have to have bags searched and try to get around people taking pictures and greedily taking candles without a contribution.


Spring time visits are just perfect. Happy Easter to all. This is a great time of year to visit this exquisite palace in New York City. The Saint Patrick's Cathedral is one of the most beautiful places to visit in New York City. You do not have to be Christian to enjoy it. Go light a candle and pray for a loved one. This is a great time of year to visit it, because it's Christmas time. It is filled with rich architecture and culture. You can attend a mass based on the schedule. It would be wise to pay attention to all of the statues and all the written material that accompanies them. No bathrooms, tight security, many people, yet worth the visit. I go there every year at Christmas Time. There is no church like this in NYC, possible in our country. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. Peace be with you! God bless you!!!

David Cabrera

The marvel of a iconic Cathedral with incredible and breathtaking wonders to observe. Everything from the stain glass to the majesty of the chapel will have even the most amateur architect astounded at its beauty. The side areas also contain relics from many saints and timeless art for all to enjoy in reverence.

Banky Chalk

How can you say anything bad about this church? It is beautiful and magnificent in the old style of large churches from Europe. It does have TV monitors on the columns for those in the back to be better able to see the celebrant. Speaking of those columns they do severely limit your line of sight of the altar and if you want to sit up front get here early. The best seats are up front and go fast. Also the pews here have a divider bar that only allows entrance to each pew from one side so as you enter the church be sure to find your seat from the center aisle for best viewing.

TL Nguyen

Awesome cathedral! So much history. Has relics of St. Therese of Lisieux and St. Mother Teresa. Daily mass (back to back every 30 minutes!) with cantor and beautiful organ music. Great place to visit, whether attending mass, time for some respite and reflection, or touring. Don't forget to contribute to the rebuilding efforts!!!

Dr.Debasree Biswas

Amazing sculpture and architecture right in the heart of the city. Also they allow visitors in even when service is going on. So be humble and quiet while you go in.

Annie O'Connor

What a fabulous cathedral. Lite some candle and had some time to think in peace. Beautiful .I was speechless when I walked in.

Teedy St. Clair

Beautiful place. Got a chance to prayer and light a candle for family. Extraordinary architecture. Peaceful. Inspired me to walk closer with God.

Joseph Musembi

Visited for a Sunday mass. Whilst travelling, it's important to "Hi 5" Jesus once in a while. I love the architecture and the restoration efforts that have been emphasized to maintain the façade.

Super Mario Semones

This cathedral may be the most impressive building I have ever visited. It is breathtaking in every aspect. I simply cannot do it justice talking about it. If you have the opportunity when in NYC you have to visit St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Caroline Layton

Beautiful Cathedral. Free entry although donation boxes are around. Lovely stained glass windows and beautiful architecture. Well worth a visit whilst in the area. Very central, we didn't realize it was there and were just walking past. Nice little gift shop. Some pretty things and good prices. Recommended

Bb Baker

Epic. The clergy has been so good to the families to those lost on 9/11. Most amazing architecture. A must see on any visit to NYC.


St.Patrick's Cathedral is a solemnity place in New York City. Whenever you are tired to walk around the city, you can take a rest by sitting the bench at the Cathedral. Quiet, and calm place. I like to visit this cathedral. This cathedral is a historical building, so you can see many historical treasures in this cathedral. And you can hear the church music by big pipe organ. I recommend you to see the great Stained glass. It is bright, beautiful artwork. I found the interesting machine. The donation machine. You can use credit card for donation!

Elaine Jones

It took almost two decades to clean the exterior of this iconic cathedral. It was so nice to finally see it without the scaffolding. Tourists can now marvel in the beauty of the architecture that distinguishes St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Piotr Golonka

Amazing place of spiritual stability in the skyscraper filled neighborhood: cathedral small from the outside and yet huge inside. Respect the silence of those who prey: they are a number of them all the time. Amazing great Organ played by maestro thrilled me with beauty of music.

Anaya Mehta

Absolutely gorgeous cathedral. We stepped in as a way to cool off during the horrid heat wave and turned out to be one of my favorite stops in NYC. The architecture and art of the building are breath-taking, regardless of where you are from. We accidentally walked into a beautiful wedding, which was a great added bonus.

mario andres

Beautiful church, the best looking piece of architecture I've ever seen. It is gigantic, even though it looks tiny next to the skyscrapers, don't let that fool you because going in is an experience that photos can't describe. My favorite building in NYC, no doubt.

Jaime Cintron

Beautiful piece of architecture. Details on marble are astonishing. Very well conserved. Entrance is free, but you can donate what ever you want.

Brooke Bushman

We happened upon St. Patrick's Cathedral on accident on a walk one evening and decided to go in. What an incredible building! The detail in the architecture and stained glass was just lovely. The organ and altar piece were impressive as well. The place was beautifully lit, clean and peaceful. I'm so glad we happened upon it during our visit to New York. If we hadn't gone in, we would have truly missed out.

Yoann Lussier

There was a mariage I attended in this cathedral and the pastor was the kindest I've seen. He was able to find the right words to unite and bless a family to become. As for the church in itself, what really has me in awe is the quality of the stained glass windows.

Aleksandr Karjaka

Iconic place of Worship. I'm there often for High Mass. Gorgeous choir and organ. The tapestries and icons are pun intended, heavenly. Well worth ten minutes to be moved and inspired by the splendor of it all.

renee kroll

Really great cathedral with beautiful architecture and design. So many interesting sculptures. A gorgeous church that was relatively easy to find. It wasn't crowded, and we were able to get through bag checks quickly. A classic, lovely place that's amazing. Five stars!!

Donald Peck

Beautiful architecture that has to be seen to appreciate. Elegant altar along with exquisite stained glass windows. Worth the time to see whether you are Catholic or not.

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