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Where is Pecos National Historical Park?

REVIEWS OF Pecos National Historical Park IN New Mexico

Caleb Rothe

This is a great historical park. Some of the most helpful and courteous NPS staff we've had the privilege of interacting with. I highly recommend the 1.25 mile loop trail just off of the visitor center. It's very well done! Borrow a companion guide from the ranger in the visitor center to walk and learn/read as you go.

Thomas Cera

Pecos is a wonderful National Park property. It is special because one could learn about Native American history and Spanish history at the same time. It is an amazing story. There is a trail that leads around the main sites. There is …

Drake MacFarland

Located on old Route 66 (pre 1937) near Santa Fe New Mexico. The Pecos National Historic Park has been restored to a remarkably historic look and feel. As you walk through the ruins it is possible to imagine yourself actually being there …

michael black

If you like history and the West, you won't be disappointed. Large visitor center with all amenities. Great easy to handle trail around the site.

Dario Chavez

The Pecos National Historic Monument is most definitely worth a stop. It's not only free but very interesting if you enjoy history. For a small park there's quite a bit to see: kivas that you can enter, mission ruins, and beautiful views. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit here.

Piedad Contreras

Very beautiful educational place. Lots of trails to explore.

Karin Nordlander

Lovely walk along a great trail. Dogs allowed. Interesting history.

Rita Smith

We were quite surprised at how fun and educational this experience was. Being able to enter underground dwellings was pretty awesome. The grounds are well maintained and beautiful. Being able to walk on a historical trail let's you realize some of the hardships pioneers may have had.

Valentin Estrella

Love nature ...beautiful place to visit.

Larry Swanson

Excellent park,great history here. Very knowledgeable staff. A great place to visit if you're historically minded

Mark Dunham

Posada at Pecos was beautiful and holy. Kudos to all the town folk and park staff!

Cassidy Villano

Very informative historical park. Very detailed museum space with historical timeline and background of the Pecos people, artifacts found on the site, and even art! We enjoyed our time here!

Evangeline Elmendorf Greene

Beautiful historical spiritual place!

John Poe

Beautiful I'd go back and spend more time there

DragonKing 3564

Really nice place to go if you are on vacation


The park is very well maintained! It was dog friendly and free to park and walk around. I definitely recommend.

Cari Anderson

Great place all around!

Mr Xeno

You'll never experience the mountains the same way again. You'll be able to ponder how far and how deep and far reaching these people's are

Linda McAteer

Like all of our National Parks and historical sites, this is very much worth the trip.

simply sassy

Amazing and they haven't even finished all the excavations....i can't wait to see what new things they find in the future

Whitney M

Beautiful park with well maintained trails. My husband I enjoyed our time here. It is a quiet and beautiful place.

Michelle Pargas

Beautiful place to visit

Ms. Berna

Ranger Eric was awesome, and the guided tour so really informative! Getting there was super easy and the musuem and gift shop are two thumbs up!

John Hall

Easy and picturesque trail through that site.

Charles Honaker

A very nice updated facility with some nice historical treasures to view. Take a minute and check it out. Camping is close and absolutely stunning views with great fishing , hiking for all skill levels.

Mike Murphy

Great historical significence...enjoyed introductory film...staff was super friendly...the site itself was remarkable.

Randy Herrin

Great place to stop and stretch your legs and learn the history of the original inhabitants of New Mexico. This is a National Historic Monument administered by the Park Service. A very well presented Monument.

Artie Martinez

This is a great place to go see if you visit Pecos New Mexico

Neil Valentine

Well presented visitor center with displays explaining the full history of the area and settlements. A short video also explains it in detail. The trail was partly closed when we visited, but what we could see was excellent. Up close in the ruins and a real feel of what went on. Very pleased we visited.


You must see this beautiful place. Nice to hike and the scenery is amazing!

Robert Hetland

Outstanding stop for the family. Rangers were great. Museum told the story well. Kids loved climbing in the underground Indian house (15' ceilings). In and out under an hour.

Liberty Corriz

Very fun and educational for the kids as well

Gary Cort

An absolute gem of a park. Visitor center has a very nice display which dovetails perfectly with your walk thru the ruins. The location makes it obvious why it was inhabited for such a long period. The Jr Ranger program is well designed and engaging. There are civil war battlefields that are nearby that are also part of the park.

Kiefer Thomas

Pecos is a wonderful hidden, little gem in the National Park System. It's seldom visited, well run, clean and pristine. The history is amazing and well documented by way of placards, signs and inside information. The gift store has some great gifts and merchandise as well. I'll be back!

Christine Wilson

The walk was beautiful, at least today it wasn't too hot. I could take my dog on the trail. We both enjoyed the leisurely stroll. There are some hills, but the park provides benches if you get tired. I would do it again

Warren Keating

A fabulous historic site with a beautiful pueblo structure that you can explore, just make sure to be careful to follow the proper etiquette when approaching the site. The rules are not obvious.

Lava Valdez

Beautiful ruins in my local area.

Luela Roberts

Very enjoyable. My first visit, but not the last.

Steve M

Free, did I say free, well yes I did. Great interpretation center. Nice maintained walk. Very enjoyable

Sean Green

Very interesting and cool place to visit!

Terry Randall

Such a beautiful place. To ride a bike through here is absolutely fantastic

David Swanson

Just go! Get up there get a meal on the road side cafe in a 400 year old building! Viva Pecos!

David Sin

Great historical hidden gem.

Jacquelyn Shendo

That's my home my Great great grandma is from that we Jemez Pueblo celebration on August 2nd

Michael Montano

Nice place a bit pricey good salection

Julian Docherty

Pecos was wonderful!! We were basically the only ones exploring here. The history is incredible and the sights are the same! There was a lot of information and things to see including being able to enter the preserved homes the Indians lived in. If you go you will love it!! And its free!!!

Vanya Karouna

I loved it here! It started to snow when we were there! The place is wide opened for you to walk around!

Rick Reeser

Interesting hidden NM. Nice trail, video.

David CoughenourDavidC

Great history, helpful staff

Chris Cordes

This is a great place. They have so many programs/tours and things going on for a smaller park. They have a lot of programs and volunteers and do a great job with everything. The site is very easy to access and walk around. Highly recommend the Battlefield Tour, since it is really the only way to access the battlefield due to preservation issues. A gem of a place outside of Santa Fe.

James Stein

Always visit the National Parks. This is where the true wealth of our nation is preserved. Great visitor center here and lots of interesting artifacts. Hey, a little walk will do you good.

Tina Baca


Joe Works

Nice museum and walking trail sites

Hideaki Kawachi

Wonderful ruine.

Rick Wilminko

This is a must see. Great staff and gift shop. Dogs are allowed on the trail. Watch for snakes in the summer months.

Kevin Condit

I loved walking the civil war battlefield. I learned a lot of New Mexico history and the civil war

Dr. Dave Quam

Pecos NHP had Pueblo ruins and part of a Spanish Mission. This is a great place to learn early American history.

James Torrence

This little gem is tucked away in a beautiful valley where few people stop to see. If you are interested in our Native American history then this is well worth the visit. Great visitor Information center and be sure to watch the historical video before doing the one mile walk around the Pueblos.

Rho M.

This is a FEE FREE NATIONAL PARK but donations appreciated. Peaceful, beautiful views, and a combination of histories over thousands of years including original Indian tribes in the area, Spaniards in the 1500s & 1600s, and white man in …

Alma Guenther

Great and a beautiful day. Park office ha a sheet with information at each marker. Friendly staff.

Erica Manfre

Loved it got to see a lot of wild life

Krystina Isaac

Easy trail, great access to archaeological site. Long and interesting history with great multicultural representations and perspectives.

Bsmmdp -

Awesome history and preserved building. Nice hike too.

Jamie Dunn

A really cool part of the land of enchantment

Forrest Simpson

A very nice park with very informative and friendly Rangers highly recommend it

Maria-Edna Bon

A must experience for every visitor of our sacred national parks. Do it soon before Trump sells the land to oil drillers.

Rebecca Rougeau

A lovely walk through history. Be sure to pick up a trail guide at the visitor's center.

KOthus Art

Great place easy walk. You get a chance to go down a ladder to the chamber that was made hundreds of years ago. The signage was really amazing!

Christie Staffa

Ranger Eric was so full of information and we really enjoyed ourselves!

Daniel Eckstein

Easy drive with a beautiful view

Adrian Raabe

So beautiful and educational! I loved learning about the Cicuye Native Americans. The walk is the perfect distance to get a tour of how they lived. Thank you for protecting one of our endangered species - our state & national parks!

Jacquelyn Dahlke

Really learn while you are there. It is SO worth-it, to take a hike with a Ranger and learn about the history and culture.

Fabian C de Vaca

Went to look for a home to rent nice Individual with great property to live on. Beautiful place as always.

Wayne Chavarillo

Nice place to see.

b tee

Good history of the site. Not much to view except the ruined building from the past

Roy Pitrucha Hall

Amazing place to visit and very close to Santa Fe and reasonably close to Albuquerque. The hike around is very easy around the pueblo and the old church. Tons of history there. Great little muesem that explains the places importance as well. Tips! Call ahead, see about tours. They do a lot of them throughout the park. Bring the dogs. Its a dog friendly park. Bring water and sunscreen it gets hot. And definitely bring the kids. Its a perfect park for the smaller ones.

Rose and Mike Farmer

If you are into historic Pueblo Indian sites, this is worth a stop when passing by. Free to visit. Gift shop. And friendly staff to answer questions. Mile or so walk through the ruins.

Robert Burns

Excellent learning experience. Make sure to get one of the loaner maps before going on the trail, lots more info. With a 9 & 12 yo, we probably spent about 2h there

Terje Kili

Very interesting history, nice place.


We visited the park and enjoyed it. There is a nice casual walk around the ruins. Not a lot to see like some of the other sites in NM but interesting. The staff were exceptional and very helpful.


A little hot unbrala needed

eric rivera

It was good but there's so much more to experience in New Mexico for a instead of just us National Park there's so much other parks to visit and lakes and fishing creeks and ski Valley's you name it

Debbie Hansis

We enjoyed walking around to the different sites. The ranger in the Visitors Center gave us a booklet describing each point of interest. We will definitely be back to hike the Civil War trail.

Thomas Franich

This may be the finest National Monument Visitor's center in the nation. The site itself is a must-visit for anyone passing through. See the ruins of ancient American Indian Pueblos and Spanish colonial living quarters and church. The church would rival any modern church in scale if it were still whole. Learn about the history of the area and all the people who lived here. Be sure to get your Junior Ranger booklet so you can earn a badge!

Pat Bragg

Loved it! Very historical without being stuffy. We did our own unguided tour so we could do it slowly. We spoke to a park ranger about some questions we had And he was very informative . Best part of our vaca.

David Gonzales

Great if you love history

Eric Jonas

Great free place to take the family. Awesome history.


Beautiful place. Maybe a few more signs?


Bunch of liberals stay away. They hate dogs and trump

Mike Mcmillie

So much interesting history in one small place. We got on the ranger tour and it was a champ as no one else showed. There loss. Nice gift shop as well with some great titles on the Pueblo Revolt. Just another wonderful National Park experience.

Ben Gray Hawk

Very be6scenery I really enjoyed the drive !!

XC 87505

Not only is this monument beautiful, the history of this place comes alive. Consider what it must have been like traveling by horse and wagon. How many gallons of water per day do you need for your horses? You would need to travel near streams etc. why do settlements like this become populated? Natural defenses and fortifications are important. No worries about about bandits or anything like that. There’s ticked off native populations and Pueblo revolts to. Oh yeah, the civil war... recommend you expand this visit to see the place where the battle for glorieta pass happened and the role of fort union in stopping the confederate expansion.

chad palardy

Awesome! Our guide and budding park ranger Christina was inspiring! A very spiritual place!


I worked here from June to August doing a YCC program. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I want to thank you guys for the fun experience you guys have given me. I would recommend this park to anyone coming to Pecos. Take care Merrick N. McGuire

Elvis Flores

Gotta visit if your into history


Always good to visit at least once, it's ok, but there's nothing to see. You seen one and you seen them all. Plenty of locations in New Mexico look just like this. Go up in the mountains, it's much better.

Zuyeali Amwa

Interesting place and history. Nice hike

Elizabeth K

Great experience. Rich and sorted history to reflect upon. Ruins were amazing.

Teresa Pijoan

Beautiful Vista, lovely park ranger. Great hike!

Eric Schuyler

Fantastic! Stumbled on this by accident. Couldn't believe the professional job National Parks did here. Only wish the site had been preserved earlier. Invest an hour or so and enjoy!


Really good carne adovada

John Keith Hohm

Nice 2km walk to see lots of the pueblo.

Karin Ward

Interesting history and spectacular views

Michael Gerhold

Truely unique experience well maintained friendly rangers

anthony debiase

Coolest historic site Ive visited.

Ruth Bly

Really enjoyed the walk and they had displays the day we went, very interesting.

Kaelin Griffin

Such a gorgeous and magical place. The trail is pretty flat, and not too long. So it's great for kids too. We will definitely be going back here.

Marrisa Stark

Crazy cool experience. You can really absorb history and culture visiting here. Very kid friendly and kind staff! Even if you aren’t a history buff, you will enjoy this! Beautiful experience.

Theresa Piatt

To see this history, wow, beautiful, and educational. Loved it.

Willard Eastman

Our collective histories are what make this country great. Providing past and present context for whom we are and can be. Get out learn something new, if you haven't been take the opportunity

Walter Stoermer

Fun way to spend an afternoon. Lots of history and culture.

tai palomino

Amazing place to see lost history!! They aren't done excavating so im excited to go back in a few yrs and see what new things are found

Matthias Rainer

great hiking paths. visitor center has a water bottle refill station with cold water.

Vincent D

Great trail through America's Western history.

Duane Carlson

Interesting place to visit. Well worth our time.

Emily Taylor

This park is a great intro into New Mexico’s scenery. The trail is quick but it has no shade. Great historical trail!

Spiraltiger Woman

You can tent up here, have your RV, or go to see the pools on the south trail. The ranger let me in just to look. Didn't have time to hike.... yet. The pools are full after monsoons.... hint hint.

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