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REVIEWS OF Northlandz IN New Jersey

Greg Pummer

Grand Re-Opening night. Glad it was free. Place ran out of food early. Looks like they put a fresh coat of paint on the walls and not much else. Only a handful of trains running. Needs serious improvement and updating.

Glenn Fowler

This place has gone down hill. Dirty, Dusty and many trains were not running. Huge disappointment. (Visited 2018)

J. Timothy Sensor

In it's day this was probably pretty cool. It is still a monumental display but not kept up. Very dirty. Most of the tracks did not have trains running. Our 4 year old grandson didn't mind but it needs a lot of work.

Brent Rymon

Really great HO scale trading destination. Take kids a help them imagine scenarios to fit the scenes.

Melissa Martin

It’s easy to spend at least three hours here!! So much to see!!


Real disappointment. If you can ignore the run down nature, uncleanness and poorly maintained train sets you might have a passable time. Little kids may not notice how run down it is but you will at the prices they charge. And don't waste an extra penny for the train ride. Another big letdown.

Jonnie Sullivan

Nice place awesome train ride,hope this place stays around loved the trans

Linda Brickman DiGiampaolo

Wonderful place to visit if you love trains, we had a great time. Thank you Chase for showing us around.

Marvinsnow Rivas

Amazing place!!

Dad Davies

Massive layout is fun for kids. As a serious modeler, I found the scenery left a lot to be desired. Still impressed by the size of it all.

Dara Cooper

I enjoyed going here very much. All of the details and the intertwining of every aspect. When you're up top you can see how it all flows with what's at the bottom levels. There are little searches in certain areas and a lot of beautiful art pieces. This train set won the Guinness book of world records for 50000 square feet, which is extremely impressive! It's been there for 21 years and he is always changing some things around and updating thing. They even have a cute little train ride outside that goes around a bit of the property for about 10 minutes. I gave it a 4 only because I was trying to talk to the owner/creator and he made me feel like he just wasn't interested in sharing his story, which I'm sure is because he has explained it time and time again.

Jeannette Marie

It's open and it's amazing. They even have a train you can ride after the tour.

David Stroz

This place is totally worth seeing at least yearly. The owner has a huge setup here and is always developing it further. The pipe organ collection is also impressive but dimly lit. If you have good weather, try the train ride.

Nik Nik

So glad I found this gem of a place. My fiancé and I had so much fun! The highlight was the owner playing live music, without question. But really impressive set up. You can tell it is decades of hard work put into the layout of the towns and model trains.

Jeanne Landes

Needs to be updated and cleaned; the trains were interesting but not a lot running and they seemed dusty. The other "collections" were obviously not cared for. The entire place is dirty and dingy. The ladies bathroom was gross....definitely try not to use it. Giving it 2 stars because someone out a lot of work into the layout at some point but sad to see what a state it's in.

Tracey M

A great price for the amount of model trains and landscaping that you see. Highly recommended if you have any interest in trains. Every time I go I see something new because there is so much to look at.

Mark Terribile

An amazing place. It really does give three story views of the layout, with something new from each view. A lot of thought went into what is presented from each point, so many model structures reveal their story step by step. The big bridges have to be seen in person. I suspect it's right at the limit of what one man can maintain, but it is definitely worth a visit. There's an outdoor train ride on a dogbone with maybe a 6/10 mile run. Should be great for kids. They advertise special holiday programs, but I was there earlier in the year. The walking tour has quarter- and halfway markings. As an older viewer I would have appreciated a bench here or there. They do have a few wheelchairs, and the entire path is on ramps, no stairs.

Jorran Does Stuff

Really cool place

Yevgeniy Shcherbakov

Awesome place. It takes at least an hour to see all models. The owner says it took him 4 years to build the models - houses, bridges, landscape, etc. Very cool place to visit. It will be interesting for young and adults. The owner even played an organ for us. Prices are $15.75 adults, $10.75 kids. Visited in June 2018.

Kryn Westhoven

It is very large and extremely well done. The detail is outstanding but it seems dated.

Mohanakrishnan Unnikrishnan

This place is undergoing renovation and many train tracks are not functioning. It's certainly not worth the money being spent until they complete the renovation totally. I would suggest give it a skip for now until they complete their renovation. Technically they should be shutting down this place instead of charging people money while the renovation is in progress.

Gerald Pinner

So, out of the blue I receive an e-mail from Northlandz a few weeks ago. They acknowledged my disappointment voiced in a previous review, and offered a return visit to my whole family to see how they have improved the place since we had been there last. While I was highly skeptical of how much they could have fixed things up, I do appreciate a business taking responsibility and trying to ensure the satisfaction of their customers, so I decided to give them a second chance this afternoon. Immediately upon entering the newly renovated entrance, my hopes were buoyed. Instead of the dark, dusty and frankly kind of creepy entrance way that used to greet visitors, the main entrance way now takes you straight into a bright and remodeled gift area/snack bar. I showed the young man my e-mailed passes and after a few minutes and visit to the no-longer-disgusting bathrooms (seriously, HUGE improvement here!) with the boys, we were off. The display is still intimidatingly huge, and that's why you're here. It claims to be the largest model train exhibit in the world, and while I can't confirm or deny that, anything bigger would just be overkill. Their claims of engaging in large-scale improvements I can confirm. The entire walkway has been given a fresh coat of paint, the broken and cracked glass sections surrounding the displays have been removed and (mostly) replaced, much of the dirt, dust and debris have been eliminated from the displays, the walkways have been repaired, the damaged roof sections repaired, and there has been a noticeable increase in life-safety equipment and emergency signage. They promised improvements, and they delivered. So, is Northlandz perfect? No, the old girl still has her share of warts, but if you're a model train buff, I can comfortably suggest that you visit. I am thoroughly impressed with how much they have improved in the past few months, and the most encouraging thing is the evidence of ongoing improvements going on throughout the building lead me to believe they may just restore this place to its former glory yet. Rome wasn't built in day, and I'll be patient with the progress here as well. Given how much my oldest loves trains, I'm quite sure we'll be back as he thoroughly enjoyed his visit, and honestly that's what it's all about.

Pranav Bokka

Really cool place with a nice atmosphere.models are well built and huge. truly a hidden gem of America

Alexander Orr

This place is pretty amazing. I took my grandfather to see Northlandz a couple months ago and it was fascinating. The owner clearly has a great passion for what he does. Some of the landscapes are two or three stories tall which is impressive to say the least. Definitely worth a visit to see the scale and detail he has put in even if your not into models or trains.

Chloe Landau

This place is a must-see. I've been here four different times throughout my life with different groups, and I'm planning my fifth trip back. Every single time I've gone I've been just as awestruck as the first time I went. No matter if you're a kid or an adult, this place inspires a little whimsy in everyone who visits. There is really no other place like it, and I can't recommend it enough.

Sarah Landau

Despite being a major attraction, there was an atmosphere of pride in what one man had wrought, pride and eagerness to share. The owner and creator himself collected our money. This appealed to our family of all ages. Breathtaking to think what one man did. There are many very funny signs explaining a section of the exhibit. Even the souvenir store had funny signs hung up.

Mitchell Keller

Outstanding displays! This place is MUCH bigger on the inside!

James devries

Nice place had a lot of trains!!!!!

Felicita Frank

Not enough to see for so much money

Sarah Dattilo

The layouts are funny, lots of detail and we liked the stories that went along with some areas. The trains, of course, were neat to watch going over the bridges and through tunnels. The gift shop was pretty picked over and the bathrooms weren't too clean, but overall it was a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Teresa Morrone

Interesting train exhibit

Marialis Monchek

I wasn't sure what to expect out of an experience like this. I'm not a train enthusiast but my 3 yr old loves anything to do with automobiles and transportation. He was thrilled with this place, and if we hadn't rushed after 25% of the exhibit, we would have been there for 4 hrs. There is A LOT to see, and can be a bit overwhelming, but if you are into trains, you will love this place. My son was surprisingly into all the detailed scenery (train wrecks, tiny classic cars, helicopters, etc.). It is astounding how much work was put into this place, and the detail is really something to be appreciated. The ONLY issue I had was that the exhibits were not at eye level for my 36" child, and I had to carry him all throughout the museum so he could see everything.

Erica m

Illusion after illusion I went went with my family and was amazed at how detailed everything was. It is a little old school when it come to decoration but overall nice

elaine boulton

Nice, but not enough trains running at the time

Ali Vernamonti

Unbelievable! 50 running engines! Detail of scenery was crazy

Ahmed Rahi

Absolutely huge display of trains and miniatures. There is a lot to look at and take in, even if your interest in trains is light. Worth seeing at least once.

Bill Whelan

Currently under renovation. Once done will be amazing. Probably take about a year.

Sarah Voishnis

This place was awesome. Leave plenty of time to see it all. It seriously takes about 2-3 hrs to look at the entire place. Great for all ages, reasonable price.

Ellen Gaus

I've been looking forward to visiting this place for a few years, and it was pretty disappointing. The setup is pretty poor, as there are several drop downs from the ceiling that distract from the train setup. Originally, we though the building might've been a church, but it turns out it was built specifically for this. The designs are pretty specific, but I found the lack of attention to detail bothersome, such as cars that were incorrect for the era, the shoddy job of creating the roads, railways that made no sense... we kept seeing unsightly blobs of green foam and it was just a big turn off. Skip this. However, the owner's sense of humor was very cute! I loved the toothpick forest and the recurring story of grandma's house. I wish he'd stuck to that.

Tom DiGiampaolo

Chase Brinkmanship was a very informative and helpful employee

Robb Pardee

The train displays are very cool, but the building is a little past its prime. Needs a good cleaning and better lighting. It is worth seeing, but the price is to high for a return visit.

megan vanlangen

I had a coupon for a free adult admission so I only had to pay for my son and I'm very thankful for that cuz this visit was awful. We've been here before and were impressed but they are doing construction or repairs and nearly 60+% of the exhibit was closed and no one told us before entering and my son's ticket was still full price. So be forewarned, "world's largest model train exhibit" now takes ten minutes tops to walk through. So disappointed.

Ben Pernikoff

Amazing. Hard to believe it was all built by one person.

Thomas Spinner

Trains, trains, trains, and outdoor train rides! Any little kids wonder world!


My boyfriend and I went here for a lazy Sunday date and loved the experience. The sheer size, detail, and never ending amount of stuff to see is mind blowing. Definitely one of the coolest quirky things to do in Jersey.

Lisa M. Cataldi

We went here on Easter Sunday and I had been meaning to go for years now. I'm so glad we finally made it! I was truly enamored with this place. The craftmanship, concept, design, layout, and placement of all the tracks and miniature everything was a wonder to behold! I especially loved watching the different trains traveling through the different sections/towns. I could have spent more hours there looking at everything but we only had two hours before we had to go to dinner. So we made the most of our time and just went through, stopping longer at the particular items we especially liked. There were bits of history displayed throughout the miniature world, along with artifacts, pictures, dollhouses, and other pieces from various periods of time displayed along the walls on the opposite sides of the path as you went through. This meant there was so much to take in as you're going through it. There was also a brief train ride outside, which was lovely and nice to see the outdoors, land, and animals. Indoors, at the end of the adventure they have a large play space with huge ride on toys. I highly recommend going to this place to see everything they have, for the train enthusiast, miniature world enthusiast, history buff, and just for the young, old, and curious at heart! Great place, nice staff. I believe the staff are all volunteers too. Wow. I was really blown away by this place. Did not realize how extensive it was going to be. You can see a ton of thought, care, and dedication went into the start and go into the ongoing care, maintenance, and expansion or changes at Northlandz. They also have a gift shop and food for purchase onsite. Leave yourself plenty of time to visit if you're like me and love to see/experience all the details and take lots of pictures! I only provided a very small sampling of what I photographed while there. Go, experience, and enjoy! ; )

Aamnah Farooq

Northlandz is the best place to visit in Flemington especially the model trains and doll museum. Highly recommended.

Teerthesh Gheewala

Amazing. Lots of trains, tunnels, bridges with impressive details of surroundings.Fun for all ages. Been there 4 times with different groups and everyone thoroughly. There is no food or drink available during 2 hr tour so plan accordingly.

Mary Kay

Been going here for years. My kids love this's incredible how detailed the train scenes are. Very unique, unlike any train museum I have ever been to. The owner is a really nice man and very welcoming.

Marina Bourchtein

Used to be a good place. I am sure that after the renovation is completed it is going to be a great place again. One employee (he said his name was Chase) was pretty rude. Others were nice. Wishing good luck to the owner and the team anyway.

Brian Kubala

It was ok. It was much better in the past. The place seemed run down, lots of holes in the terrain, lots of dead tracks. Seems like it's not being kept up.

Cori Dobson

This place could really use some upgrades. Maybe some plaques explaining model train history. The lights were out in many places and we couldn't see the displays well. There were some random displays or radios and other miscellaneous things. For the price they should do some upgrades and call maintenance guy. The trains didn't even make noise. Very strange place.

Clarke Thomas

Great spot to take a break at. The path can become congested & there's a lot of other craft like items on view. Seemed like 50% of the trains were running Too many dolls though. Small selection of food.

Mike Porraro

This place is very cool. My kid loves trains and was super excited every time one went by. However the place is a bit run down and needs major TLC. Not as many trains running as there should of been. I hope the owners will find somebody passionate about repairing the displays and running more trains. It really is a wonder to be seen.

Coreen Manicone

This is my second time going to Northlandz. I am amazed by how much work and detail went in to making each exhibit. My son was in total awe of all the trains. The owner is a true genius who is beyond talented. It is worth visiting. Places like this just do not exhist anymore. It is just an awesome experience.

Na Na

We went there last year before it was sold this February. For 20 bucks there was a lot to see needing about 1.5 to 2hrs. Now it's sold to someone else and is still under renovation since February (I believe) but for same full price there is only about 25 minutes of things to see. Very disappointed so don't come until remodeling is finished (when?)!

Nafees Anjum

Awesome Place for all Family Members.

Michael Rammensee

We tried to get in on Sep. 10th 2018 but it was closed. We could read at the door: "Special Closings in May and September!!!! Closed, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the last three weeks of May and September. OPEN MEMORIAL DAY!!!!! Northlandz is closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year's Day and Easter Sunday. Northlandz is open EVERY DAY between Christmas and New Years! Open the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Open Passover and Sukkot."

Chris Zyball

Very nice artistic take to a miniature train world, though it can use some repairs and cleanups. Which makes sense since it is a very small team, a married couple as far as I understand, who are maintaining and developing the whole environment.

Pale Goth

Really interesting place. It’s MASSIVE so be prepared to be there for an hour or two. Really nice owners and fantastic model trains. My mind was blown! This place is so cool!!

Erin Kershaw

Great effort, time and money went into this, but the dust and dirt is just too much. The displays were wonderful and the people who greeted us were very nice, but there was trash on the floor, dust everywhere and the bathrooms were so filthy and smelly I just could not go back here. There's really no excuse to not cleaning, no matter how small the staff is here. If they clean up, we'd definitely come back!

Sunghan Kim

Absolutely amazing!!! Unbelievable how much efforts put into this wonderful (huge) piece of art-!!

Jerrica Alford

I don't even like Trains. Decided to go here because my dad loves trains. My mind was blown. I now like Train sets. Incredible!

Manny Mederos

Excellent. Amazing displays. Highly recommend please go its wort the time and the craftsman ship with the layouts is feniminal. Great job.

Will Pool

I love this kind of stuff, but was a bit disappointed. Everything seemed to be a bit dated and in need of some tlc. There weren't many trains running and a lot of the tracks were empty and appeared unusable (just there for show). The trains that were running were really small and running really fast. Most only had one or two trucks. There were no passenger trains running at all. There was no-one manning the control room which gives you an idea of how much was going on. It appeared to be a older non digital setup too which doesn't help. The one thing this place does have is over the top bridges and a decent amount of verticality. This may be an unfair comparison, but essentially, if you've seen the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, you will be disappointed by this. This has less detail, looks old, fewer trains, shorter trains, the trains just go at a constant fast speed forever, poor yellow lighting throughout, no day/night cycles, only the trains move, the papier-mache used for the hillsides is droopy and fairly unprofessional.

James Post

Fantastic place! A true testament to the creative will of the individual. The place is a massive marvel. You can easily spend 3 hours there and not see all the details. Great for all ages. Great for dates. Great for repeat visits! Let's keep this place alive. It is truly a hidden gem.

Helen A

Fun visit. Enjoyed all the miniature scenes. Recommended to a few people for a different indoor activity.

Todd Silvius

We always have a great time visiting Northlandz.

Prateek Jain

If you got pass from train show then make sure each person holds his pass at counter and act as if they don't know other family members else you can only use the pass for 1 family member rest have to pay even though they have pass.. It's quite big and created with details but needs maintenance.. very few trains were working.. They charge 20 dollars for ticket and 7 dollars separately for train ride.. you can happily avoid train ride which is of just 4 -5 mins and very slow..

Frederick Wenkonski

Must visit for model railroad fans. The other reviewers are not kidding: wear hiking shoes and bring snacks and plenty of water, this place is epic!

Justin Mowery

They have done some updating (new paint and carpet and re-done the entry) but a lot of the exhibitis still in bad shape. Beware they have raised their prices astronomically. I only paid it because I was in high hopes of the exhibit being repaired as well. Last time for us at that cost.

DaFatPiranha Nechiporuk

Awesome HUUUUUGE funny miniature village

Greg Mrozak

I enjoyed it. Could use some management for parties. But cool nonetheless

Elyse Peterson

Had a great time! Lovely, MASSIVE display. Seriously huge. Fun for young kids but kinda tedious, not a lot of places to rest. I'll definitely come back to see what's new!

Mark Barone

I guess it was someplace to go to many years ago. Tens of thousands of hours to construct. Now it is broken, old, dusty and few trains running. Needs a person who knows what sells. My friend and I had plenty of ideas how to slowly bring it back. What does not work is tacky, and there is a lot of it there. As far as I can tell, the creator is looking for people who like to look at a big ball of string type of atraction. But you can not make it on that small of an audience. They need to have something that is worth the price of admission. I hope they realize this before they close. At least so the creator can keep laying more track. The only reason I gave it two stars is because I like trains, and it did take me two hours to see it all. But I will never come back, or bring my friends. So sad.

Lonnie Hurst

Was pretty neat but not overly well kept....there was holes in the display and they had no clue we were even coming when we got there....but I do like the idea and it will take alot of maintenance

George Tuan

Amazing place with intricate and sometimes whimsical details. The replica bridges are amazing.


WARNING: DON'T EVER HOLD A KIDS BIRTHDAY PARTY HERE. They charged nearly $1,000! The weekday salespeople explained very clearly weeks beforehand that each and every child needed to be accompanied by one parent for supervision when walking thru the train displays as part of the birthday party package price. However, after the party ended which took place on a weekend the manager demanded that we pay for each and every parent that accompanied their child thru the maze. We would have never booked the party if we know it would cost $1,000 instead of $500. The weekday salespeople gave us critical false information either by mistake or intentionally to get our business. Then the manager forced us to pay for his employees false promises. Bad business. The heyday of the place is long gone.

janet Del

Can't speak for this any more. When it originally opened it was a work of art for the model train enthusiasts. Brought my then young children to see it. Had a hugh organ as I remember it. This visit was only to the parking lot. The hours are posted. I am not able to report on the interior nor the model train for children to ride in. It was Easter Sunday and the place was closed.

Richard Bernardon

With some donations and time I hope this will return to the great place it was..

Shant Cherry

I think I enjoyed it more then my cub scouts. The detail and picture perfect scenery is incredible. Looking forward to my next visit where I will give myself more time to appreciate all it has to offer

G Gomba

The place is very old and a bit run down. However, it still remains impressive the scale of trains and scenery this guy has put together.

Eric Aligo

Endless train tracks with intricate scenes throughout, however, not many trains were running. The buttons to start up a train didn't work. There were no lights at all in any of the scenes, and that was disappointing.

David Warrick Jr

Very disappointing. Drove 45 minutes with two toddlers to come see the trains. Website says they are open, they don't answer the phone or have a message saying any good information. When we got here all the Landscaping is grossly overgrown. The building looks abandoned. Signs on the door say they have violated fire codes and have been shut down by the fire marshal since 6/8/18. Came here as a child and it was awesome clearly it has been mismanaged. Hope they can fix it and reopen, but only time will tell.

Duane Buerstetta

Overwhelmed with extent of displays, but more of the trains should be running. Unlike any thing else you have ever seen.

Clayton Wile

This is a very cool little place. It looks bland on the outside, but is awesome on the inside! If you get nice weather, the outdoor train is fun. The detail and scale of this massive place is unreal, and you have to see it to believe it.

Michael Hershman

Amazing place! Worth every penny! Our Grandson LOVED it!

Perry Tagliaferro

It's got that old time vintage charm. The staff is homey and quaint, and the train museum is impressive. A lot of detail and work went into this place, it's huge

Salvatore Sutera

Was very surprised how long it took to see all the trains running. It's a real nice set-up. Every time you think your at the end of the trains running it just keeps going to another part of the layout. This is a HO layout. All the trains are HO gauge.

Sundari Mohanakrishnan

The place is under renovation. Ideally, they should close down the place completely and not let visitors at all because at the end of it, we feel there is less value for the money spent. I'm surprised they continue to give ads in magazines during renovation stages! Other than this, this is a great place to go and see ; The planning and display of trains in models depicting real terrains needs real appreciation. Words of credit to those current generation folks who are aiming to renovate it to keep up the place. Just make sure it is completely renovated before you visit.

Diane Herriott

Most of the trains weren't running. Focus was on the models which seemed like they had seen better days. If you go with a young child, my grandson is 3, you have to carry him most of the time to see the models. The full size train ride outdoors was broken, the reason we went. Think twice before spending so much money.

Pyala 123

Awesome place! Under new management. You have to see it to believe it. Attended the Grand opening. Really big place with lots of model trains.

pete o

Awesome place if you love trains!

Timothy Pinto

Great place...needs some sprucing but the models are very detailed

Joseph Hart

New owners in process of restoring and refreshing property

Wayne Bond

Fantastic model train displays - awesome accomplishment - loved the organ demonstration

Scott Landy

Northlandz is a pretty amazing and gigantic display of model trains. The amount of work that went into the creation of these scenes was clearly enormous. There are numerous large and detailed bridges that were hand made of balsa including a replica of the Firth of Fourth bridge in Scottland (although it is currently in a section being renovated and off limits). They are in the middle of a massive and long overdue renovation and refurbishment of the displays, so if you go don't be surprised to see model train enthusiasts working to clean the various scenes. The next time I go thru NJ, I want to go back and see how it all turns out!

Ed McCormick

A very unique place. Perfect for train buffs of all ages.

Susan Bender

My family loves visiting Northlandz. We've been there many times, it's a tradition. We were so excited to see the new changes today, it's such a great place for all ages.

Hamilton Leasing

Interesting place but needs more amenities and guides to explain this place and art. The train ride is a wonderful waste of time.

johnna disanto

Brought my 10 yr old nephew... he was utterly amazed! Worth every penny spent!!

Andrew Szmania

Great place to bring your kids for a day of fun and enjoyment

David Kunz

Kids still love it but the set is in need of some TLC. Many trains not running. Good to see new owner is working on much needed improvements and repairs.

Bob Dague

Absolutely huge. Really amazing place. Very nice people and worth a visit.

Susan Rand

This place is phenomenal! Worth the visit and will go back again. Better in person than what you see on the internet. The details and work that went into this is unbelievable. Don’t have to be into trains to enjoy this place. It’s a wonderful display for all ages. People were very friendly and helpful.

Drilon Berisha

Great place to go, we had really good time with my family there.

Chris Wolber

The place is a run down dump. We started first thing by using the restrooms before proceeding through the museum. The restrooms were disgusting!! Everything was soaked in urine. There were puddles of urine under everything. There was even dry urine on the walls. It was one of the most disgusting bathrooms i have ever seen. The actual museum was not much better. I would say 50% or more of the trains and tracks were not running. Seems pretty silly when the reason you are going there is to see the trains. It does not look like anyone has vacuumed or cleaned any of the floors. There are debris on every floor. A lot of it is from the ceiling. There are many locations throughout the building where the ceiling is missing or rotting. The exhibits are just as dirty. There are cobwebs everywhere. No one has cleaned anything. It is exceptionally dark in the building. There are no lights on any of the walk ways. One quarter of the lights that light up the train displays are not working. I had to use the flashlight on my phone at one point to see where i was going. Everything is just dirty and gross. No upkeep. It is so sad. This place could be amazing. Its a dump. Did i mention it was a dump? We went on a very cold day. The first floor was freezing. Our son couldn't enjoy the first floor to well since he was so cold. we paid the extra money for the train ride after. The train itself seemed to be in ok condition. The ride itself seems scary. I am no engineer, but i can't imagine the train tracks are safe or have been maintained. When you ride on the train around the back of the property, all you see is just piles of junk. Again, another poorly maintained area. Everything about this location should be condemned.

Nicholas Matt

Not as nice as when I was a kid. Unfortunately it has fallen I to disrepair. Hopefully it can be revived. Strasburg has a lot more to offer by comparison.

David A. Feldman

My wife and I visited Northlandz for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it. We couldn't believe how big the place really is by looking at it from the outside. The amount of train sets and displays they have set up and running is amazing. They even have an indoor rain forest and an open theater style area with 6 organs set up. They have bathrooms and only basic snacks. There are plenty of options in the area for lunch and dinner.

Elena Fedina

Absolutely insane. I can see why kids would love to spend their time here (lots of trains that actually move), but we had a group of 4 adults, and we spent 1 hour going through the first 25% of the displays :) you just get sucked into watching the trains move around and drive through caves and over bridges. And then noticing the small details in the scenes that give it all a different spin. Knowing what we know now, I'd say you need at least 3 hours to enjoy yourself.


Extremely interesting and educational at the same time. I can't even fathom all the work that went in to this place.

Andrei Kaparykha

The worlds only toothpick farm :)))

Kimber Ray

This was a really interesting way to spend a Sunday afternoon. You can tell that a lot of passion and creativity went into designing the model landscape and buildings. I especially enjoyed the occasional whimsical storylines of Northlandz resident "grandma" and her penchant for outhouses and entrepreneurship. The owner was at the register the day we visited too, so it was nice to chat with him, and I thought his welcoming personality and leather western hat perfectly topped off the experience.

Bob Schroeck

A delightful way to spend an afternoon, ideal for families. Although it's starting to show its age and more than a few of the vignettes need little repairs here and there, it's still an awesome and entertaining experience. And if you get there in the right season, the passenger train outside can be a lot of fun.

Debra Park

As always awesome. Even better today because we met Bruce!!!

Shawn Simpkins

Definitely a great place to visit but like previous comments it does need some work

Patrick Prendergast

Not trains working just cheap ponies in the basement

James Kenny

If you like trains this is the place.Same displays for the past 20+years.

Deb Sartin

We were thrilled to find Northlandz. My husband had seen an article in a magazine many years ago and wanted to visit. We made the trip from Atlanta. Northlandz is listed in the Guinness Book of Records for being the World's largest model railroad miniature wonderland. I don't understand why this is not a "must-see" mecca for all model train aficionados. AMAZING is not a big enough word. We expected it to be big, but never expected it to be as massive or as fastidiously detailed. This model train world winds through a 3-story, 50,000 foot complex and takes at least 2 hours to tour. The brochure says there are 125 sets of trains with more than 400 handmade bridges. When you read some of the reviews you'll see that a few of the areas have fallen into disrepair, but the new owner is hiring experts and artisans who are bringing Northlandz back to it’s former grandeur, and beyond. They plan to include more interactive points throughout the exhibit. We enjoyed it as it was and will be back to see it improved. My husband had a Cheshire Cat grin all afternoon. He’s 76, but his eyes were that of a 6-year-old seeing amazing, never-before-seen worlds. We spent 4 hours and took hundreds of photos. Also liked that the 3 stories are done on ramps to accommodate wheel chairs.


I adore this place! The trains are amazing and always look very well kept. It’s awesome seeing trains I would see as a young kid still there to this day. You’re able to walk around at your own pace and enjoy everything on your own time. The layout of this museum is really cool and I haven’t seen many other places like it! Pricing is 100% affordable and worth it!

Robert Haver

The detail in this place is insane! If you take your time and sort of put yourself into each scene as you walk by, you really appreciate the time and effort that went into Northlandz. We spent hours taking about each layout, not even realizing how long we were in there. It was just so interesting and captivating for both me and my son.

J OConnor

You can tell that it reached it's hay day 40 years ago, but it's still an incredibly large and amazing train layout.

Avinash Vyas

Wonderful experience, must see. Detailed execution and very painstakingly beautiful

Jitender Anand

Great place to see model trains and scenes created from past history.. Pretty cool. Plan for at least 3 hours

Sleepy Bear

Not worth the money. Not many trains running and a lot of broken buildings and tracks. O gauge start buttons don't work. Not enough steps for children to see the displays over the walls. Witnessed several trains derail while on the self tour. Outdoor train ride was not working. Wasted trip!

Judith Bienvenue

Getting better. They are renovating everything. I'm sure it will take a while, can't wait. Will definitely go back

E. David Smith

Amazing place. A lot of work is being put into this place including painting, new carpet, repairs. A lot of trains running. Very friendly staff. Tracks and trains being maintained and the head of maintenance explained how they do it. Truly ingenious the layouts and mountains. Worth a visit and worth the travel. Including train ride took about 3 hours.

Jeffrey Li

Northlandz is a pretty amazing place. Built by one man, it is much larger than the building it is in looks since there are several levels. There are 8 miles of track, several operation organs including a pipe organ which the owner plays (concerts on the weekends). The model railroad is large with many bridges, canyons, and many trains. But to me what made the place particularly great was that there was a lot of funny scenes and strange buildings throughout. Definitely worth a stopover. Our visited lasted around two and and half hours which we didn’t expect, but there was enough entertainment to keep us there for that.


Very cool place. Took about an hour and a half for me to take the tour while appreciating the details. Only downside was that the amount of trains running was pretty low compared to the amount of tracks they had.

Mike L

This place WAS great to visit when I was a kid. It’s ashame that it’s closed/abandoned. I drove by it last week and it looks like it’s not in business anymore. The surrounding landscape is overgrown, the sign has random letters on it, and the building itself is in poor condition. I guess that what happens when kids lose interest in those kind of things and more innterest in technology.

Joseph Grieco

Largest model train display I have seen. Mostly H O trains. Display seems old and a some repair needed. Not all trains were running. My grand son loves trains and he was happy so that is what counts.

La Verne Frazer

The place is a little beat up due to wear and tear BUT the displays are VERY nice, AWESOME in fact a lot was put into it building them. I would have liked to see everything though even if they weren't running all of the trains.

Randall Kresge

Astounding! If you enjoy model trains, you'll love this place!

Savvy J

The women at the front desk said we would have a BLAST but it was interesting definitely kid friendly or if you're really into train but if you're not it was just there and there was almost nothing about doll houses mostly trains.

Gene Huntington

Northlandz is a must for children and/or train enthusiasts. I am neither and have enjoyed it several times with my kids and now grandkids. So much to see, every time I see something new and interesting.

Carol de Lyon

We spent two plus hours to take our grandson to Northlandz in Late August as the website had indicated it would be closed for certain renovations in late July. When we arrived the place appeared abandoned. The serious disappointment for our grandson was enormous. We would NEVER go back, even if offered free tickets for life.

Randy Bognatz

Truly amazing place. I was blown away by the detail. This guy put his life into showing other people an incredible place. There are little things throughout the place that show how little care some of the customers had when they visited. It just goes to show why we cant have nice things. Massive model railway with a great sense of comedy and nostalgia throughout. A must see no matter the age!

Rikin Mehta

All the reviews are correct. It's amazing, astounding, slightly overpriced, cold and needs renovating all in the same breath. My 4yo and 2yo sons really enjoyed the trains along with the train ride. They were indifferent to the dolls and random organ room. I personally enjoyed the 'Grandma' stories. definitely worth the visit.

Miriel Corrada

Amazing trip to the 50's or 60's. The place needs some remodeling and cleaning but is still a very interesting exhibition. Kids will love it.

andrew George Lovett

Amazing toy train exhibit.

Yudhianto Setiono

So cool like real view

Kyle Scheffler

I Liked coming here when I was a kid to see the massive model railroad and several years later to see it again.


What a great place in flemington. Really beautiful and wonderful place. We really enjoy to see this place and the train ride is also great. We love this place and also recommend this place for visiting. We are from Texas we came here to see this place.

Jared Ionin

Like many who have lived in NJ their entire life, you probably don't even know this place exists. However, it is quite impressive inside. You simply can't understand how massive it actually is until you walk through the entire thing. Pricing seems a bit steep at $56 w/ coupon for a family of four + $28 for a brief train ride = $84 total for <2 hrs. When compared to paying $30 more for an entire day at Storybook Land w/ rides, etc. However, when you see the amount of detail and work that has been put into this place, you kind of understand it. Plus it's not exactly the kind of place I think you'd go back to - at least not often. However, it is probably worth seeing at least once or twice in your life time. They were doing some minor construction and repainting when we were there, so we had to keep watching out for wet paint signs, which is a bit annoying with children. Additionally, they have some step up areas for the kids, but they should really make them a bit taller and a bit wider for the kids. All in all if you are in the area, worth taking a visit once. It's funny how when you walk through and you are initial amazed and then see the first sign that says "you are only 2% done" and you begin to realize how massive it actually is inside.

Rachel Regina

Good for one trip.. wish they maintained it better


Very informative place for US rail ways. They worked a lot and they made a beautiful place. You must visit.

johnny casiano

Very unique

Parul Singh

Very impressive

Kevin McNeil

A massive train exhibit that astounds if not impresses and leaves you asking why on earth anyone would ever go to the trouble and expense of building something like this. About five minutes in you realize that the owner himself must not have considered this question carefully enough and as a result has left things literally filthy, disheveled, dimly lit and even unheated even in late December. And I still can’t shake the feeling of walking through a horror movie. However, our children did enjoy the exhibits and especially the outdoor train ride. That said it is quite expensive at $18 per adult and $9.75 per child plus $2.75 each for the train ride.

Jeff Young

I've driven by Northlandz for decades and finally had the time to stop in today. I was astounded by the amount of detail and the sheer immensity of it all. Under a little renovation currently but it's a "do not miss"!

AntoineLouella Ortaliz

As a train lover, my son loved it here! I was amazed myself with how much detail they put in to make everything realistic. So many trains with beautiful layout.

Nick Errico

A wonderful place to visit with the family! The trains and the models are amazing.

Tyler Lund

Northlandz is a massive amusement location with miles of model trains in incredibly interesting and detailed scenery. The collection is massive and can take hours to fully explore. There's even a full size railroad that runs in a short loop around the property. With all these great things to see, it's a perfect place to entertain young kids. It's a little bit dated and very kitschy, but that's all part of the charm.

Travis Prouse

Awesome. To everyone who assembles, desigs, paints or constructs models will feel absolutely inspired.

Amit Shah

the place has amazing train models and tracks built up ..the place surely needs lot of upgrades as looks like quite a bit it broken and not fixed the place was not clean which clearly shows there is no investments made to freshen up ..the staff at front office not at all friendly ..but the place is one time visit for sure to look at few amazing structure but for the price surely expected more as have seen other train places which are less expensive and equally good

Brad Panaia

nice place but getting run down. new owners now.

Rich Ford

Amazing. The train ride was definitely worth it. Could use a little updating/cleaning but that doesn't take away from the awesome displays.

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