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334 Furman St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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Where is Brooklyn Bridge Park?

REVIEWS OF Brooklyn Bridge Park IN New York

Oguz Yucel

Something right there with friendly good quality well planned place and enjoy your time. Thanks for the who is made of this place or planned. I really great full for right for people who is us and I mean it is beautiful and I love to spend time here.

N H Tanner

Interesting and beautiful. Great views of Gotham (NYC) from the waterfront, plenty of places to do plenty of things: eat, relax, stroll, ride a historical carousel, more. On an almost-perfect day (Aug 25, 2019), few things on a day out and about Brooklyn could be better.

Kris Hadis

The best spot to enjoy the view of New York City icons, the downtown and midtown skyscrapers, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge. At night time it becomes much more magical with all the city lights. We always visit this place every time we are in New York City. Don't forget to enjoy the ice cream in the ice cream factory....

Craig Farrell

This is a perfect location for amazing skyline views of Manhattan. We sat here on 2 nights while visiting New York and loved watching the sunset behind the buildings which then sprung to life with their sparking lights reflecting on the water. I do photography and I was in my element here taking lots of stunning pictures. There's lots of nearby bars and food places too.

layla saranina

The view of the city is amazing, both day and night. Can be a romantic walk or picnic. Good for solo walks too

Alex Rod.

This has to be NYC best Bridge Hand down. Beautiful scenery, you can walk the bridge and the park is very well kept. Nice and clean the grass is kept in shape. Overall a great park to spend a evening. Take care ♡

Ramon Rosales

Amazing place for sightseeing and to take pictures of lower Manhattan. Iconic views of the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. Every tourist to New York should visit this park. Take an Uber to Dumbo place, that's how you will get there, then walk around the are and eat at one of the local restaurants.

K Donovan

Great views loved being outdoors beside so many people and had a great time. It was great weather slight breeze. Great food is abound look for what you want and if should be good and nearby

edward tse

Amazing view and nice walk too! Just beware don't block the trail for bikes while taking photos. And you could have a great view of the Manhattan bridge from here too! ENJOY!

Elisa McLean

This place is awesome! You can relax by the pier watch the yatch and boats go by, the skyline for NY is beautiful at night. There is a volleyball field and a place for kids to play and lots of picnic areas. Only downfall is parking. It's hard to find parking.

Debra Wilson

Beautiful place to walk and love to see the night life here. Also whenever there's fireworks, its beautiful too.

Niv Pai

Love this place. Highly recommend. You get amazing views of the New York skyline and the Brooklyn bridge. Had some really good restaurants and eateries in the area that are worth visiting.

Dilpreet Singh

Always fun to visit this area. Great views of the bridge and the NYC. Lots of good places to eat in the area. You can always find one or the exhibition nearby as well. Parking can be hard to find, there are couple of garages nearby. Fun place to spend a afternoon.

Adam Forrester

The views from Brooklyn Bridge park are amazing...but most tourists know that. Take the walk along the waters edge and stop to watch the soccer, basketball or pop into a park on a pier...there are several to choose from. Afterwards don't walk back over the bridge, it's far too busy anyway, instead head into Brooklyn Heights and enjoy the architecture and find an independent coffee shop that the locals frequent to relax. This is how you do Brooklyn Heights in my opinion!

Varsha Lockhart

Very beautiful place to be. Waterfront a view of nature and peace. Right in ❤ heart Brooklyn. Plenty of grass area and grills. Benches for you to enjoy the view of the city. Just a nice peaceful place kayaking etc restaurants.

Antoine M

A fascinating and interesting, impressive spot to explore and explore. Easily accessible from anywhere, either the Brooklyn side or the Manhattan side. Of course the highlight is the Brooklyn Bridge that sets the tone to the overall atmosphere of this beautiful Park. There's public parking station nearby or street parking. You can easily find restaurants, cafés and places to sit and enjoy the views. There's easily marked public lavatory throughout this park. Absolutely suitable for all ages to explore and enjoy.

Phyllis Weaver

It was a very nice park right off the dock of the ferry and water taxi system. There is a little play area for younger children that is all fenced off just in case you have a wonder you don't really have to worry your child will get out. There are benches to sit on to beat the heat and grass areas if you choose to sunbathe. There is a beautiful carousel in the park as well and the boardwalk with the most spectacular view of New York City. Also while you're there you might be lucky enough to see a proposal or two.

Sarah Lahori

A great way to relax. It’s great for people who like to be in quiet places-away from city chaos. The view is phenomenal because you see the newyork skyline. The commute is very efficient.

Aneudi Diaz

The landscape and surrounding area is improving with each passing week. The great berm wall has gone up blocking out the traffic noise coming from the BQE. Enjoy the festivities in the day light hours, then stay for the sunset that anybody can enjoy.

Camille Edwards

It's a great place to spend the day with the kids. The workout equipment are all broken(I think play equipment for the kids would've been better) I've never seen anyone actually use them for their intended purposes, the kids just play on them. There's a skating rink for a price, basket ball and the like. There used to be a pool, but, it's closed for 2019 to be reopened in 2020 (or so I was told by one of the workers there). Also, they're are water taxis and a ferry there that goes to queens that is the best ride ever! (Or so my kids say) because it goes really fast and all for the price of a subway ride.

Kevin Anglade

I always love going to Brooklyn Bridge Park. It's such pretty sight to take in. There is roller skating, basketball, volleyball and handball. Also, if you'd like to take a ride on the ferry for traveling needs or casual exploring, it is always available. I truly am marveled every time I go here.

Ebony Smalls

My absolute favorite park in NYC! The piers where you can play sports, skate or travel to governors island are great! NYC has so many green spaces and this is one not to miss.

David Smith

Best spot to relax & unwind after a long day. Or just to chill & get a great view of the skyline. This is definitely my go to spot

Libby Nicholaou

One of my favorite places in Brooklyn. I walk my dog here every other morning and it never gets old. During the week days it’s pretty quiet and on the weekends there’s lots of barbecuing and picnics. It has a good community vibe, the best views of Manhattan and almost everything you want in an outdoor park.


The best waterfront Park in NYC and one of the best, date I say it, in the world! Amazing man made landscapes, views of downtown Manhattan and both the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridge. Also amazing food just steps away and beach volleyball, soccer, kayaking in the summer, spread out along the park on various piers.

Sydney Liaw

It has been my go-to place on Sunday mornings. Whether I want to clear my head with the breeze and open sky or play basketball and have fun, this place provides everything. I wish it's somewhere with much easier access but oh well it's worth the long walk from the train indeed

Jessica Galvan

The place has an incredible view to the Manhattan skyline and the Brooklyn view. Went in the afternoon and came back after sunset. Both times, I was amazed. Love the lights. And it's near the Time Market, the Manhattan Bridge and some other really neat places to check out if you are visiting, and to get amazing pictures.

Patryk Janowski

Amazing views of the financial district, recommended by locals as their favourite part of the city. Have to see the stunning views. Try to go during the evening whilst it's still day time and watch the sky turn as the sun sets. Seeing the transition into night time and all the lights turning on is incredible.

Lucais Horsley

I got the ultimate insiders tour of the park with staff from the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation, the folks that developed and maintain the park so very well. The design is genius with such a great balance of expansive views and more enclosed landscapes. It preserves some elements of the industrial piers that once occupied the space. I loved the lawns surrounded by slightly (and intentionally) overgrown native plants. What a great place to spend a summer afternoon. We walked back to Manhattan over the Brooklyn Bridge and enjoyed the views back toward the park.


Iconic bridge with a wonderful view on Manhattan and Dumbo. I do advice to cross from Brooklyn to have a better view. Be extremely careful with the bikes while you take pictures.

Alex Serebrov

This is a new Brooklyn's gem! I remember this area 10 years ago and it was nothing! Now it is the place to be! Especially if the weather permitting. Perfect place for a romantic walk with a significant other, or for a date. These area has everything: dining, shopping and sightseeing, a lot of sightseeing! If you haven't been there yet, you definitely should check this area out, you won't be disappointed.

Rene Obando

What a great job!!! I used to go to this park some years ago and always loved the view but it seemed to be so many things to do to improve the experience... Well, now they did it, it is such a pleasant experience to be there and find out that the park has been fully renovated with so many great surprises to the visitors, stops in the perfect places to enjoy amazing views, integration with the river, the sound of the water on the stones, that are right under your feet... It is beautiful, just beautiful. Well done to the City of Brooklyn for this great renovation!!!

Preethulina Shi

Beautiful area with gorgeous views! Definitely a must-see for NYC visitors. Great romantic area with good restaurants nearby. More crowded over the years but there are still nooks and quiet areas to relax and take in the views

Marc Serra Oller

Great views to the Brooklyn bridge from below. Great views to the Manhattan skyline. I advise to walk back to Manhattan at night from the park to see a good view of NYC. A must visit if in NYC. Top at sunset.

Paweł Trocha

Epic views of the city and the bridges! You can get there by ferry from pier 11 (only $2.75) and enjoy the Manhattan Skyline, chill on the loan or play soccer or basketball on nearby piers. Highly recommended for tourists and New Yorkers alike.

Benjamin Dominguez

We took some of our engagement pics there and we enjoyed every moment. Beautiful views and quiet atmosphere.

Mrs. Smith

My husband and I walked the Brooklyn Bridge. It was very hot and humid but it was a great experience❤ We visited New York from New Orleans, celebrating our 16yr. Anniversary ❤ It was our 1st time in New York and we loved it❤

Miguel R

Beautiful park in Dumbo. Great for outdoor picnics and one of the most beautiful views of Manhattan. You can take the ferry to and from Wall St here or you can walk the Brooklyn bridge onto the park. Highly recommend and a must see for any New York tourist itinerary!

Yashaswi P

Always happy to visit this place, especially at night. You get to see the spectacular view of Manhattan. There are couple of chairs where we can sit and relax and enjoy the breeze over the river. Be careful of bicycle riders. They move very fast. Apart from that you can take a relaxing walk and enjoy the view.

Julia Garces

A great place to hang out at on a warm day. Very nice views. Tip: go at sunset!

Banky Chalk

This park is awesome. I'm so glad that I visited it in October 2018. You can see the Brooklyn bridge and also get a great view of Manhattan from this park. I imagine that so many activities happen here in the summer. Grab your favourite book and blanket/mat and sit on the grass. So many people visit this park every year. I even saw a model taking photos here with her crew. While here, I was at the Empire Fulton Ferry area of the park where you can see both the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. The Manhattan bridge will be to your east. There is a long bench here for you to sit on to admire the Manhattan skyline or look at the East River.


Very peaceful on a bright and sunny day. Long walks, playgrounds, open fields with picturesque setting. Plenty of places to eat. Parking is a bit difficult on weekends. We will be back!

Tanya Brown

Great views...perfect place for panoramic shots with your camera! A lot of spots to relax...and the Time Out New York Market is interesting. Pricey just find a vendor truck for hot dogs, halal food or ice cream and stay in your …

Kina B

Had my son's bday party here and it was wonderful! Not only did he have a great time, but staff was excellent which made him extra happy! Keep up the good work!

April Lafferty

Oh what fun it is to come here on Sundays! I try to make it every other Sunday. The Vintage flea market is located directly under the bridge with a plethora of inventory constantly changing just wonderful!

Daniel Yosua

Relaxed vibes for morning jogs/ afternoon strolls. Great skyline views from here during the morning, day, sunset or at night. Get a pizza from Grimaldi's to make your day even better.

Abbey Simms

Such a cool place to hang. Been going there for years now. Loving the transformation. Now just too busy, but glad it is being enjoyed. Brought friends along who had never been there before and planning to go back again, they were so happy with the swings

Lesia Morgridge

I love this park! So much to do and see. You can watch a movie at sundown overseeing the manhattan bright lights. Roller skating rink, boat ride, restaurants, playground, carousel, public pool. It’s a great park for picnics. clean and well maintained. I go all summer long.

adriene liggins

Had a fun time riding the tour boat listening to stories about New York while drinking a cup of vodka and cranberry! My daughter even met a new friend! Good times!!!

trudie Ingram

The skyline ALWAYS looks pretty, especially when you can't see it all the time. Saying that because i don't live here in the city. Great view from either side. Hope to walk the bridge across next visit.

Brayden Mora

This park is the ultimate walking paradise over looking the river with stunning skyline of the city of New York . The simple walk way turns into the beautiful garden , all along the river with benches for seating , greenery all along and the eateries littered for easy snacking . The thoughtful vision of the city fathers has brought the most beautiful garden created , extended and maintained - a true place of pride . The enchanting park is spread from the foothill step of the famed Brooklyn Bridge looming in the background . A perfect place for a traveler to capture the skyline of the city and the bridge both . There is no entry fee . Most pleasant in early morning and sun set time . Walking Going towards the Furman street , it has a sports facility with table tennis , football fields , water fountain ares for young kids with a place earmarked for pizza and eateries . Very thoughtfully planned . In between it has green lawns vistas , and few enchanting groves of greenery blended perfectly .If you are lucky you may see the passing ships under the bridge !! A must visit place .

Ravi Yelleswarapu

Best place for a sunrise and sunset picture of new york. You can see the statue of liberty, the entire skyline if the clouds clear, and the Brooklyn Bridge. The entire park is made for the viewing with lots of great corners where you can get good panorama. The bridge is kind of confusing to cross to get here so look up directions carefully

Saida Valme

Wish it was more accessible. It's a 20 minute walk from the train station. Kinda hard to carry items for a picnic/barbecue to the piers when you have to walk 20 mins on an incline. Nonetheless, it is relatively clean. I enjoy the activities available on pier 2.

Anthony Rallo

My favorite mass park. So many things to do and truly a Brooklyn staple. Doesn’t hurt that I got married here before it was really this cool.

Tami Yeasmin

Its one of the must visit nyc place. Every time i go there i feel this peacefulness inside. Best time to go is right before sunset. Sitting there watching the sunset is so peaceful and calming. The sunset at Brooklyn bridge park is one of my favorites

Ibrahim Ansari

A very nice spot to admire the view and take breath taking pictures. There is an hand made carousel there. Which is mind blowing that people made it. The swings there for kids are a great way for your kids to enjoy and have fun. And give you the time to relax and watch your kids have fun. There are multiple swings and activities for kids at the park. Defiantly drop by when ever you have the chance and enjoy the view!!

Christina Wieser

Such a beautiful place between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan bridge. I recommend going there also when it gets dark, then the city lights up which is amazing! See the pictures! And walk a little bit through Brooklyn it is such a calm and nice district. I loved it!

S Moi

Go and check out Time Out Magazine eatery. What a fantastic experience. And check out the rooftop. Great place to bring a date or the family.

Matan Barmats

Great park from which you can get a great view on the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. Recommended every day but highly recommended when the visibility is high. Go visit the Timeout Market after. It'll compete your visit with a good bite

jason fox

It's a huge park with something for everyone. The basketball courts are great, with we'll maintained hoops, there is a roller hockey rink, plenty of public grills in the picnic areas, plenty of fields for soccer and other sports and of course there is the views. But it is always busy and crawling with tourists around the boardwalk and surrounding areas.

Savi Bhat

Beautiful place in the middle of the city. There are certain places which are less crowded and overlooking the Manhattan Bridge. Sunsets are beautiful around here. Nice place to chill during late afternoon hours. Nearby there are many art stalls, shopping, events and all.

Rion Brown

I love everything about New York (except for those high prices). I could go on and on about this place. If you've never visited, I recommend you going there at least once in your lifetime. (Hopefully) you won't be disappointed!

Renata V. Lewis

Absolutely amazing views! Delicious menu. Great service and ambiance. A bucket list restaurant for me, a must if you are in the area.

J Stevens

Brooklyn Bridge Park is an absolutely beautiful area that they have made into a wonderful set of parks and green areas for everyone to use. They have a running path where no cars can go which is great. We went to a free fitness class on pier six in a great grassy area with amazing views back into the city!! Would highly recommend coming here. It’s soooo nice!

Akshay Jawharkar

Absolutely brilliant place to soak in the views of the NYC skyline. The area has been very gentrified now and you'll see a lot of new hip places along with old favorites like Grimaldi's. Unless visiting in summer, bring a jacket. To the far left you can also see the statue of liberty.

NYC Birthday Clowns

This park was awesome!! We got invited here to do a party and the venue was truly amazing. Being so close to the bridge, on a hot summer day with the breeze felt perfect. Everyone had a great time and we hope we can party there again soon! Thank you for having us!

Oded R. Cruz-Haker

What I can say, that wasn't said before? The park is amazing, with amazing view of the city, chill vibe and relaxing fun. My recommendation is to bring with you a blanket something to drink and eat and enjoy the sun, the city-view and the good chilled atmosphere places like this can bring us. The picture was taken during the 9/11 tribute light.

Terence Tan

Whether you have 30 minutes or 3 hours, a walk along the Brooklyn Bridge Park is always an enjoyable one. The pathways are always kept clean, cyclists and pedestrians keep to the designated paths, and of course the familiar New York City business district seen from the equally intriguing Brooklyn.

Jack Bramhall

If you want those skyline views of NYC then this is definitely a place to go. Pictures don’t even seem to do it justice. Plenty of seating as well as a park for children. It’s a great place to sit and take in the skyline, watch boats going past and then a perfect starting point to walk over the Brooklyn bridge into Manhattan.

Agustin Ignacio Rossi

Amazing point with an outstanding view of all Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge! No doubts that on my next visit to New York I’ll good there again and spend a day having a picnic on that park! Fantastic! I suggest to go there and then cross the bridge, I have no doubts that you are going to love it!

Hugh Gwyer

What an oasis! Of peace and natural conditions . The area Has so much improved over the years. I would love to come back again.

Aya Ogawa

Such a great waterfront park with lots to do. Biking, water park, slides, swings and sand, beach volley ball, soccer, basketball, roller/ice skating, and lots of peaceful books for a romantic picnic or alone time with a book. Great park for all. Pretty good vendors for pizza, ice cream etc too.

Natalie Jones

Beautiful place in the middle of the city. Certain places are less crowded and overlooking the Manhattan Bridge. Sunsets are beautiful around here. Nice place to chill during late afternoon hours. Nearby there are many art stalls, shopping, events and all.

Kyanna B.

Beautiful area with alot of awesome picture spots so if you're like me and enjoy snapping photos this is a great place to try. The Promenade park is right here as well and provides nice places to sit or again snap photos. Be warned that it does get a bit crowded during the day. There are restaurants and even a carousel for the kids here.

Juana Rincon

This was my first time at Brooklyn Bridge Park and I’m in love with it and of course I’m going back and I’ll recommend it to all my family and friends. Brooklyn Bridge Park so clean and safe I sow different police officers walking around sometimes responding to others people questions , the employees keeping the Park clean, changing the garbage bags offend. I really enjoy it and my kids liked it too. Play ground clean, clean, clean. My families used the gills for BBQ tables nice and a Beautiful Beautiful Manhattan view ❤️❤️

Julio R

exceptional place for a stroll. families with children, just a great place. Is used to be that they did not enforce the no bicycle rule. But it seems like they have now. which makes it safe for children and the elderly. Photographers will also have a field day here.

Monique Frett

This is a nice place for pics and to sit and chill out. I went to one part of the park(the .Main street section). They also have a rooftop park, another great place for pics. It's nice. There are restaurants there. I didn't realize the park extends further south. It's an extensive park.

Michael S. Bendtsen

Perfect view of the Brooklyn bridge. Don't miss this out if you already to the walk over from Manhattan. Absolutely perfect spot for a perfect picture.

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