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211 Main St, West Orange, NJ 07052, United States

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Where is Thomas Edison National Historical Park?

REVIEWS OF Thomas Edison National Historical Park IN New Jersey

Katie Boudreau

A large historic center where you can see a ton of the inventions. My favorite part was visiting Thomas Edison's personal library. It was extremely ornate, beautiful, and inspiring. You truly felt he could walk in any moment and get to work. It was awesome to see how much space and items they were able to save and preserve. Definitely worth a visit and you can then drive down the road to see his actual home in a private community.

Julie DeRose

The employees are very friendly and informative.

Thomas DeLeasa,lll

Very interesting literal step back in time

Kevin Matthews

I had no idea this museum was here or I would have came sooner. Lots of good historical inventions and factory tools used. The tour and demo of the original phonograph was cool.

Angela Annecchino

An amazing piece of history in New Jersey. Visit the machine shop, the lab, and more to get a glimpse into the mind and work of Thomas Edison. There are seemingly endless artifacts to observe. A must see!

Jonathan Hoesley

Had a great time. Very happy to see how many original artifacts still in place and so well maintained. Just a heads up, the parking is across the street from the entrance.

Stephen S

Interesting place! I grew up in Orange but it took me 65 years to get here. Lots to see here.

Frans Lammersen

great place for am afternoon visit. When start-ups were creating employment and not just financial gains for the owners!

Jeanie Min

Very educational!

Joseph King

We enjoyed our visit very much. The park rangers were very helpful and eager to share with visitors. Being able to listen to the original recordings on the phonograph machines was nice.

Caleb Rothe

Outstanding historical park. To get to tour Edison's workshops and laboratory was a real treat. The interactive displays with QR codes were a real plus. Make sure not to miss the stockroom, and see if you can find a docent to give you an overview of just how it worked and why it was so impressive!

dawn connet

Very interesting self tour of the labatory. If you like history it is worth the stop.

Тати NYC

Great place! It is worth a visit even for those who are not interested in science, because it is our story that need to know everything. We use his inventions every day. Cool to see where it's all Thomas Edison invented. Highly recommend this place!

Steven dosRemedios

This is a wonderful historical site that transports you back to a time when America was first flexing its technological muscle. Thomas Edison was a prolific inventor at a time when electricity was becoming useful and the public was in awe of recorded music and moving pictures. Wandering around the restored laboratories and offices gives the visitor a sense of the intensity Edison brought to research and development. The experience of an early wax cylinder sound recording is amazing, considering the way these recording were made. You can see his recording studio too.

Dimitrios Angelis

Great trip to one of the most important Americans we have. The Laboratories are all still in tact and the tour is great!

Monica Saliceti

The historic preservation here is beyond compare, is very well maintained, and all the staff here are amazing and very knowledgeable. I had a wonderful visit.

Jon Peters

Pretty amazing. Not necessarily great for kids though, unless yours are really into inventing things or old tech.

Akshay A

It was just before an hour of closing time when I visited. The staff are very nice and friendly. Some of them have a good sense of humor also! They explained the stories, the good and bad side of Edison, his inventions, his relationship with his workers and other people. Surely a must visit place in New Jersey. Lot to learn. Must visit in the morning so that we can spend more time.

Laura Sodano

Wonderful and fascinating museum!

Brandon Keene

Get the audio tour. Excellent for more facts and details. We went on a Sat and it wasn't too busy and the rangers gave great demonstrations!

Wes Barnett

This is one of the coolest places to go and see. The park rangers were very informative about some of the history of the labs. We didn't get a chance to see Edison's home. I believe you have to get tickets a head of time for that, which are limited, so be sure to check on that before visiting.

Lee Posniack

Very cool place! Get to learn a lot about Edison that you may not have known.

Tony Mansi

This place is really describing how was thomas Edison the genius man, had more than the electricity, he had factories for many other fields like, wood, leather, even chemistry laboratory... This place is full of science history and Thomas Edison’s

James Berry

Great day trip!!!! Educational and fun!!

Demon SRT-FN

Awesome fun learning experience

Brian Finnerty

The museum is like a huge warehouse of items associated with inventor Thomas Edison. You can stroll through his massive machine shop where he built and developed products -- which was described as being equipped to make everything from "a locomotive to a lady's watch." Or view his favorite work space where he liked to go and think. Or you can handle one of his early records. The exhibits are not very professionally done -- much less polished than you would expect in a major museum. It's interesting, but could be presented better.

David Lehmann

Must see. Original equipment from when Edison was there.

Bonnie Karver

We tour a lot of historic homes throughout the nation, this one is a gem. Not only is it replete with original pieces in situ but having a Park Ranger as a real human guide is wonderful. Yes, audio tours are all the thing but, asking questions of knowledgeable people is the only way to get the full benefit of historic home tours. Well done!

johan erik theodor clemmesen

Stunning experience. Edison was the inventor behind cinema and recorded sound. The custodians of the museum are sweethearts and engaged experts. Can not recommend this museum enough. A true experience. And afterward go to the nearby American diner for a Reuben sandwich :)

Victoria Cepeda

Highly recommend for its compact historical content that spans outside the U.S. at the turn of the 19th century.

Connie Duval

My 10 year old girls loved the adventure of doing thetasks to become a Jr. Park Ranger and they found it interesting. I found it interesting too. Lots to see, not much to touch. Nice people

Andrea Massoud

I have studied Thomas Edison since his childhood. To be in his factory - museum was very remarkable, specially for someone coming as a tourist from abroad. It was an honor to see how an idea of a bulb culd transform a whole world. I enjoyed the sound room very much. I encourage schools to include field trips into their curricula; a guided tour is a must. Museum is highly and professionally managed. Staff is welcoming and knowledgeable. All was impeccable. Thank yu for keeping his legacy alive to humanity.

Tal s

Very interesting. The house is gorgeous, I highly recommend the tour.

Ardi Kalter

The guides and rangers were wonderful! We spent a lot of time speaking with both Mr. Cohen and Mr. Williams after the tours they gave, and thoroughly enjoyed their information, stories, and enthusiasm for their topics. I absolutely loved the state of preservation in the buildings The exhibits were fantastic, and I was very impressed with being able to see into the curatorial rooms housing additional objects. Our girls were delighted with the Junior Ranger program, too!

R. Reiser

So interesting to learn about Edison's personal, as well as, professional life. His control of his patents both helped and hindered some of his inventive processes and professional relationships. Try to take a tour if each section. There is a lot to be learned.

workerbeeea scott

Loved it. Great history in the building. TOUR GUIDE was very knowledgeable She took the time to explain everything to the children without getting frustrated with the constant questions. AWESOME PLACE FOR KIDS TO VISIT. ONLY DOWN SIDE IS no real place to eat because of the nature of the museum.

NKS 969

I loved the smell of the 2nd floor machine shop! Lathes EVERYWHERE! Never seen such incredible machinist tooling in one place. Not a CAD CAM in sight!

Chessie Owens

I just moved to West Orange and this is just a few blocks away from me. This place is fantastic and informative! So many incredible artifacts and everything is nearly exactly as Edison left it. What a fascinating, self-made man! Make sure to see all the presentations and get tickets to visit his home. Les Williams is an amazing guide at the park - incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about Edison, and a wonderful storyteller! Your receipt is good for 7 days, so if you have the time, you can spread the experience out. I definitely recommend it to both tourists and locals!

Diego Sandoval

Loved the place and my kid and I learned a lot

Mary Nicholson

Very Interesting Better than I expected. A lot of friendly, very knowledgeable park rangers willing to share all the info they have. You walk through the actual workshops and labs with nothing but some short metal fences between you and the original machinery . No glass to stand behind. Just like a walk through time. Am interesting movie of Edison's home and family life. What a magical, wonderful, creative life anyone associated with him had.

Yefim Nodelman

Hidden treasure! Lot of fun and learning

Mai Comeros

Love this place! We came in the last hour before closing and the park rangers are very accommodating and informative.

Kristina Dureau

Very informative staff really know the answers to your questions

Sandy Wolf

Interesting place for young and old. The volunteers and engaged and made the experience enjoyable. Lots to look at, shows many historically important inventions. Excellent teachable moments.

Donald Clark

As ever, the National Parks sites are good value: $10 for an adult, < 16s free. This is a great place to visit and spend 2-3 hours. Make sure to catch the Ranger talks: we managed the Chemistry Lab one and the Phonograph one. Edison was prolific and not perfect. But the extent of his invention engine and his ability to commercialise a good number of its outputs was a pivotal turning point in industrial development. I can only wonder where we would be if the world hadn't discovered and become addicted to oil and he / his team had continued with their electric cards, batteries and bio-plastics work...

John Turner

Some areas were closed for renovations but the labs and shops are a terrific look into the beginnings of organized research.

Robert Palestine

Wonderful experience. Gardens at Glenmont are great

Swati Jha

Fascinating! Discovered a new facade of Edison - A scientist- businessman that that too a successful one , wow! And the the ubiquitous GE is his company !

Joe H

Very informative self guided tour. The rangers were helpful with info and the scavenger hunt for the kids is highly recommended. Check the times for displays and entrance into the laboratory, listening to the cylinders, etc. I would suggest using or downloading a QR Code reader. Several displays had QR codes to scan to hear recordings or watch videos. The grounds were immaculate. It's amazing how the property and possessions were preserved for so long. A step back into history.

Fire Fighter

Unique history. But lot of areas are not open. Edison house tour is severely limited. Very dissatisfied.

Raghavendra Kuroodi

This is a very nice place to vist, to see and understand the various contributions that Edison made (not just the light bulb!). His life his work spot etc. When you visit here its like going back in time to the late 1800 to early 1900. You can expect to spend about two hours or so here.

Beckie Copeland

An amazing experience. A time of real innovation in our history.

Greg Imhof

Amazing collection of artifacts in their original setting

Scrappy p

Very educational. My kids loved it and so did us adults.

Regina Wolf

Another awesome National Park. Very interesting, authentic and educational

Troy Brown

Nice place to catch up on some interesting stuff on history.

Patricia Booker

Very interesting , great staff and the tour of the personal home a big bonus

Kat Moraga

Alright... honestly one of the coolest places I have visited ... just being in the same lab that Edison worked in and came up with over 2,332 patents. Thomas Edison was one America’s greatest inventors... and he needs to always be remembered millennials ... you wouldn’t have those gadgets without him.. Seriously feeling grateful for you giving us ability to have

Jeremy Spira

Interesting exhibit that could have been better curated/ tied together.

John Gavin

Amazing thank you Michael and Harry I learned alot

Chad Rot

Very interesting visit. Edison was one of the most creative and productive entrepeneurs ever lived. His story is inspiring. During the visit we heard the story of the phonograph and watched a demonstration of one of the early (1910) phonographs. Fascinating!

Annelise M

This is a place where everyone should visit if you live in NJ.

Michael Edwards

Very interesting. A great piece of history. National park pass = free entry.

Christine Westra

Wow! Fascinating place even when the weather outside is frightful. Something for everyone here. Science nerds and history buffs of every age, don't miss this gem! Plus a sweet story of love and family and a Victorian home so beautifully preserved it will make you cry. Friendly, knowledgeable, engaging park staff relay the stories and answer every question with enthusiasm and accuracy. A delightful afternoon!

Christopher Pece

A great National Historic Park that gives you a real sense of how much of Edison's R&D was done in the late 19th/early 20th century period. The buildings that remain were the R&D facilities and we're in possession by Edison's family after his death until they were given to the Park Service in the 1950s. The third floor music room was the country's first recording studio, the black Maria (although a replica of the original) was one of the first movie studios. But don't miss the chemistry lab either. The Junior Ranger program is well organized and can be done in about an hour and a half. Maybe a little less with parental help.

Nicole Hernandez

Close to home & saw a piece of history in my own neighborhood. Very cool!

Frankie C

Great place, after visiting we realized the true need to continue innovating. Recommed the Jr Ranger to all ages to get a good understanding of why Thomas Edison is in our history books.

christopher B

Very cool stuff to see.

Brian Hughes

Great 2 hour visit.

Dale Allsopp

Good to hear about Edison, not particularly interesting for 7 and under...

Joanna Paziewska

Great muzeum. I would say that its a Great płace to visit briefly with smaller kids and just to get an idea. If you are really into a first inventors or history of sound and motion picture then you will stay there for hours. I just wish that there would be more descriptions on some machines for people that are not that advanced in the Edison’s work.

Peter Smith

Very informative museum! Great displays and knowledgeable staff. I enjoyed the presentation of the phonograph. The photo was taken inside the machine shop. Definitely a great place to bring kids and the family.

Marlo Mi Yumas

Great experience. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff who are willing to answer questions and chat with little kids about Edison, the park and inventions!

Debra Anderson

We used our National Parks Pass and got in free. If you have 4th grader and join a Parks Program (free) your child and 3 adults can get in free. The place was well worth the visit. This is a hidden gem.

Ann Roberts

Amazing!!!!great museum.

Smart Dog

Fun to see all historic inventions. It’s good to have a little background knowledge on the site by watching videos in the visitor center. National Park Pass makes visits free. $15 per adult. Descriptions of some things are lacking, so get an audio guide. The audio tour is amazing. I have visited 16 National Park Sites from Maine to Tennessee. This is one of my favorites. Bring a camera. Check out the chemistry building, the Silicon Valley of the 1800s. The factory is big. Audio guide tour takes 45 minutes without extensions. Each audio guide is $2.50. Music room is fun. Check out phonographs on the 3rd floor of the factory.

Walter Shink

A fantastic visit. I was just unsure where I could and couldn't go at times. Some of the signage could be a little more clear or ropes across the doors where we were not supposed to go. As a man with bad eyesight some of the signage could be larger on your exhibits. Still a fantastic opportunity to learn about Edison's at work...

Jillian Cross

We visited in July on a Sunday around 3:00, and were sad to find out that the house tour was sold out. The summer hours were posted open until 5, however there wasn’t much open after 4 (2 out of the 3 buildings were locked and closed). This was definitely not worth the cost of admission. I feel if there were different admittance cost (house and factory, just factory, just house, etc) would be a better option for this national park.

Pauline W

This is a great place to have the opportunity to learn more about Thomas Edison. It was more than we expected and my kids also finished the Junior Rangers Brochure and received their badges. There is a fee for adults and it's worth it because there are also tours you can attend. Highly recommended.

Allen Todd

In the late 1880’s Thomas Edison built laboratory in West Orange, New Jersey. It was her that Thomas Edison invented the motion picture camera, improved phonographs and improved batteries. The laboratory is large with many different departments. It is obvious that Edison had made some money to build such a large laboratory. The machine shops were powered with a belt system that supplied power to individual machines. You can walk thru the labs, machine shops and others. There is also a vast collection of inventions that Edison and Co. developed. Plan on spending a couple of hours here to get a full sense of the scale and the importance of the site.

Nicholas Downham

What a cool museum. The rangers and volunteers are knowledge and very happy to answer your questions. I highly recommend giving yourself plenty of time for your visit because there is so much to see and enjoy.

Surendra Handa

How a genius engineer devoted skills to create industry

Douglas Nokia

It was really really fun and like it was said before the staff was nice and helpfull at his best. It is good to bring the family and friends to have a good time,gonna come back soon,good to have fun. Cool.


Seeing the first phonograph made me feel part of the history.

Michael Bloom

Really educational! Friendly staff. Well worth a visit

Andy Frenkiel

Amazing museum. Well worth the visit!

Aleksandra Sviridova

Amazing place with great energetic! Beautiful fabric,but unfortunately Edison house was closed ,it have specific hours and dates when it’s OPen (

O Mongelluzzo

Fascinating place. Great program demonstrating the capturing of audio in the Music Room. Very helpful rangers.

John Carew

Was a great day trip to see all the great history from Thomas Edison and his factory.

Crystal Dickinson

Not much to do for toddlers but it is an incredible place to learn about Edison and his legacy! Ther rangers have a wealth of knowledge!

Jason McKoy

Being an electrician I had my reservations of Thomas Edison due to Nicholas Tesla's slighted historical recognition of contributions that have shaped our very existence with that being said I was amazed at all of the things that Thomas Edison was involved with he was a good businessman in a time when Innovation and creations were abound. It truly changed my perception of Thomas Edison and would definitely recommend this place to every and any Tradesman and historian with a zest for the visualization of the manufacturing process of that time.

Patricia Oketch

Beautiful place with a great historical background on invention. Very well kept

Joseph Testman

All tho not being a fan of history this place is a wonderful place for people who are interested in history.

paul materasso

If History needed a place to have all of it's things it should be here. No other place on Earth has made an impact on life like Mr Edison's property! From electricity to the phonograph, the record, The movie camera the movie studio the list goes on and on and on thank you Mr. Edison you have changed the world forever!

Peggy Lee

A really neat piece of history. Walking in the same door that Thomas Edison went to work, clock in and clock out everyday for 45 years is beyond cool! Watch the video behind the gift shop/ ticket centre to start.

s murph

Great place to take the kids on a family day out. Our 9 year old twins had a great time (as did we) and they learned a lot at the same time. The rangers/volunteer staff were very helpful and very willing to share their knowledge about the inventor and his lab facility. We would highly recommend a visit there.

José Luis Franco Rodrigues

I grew up on this musuem. First time I came here i loved it and from then on it stuck out in my memory. Been coming here as often as I can, when I want to get inspired to "invent" stuff of my own. Awesome and knowledgeable staff. Its a must go to place when in Jersey.

Rafał Kukieła

Passionate people works there, thank you for lots od stories!

James Reinhardt

One of the greatest places to go on earth. Everyone should see at least once in their lives. Without Edison or this place; most of what we have would not be.

Daniel Santiago

Great experience I'm definitely returning soon!

Suresh Sankar

Awesome place for teenagers even if they say boring at a first glance. The Edison laboratory inspires and educates. Underrated gem!

william silva

I loved it

Betsy Reddington

Amazing to learn about the focus, determination, hard work, persistence, and vision of Edison in the pre computer age! Grounds are nicely kept and docents are well informed. Plenty of space for kids to move freely outdoors.

William McCarron

So much history! Awesome place, very inspiring!

Shawn Murphy

Great place to visit with the family! The rangers were awesome and very helpful. Very educational and our entire family enjoyed our visit. Children under 16 are admitted free. Adults are $15.00 to enter.

M Garrett

This is a very neat place to visit. Amazing amount of history contained in just a few buildings and left as it was when Edison worked here. I'm glad I was able to share this experience with my 13 yo daughter.

Tabata Pearce

I found it a lil disorganized, although still very interesting. It took my friend and I about 1 hour to go through all of it.

Ashes Bijoux

Amazing estate, came here directly after seeing his workshop. Nice tour with very ineresting history & items to see. Beautiful grounds!

R Ghilino

An amazing historic landmark.

Brian West

The house tour was awesome but the main site was surprisingly boring and lackluster (mainly just large equipment with little blurbs). For 15 dollars, we were expecting a little more

Liz Fagan

Great place to visit lots of cool history to learn

Carin Gartner

Had a power outage while we were there, but for the most part it was an interesting site with knowledgeable park rangers to guide your visit.

Alex Wender

Informative and interesting. Everyone is very helpful and knowledgeable. Go for the Glenmont tour.

Kayla Tutten

I really enjoyed the experience, I had went there with my school as a field trip. I had enjoyed what I've seen and the guide was so nice and answered all if our questions. I would totally recommend going here to anyone!

Mari LeMaitre

There's a lot to see and more importantly learn about Edison's life and work. I was not aware of the genius of this man and really appreciated how his research, development, and inventions have changed our world. It was especially nice to learn about a self- made American and his contributions, rather than the wealthy Europeans who came to build 'summer cottages' in the US. I also loved visiting his home, Glenmont and the back story behind its past. The tour guides were extremely knowledgeable and pleasant. It was a really interesting day.

Todd Schenk

Very interesting site - literally tons of Edison's equipment is still there! The tour guides really know their stuff - very informative, especially for kids.

John Rueckel

Very interesting history. Many things about Edison that I wouldn't consider common knowledge. We hope to go back to tour Glenmont. BTW, we have never met a Ranger that wasn't cheerful, helpful, and interested. Cudos to the NPS!

Philip Rivera

Fascinating museum that highlights the life of an amazing inventor. I went with my 6, 4, and 2 year old and did the junior ranger program. They loved it! There are several activities for children. I highly recommend it for families.

Orlawoome Ahwoeniyi

It was a nice experience being there. The first recording studio in the world and listening to song recorded in 18th century was such an interesting thing. I love his chemistry lab & engineering workshop. The tour guide are knowledgeable and accommodating.

Craig Roberson

Amazing, all the old machinery and history !

Lara Cely

What a gem!! Highly recommend this site for families or any history / inventor buffs. They have over 400,000 artifacts in the collection! That's the most complete Edison-related collection in the world. There are tons of sample inventions displayed, and the rooms are set up to look like it did back in the day. I thought this place would be crowded on a weekend, but it really wasn't bad. Keep an eye out for the buildings/rooms that are open for specific times or ranger talks. The rangers provide talks about certain things (the phonograph talk was very popular) or certain rooms (the chemistry lab was only open for brief times). Highly recommended. We took 3 kids (11, 9, 4 yrs old) and had a great day during the NPS Centennial birthday celebration. The kids received some junior park badges for completing a fun activity book and they also made their own play-dough with the park rangers. This site is extremely well maintained, and it's a significant part of US history. Not to mention the many legacies of Edison's entrepreneurial spirit - motion pictures, electric light, telephones, microphones, batteries...

J OConnor

Interesting museum with plenty of turn of the century displays.

Ethan Boyd

Such a cool place. Military get in for free. Everyone there is so friendly and knowledgeable. Thomas Edison lived such a cool life. There is also a place to go see where he use to live. Cool to see all the different inventions. A great place for families and kids. Wheel chair accessible and very accommodating for everyone. Come see a piece of history. You will for sure learn something that you never have before.

Arcelia Gallardo

Great place to take teenagers- my 1 year old didn’t seem to care. Closes at 4pm, only got a chance to visit for 40 minutes but the day pass was good for 24hrs.

Joshua South

We've been wanting to make a trip to the Edison National Historical Park for some time. Yesterday, we finally did and it more than exceeded our expectations! We thoroughly enjoyed our entire experience. When we called ahead, we were advised to arrive before 10 am when tickets to Edison's home, Glenmont, were available to purchase for a tour. We arrived about 10:15 and the soonest tour that was available was for noon. We had some time before our tour began to watch an interesting film about Edison right in the visitor's center. Then, we went into the first building right across from the VC which housed his study, a lovely, 3 story structure. We still had a little time before our tour of Glenmont was scheduled so we went to the third floor of that same building to hear a ranger (Bill) give a demonstration and short history of Edison's invention of the phonograph that was great.

Jason Molina

This place is such a treasure! It opens your eyes to the inventor's world and the physical space in which ideas came to life. This place is well preserved. A must see!

Ben Geffken

Really excellent tour of the Estate. It's amazing to hear all of the lesser known facts regarding his family. The tour is guided by a volunteer who had a pretty good knowledge of the facility, though he was a bit curt when it came to answering questions. It was also really nice that the house is decorated for the season. It will be interesting to see if the decorations are different in the spring. If enough people are going, purchase the pass which allows 1 member and 3 guests and is good for the estate and the factory. I can't wait to see the factory next weekend.

Drew Luski

This place is a step back into history!!!

Trương Dũng Richard

If you are a fan of history and Architecture, this place is your home. The staff is nice, I went there on Saturday and it was not so crowded. $15 for adult entrance.

L Crutcher

Alwayz EXPAND ya Mind... U can Alwayz Learn Sumthin...!!!!

mary meade

So much to see . Lots of daily ranger talks. Plan on spending a couple of hours. Get the audio guide!

Peter Videv

A piece of American history and entrepreneurship for everybody to see and enjoy!

Anne Fernandena

We arrived early to the museum and received passes to go to the Glenmont Estate (Edison's house) about an hour or so later. The best thing about both of these locations is that almost everything you see is original. I am often disappointed when I go to museums and they are loaded with reproductions but that is not the case here. Edison was a fascinating, brilliant man and I learned a great deal about him. Admission is free with a National Park pass!

michael allen

I always wanted visit here and today I found myself in the area.The first person to greet you is a very friendly park ranger who is very knowledgeable then you can freely walk the grounds and visit the workshop and library which is massive and beautiful and so much more it was fun and definitely worth a visit

walid ali

Check days of business abd business hours before leaving your home


Very interesting original artifacts and NPS lectures. Be sure to plan your visit ahead as some areas are only accessible during the NPS exhibits which happen as infrequently as once a day. The chemistry lab was a particular delight.

Adrianne Morse

First time there. Very historic

Stephen Massicotte

Fascinating display of period artifacts created by a unique genius. Well laid out, knowledgable park rangers. Highly recommended.

Danielle Clapton

This site pays tribute to the legendary inventor Thomas Edison including his chem labs, drafting areas, and a remarkable remake of the first movie theater the Black Maria. His jacket is hung up among original batteries he created. They give a talk about the light bulb and system he originated. Head down the road and hang a right into his house to see the original digs of Thomas and his wife Mina. His car collection is on display which is amazing as well as the plant nursery from his wife.

Vilas Urtekar

Anyone coming to New Jersey must visit Thomas Edison National Park's Museum to appreciate Edison's inventions beyond his first commercial light bulb.

Robert W

Wow! What a great place to learn about Edison. Definitely do the house for as well.

cydonie brown

Love Ranger Gaye, her passion in storytelling shine through her interpretation of the phonograph.

Josephine Masters

$10 adult entry fee. I did a self guided tour. I stayed as long as I wanted. At noon there was a lecture. Most artifacts there are original. Not a place for smaller children (under 4)

Raphaële Pouliquen Funes

Such a wonderful place to visit, both the laboratory and Glenmont!

Alicja Bil

I HATE museums. I went to over 200 in the past few years. But I actually like this one. It’s worth it.

Remon Lapid

A fascinating piece of history worth visiting. And quite aside from the remarkable artifacts of Edison's day, it puts the advancement of science and technology into perspective. I hadn't realized that Edison pioneered medical x-rays or that some of the cars of his day were powered by batteries he developed.

David Berl

Fascinating Museum great location very well-preserved

jenny otero

I used to live in West Orange it's a good place to visit.

Fatema A. Husain

Highly recommended! Interesting place to visit to learn about the vast variety of inventions Edison made. The $15 entrance fee was very much worth it!

Jessica Casto

Staff was AMAZING! No question left unanswered. Plus it's awesome to know you are walking down the same hallways as Thomas Edison!

Garrett Hamelers

One of the coolest museum I have ever been to everything is left the way Edison had it when he died. You can literally reach out and touch a hundred years of history well worth it.

Sean Fitzpatrick

The home of many of Edison's inventions. An in depth look at Edison's work methods and life.

Phil Moy

Really cool to see the history of Thomas Edison. You realize that he was more of a Steve Jobs than a Nikola Tesla in that he was very business minded and competitive...which drove his inventions. Fascinating to see all his tools for tinkering and his dedication for gadgets. I would check it out if nearby and have a day off.

Carol Vinzant

Wow they saved all of Edison’s stuff! Labs, libraries, papers, everything. Friendly staff will show you creepy talking doll he invented along with all the important stuff

Steve Bonds

The self-guided nature of the laboratory areas can be both a benefit and a detriment. While it's great to wander around to whatever seems interesting, I'm sure I missed some good back-stories behind some of the buildings and artifacts. I found out about the audio tour option only as I was leaving-- that might be a good way to get more value out of a visit here. I still very much enjoyed seeing the well-preserved state of the various rooms. It's interesting to see both how little and how much has changed since Edison's time.

linda silver

Well except for no kudos to Tesla what an amazing museum. And that house is spectacular.

thomas flemer

Very interesting self guided tour of Edison's work. Staff is helpful and friendly.


Truly amazing historical site, we learned so much we didn't know

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Cape May County Park & Zoo
Cape May County Park & Zoo
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Battleship New Jersey
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National Archives at New York City
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Tourist Attraction - New Jersey

Tourist attraction

National Geographic Encounter
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Tourist Attraction - New Jersey

Tourist attraction

Ocean City Beach
Ocean City Beach
Tourist Attraction - New Jersey

Tourist attraction