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REVIEWS OF Space Farms: Zoo & Museum IN New Jersey

Chris M

This may be the least happy place on Earth. I don't leave low reviews often, but this "zoo" just made me sad. The animals which need space like lions, tigers, and the various smaller cats all have cages which are barely big enough to turn around in. They're all on cement slabs with chain link fencing around them with the exception of the smaller cats which might have a log or two tossed in as well. The bears have an electric fence around their small woodsy area which is shared by (from my quick count) about 5 bears and a handful of smaller critters. The entire place is covered in excrement as well. Not as in "they don't clean the cages well" but as in there is literal sh*% all over the place which you will absolutely step in every five feet. As the name might imply, there are farm animals walking around free so you ducks, geese, chickens, etc. have pooped on every inch of ground in the facility. The entire outdoor "zoo" smells like feces, is covered in feces, and will cover you in feces as well. Also...for better or worse, the entire place is treated like a giant petting zoo. I don't want to say that they encourage feeding ALL the animals, but I will say "zookeepers" were walking right along with people who were tossing goldfish crackers and reaching into animal cages without saying anything. To their credit, the bigger animals have a second fence so you can't reach into the cage, but other animals are just there to be pet/fed. I honestly have no clue how this place is allowed to be open. All that said, the "museum" aspect is actually pretty neat. They have lots of old dolls and farm equipment which is neat to look at in some barns. It's in surprisingly good shape (although I wouldn't call it "preserved" by any means) so feel free to take a look.

Na Xu

We had a great time with kids there. It's a cool mix of museum, petting zoo and farm. You can also see some big animals. They also have a on-site cafe selling pizza, chicken meat, salad etc. The farm animals are happy and are free to ask around. I am only concerning about the some animals, such as bear, tiger, and lion, who seem needing more space and more customized environment other than a cell. I even feel the foxes need more room and birds need to fly in a bigger space.

Kanu Suguro

I like the place even more than my kids! Very large zoo area and people get so spread apart, you pretty much have each exhibit to yourself. Vintage toys and cars museum is cool enough on their own to warrant a visit. Vintage dolls are fascinating and just the right amount of creepy.

Tom Lardner, MD

love it..great family business

Chuanqian Zhang

I disagree with some people saying the animals' environment is poor. On the contrary, I feel the environment is perfect and very NATURAL, which is very important for wild life. I have been other NJ zoos, some of them (with excellent reviews) are actually very bad because they are too "commercialized" and "customer-oriented". For example, a brand-new den doesn't necessarily mean it is good for animals although it may entertain you in a better manner. those friends actually need seemingly "discorded" environment to mimic wild environment. Remember, animals don't need beautiful house and space as we humans, they need wild ones.

jay caneyeball

Real cool place full of all kinds of antique stuff. Indian artifacts antique cars tools tractors glowing rocks and just to much coolness abounds. The zoo is cool. Unbelievable the amount and diversity of animals wich are housed in semi makeshift enclosures. I find it cool you can get pretty close to most of them. They have dangerous animals like big cats and bears ect. If you go near the end of the day you can watch them feed the animals and sometimes they will let you do it. If you. Like guns they have thousands of them hanging on walls and ceilings all have a plaque of info.Go here .worth the trip

Kristin Strouse

I have been doing to space farms every year with my family as long as I can remember. It has now become a family tradition. And this year we get to introduce new little people to the sun can wait

James natale

First time here with my 7yr old grandson. We had a great time. The place is clean and well kept. Many animals to see. The antique cars and old toys were great to view. The only problem we had was the heat, it was 90degs when we came here. I would recommend this zoo to all.

Yides Muller

My kids enjoyed it. The place is a little run down.

Bryce Edwards

Tour was expensive, opted to explore the doll collection and guns for free. Met one of the spaces', nice guy. Pizza smelled good and the place Is kept clean.

Gregory Lynch

Been coming back for over 50 years. Always great!

Russell Fagan

Animals are nice and also are the people

Daniel McHugh

Great place to bringthe kids to learn about animals and human linteraction Great for all ages.

Martyna Maczuga

Went here as a kid. Although it is nice, a lot of the animals including the lions, tiger, and snakes, are kept in horrid condition. Extremely small enclosures, the big cats ones are on a block of cement with a small outdoor area.

William Cummings

The baboons are kept in a very very tiny enclosure. The wolves are kept in an enclosure so small that you would not put your dogs in there, let alone an animal that needs to run all day. There is very little shelter from the elements for the animals. It is a sad place filled with very sad animals.

mag 226

Great zoo had lots of fun with the kids

Laura Battaglia

The enclosures are extremely old and outdated. The animals have very little room to move around. Some much worse than others. Wolves, Lions, Tigers, Alligators, Baboons, leopards, monkeys and, large snakes, Bear and Panther especially need much larger enclosures. Also, the animals had very little, if any interesting enclosure details like trees, ropes, rocks, things to climb. Often they had nothing. The animals are miserable. It was very sad to see. They are fed well, but live miserable lives. I find this disgraceful considering the museum owned by this family has 100's of priceless classic cars and motorcycles, tractors and rare items which are worth millions and millions. If they sold just one of these items they could easily afford to make modern, necessary and much more humane changes to the enclosures. I found the effort put into the welfare of these animals was very poor and this should not be allowed in this day and age in New Jersey. If more people took notice they would be forced to do something about it. Times have changed and this so-called farm is simply archaic, unethical and wrong. God help those animals. Lastly the wolves had such bad ear infections their ears were flat to their heads and the wolves were shaking their heads profusely. One of the foxes (black fox) had a severe would on its neck as well. Lastly the raven stuck in the porcupine cage was disgraceful. It was so obvious the raven was going crazy. All of this was very sad to me.

Joyce Sprick

Really enjoyed zoo and much as the kids, great day!

Marilyn Farmer

I worry about the animals they dont look that happy or well

Dawn Moore

Lived in NJ my whole life and just came here today for the first time. Great place, awesome, friendly staff, and clean, well taken care of animals!! My son had a blast and we can't wait to visit again!!!

cory kettleman

My kids loved it. They had a nice selection of animals. The kids loved feeding all the animals. I liked the antique cars and motors. They had a little something for everyone.

Raymond Ellis

This is a great place. The series of museums have all kinds of artifacts from Indian relics, dolls, antique guns to automobiles, farm implements and everything in between. I enjoyed the zoo, as well. Many interesting and exotic animals along with animals that can be hand fed.

Linda E

We visited recently. First time for me & my friend went here 40 years ago. Goliath the Kodiak bear has passed now but he's still "there". Lots of taxidermy if you like that sort of thing. I prefer the old collections of a vast amount of things. All categories. Old cars, canons, firearms, dolls, native American artifacts, rocks & minerals, old time tools etc etc etc. So much to see. That is free (except the cars/wagons/canons) The zoo part is a nice collection of animals that you can feed. (not the big carnivores, of course!) It isn't cheap but better if you don't buy the corn & animal crackers to feed them. 2 people- 1 bag corn kernels & 1 bag of a. crackers = $43-46 approximately.


Mixed feelings about Space Farms. Would probably say 3.5 stars. On one hand it provides a zoo experience to educate kids about animals you would normally see in bigger zoos. The troubling part is certain larger animals are in enclosures that certainly appear to be too small. This was absolutely the case for the lions, and I would be interested to know what experts report as a healthy amount of space for the bears, the tiger, the jaguar, the monkeys, and a few others. The various species of deer, goats, sheep, and other animals had very large spaces to move around and spread out. But these larger animals I am mentioning were all seen pacing back and forth, which appeared to be a behavior representing stress. Overall I would want families/kids to be able see and learn about these animals at any farm or zoo but I would feel better about the experience if the animals appeared to be less stressed or less trapped in enclosures that are nowhere near the area they would need to be healthy in the wild. Maybe Space Farms could do something to reassure the public that the animals have enough space or are healthy in the space they are given. Just my opinion, others may disagree.

Kaitlyn Hotchkin

The best place in the world, so personal and kind. Lori Space-Day is amazing and wonderful, takes amazing care of their animals and treats you like family!!

Daniela Canela

2nd time here, always a good time! Not over crowded, staff is really nice and a wide range of several different kinds of animals.

Marco Chabla

Nice, calm place. It's not that packed for a Sunday. They have some interesting things and many animals.

Margaret Standaert

Old fashion zoo and museum. Great place to take the kids.

Mike Weir

Wide variety of animals from all over the world. Much more than I expected. You can pet and feed some animals but not all (for obvious reasons). They had Lions, tigers, 5 different types of bears, emus, kangaroos, wolves, several different types of deer and many more. Laid back atmosphere, friendly owner and staff. Will definitely go back many times.

Kevin Ott

The museum is located in several outbuildings as well as the main building, and it's an absolute gem. There is a cool and varied collection of items. Take your time exploring all there is to see. The zoo hasn't changed much in decades and is starting to look a little worse for wear. $18 to enter is a little steep. It would be great to see some new collections or upgrades for that price. Overall, it's a neat piece of Americana.

Susan Butler

Loved this place. It's so much bigger then you would imagine from the outside. The bears actually sat and awaited their treat. The people are so friendly.

Teresa R

We love spacefarms. Amazing amounts of animals to see. Dont forget to bring snacks for the critters and yourself!

Sara Surkis

The thing I love most about this zoo is the size. It is not as large as one of the city zoos closer to my home, but this size is perfect for my toddlers. We were able to see all of the animals, which made my girls so happy. The Kodiak Bear was a big hit for all, as well as the baboons. And there was even something for the adults; it was very interesting for us to see the cars and motorcycles from close to 100 years ago. As we were leaving the zoo, we realized that we missed part of the museum, so that will be out first stop next time we come. We will definitely be coming back to this zoo again soon.

Lucy Rubino

Super fun for the whole family. Very unique and patrons always feel welcome. Highly recommend.

Shloimy Levinger

Went with a camp, they all loved it like crazy, they have lions and bears tigers as well, animals that most zoos don't have, so it added to the excitement.

Tina Wilt

Space farm you'll love it as much as I can feed the bears animal cookies you n just throw the cookies through or over the fence they'll even put up their paws and like wave loke to to say how bout me.i love it there

Gina Schackel

Awful experience! Creepy museum inside. Lots of dead stuffed animals. Really sick items on display like deer fetus. Reminded me of Hills Has Eyes props. And the dolls... super creepy. The highlight was seeing dead roache in the China collection.

Che Guttman

We had an amazing day there! Highly recommend!

Cindy S.

I haven't been there in such a long time I have really had a wonderful time with the animals and museum.

Tom Tierney

I think after a certain time they should lower the price to enter but other than that I love the place

Kendrea Devine

I have been going here since I was a kid and now I get to bring my kid! Get the season pass absolutely worth it! We visit almost weekly and toss the animals healthy snacks and play on the playground.

Michelle Boscardin

Our family enjoyed it here, alot of land for the animals to walk around. Some animals there roaming around so you can pet and feed them. It's family owned and been around since the 60's. Interesting amount of strange artifacts too. I like the old cars.

Rob M

The bad reviews just seem to be people who are haters of zoos. My wife and I went today and we are animal lovers. The place is well kept, nicely landscaped, clean. The animals look well fed and happy. I couldn't find anything bad about the place. Yes, the taxidermy is a little weird when you walk in at first, but it is all education as you will see when you go up the stairs. Overall, this place is great and a must see when in NW NJ. One suggestion...sell fresh veggies for people to buy to feed to the groundhog pen. I think they would enjoy some carrots ;)

Peter Frapaul

A family owned zoo with animals you can hand feed.museums with cars ,old toys,farm implements,motorcycles,bicycles,wagons,dolls and more.they have a gift shop and an extreme pizza restaurant for food.season passes are also available for purchase.been going since I was a kid ,I've brought my kids and now will be bringing my grandson.a fun family outing. They even have a picnic area so you can have a picnic there as well.

Jim Hill Builder

Great place my grandson loved it as we did also

Jean Treptow

How is this place still open?Animals in to small enclosures with little to no room or place to get out of elements. Pacing animals in almost every pen.These animals are visibly stressed out.

Tom Martin

I have been visiting space farms over the last 35 five years with my own 3 kids and now with my grandchildren. It is a great way to spend with your family. All the the folks here are just so friendly and nice is in it self reason enough to keep coming back. Love it. Tom. From Pennsylvania.

Laurie M

Stay far away. We drove there and didn't even bother going in because it just looked like a wreck from the outside.

Justin Sadowski

Went there with my son for a class trip. I didn't realize how big this place was. I chaperoned my son and a friend of his and they had a blast. So did I, as a matter of fact. Just walking around and seeing/feeding the animals was relaxing and entertaining. And at the end of the trip, the kids were shown the feeding of the animals. Very educational and a great class trip for the kids.

Raymond Braun

Awesome place. I will definitely be back

Autumn Buchanan

Good variety of animals. My favorite was the museum! Highly recommend!

fran digangi

Fun place to bring the kids! Lots of animals to see and antiques in the museum's.


The museum portion was cool, but the living areas for the animals is appalling. The felines, wolves, and foxes were pacing back and forth, going stir crazy.

Colleen Djordjevic

Went here with my boyfriend and family for my nephew to enjoy, and i swear i dont know who loved it more the adults or the kids! This place is awesome! Def a must doo for kids (and adults) if you lovr animals you gotta go :)

Gennaro Paolillo

Never heard of this place before searching for zoos in New Jersey and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Definitely worth the trip and I will be back next year with my son. It's important to support small, local zoos like these, because they do a great thing for the animals and in return our children get to learn and have love for animals.

Violetta Dilanyan

This is a great zoo for both kids and adults. Been here more than once and definitely coming back! Selection of animals is fantastic! They have lions and tigers and bears and many other animal species. Everyone in family can find something to enjoy during the visit there.

Chris Barbayanni

Great place to bring little kids. The bigger ones can get bored easily. Lots of animals. Love the pizza place they added right inside. A little pricey z but good food. They offer military discounts. :)

Melisa Villegas

We have a good time here

Mr C

Great for kids. You can get really close to the animals

Brachi Tessler

It was an amazing and extremely enjoyable experience. Loved every moment!!!

Nature Lover

Wonderful zoo. They give you corn seeds and animal crackers (which are tempting to eat hehe) so you can feed the animals. They have lions, panthers, servals, a jaguar or a leopard..I don't remember what it was, llamas, deer, pigs, chickens, horses, monkeys, etc. They also have cool museums with old cars. But my favorite part of one of the museums was the mineral collection - beautiful! They also have a dark room where you can see how some minerals glow in the dark. Before you leave, you can get things at the gift shop, like stuffed animals, animal posters, animal games, dog chews, puzzles, etc. The zoo is not big like the bronx zoo, but it is still really nice. If you have kids, you can take them to the playground that they have. When I went on a Sunday, there weren't any kids on the playground so you might have it all to yourself - who knows? Overall, it's a really good zoo.

Kayla Andrews

Took our young children there and was of course excited to see their faces seeing all of the animals. I left feeling a little conflicted and honestly confused. How has no one done anything about this zoo? Are regulations on zoos mandated state to state or are they nation wide? Why is space farms not answering for themselves on any of these reviews? I have heard there have been improvements over the years, but it seems to have many many more improvements to make. 1. This zoo is literally animals in cages. Not enclosures mimicking natual habitats. I watched the zookeeper go on a ladder and throw a filthy bucket of food on top of the Kodiak bears heads. All enclosures look the same. Rocks and dust. 2. Not good for educational purposes. Signs on the enclosures are small, misinformative, and poorly written. No interactive or educational features anywhere. 3. Over breeding. I don't know that much about regulations on the amount of animals there should be per the size of enclosure but they seem to be over their heads with the amount of animals in each cage. Very sad. 4. Super expensive. Go to Turtle Back Zoo. Much cheaper, more bright and beautiful, educational, humane, and interactive.

Melissa Deighton

Very enjoyable. Staff is pleasant and helpful. Animals are well taken care of.

John Artinger Jr.

Had a wonderful time here today with the family. We came early and saw a lot of activity. Our almost 2 year old had a great time interacting with the animals, and I loved the antique cars, tractors, farm machines, and especially covered wagons and carriages. I was able to speak to one of the family members, he actually pointed out a few of the older horse drawn farm machines he drove when little, which was a fascinating conversation, listening to how it was back then. Its a really nice ride out, the leaves were changing colors and traffic was light so it made it even better. Buy a bag of food at the cashier before you go out there, feeding the animals is a lot of fun. I would agree with having concerns for the cage size for all of the predators in the place, the mountain lions looked very crowded and were not happy with each other when we were visiting. Both the monkey and baboon cages could definitely use some more room, there is plenty where they are situated now to take from. Do not let that detract from your day, this is a terrific hidden gem and Id highly recommend it to any and all families. The collection of arrowheads and Native American artifacts were really interesting as well, located upstairs in the main building. We left around 1 and there were many people eating in the food court, so food must be decent. We went to the Airport Diner, a short ride away. Overall, definitely worth the trip!

Raymond Zukowski

One of the most fun and most unusual zoo and museum I have ever been to

Michael Snyder

Place will bring you back and it's great for kids the Space family are very friendly and can answer any questions you have about each animal

Felipe Mendoza

Love this place. Come here few times a year. Always great.

Frederick Ogrinz

It is a nice visit but very few of the animals are rescues and most of them are in captivity

Avruml Danziger


Cy Ishakis

Great family spot

Katey Young

I've been coming here since I was little...and I love this place! ♥️

Gwen Huffman

Affordable fun day of nature, animals and incredible antiques, great way to spend family time!

Krystoff Porter

Always a good time, great for families, kids, adults, and just about everybody. Domestic and exotic animals and feeding make for an exceptional experience.

D Mcg

Nice place to spend a day. Lots of walking and animals that are feeding friendly. Also have playground area. You can bring a lunch and sit outside and eat, or eat at the small restaurant inside. Fair warning, no chicken nuggets.

Vinnie Chenzo

This is the most Horrific experience I have ever been a part of. Please close this place down. Many of the enclosures are too small for the animals and by many I mean not one that is large enough. The lion looks like it has diabetes and the otters are swimming is a green cesspool. Who is the inspector of this establishment. Do not take children their because they my think it is ok to handle animals like that. I would give negative starts if I could.

Susan Kirkwood

Took my 4 year old grandson here; we had a wonderful day! Great place with plenty of room to run. Lots of animals!

Amanda Sylvestri

Great place for a day outing!!

Wilberto Burgos

I took my mom and my kids here for the day, loved it, kids had an awesome time. We will ne going back before summer ends.

Thomas Gay

Awesome place! Old school and unique.

Dawn Bulson

Went 2 weekends in a row. Great time. Animal feeding time is the best to watch. Loved by all ages

Ashley Scholten

Great for children and strollers. Clean enclosures and animals seem content. Museum has a lot of interesting things.

Durga Prasad Varada

Amazing zoo. I go there every summer with my son. We love it, very polite and friendly staff. Almost all animals can be fed by hand. That’s an awesome experience.

Chris Fenwick

It's just awesome. Great day trip. Lots of wonderful animals. The museums are remarkable.

Elizabeth Catherine

This place is sad. I’m sure that properly accommodating all of these animals is extremely expensive, but if Space Farms can’t afford it then they should find homes for these animals elsewhere. Most the animals, specially the exotic ones, are living is sub par conditioned to say the least. Today was hot and I didn’t see any water in the primates cage. Absolutely none. The bigger animals like the exotic cats do not have nearly enough space. The animals just seem depressed.


Chris M is being overly sensitive. It’s a zoo with quite a few free roaming birds and guess what? Birds poop. A park with grazing geese is much worse. Some folks would rather have no zoos I guess.

Meg W

Great idea for day trip. Kids love this place.

Fushit !!!!!!!!!!!!

Very cute small zoo really enjoyed the place

YP - Police Pursuits

We had such a great experience. The animals are so unique and vibrant! I can’t wait to visit again for the 3rd time!

A Mon

I've loved space farms since I was little now my 3 boys love it too!

Tara Torello

Inexpensive amd fun for the whole family. See the animals up close, much more than other zoos. Amazing antique cars, weapons, toys. Close enougj for a day trip from NYC, or better yet, stay at a nearby campground. We went to Kymers. Only 10 min from Space Farms.

bill noneya

Great place friendly staff and good pizza and salad

baylee irgang

I took my daughter there for our first time today. The enclosures on bigger animals like the cats were very small, while animals like goats and deer had very large enclosures. One of the animals while we were there had cut their face pretty badly rubbing against the metal fences on the enclosures. It seems like some animals weren't taken care of all to well. In the long run for a smaller scale zoo it's not bad but it definitely surprised me on the condition of some of the animals.

The Robinettes

Hime of the worlds Largest Grizzly "Goliath" Truly a majical place. Saving bear species through breeding, saving animals from the Laboratory and expectations. The petting farm was so fun with such beautiful and friendly animals! The museum was an Awesome Walk thru as we circled the zoo clockwise. The animals were very active and engaging with the children passing bye. We love our Austin, TX wild life rescue zoo the most, but the staff here love their team and animals and you can tell from the second you get your ticket. Bring the family, ignore the haters. Just look at pics, my home videos are ridiculously wonderful.

Regina Major

We really had a great time, loved watching some of the animals get fed, the cougars were awesome

Bill Vonbusch

great place to bring the kids all kids love this place it's a really cool place museums nice got some cool animals definitely a good family place

Aug Aaa

Had a great time. Nice selection of animals to see and feed !

Ryan Feeley

This was a really interesting place. They had massive collections of things in display cases and buildings all over their huge property. Old toys, tools, cars, guns, etc.. Also a zoo that had some pretty surprising animals, as well as ones you could pet and feed. Kids loved it, and you could definitely spend a whole day there. Feels like an old roadside attraction, which is I believe how it started.

Gina Celentano

Had such a great time here with my family! The staff went above and beyond and really makes you feel like part of the family! Love this place and can't wait to come back! My daughter enjoyed all the animals. I highly recommend this to families with all age children

Anthony Weil

Great place for kids w/a petting zoo and some cool stuff some adults will enjoy. Several museums including antique cars, tools & firearms

Liz Fagan

Great place. lots of room for kids to run while seeing so really great animals.

James Auten

Great place to visit!!!! Beautiful animals!!

Renata Mekhanik

This place is so strange and wonderful at the same time. Love for living and dead(stuffed) creatures all under one roof. Great collections of cars and farm equipment, etc. to feast your eyes on and all the animals seem very well taken care of. Will be back for sure. Food court needs some improvement.

Yisroel S

A nice place to go with kids.

Codrut Eftimiu

Fun. It looks more like a farm than a zoo. You can feed deers, goats, swans, bears etc.. soon they'll let us feed big cats.. :-)

Jessica Stalteri

Had such a wonderful time here with my mom and my 2 little ones! So many different types of animals to see, only down side is the path is all grass and dirt so make sure you have a good stroller and no new shoes haha

Mike Bartell

Awesome place for kids. Well worth it.

Diwani James

It looks like a prison for animals instead of a Zoo, the setting or environment just looks odd; they just put animals in small confined cages not even sticking to the theme of the habitat that they belong in. I don't know why people are giving this 5 stars in the first place, the zoo looks dirty, unkempt and don't even seem to care about making the zoo look attractive.


Nice bit small and a little pricey but we had a great time anyway

Mollie Sheppard

Love this place, great for what it is. Very nice educational museums, lots of animals.

Cynthia Furman

Love this zoo /museum . Daughter and I got to feed the baby goats and baby calf

Jignesh Kumar Patel

Very well maintained place. You can feed animals. You can bring fresh vegetables and feed them. Lions, tigers, snakes... So much to see. Specially for kids.

Mark Nelson

A hidden gem. We were in the area and looking for something to do with the kids, and just happened across this place. It is fantastic. Lots of animals, great museum, old cars, old tools, lots of memorabilia. Though can feed the animals. And they have food - pizza, salad, subs, etc. Great place to take family for a day out.

The Huha Face

This zoo will bring you back in time. I have been going my entire life. My dad took me and now I take my kids. Remember your sunblock and on some days bug repellent. You can bring in some fresh fruit and nuts to feed the bears, monkeys and deer. They also like Gerber puffs. If you cut up the apples they are easier to get thru the bars. The bears will even wave at you!! Keep an eye on all children. Do not let any child tease the animals. You would think this is common sense but it is not. Make sure you visit all of the buildings. Jave some change on hand for the wish fountain and small coin operated rides for the little ones placed around the property. local history here is amazing. The buildings house antique trucks, motorcylces and so much more.In the gift shop they sell a few books by the founders and owner. All were a great read! Pack a lunch and eat at one of the many picnic tables. There is a small snack stand in the middle of the zoo and a lunch counter where you come in. The main building has a historical museum upstairs. Don't forget your sneakers! Lots of walking and many hills. My favorite zoo in NJ. Worth the trip and so much to see. My children were lucky on our last visit and were able to feed a baby goat! Be nice and respectful to the animals and staff. Everyone will have a great day and leave with some amazing memories and photos!

Jonathan Sorscher

Very cool experience. Animals are much closer than in a major zoo. Beautiful grounds. However, the jewel if this place is the farm fresh organic eggs they sell at the counter. Wonderful.

zouxciues alhamawandi

Love this place best zoo ever as well they have lots of other things to do farm animals...lots of antique cars and equipment ....etc

Leiby Fasten

Huge zoo with many many animals. Great for kids and adults, families and school groups.

marci lancaster

Amazing history and beautiful animals

Melissa Van Dam

Haven't been here in about 20 years. Had a great time. They added a lot more to the place. More animals bigger spaces.

Giancarlo D'Agostino

I love going here, I love seeing all the animals and antiques. The food is excellent and the staff are friendly.

Stephanie Gesztesi

Perfect for a day out with your little ones! Plenty of animals to see and feed and not too much walking for the little legs. The museums are pretty cool too! Bathrooms are clean and easily accessible. The only downside is that they only offer pizza for food. But it isnt that bad lol

MiC Cashen

I've been here a few times; the kids will be tired after a day spent here. This is North Jersey's zoo, where they've enhanced the lives of many exotic animals and local fauna that came from less than favorable beginnings. It's a good time. They have museums filled with old motorcycles, cars, wagons, tools, toys, stones; classic Americana. Also, from exotic birds to predator cats, to bears to llamas, to a petting zoo with friendly barn critters... there's something for everyone. Top it off with playground equipment, outdoor picnic tables, gift shop, and indoor restaurant.

Kirk Stumpp

So much more intimate and enjoyable than a big city zoo

Robert Rodriguez

Great fun for the family with lots of animals and friendly staff too.

Bianca D'Agostino

Sorry but lions bears and monkey shouldn’t be left in small area pacing back and forth...sad

Harry Trethowan

This place is great if you enjoy watching animals suffer in a tiny space. I left the place feeling pretty depressed about how bad the animals had it. The 2 monkey's didn't even have a tree to climb in. It's common knowledge that monkey's like to swing from trees. The jaguar has no room to even break in to a jog let alone run at full sprint. Ashamed that I spent money on this place.

David Edel

Great zoo! Lots of animals to visit including lions, tigers, bears, buffalos, monkeys and much more! It's very spacious so it never feels packed and has playground spots for the kids. Has lots of table and benches to sit. Make sure to stay for the animal feeding, very interesting! There's also few exhibits of old cars, motorcycle and more. Theres free parking on site

lui- g

Small but my kids definitely loved it would go again

Ed Bushey

Amazing! I've been coming here since I was a kid. It's my absolute favorite zoo.

tia calkin

Went as a kid and recently returned. Not much has changed...the conditions the animals live in are pretty sparse... wish someone could make a large donation to better their conditions.

Shaniece Degazon

I loved it here. They dont offer personalized tours however if there is a group around one of the exhibit a zookeeper will come by to educate you about that animals. They do medical surgeries to the animals here on site as well which was helpful to learn about. You can feed just about all the animals here. Make sure to buy the corn and animal crackers when you check in to do that. Although i came for the animal the old cars were fun to watch as well.


Very nice Zoo with close up view of live animals including lion’s, tigers, bears & more. Very friendly staff, nice grounds & playground for kids to enjoy. They also have a few buildings of museum style where you can see a lot of old bikes, wagons, cars, farm gear and more. If you manage to be at the zoo during feeding time. It’s the best show you can get!

Alex Friedland

I love this zoo and think the owner takes great care of the animals. Its a good time for any family

Mordechai Rozwaski

Grown ups and kids will love this place, animals take food right from your hand!

Marianne Kinney

This is a great place to experience animals up close. Most of these animals have been rescued. Many people think its cute to own a bear cub until it becomes a bear. Luckily there is a place like like Space Farms that will take these unwanted animals and give them a decent home and educate the public as well. Space Farms has been a blessing to me and my family for 40 years. I have never seen any animal cruelty, only love and respect from every Space Farm employee. If you are not an animal and nature lover this place isn't for you. But if you are bring your camera and plan to stay and enjoy something you don't get to see everyday. To me it's heaven on earth.

Shannon Ort

Was not crowded because of the rain we had a few hours of no rain to walk around will definitely be back love the lions

Marisa Broesder

Good variety of animals, but the smell is a little overpowering.

yehuda steinberg

Great place for kids and adults outings!

Crystal Martini

I have been coming here since a kid and still love it at 33. Very cute zoo. Family owned. There's also a museum with old cars, minerals and other random things. Pizza place on location. Great day trip!

Kyle Scheffler

I dearly adore this place and used to come here when I was a kid to see all the great animals and antiques. They also serve great food.

RJ Muoio Trudell

Love Space Farms. Tons of animals and opportunities to feed them. Also, a lot of vintage collectors items

Brandon Prosock

Great family place!! Big enclosures and animals all looked healthy , but make sure you buy double snacks for animals at admission . Definitely taking family again , if you use a stroller make sure you have a good one on gravel and grass

Sharon Smith

I have been here many times being a wantage resident. A good place to take my kids to have fun. I have found the animals living conditions to be unfair. The space they are given is not large enough for them and when you're there it seems like the animals are sad.

Kristin Hankins

Very nice

Frank Nicotero

Great place when I was kid and still is. Beautiful county views

Hannah Williams

Wish I could give 0 stars... Not a single animal in the entire facility has a proper enclosure, or shall I say "prison," which more accurately describes their living conditions. The smell and well-being of the animals will disgust you. If "We Bought A Zoo" taught me anything, zoos must maintain proper regulations that are clearly absent from this excuse of a zoo. Oh! And did I mention that every single animal looks like they are depressed? If I haven't been blunt enough, this zoo should be immediately closed. How it remains open is appalling and disgusting. Anyone who has influence in this arena must take off their blinders and do something.

Nancy Salas

We are planning a women's day trip there. Went to check out the roads.

Jamshed Dastur

One of the most unique and interesting zoos in NJ. The layout is nice and spread out so the place never feels crowded. They have a lot of feeding options for kids from deer to goats and chickens and kodiak bears. There is also this amazing museum of vintage cars and motocycles and americana and stuffed animals. Deffinitely worth a visit.

Jeffrey Seidel

the space farm staff has treated us like family... they have been extremely accommodating and genuinely kind! Make sure u check out the mountain lions for feeding time!

Tony Poskitt

What an nice little zoo and museum. Pleasantly surprised and staff couldn't have been nicer!

Karli Minew

Super fun! Plenty of animals to see and they even have food that you can buy to feed them! Staff was friendly. Took a group of four adults about 2 and a half hours too see everything. Definitely recommend a trip!

Jake Danishevsky

It is an amazing place. It was our second time being at this zoo / museum. Family owned, animals are very well cared for and it is fun to enjoy, take the family and to spend a day. I loved it and so did my camera :) Highly recommend it to everyone. PS, we also got an added bonus this time around and hope to see that in the future. All the animals were being fed and it is a great experience to see animals feed.

jerzc nate

Is this our first venture to Space Farms NO. We first came here 17 years ago after we found them from online. Space Farm Zoo is family owned and operated who depend our patronage. Is it your Bronx Zoo or Turtle Back Zoo No Federal nor State money nor Sponsor money to help them. The museum is also really cool once you enter you can see a lot of displays upstairs. You can spend some good time looking at all the displays even before you enter the live animals. In the lobby is also the pizza shop and the souvenir gift shop. Pay your entry fee get a stamp so you can come and go if needed. You can buy animal cookies and corn to feed the animals. Okay let's walk around to see the animals deers, goats, a gator, bears, jaguar, black panthers, lions, tigers, bison mountain lions, llamas why not mention a yak. There are benches all around if you feet hurt from walking. There are also corn machines so you can buy extra feed if needed. There is a snack shelter along the path so if you need water, gatorade, chips etc. For a family owned and operated zoo it's a great place for you and your little ones to visit.

Julie Vecchio

We had an absolutely amazing time here if you go during summer make sure you bring sunglasses, hats, sunscreen and lots of water. Oh, and wear sneakers and comfortable clothing its alot of walk and if you have small children bring a pack or stroller with large wheels they will get tired quickly lol! Sooo much to see we spent 4 hours there and didnt even see it all! Love it here will go back next spring!

Bob H

Great Place with tons of animals and spacious exhibits and the museums are awesome also. Kid had a great time and didn't want to leave!

Quinn del Prete

Sad dirty place, the animals were depressed, the food was frozen chicken fingers and guts of road kill. I felt so sorry for these critters ! The enclosures were small & overcrowded. the foxes were flea infested & scratching untill they were bleeding. NJ state has to do something asap as I fear these animals have a dire futue in front of them.

Magi Bougas

It's a great way to spend an afternoon. Lots of animals to see and feed. The museums are pretty cool too!

Deborah Bacchetta

Wasn't much to see especially for the amount of money. Then when you want treat the kids to ice cream,it's just frozen treats from freezer. No cones or real ice cream. Turtle back zoo is a better bargain.

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