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REVIEWS OF Madame Tussauds New York IN New York

Angela C

Was very fun, as most things in New York, pretty pricey tho. With the amount of space, it didn’t feel too crowded especially when groups would stop to take photos. They had a variety of very detailed people including spice girls, marvel characters, movie stars, presidents, memorials, etc. The line to get in wasn’t too bad and the gift shop at the end was nice too.

Aniruddh Yadav

This was the first ever Madame Tussauds I visited and totally enjoyed the experience. Not 100% sure but I think this is one of the biggest Madame Tussauds... Got a free entry with the hop on hop off 3 days bus pass... will recommend visiting it.

Dan Vo

My wife was hesitant about wanting to go here but the atmosphere is fun and inviting. She quickly warned up to it after taking a few selfies with the was figures. The zombie sitting game/ride they had available at the time was incredibly fun. It can overwhelming if you don't like images of things running at you though.

Manali Gupta

Lovely place to visit! Spacious, got wax figures from all around the world and some derived from movies, innovative themes and props! Got served complementary vine on the way!! Marvel 4D video screening is a plus.

Samar m

great place, love it so much. the employee are rude and thats because of the amount of visitors visiting every day. no respect to visitors yelling on them. you can have a lot of fun taking pictures with celebrities and you'll be surprised …

Sumanth Reddy

The smart way to realize your dreams of getting photographed with the celebrities, famous people and historic legends. Not many of the expected celebrities are covered here at this location but they keep improving the experience by adding …

Liz Cruz

We love this place. Every time in NY we have to visit. It’s fun to watch the wax figures of famous people. They change the exhibition so never gets boring. I got the tickets online. Recommended


Had a blast with my husband and cousin here. They had a lot of displays, and we had fun posing next to them. Centrally located too, next to Times Square

Ahsan Ali

Almost three weeks ago, I visited this place and I was totally in love with this place. The staff that is working here is so nice. We needed discount and there was one nice lady she gave us coupons and waived off $ 10 from the ticket. I would recommend you to visit this place as you are going to be in love with this place and finely made wax statues.

Dr Uncle Louie Angel

How can you not love this place?? They bring the stars to you. Most of them look so realistic. I think it's a good value also for everything you get. These people really know how to make your day special! The Undead Experience was so cool and so was the Marvel mini movie. I've never had zombie blood sprayed on me before. (Wasn't real and didn't stain, Silly Willie) Your subconscious doesn't know the difference between reality and illusion, so I'd recommend taking all the pics you can with the stars you like and just look at them after you leave here. Anything that makes you feel good is a good thing ☺

Han van Thoor

We were in early so relatively quiet with good photo oppertunities. The 4D marvel show was supposed to run every 10 min but after waiting for 25 min we gave up. You walk through it , when quiet, in about 40-50 min.

David Casas

One of the highlights of our trip. Such a cool experience. Tons of lifelike wax figures to see. Great quality and informational. Absolutely will return next time in the city. Buy the tickets online as well for $10 off and skip the line if there is one.

Sherly Lehr

This was included with our new York pass. It was definitely fun to take pictures and walk through. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Enjoyed getting too see the ghost Busters as well as the royal family was definitely cool. Worth the trip if you're visiting NYC

Matrika Edwards

The wax figures look so life like. It was fun taking photos with this celebrity figures. They are the actual height, so we tell which was tall and short in real life!

James Carr

Worthwhile if your big into celebrities, a bit tough to work through with people constantly stopping for photos. Prices are a bit steep but you can easily spend 2 hours swing everything.

Caitlyn Calder

This museum far surpasses all of your expectations. Not only are all the statues incredibly life like, but they are all instantly recognizable and relevant figures. I went into the museum expecting It to be creepy or disturbing, but it wasn’t in the slightest. The level of care taken with these figures is astounding, and Mme Tussauds is a must see attraction.

R Ravi

Nice place to visit. It’s worth buying this ticket with combo options of other attractions like Empire State Building. We visited last week and bought ticket along with big bus hop on hop off ticket covering 2 more attractions. It’s fun taking pictures with wax statues of celebrities. We felt some were very visible as wax statues and some were extremely close to human. Worth visiting!

Brittney Henry

Very fun and realistic place. My favorite exhibit was The Obama Presidential Office. President Obama had the brightest, most inviting smile. The late Whitney Houston looked as if she was about to give an invigorating performance. My final kudos goes to the magnificent, the incomparable Muhammad Ali.

Lucais Horsley

If you just walk in and pay for admission, it will cost you some $47 for the basic ticket. We balked at the price, so the representative out front directed us across the street to a guy across the street who had $10 discount coupons. There are, of course, plenty of other discounts available. Make sure you don't pay "full price." The exhibits are good and cover celebrities in every field: athletes, royalty, film stars, scientists, politicians, etc.

Heather C

I absolutely love Madame Tussauds NY! I visit frequently because they are always changing things up and adding new stuff which is exciting! The new Broadway area is amazing! Did not disappoint! Definitely worth a visit if you're in the city!

Kevin F

Awesome place to be. So much fun and different things to do inside. It is not only about the figures. Highly recommended

Erin Williams

Very fun afternoon. The figures were amazing to see and very life-like. We ordered our tickets in advance on their website and got a much better deal than at the door. We added the zombie ride and the wax hand to take home and would recommend those activities too.

Nicole Pattison

Had alot of fun here. I thought it was going to be bigger but it was still great. We did the 4d Marvel movie and I was shocked it even sprayed water for extra effects.

Nicholas Maldonado

Has a great time!!! The staff were very friendly. I took a lot a great pictures. Buy your tickets online for a better deal. The marvel 4D movie was nice as was the zombie virtual ride. Both were pretty exciting. Great day trip for the whole family. Definitely recommend!!!

Tiffany Mason

Nice staff. Great drinks! And a wonderful time. Had all the greats as wax figures!

Megan Niquette

A lot of fun. Could do without the people trying to trick us I to buying a City Pass/sign us up for offers as we got in line. Buzz off, creeps. Other than that, a fun time!

Larry Wynn

At first I wasn't sure how I would like this museum. I think wax figures are hellla creepy. But I gave it a whirl. It was one of the best decision I've made. The museum has so many awesome hands on components that you can do. The figures look pretty awesome. And there are some dope rides in there. I recommend the zombie 4D game, you won't regret it. Also there are like 5 candy/ice cream shops inside. So that's a huge plus as well.

Miss Katy Malaga

This place is amazing.... we went almost when they were closing... so we have the whole place for us it was amazing

Yearn t-Learn

Amazing. Chocked full of such realistic wax works. Take pictures at the staff stations as well. Good deal on multi buy pictures,(for the kids). BUY the New York Pass for these events. So worthwhile

Konamaneti Sreenivasa Reddy.

Good work, but don't think they require that much of hype. Overpriced tickets. Few figures, missing the lively look, for which this place is famous. Some renovation work is required. Pale at some places. If not attended may lose popularity. Except at the ticket counters, the staff at other places, not of much help. Very prominent location... Next to famous Times square.

Kerry O'Sullivan

We've been here twice in two years and it has yet to disappoint. What a fun way to spend an hour in Times Square, especially with kids! The experience is mostly interactive, allowing kids to play with the props or adjust the effects, so definitely bring kids. It's not a stodgy museum, it's FUN and a good way to goof off by posing with your favorite celebrities, so bring your sense of humor and your camera. The figures were extremely life-like and look phenomenal in photos. Tip: Skip the line, buy your tickets ahead of time, online. The staff was very friendly and entertaining, they deserve credit for the positive experience too. Note, they had made a few additions since our last visit so the experience was not just a repeat from our last time there. So even if you've been before, it's worth going again.

rasha shawky

Really nice place you will enjoy your time but you need at least 3 hours to take photo & enjoy place with 3D movie

Dr.Debasree Biswas

Cool place. And also they have the Big Bus New York office here . This office closes at 5pm. So make sure to collect your bus passes before that. And donot buy those Go City Explorer passes. They only book you but you will have to go stand …

Dinesh Rao

Madame Tussauds is definitely a go to place in NYC!! There are a lot of your favourite actors,sportsmen ,singers,presidents and your all time favs. The ticket cost is definitely worth the trip. I encourage you to go!!

Tony Chaslas

This place is a must see if you are in New York. Don’t hesitate and go enjoy yourself. Of course, don’t forget your camera. With the silver pass, you can watch a short Avengers movie and take pictures with a real size Hulk. Pretty nice. Lot of fun!

Gladys Rodríguez Pitre

Very cute place to visit. They change the wax figures to update their appeal. I really loved the visit except for the super expensive optional photo areas that was staffed. I wish they would provide more areas with backgrounds for self taken pics. But, overall it was a pleasant experience.

Umair Mahmood

Awesome place and must see place while visiting New York, although don’t compare it with the UK Madame Tussauds due to more variety of wax figures. Take the discount coupons handed over to you outside as they come in very handy when you are buying tickets.

Nerd Storm Production LLC

We had a lot of fun here. I picked up the Platinum Tickets from the internet store and for $51 and some change it was well worth it. All attractions, complimentary wax hand, and overall great fun. It’s well organized and I went early so it wasn’t too crowded. Truly a great place to spend some time and just enjoy. The realism of these pieces is just outstanding. Down to the smallest of detail. Highly recommend to anyone.

Mark Isa flyer

Great place to visit it's like we did a lot of different rooms lot of different themes seems to be up to date with their models. Good place to visit if you're in New York

alex am

Nice place. Recommended. Pay for tickets with digital photos and feel free to have your photos taken on all prepared sites inside


Priced considering the overall experience. Does not give you a wow feeling average compared to other attractions available at the place near by. Visit only if you never had been to a madame tussads museum

Vidar Steffensen

We used our Freestyle Passes to enter Madama Tussauds on Times Square. At first we felt like we got real VIP treatment with our Gold Ticket, and the museum itself was interesting enough. After a while, we experienced some things that somewhat ruined our experience. We were not allowed to participate in certain games inside the museum and they told us that we had to pay to get the picture that they took of us. I tried to explain that we had a Gold Ticket, but they said that we did not. This is not good enough. They have to sort their deal with City Sightseeing New York.

Felipe Amarante

Good, but I feel it's not worth 36 dollar. Some wax sculptures were little damaged but on overall it was very well made and preserved. The 4d marvel was boring and it wasn't actually clear what was that. The mirror room and some other attractions were quite nice, but since it was super full (apparently there was a school trip there) a lot of statues were inaccessible.

Jessica Marghella

Tons of fun! They update it frequently so all the celebrities look legit and makes it a fun experience. I would recommend if you have 2 hours to waste in the city.... great and fun photo opportunities !

Debora Swift

Madame Tussauds New York is amazing location if you are visiting the city. You can spend a lot of time there and I promise you will have great time. Perfect place for cool pictures. There are a lot of people all the time but there is space for everyone. There are a lot of restaurants around the place if you get hungry.

Anne Fernandena

This is a very new looking museum that was a fun change for teenagers after much sightseeing. The challenge to recognize the characters and remember what they were famous for added to the challenge. This was a pleasant surprise of good value using our sightseeing pass, excellent quality and presentation which was much better than we anticipated.

Nicolas Jacobi

That this place is always packed, is very odd to me. I got bored quickly. Good place for first time NYC tourists that live in the woods and are easy to please. People probably go here just because everyone goes here.

Steve Myers

We had a lot of fun here. This was a unique visit that was part of our New York pass. There are some very lifelike wax models here! The exhibits are set up in a very immersive way. It’s fun taking pictures with wax statues of celebrities. The realism of these pieces is just outstanding. Down to the smallest of detail. Highly recommend to anyone. They also have cheap New York clothing available at the check in desk.

Jaime Cintron

The experience was great, from the top plaza and bar to the ground floor. Cocktails were nicely made and prices were reasonable. Wax statues excellent!


Expensive but Very nice place. Life like statues and from all over the world. Many photo opportunities. Artists including American and Indian all have there wax statues. Had a lot of family fun here. Recommended if you are visiting NYC.

Just Chilling

Very fun and amazing time here. They had many things to do and look at. The experience was wonderful and I definitely recommend comming here for a very good time. It was a reasonable price and very worth it. The people working there were very kind and nice.


This was a unique visit that was part of our New York pass. There are some very lifelike wax models here! The exhibits are set up in a very immersive way. I highly recommend this place. They also have cheap New York clothing available at the check in desk. Bis bus is also located here, in case anyone has to search for it like we did.

Kayvin Robertson

This was a nice touristy things to do near times square. Reasonable prices and the attraction itself is pretty busy but the staff kept you moving. I would recommend it to anyone who has not been to this or similar attractions.

James Pope

My wife and I visited Madame Tussauds September 29 2019 the day before our anniversary. We enjoyed the wax exhibits, the movie, and the zombie shooting game. However we were totally disrespected by the elevator operators at the beginning and at the end of the tour. These two young men need additional training.

Harmony Roberts

This was probably the most fun thing we did as tourists. We have 5 kids ages 6-12 and they all had a great time. It was definitely a nice change from being in the heat, and it eased family friendly. Worth the money, experience, and pictures of course.

Nithya Michael Arockiasamy

We, a group of 3 families reached here after spending our time in hot scorching sun. Each and everyone had difference of opinion in visiting various attractions. But Madame Tussaud's was unanimously welcomed and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone in the group. The various exhibits and a short 4D MARVEL movie was a feast to the eyes. They charge for children above 2 years. It would be great if they stop charging for the children under 6 years.

Jon M

This place is awesome. They have a little bar inside where you can get alcoholic drinks in a take home commemorative plastic glass. Then you can drink while walking around. They also only let people in each section at certain groups ever 5 min which prevents the rooms from getting over crowded. Definitely worth going to once in your life and awesome to take great pics with the wax models.

Grace Laho

my family and I came to New York as a vacation (we live in Michigan) and we went to many attractions including the empire state building. This place was very entertaining and I would come back again. The people here look very real and are pretty cool to take pictures with. If you are visiting new york I definitely recommend you go here :)

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