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Where is Chaco Culture National Historical Park?

REVIEWS OF Chaco Culture National Historical Park IN New Mexico

Frank Hamlin

Of course I've seen pictures of Chaco but I still was not prepared for the size of this ancient city. So much to see. Definitely planning on getting back there and camping in the park so we can explore more.

Marc S

Nice quiet historic park. Good camping, and fun hikes. Be sure to go there during the summer solstice!

Meera Boussu

Abandoned 900 years ago. Amazing ruins to walk around. The road to this canyon is very rough!

J. Simmons

Unutterably beautiful. Don't touch the walls. And leave the ravens alone; they live there.

Derek Bennett

Some of the most beautiful areas to get a close up views of the Pueblo people's era. Some sites are hard to reach but all are worth the drive.

Cassidy Villano

Great hiking opportunities for both novices and more advanced hikers. Incredible ruins to explore and, if you're up for some hiking and steep cliff climbing, incredible views of this part of the world and a glimpse into civilizations of old. Take the time to explore as much as you can. We only had an afternoon but would like to camp for at least a night or two to explore more.

Jason Albritton

Really a fantastic place to enjoy looking back at our history. Make sure to take a lot of water, and if you're traveling from I-40 through the city Thoreau you will have to go about 20 miles on a dirt road that is not easy traveling. The road was tore up pretty bad after the recent storms. And if it's raining or has recently rained you probably need a 4×4.

Ryan Hogg

Stopped here for the first time in a honeymoon trip through the Southwest. While not the most convenient, this was an awesome place to visit. We stayed in Bloomfield and drive in in the morning. Be sure to check the road status online before you go. We made the trip in a Toyota Corolla but I am sure at times a better vehicle would be necessary. This site was so awesome because it totally transformed my view of Native Americans culture as you see amazing, large structures they built. In my opinion this place is a must see!

Robert Arzt

Just look at the scenery. It's gorgious. Add to that the history, fascinating. A big drawback is the road in. Its like driving on a wash board. It took us forever to get there because if we tried to go faster than 12 m.p.h. the car was going to shake apart, seriously.

Nicholas Canty

Very educational, great place to visit and learn about our past

Whitney M

I read and heard about Chaco for most of my undergraduate career in anthropology in Washington state. I had seen pictures of it previously but had never had the opportunity to see it for myself until last year. This place is beyond words. It is a gem that is worth protecting. The pictures I have posted do not do this place justice. There is a sense of peace and wonder when you're there. The ingenuity and time it took to construct such intricate buildings and living spaces is awe-inspiring. Chaco is a place that should be protected and not monatized and industrialized for capital gains from drilling.

Ryan Ibarra

What an awesome place in the middle of nowhere! I decided to make a pitstop here as I departed from Albuquerque and headed west. I read reviews about the dirt road ro get there, but didn't look into it very much. I ended up entering from the South entrance and rode a dirt rode for avout 15- 20 miles (I forget) before getting into pavement as I entered the Park. The entrance fee was $25 at the time of this being written. The visitor center accepted cash or card so that was nice! A lot of amazing sites to view and some cool hikes. As I exited the park, I followed an East exit which turned out to be more dirt road for miles. The southern route was more pleasant due to less washboard terrain driving in.

Ralf Cunningham

Very interesting place. Not very well know. Worth the trip.

John T.L Hulstine

I enjoyed my visit to the Chaco Culture National Historical Park! I found that the information on the Chaco culture provided insight into the early history of the Americas. A majority of the parks sites are within range of eachother, making for some great trails! There are numerous pueblos to see, but I suggest you visit the museum at the visitor center to understand the influence Chaco Canyon has had upon cultures, even into the modern day.

Rosanne Croteau

A beautiful park full of history. Try to get there as early as possible, especially if you want to do any of the back country hikes. It gets pretty hot by midmorning. Be aware- there are no restaurants or snack bars and you are a looooong way from even a gas station. Bring the food you want to eat. All the gift shop has are some beef sticks and granola bars. Its worth it to spend the night and see the star program (its not offered every night, so check first) and appreciate the views of the milky way. A lot of the front country sites have numbers that should correspond to some kind of guide, so ask the rangers about that too! The ranger talks (generally one at 10am and another at 2pm) are AWESOME and very informative.

Stephen Farnsworth

Chaco Canyon is amazing if you can get out and hike. It was actually near freezing while we were there, and windy in late March. I would have loved to stay a couple of days and done several of the backcountry hikes, but was only able to drive to the ruins and walk through them. If you like Native American cultural sites, Chaco is worth visiting.


Worst roads I have ever been on. The Navajo nation refuses to maintain the last five miles of dirt road before you make it to entrance to the park. The park area has a nice paved road to the parks visitors center.

John Gerthoffer

If you make the drive to get there, you must be into archeology, so... 'nuf said. It is an amazing place; historical, cultural, sacred.

Terra Costin

If you have a couple hours I really recommend going here. It's a little crazy to get to -- the last sixteen miles are gravel/dirt and it was really bumpy -- but it's worth it, in my opinion. Our kids loved that they could walk through one of the huge complexes, and we were able to talk to them a lot about the ancestral Pueblo people. It's definitely not a full day activity unless you don't have little kids are are able to do the longer hikes, but if you're in the area and/or have time to stop, do it!

Edward Traum

Chaco Canyon is an amazing place to visit. Hard to believe that people built stone houses with such precision. It gets pretty warm so it may be best to go in September or October. The visitor center is great. Helpful people and a really good historical center that explains much of the history.

d mcgaw

Amazing, but recommend 4 wheel drive to get to and from.... Miles and miles of non maintained dirt roads.... And do not recommend going if it has or is raining

Dennis Sever

Remarkable historic site. Ruins of a culture that lived here from about 950 AD to 1250 AD. They were superior architects and builders. The road in is pretty rough washboard for about 12 miles so be prepared for that.


Loved the history there. Truly amazing to see the ruins. It's amazing anyone could live out here for so long. Wonder why they left.

pNathan Brewer

I took my teenagers and they enjoyed learning about the past. Be prepared with water and snacks there's a lot to see.

Shay Argyle

Check the road conditions! Dont take a "city" truck down this it's about 20 miles of dirt and loose gravel roads! It is so worth it if you can get there! The sites are easy to see lite walks no big hikes like @ the Mesa Verde! Be sure you have LOTS of drinks and snacks! A cooler packed for a picnic is a great idea! On a funny note we passed a UPS truck on our way down and on our way out he came from a different road and was covered in a red sand!

Marcelina Perez

This place is amazing! I love this kind of stuff with a passion. This historical site has an interesting history with a stunning view. I imagined myself as one of the Chacoans waking up to that landscape, without distracting technology, running free in nature, safe in a community that was well known for festivals and large ceremonies. These are the largest ruins I have ever seen! Magnificent! We climbed the cliff on the narrow rocky path and walked across to see the Pueblo from above. Everyone should experience this place at least once and learn about it history and significance.

Jack Blegen

Amazing place! Definitely worth a visit. Long dirt road though, but flat enough for a sedan to get to. Great hiking all around, interesting ruins.

Joe Burke

Be prepared to drive a long way on unimproved roads, but when get there the views are amazing. Dress and hydrate for the desert and enjoy all of the many ruin sites. Do not miss the petroglyphs.

Dennis Burns

Great archeological site showcasing the engineering skills of a culture from about 1,000 years ago. Much of the ruins is on excellent condition. It was amazing to look at the precision these cultures used in constructing the dwellings that they inhabited for a period of time. Also, you get the privilege of walking among the ruins and getting a feel for how these people lived and thrived. Must see and great for children. I highly recommend this trip into yesteryear.

Luigi Blackfoot

My wife and I spent some time on the Navajo Reservation surrounding the site. While there many of the locals suggested we visit Chaco Canyon. I'm so glad we did. I had no idea what an advanced culture lived in North America 1000-2000 years ago. Building a huge city of multi story buildings that were the largest ever built in North America until the 1900's! Many remains of the buildings are still standing and able to be visited and explored. This is a must see if you can make it to the very remote location. Take food and drinks if you go. There is a small gift shop but not much in the way dining. Also be sure to head there with a full tank of gas. The campground does fill up quick so get a spot early if you plan on spending the night. If you do, and it's a clear night, you'll be amazed at the number of stars you'll be able to see. Clear nights in Chaco Canyon are breathtaking. You'll do plenty of driving and a lot of walking if you want to see everything. You will need to spend at least a full day here to take it all in. The cultural and educational experience will be well worth the trip and the amazing natural surroundings are the icing on the cake. If you found my review informative or helpful please click the like button

jeff foster

North America's Machu Pichu.

Randall Minghelli

A mixed message. To get there from my side of New Mexico you have to go down about 12 miles of suspension busting dirt road. When we checked in at the visitor center, the staff were decidedly not happy we were there. Not rude, but dismissive and unhelpful. The site itself is truly something to see. A nice big loop with lots of historic ruins to look at and explore. My wife and I have been to most of the national parks in New Mexico a number of times. This one is a one and done. Four stars subtracting two for the staff.

Leroy Johnson

My wife, a friend and i, celebrated the 4th of July at Chaco Canyon. Might be different from the usual celebration. Since our friend is from Europe and never seen this area. It was fun being a beginner tour guide. She injured her foot a few weeks ago hiking at another historic site. So, our tour was limited to easily accessible areas. We arrived late in the morning, around 11 am. Started our journey to the site by the Visitor Center, called Una Vida (Spanish for “one life”). Easy trail and small site, ruins estimate 90 m x 90 m. Then off to see others. There's much to see and talk about, best experience the area yourself.

Rickard Davis

The road to get here is challenging but it is worth the time and effort. Plan on spending at least two days exploring and learning. This would have been an impressive city when it was at the peak.

Gary Fitzsimmons

I adore this place and made another visit last week. if you are a cultural tourist who enjoys hiking, it's perfect. Also a great destination for spiritual visitors as the site is a paleo Indian shrine. Watching some of the PBS programming on the site before going makes for a richer experience once there. I only wish it were possible to visit the ruins during a full moon. Low slung vehicles will make for a very slow and careful drive on dirt roads getting there, and the North approach involves a possible water crossing that after rains may make it dicey. Check your tire condition and spare prior to heading out and always carry a couple of jugs of water in the car just in case.


Despite being located far from any paved roads or towns, Chaco is definitely worth visiting. There are many, many sites to see. It is worth staying at the campground when the season allows. We stayed during the summer. There is no shade until the sun begins to set. However, this allows you to visit the sites when they are not crowded, either early in the morning or before the sun sets. There are gates across the main access points so you cannot visit many of the sites once the park is closed.

Stephen Zahradnik

A must see before you die! Camping is a must! The sites are out of this world! Take in the history and be respectful. Don't lean or stand on the structures!!!

James Walls

Awesome site and lots of history.

Rob Thompson

I've been to a lot of ancestral puebloan ruins sites and this is my favorite. The Chacoan masonry, while of the oldest, stands out as more refined and elaborate. I wish I had more time there! It is remote, and the road is rough, but totally worth it. I'll be back.

Vicki Cordova

We walked the trails of Chaco Culture National Historical Park. You will be amazed at the architecture that surrounds you. The dates go back from CE 850 to 1150. The visiting center was very helpful in suggesting some maps and some booklets to help guide us through the trails. The booklet describe what you are looking at and the cost is very minimal. My favorite spot was Pueblo Bonito.

Mike Daves

Amazing ruins. In awe of the labor involved to build this with no metal tools. The rock work with no mortar would be hard to do today. Beautiful scenery. Sheer rock cliffs. See it if you can.

Matthew VanSchenkhof

Know what you're getting into. I think well worth the trip. Not crowded and, if you're a history/culture kind of person, really worth it. Use the campground as your basecamp and spend two days checking everything out. Really cool Park Ranger presentations Friday and Saturday nights. This includes some very powerful telescopes! Caution- it's hot and dry in the summer months. Tent camping is AWESOME but it starts warm part 9:00 pm. Facilities are minimal and well cared for. Bring a couple of gallons of water for drinking. Potable water is available and sometimes has an off taste. (It's still good.) Junior Park Ranger program here is pretty good for <8 year olds. Park Rangers were fantastic and readily willing to share the history of the park!

Jeannie Boucher

My wife and I were excited to visit the site today (05/10/19) however, the recent rains made the unpaved section a challenge at best along with the washout area making the last 4’ish miles impossible to pass. Had to turn around or be swept down stream... Call ahead in rainy season!

Dave Racich

Observed the Spring Solstice. The park rangers gave a very informative talk.Hope to make it back for a Winter Solstice. Dress warm for the spring event, check the weather rain can wash out the last five miles of the 21 mile trip. Potable water available limited RV or camper sites.

Alan H Burghauser MD

OMG! Ancient Anasazi ruins. Spectacular views. A place out of time! Need to travel a harsh dirt road to get there, but worth the trip.

3D Integrated Medical

To amazing things we sometimes need to put in a little work. It's a bit of a drive to see this place and learn a piece of history that needs to be a bigger part of childrens' lives. We'll be heading back again to experience this place when the kids are a bit more mature.

C Fisher

Absolutely astounding!! Better than Mesa Verde, you can walk around the ruins and check them out from the inside out. Two warnings: the road on the way in is HORRIBLE! Dirt road, potholed, pock marked, washboard, awful! 2nd: bring plenty of water!! HOT!

David Loney

Fascinating ruins, super helpful NPS staff, beautiful place.

Matthew Schmitz

A quiet, haunting exploration of the beauty of decay. Best experienced solitarily or in pairs during low traffic days. Highly recommend exploring the Pueblo Alto area above the larger canyon ruins as well, where we’ve seen all manner of wildlife including a massive leaping stag which suddenly appeared thumping across the sandstone before quickly and mysteriously vanishing in the brush. Sunrise and sunset are optimal times for photographing the ruins, when the low angle of sunlight cuts deep shadows into the stones and illuminates the landscape with soft reds and oranges. For the introspective it is also a place of contemplation and context, a monument to entropy and transience and charged with historical mysteries. Bring water, a sandwich, and your indoor voice.

Chris Philbrick

One of the best places to learn about the people of the southwest. So remote.....

Trey III

Amazing what they did! But how!

Stefan Waldvogel

Very nice place to learn how pueblo people lived.

Samantha Gruver

Amazing place to camp, explore and learn.

Wenpeng Xu

Amazing archaeological sites! But be prepared for the 15 miles unpaved road.

Wes Smith

Road in is very rough for about 4 miles, but once you get past that its smooth. One of the best ancient ruin sites I've been too so far.

Harold Miller

Loved visiting here. Beautiful area and lots to see and learn.

Rosalina Tellez-Beard

Awesome! Safe!! Planning to come back on a new moon.

roz brit

Rough 1hr ride on washboard road but well worth the effort. Stunning place. Do go if you get the opportunity. Not to be missed.

Ethan Lindstrom

The dirt road to get there was pretty rough in our minivan (scraped the bottom a few times on ridges of mud that a big truck had left behind), but worth the trouble to see buildings from 1000 years ago. My kids loved the area of the biggest ruin where you could go inside the rooms, it was a bit like a maze. Also interesting to see where the ruins were smashed by some huge rocks relatively recently. Great opportunity to discuss history and science with really tangible examples. Did not do any of the longer hikes, would like to go back for that.

Dave Wickes

Really a great experience, the sites were fun to explore, would do it again

Silvia Hernandez

If you're into culture and history is a great place to visit. Very small park

Mikuláš Kadaně

Great visit. Take a bunch of water though

Dan Puser

It's a little difficult to get to. Both ways to it require driving a long stretch of unpaved road. But once you get there, it'll be worth it, if you like historical sites. There are fantastic ruins from a bygone era when the native people built structures out of stone.

Veronica Torres

This place is totally worth the visit and spending the night. Make sure you come with a truck/SUV because the last 15 miles or so is a rought dirt road but its very well worth it.

James Johnston

Chaco Canyon is an amazing place to visit, I’ve been here 3 times, it’s a very spiritual place and when visiting it’s very important to treat this place with a lot or respect and to leave it the same as you came. The center has a lot of maps with information on all the sites you will come across in this amazing place. Some of the buildings are over a thousand years old and was home to many people in this region. I love coming here and the breath taking views never get old.

Patrick Pollard

Excellent staff, great story, awesome night skies!

Karen Wilson

Absolutely amazing experience. Be prepared for the road leading to the canyon. I drive a Mini Cooper & made it just fine, just be ready to drive between 5-35 mph. I couldn't imagine dragging a camper on that road. There's several cattle grates & they're EXTREMELY rough; if you hit one with any speed, you will crawl over the rest. Watch for free range cows & horses. That washboard road people are talking's EVERY bit as terrible as described. WILL crawl, or your car will throw you off the road. Chaco Canyon is worth fighting the road. I could stay there indefinitely. Be prepared for no cell service....AT ALL, & no restrooms or convenience stores til you reach the visitors center.

Lars Walsted

Too amazing, time travelling opportunity

Karin Ward

Very fun! Opportunities to hike to higher elevations.

Becky D

We headed here because Mesa Verde was essentially closed. Took us 3 hours to drive there from Mesa Verde. I am so glad we came!! The ruins, history, and park were amazing! Get the inexpensive self guided booklets at the visitor center. They made the difference. Also the hike up the slot canyon to the top is well worthwhile and easily done with Kids. This place is truly awesome.

Terry Collins

One of those places you want to go back to. It seems you just can't get enough while your there.

barbara charley

Love this historical place. Ancient Indian Ruins, Trails, and Camping. Very hot, bring lots of water

steve rohaley

Absolutely loved it! WARNING, if you are camping, bring fire wood and ice! It is an hour and a half one way to get any. Luckily we were gokd but saw many people needing ice or wood. But it was an amazing place with amazing hikes! Take some of the tours as well!

Sharon Neil

Amazing. It looks incredible, but they kept it as untouched as possible.

bpk enterprises

Absolute must do. Make sure to have a full tank of gas before venturing out. If camping be sure to make reservations.

Mark Shain

This culturally rich canyon is an amazing testament of the ancient people’s who gathered and lived here. It is an otherworldly place full of mystery and a powerful engine for the imagination.

Sarah Jacobs

Deserves its designation as a World Heritage Site. Every bit as amazing as Machu Picchu!

Marv Adamson

This place is very humbling. The quality of construction and the social organization required are a match for anything we could do today, 1000 years later. A must see!


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