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REVIEWS OF Six Flags Great Adventure IN New Jersey

Wil Torres

I haven’t been here since I was a teenager! It’s nice and clean some new rides to try and such a thrill! I felt like a kid again running all over the park. It was awesome and the lines weren’t long!

Chris Hedge

Amazing times! I have way too much fun at coaster parks. This one is recommended for any coaster park enthusiasts or theme park goers. This Six Flags is a DC superhero themed park. Go on the wooden one, the Batman one, and the Joker one.

Tirso Montero

Six Flags is a great place for both trill seekers and children as well as older adults. Depending on your membership yo can go to the water park and that is fun to. I am only giving it 4/5 stars because there is always room for improvement. The number one problem at all theme parks is lines and wait time. "You get what you pay for" even the fast passes cost extra money, something that is already included at other theme parts with the cost of the entrance ticket.

Nemo Fine

One of the best days of my life... Great enjoyment... Thrill lovers must visit..Harley Quinn and the Fender Bender are one of the bests...Might wanna choose the week days as it gets pretty packed on the weekends.. Nonetheless it can't fail to provide fun❤

Lisa Kelly

Always have fun herw. We have season passes and a dining allows us to relax more. Good variety of rides. Fun for all ages

Scott Currie

Pretty good rollercoasters and all around a nice theme park. The hidden gem is definitely the animal park. I always just assumed that it would be underwhelming, since I've never heard anyone speak about it nor seen much in the way of advertising for it. I took the trip with my kids recently and it is hands down the highlight of the park. Be sure to get off at the stop at the halfway point and spend some time on animal encounters and educational content.

Katherin Mendoza

Can we discuss the line cutting? it’s ridiculous. Lines are long and they just let people cut lines in massive groups. Complained to an employee? Guess what was done? Absolutely nothing! Please get it together, and enforce the rules.

Domenic Vincent

Great place. We showed up with a bus of 55 kids and adults. The park is the cleanest we have ever visited. The employee were actually smiling and having fun with us. It seemed like a great place to work and it was a great day trip for our guests. Thanks again.

Michelle Kersey

Six Flags Great Adventure is a top amusement park due the the sheer number of rides. They could offer a few more rides for non thrill seekers so that all guests within a group can enjoy the day. There are many food venues and snack options. As good as this place is there are a few drawbacks. The lines to address season pass/ membership issues are quite long. The flash pass wristbands are very dated. A lot of the older rides are showing their age and really need sprucing up. As with any amusement park, the food prices are insanely expensive. But all in all it's a good way to spend a day.

Kelsey Newman

I love Six Flags, I’ve gotten the season passes for 2 seasons and it’s great. The one thing they really lack is good manners. Every employee I’ve ever come across at a restaurant and/or food/drink stand has had no manners. I ALWAYS make sure I say please and thank you whenever I ask for something. I get no words in return, ever. Most of the time they don’t even look at me. And I’m not asking for someone to have an entire conversation with me. All I’m asking for is a simple “you’re welcome” or “have a nice day”. I went to Granny’s today to eat and when I went to check out I gave the employee my season passes for the meal plan. He scanned them and didn’t even look at me, the entire time i was standing in front of him, let alone say something. I had to ask if I was good to go. Again I’m not asking for an entire conversation, just something simple. I think the way the employees act really makes my visit unenjoyable sometimes.

Pat Cranstoun

Was there to pick up grandchild, great system to do that! I felt safe and felt my grandchild was safe. Thank you

Brandi Hall

Most of the rides were amazing! Wait times were not bad at all. And food was pretty good despite the cost. Only problem was riding one of the rides and I lost an article of clothing. Was told it was my fault and there was nothing they could do. No apologies just a flat screw you. Just felt like the staff was not very friendly dealing with my issue. I wasn't being aggressive, just asking if they could replace it since it was one of their products. I don't mind being told there's nothing that can be done. But being told "then you shouldn't have had it on!" Is bad customer service! Even if it is true. There are better ways of handling it. Also felt like there wasn't a lot of fans going to cool people off in 100°f weather.

Luis Feliciano

Great place as always. Though associates there need to be retrained or followed up on how to work together. Waited too long at Johnny Rockets for my food while others who ordered way after me with bigger orders had there's way before me. No communication with each other in that work area, and Burger was not correctly. Cheese was halfway out the burger, hardly any sauce on it, and was slightly cold like it had been sitting too long. Rides were awesome though. Fright fest workers spectacular as always with the costumes and makeup. I'd give it five stars if it not had been for the Meal.

Kathryn Sheridan

We were very lucky to come on a day without huge crowds. My six year old has a new favorite coaster, and my ten year old got on every huge ride he was hoping for! Great day!

Wayne H

We've been getting season passes there for years. We always have a great time. If you go on a weekday the ride lines might not be too long. Unfortunately some other customers can be rude and also cut lines. Fortunately most people there aren't that way. There are other parks we like better, but Great Adventure is the closest and it's still very good.

Samantha Neblett

We had a ball the only complaint I have is that the rides was overheated and kept shutting down which created long lines because of the wait for it to cool down but even though that happened the staff was on point with making sure we was all safe. Make sure to buy all of your stuff on line get your tickets season pass flash pass and dinning pass its cheaper when purchase online. For the parents make sure you have at least an extra $100 for your kids to play games and buy souvenirs. My children had so much fun and we will visit again during fright feast and Christmas

Larian Abreu

Loved it. Rides for all ages. Get a membership pass to jump lines. Amusement for those who do not like roller coasters as well. If your on holiday buy an annual pass when you get there. You will go back again and again.


This is only my second visit to Great Adventure and I wasn't a bit disappointed. They were having their Halloween festival. It was a little busy but we totally enjoyed it all. The fog effect was great and looked like everyone was having an awesome time. The rides were awesome as well. Glad we chose this area to vacation. I will be coming back again. Just wish our home parks were as cool as this one. Great JOB Six Flags Great Adventure!!! Other chains could learn from you! Thank You

Bart Fraser

First time in two years. I missed this! Season pass in hand and ready for the year. The pulled pork and mac n cheese from the GA Cafe was so good I think I died and went to pulled pork heaven. This will be my go to meal every single visit. Comfort food in the house. I felt so at home with my rides and this meal. Thanks to the chefs for being brilliant and adding this meal. Please keep it as a part of the meal package. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the zombie scares that happened. The people that got scared provided so much entertainment I was glad that I was there. I will be back over and over this year.

Nihan Joy

I went to Six Flag great adventure from my school. It was during summer. It was a nice trip. My school paid for every cost of the journey. I don't had to waste money. They also provided meal. It was a sunny and hot day. I was feeling so thirsty and hungry. I rida a lot of different roller coaster. I ate pizza for my lunch. Inside the six flag great adventure everything is mad expensive. I remember a soda was six dollar. It's about three hour driving from New york city. So, it was a very nice trip. Thank you to my school for let me join this nicest trip.

Ray Caliotto

The rides are really fun. Tickets are reasonably priced, but the new membership programs are by far the best value, especially if you catch them on sale. The food is over priced, but it's an amusement park so no surprise there. I'm not a fan of the uninterested, "just here for a paycheck" teenage ride attendants. My wife and I were both really impressed with the first aid attendants though. They were extremely nice, knowledgeable and helpful.

Mark Hubman

Even if you don't like Fright Fest, which my 9-year-old daughter does not, Six Flags is a great place to spend family time. There is something for all ages to enjoy. It's a terrific place.

Manny LeCator

A lot has changed, but still great overall park. Friendly staff on our visit and the lanes weren't harsh as usual. Oh btw, for certain rides be sure to bring spare change as they will not allow you on those rides unless a locker is purchased. Have fun and be safe!

Razvan Ciubotaru

Loved it! The variety of rides and the overall atmosphere turned this park visit into one of the best experiences I've had in the U.S. The staff was friendly and helpful. This is a must do!

Rachel Diao

We just renewed our season passes for the second year. The Safari ride's varieties of wild life are better than some real zoos. Hurricane harbor is a safer and more economic option compare to beaches for young children.

Jim Captain

Roller coasters are great. Lines not too bad during the week. They don’t clean the garbage pails. They smelled awful. Service at the restaurants was just barely okay. Entire park seems to lack any kind of supervision. The employees are mostly kids without any guidance. A good day that could have been better.

Kaitlyn Mann

So much fun. Restaurant by the water ride is lacking and WAY over priced. $18 for pulled pork mac and cheese (small bowl the size of my palm) and a regular sized fountain soda. 7 meals cost $133. Would not recommend eating at that restaurant.

Jean Peterson

It is what it is. They keep the park really clean though and have designated smoking areas. When we went they had a ton of food trucks which was great. Also the reusable cup is a great deal. You pay once for the cup and then it's unlimited refills all season. Only thing is don't bring kids unless they can walk well by themselves, otherwise you can't take them on any rides.

Lemuel C

Six flags has always had a great impact on my life and its always a good time whenever I go but some of the changes are good and bad. The good is El Toro is renewed and even faster and rib cracking than before. So be ready for that. The park flash pass is improved so you no longer have bulky machine, instead you have a watch that you can reserve your ride BEFORE you go. And honestly that is worth it. Now the downfall, you now must empty your pockets FULLY OR NO RIDES. Not kidding when I say you get inspected worse than the NSA so you must rent a locker. Seriously? Another issue is a issue with superman ride on the flash pass stating I needed to wait an hour but when we checked the line, THERE WAS NO LINE. It was insane. Oh and that flash pass? It's great to reserve a spot but you must be careful as the screen is SENSITIVE and can accidentally cancel your reservation. All in all though I had a fun time. Food is priced reasonably for a park and worth your time.

Jenna Jimenez

Great park with a variety of rides! The entrance fee is a little high in my opinion, but I had a great day nonetheless. The lines were pretty short too for everything we wanted to go on. We went when it was super hot and cooled off in the water park next door which was also very nice

Wanda Padilla

Six Flags needs to fix their Attraction Access Pass line. It's ironic that the very kids that the access pass allows to go through lines faster need to wait an hour on line to receive this pass. They need to develop a way for the membership/season passes have it already uploaded to cards, This will cut down on guest relation's line and help the special needs children and parents not start off their day with tantrums or episodes.

Radhika Raghuraman

Six flags is one of the favourite getaways for my family. We end up visiting most of the weekends.. it has rides for all ages. My kid is a big fan of this place. She loves all the kids rides. the safari is the best of all. The Halloween fest is also good here.

Mark Sincavage

Six Flags appears to be reinvesting back in to this park and it is beginning to be nicer than it was over the past few years or so. It's also nice that they have been keeping the park open later in the year with their Holiday I the Park which is fun to attend. And Halloween season is probably the best (and busiest) time if year. They have recently (in the last year or so) brought back serving alcohol, which is a nice treat for the adults. In my opinion, and others I some with, feel that they should bring in some additional brand name food service outlets. They do have Johnny Rockets and Rita's, but how about a Rooks Coffee or Starbucks?


My party and I had a blast. Believe it or not. It was my first time attending and it was worth it. Since we went there late, we only had time to tour about sixty percent of the park. There are many variety of rides available for different types of people. From a nice comfortable stroll across the park in the hang basket to a crazy extreme rollercoaster ride. There is also a map of the park available right upon entry which shows you the whole park and the intensity level of each ride and where they are located. This helped us to plan our route and to stay organized during our stay. We went during the fright fest season so when it was near sunset, they had workers dressed up in all different types of costumes walking around and some of them were scaring people. I personally enjoyed, some of my friends, not so much. It was still a great experience and I encourage you to go especially before fright fest is over. Facilities were fairly clean and plenty of parking.

Veronica martinez

We visited Six Flags Great Adventure yesterday with my 2 teenagers. One of my sons is 15 years old and he has Autism. I was scared He wasn’t going to like it. Crowded, noisy places, and excessive waiting usually affects him. I was wrong, he loved it. I want thank the park for caring and making special accommodations for the community with disabilities. I applied for the Attraction Access Pass, the process was easy and helped my son enjoy his 1st trip to Six Flags. The park is beautiful and the facilities are extremely clean. My oldest son has a membership to the park and it’s definitely worth it. Free parking and discounts in everything around the park. We enjoyed our visit so much. We are planning our next visit and becoming members. Again Thank you so much for a wonderful experience.

Nayana Shet

Fun place to be in... Rides are available for all age groups good inhouse restaurants.... They have Rita's frozen custard my all time favourite... Maps provided on flyer are bit confusing... And some places do not have directing placards so you might end up spending more time navigating yourself through the park otherwise overall a fun-filled place to spend a day

Aakriti Thakur

Always a good time. They're increasing their prices like crazy (parking is now $30!) probably so that you just go ahead and purchase the season pass. The new Wonder Woman ride is fantastic.

Marc Lazerow

Plan more than one day here to do everything. Long lines but amazing rides. Good crowd too, felt safe, can't say that about every six Flags.

Jonathan Martin

Great amazing theme park with really great rides. The only problem I have with the park is the long parking lines but that is too be expected with major theme parks. The food was really good but I've noticed that the portions have been getting noticeably smaller. I have a dining pass so I'm not paying for each meal but it paying for the food is a waste of money. You barely get anything but what you do get is good quality food.

Al Erf

We took diamond memberships for the family. Rides we could do were awesome and all in all it’s a fun place. However it is very very hard to take advantage of the perks that are advertised when you buy membership because of extreme wait lines and completely indifferent staff. We weren’t even able to take advantage of the “skip the line” because nobody could tell us were to go, and wait line were just crazy everywhere. We will try it again since we have membership but at this point I don’t feel we got a lot more than other less expensive passes.

Carlos Wicks

I really enjoyed Great Adventure I have traveled to for Six Flags parks this year and great adventure is by far number one. The staff was friendly they had very few issues and when they did they were cleared up instantly. After experiencing Great America and America I was very disappointed with the Six Flags brand but luckily Great Adventure gave me confidence again.

Njl 250

I’m not a big roller coaster ride person but this place has plenty for everyone. I love how they have a real off road safari and it acually takes u up close to lions without a fence. The food is just typical like any other amusement park but I will always and continue to return.

Glen Bessette

Awesome selection of coasters! I remember last time I came about 10 years ago it seemed a lot easier to get around the park. Some of the rides you have to walk all the way around to get to the ride entrance.

Naomi Diarhe

Beautiful area, I had lots of fun. Many rides to go on. Didn't even get to go on all the rides in the park because it's so big...

Rosemarie Mandala

Rides are great...I am a roller coaster junkie. I usually go at least 6-8 times a year. If you plans on going a few times a year I recommend the the Elite or diamond elite membership passes. You get some pretty good deals pulse 50% of most food and items. Now the reason for the 3 stars...1. They are very over priced and charge for everything, 2. The last time I was there I went on one of there newer rides. (Justice League) Halfway through the ride it just stopped for about a minute then started moving again then stopped again for about 45 seconds. When we exited the ride we figured they were going to shut it down...but they just kept it going. I tried to explain to the “kid” working the ride but he basically brushed us off. I then heard him commenting to another rider “he had no idea what we were talking about.” This was a big issue as far as I am concerned and he brushed it off as if it was nothing. If all the ride operators have this attitude, I am going to think twice about continuing to go to to this park. I tried to find a manager to make a complaint, the only one I found wouldn’t even speak to me....he said he was not a ride manager and there is nothing he can do. This response was relayed to me through a associate. He couldn’t even get up off his butt and come speak to me. I never found a ride manager and the customer service area had a 30 minute wait to speak to someone through a glass partition. Not a great way to operate a theme park.

Tahnie Johnson

This is a fantastic place, I had a great time here, but one of the ride attendants made it only 4 stars for me. He tried to physically search me and my friends to see if we had anything in our pockets and when I smacked his hands away from my back pockets he told me I wasn't allowed to do that and reached for them again. Completely illegal and inappropriate and I let him know it wasn't ok. My friends and I went to the management there about it and they apologized profusely and said it wasn't the way their attendants are supposed to act, but several of the attendants acted this way according to other people in our lines.


Today, I went to great adventure and had the time of my life. The rides are extremely fun and thrilling while as the lines are always under an hour long and with the flash pass it’s like 5 minutes! I will give that food is overpriced but overall this park is very, very good! This is one of the best six flags parks. I recommend you go if you are thinking about it.

Joely Suessegger

Love the Safari ride! Actually, enjoyed it more than Disney's Animal Kingdom. However, they allow you to get off midway to shop in gift shop and see a few more animals, but you have to wait in line to get back on the ride. You could be standing there a while since you have to wait for someone to get off, so you can get their spot. The line was growing as we were waiting, so they did eventually send an empty truck around.

Natalia Spinelli

Tons of fun if you have kids. The membership and meal plan are only worth it if you will visit the park often. (7 times or more) Bring sunscreen and a hat. They do not allow you to bring any food or beverage (not even an empty water bottle) so we purchased the season drink bottle and refill it with ice water at the many refill stations throughout the park. You can rent lockers at the water park or the adventure park. I like to walk around while my kids enjoy the many rides.

Errica B Hutty

My son worked there and he loved it. He used to get on the rides after his shift was over. You will have a good time. I suggest two or more adults should go if you bring young children. So two can take their turn getting on the rides!!!!

Nura Swinney

Always a lot of fun!! Yeah it's busy, but I get the line bypass and it's so worth it! So many rides to enjoy.

Sebastian Eslava

This is one of my favorite parks in the country to visit. The zoo is family friendly for all ages -I highly recommend the safari tour. The flash passes are well worth it! Lines are long -so consider getting the fastest flash pass you can that is within your budget. The park closes at different times on random days so be sure to check hours in advance to plan your trip accordingly. The only draw back is there is not a good variety of rides for children 3 and under; however, for the teen/adult dare devils -you’ll feel right at home.

Alexander Lamartine III

Lotta great rides. I'm a little heavy and couldn't fit on most of the rides. I'd recommend the flash pass to cut through the lines. If you are a larger person I'd recommend that you visit when the water park is open or you'll just be doing alot of walking around all day and not too much riding

Kenneth Dolan

What rip off. Signs say secure your valuable in zipper or button pockets. This a lie! Security guards will not let me on any ride even though I comply with the signs posted. Almost every ride had lockers at $1.00 per ride. That adds up quickly. So I became the human locker. So glad I paid an admission for this privilege. Save your money don't bring the family to this place.

Daniel Walker

It's Six Flags what else is there to say. like most amusement parks the prices to get in tend to be expensive and there food selection is limited and lacking, but no one comes here for food they come here for rides and to get wet and they have plenty. Of course it's the lines that make it hard to come here often. If you got the money it's best to invest in a membership because it's cheaper gets you in more. They have special member only events so you get to ride the rides more frequent. The Diamond pass comes with free ride skips and if you can afford a flash pass they are well worth it. if you want to ride many rides in one shot. They're constant change of staff every year makes it difficult to get great customer service always, but for the most part you only get one offs who make it through the cracks. Overall it's a great family fun experience.

Noemi Meza

My kids had a great time riding all the rides the could, and for me the best time was the Safari... All directed by really very nice and kind people. I hope we can have another great time next summer...!

Andrew Galvin

I love going to six flags. One thing I will say is that probably the most worth it is the diamond membership. If you can afford $12 a month it's way more worth it than even buying a season pass. Either way the least worth it way to go is buying a ticket. Don't buy a ticket unless you are getting a discount through a friend for like a $10 ticket.

Theodore, God's gift

I wanted to actually feel alive... Face my fears... Feel like I'm flying... But the best of it is... Having a THRILL this summer! Instead of staying cooped up in your house all day, try coming here; To both Hurricane Harbor and Great Adventure! It's that easy! P.S. It's best to arrive early to be the first crowd to ever so getting past the gateways to heaven~

Angelina Gomes

Great way to spend the day. Lots of different rides for kids, teens, adults, and elderly. Variety of food and snacks to choose from too. Many games easy enough for kids to win half descent prize between 3$ to 6$. Lots of bathrooms and drink stations. Not as busy Mon to Fri.... Weekends will have lineups on more popular rides. We have season's pass so pay one price and go as many times as you want all year. Best value.

Niaja Brown

For the thrill seeking person ,this theme park would be ideal. If you're a vegan or vegan forget about coming and recharging yourself. Their idea of a vegan/vegetarian is lettuce tomato and onions on bread. Where I come from that the toppings to a sandwich. How hard is it to accommodate veg friendly individuals. I mean for heaven sake sake there's beer here but not a decent meal for non meat eater. The only reason I gave 3 stars was their eco friendly implementation. SIX FLAGS you gotta do better

Daniel Silva

I really enjoyed this Six Flags it’s clean and well organized! Having the Platinum Flash Pass is an amazing way to enjoy the day and it really is worth the investment.

PJ Geronimo

I've been here multiple times and a long time season pass holder. I have been wondering about the new membership but doesn't seem worth it for my use. I do like riding the coasters and thrill rides but standing on line or purchasing a $100 flash pass is not worth it either. I enjoy most of my time at the Boardwalk area with the carnival skill games and the arcade area. Some of the workers who are very friendly are Jose from the Boardwalk and Mike who works the redemption counter at the arcades. I don't even mind spending hundreds of dollars there, just because I have a lot of fun in that area. I wish there was some kind of season pass for Boardwalk games or redemption games.

Rose N.

The place is great for family and friends especially big groups. The reason I put 4 stars is because of the lack of seafood. I honestly wished there were more places with seafood. I only seen 2 places that sell it. I hope they add more. ☺

D Koegel

It's an old and tired park. The rides are fun, kids get a rush on the rides, food is good, but time for a paradigm shift by management. serious upgrades and re-inventing the entertainment process. Smart technology has advanced enough, that no one should be standing on line for more than 15 minutes. Time for them to think out of the box.

Mike Savage

Awesome park, been going for over 15 years and finally got season passes. Never any complaints till today. My family and I decided to eat at Johnny Rockets for the first time. I understand its a theme park, but for 14 bucks a burger we got 3 ice cold burgers with ice cold cheese on them. Seems they are more concerned with volume and no kind of quality control. For a place that is known for their burgers, it was a complete disappointment on both the food and lack of friendly service. I never write negative reviews, but it was that bad.

Sarah Napolean

This place is awesome it’s so much fun and a great place to spend the whole day but most of their rides aren’t for plus size people like me my thighs are big so I felt unsafe on some of the rides because it only “secured” me from waist down not from the chest but guess what I still went on because how could you go to six flags and not get on all the rides ... take the risk, I did

Shruti Sindagi

I just loved this place. It was amazing and there is already a word that describes it, Adventure..! The friends with whom I went, told that, that day (June 30) was the busiest day that they had ever seen. May be because of the "bring a friend option" and it was the last day to use that opportunity. I don't know about other days, but the day I went, there was a very huge crowd.But that didn't dampen my excitement to play the rides. There was always a long queue for every ride. Half the day I spent standing in the queues, because of which I could play only very few rides. But the wait was the worth for every ride. The only reason I'm giving four stars is because of the food. The food there is very expensive. Hope they reduce the price of the food items and people enjoy the fullest :)


You spend way too much time and lies and climbing steps. From opening 10:30am until around 5 pm we only made it in to maybe four the amusements that's how bad the wait and lines are. Not worth it for 60.00. Food, drinks are around $5 on up as expected. Beware of seagulls doing kamikazes dives looking for food! The rides are thrilling when you get to them, though. The lazy river is nice, but watch for baby snakes peeking around water falls! No idea what kind it was, we were too busy rowing to get away! It was in the 80s and the water was not freezing cold, but cool, comfortable and refreshing.

Fouad Altaffi


Kathy Montanez

We had a nice time. With all the money the charge the really need to upgrade the bathrooms and changing areas. I've has season tickets for years now. We have the dining pass also the food portions are getting smaller they need to change up the taste. Those chairs by the wave pool needs a good power wash or it's time to change the chairs so are broken so be aware.

Javon B Byrd

Too my nieces and nephews here instead of taking the to Six Flag New England. It was the best decision I’ve made. Staff was awesome and the rides were simply amazing. Lines were not too long..... under 15 minute wait per ride. Will return in August.

Daveda Thomas

To me a 43 yr old woman who only wants to ride bumper cars(& couldn't find any) BORING. I was going to go on Safari but the wait line was a half hour long and it's posted that the actual Safari ride is an hour and I just didn't have the time as I was on a school trip schedule. I might be good for the 3-20 something year olds. Not for me. I'm ready to get back on my bus. Update I found the bumper cars (Fender Benders), though they were fun my body can't take all that jolting anymore I also forgot how small the cars are. But still not the place to me as I don't do rides.

Micah Gagarin

The park itself is great, every ride us extremely thrilling and fun. The only down part is, which I think most people would expect, is that everything inside us EXTREMELY expensive. If you want to eat it will really be a lot of money. As an example it's about $11 for chicken nuggets and fries.

Jonathan Rentz

Great coasters close to home. Lots of fun, but needs a make over. The grounds and older coasters are starting to look a little run down. Fun as hell none the less!

Joel Munoz

Came on a weekday, no long waits, parking is close to the entrance. Rides very thrilling. Definitely a must visit for thrill seekers. Only downside is the $30 parking fee but the experience was worth it


The rides are great, and definitely a blast to go with a group of friends or with family, the lines are long though at times and so you might be waiting for a while in the line to get to the ride, also for their special events you have to buy a completely separate pass to access some of those events which is pretty lame if I’m spending close to 100 dollars on a season pass I feel like it should all be included, but overall it’s a great place to spend sometime with friends and family and to enjoy the rides that they have to offer.

Alex Kogan

Awesome amusement park. Have been going to six flags for over 20 years, since I was a teenager, and now my two kids enjoy this park with me and my wife. The price of admission is a bit high but the collection of rides and things to do is well worth it. Special events like fright fest and holiday in the park are a big plus and make it worth coming back in the fall and winter. If you are visiting more than once a year get the season pass. The best time to buy on sale is in the fall.

Kayla F

If you want a theme park full of thrills this is definitely the best in the area. So many high thrill rides to enjoy. The park could make paths a bit easier to follow and provide some better food options that aren't crazy in price. It would also be great not go have to constantly be paying for a locker. It just seems like a huge money grab.

Crystal Greenwood

Had a blast the lines weren't long and even with some rides not working it was a great time to be had. Only negative is do not waste money on the arcades. No one ever wins anything ever!

Diana Oberbeck

Love Six Flags Great Adventure! The rides for the Children are not only safe but entertaining for them. My teenagers were happy with all the rides plus the arcades. My only semi-complaint is the food offered. I don't mind paying a little more (amusement park prices) but I don't like it when the food offered is not even average. Next time we will tail gate lunch......


I went to Six Flags yesterday for the first time in my life and I was surprised to see how things run in the park. Although, once on the ride, I had fun I was very frustrated while waiting. On every game, I always saw so many empty chairs. The lines are already long, why waste more time by not having the rides full. The employees should ask people from behind the line, if there are 2 people that would like to ride. Many times, people were in groups of 4 or 2. If there was a group of 2 and then behind them 4 and later on 2. The group that was 3rd on the line would stand there for the 3 time the game came. Instead of the employees arranging everyone better. A complete waste of time! We went at 2, by the time we decided what to eat and got the food (they took forever to give us the pizza!) it was around 4. Then with the wait time on eat game, we were only able to ride 4 games and left around 8....

Martin Elizondo

I lost my car key on a roller coaster this past Sunday, and while I did not recover it that night I just got it back the following Thursday. Even though it rained the following day the park staff must have grabbed it early in the morning and it still works. Much appreciated six flags great adventure, can’t wait to come back and not loose a key.

Adeline Gonzalez

Its a great place to take your family. So much rides and attractions. My family and I go a lot. Mostly every other weekend.

Deborah Patrick

Great park with fantastic rides like I have never seen. Beautiful day to walk and explore. Not crowded and people were courteous. Beautiful part of the Country. Plenty of good eating places available too. We plan to return to this place for more adventure and excitement in the future.

Rashmi Sharma

There are rides for everyone from kids to people who love extreme thrill. They have a great jungle safari where you can spot lions, bears, tigers, zebra, giraffes and much more. Loved the park. The staff is friendly. I had trouble navigating around the park so I had to ask the staff for directions at some point.

Ashlee Pense

We had a great time here! I wish there were some more rides for the kiddies. The park was clean and had lots of shops to visit. We did the 1 day pass with meal plan which was definitely worth it fir what they charge for food. The food is average and the wait for food is ridiculously long. Also a bee problem. They are everywhere near the tables when you're trying to eat. Great snack foods and fun games

Qian Zhang

Overall pretty decent but i feel they're trying very hard to take your money but not offer the services in return. Last year i bought a season flash pass but half way through the year they refused to honor it unless i make a reservation online at least 24 hours in advance. This year i bought a diamond membership which comes with preferred parking but again refused to honor without an advanced reservation.

Canyon Raney

Park is pretty clean. Some of the kiddie rides and areas need a definite repainting though. All the coasters are incredible.

Bill West

This park is awesome! Huge and the food choices are great. Six flags New England is our home park but this Six Flags blows ours out of the park.. literally! Worth the trip from New England. The kids area is fantastic as well.

Andriy Yatsykiv

One of the best places in the world to go to if looking for a roller coaster experience for any age or experience. From small coasters acceptable for toddlers, to some of the fastest, tallest, and most exciting in the world, this park definitely has something to offer for everyone. While the lines can get pretty long on busy weekends, going during overcast weather during a weekday can often result in a day with practically no lines to speak of.

Kim Lehrfeld

Kudos to Six Flags for having an amazing program for people with disabilities. Despite my sons cast for a broken foot and getting around on his medical scooter the park was able to provide access to at least 2 dozen rides. Ride Information was so nice and accommodating in providing us with the information and documents we needed to get onto rides easily. We spent over 4 hours at the park and had a wonderful experience

Kathleen Babicz

This park has really improved over the years. I went the last two years but hadn't visited for 11 years before that. They've put a lot more detail into making the park esthetically pleasing. It was a lot of ground to cover in one day and I think next year we may do two days.

Anthony Scheer

Always fun at Six Flags. Didn't even realize we were going for the first Fright Fest weekend of the season. Cool coasters as always. Pretty fun to watch the creepy actors walking around, meant to startle in every which way they can, sometimes even with chainsaws. Going to try to go back several times this season. Get a season pass, becomes worth it within two or three visits.


Longest waiting of my life. Also, if you want to enjoy fright fest you better pay the extra million dollars... Eat before hand too.

Diego Viteri

Best theme park in America,Great Adventure has the best traditional and new roller coasters, great for people all ages kids and adults love it. Hurricane Harbor is a water park like no other. Wild safari show you many animals from all over the world. I don't know regular ticket price because I have a membership ($17 monthly for 4 memberships) very convenient, think I pay this little because I have membership for 5 years.

Ary & Juji

Loved it. Amazing time with my daughters. Hated green lantern ride, not enough head support. Every other tide was so cool. Safari was a great bonus. Got season passes, will be back again.

Calvin Du

Give one star cause there is no 0 option. We was waiting for to get The flash pass, i already ordered online. And we were waiting for this a hour and still waiting in line. There's only 4 cashiers serving for tons of people. If you want have fun when you here. Just don't buy the flash pass and enjoy your day!

sonal sawant

Fun place to be however they need to increase the work force to help out. The food joints have the longest lines...slow service? or overworked?

Tiffany Simpson

We had an amazing time at 6 flags over the weekend. We got there just as the park opened and were able to ride most of the rides before we left at 7pm. The all day drink refill is definitely worth paying $18 for.

Empress Miles

It was an awesome experience. So many games to choose from. And not to mention all the rides! A live band was set up but popular music could be heard playing through speakers at diffrent points. Many food tasty options available as well. Good restroom facilities and rest points (seating) given the size of the park. Reentry was not so good though as it seems the reentry hand stamp needs to be bolder for the darker skin tones. Otherwise, totally awesome.

whitney francis

The park is quite large so bring good walking shoes! I’m new to the east coast and decided to bring my fiancé’s nephew to six flags for his birthday. The only thing I can compare it to is the six flags in Cali so here it goes. The staff seem fairly nice overall with a few here and there that clearly hate their job and take it out on guests. Mostly this happened at the places we were trying to eat at. For instance we ordered food and the girl taking our order had the worst attitude and then when the food was ready they left it behind the counter for 10 minutes not under a heat lamp not covered and ignored us when we asked for it. That was quite annoying. But the customer service in other places was nice. The safari ride was really cool you can tell the staff really enjoy it as well. I was soooo surprised it was free. My tip to you is sit in the very back as the move quickly through the park and you can turn around and see the animals for longer. The water park is kind of a let down and basically no place to sit unless you pay for the diamond membership... for me it wasn’t that serious to upgrade. The rides are pretty fun but comparing to California Six Flags water park it was pretty small.

Eugenia Soroka

Went there last weekend, was absolutely great! From 11 am to about 2 pm there were practically no lines! Got to ride all the best roller coasters within 3 hours.

Jordan Perez

Long time season pass holder and will continue to come enjoy the rides. The park is always a great time but I do wish they would fix the cameras on more rides. I did purchase a picture season pass to then find out only the camera only works on about 5 rides.

Michael F

I've been to hurricane harbor multiple times and consistently Caribbean cove seems to be closed. my kids is two and a half now and every time I bring him over to the little kids area where the slides are you got people that are full grown adults going down the kids slides the lifeguards don't say anything about people climbing up to slide even when you call management over because you want your kids to be safe they tell me there's nothing they can do. It seems like the only safe area that I can bring my kid where I don't have to worry about him getting injured by somebody doing something they shouldn't be doing is over at the wave pool.

Nick Haak

While six flags in general is a great day trip some items and areas are starting to show there age. I have the membership pass and meal plan which are greays deals as they pay for themselves in a few trips. All in all as a local i am happy with the park

Dean Riddle

Rides are fun, but the staff is indifferent about any sort of question or issue, and they find more ways to take your money from you. Got your car keys with you? Gotta spend even more money to buy a locker, even if you have zip-up pockets that definitely won't let anything fall out. It's too bad, I used to love this place as a kid, but with the ridiculously strict regulations, it really does take away a lot of the fun from it.

UniKorn4life 1

Absolutely amazing place! My kids had so much fun! No wonder they have broken s on many records. I would definently rate this the best amusement park out of all the Six Flags parks! Hurricane Harbor was also great. The rodes where super fun! I over all loved this place and will definitely visit again

Siva Rama Murthy Makkapati

This is the best amusement park around. My kids love here. The only issue is food as we are vegetarians and there is nothing we can find apart from cheese pizza. They don’t allow outside food not even for kids. So we have to starve if we have to stay longer..!! Apart from that we don’t have any complaints. Rides are awesome and Fright Fest is the best..!!

Alex Blue

Lots to do, rides are character specific when riding (superman you lay flat and green lantern you stand up) and the overall ambience is great. I love it here!

Nik Prithviraj

Kid had a great time. They would have five stars if there were more benches around the park. For friends and family waiting while someone's on rides

Jennifer Damman

Great park with a variety of rides! We got the annual membership and its worth if you come here at least 3 times/year. not too long of lines except the Safari thing we had to wait over 2 hours. Great kids section with variety of kids ride if you have kids highly recommended. I have to mention that they don't allow you bring any outside drink (even a bottle of water) and we paid over+$18 for a bottle of water+blue moon.

meagan springer

So I bought “wild encounter” tickets online along with my season pass thinking that the wild encounter ticket was for the safari ride. I didn’t know the safari ride was included in with the rest of the rides at the park, I thought it was a separate ticket. So we get to the park and find out that I bought some other kind of ticket. We have no idea what the ticket is that I bought or where to go for it so we decide to just get on the safari ride. For this specific ticket we were supposed to get there at 3:15pm. We didn’t since we were in the middle of the safari tour. When we didn’t show up to “wild encounter” show the wild life reserve staff went out of their way to call me to find out where I was to make sure I showed up. Even though we were an hour late they still took us to see the show! The women I spoke to on the phone was so kind, she explained what the ticket was that I bought, told me directions on how to get to the safari discoveries section of the park, and took us on a personal tour to see the animals behind the scenes up close and personal! I definitely recommend buying this ticket, it was a truly amazing experience and the staff did a tremendous job. Thank you for being so kind!

QuyetStorrm Wylyè

The only way to truly enjoy yourself here is to make sure you buy a flash pass which will cost you a substantial amount of money. With flash pass you can get on any ride as much as you want without waiting on the long lines. You can skip everyone and head straight to the front of the line every time. Without it you will not have an memorable or enjoyable time at all because of the long wait lines.

Beverly Cowan

Loved it! Last time we went was 2008, so much has changed mostly the sarafi is now part of the regular park. I have had a six flags membership since 2013 and it is worth it just for this one trip. My whole family enjoyed our 3 days there. Definitely a great trip

Sean Amato

This was way too expensive. For $82 per person, the bathrooms should be spotless. They were not. They were nauseating. You also get the bonus of paying $30 per car for parking. And then you need to eat, which is $$$. Oh yeah, if you want to drink, that'll be $17 for an all day refillable cup, or $5 per water bottle. How about a souvenir?

Logan Gill

This is a great amusement park for all ages with tons of rides. I encourage you to try all the rides they have to offer. They are always adding more rides every tour as well. There is also a water park as well with many water rides. It is a great place to enjoy yourself!

Jason sanderson

Great time, got on every water slide. No more than 5 minute wait for anything. Park was clean & employees all extremely nice. Employees AMUSINGLY HELPFUL & PATIENT when explaining to my 6yr old son how to properly ride slide

Kyler Gilroy

Easily the best theme park in New Jersey, and my personal favorite Six Flags. So many great roller coasters and a great variety of stuff to do. Theres a lot of effort put into this park to ensure a good time. The park is huge (I think its actually one of the biggest theme parks ever), and its a great place to go in the spring, summer, fall, and even winter for its really good holiday decor. I love this park since I have so many memories here

TFCF Ministry

The best park. I have gone since I was a kid and now take my family. I have done membership for the first time and it is a money saver if you go more than once. We go at least every month with flash pass and meal pass for about 35 bucks a month. Included we get the wristband for fright feast.

Jimmy Kothari

You get all the adventure and fun at one place and not to forget food is of good quality. So mainly you get to visit six flags great adventure which includes safari and if it is too hot go to water park. Good for kids and adults and all ages.

Parth Patel

It is very nice theme park for family or with friends. The park is clean everywhere. They have tons of restaurants to eat from. They also have water fountains and the prices are reasonable for what you get. NEVER GO TO JOHNNY ROCKETS HERE, bad service bad food. Other then that if you are thinking about going here, do it. You will have a good time. You will not be able to go on all the rides in 1 day.

Varad Kashmire

Good amusement park to enjoy. Except few points which caused 1 star to remove from reviews, they are pretty good. Food is overpriced and it’s of average quality. Monopoly - outside food not allowed not even homemade food. Parking is also overpriced. Few officers at Check-in counters are very arrogant and rude. Sign boards for rides are not so clear so you will end up asking many times in day. Except that, rides are pretty cool and enjoyable They should improve sign board to easily roam around the park.

Vimal Bhavsar

Although the park is great and the rides are pretty good service is terrible. Jessica and the yum yum cafe shows an insane amount of attitude. I asked her for vegan chicken tenders and she said they weren't vegan. Then I asked for cheese fries and she said $2.12 more so then i asked cheese is extra and she rolled her eyes acting like I was saying something g wrong..its a simple damn question!!!

Andy Rose

This is the best Six Flags outside of Magic Mountain! The Safari is the coolest thing! The coasters were also top notch! The park is clean and well designed. The employees seemed to enjoy working there. We had an awesome experience!


I’ve been going to great adventure since I was a kid in the early 90s. They still have the best coasters in the US overall IMO. I love the rides and this place is very nostalgic. It has become a little more run down over the years so I’ve knocked a star off.


there's actually better roller coasters at six flags then at Disney. Disney has more of an overall experience while six flags has crazy fun coasters. 4 stars because they wouldn't let me on a ride with things in my pockets, even tho they had zippers, i payed for a locker to put my stuff in, just for them to tell me the coaster closed, i got into another line, waited an hour just for that one to be closed too. its all good tho. the rides are worth it in the end.


Fun spot for the family. We visited with cousins, and all rollercoasters were a real treat. Shortly, they were each ridden, and I wish I could buy the entire place, as I love each and every one of them. The food is fairly mediocre, but I'm not sure what you were expecting out of a theme park. Attached are some photos I took while there.

Chelsea Bridgewater

Pretty good visit considering I hadn't been there in at least 15 years. Still a good sized park.

Rasheeda Vandyke

Nice place to cool off. Food over priced. Lines can be long but great place for family outings

Joshua Thomas

Amazing as always. Rides are still great. Only complaint is park appearance (only people with ocd would notice), but it doesn't distract too much from the overall experience. Great way to spend the day.

Bielka Peña

Six flags is just great. Kind of pricey, but do we expect anything else from an amusement park? Besides that, everything is just cool and funny if you challenge yourself to try every ride. My advice: bring comfortable shoes, because the place is huge and you'll walk quite a lot. Enjoy your visit!!

Erika Herrera

Always a great time here, something for everyone! There is a great kiddie section with a variety of rides for my 3 year old to go on. The water sections at hurricane harbor were also amazing. On a Sunday it was crowded but not to the point of feeling uncomfortable. Buy a season pass or membership if you don't live to far! It's really worth it.


Great huge park. I am from Illinois so this park seemed way bigger with an additional water park, how awesome! You can find ways to save if you plan to visit more than once. You can become a member and pay about a little over $8 bucks a month and if you pay for a meal plan it's a one time payment of a little over $80 bucks but that gives you a free lunch, dinner and snack. If you want something extra or a little size bigger for the free meal you just pay the extra $2 bucks or whatever the upgrade may be. I found it to be very cost effective because it pays for itself after 3 visits..again if you plan on going more than once I recommend looking into these packages. Also definitely do the safari ride tour.


I have been to numerous Six Flags theme parks and Great Adventure has to be one of the better ones! I had an incredible time and I loved using my flash pass. The diamond membership is a worthwhile investment!

Hugo Ayala

A good place to spend a day with the family. They have a large number of rides to appeal to a wide range of tastes. Our favorite was the Safari ride, which can last up to one hour. Definitely worth it. Consider going on a weekday for smaller crowds.


I love Great Adventure! I think this park is more for thrill seekers as there are a lot of roller coasters and big rides... but there are things for all ages. When I was there last night I went on “Batman: The Ride” and that coaster is definitely starting to show its age. Classic ride but it is rough now. Time to update/remodel or remove it. Other than that, I had a blast just like every time I go.

Cole Paul

Their new flash is designed so it comes off on a ride. I lost mine on a ride they've yet to recover it. In which most likely did but won't tell me that so they money off it. It's makes more sense to design the watch band like a regular watch band not small tiny clips......quite annoyed at this.

Maria Anderson

Awesome rides! Would like to see more done with fright fest. Haunted houses to be a longer walk through with more jump scares and better props.


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