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26 Wall St, New York, NY 10005

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Where is Federal Hall?

REVIEWS OF Federal Hall IN New York

angela zamberlan

Beautiful Building in classical style, interesting story of the making of the US

Vivek Raval

It’s was great feel to view Federal Hall, American Democracy was started here. I like that federal hall building it is great historical architecture.

Mary Farmer

The actual Bible that George Washington was sworn in as first President of the United States was there and that made it worth while. There was a lot of early US history displays. There was an Alexander Hamilton exhibit but it was all reading. It's free and has rest rooms.

Gregory Lauer

Interesting exhibits, including painting commemorating John Muir. (Likely different when you visit.) Good overview movie.

Michael W

Wouldn't know how great it is. Its closed

Denni Wibowo

Monumental building that's well preserved

Walter Bettens

Should definitely be on your visit list when you go to New York. Beautiful building with an interesting exhibition about Alexander Hamilton. Admission is free, and there are knowledgeable park rangers to answer questions.

Katrina Couch

This was a great surprise. I didn't know it existed but loved it. To stand on the steps was an honor.

Abdellah Moujahid

Great place to learn US history. It was worth taking some time from our trip in Manhattan and dedicated to the Federal Hall. A must go place to learn about the creation of the state and the best thing about it is it's FREE and worth visiting!!!!

Anu M

Free to entre. Worth a quick visit

Arkadet Luangkumpusin

We had lunch here as my friend who live in NYC recommended as its the tavern from George Washington time to present. We had to get historical vibe. I had fish and ship was good.

Paul Foote

The Bible that was used by Washington was awesome.

Timothy Larson

Very interesting. The actual Bible George Washington was sworn in with was on display. Incredible American history.

Trey Lowe

Great history to learn. Free to walk around and free wifi

Tarell Benton

Practically free piece of history that is a good time killer for about 30 minutes or so. Piece of early American history

ben morgan

Didn't go inside but good to see the statue at the front

Bill Young

Great place to visit history. They have two really good exhibits right now. One on Alexander Hamilton and one on Art work done by the US Coast Guard (Puddle Pirates)Sorry guys it's that inter service ribbing.

David Rafaja

It was very informative. A nice exhibition.

Karl Kay

Great treasure. Free and full of History

Björn Kullenberg

If you're passing by when looking at wall street it's definitely wort a short visit! It's free and a beautiful building . A lot of information on the creation of the state . Free toilets !

Roxanne Barron

Very informative and well designed exhibits

Matias Cachi

Great but would be better if guided tour on premise is available

Erica Kramer

What a gem! Free and very interesting

Lucais Horsley

Stumbled upon Federal Hall when we went to see the NY Stock Exchange. As a history enthusiast, I was so excited to find this. There were tons of tourists in the area taking pictures with the statue of Washington, but inside was very empty and quiet. I had no idea this was where Washington was inaugurated. I love stumbling upon historical places. I wish the National Park Service was fully funded to upkeep this building as it should be, but the small offerings they had were very nice! I would recommend if you're in the area.

Justin Thakar

AAA+ would beat Solidus and have an existential crisis again

Julie Shen

There are two places in this building you can stamp your National Park Passport: the visitor center (with exhibition) and the little gift shop. Friendly and knowledgeable rangers you can ask info about the national park service in New York area. You can also get the stamp of the new Stonewall NM here.

Paul Pavlinovich

This was a really interesting place to visit. A calm oasis in the centre of the financial district open to exploration. There are interpretive displays and docents wandering the halls to ask questions. Quite interesting architecture.

Crystal Gail

They have really nice exhibits. Also, I saw Alexander Hamilton's first books in here such as Production Reports. I met some extra ordinary enlightened people in here. It felt nice that see true American Intellectual in museums.

Simona Buono

Historical place in New York. Close to the trinity's church and the famous bull. Free entrance. A quick visit (15-20 min) should be enough.

Pamela Peerson

This was such a surprise for us! Just happened to be walking by and decided to pop in and have a look. Very nice! I love history and anything to do with our guy George! Nice steps to sit a spell and rest a bit too!

Paul Wheeler

Nice history. Could be better with exhibits.

David Tanner

Cool that GW was inaugurated there, and a beautiful building on Wall Street. Fun, but not all that special otherwise.

Olive Gilbert

I visited NYC with friends and this was only about a block away from Trinity Church. I had no idea this is where President George Washington was sworn in and inaugurated. This is a great piece of American history and a must see if you are anywhere near the World Trade Center area. This is the site of the First US Congress and where George Washington was sworn in as the first US President. The building is post those events but houses a small Museum and is a NPS concern, worth a quick look when in Wall Street.


Very cool yet underwhelming

Bethany Kindsvogel

The history. The building. The city. The gift shop lady was helpful and kind. Loved it !!!

Ho Amy

Historic place next to stock exchange.. A good place to sit n relax n feel Wall Street

Shrijit Srinivasan

Great for a photo. Must see. Patriotic

Galyna Shulimova

It is great place. A lot of history and beautiful building. Must see.

Reuven Zecharia

See the bible that George Washington was sworn in on! Incredible experience!!!

Ian Chau

This historical building is in lower Manhattan, right across the street from The New York Stock Exchange. I am a fan of Wall Street so this visit was worth it for me!

Saa-ima Natha

Very interesting insight into American history. Just check the times before going to ensure you can catch a tour

Marcus Graham

It's surprising that more is not made of this building and the importance of the contents ie the bible used to swear in George Washington as president. It's free and worth a visit.

Frank Wolfe

Where it all began. The first capital of the United States and a destination, at least the front steps are. Go inside and take a tour, the rangers are quite knowledgeable and I have never seen huge crowds in the building. A gem hidden in plain sight.

John H


Mlchelle Gloms

Was a great experience for me.

Richard A

If you love history about Alexander Hamilton, this is a place you need to visit. It's also on the national historic site registry so you can get a cancellation for your national park passport.

Pauline W

My children and I was introduced to the Jr ranger program recently and one of the ranger gave us a map of NY Jr ranger spots. Federal Hall is one of the 10 spots that the children can learn about NY History, US History and Geography. What a fabulous time and program. All the rangers we have encountered are well knowledge. We visited today on July 4th, Independence day and there were special program all day long. 5 stars. A must go place that is full with a wealh of information that should not be miss. The best part of this is that it is FREE!

Micheal Alvin

Nice and peaceful place to visit. highly recommend

Sumrah Shakeel

This is such an under rated place. One must visit this when they go to New York

Sachin Kumar

Hmmm.. its ok

Anne Fernandena

Stumbled upon Federal Hall when we went to see the NY Stock Exchange. As a history enthusiast, I was so excited to find this. There were tons of tourists in the area taking pictures with the statue of Washington, but inside was very empty and quiet. I had no idea this was where Washington was inaugurated. I love stumbling upon historical places. I wish the National Park Service was fully funded to upkeep this building as it should be, but the small offerings they had were very nice! I would recommend if you're in the area.

Salman Khan

Wonderful history behind the place, super touristy though

Ibrahim Hammouda

This place is a must see in NYC. Good location for pictures where many movies were filmed and famous scenes were made. Please do go to the sub stresses, where you can go and eat something and go to the bathroom somewhere (I remember seeing one available, but they always change). You’re definitely gonna find a lot of Starbucks around almost most of the corners there (where usually Starbucks picks their places), however, they don’t have bathrooms. You could look for them at hotels near there or small restaurants that they don’t look as nice as global chains, but very nice and hospitable staff there. Try to walk as much as possible in this area because it has a LOT to see. Drawback, many tricky beggars there. To be more specific, you might find a beautiful lady coming to you with some flyers or broachers and telling a sad long story about children or homeless or animals and that they raise money and donations for them (all my sympathy goes for any living or even dead soul in the world), but NOT those beggars who’re disguised in nice clothes, make up and perfumes, also, you could find men doing the same. Enjoy your time there. Get pictures of the exchange market and the little girl’s statue in front of it.

Jason Cole

This is a really cool museum to visit and spend a bit at.

Rebecca Toth

The Alexander Hamilton exhibit was simple, but excellent

Joyner Francie

Fantastic place. Must visit!

Tiffany Schmidt

Americans that appreciate history should visit Federal Hall. I was surprised by how many people were outside and not visiting the inside of this free to visit building of national significance. George Washington was inaugurated here. It was a sub treasury for many years. It is worth visiting.

Jaidyn Fisher

Not the most eventful place to go, it can be lackluster. But this area is always a crowd and it's always buzzing and lively

Davey Parekh

This used to be the Colonial Town hall. It's got lots of history, especially as it's where George Washington gave is first speech as the 1st US president. It was where the first case was fought for the freedom of the press. The have an excellent presentation about Alexander Hamilton. It also used to be the US treasury! There's an amazing statue of George Washington just outside. And an wondering presentation on how this site evolved into its current form.

Yutthapong Wichitpanyarak

Bumped into this place while originally want to only visit New York Stock Exchange, and just realized that this is a historic place. Federal Hall was the place that George Washington took the oath to be the first president of America, it is now a free museum and welcome everyone to visit. Take a grant when you visit Lower Manhattan.

Tiffany Martos

This is a tiny little nook I had never even heard about! It is free and it’s a little tiny museum. Was happy to find this place on my walk around downtown!

Andrea C.

Nice place. Free maps and lots to see.

Andrew Parker

Extremely interesting. Well worth a visit.

Brent Rud

Our National Park Service does a great job of preserving our history in places like these while also providing an interesting history lesson.


I wish growing up I could have visited places like this to learn US history. This was fascinating and worth taking a moment to see where this great Nation began. The also have videos explaining relevant information and if you are like me and need a break from walking.

G Kurian

Beautiful architecture and great place to learn about part of American history. A little gem in the middle of Wall St. It is part of the National Park Service and it is free to visit.

Harry Bradley

It's a good visual landmark but it could do with a bit more historian information. Scant on interesting details or exhibits.

Riyaz Bhimani

Very informative display in the rooms. People with all ages will love it

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