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Where is The High Line?

REVIEWS OF The High Line IN New Jersey

Graham Peacock

My wife put me on to this as an introduction to new york. We both enjoyed it greatly. Great walk through midtown. We walked from there down to the new world trade centre via the harbour walk. Great first day

Lazaros Samlidis

Impressed with the final section that connects to Hudson Yards. It's aged well and some of the trees have grown giving the park a natural feel at places. Very touristy feel but a must visit. Pleasent walk with many benches and sitting areas.

Mother Bean

The High Line has some of the most amazing architecture along the way, as well as some cool scenery. All of the trees and plants make it so pretty. I took some of my favorite pictures here. The Vessel is magnificent! And the shopping center next to it is pretty amazing! Gotta check it out when you're here!

Sue Flannery

A welcome piece of greenery in Manhattan. It's a nice stroll and there are plenty plants and grasses as well as places to sit. The walk gives views above street level which is unusual. There is art in the form of murals and sculptures as well as places to stop and get something to eat and drink. An afternoon well spent.

Nor Azam Mohamed Shariff

Nice place to chill and spend the day reading, people watch,catching the sunset or just sipping coffee. Ample shaded areas and walkways. It's a good place to stroll the whole stretch too. Love the architecture and surrounding buildings and definitely an instagramable site. Nearby Vessel to explore too. Have fun and create your own too while there.

Barbara Doyle-Sarti

Great place to have awesome views of Manhattan and the fact that there is history in the preservation of the old railroad adds to the experience. There are spot to stop and rest on benches and food offerings that were really tasty. My trip wasn't complete until i had a Melt ice cream cookie sandwich. Mine was red velvet and worth the $5. I live in queens and on a Sunday evening taking the E from 8th 23rd it took us an hour to get home. Perfect family day.

Cameron Feliciano

Fantastic walk. Great if you want some fantastic pictures. You should go on a clear sky day, though.

Lorraine Lowe

Went 3yrs ago and could walk the highline comfortably, now it is as packed as Brooklyn Bridge. Great if you like crowds on Brooklyn bridge. We think it has become a victim of it's own success.

The K Lifeyt

Beautiful place! My friend and I went there for pictures and it was amazing. Really wish it was able to stay open for longer but I understand. We will definitely be coming back to do the second half of it. Should definitely be checked out at night and day.

Donna Grethen

Loved how they redone or transformed the old rundown railroad system with the botanical garden, art deco and walking path. The transformation really makes the area look a lot better. Would definitely recommend visiting The High Line.

Andrew Dawson

During the planning stages of our trip to New York, I didn't think the High Line was going to be particuarly interesting, but I actually found it fascinating learning the history of it and why it is there. The way that they have developed the old train line into a monument and one that you can walk through and enjoy whilst you learn about it is absolutely unique. Highly recommend a walk through.

Deron Kling

Absolutely loved this visit. We did not get to see even close to everything we wanted, but we were thrilled with what we spent time on. If you have not walked the High Line, I strongly recommend it!

lorraine inzerra

Great 1.5 mile elevated walkway with awesome views of NYC. It’s in the Chelsea section. Loaded with interesting plants. There were a lot of people but not too crowded to walk easily. Several exits and entrances so you don’t have to walk the whole trail.


This was a really neat experience seeing the old rail road tracks and walking along high in the air in a park! We had perfect weather and enjoyed getting to see the views of all the building and landscape. You can see the Statue of Liberty at one end. Has elevators for wheel chairs and is a clean park!

jesus tiburcio

Amazing place to go. Loved it. Been there multiple times now and my family loved it. So nice and peaceful. So calm and great. Love the plants and art pieces. Great place to kill time and just relax. Have amazing food as well. Amazing over all

No Name

Beautiful artwork of a park. 10/10 would recommend if you're in NY and looking for something to do. Take a stroll on the High Lines.

Gregory Delaurentis

I think the Highline is one of the most amazing outdoor areas in New York City. Not only is there a simple fusion of urban lines with natural beauty it also injects amazing intellectual artwork here and there. An amazing outdoor museum of artists and nature! Nothing like it.

aleksandra villa

I really love this spot, it is relaxing, even romantic. You can exercise walking long distance looking at the flowers and plants, it is safe to be around, also you get to experience the new and the old NYC. Come alone, with family or friends you'll have fun.

Esteban Alonso Ramírez

We loved it! Aside of being an example to any recovery of a public space in a city, it is safe, clean, beautiful, it offers wonderful views of downtown and the river, and is certainly the most wonderful way to get to Chelsea Market. I highlight specially how accessible it is to people with disabilities, specially with the elevators from the ground level the the park itself. I can barely wait to come back!


The high line, although touristy is a great experience. It’s a beautiful, handicap accessible walk way with plants, art, food, and restrooms along the way. There are tons of places to sit and take photos and the walk itself isn’t very long. It ends at the new mall and is close enough to subways.

Adam Forrester

There are a handful of places in downtown NY where you can get away from the noise. Brant Park is one and the High Line is another. The walk along the old train track is pretty spectacular especially if you are lucky enough to go when it's quiet. There are plenty of places along the way to relax and take in a view and if you are staying close to downtown I suggest you combine it with a visit to the Chelsea Market since you can access the High Line right by the exit of the Market.

Roberta Mussio

An iconic place to go, it connects Hudson Yards to Chelsea with many points where you can step on it. Contemporary art installations and a wild garden all along the path frame the interesting buildings both sides. At the north end you can visit also the Vessel, but you better book for it before going.

Annet de Ram

Fantastic walk through the city! It’s very nice to see the city from another angel. Every ones in a while they also change the art on the high line. So that makes it a perfect thing to do multiple times!

Eva Schicker

Even though it was a rainy and already dark evening, it was mesmerizing taking a quick stroll on the High Line. Seeing all the lights glisten on the rain soaked surfaces brought out a cinematic quality to these surroundings. The breeze from the Hudson was refreshing. A lovely place to visit In the evening as the crowds are thinning out. The park closes at 10 pm.

Jessica Hash

A must do tourist attraction, and it’s free. Also the Vessel at the start looks amazing, also free but you need to get a timed ticket from the machine.

Anton Zouplna

This was a fun thing to do. I hadn't heard of it before a relative mentioned it and it wasn't around the last time we'd made it back to NYC. It's well done and doesn't cost anything. Basically the NYC version of a Rails to Trails.

Matt A

The epitome of urban recycling, the High Line proves that with some imagination and hard work, one person's junk can truly prove to be another person's treasure. Photos only go so far to convey the beauty found here. The High Line is something you really must experience first hand. It's also makes for an awesome day out...FOR FREE!

Archangel Raphael

What a magical place. So much history & so much fun. I ordered the Impossible plant-based buns and they were delicious. There are so many different types of plants and trees and the view is so amazing.

Greg Rosenberg

The high line is the most unique park I've ever been to. This beautiful green space is built on old, elevated, out of service train tracks. When walking the highline, you'll feel like you're in a storybook. This park has a surreal feel to it. I recommend checking it out early, because it gets very busy.... Pedestrians on the Brooklyn Bridge busy.

Daryush Nourbaha

The high line was historically an elevated train track which has been converted into a public park. It's a bit bizarre striking past people's apartments on the third of fourth floor but its a unique experience I highly recommend. Sculptures galore including train tracks that have plants and bushes growing out of them. Enjoy your walk in the park.

Salatiel Suriel

My favorite place in NYC. It is the best place to go for a walk on a nice day. You can slip out and go to Chelsea market for some grub. You can watch the sunset and enjoy a nice snuggle with a loved one on their lounge chairs. There are often random performances and little art fairs. The High Line is the perfect example of turning nothing into an absolutely beautiful space.

Daniel Chisikovsky

This is an elevated walking lane that goes from The Standard Hotel to the Vessel (both ways). It's not on the street level (should be equivalent to a floor 1 - 2). There are no street intersections, actually it goes through many buildings, there are food and drink stalls. There are plants, little gardens and benches. The way it is illuminated and decorated is amazing!!! Usually you see people walking, working out, reading, etc. Definitely a great idea and a place you should visit.

Raymon Bruno

A must see, great to visit with family and friends. Lots of trees, plants, art and restaurant. I Love it! Go early! Old railroad tracks that park was built on. Absolutely amazing.

Audrey Hart

It's amazing how they were able to turn this into a beautiful party above the city and make it look completely out of the city. I loved the plants they did around it, and the actual pathway along it. So so gorgeous!

Ena Marsan

It is an incredible place, esp at night...just beautiful. What makes it even more intriguing is the fact it was a former train route in the past...the train tracks remain visible. The beautiful flowers and is a must see if you haven't already.

Per Berget

After visiting "the Vessel", it was really nice to take a slow stroll a bit away from the noisy traffic and people throwing all sorts of offers after you on the sidewalks. Here you can shuffle along in your own pace and take in the scenery and see some interesting and what feels like authentic architecture along the old tracks. You also pass a food court enroute and there a many benches where you can rest your feet if needed. Loved it! Recommend it!

Lelaina Lim

Hudson yard high line is the cleanest part of NY that I have visited overn10 days as it is high new and tidy. It is mostly used by visitors and tourists to cross the railway track converted to a park with art pieces and nice lookout. I love the walk and the plants surrounding it. When we visited the medicinal plants are on display and it gives out a nice sense. The place boosts the famous terrace that is symbolic of High lines . It is closed to malls and eateries and convenient from the train stations. When in NY do visit it for the lookout to the sea and the surrounding. Worth the walk indeed.

Wayne Ennis

Wonderful walk through Manhattan. The High Line is so green in the summer. With all of the flowers in bloom it was beautiful. We are going to make it a point to come back and check it out in the winter too for a different perspective.

Martin Jirušek

Absolutely wonderful. This is what a restored industrial area should look like. Other cities should take notes. Well done!


The High Line is an unusual suspended park set over the old Lower West Side Railroad. As we walk around, is possible to observe NY from many different points of view. There was this memorable evening. I saw the tonal transition at the exact moment that separates day from night, the gradient between deep blue and still orange reflected in the dusk clouds. The crescent moon could be seen in the northern sky announcing the night, while the urban silhouette and its chimney insisted on polluting the landscape. But it eventually became the unusual foreground to compose the frame and make the photo. Good memories.

Hezi Bosmi

We really enjoyed having a walk on a sunny day. The view changed during the walk and you can noticed some interesting things. We started at the Vessel building. In the end you can walk around the Chelsea market.

Richard RENAUX

Beautiful place. Lots of street arts, flowers and trees that make you think you are not in NYC anymore. The sight is breathtaking as you walk along this neverending line. Some buildings pop up in the distance to offer one of the best views in NYC. It is often crowded of course but it is still enjoyable.

Mikkel S. Vedel

Absolutely stunning! A green paradise in a hustling and bustling city. DO NOT SKIP THIS EXPERIENCE ♡

Megan Wang

Walkway over the city that has some great views. The highline use to be a railway but has been converted into a public garden it's a nice place for a stroll and connects to Chelsea Market. It does get busy especially over the weekend.

Rick C

Beautiful place to walk around when it's not crowded. Great views of penthouses and private suites of wealthy people. Depends on the time you go, you might be able to get a peek at the beautiful sunset.


Worth the effort to see it! What a great way to spend a few hours! I had been trying to get there for years and so happy that I finally did. I'll definitely go again next time I'm in NYC

Spencer Israel

Nice walk and nice view...huge we didn't see it all. Also they have fun art installation through it.

Niklas Frykström

Very nice walk. Highly recommended. Lot of places to sig down and feel the city. Not too Long, around 2k one way. Walk down to Chelsea market and enjoy that area.

Tammy Liu

What a wonderful raised walkway from the old railroad tracks. NY has done a great job making this into a must visit. Whether it is in the morning or at sunset, lots of interesting buildings, old mixed with new, beautiful skylines. The walkway is surrounded with lots of greens, resting wooden benches. Local arts are displayed at various points as also. Definitely worth the trip day and night!

Vasiliki Pantzia

One of my favourite spots in New York! The High Line is a 2,3km long elevated linear park, greenway and rail trail created on a former New York Central Railroad spur on the west side of Manhattan in New York City. During your walk you could find interesting modern art pieces. At the end you will reach the Chelsea Market in order to complete your amazing walk.

Sunil Agarwal

It is a unique park set up at a good height above street level on an abandoned railway track. A perfect example of how something good can be created out of anything. It is always bustling with people and if you walk along you can get an aerial view of a lot of New York buildings and streets. At two places you also have access to elevators for the convenience of the elderly and people in wheelchairs. Some of the newer buildings constructed along the sides are architecturally quite pleasing.


I grew up in the NY/North Jersey area but moved away in the early 2000s. We visit every few months but haven't really made the time to trek through the city like I did when I was growing up. I've seen so many pictures from friends, family and social media of the awesome sights one comes across on The Highline but it was so much more walking through it myself! It was worth every penny the City invested in it and highly recommend the visit!

SaRay Mt

The high line is definitely one of the one most modern places. It is quite and peaceful. The view is nice and you can see the architecture of some places around.

Kerrie Binks

The first thing my parents and I did in New York for their first visit to the city and it was a great thing to do!! The fact you’re walking above the NY traffic, surrounded by trees and beautiful art work is amazing, you can turn around or head back down to the streets at any time and you don’t have to wait for any traffic lights either!! Would definitely recommend (also, stop at one of the Melt carts along the way to get an ice cream sandwich)

Miranda Shneyder

What a wonderful place which is a must visit while in NYC! It's one of the best parks that offer a nice long walk and you can watch the beautiful buildings in NYC while relaxing there! In the summer time there are a lot of people sun bathing and just enjoying the good weather there!

Arron Burgess

One of my favourite places in New York, lovely and clean, well maintained and so quiet being away from the noise. A must do tourist attraction, and it’s free. Also the Vessel at the start looks amazing, also free but you need to get a timed ticket from the machine.

Caitlin Bahr

Such a unique experience. I love that this track was turned into a living art space for the city. It's a beautiful walk with lots to take in.

Time Alone

What is this? Walk through a busy city on a even busier sky walk? I like the idea but walking or jogging on the riverside is much nicer

mary sharbatz

Love the views from the walkway, it's such a welcoming place with lots to see and do. A great spot for visitors and locals to go for a walk, a snack and entertainment. The landscaping is amazing, and all of the benches are a nice touch.

Alana Sokolowsky

Great unique concept and lovely walk. Nice way to get a different perspective on the city. We went on an overcast day which was ideal as I’m sure on a sunny day it would get rather hot. There are a couple of food stands to get some food and also artists selling wares.

Jonathan Hartley

Always a great place to visit in the evening and night. Great atmosphere. Wonderful expansion with Hudson Yards. Always a go to place. Very peaceful.

brian eykenboom

Really amazing idea executed well. This is creativity at its best. Not the most amazing garden in the world but it's really a clever use of space and great way of preserving something of historical significance for this area. Did I also mention its free?

Don Windrem

Great idea and great walkway with no traffic lights, cabs, busses, bikes and all other annoyances of travelling through NYC streets. Many nice art installations throughout and if travelling anytime other than winter and early spring, you will be treated to beautiful plants and flowers. Beginning, or ending, at Hudson Yards and travelling several blocks south, walking the park is a nice retreat while in the city. Highly recommended.

Carlito Nati

The High Line is an elevated train track turned garden. It has benches, water fountain and shops. Moreover, it has a marvelous view of the streets below. A great place to chill and relax.

Banky Chalk

The High Line is a must when visiting the city. It's refreshing to see greenery and beauty among the city skyline. It'ss very cool how they used the old railway train to create the park. My only biggest complaint is the walkway was packed (but its NYC so it's expected) and it took away from the full enjoyment of the walk. I was expecting more flowers mixed in with the greenery, but it was mostly various wild grasses and other hearty plants. Overall, its fun place to check out and if you are in the Chelsea area you should check it out!

Anh Nguyen

One of my favorite park back to the day (well I left US) I love this place so badly that I even support to get their membership (well they have nice event planning around the year and all of them are pretty good for green lover so why not?! Hope that we will have more park like this around the world :).

Jill Harwell

What a great way to spend a few hours! I had been trying to get there for years and so happy that I finally did. I'll definitely go again next time I'm in NYC

Peter Kollek

Unique experience that I can recommend to visit. The northern end of the park is connected with the Hudson Yard shopping center and the Vessel. Instead of existing via stairs to the street level, walk to the end and enjoy entertainment, shopping and magnificent Vessel structure

Brianne Deeds

Great views of City. Awesome art, great landscaping. Well maintained. Clean, safe way to walk around lower Manhattan.

Holly Regan

Fantastic public space. Interesting historical information provided. Such an amazing initiative, thanks for sharing it with everyone ! A very serene place. Despite having a high number of visitors it didn’t feel at all overrun or too busy. A lovely place to spend time

Steve Attwood

The most out of context place in Manhatten.. Tranquil, peaceful, beautiful.. You can wander along taking in the myriad views and lush plantings or sit and listen to the gentle tinkling of water or at night, listen to the crickets.. Really.. The MOST special place... Almost magical.. ♥️

Simon Boden

Wonderful mix of plants, art and architecture, each helping show off beauty to the max. Relaxation oozes out of the winding tracks making an intriguing change to such a fast paced, vibrant city. A place anyone in the world can appreciate. Visit today. Not tomorrow. Today. Go.

Alex Kogan

We walked the full length of this magnificent park back in 2016 on the west side of Manhattan in about 2 hours. The park is very crowded on the weekend but weekdays are more enjoyable if you are off from work or just visiting. Don't miss this park if you are in the neighborhood as it brings out one of the best sights and culture of the city.

Claudio C. Ramirez

Very interesting place. It is a masterpiece of urban recycling and architectonic innovations. it seems the walking area is getting small for so many visitors(at least is summer). Plants need a bit or more watering. We enjoyed the great views and artistic souls this place has.

Catalina Zabala

This place is amazing to chill when it is not crowded. It is quite narrow so it gets uncomfortable to walk when there are too many people - most of them like to stop in the way to take pictures or analyze the panorama. It would be great to create a system that promotes the culture of only stopping when the space gets wide enough.

joan duca

Wonderful 1.5 mile walk above the city streets. Thank God they preserved this valuable Old Elevated Railway. They made an abandoned eye sore into something treasured and beautiful full of trees, flowers, and plants.

Michael Booth

Loved this walk. Some of the views across the NY streets are fantastic. We started at the Vessel. Would have loved to have climbed this structure but with over 2000 steps we thought no thanks! What a brilliant idea turning an old railway into a public walkway. The art along the way along with the plants make for some great photography. We set of at 9:30 on Sunday morning and didn’t find it busy.

Zafreen Momin

A nice little walk taking you from the Vessel/Mall to Chelsea Market. There are shaded areas thus making the walk just as nice in the summer as it is during any other season. There's decor and displays along the route. Ice cream vendors during the summer as well as small water area, benches and food vendors as well. A great way to get out of city while still being in it.

Marcelle Parris

Wonderful idea. Nice walk with some lovely views. Need some gardening done. I enjoyed learning about the herbs.

Pedro Pacheco

The best "reinvention" of a train line. Amazing place for a walk across part of NYC. Nature in the middle of the concrete jungle. Beautiful!

Mansi Trikha

I've been to the city countless times but never experienced this gem! What a great park. Lovely views of the Hudson & great art showcasing recycling & earth friendly exhibits.

Thomas Owen

Beautiful and extensive. There are literally wonderful surprises around every corner, even a surprise telescope set up for evening stargazing. The perfect confluence of park and city.

James Nycwriter

The high line is essentially an elevated walking path on the West side make over an old rail track. They have done a very nice job with integrated gardens and benches. The walk takes you through some interesting architecture starting in the meatpacking district and running through the new Hudson Yards. Work the walk but it can become very crowded on weekends.

Lisa Chen

Wonderful walk! If you stroll and don’t stop, walk is about 20 minutes. There are lots of picturesque spots with benches to rest on. I went during sunset and it was a romantic little stroll along a nice lit path surrounded by greenery with the pink sunset reflecting off high-rise windows.

Erika Kao

Our first ever trip to the High Line was with a photographer named Esteban Gil. We had photos made of just the two of us, no kids, and it was absolutely glorious. What a fun place to walk around, to explore, to bring lunch, to make pictures.


Love their concept! I know this is so touristy, but the High Line simply remains a must see when in NYC. Every part of it is different and gives you a special view over the city. I also loved the architecture around it. Their gift shop has nice things and supports the project. You can definitely find more unique souvenirs here.

Andrew Chang

Nice walk. Thank god there is a someplace you can enjoy walking. It is a perfect place to walk especially at night time.


Before arriving in New York friends recommended we took a walk along The High Line, so glad we did! Amazing walk above the streets of downtown NY, original train tracks are visible with great spaces to chill and take in the sights, great mix of artwork along this walk, finally ending at The Vessel... Breathtaking!! Would highly recommend this to walk to anyone.

Jorge Brown

The view from High Line is spectacular, wonder how they are able to grow a garden without affecting the structure. I went down in Chelsea Markets and it's amazing. There is plenty of of open bars and restaurants and the sight is amazing. Hope to catch some sleep and hit tomorrow the nightclubs.

Gary B.

A sublime space that is a mixture of carefully manicured Park, art installations and architecture. It's clean. Has a European feel. Draws lots of locals and tourists. Causes the surrounding neighborhoods, businesses and houses to improve and grow. Definitely a must on any visitors list of things to see

Anahi Perez

Great walk in the streets of Manhattan away from car traffic. Lots of flowers, trees, and arts. Several rest stops with magnificent vistas to enjoy. Found a ice pop seller near Hudson Yards to cool down after the long walk.

Stephen Young

Very cool reclamation of an old rail spur turned to walking trail. Sides are planted with tall grasses and wild flowers along the way. Art displays as well and and some really neat architecture too. We picked it up at Hudson Yards on 33rd and walked it to Chelsea Piers by taking the 23rd street exit. Wish we had time to been able to walk the full 1.5 miles to 14th street but we were scheduled for a boat tour and had to hurry.

Chunchun Fang

Great to walk along the old train tracks and to see the city from a higher level. A lot of seats available along the walkway as well. Nice buildings and skylines. Some breezes in the afternoon ~ really enjoyed the view. It’s also very crowded so people move slowly...

Martin Ibanez

The High Line is a unique experience. You can walk through a whole district on top of the traffic surrounded by nature. You will see New York from a different and fascinating perspective. Highly recommended for everyone visiting New York.

Tim Malaney

I’ll let others speak to the area and attractions. We walked the entire Line and through Chelsea Market and were overwhelmed with the crowds. We went on a beautiful sunny Fall Saturday which I’m sure contributed to the amount of people (also realizing we are in NYC). I still gave it 4 stars since, from what we saw, we’d go back but try to pick a time, if any, when the the crowds are thinner.

Commissar Adrianblade

Friends from Japan wanted to see some sights in NYC and I knew I had to bring them to the High Line. There aren't many places in the world where you can visit a park almost 2 miles long that's been built on train tracks! It makes for a nice relaxing walk even on the weekends and there are some great places for pictures. Best part? It's free! It's only a short walk from Penn Station too!

Jonathan Choy

Absolutely amazing way to see NYc. So many things to do during the walk, a plethora of buildings /architecture /sights / interesting things to see and appreciate and photograph. The water feature was heavenly during the intense heat. Thoroughly recommended doing this, great for children of all ages!

Samuel Pilon

To me, this is a must in N-Y. It is beautiful, totally free and refreshing. We went during the weekend so it was pretty crowded, but we still enjoyed it a lot! Totally worth it!


Really interesting place. We walked several miles and saw tons of cool stuff. Coming from Long Island, there was much to chat about, take photos of, etc.

Perks Advisor

Here is the answer to the question of what to do with an old abandoned elevated rail line. The High Line is now an elevated walk way. The designers managed to make this a beautiful walk meandering through gardens with benches. Nearby architecturally interesting buildings surround the walk. It is a peaceful way to explore the West Side from the Meatpacking district to Hudson Yards.

Sara Boyer

Wow, I absolutely love what New York did with the old railroad tracks. It is a stunning walkway over the city and allows you to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and take a deep breath in a beautiful park! There is a lot of artwork and murals to look at a long the way. Great place to take your friends and family!

Dinara G

I'd heard about this park, but got a chance to see it only today. It's a beautiful park above the city. There are still rails there. It is peaceful up there and much cooler than down on the road level. There are resting benches made of wood where you can lie down. There are some tables with chairs where you can drink your coffee or eat your lunch. Awesome place. Thank you every, who took a part in transforming subway line into a great park

Philip Koch

Beautifully designed by two European architects. It takes you into spots of Manhattan that you never knew existed. It makes even New Jersey look beautiful! I recommend it highly.there are even chaise lounges and chairs where you can sit and have a cup of coffee and look at the views.

Eric House

I've been to this "park" a few time now as tourist, and it's simply amazing. It was a great us of an old e-train. When I went at the end of summer, the tress were still green and it was an oasis in the city.

Sing Lim

Loved this place. In a busy, noisy and dirty streets of NYC,this Green belt really makes you feel good. Started from Hudson Yards you got to walk through this path in peace and in the middle of the city.

Jessica Martinez

It’s a nice place, but nothing too amusing about it. It had some great views. Its a bit crowded to walk. While you’re in the area, go visit Los. Tacos . 1 You won’t regret it. :D

tanya Corbin-Riley

If you are visitiņg NYC this is a must! Its an amazing thing in the middle of the city. Take water and enjoy the stroll. Depending on which end you start, enjoy food at Chelsea market afterward or check out the mall on the other side.Amazing.

Little Coqui

The High Line is a place of natural and man made beauty. To be able to walk above the streets at your own pace and stop to enjoy the areas close by is wonderful. There are places to sit and rest and eat as well. The artwork is unique. The ability to keep the train tracks visible after so many years is amazing. I'm amazed they have extended it all the way to the Hudson Yards. So many people can enjoy this place and it doesn't feel congested.

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