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REVIEWS OF Rockefeller Center IN New York

Sudeshna Dash

Great views. Even the lift which takes over to the 67th floor is amazing. A long queue to get the tickets though but it was all worth it. Should be seen in night more

Hannah K Watson

Amazing views! Definitely worth getting the sun and stars ticket to see how the city looks during the day & at night. I'm not a fan of heights myself but I'm so glad I went!

Marilyn Burlesson

Brilliant views from all around, no matter what direction you are facing!.. We went up at night when you could see all the lights for miles and miles.. Staff are friendly and it’s $38 per adult to visit, museum as well inside with loads of history in New York, gift shop and the elevator ride up in 43 seconds is entertaining .. Well worth the visit, so close to Times Square

Amanda Bailey

Top of the rock is my favorite observation point in NYC! The crowd was well regulated so it was always easy to get a perfect view and pictures in all directions. Great view of Central Park and the empire State building and much, much more!

Neil Bishop

Bought advance timed ticket. Entered on time. Good display of the background to the centre and of Rockefeller. Short queue for lift (<10 min).. Clear top to elevator, so you can see all the way up the shaft. 3 decks to view from. Great views of Central Park, Hudson and other city landmarks. Helpful staff.

Brandon Lemmon

Views were great and trip up was short. Don’t show up early. It’s best to show up exactly on time and head straight to the door.

Ankur P

To be honest, the views from this place are better than from the top of Empire State building, but one of the reasons that's so is because Empire State is part of the view :-). This place is usually much less crowded than Empire State and also seems to be better organized and modern. The views around and after sunset are spectacular. Wait till the time they light up the Empire State with their seasonal colors. It's very beautiful.

Trina Ana

I am happy I went to the Top of the Rock instead of the Empire State Building. A great view of the whole city including Central park and Empire State Building! If you are buying the tickets there, don’t expect to be able to go right up. I had to wait an hour, which was perfect to walk around that area until it was my turn.

Jean-Sébastien Ares

Absolutely amazing place. Was hesitating between going on the top of the empire state building or the top of the rock, I was not disappointed! Amazing view, multiple decks to lookout from, and all the decks have huge (and clean) windows. One thing is you need to purchase your tickets in advance!

Rabeea Jabbar

Great spot for a nice view of the entire city. If you go around sunset, it's always very packed so go earlier in the day or at night. It's crowded always but NY itself is so beautiful that I don't see the point in doing this unless you're a tourist looking to take photos.

Mattias McAndrew

We went here just after it had rained, so there was hardly anyone there. The security guard on the top deck was super friendly and takes great pics. Great view from up there

Dusko Novakovic

My first time here & really Beautiful views but very very rude security on 10/15 sadly I would never come back here or recommended Take your $40 elevator ride somewhere else! A lot of great spots for this kind of views in this great city

S Park

Great touristy attraction even for salty residents. Come at night time for a nice view of the city especially during the summer. It feels electric with the mix of warm and cool evening breeze. Kids love it. Lines are manageable if you buy your tickets online.

Nick Stark

great views of the city. The queues are not too bad. Security is tight but quickly move through. Friendly staff

Simone Atzeni

I went on the top of the building during the sunset and the view was wonderful. You can see the city changing its shape and getting dressed for the night with amazing colors. The ticket is included into the CityPass, which is a great choice if you have only a few days to visit New York. So take you time, go on the top of the "Top of the Rock" and enjoy the view.

Kris Lawicka

Visit 09/15/19 at 6:10 PM. Wonderful experience we will never forget. Damon F went out of his way to help me with ticket purchase. Its rare to find a person in customer service with this type of dedication. Thank you Damon!

Emily B

Book tickets in advance. Staff very helpful and friendly. Great views across manhattan (Central Park & Empire State). It’s pretty much what you expect from a viewing platform on a tall building. The lift is a bit insane though!

Chris Plume

It’s an amazing experience especially at night BUT... staff have clearly had enough by 11pm. They are tying really hard but the whole place feels weary. Views are stunning, better than Empire State. Brilliant at night too (hence 4*). Oh, and clean the glass more!

David Jones

Really enjoyed watching the city go from daylight to dark at the Top of the Rock. There is some interesting history about the building itself and you get to see that in the form of some still images and three short movies inside. The elevator ride itself is amazing. This is the building where Saturday Night Live, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Late Late Night with Seth Meyers is filmed. It offers some of the most amazing pictures you can get in New York City from the 3 - tiered observation decks on top of the building. You can see the river, the Empire State Building, Central Park and much, much more. Get there early because the crowds for Sunset get pretty thick!

Jame Brown

The views are amazing!! You get Central Park, Empire State building, and so much more. The wind was crazy when we were there but still worth it. Definitely worth checking out.

Helen7178 Holmes

Lovely views but very crowded. When you buy the ticket you have an allocated time slot to go up but there does not seem to be any control on how many are on the viewing platforms. Unable to take pictures from top viewing platform as there were too many people up there.

Tsveta Donkova

The view is great, you can also see Central Park, but compared to Empire State building observatory, I prefer the latter, because it's higher, there's more space and overall it has more history. I visited the Top of the rock during the day and it wasn't that impressive, but then went to the Empire State's observatory at night and had the best time there, not too many people, everyone was nice and the view is just magnificent!

Thomas Zajicek

Not much more i can add that hasn't already been said. I got my tickets online, so the wait was non existent. Nighttime was beautiful, even has an upper, upper deck that does not have the glass surrounding so you can get much better pictures. Lots of people, but it was not unbearable. After reading reviews it seemed rock was the way to go vs empire.

Michelle Griesman

Great 3-tier viewing deck of NYC, right at the top of 30 Rock. Overall great experience.... The photos they take are ridiculously expensive ($33 a pop), and some of the staff is not so friendly - but Jeffery H. was a very personable when we were boarding the elevators getting off & on. Amazing photo opps - and it was strangely quiet and not very cold. (visited in October)

Shari Costanzo

Awesome site at night. We had just gotten into the city, settled into our hotel and headed to the Top of the Rock. It's a great way to end the day since it's open later than the other attractions! Great views if the city!

Mimi Wahinee

I went for sunset on Thursday and it was PACKED. Still very much worth the trip. The view from the highest level of Top of the Rock is incredible. I do suggest going about an hour before sunset so you get to see the whole 360 view of Manhattan and then find a spot you really like and stay there, wait for sunset. The colours of the sky is amazing when the sun goes down.The staff throughout the building is very nice also. I definitely like this tower of the Empire State building.

Lucais Horsley

In all our trips to NYC, my sister and I have never stopped here. It seemed like a cheesy tourist attraction. But, other reviews plus a discount (there are people on the street handing out flyers that are an even better deal than online) convinced us to give it a try. We were not disappointed. There are many floors of themed rooms, covering many different interests - Broadway, politics, music, etc. The Avengers 4D experience was not that great but included in the basic ticket and a good chance to sit for 10 minutes.

Marc Kobrin

The views from the observation deck go on for miles. On a clear day you can see the building in the financial district. There is a lot to do on the lower floors too and should you be in town near the Christmas period, visit the iconic ice rink outside.

Ben Wiechmann

Great views and much quicker than Empire State Building. Whether or not it's worth the price of admission will depend on who you ask. The timed ticketing system worked very well for us and we really didn't have to wait in any kind of line. It's recommended if you think the value is there for a nice view.

איתן כספי

This is for the tour: Amazing that this got so many great reviews. If you REALLY love history, architecture and art, and you really need to see every bit of it, then maybe this is for you. We got earphones and started walking. The guide was very nice and informative, but... It's just walking around the block and talking about the art installations. Nothing really interesting and nothing you can't see on your own. $25 for this?? I would have preferred Free Tours by Foot. Really disappointing.

S Breakingbury

Top of the Rock. We timed it to arrive 30 min before sunset and what a great view. Book tickets ahead. 3 levels up top. Top has no glass wall. The 2 lower levels have glass but it was quite clean. Some gaps to take photo.

Tom Miller

Best views in NYC! Downstairs at the start there are great old photos, 3 different films to view. At the tpp 2 floors of incredible views!


In my opinion, this place rocks! Make this trip soon. This is a wonderful experience for everyone. To all visitors, vacation guests and to all those who love to site see, this is the place high up that you want to be. Top of the Rock has the finest outside panoramic view in Manhattan. The outside observation tower whether you are North, South, East or West is absolutely breathtaking. You stand in the middle of Midtown and basically see fantastic views all around you and you are pretty high up. The elevator ride is amazing and there is a museum about historical things in New York City. There were plenty of gift shops to buy items and there is food everywhere. During Christmas, Top of the Rock and Rockefeller center are absolutely spectacular with the tree, music and lights. I encourage people from all over the world to make this their choice in New York at any time of the year and especially during the Christmas holiday to experience the Top of the Rock. Spring and summer views are breathtaking. Go during the week at dusk for the most picturesque views of a lifetime. Great weather for the rooftop is the spring! Go today. Wow! Summertime sunsets!!!

Arthur H

i will always remember this place as the one where i saw the most beautiful sunset of my life. over new york city it was absolutely amazing. Yes it's a bit expensive but i'ts worth it, go for it i promise you won't regret it!

Raj S

I love this view.. I think its worth to visit top of the rock, than going to empire state view, just because, you can capture Empire state in your pics from Top of the rock :) its majestic.. all tourists obviously go to Empire state , but on top of the empire, you dont see any iconic buildings to take pics of :) You can also get good views of Central park for photography purpose.. and it is less crowded than empire.. If you are in NY and choosing between empire and top of rock, do choose TOR ! 30-35 $ tickets.. but worth once a visit ... overall a satisfactory visit..

Balwinder Sidhu

Awesome place better than one world observatory because it is open from top. You can feel the breeze and can also see the view from too of central park

Nick Pidgeon

Best time to visit is just before sunset. You can see stunning views of day turning to night, stunning views all around New York. Definitely worth a visit. If I come back to New York, it will be top of my list.

Michael Mullahy

Being from London this attraction is just what you expect. The staff were all helpful and friendly. We went at 19.45 and the views from the top overlooking the night sky were amazing.

Alex striker

The best views of the city! The hight 259m is enough to see and feel the might of gigantic world metropolis. If u are choosing one between three platforms then this is the best choice!

Austin Lunn

Beautiful view whether day or night. You may spend as much time as you want up there, once you finally get up there and there's nowhere better to look at the city. Due to the small(ish) size of the roof it may take quite some time to get there on a busy day, though it's no big issue as they provide plenty of stimulation while waiting through informational videos and such.

Efrat Attas

We have purchased an over expensive ticket in advance for a specific time however we were surprised to get to a very long line outside. When we finally got in to the building we had another long and busy line for security followed by other overcrowded line to elevators. It feels they are compressing people like sardines in a can. It took us almost an hour to get up only to discover that the view we gonna see from the top 67th floor is a view of many people pushing one another to try and get a nice shoot from some angle.. We were there less than 20 minutes and gave up. I would NOT recommend it to NO one...not worth the money!!!!!! better check google .. pictures there provide better view and experience!!!

Dr.Debasree Biswas

Sheer beauty. Book your ticket then take an appointment for the evening or night. Later the better. The city that never sleeps never shone so bright with dreams!

Jesus Lemus

Took my wife for her birthday to new york and a friend recommended this city view and believe me he was right. She love it and the view is breathtaking. 100% worth the ticket price

April H

Great views from the top of the rock! I loved being able to see the Empire State Building from up close. Also being closer to Central Park meant we were able to get some great pictures of it. Highly recommend coming here. It was definitely worth the price.

Maria Klein

The best view of New York. This is exactly that Manhattan from pictures and postcards. You can see as Empire State Building as Central Park. We were here in the morning and came back to see wonderful sunset and night New York (if you have enough time just pay a little bit more to see both of views, it’s really worth it). There are much less people in the morning than in the evening (consider this if you want to take some interesting photos).

Gayendra Wiki Wickramarathna

Visited 'Top of the Rock' n the 'Rockefeller Centre' in September 2016 during my visit to New York....It was a wonderful experience with a fabulous view of Central Park n the Empire State Building. I am sad I missed a night visit to see the New York Skyline by night. time maybe...LOVE U NEW YORK!


You simply can't go to NYC and not get a view from the top of a skyscraper! This was an awesome experience and I highly recommend it for anyone at any age. Be sure to go on a clear day so you can see farther.

Darren Jansen

This was a fantastic observation deck. This trip I went to the One World Trade observation deck and the Top of the Rock. The One World Trade Observation deck was glitzy and impressive as well very tall, but it was all indoors. The observation deck at the Top of the Rock not as high, but the scenery around it was much more interesting. Also being able to roam around outside on the roof of the building made the experience so much better than being stuck inside looking through glass. If you have time for only one of the two options, I'd recommend Top of the Rock.

Brayden Mora

This is a good option if you want a great view of the city during the day or at night. It’s better than the Empire stare because you’re looking st the Empire State from the top which makes for more iconic photos! It’s got a good history too. They charge another $10 if you show up at sunset. What a mean thing to do. But hey, that’s America. Never miss an opportunity. Don’t give them the satisfaction. It’s just as good without the sunset. Which only lasts minutes anyway. You feel a little like you’re a herd of cattle being corralled on a conveyor belt through the experience but that’s for safety and because they get huge visitor numbers. So get your patience hat on.

Akash Dutta

The views from this place are stunning. For me, the best views of New York City. However, keep in mind that this is a very crowded place and people in general lack common sense and don't easily give up their spots. So you might not get the chance to get THAT picture with the Manhattan skyline in the background. If you're looking to capture the views on a camera, I'd suggest going down a level and getting your shot from there from between the glass walls. It's definitely not the best case scenario, but you can live with it.

J.C. Le

This is the best view you will find in all of NYC. You see it all from here. Empire State Building, Time Square, One World Trade, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, East & Hudson River. List Goes On. Line is quick and be prepared when entering. You must go through security scanners so be ready with your belongs. Internal elevator has an overhead screen for your viewing pleasure when ascending. Free WiFi.

Russell Scott

The views are great but the hassle just isn't worth it. Too many other options for viewing the skyline than the 2hr delay after getting tickets, 45minute wait to go up, then another wait to go up final 2 flights on escalators, then 25 minutes wait to go down, ugh, never seen so many unhappy people.

Paul Carley

Absolutely amazing everyone should come to new york and experience this place. The view from the top deck on top of the rock are out of this world!!

Kelly Wheeler

The BEST view of the city by far! Great view of central park and the empire state building! We got the city pass and went here and the empire state building and I thought this was better for sure! Either way you will get a great view of the city

chiara colaizzi

If you are in NYC, you must visit this place!! Its 360° view is fantastic, you can see all the city and also the New Jersey. At sunset you can see the sun disappear and Paint the Sky with beautiful colours. It Is Amazing.


The view from Top of the Rock is one of the best scenic points in NYC! I recommend you to come here 30 minutes before sunset. You will be impressed the beautiful view! And here is good photogenic place. You can take photos of Empire State Building from here. In winter, the heated floor tile keeps you warm when you are at the outside deck. You have to enter the entrance at specific time indicated in the admission ticket. You can choose the time you want to enter when you buy ticket by the internet.

Darcey Kaspick

Best place to see the city. We went up at 5:30 and got our day light pictures and stayed to watch the sunset and also see the city at night. Staff was extremely friendly and helpful


I went during sunset and it was stunning. Crowded but that is to be expected. If you want sunset tickets you should come an hour early to ensure you get those times. If you have the sightseeing pass or any kind of pass besides the citypass the employees tend to make you wait and help out the customers who buy the tickets on sight first. They made the pass holder wait even though we were in-line first.


The observation deck costs $38 as I recall. We got out of there as fast as humanly possible. It was interesting seeing the level of security around the NBC entrance.

Naomi Mulligan

The views were incredible. We had trouble booking online but this worked in our favour as we had been going to book both the day and sunset times to discover you can only do them on 2 different days in the deal. Also we saved money then as the staff recommended booking the last daytime slot and just staying up for sunset. We ended up staying 3 hours watching the skyline change and loved it.

R Sandy

Did I make it No 30,000?!?! This place is awesome. Great military discount and much better than going up the Empire State Building, as then you can see it!

Keaton Terry

Iconic views in all directions but best is at the very top. After the elevator, and after taking an escalator from the lowest observation deck, you find yourself at a smaller viewpoint higher up. Continue on a small staircase one more time and you’ll be on a tiny little viewpoint but without windows obstructing you. Only the tippy top has no obstructive windows.

Patricia Roberts

Definitely worth the visit, amazing views from all sides. I entered around 6pm to watch the sunset, worth mentioning that a sunset ticket between 5 and 9 pm does cost more money, around $10 extra I think. Can get incredibly busy so if you want to see the sunset make sure you secure a spot and stick by it. Access is very quick, lines move efficiently.

Anne Fernandena

Visited the Rockefeller center top of the rock observatory. Stunning views and especially a visit for after sunset. Even thought it’s an very old construction I feel it’s so impressive till date and views are amazing overlooking NYC entirely. Should view as can get great views of the Empire State Building too. Had a much simpler scenic experience here than at the Empire State. Less interactive but all about the view. Well worth a visit, much less queues.

dominik frutig

Spectacular view from Top of The Rock. Almost now waiting time thanks to the timed ticket, even in peak season. (Buy ticket online, select time, be there at selected time, after that only short line for security and up you go.) We enjoyed …

Paige Vickers

Nice view of the city. Not much on the way up. Not sure if worth the price, but it is something nice to do in the city to fill time.

Ciaran Cummins

Brilliant views from all around, no matter what direction you are facing!.. We went up at night when you could see all the lights for miles and miles.. Staff are friendly and it’s $38 per adult to visit, museum as well inside with loads of history in New York, gift shop and the elevator ride up in 43 seconds is entertaining

Jack Bramhall

Pictures do not do the Top of the Rock justice. After visiting NYC a few times and only ever going to the top of the Empire State Building - Top of the Rock brings a whole new perspective with plenty of space across multiple floors, non obstructed and breathtaking views. Well worth a visit to new and returning visitors of the big Apple.

Giovanna Gaglianese

A must see in NYC. Went there twice to enjoy the most breathtaking view of the city. Central Park from there is indescribable. I'd suggest to buy the ticket in advance choosing the before sunset hours, so you don't have to pay the extra 5$ (or 10? I can't recall), but you will however enjoy the view at dusk. It can get quite crowded, but it's all worth it.


Yes for sure. Nice view of the city. We went in the morning as we already covered night view from Empire state. I would recommend sunset view. Suggestion - Go for NY city pass. 3days are enough.

Natalie Jones

Beautiful view whether day or night. You may spend as much time as you want up there, once you finally get up there and there's nowhere better to look at the city. Due to the small size of the roof, it may take quite some time to get there on a busy day, though it's no big issue as they provide plenty of stimulation while waiting through informational videos and such.

Dan Gunko

Really great views, but it is a quiet crowded location. Understandably, there are time zones enforced to try to reduce the population, but it is definitely manageable. One thing to consider, many of the spots have glass windows that also have smudges from all the people, so it may be difficult trying to get the perfect picture. Also, not a good place for portraits because of how packed. However, great view of both central park and the empire state building.

Dhanshree Patel

The Top of the rock gives a perfect view of New York City. It is absolutely stunning to look over City from the top. Best time to visit in the afternoon for a perfect photos.

Marina Mekhaeel

Yolande E, one of the managers, was just fantastic to deal with. My husband and I had some issues occur and we were no longer able to make it to our booking. After being bounced around from person to person, we were finally referred to Yolande. She was so professional and so understanding of our circumstances. She was really friendly with us too, which was a nice change from all the other customer service providers at these touristy places - being from Australia we definitely appreciated this. Thanks Yolande

Brittany Rivera

Some of the best views of NYC! The freedom tower and top of the rock are the best places to visit in NYC, I loved how it was open and you were able to get great photos on the rooftop, would definitely come back for the sunset view!

Gaurav Gupta

One of the finest open air dining points, Rockefeller is an amazing place to chill out with family and friends. It has an exquisite look to itself with statues and fountains all across the sitting area. The fine dining is in the center of the city just near times square and is a pleasurable and joyful experience Whatever the cost be- Their is every reason to go for a trial of a lifetime

Michael S. Bendtsen

What an amazing trip to 70th floor of the Rockefeller building. You order to a specific time, and you better not come before time. They will make you walk around until it's your turn. There was some queue going up, but they try to make the wait entertaining. The view from the top is just amazing. Worth every cent

regina rasulova

Amazing experience, highly recommend. But to get to the restaurant on the top floor you still need to pay admission fee. So if you are planning to just have a dinner there, keep that extra expense in mind.

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