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REVIEWS OF Cibola National Forest IN New Mexico

Paul St. George

This was a surprise visit, accidentally ended up on this road and was glad I did. Beautiful scenery and very relaxing day. Will definitely be heading back to spend a few days exploring.

Frances Martinez

Cibola National Forest is always amazing to explore. The rocky terrain to the staircase invitation to their many trails. Overlooking the city of Albuquerque, and lizards that stop to pose for a picture. A squirrel that seems to be seeing you out. They have two old rock houses to explore, and bison on your way out. absolutely beautiful landscape, you must be careful with the many cactus that grow there.

Little Ray - Ray Flores

Went for a late afternoon/early evening hike at Foothill Trail 365 and was pleased that I came across absolutely no other foot traffic. It was so peaceful considering how closeto the city I actually was. One thing I can say is that I'll go up this trail again and make sure that I have more time to go further up the trail. Absolutely amazing views! :)

Caroline Barnett

This Trail starts at the top of Indian School past tramway. There's several different options of what trails to take that will lead you up towards a small lovely stream further up the mountain it depends on what difficulty level you're interested in. It's mountain bike friendly, dog friendly, horse-friendly, and children friendly. Trails are well-marked with signs. So shaded spots throughout the trail.

Deborah Lbsraoui

Always a beautiful place to visit. Lots of places to hike and enjoy nature. Scenic Drive to the top is very relaxing even though the road is curvy .

Bernard Fronzaglio

Great place had lot,s of fun things to see

Albert Gaspar

As New Mexico as it gets. Late summer heat and rains is keeping it looking great this year.

Daniel Herbert

Awesome views of Alburquerque at the top! We climbed the mountain on asphalt and found our way down on a dirt road! Both were state highways. It was a fun day in the forest escaping the city. The day pass was free with a seniors US National Park Pass.

Rick Hess

McGaffey Lake and Picnic area, were almost filled up with water, but the problem is the Cibola National Forest is supposed to be the ones who are taking care of the maintenance, but aren't doing anything. This is the first time I've seen it full of water in years, and I and my wife and many other people who love to fish and Picnic, would enjoy it much more if the Forestry Dept would take care of the maintenance as it is written on the board posted. This area is a great place for families to get together to Picnic and fish etc.. There is also great places to go hiking, and also there is a person who has his own Elk Ranch just a few miles away from the lake. The lake is in the beautiful Cibola National Forest Mountains, and there is a lot to do with the family, but the problem is what about the lake? The lake doesn't have a constant water inlet, and the Cibola National Forest Maintenance Crew needs to come up with a plan to keep the lake full all year round, this way families can enjoy the fishing etc.. This is what the sign indicates, that the Cibola National Forest Maintains the lake. Thanks Mr. Hess

Herb Gray

Hardly any people in this beautiful national Forest. From bat caves and lava tubes to ancient mountain top settlements, this place has it all

Ludmila Podwell

Fun spot but super expensive and they closed at 10pm and practically asked us to leave

Thomas Perkins

All forest are beautiful if they're not on fire, please take care of our trees

nena gam

Very good food, and Anthony gave us GREAT SERVICE! Thank you.

Lyle Jessen

Simply beautiful!! Peaceful and very enjoyable..

Maeci Briganti

Gorgeous views and amazing trails that aren't too difficult

Lawrence Godek

Beautiful drive on hwy 54. Lots of wide open country. Imagine being a cowboy out here on horseback. Ride for miles. YES!

Jared Giannini

Beautiful place to enjoy nature. Please keep our forest clean!

Wilbert John

Just need to get out n see to enjoy

sue Ribeiro

Wonderful and multiple hiking trails, scenic views, lovely drive. The trailheads offer restrooms, picnic areas and usually plenty of parking spots. Dogs allowed on leashes.

Terri Rogers

Drove through. Did not get to walk trails. Looks pretty.

CJ Last

Always a great place to visit beautiful scenery I love nature so if you're not a nature person this is definitely not a place for you there's a lot of Commodities and stuff that you find outside of the City compared to Inner City stores Trinkets and such even sometimes Foods definitely a place that's fun to go when you've had too much City Life in your life

Mary Ann Vasquez

The most beautiful place, so peaceful,you can see God's creation all around us,it was amazing!!!

Ophelia Rodriguez

Beautiful view. Great place to take pictures.

Simon Garcia

Beauty, grandeur, the spirit of the mountain is alive. Birds, animals and friendly hikers on the trails. A great experience!

Lawrence Talahongva

A beautiful place hidden, you'd never expect it until you finally get out of the desert and it transforms before your eyes. It feels so fresh and relaxing.

Michelle Gonzales

Love to get away from town life.. Others had the same idea so there weren't any available table areas.. But had a little visitor..

Shelah Smith

It's fabulous I like creeks an rivers scenery

Julian Orozoc

The outdoors should always be rated so highly and also protected. It is such a beautiful landscape that we as humans can protect.

Tom Litts

5 stars for exceptional hiking, biking, off roading (jeep, truck or dirt bike), skiing (cross country and downhill) and many more recreational opportunities are to be had. In the attached picture I rode my dirt bike until my arms fell off and still had not reached the other side. This is my home so don't mess it up.


It's so beautiful

Desiree Kirkpatrick

A great place to see the changing of the seasons. The view is breathtaking from Sandia Peak.

Richard Shafer

Easy access, beautiful forests, little to no crowds, wonderful views along the crest trail... if you get hungry, the restaurant has just opened up. I feel like I should give a bad review so too many people dont go up and ruin the experience...

Matthew Burton

Place is amazing must stop and check it out while travelling out west!

Chris Ashley

Gorgeous. Go there. See the beauty of New Mexico and the great expanses of America while you still can!

Joshua Sisneroz

The Cibola National Forest is By far one of the most majestic and extraordinary places left in NM. It has a 1.5-million-acre park whose elaborate trail system includes La Luz Trail, which climbs over 3,300 feet in nine miles. If you have time stop by n scope it out. You won't be disappointed

Trenton McBee

This place is absolutely beautiful. If you want to do virtually anything outdoors, this is the place to do it. The trails are absolutely amazing, with scenic views all around. Hiking and biking are great here. I cannot exaggerate the beauty of this place.

Meesha Balambao

Very beautiful. Not a lot of traffic to ruin anything. Guard rails for cars. Nature is always fascinatingly amazing. Well kept landscape for foot traffic.

Charlie Nieto

Yes we did have a good time we decided to take a hike we got lost we were getting rained on we made it to a road we called the Sandia force rangers the lady that answered said that she couldn't help us that we had to call the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department and we lost our signal and then we lost our signal so we were there until somebody help this and that lady at the Sandia forest ranger should have tried to help us out a little better we found a flag down a lady and she helped us get back to our vehicle

ivan black

I drove thru the county and google asked me to rate Cibola Forest. Well its good.

U 9ot r3d on u Gaming

It was beautiful I loved it I will never forget this day

omar pena

This is an amazing place to visit! You need to experience it for yourself!!

Raul Gallegos

Great staff, great views, Ben from ski rentals really ruined the experience. Nurses and ski patrol are amazing and the slopes are well groomed when the season allows. Great please to visit. Avoid Ben at all costs. The tram is great all year long. The one star is for Ben

Jeremy Raley

Well-maintained trails, great environment, convenient to Albuquerque.

D Eckard

I went up to the famous airplane crash with some friends to spread one of my best friend's ashes. We will always remember you buddy !!!!Derek Wilder!!!! GOD REST YOUR SOUL AND I WILL SEE YOU SOON.

Brad Nyman

absolutely beautiful and I will go back as soon as I can

Field Marshall Von Paulus

Great scenic views. A wide range of locations for families to eat and enjoy some small hikes.

Amy Gonzales

Gorgeous drive! Visit City of Rocks (in the cool months). Incredible!!!!

Michael Hall

If you want to see life changing views for little no cost this is the place to go. Your life will be changed for the better once you visit this national treasure.

Ivy Mirabal

I loved this place because it's great to get away from town and you can explore, hike and sometimes even camp in a stress free area.

Denny Lumos

Beautiful hike above Water Canyon. (Not Handicapped accessible). Nice easy trail along forest road and thru the dry creek bed.

The G General

One of the best experiences to have when camping! Great for those who loves hikes and scenic views!

Tucker Dunaway

Always love supporting national forests. Interesting too see how different from forest at home.

Ethan Hill

A lot of cool cacti It was a blast! I would definitely come back

C Garcia

Decided to see if Capilla Peak campground had any good open spots on a Sunday.

Jack Daniel

A nice quiet spot with a breathtaking view. Smells kind of like the morgue when the wind from the refinery blows your way, otherwise it is paradise. 4WD recommended.

charles shaffer sr

Very nice lots to see check out the ranger web page to be up to date with park rules and regulations as well of wild life updates and education

Russell Swatzell

If you like the outdoors this is place to go.

Dillon Lute

It was beautiful and I can't wait to go snowboarding in the winte

Robert Mills

Love the outdoors. Great place to go hiking. We love camping but when you don't have the time a hike is a great way to get out and see the wonderful creations God has made

Jessica Etcitty

It was beautiful. The overall natural beauty compensates for what humans have done around the area. Its beautiful during sunset and amazing during rain with the clouds covering the mountain, the sun creating pretty shadows. I love it.


First time hiking in this particular forest and let me tell you, it was breathtaking! Tons of trails, and amazing views. I will definitely be back.

Craig Alter

Beautiful views! Quick getaway right here in town. Lots of trails for hiking, biking. For $2 it's the best deal in town.

RoseAnn Hèrnandez

Stopped @ Cibola Arts in Mountainaire. Beautiful, unique locally made items. Especially impressed w stained & fused glass work by Gene Darnell. Bought some gorgeous glass beads.

Richard Givis

One of the greatest hikes ever. Wear hiking boots though - the cactus needles can hurt! Go three miles up into the mountain for absolutely spectacular views of ABQ!

eduardo sy

Seasonal streams and waterfall. Some scrambling asking the trail. Everybody + dog made it but will require hands and feet maneuvers. Brush is a bit overgrown but trail is easy to follow as del agua canyon is pretty narrow.

Alberto Ranjel

Only spent a couple of hours up on Sandia Peak, and it was great! If I have gotten snowed out on the trail I'd have stayed longer...but with the wind kicking in and visibility dropping the trail was getting treacherous. Other than that, it was beautiful. And the that fir tree and wet needle smell. I see this is a ski resort during the winter, will have to come back and try it out...once I learn how to ski.

Cey Turkell

Best place in a thunderstorm. Lighting so close your hair stands up.

Christina Snow

One of the most spectacular views in the world ! Do not miss this beautiful drive up and down the mountain with numerous quaint shops and restaurants to stop at. A must have for visitors and an annual regular for people that live here.

Maureen Williams

The sky in the background the rocks thank you for the water the sound it's something that you will never forget

Joseph T. Page II

Took a walk on the Michael Emery Trailhead - the trails go into the Cibola National Forest land on the west side of the Sandia Mountains. Great land to walk through for an early morning or early evening walk. A few critters (coyote, deer, rabbits, hawks) can be seen during their meal times (morning or evening). Worth a trip if you're in Albuquerque.

Jim Toney

Nice to get up into the cool mountains!

Joe Landrum

My love for the view so amazing! Took a trip to Arizona and Enjoyed every moment while traveling along the point of Great expectations.

Christopher Bonnette

Beautiful with very nice hikes. Tent camping is not for the faint of heart as the winds are strong with random storms during certain seasons. I lost two tents to storm damage and three camp chairs to a thoroughly soaked fire that restarted but I still had a wonderful time! It's one of my family's favorite camp stories!

John Bamberg

This is a great place to visit. Tall stately trees. Fascinating rock formations. Gorgeous Rivers. You never know what you're going to see next. Solitude. They even have naturally-growing wild potatoes. And all for free.

Timothy Elsde Elsden

I took my dog for a walk today up through the trails very clean beautiful view. Parking is sparse so if you're able to group together in one vehicle it would be better. $3 to park all day. People on the trails are Pleasant respectful get out and enjoy

mad zax

When looking for spectacular parts of the western United States, this spectacular Forest should not be overlooked. The varying elevations and vegetation are spectacular sites. If you look in the right places you will find all kinds of wildlife. Forest service does a good job here and you can expect a pleasant stay. Don't miss it.

New Owner

Hate to share this. Forest was quiet and site was clean. Loved it here but hope it does not become too popular. Then it would be too crowded. Now was a great get away spot.

Alexander O'Connor

This hidden gem contains some beautiful landscapes and mountain structures! If you're in the area either visiting or living you MUST spend part of the day here exploring or camping!

Terri Weatherford

One of the most awesome drives I've ever taken!! I would love to see it again!!!

James Huggins

This is a really really cool place. I stumbled on it by accident and spent about three hours there hiking. What a wonderful treat! It's very well kept, it's a pretty cool caves but I was unable to see wildlife at the time that I had went there. I believe I may have been too late. According to the signs, which they have a lot of them spread their route, the wildlife like to come out at 7 am

Ken Rhodes

Not great hiking due to mostly motorized vehicle. Beautiful area though. Saw a nice Jack rabbit, wonder where the cougar was?

Ingrid Hamblin

It is so beautiful up there this year. It is very green. It's so nice to have so many different hiking trails to choose from. The views that you see the higher you get are breath taking.

Tori Finlay

Dispersed camping is wonderful here. I typically visit the magdalena ranger district but really no part of this NF is ugly. Lots of trails and the rangers are always friendly.


It was so beautiful and there was a lot of nature. And many picnic areas and hiking trails LOVED IT

Joe Salas

Very Beautiful I love this place the trees are changing colors

Matias Madrid

Cibola National Forest is a gorgeous spot for camping and hiking. The drive to it is breathtaking. I have stayed many nights at Cibola Forest and I keep going back. The camp sites are well cared for and are beautiful in and of themselves. I would highly recommend the forest for those of us who love spending time in the great outdoors.

Wyatt Lewis

Fantastic hike. Took the 10k 200 North trail and loved every minute. The tree cover provided so much shade and the temp was about 15-29 degrees lower than the city.

Cheri Thorne

This was home for most of my life. The culture is very diverse. And the country is beautiful. The history of New Mexico is amazing as well.

Thomas Gehrig

Great hiking, spectacular views. Did a total of 50 miles of day hiking in 4 days only wish the trail signage and write-ups were improved.

David Anglin

Patel will work with you and hes got the best deals around...

George Darcy

Great view would love to get to spend more time looking around

Ryan Michalski

Beautiful hike at Piedra Lisa this morning. The graffiti clean up team has done an amazing job! The trail was well maintained and a joy to hike. Keep an eye out for deer if you go early enough.


Go down onto the conservation area, near Sand and Cebola canyon. The roads are VERY nice for being dirt, and there is some awesome hiking to be had. Just don't go when it's monsoon season, as the roads become difficult to drive

valentin perales

Very beautiful place would love to spend more time here if I could.

Leona Parker

This is an absolutely beautiful place. I hope to revisit here soon.

Randyl Zufelt

Good walk through the trails but has rattlesnakes to look out for

Kenny Dillingham

We are so blessed to have so many trails and wilderness this close to the Metro. A person could hike for weeks straight without hitting the same trail. I love there are trails for most any time of the year as well.

Alex Murray

It's a cool place to explore. Being from the south east I don't ever see the kind of snow or experience the altitude changes that you can here. Pretty cool.

Kristoffer Shirah

Awesome forest! There's trees and dirt. Fresh air, nice views. I really like it. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Robert Bearquiver

We can live in harmony with each other and the natural world

LaVerle Eddy

I have been going to that restaurant before sfikas got his hands on it! My sister even worked there 45 yrs ago! Its great.

John Hunter

Too many people that have dogs don't pick up after their pets. Otherwise great walk

Mary-Ann Z. Reynolds

Beautiful hike. Flowers in bloom. Tranquil. Saw 1 biker, no one else.

Justin Credible1

A great place to go to the d to relax get one with nature or just say to see what the world has to offer

Mary Bennett

It is a different kind of beautiful. There are so many different colors, textures, and rock formations, you can't help but be drawn to it. It is the desert, so it's hot...but so worth it!

Michael Pesek

We paid 3 bucks to park.... And then we found out there was a 2 hour wait to get on the Tram to the top of the mountain. :( Be sure to ask about the wait where you pay to park!!!

Amanda Rumbarger

Amazing! The trails are in good condition and the view is beautiful!

Carlie Biron

I’m from South Carolina and I must say this is the most beautiful spot to get a stunning sunsets!! I could stay here and watch the sunset and sunrise everyday!!! So beautiful!!!

Kylie Brooke

I drove through on my way to truth or consequences! Super gorgeous. Insanely hot. Wish I could've spent more time exploring!

Allis Nate

Beautiful place. Lots of activity. Has a parking lot. Horse n bike trails. Trails are graved so u dnt have to get muddy if u dont want to.

Gareth Hall

I passed through the National Forest on I 40 it was more important to me to get to my next stop then take in the view . I was on my way home .

King Of Kings

Awesome trails, needs more bathrooms and if us humans can stop littering that would be great.

Shawn Hedrich

Great hiking trails. Great scenery as you reach certain spots.

charles padilla

I am from the Pueblo fo Zuni, and every time I go back home we pass through this forest. There is a ton of elk and deer on this road, so be weary. But the forest is such a sight, and I always find myself getting lost amongst the trees and clear night skys.

Luis Gonzalez

Beautiful place to hike hot but nice trailes

Mario Z

Its nice and hard trail. La Luz parking spot is not open during construction. But possible to park around

Leah Lucero

Loved this trail so much! Its a really beautiful spot!

Frank Martinez

Nice place for camping and celebrating. The lake and the bathrooms are clean, the price for stuff is reasonable

Thomas Townley

Well, let's see. I've been to the forest many times but this particular visit was to the range lol. It was fun putting bullets into boxes I suppose.

Achillus Cawood

Etsy love the outdoors you will love this area.

Gavin Ouellette

It would be a better visit if the public lands were better marked There are "keep out" signs but no clear management company for the land surrounding to know if there are private boundaries.

Douglas Fields

La Luz trail is nicely green right now. Wonderful place to hike.

Hunter Hancock

All the trails are nice and maintained with a beautiful landscape. If you can, drive in with an AWD or 4x4 as not all the roads are paved and can be quite steep

Aaron Seitz

It's beautiful for sure, but our neighbors in the campgriut were threatened with a knife by a man demanding a ride to Gallup. We gave a woman a ride to Gallup a couple hours earlier who had been assaulted. It's rough there folks, I would have felt more comfortable if we had been with a large group. I don't think the risk vs reward works out in your favor here.

Orchestrated Madness

Manzano Mtn Retreat, (APPLE FARM)! Nice, Relaxing, and Serene! They have plenty of samples for you to try of there in house varieties including apple cider, and when available other various natural grown fruit for purchase as well as Natural Honey! Great to just go and get some mtn air refreshing!

Bernard Gonzalez

Amazing...definitely will stop in anytime I'm in that area.

Gabriel Roybal

It is a very nice place to get some peace and quiet...

Spider Sillery

Excellent and clean trail and trailhead parking lot for the continental divide trail. There are many trail off-shoots but the main trail was a great single track trail that appears well maintained. The Cibola National Forrest covers a large area. I was in the Mount Taylor Ranger District and these pictures reflect this area well.

Vickie Nevins

Beautiful. Well maintained. Gorgeous area!

Julie Rosenfeld

Fabulous hike up the La Luz Trail.

Becky Moore

It's a forest, of course it's wonderful! Only hiked about an hour. Bring water. Our path was pretty rocky, had some grade.

Nanette Slinkey-Poe

Always love the trails here! It's far enough out of the city that you can enjoy nature and get some fresh air. It's still close enough yo the city that you can drive back and get a good bite to eat!

John Refoy

Very scenic drive, but hot, bring lots of water

Vic Padilla

Beautiful place with a lot of big rocks to climb and sit on. The city is so beautiful from there. We went with the city to clean up trash. Everyone was really nice and helpful. Nice trails. And the dam there was cool. My kiddo loved yelling and hearing the echo haha. Overall, great place for a nice walk/hike!

Cherie Richards

If you’re heading for the TWA crash, it’s pretty easy to get turned about. Use GPS and AllTrails. Some stones were marked along the path to help but we had a couple dead ends

chris reynolds

We just love travelling the back roads and spending time in and around the valleys, and mesas.

Lindsy Perez

It's very peaceful but roads are not for the weak tires

Tony Lopez

Amazing hike up Gooseberry Trail to the top of Mt. Taylor

DoeDoe Gom

So much to see, so many picture you can take. For myself I enjoy it

Peter Lovato

It was absolutely beautiful nice and cool in the morning and rain in the evening and the view was to die for

Stephanie McAllister

Great place for hiking! Weather changes unexpectedly. Know the local wildlife and plants

Ouida Eaton

Beautiful, hot, dry. Be careful of snakes and

mike koenig

Great place to sight see wildlife make sure and have plenty of fuel gas stations are only in towns I would recommend a 4 wheel drive vehicle.

Kaye Arnold

It was awesome. First time seeing the Grand Canyon!! Worth the trip!!

Andrew West

So many great hikes and only a few minutes drive from ABQ. Trails range from smoothly maintained dirt to Rocky scrambling. Something for everyone

Gwanny Tjoa

Great hiking. Beware LA Luz trail is difficult

Lisa Robinson

Always a beautiful visit. Sad seeing the burn scar, but happy to see lots of new plant life growing.

Chaanelle Matthews

So beautiful. One of the most amazing places I have been to in awhile.

Ian Wendt

Some of my favorite trails. Beautiful vistas and fascinating plant and animal life.

Mark Pacheco

Beautiful country and clean kept up campgrounds.

Laura K

Beautiful! Several herds of antelope, a stop in Pietown for a delicious dessert...a perfect day trip!

Terry Collins

A must see, you will enjoy this very much.

Timberly Hendricks

Breathtaking beauty...wonderful place to catch pictures of CA coast.

scooters cords Halstead

Very beautiful scenery it's a must drive through during the day miss too much at night

Martha Stark

Beautiful vistas and clean facilities. This park has very nice hiking. Be careful because the elevation goes up faster than expected so drink lots of water and eat something before trying to hike.

Christopher Ruiz

Great trails to go hiking! Especially when you start at Doc Long picnic area! Close to home and a perfect way to get away for a while!

Adrianne G

Love it. Its beautiful. Some small towns as you drive to it and a lot of people selling. Nice refreshing drive!!!

Raymond Bachman

Some good hiking trails. Took my dog Buster for some exercise. I liked that the trail I chose was a concrete pathway with info. markers about the area environment.

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