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REVIEWS OF Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum IN New York

Kelly Buckley

Fantastic photo opportunities from this building both inside and outside. I didn't get a chance to view the collection but you can enter the building without a ticket. Great museum shop too.

Jenna Jimenez

My boyfriend took me here for my birthday and I absolutely loved it! The architecture is beautiful and the artwork is amazing! Truly incredible, Frank Lloyd Wright did a beautiful job designing this building

Patricia Yamada

Have enjoyed it for 50 years. Grew up down the street and watched it being built. It used to be a parking lot with trees and a chain link fence...and the smoothest pavement in the neighborhood for those old metal roller skates with the skate keys!

Mary Farmer

The architecture is mind blowing inside and out. We went to the top and walked down. It was fun. I do not prefer modern art and don't like Mapplethorpe art. The gift shop and cafe are nice.

Matthias Verstraeten

The building itself by architect Frank Lloyd Wright is impressive and an ideal place to show the Guggenheim collection and exhibitions. Inside you walk along a spiral way to the top of the building. You get easy access with the New York pass and even in summer this museum wasn't that busy. Although we didn't know a lot about contemporary and modern art, we definitely enjoyed the art pieces by Chagall, Modigliani, Picasso, Kandinsky, Manet... You don't need more than two hours two visit this museum.

Emily Bradshaw

Some iconic pieces of work exhibited here - but I found it tricky to work out the name of the artist and the title from reading the information on the walls near to the art works. Loved the design of the building but did fear for my children's lives when they were looking over the bannisters!

Alfiq Har

“Art” museum. Horrible experience, ugly paintings that someone dares to call art. Random colors sprayed on a canvas is not art. Red painted canvas is not art. Two black circles on a slightly tilted frame is not art. A chair in the middle of the room is not art! I regret wasting my $18. Never coming back again and will tell others not to go there.

John Greenwall

The architecture is amazing and the focus on 20th century art is clear. Well worth a trip and easily covered in three or four hours.

Clara Ponce

This place isn't as insanely grand as people have made it out to be my whole life, but it is still grand and beautiful. Getting to the very top of the spiral happened so quickly. Barely felt like a walk. Enjoying the art along the way was the only thing that made the trip to the top feel longer. Their gift shop is very neat. Even saw a proposal at the center of the spiral at the ground level the first time that I went.

Carla Redondo

This is a place where you need to be aware ahead of time why are you going. If it's for the building or the collection. We went there basically to visit the building. Master piece of modern architecture well designed and developed. We enjoyed a lot trying to figure out the ramp percentage or if the galleries were going down too.

Schorsch K

Great art in a great building. A must go to as a visitor in NYC. Not just on a rainy day, cause Central Park is just opposite. You can relax afterwards and thinking about the art you have seen.

Kaspars Jansons

What I liked about this museum is the certainty that you will see everything they have there because of structure of the building. There won't be feeling that you've missed something like it would have been in Met or Louvre. Also selection of works is awesome. Basquiat exposition could have been more bigger. Big plus for find and tick map for kids.

Diego Aquila

It is one of the best places you can visit when you are in New York because of the historical importance of each of the pieces inside the museum; In addition, the attention provided not only by the guides but also by the team as a whole is excellent. the only recommendation for visitors is to respect each of the rules that the museum has to enjoy their experience

Max Ruso

It was my first time visiting Guggenheim museum. The spiral in spacious, futuristic architecture building design. Located next to Central Park in Manhattan. The design of the building pathways take you through the top in a spiral direction. Amazing display of talented artists, sculptures and photographers. There is a cafe on the third floor also designed in a spiral style. Sunday noon was a perfect visit with not being overcrowded.

Renee G.

I wanted to visit this museum because I'd seen it in movies - it was worth the trip. The art is amazing and arranged in creative ways. Being able to see the other floors as you continue through the museum gives a new perspective around every corner. The 3rd floor cafe is a good place to stop and enjoy a beverage and snack. The outdoor food vendors offer many meal choices!

Monique & David Wise

Was interesting to see... the building itself was very unique. The unisex restrooms are very small and unique too.

Elias Fiedler

We really liked the concept of the Guggenheim at Central Park. Going down/ up a spiral and looking at the artworks whilst doing so was a very interesting way to examine them since you don’t really have to think about where to go next. Definitely recommendable!

Jessica Hash

I enjoyed the exhibits, all of them. Many artists I had never heard of and some I have a small knowledge about. Its good to be exposed to all forms of art and this museum most definitely does that. Paid $25 and felt it was well worth it.

Anza Jarschke

I was here for the last weekend of the Hilma exhibit, and the line wrapped around the block. However, we were moved through fairly quickly all things considered. Additionally, I have to say that even though the museum was very full, it didn't feel packed. I was able to move through and see the exhibit. The gift shops were very backed up. It'd be better on a less busy day, but still worth going to even when busy!

Jil H. Lesko

The Guggenheim is a unique museum. The building is as much a piece of art as the pieces on the walls. The flow of the Guggenheim is awesome. Unlike most museums you don't pop in and out of little galleries. Instead you still liesurely down the spiral. A must when you are in NYC.

Karam Al Shelh

Amazing pieces of art which achieve a modern understanding of emotion and character. A must see when in New York and when new collection at in place. A side from the modern art. The building has great architectural significance and imagination which have captured the eyes of any visitor. The building is unique it its design and a bold statement from it's time if its construction in 1959 and established in 1939.

Gill Bentley

An art gallery that is a must to visit on a trip to NYC so it is quite busy. Gallery itself is a work of art architecturally from the outside as well as inside. It's in the form of a spiral walkway from the bottom to the top, with some side galleries and a cafe to visit. Unisex Loos/restrooms are located on every floor. Paintings and sculptures adorn the walls. We were fortunate to see an exhibition of the work of Basquiat.

Star Melgar

I live in Miami, Florida. I travelled to New York specifically to visit The Guggenheim. I saw so many beautiful works of art. I truly enjoyed the exhibit that was highlighting the work of Mapplethorpe. The stores have amazing merchandise. The staff is helpful. The architecture of the building is breathtaking. I can't wait to go back!

Tunde Hubina

There is a new concept to display art. Selected artists got s chance to visit the warehouse of the museum and select art pieces/items that we're not on show yet or a long time ago and created a concept to display them around various themes. It is absolutely worth to visit. The building itself is an art piece too

Gillian McCoy

If you love modem art then the Guggenheim is definitely worth a visit. It's fantastic.

Bernard Waples

Building has to be seen. Very interesting architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright. If modern art is your bag then you will enjoy but I’m afraid the ‘art’ left me cold especially after seeing some screwed up grey paper on the floor that was an exhibit. I couldn’t bring myself to do the ‘Kings new clothes’ routine.

Wayne Ng

The highlight here is definitely the architecture. The building itself is timeless art. The art collection is of the modern art variety and if you like that style then you might like to frequent for the art as well. I'm not a fan of modern art so can't really comment on that side of things. Then again, art is in the eye of the beholder so I guess you'll have to visit to make your own mind up anyway.

Mimi Wahinee

One of my favourite museums. The architecture is amazing. The rotundas are so well-designed and the art pieces of the permanent collection is great! There is Free Audio available and there's a free tour at 2pm. It does get crowded during the weekend so I'd say go as early as you can. On Saturday, it's pay what you wish after 5:45pm so if you decide to do that, be prepared to wait in line for quite some time. The line, when I left the museum at 6pm, went around the block! It is worth every dollar though.

Lucais Horsley

If you are not an art lover, you still should visit the Guggenheim to walk around the floors of the building. The building itself is a work of modern art to experience. Make sure you take time to go into one of the single use bathrooms that are along the winding circle walkways. After using one of these bathrooms, you will think the bathroom on an airplane has more room. The art exhibits are displayed well through the circular winding walkway and also off into the exhibit rooms. Plan to spend at least two hours at a minimum in this museum.

Sean Q

Saturdaysy 5-8 pm pay as you wish line starts out very long but moves steadily. Recommend going to the Guggenheim guide app to listen to audio backgrounds on the exhibits. However, significant amount of art on the many levels so be mindful of time.

Tracey Hayes

Thank you for amazing experience. Consider leaving cafes open on "pay as you want hours". Perhaps you can offset the generosity. Gratefully yours!

Dee Dee

Not a place for everyone. Vast modern art. Fast, easy, and organized processing of visitors to the center. It's an attraction we want to see once but not really more than that.

Tom Harvey

It's built around a spiral, step-free internal gallery space that would be SO fun to skate down. The art was good, and the space is cool but did feel the ticket price was slightly too steep.

Jason Byrne

Best art gallery in the world. The building alone is worth a visit. Incredible.

J Prez

This Museum is very famous for its building. It is an interesting building not only it's outside but also it's inside. The Artworks and Sculptures are displayed along the round shape of the building, as you walk around in a circular motion up or down the building you'll see the artwork displayed along the inside of the wall of the Museum. There are also side sections with extra art pieces on a couple of floors. This museum mainly features seasonal themes, so it is a little more interesting than other Museums because you can see different Artworks from time to time. On the other hand, some room in this Museum is permanently displayed, like... famous artworks, just like Picasso. It's very enjoyable for visitors. Other than what I have mentioned the Museum is very clean, organized, theres restrooms on every floor, Elevators, several Gift shops, a Cafe on one of the top floors and plenty of visible Security on each floor as well. This Museum does not have it's own parking lot, and the ground level floors tends to get crowd due to the admissions and Guest services areas. Thank you and Enjoy.

Wajih Zaidi

A lot of exhibits to go through. There's an audio guide on their website that you can follow long with your walk through all of the exhibits and art on display. They will also hold your backpacks at the coat check so you can walk around freely.

Chelsea Gillespie

This really wasn't my taste for art. Very modern, abstract pieces. The building was hot. If you are artsy and into more modern galleries this is probably great, not my favorite.

Konamaneti Sreenivasa Reddy.

This is a temple for modern art. You can find great peices of work, in a well displayed place. The U shaped galleries gives the time and space for the who is watching particular peice of work. This is a modern art, at some places either description or some guide is required, to give an idea and people to understand the work. There are few galleries, to the sides of main 7 storied Hall, which also have exclusive display of art. One with serious watch, the place offers uninterrupted watch of all the works. In the midtown of Manhattan, side of Central Park, the location is perfect. Customer parking. Loved the idea of the building.

Thuy-Vy Huynh

Highly recommend you take the elevator to the to of the museum and walk down to see the exhibits. Going in a slow sloped uphill will drain you after seeing so many at pieces. The exhibits rotate every so often so be sure to check which artists are showing as some will appeal to you more than others. Definitely worth a visit no matter what though.

brian eykenboom

Cool architecture, really enjoyed it. Not sure if the balustrade inside is at a safe height, so be wary if you have young kids. I'm not into the art scene but found myself really getting into it.

Steven H Wang

“Art” museum. Horrible experience, ugly paintings that someone dares to call art. Random colors sprayed on a canvas is not art. Red painted canvas is not art. Two black circles on a slightly tilted frame is not art. A chair in the middle of the room is not art! I regret wasting my $18. Never coming back again and will tell others not to go there.

Piyush Jain

One of the best places that we visited in New York and it was worth every minute we spent there. Such an amazing building, which elaborated the art that was displayed. No doubt people love this place and can't stop coming back! I know we would!

Jill Harwell

The building's the main attraction. As with all the museums here, the entry costs are quite high. The modern art on display follows the route up the curving ramped structure.

Alex Rosenberg

Marvelous building architecture! Frank Lloyd Wright was certainly a genius, creating such a timeless master piece of design. We managed to explore a wide variety of art displays, beautifully enhanced by the location. Everything here was pristine. Pricing is reasonable and even the restrooms are very unique and tidy. I highly recommend a visit of the museum!

Christian C.

The highlight of the Guggenheim in my opinion, is Frank Lloyd Wright's beautiful architecture. It took me about 5 minutes to take it all in as I entered the museum and gazed upward. However, although I do like some modern art exhibits, I'm not a huge fan of the specific permanent exhibits at the Guggenheim.

Manuel Ortiz

As an iconic building that is worth a visit in itself - I give this museum high marks. The architecture of the building is unique, and fun to examine both inside and out. The design of the gallery space winds around the perimeter in a spiral, with a couple of exhibit spaces in a more traditional setting. Because of the building design, there is not as much actual exhibit space as you would find in typical museums, since the core of the building is all open space.

Brayden Mora

You could hardly imagine a more spectacular building as this for displaying art, but the problem is that they didn't put enough spectacular art in it. On the second floor there are some masterpieces, headlined by two incandescent Kandinksys, but otherwise one goes round and round - literally - waiting in vain for more gems to appear. I get that any art gallery is well entitled to some experimentation with up-and-coming artists, but the balance here is all wrong. In a sense one could recommend that the visitor just walks inside, admires the building for free from the lobby, and then heads over the road to the Met to see the stellar art that the Guggenheim deserves more of. It's the Met where the art is far more deserving of one's hard-earned.

Zakaria Boucetta

Incredible space and atmosphere. Yes, it was busy due to my visit being in peak season. Yet for how busy it was, the fluid ramp and architecture of the building let me experience the work and enjoy the details that Frank had left behind with this architectural marvel. Loved the gugg. Love Frank.

Chris & Sue Ewen

Spectacular architecture. The building on it's own is worth the price of admission. I'm not big on modern art and the collection is interesting to say the least, but Frank lloyd Wright's building takes it.

Julio Cervantes

The building is a wonderful space to explore. Exhibits change often and this time around I was only into maybe half the art(can’t like everything all the time). But I really enjoyed walking through this building from top down.

Opeyemi Akinyemi

Went with my wife on our last trip to nyc ... I enjoyed all the exhibits on display.. top notch collections

Nancy Brennan

This visit was for the purpose of taking the special anniversary architectural tour to understand the meaning and style of Frank Lloyd Wright's creativity in designing the building. We had an excellent knowledgeable guide who took us through the floors and outside, and often gave her comments about certain artwork she led us to. The only problem was that there were way too many people on the tour, so it was hard to be in the group and hear what she was saying or see what she was pointing out unless you could wend your way up front. She did not have a loud enough voice for this, and I imagine that using a microphone would have been disturbing to other visitors. The solution would be to limit the number of people on this tour. We also ate a very good lunch in the restaurant. The prices were a bit on the high side but the wait staff was excellent, and we appreciated the convenience.

J.E. Pierson

My 1st time visiting the Guggenheim and it was a pleasant experience. This museum isn't as over-whelming as The Met and the Philadelphia Museum of art with the endless maze of rooms. Even someone who loves art like me can feel like the bigger museums are too much. And of course the architecture is cool, too.


This museum is very famous for its building. This is interesting building not only its outside but also its inside.The artworks are displayed along the round shape building. You are walking around the circle building and see the artwork displayed along the inside of the wall of the museum. This museum mainly features about seasonal theme, so it is more interesting than the other museum because you can see different artworks if you visit after a few month. On the other hand, some room in this museum is permanently displayed the famous artwork, just like Picasso. It's also very good for visitors.

Jodie-Lynn McMullen

Stunning architecture allows for a different kind of way to display and showcase artwork. Definitely unlike any other museum I have visited! Saturdays from 5-8 pay what you want to visit- can't go wrong there...but be prepared for a long line up if you opt for a visit during this time!

Francisco Paez

Frank lloyd Wright once said: why no one use the elevator first? Its supposed to be visited from the top floor to the bottom. So go and live the best experience...

Dr. D

Well selected theme of art of the past and current. The building itself lends to starting your creative juices and everything flows from there.

Joseph Zamora

Needless to say the architecture is impressive and the interior layout makes the art viewing easier. Limited pieces of Degas, Manet and Picasso and those pieces are the really good ones especially Picasso's pre-cubism work. The Mapplethorpe exhibit was also well curated

Pamela Fish

I enjoyed the exhibits, all of them. Many artists I had never heard of and some I have a small knowledge about. Its good to be exposed to all forms of art and this museum most definitely does that. Paid $25 and felt it was well worth it. Please go.

Anne Fernandena

Saturday nights 5:45-8 was pay what you wish to enter the museum. The line was long to gain admittance, but it moved fairly quickly. Recommendation is $10. We entered the museum and walked straight to the top. There were lots of visitors in attendance however there is plenty of room in between displays so the experience is quite lovely. The building was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and was beautiful inside and out. We really enjoyed this visit before dinner.

Matt Dexter

The iconic Frank Lloyd Wright designed building needs to be seen. I'm not a huge modern art fan, but really enjoyed the current Mapplethorpe exhibit.

Colleen O'Connor

Beautiful building. I enjoy that they're open late on Tuesday, allowing me to stop by after work! They offer free audio guides also which makes for a really great visit! It can get noisy when there are lots of visitors, but that didn't minimize my experience.

Joshua Davis

A must-see on Manhattan that offers free admission on Saturday evenings. Be aware that the line for free admission wraps around the block and took us about 30min to clear....and we got in line right as it opened. I suppose the line gets longer. Also, they do ask for donations and you’re welcome to use a credit card to donate. Use the restroom before you go as there are only a few single person stalls on each floor.

Kirsten Miles

It was my first visit to this longed for museum, and it didn't disappoint. What an amazing space, and the current show, six artists allowed to go into the collection and choose works that fit their theme, brilliant. I haunt the museums in the communities I live in, and I'd be here so often if I lived here! Is there a membership that comes with plane ticket and hotel fare?

Jaime Cintron

This is an architectural piece. The best way to do it is starting the tour from the top. They have many galleries throughout the tour. Don't do this museum after walking all day! The entrance line was long but I did have a NY Pass and I skip the line.

Davey Parekh

Nice art museum. Really pretentious. The building's the main attraction. As with all the museums here, the entry costs are quite high. The modern art on display follows the route up the curving ramped structure. They do offer free audio guide, which is good because the descriptions are short.

Andrew Mathewes

What a great experience. Core collection is wonderful. Special exhibit on debasement a must see. The current Artistic License exhibits was really interesting too, definitely worth a visit


Frank Lloyd Wright building itself is extraordinary. Most of the exhibition space was roped off. They were installing a temporary exhibition. You can still see a little bit of art from a distance. As I understand, it is not uncommon to be there during an installation. I guess you have to live in NYC or be lucky. What was on display was not as impressive as the MOMA.


You must A) really like (mostly) obscure art or B) want to appreciate the Frank Lloyd Wright architecture. Take the time to visit Church of the Heavenly Rest nearby for the gorgeous stained glass. A walk around Jacqueline Onassis reservoir is also enjoyable.

Tom Prestegaard

Best pure art museum. Modern art and one of the greatest buildings in the world. I love the layout, best way to see different art. The flow still popping into my head a month later!

Joseph E

Amazing art work exhibits. Gorgeous set up. Will return again.

Skyler Dyer

Loved visiting the Guggenheim museum. Have always been a big fan of Frank Lloyd Wright. The architecture is amazing and very unique. I’m not the biggest art guy but I also was intrigued by pieces they had in the museum. Highly recommend visiting this wonderful building.

Naomi H

Even on a hot summer day, toasty enough to send New Yorkers in search of industrial strength air conditioners, this museum is a pleasure to visit. What makes this museum so special is the way the spiral shape encourages you to view the art as a continuous route rather than jumping around as one might do in a more traditionally shaped gallery.

Ramsay Snow

Cool museum. The shape of the building is set up in such a way so you can't really miss any works of art. Since the collection isn't that big, that's great. Bowing over the railing at the higher floors does cause some anxiety in me, because you never know if some crazy person will push you off or not.

Chili Master

I didn't pay to attend the exhibitions, simple went to the shop and the central atrium in the building. Lovely architecture and a nice shop featuring different goods depending on the exhibitions at the museum. Outside the museum were a number of fast food and ice cream trucks as well if you are hungry.

Der müde Joe

Praising the Guggenheim Museum means carrying owls to Athens. Or coals to Newcastle. Both, the building, which is itself a star, and the exhibition, are outstanding. The museum is also recommended for those who are blessed with fellow travelers not so interested in art. After about 2 to 3 hours everything is done.

bilha koifman

A structure that lends itself to exhibitions. Interesting, teaching, illuminating. Highly recommended. Although there are not enough digital guides.

Randall Stempler

New York has many great museums, but this one is special inside and out, starting on the outside with the stunning Frank Lloyd Wright building, which is just as impressive on the inside of the rotunda. In addition to being a masterpiece of architecture, there is the extraordinary collection of modern and contemporary art. There is always a special exhibition which is a must see. In addition, do not miss the permanent collection exhibition off to the side of the main rotunda, which has some extraordinary masterpieces, including many impressionists.

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