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If you haven't been here in many years they have renovated, repainted and made a few additions to the park making it a better version of what you remember. Most rides kids 42 inches were able to ride independently without an adult. A few rides 36 in to ride independently without an adult. Most rides accommodate an average size adult well with most difficulty being low seating and leg room for those tall parents. Park geared toward a younger crowd (under 10) overall great experience and fun.

Kathy Chrisbacher

Took my daughter who is almost 3. She had the best time ever. The place is so sweet, clean and perfect for little kids. She could ride all the rides with me or certain ones alone. Love that you can bring in outside food even though we bought food inside. I got a hamburger and it was surprisingly really good! I would totally recommend this place for children 8 and under. Will go again.

Vincent Colletti

Extremely satisfied...all the rides are well (especially 5 & under) will have a good time. Rides were perfect for toddlers to go solo and or with an adult. Nice place to spend entire day, short lines, friendly staff layout of park is great, tons of shade and benches. They allow full size coolers and have a great big picnic area. Have good ample open parking space. Highly recommend!!

Erin Washko

Another great day at Storybook Land! Second year we've come here, and it's now the high point of our week at the Shore. It's a bit retro, but in the best possible way. Friendly employees (shout out to the lovely girl at the Tree Swing who was so kind to my daughter!), scrupulously clean with great landscaping, rides all kept in good repair. Food remarkably decent for the price. Family owned, and it's clear they really care. Looking forward to next year already!

Steve E

Great place to bring the pre adolescent kids. Relatively tame rides for children. Plus a very nice, shaded walk around the whole park. Employees are well trained and are friendly but very professional.

Christopher Lawrence

I went here when I was a kid and had the chance to take my kids. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. They had a great mix of rides I went on and new rides. They also kept up the storybook attractions very well. They worked better than when I was a kid. The grounds were well maintained and all of the staff were very friendly. The queue lines are barely existent despite the parking lot being full. My kids had a blast. My son is 6 and my daughter is 9. They each enjoyed all the attractions, especially Bubble's Coaster, the Tick Tock Drop, and the splash pad. They loved that the North Pole was cold. Thanks, Storybook Land!

Dennis Allen

We usually come to Storybook Land in October & December which is fabulous. This year we tried summer & was not disappointed. The park is very well organized & beautifully landscaped. Our three year old had a great time & we did too!

Luis Almeyda

Perfect place to spend time with the family. Secure

Joe Hartner

Cool on a 90 degree day because of the trees. Great fun for kids. Very clean. Good, reasonably priced.

Anna Miller

Kids loved it!!! Same idea as the story land in NH but a quarter of the size.

Leslie T

If you have never been here before, all I can say is go go go. The setup is amazing with the Tiny house's and the rides are definitely fun for the kids. This is a place your children would never forget about. I highly recommend visiting.

Anthony Nardella

The place is a lot of fun and it's in a very enjoyable place to always go back to but I think they drove the prices up

Shawn Goudie

Very simple amusement park with fun rides for the kids. Nice location in the trees in a hot day.

Joyce Onyeomereneche

Great place for kids.My kids loved it.Will surely go back.

Rachel Polayes

My kids, husband and I absolutely love this park! We have been three times now and look forward to our next trip! It’s always clean and the staff are very nice and helpful! My kids love the rides and all the storybook characters that are placed through out the park! So nice to have a amusement park that’s family friendly!

Melissa Tominey Lopes

This place is very cute for young kids. It is a good introduction to amusement park rides. It is always clean, not overly crowded and well shaded so it is not too hot on sunny days.

Valerie Guardado

My husband & I brought our 3yr old. Tickets are very reasonable and the rides are unlimited! Most rides you are able to get on with your lil ones. Totally worth it. Tons of shade as well.

lusho blago

free parking, very chill place for a family to go relax. Affordable if you purchase tickets online.

Stael Aiden

We drove almost 3 hours to come to storybook and it did not disappoint us. The place is magical,every one was friendly. Even though my 2 year old couldn't go on most rides, he enjoyed himself. I would go again.

amie potter

A lovely time every time. Simple...and that's all kids need. Makes for a wonderful experience for the whole family. I love that so much of the stuff is exactly as it was when I went as a kid 30 years ago, and when my mom went 55 years ago. Storybook land is like a mirage in the hub bub of today's amusement parks. Perfect for kids under 10, and then again for kids 25-125.

Keith Ludwig

Great place, lots of shade and benches to watch the kids have a great time. You can bring food & drink in too and they have lockers!!

Melissa Spooner

Park is beautifully landscaped and clean. Most of the park is set under a shaded canopy of trees, so you are not in the heat of the sun all day. The rides and storybook displays are well maintained even though some might be older. The staff was friendly and helpful. Our kids (1 and 3 years old) LOVED it. Inspite of the distance, we will be returning next summer, since it was such a hit. The food was ok, but they could certainly improve the quality a bit - it was not enough to change a great experience otherwise.

misty kness

We absolutely loved Storybook Land! Everything was so clean and the associates are extremely friendly! Next time we will bring a lunch because the food there is a bit pricy for what you get. Overall though it is a perfect park for little ones!

Jane Janosko

3rd year in a row very age appropriate rides and nursery rhyme themed park! You need the whole day to enjoy all the fun.

Karen Shells

Love, love, live this place. So family friendly and the kids can have a blast too.

Stephanie Coney

Everything is smaller than I remember it.

Valerie Holliday

A little pricey (if not going with a field trip), but definitely small child friendly. Very beautiful @ Christmas time!

Heather Green

Great experience for my two year old many rides for her.

Elaine Gee

It's a great place to take kids 12 and under. All the trees ensure it's never too hot. Let's the young one experience rides that are gentle and safe. Staff is always helpful and courteous.

Imran Saleem

Excellent place for little kids. Worth the money.its very clean restrooms are clean too

Shejal Shah

This is an amazing place to take your toddlers for a day! Price is totally reasonable, especially since there is so much to do! Rides are fun (even for the big kids) and the way they have built it to make the storybooks come to life is just exceptional. Overall an extremely great experience for the whole family!

Yaakov miller

Went for Sunday in the summer. Was extremely satisfied. I’m usually very critical, but everything was perfect here. Easy parking, short lines, friendly staff, reasonable admission price. And yes there were very many good quality rides for kids, And even adults could ride along with most of them. Highly recommend!!!

james gatto

We were there yesterday and I was surprised on how much fun we had, my wife and I with my daughter and my grandson. The parking lot was full, the lines in front were long but moving quickly. Once we started around the park it wasn't crowded and lines for rides were not long, I wondered were all the people were.The food was good too, an all around great experience, bravo SBL!

Prophesy 144

Love this place, no kid is to small to enjoy there rides, park staff friendly and a super clean atmosphere.

Nancy Schafer

Took the grand kids. Had an awesome time. Very nice overall experience. Definitely returning. Thinking Halloween will be awsome too.

rob miller

Man. If you have kids under 5 this is where to go. I have twin 3.5 year olds they LOVED it. Theres tons of trees so you wont sweat to death and they let you bring coolers in so you can pack a lunch. Awesome.

Patrick Hagan

Bring a picnic, Food options limited. Some dated exhibits but rides are in great shape and they theme the rides nicely.


Great place...all the rides are well will have a good time. Even parents can join kids on certain rides too. Nice place to spend entire day. Cafeteria is good too, with enough varieties of food for everyone. Have good ample open parking space.

Amit Sharma

Good experience to visit on a nice warm day. Lot of rides for young kids. Sprinklers were so much fun for kids.

Mike R

Really great for kids 2 or 36" and higher through - 9 years old. lots of rides, clean, and minimal crowds.


Took my family here twice and had a blast. Perfect for the little ones. Will definitely go again

shalese thomas

We had a great time. The lines weren't long. There was more than we realized to the park. The staff was friendly and the place well cared for.

Dave Sauro

Wonderful place for small kids. Bunch of fun rides and a few places to eat. Great way to spend 3 hours on a Saturday.

Don Preziosi

When they offer a "caregiver" annual pass so that any adult can take my kids I'll give them 5 stars. Sesame Place offers this. Anyone can and should offer this. I'd be willing to pay 150% the annual price.


Great place for young families. Clean and well-kept. Lines are short so kids stay happy and occupied.

Ashley Turner

Love the park. Was disappointed by the character meet and greet. Characters looked less than enthusiastic to be there. Stood around or sat arms folded... the ones who were grouped together were carrying on random conversation not staying in character definite throw off for the kids.

Matthew DeBoer

Kids have a great time. The staff is friendly and the rides are a good price.

L Sanchez

Highly recommended for families with kids from 0 to 10. They’ll have a blast!! The best part for the adults (in my humble opinion): ALL THE SHADE. Looks like they went out of their way to make sure there’s a lot of shade everywhere in the park. It’s the perfect size, so it does not require lots of walking. Oh, and you know how kids want to do the same ride over and over? Well, the lines (at least on a Wednesday) were little to zero. The other beautiful thing: you can bring your own food!! It was more than 1.5 hours away from home, but it was all worth it.

Mike Yosi

I rarely throw out 5 stars but this place is great for kids. I have a 3 and 1 year old and both had a blast. Lots of rides they could both go on which is key. Plus we hit each ride multiple times with little to no wait. Clean, uncrowded, lots of space, shaded. Well worth the trip.

Vickie Glover

The place is magically!!! My 4 year old and my 10 year old had a wonderful time! I think the place is reasonably priced. It cost for the 4 of us less than it would cost for just one of us at Disney World for one day. Of course if u have older children then it would not be the best choice but for younger children, it was just wonderful!!!

Joe B

I found an extremely well kept and unique park geared toward young children. The prices are affordable. The car show was great. I'm new to this area and have heard great things which occur throughout the year. The park is clean, family owned and has an exceptional Staff!

Justin McBride

Great place to take kids for the day. Our kids ages 2 to 10 loved it.

David Oldham

We had a great time here! Our girls are 2 and 4 and were able to ride more rides than we had time for. We spent four hours there and easily could have spent the entire day there.

Glenn Schmoyer

Took my 6 year old granddaughter. She was absolutely enthralled by the place. This is the fourth time we've gone there she loves it more each time. I highly recommended for young children

Jess Hackney

My grandmother took me there 50 years ago. I took my children 20 years ago and last week I took my grandchildren. It is a great place for children 2-5 albeit expensive.

Maria Pagano

Always a great visit. Shaded park, friendly staff, not too crowded.

Dann S Washko

Storybook land is pure fun for younger children and adults. Both times we have been there all rides were operational and there were practically no lines. The staff is friendly and enthusiastic. The park is very clean. I was amazed at how clean the bathrooms were! We will definitely be back. Our youngest (7) absolutely loves storybook land. The price is right all around!

Nicole Miller

Very well maintained over the years! Perfect for little ones!

Frank Sigismondi

Very clean, children 10 and under would probably enjoy it most. My 4 yoa, was able to go on all rides but 1. Food was no good, but they allow you to bring in your own. They have nice picnic areas and plenty of shaded spots. Good day trip for the family.

Quinto BUB Truesdale

Great place to take the kids it's fun enjoyable and not to crowded. Also the staff are friendly and lines for rides are not long at all.

David Merson

My family and I have been going here for the past three years, ever since our first child was born. Fun rides, great staff, and best of all it's almost completely shaded. If you are in the area or coming back from the shore, stop in with your young kids and make some great memories.

Alison Smyth

Had the best time with my toddler yesterday at Storybook Land. The park is shady in all the right spots. Besides the rides there is splash pad and lots of stuff to look/hear nursery rhymes. My son was so excited there were 2 trains! Bring a bathing suit for the splash pad. There is a bathroom right next to the splash pad to change. You can bring your own food in and there are plenty of spaces to sit down and eat. The bathrooms were very clean and are throughout the park. Even though my son is 4 we brought our stroller because it is a lot of walking and we used our stroller to carry our stuff. We will definitely be back!

Edgar Rodriguez

At first I was about to put 1 star. We measured at home 36 inches. As we get to park and she's a half of centimeter short for the rides when we measured her up front ok rulers are off floors not even out side ok I get it. But was still declined 3 rides out of 5 that she could get on. 2ith an adult. They explained she can get on certain rides with an adult. So why did we get declined if I'm trying to ride with her. As I was getting ready to leave and never come back because they declined my refund. My girl had little bit more patience then i did she got John a GM to call back to the rides we where declined from to make shure we can ride. Thanks to john we got to enjoy the park for the rest of the day.

Brian Kasper

Friendly staff and good prices. Best of kids over 36 inches to ride with an adult and 48 inches to ride solo. Great place to enjoy the weather while still being able to have some beautiful shade. Take the train ride around the park. Train arrives and departs next to the construction equipment ride. Enjoy....I know we did :)

Nicole Olsen

We had an amazing day here!!! It is the perfect place to take younger children. I would say ages 4 and up because there are height limits on the rides. The price is reasonable!

Dr. A. Paul

Simply a nice place for kids and kids at heart to visit. From children’s classic tales brought to life by animatronics to some pretty child friendly rides, this place is well run and clean. Would come back anytime!

Karen Rich

Extremely affordable, impeccably clean, wonderful rides, well maintained property, and an adorable theme! We love this place!!


Alot of rides for toddlers, staff are friendly. Will go back again. Great family fun day.

Steven Trapanese

Our first time here with my 2 year old son. He loved it and had so much fun. We enjoyed it so much that we bought the season passes for the year.

Michael Leach

Great service. Beautiful park, always clean, food is awesome and well priced. Worth the hour drive. Remember gaged for children 1-8

Jeffrey Latko

Awesome time had by all! Great place to spend the afternoon! We'll be back for Christmas!

Heather Rolon

Wow! Great day was had by all with a 3yo, 2yo, and 2 infants. Both toddlers were 36in or more so they could go on all of the rides. So wonderful. The park is spotless (and there were multiple large daycare groups) and never felt crowded. Lines were less than 5 minutes and they let you stay on if there isn't a line. Love that they encourage packed lunch and offer lots of seating. Bathrooms were very clean and cool (it was the summer). Will be back for sure. Best experience!

Mindy P

Just like when I was a kid. My son loved it! Pretty much everyone is friendly and makes it a special experience. It was great going yesterday too because there wasn’t any lines either.

Shibabrata Dey

Very good amusement park for kids with nice rides. There are good food options also available. Can have a great time with your family.

Denise Gallagher

So cute for kids!!! My 7 year old had a great time. He loved Bubbles the Dragon coaster

James Angle

This is a great place for kids, not too crowded, plenty of shade from all the trees to stay out of the sun if you wish.

Lauren Magazzu

Loved this place! My 4 year old also loved it. I would've given the full 5 stars except my only issue is the food @ the concession stands were WAY over priced. All of the employees were all very friendly, courteous & helpful. We will 4sure be back. I just found out they also have party packages. So we will %110 be back 4 my son's 5th birthday party.

Joon Im

A neat place to go with the little ones. The grounds are well maintained. Rides are clean and fun. Lots of benches and decent dining areas, clean facilities, splash area, can bring own food, stroller friendly. Even if you don't meet the height requirement, as long as a parent or guardian is with them; most rides are . There's a trolley that goes around and a train ride that tours around most of the park. Parking is ample but some spots are a bit of a walk.

Maciej Leja

This place is very nice. we took our almost 2 years old and she head a great time. she could go on almost all the rides with an adult and she is just shy of 36 inches. staff is helpful. cheese steak near the entrance was much better than expected.

David Young

Clean, friendly staff and short lines. Perfect experience for little people.

Scott Sempier

This amusement park for young kids has it all. They have a good (small) roller coaster that is fast, but has no loops. There are many spinning rides (if that's your thing). They also have plenty of houses to bring nursery rhymes to life. Bring quarters so that you can feed the goats atop Billy Goats Gruff bridge. Also, bring a bathing suit - for the small ones - for their splash pad. My favorite spot is Alice's (psychedelic) rabbit hole.

Cindy Pinto

My granddaughter (3 years old) & I (60 years old) love this place! I came here as a child then brought my children and now my grandchildren. The seasonal passes are reasonably and definitely worth it even for me that drives an hour to get here, so much to do that it takes the whole day to do everything ❤️

Rebekah Rarr

This place exceeded my expectations... The whole park was clean and had a lot of fun rides for the kids. We went when it opened which was the perfect time because we did not wait in line for any ride. I would definitely bring my kids back here again!

Slavia Schrey

Love this place. Great for families and children. No long lines. Would go again.

Kazi Latif

Really great for bringing little kids. It's gets a little hot, so be prepared!

Bret U

This park is a treasure. It’s family owned and operated. They put on amazing Christmas light display not to be missed. We love this park and you will too!

Katie Drake

What a nice evening we had with our family! The lights for Christmas are gorgeous! So much for my kids to look at and the snow machines were an added plus. And I also must thank Storybook Land tremendously for having a designated area for nursing moms. I was able to nurse my baby in a heated area with privacy and cleanliness. Kudos to you!

Amber Fairchild

This place is nothing short of adorable and extremely affordable for a cute family outing. We go everywhere and truly love it. It’s a tradition well looked forward to ! We love the Christmas lights and how festive. How we can see the animals and grab a bite to eat. This place is definitely little kid approved with rides for everyone. Would highly recommend you won’t be disappointed and the kids in your life will enjoy!

Patricia Kirby

I would go here every time I wanted to do something with the kiddo. The staff is awesome, no wait for rides, the food is good, the rides are great. My son had an absolute blast! Please don’t ever change!! Thank you!!

Joe Montgomery

Good place for the kids. Order tickets online and save money. And bring your own food they have a picnic area unless you worked a lot of overtime. Food is very expensive

Jennifer Bosco, Realtor

Awesome place! It's great for kids of all ages. I remember going here as a kid and love the fact that I can take my own. It's about $30/ticket after taxes. Food is on the expensive side, but you can tell the money is well used. The park is constantly being well maintained, upgraded and additional attractions added. They have reindeer, goats, a lamb, geese and peacocks. They're is a miniature school house, shoe house, igloo, maze, roller coaster tea cups, carousel, train and soooooo much more! The gift shop is nice and they always have new things. If you visit in Nov/Dec you can see Santa. If you visit in the summer they have a small 'water pad' that kids LOVE!


Man was awesome 20 min from our hotel room was a heat advisory when we went so they were closing early but that was even better cause it was no wait lines at all so we got on everything multiple times they have like a sprinkler type area to play in mist and water and cool off the place is surrounded by trees so it shady was the perfect thing to do on a 100 degrees day when its even too hot to be at the beach great place and i will definetly be back thanks storybook land for the

Marcy Hyer

What a beautiful park! We had a great time!

Erica Soto

I had booked my four year old daughters birthday party here without visiting in person and took a chance based on the photos and reviews. I was looking for an outdoor party with tons of things for kids to do, a splash pad area and a nice place to share a good meal with family and friends. I am so happy to say that the birthday party far exceeded my expectations. The atmosphere is amazing. The artwork and some statues are of yesteryear but they are stunning and charming works of art. The trees are mature and almost feel like they're hugging you, it's so friendly. It's great having lots of shaded area so that your not baking in the sun. The grounds are beautifully kept and maintained, greenery and flowers everywhere, everything is painted and polished. The garbages are clean and not overflowing like other kids places. The bathrooms were IMMACULATE and right across from the Birthday area which was perfect. The birthday cake area is the most charming little nook that was perfect for 9 kids and friends and family. Who doesn't want to have a party under a giant birthday cake! There are 3 round tables, plenty of seating and other white tables available for food and cake set up. I feel like parties with about 15 children would be perfect for this size area. The area is also fenced off so toddlers don't have the opportunity to wander off and everyone stays together. Our host Elaina was excellent. She hustled when I asked for things, helped get our stuff out the car, helped the stuff back in the car, took our food orders, ran back and forth for drinks and was pleasant the entire time. She gave TOP NOTCH customer service. She was super friendly and by the end of it she made it seem like we were FAMILY. The pizzas were great, thin crust and yummy. They were made fresh at a pizzeria and kept hot and yummy for the kids. Once the party time was over we enjoyed all the attractions. There was so many areas the kids enjoyed. The splash pad was their favorite and the mist under the lighthouse was refreshing. There was so much to do and we didn't even get to everything. My 4 year old and 9 year old had a blast! We drove 2 1/2 hrs and it was well worth it! We can't wait to go back for their special events. The price was very reasonable as far as birthday parties go. Near NY the price for something similar is nearly double! I kinda don't want anyone else to know how amazing this place was. It definitely my new best kept secret! You can tell the place is run by a family for families. Thank you storybook land for keeping a little piece of magic alive for my family. BEST DAY EVER!

Aryelle Barrett

Very clean and well kept. Family enjoyed every moment. Also, the staff was beyond pleasant

Cathy Littleton

Its very enjoyable. Granddaughter a little young (14 months) for all the rides but plenty of other things to see

Jessica White

I don’t remember going here as a kid, but I’m glad I finally got to go. Look, this is a family place with lots of kids and strollers. So you have to be okay with that. But also, everyone else seems to be, too, so no one side eyes you when you leave your stroller at the ride exit or when your kid is scared of the carousel. Getting to go on some of the rides with my kid was great, too. Food options were not ideal, but there was also a great picnic area so bring lunch! Free parking, easy to get too (and kids can nap on the drive home, if you live far enough away).

mayur darji

This was the second visit. If you have small kids, want them to enjoy at fullest, this is the place. Very nice park with tree all around which makes it comfortable for parents and elderly move around from one ride to another.

Patrick Lee

This place is definitely worth going with your kids, the rides are simple and there is so much for them to do. My son had a blast here, would definitely come back again.

Tracy McMullin

I literally can not say enough good things. It was clean, close parking, ample bathrooms. Deceptively large so even when it was busy the turn over was great. I had low expectations and I had as much fun as the kids. It's a tiny spray pad, just enough to cool down, so bring a bathing suit. To keep the cost down pack a cooler and since the parking is close you don't need to drag it around. Pack A LOT of water (probably my only complaint was no bottle refill station). If you want to push a stroller it's all flat land and plenty of places to put it off to the side. The staff- all friendly, smiling and polite. No smoking, so that's nice!

Marie Persichilli

Best place for a day of family fun! Spotless and you can bring your own lunch. Staff is extremely helpful and very polite.

George Torres

Had a great time with my niece she can't wait to go back!!

shubham gupta

Kids can't miss this, best part almost more than half area is covered with trees and they bless the park with sun cover, all pros - No waiting lines, fun rides 1-8 yrs, meet greet, parking, picnic tables and reasonable pricing. Surely will visit again.

Kirk Petropoulos

My children had such a great time that we went back the next day . This place is perfect for children 10 and under, the staff is wonderful, the rides are fun, and the atmosphere is classic.

sassy pants

This place was amazing if your kids loves princess and nursery rhymes this is the place to take them. We will be back again next year .

kptheatre 213

One day they allowed my 5 year old (42 inches high) to ride rides alone. Today I find out there are height requirements. The kids they employ are NOT trained properly. Beware.


Awesome place for kids. Loaded with full fun activities, rides. One of the Cleanliest theme parks that I have seen.

Judi Jones

Very nice park, but, 1. coming 1hr before closing & charging FULL price is a straight RIP OFF! 2. ADULTS should never pay more then $10 to get in, this is almost strickly a children's fun land, most parents don't even get on the rides, the price should vary if parents plan to ride! Put a stamp or wristband etc to differentiate a rider!! This is so UNAFFORDABLE for the locals with more then 2 children! PLEASE make some adjustments!!

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