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REVIEWS OF Newark Museum IN New Jersey

mjerman27 .

Our magnificent city of Newark NJ has many wonderful gems and jewels such as the Newark Museum. I challenge you one and all to take the time, explore, experience and enjoy the many splendors our great city has to offer. The Newark Black film festival is in full swing. The entire evening before, during and after the film was phenomenal. Explore Newark and all its splendors.

Hillery Baker

Art, science, and artifacts in a bright and historical building. Their new "What Exit" photography exhibit is fantastic. The museum is large, but not intimidating.

Ivelisse Vazquez

I am so glad we went. It is so beautiful. So much to see. You gotta go see it for yourself. A hidden gem.

Patricia Parmley

Greatest thing ever seen. My children loves the whole atmosphere.

Epic Nikki

its very, very boring.

Jamie Hearsh

What a great place to visit in your free time! So much to see!

Mrs. Whyte

Great planetarium show. Interesting exhibits. Wonderful, informative staff and atmosphere

Jane Cho

So many interesting art!

Jon Bloom

A gem. As deserving of your time as any Manhattan museum. You could spend a day in there, enjoying the Ballantine House, the American collection, and the amazing exhibits they put on.

Tinamarie Sweet

Great to take the children on the weekend. Friendly staff and safe.

Bill Reilly

A Supurb educational institution for the family to learn local history and beyond.

Sofia Hack

Very educational and warm place, really didnt expect it to be so great.

Susan Townsend

The staff is very helpful. Interesting collections and great docent.

Inez King

Awesome had a great time with my husband.

Saurabh tulsankar

Worth going once, and if ur a student u get discount on the ticket

Robert Drake

The Newark Museum is a hidden jewel among metro tri-state museums. The museum has great non European collections, especially African and Asian, and they're in the midst of a 20th century re-install. They've also a planetarium and an …

Norah Andrews Gharala

A thoughtful collection worth the visit. We saw a few installations with strengths in African and American art and a special exhibition by Wendy Red Star. There are also science exhibits. Curation provides necessary information but isn't distracting from the art. The museum is well lit and has elevators and a parking lot.

Shravankumar Hiregoudar

It's a well maintained museum showcasing African and American culture. Free for the students

Nana Amoako-Attah

It was my first time and I found it to be very private and kool.

Ken Brucker

Facinating exhibit of Tibetan Buddhist art.

Howie S.

A gem of a museum. The new American art wing is especially wonderful.

David Gerbino

Great space and displays. The staff were very helpful.

Dominique Moore

Great quiet place

Sean Walker

Great place 4 children as well as adults..

Nicky ann

Cute museam in a cool district

R Frey

Amazing place with a high collection. Pleasantly surprised.

geoff steck

Just go. There is no more accessible and forward-thinking museum available to you. Whatever you think a museum experience ought to be, Newark is all that and more.

Chase Mervilus

The wedding is awesome at the museum .It probably gonna get better than Liberty Science Center

Janet Irby-Miller

I arrived to late, planning to return for the Planetarium.

Victoria Cepeda

A must see place! Check out their free admissions Sundays if you'd like the kids to experience outstanding entertainment and visit all the historical pavilions.

seemab asghar

I love this place.Securtiy guards are very helping to navigate inside the museum. They dont have very old artwork but definitely good artwork.

Crystal Velez

The museum is my favorite place it's repetitious but I love it

Monifa Kincaid

Beautiful curation. We spent most of our time in the American Masters area on the second floor. Staff was great and the place is completely wheelchair accessible.

Judith Alcantara

Lovely displays, The Ballantine House is a must.

Holly Wood

People are nice. Not impressed by the exhibits at all. My students found it very boring and didn't learn anything. Appropriate for 7th, 8th and 9th graders.

alexis pickett

Big improvements since i was a kid. The MLK agenda gets better every year

jeff casto

Very nice variety and awesome Buddhist Art floor.

Dyan Guardino

Great place. Always something new to see.

Lori Saccone

I was there for a wedding.. it's a beautiful place♡

Jack Long Sr

Very good museum.

Danielle X

Having leaves in New Jersey all my life in about 20 minutes away, I've never been to the museum. I came here for a film festival and while waiting for my party from parking the car, I got an opportunity to talk to the doorman/greeter. He explained to me the different events that occur yearly at the Museum. I love the atmosphere, and that there's parking on the premises. I will investigate more about the membership fee because I definitely want to become a member

Cheryl Morris

Great place to have a wedding

James E.

Good permanent and visiting exhibits and Ballentine House is worth a visit. Staff helpful and friendly but not always knowledgeable. Good planetarium.

Kanupriya Gupta

I loved this place.good for art area for kids.outside food allow.parking available.walkable from Newark station.

The Fanboy

The Newark Museum is a great learning and entertainment center where individuals of all ages are able to understand some of the historical cultural background that the city of Newark has to offer.

Sangeeta Thompson

Love this place... Learned a lot and there is plenty history. My son had a great time!

Ima Kemp

I had an amazing time great information


I came here for an art final. It was nice and quiet. You got to see a wide range of artwork from various artists. Some you haven't even heard of. It's small, but you get to so entranced by the art that it seems like you've been there for a while. If you love art, this is a great place to go. Especially if you're a Kean student and you need to go to an art museum for a project or final.

R McClain

World class museum. Lots of items to see and lots of activities for both adults and children. The Ballantine home is a must see! The house is decorated with appropriate period pieces and items for different holidays.

steve eichblatt

Great museum, convenient from New York City, and not crowded. You can't go wrong.


I enjoyed talking with one of the African-American female guards involving technology, etc. I came there to write my museum paper which hopefully I will pass.


Innovations are incredible. Small but very nice.

josue gallo

Good place to visit with children. Learned so much from the employees there. Took about 2/3 hours to run through the entire museum.

KingdomAnime FusionDude20s

The museum is the best place for me to observe art culture, animals, the document of America History and Science, and they had a gift shop to buy gifts even the cafeteria so you could chat with other people while you eat.

Imperatrice Acevedo

Fun, interesting and polite workers.

Mitchell Wise

great experience #modernart #culture #accessible #freeforstudents

Linda Miller Reads

Nice art to see.

Shawn Kelly

As an educator, I have been here close to 35 times! Love it each and every time! This time around, the craft was unbelievable- best yet! Planetarium is a great addition as well! Tour guides are very informative and the pieces vary greatly! …

Onika Burrowes

This place is very historical everyone should visit.

Brenda Housley

I enjoyed my visit to the museum, especially the Martin Luther King Jr dancing, love it

Carmen Reid

That is not a pic of the museum it's a pic of the old Court House

Thomas DeStefano

Nothing fancy, old building.. weird exhibits.. typical Newark.. city is a dump.. this is not a major must go to museum.. its a public school field trip joint for 3rd graders

Tonya-Antoinette Wells

Centrally located.. staff is helpful.. in addition the museum has great events for the general public.

Kesha Gullette

Took my grandson to the planetarium show!! It was awesome and the narrator young man did an awesome job as well.. My grandson loves the planet Jupiter

Sharon Johnson

Excellent museum with a good variety of exhibits covering a wide appeal for all age ranges and interests. The staff was also outstanding. Every staff member seemed to make genuine attempts at asking if you had seen everything or missed a particular exhibit. The Ballantine house was also quite interesting and well done.

Daisha Johnson

Wonderful Service and Variety of events! They never disappoint

Nino Cosoleto-Miller

Incredible museum. Admission is reasonable, and you get a lot for the price. The highlight for me was the Ballantine House, an exquisitely preserved and maintained example of a well-to-do family household from the Victorian days. Every room was packed with artifacts so we'll preserved (or restored) that it was like going back in time, and the information about the Ballantine family's different daily occurrences in each room so vivid, that I half expected one of them to walk around the next corner. It really was a great treat. The place was so big that I didn't actually get to see it all. It would be my pleasure to return sometime.

Lateicha McMillan

My children absolutely love this museum and have since they were 2 and 4 years old. They are now 14 and 16. The museum offers a planetarium, drop in activities, and exhibits that will interest the entire family. There is also a special section for younger children. While you are there you should also tour the beautiful Ballantine House.

Belinda Harris

Spent most of my time in the Ballentine House but the visit was awesome.

Thomas Palmieri

Very good museum. Small but excellent at the areas it focus on.

Michael Burton

Awesome and educational exhibits!

Jeanette Arnold

I love this place. There is always something new to discover.

Alex R

Definitely worth checking out if you're in the area and have a few hours

Eddie Taylor

I was there for an event and unable to visit the museum. However I plan to go back and visit in it's entirety.

Dana Martinez

A place where I used to visits with my boys! A lot of amazing things to learn. They have workshops and also have activities for the kids & families. You will definitely learn a thing or 2 that you never knew. Behind the museum they have a fire house that's awesome to visit along with a school with school furniture &supplies from years ago so u can see how kids used to attend school. Great Place FREE for Newark Residents

Ilya Kulikov

I really liked the amount of exhibits dedicated to native Americans. It is hard to find that much info on that elsewhere. Asian exhibits are also rich and diverse - I learned a lot of new things, though had a significant exposure to South East Asia some time in the past. And museum is fairly big even depsite nearly a half of that was closed.

Mr. Z

Very good place to learn.

Jonathan Blumers

Nice museum. Friendly staff and interesting collections. Especially enjoyed the Asian exhibits.

Kevin E. Taylor

I love this place. I visit often. Vibrant. Vital. Vivacious.

Bhupesh Bora

Good museum right in rye heart of the city. Thanks for BofA was free entry, we enjoyed the place and the planetarium I side.

rocquel barretto

Beautiful pieces and immersive Victorian preserved house. Going to the planetarium.

Samuel August

A MUST REGULARLY This is an undervisited gem. We stop in from time to time to view the changing expositions, The Ballantine House and the gift shop. Yes, we live walking distance away.

Rashawnnj981 Martin

Nice place. With amazing artwork and a good staff.

Bashir Ali

Awesome portraits of the nation's leaders and iconic personalities

James Casson

I was really impressed with this place. Great place for a quick day trip and the planetarium is pretty cool. Newark residents and students pay no fee

Ora Allen

It's small, but that's the good thing about. It it doesn't suffocate you because there's too many things, but you'll turn a corner and there's a new surprise there.

Mohammad Sandhu

Very good job nice worker owner she is great person

Debasmita Basu

This place can make you happy and sad at the same time. After coming to the United States, all I heard about Newark is its crime rate and poverty, but Newark museum would walk you through the history of the city and make you think how and why Newark moved away from its glory.

Joyce Judd

I learned about the Newark Museum while working and living in New York in the 1980's. I was totally impressed. Having grown up in the bottom of New Jersey, the Jersey Shore surrounded by the Pinelands. Museums where not a part of my daily life as it is for Newark Residents. We had to travel To travel to Philadelphia and or NYC. This was great, experience, not the same as when you live amongst such a cultural jewel. Now I'm a part of this cultural jewel, once a just a Fashion Designer, now Museum Educator and the vision of this jewel is part of my daily life and experience and sharing, informing and educating students, adults and community of it's significance, to all art forms, including fashion. It's all there, the art, history , literary connection. This learning institution has a spectacular creative and dedicated leadership of this iconic institution the International Newark Museum. I'm proud to be a part of it. Joyce Anne Judd

Nancy LaParo

How did I not know how great this place is? It is huge and filled with all kinds of interesting exhibits from different cultures and time periods. There is even a restored house inside it. We probably only saw 2/3 of it. We will have to come back. The staff is friendly. They have a AAA discount. The museum shop is nice. Also there is a small sculpture garden and old schoolhouse in back.

Patricia Thomas

The Newark Museum is always doing something innovative. This evening I visited the museum for the opening of the 'Wendy Red Star' exhibition and they had a very nice Members Cocktail Party and opening of the exhibit. They really did a nice job. We even got to meet the artist. The museum is always trying to create different venues for the patrons and this exhibition showed the artists life from childhood until now and the changes that the laws on the Reservations have done to the people that live there. It was interesting to see the progression. The opening party was very nice and the caterer did a good job with the food. It was just a nice evening oul

Jack Remmington

There are a lot of creepy but interesting things there that you can see.

John Kears

Beautiful sight for a Newarker native


The Nina Simone Thursday event was fun. There was great music, head wrap tutorials, selfie art projects and delicious bites. I love this museum and look forward to all the events they have.

Somnus Doctorow

Great mid sized museum

Shell C

Newark Museum is the largest museum in the state of NJ. The exhibits are awesome to see. I throughly enjoyed my time there and wish I had more time to explore the whole museum. The only downside to the museum is that the women's bathrooms do not have any garbage bins in the stalls. This creates a problem for females with disposing items.

Tiffany Pless

Every 3rd Thursday ..really nice idea wine an appetizer plus a show.


My boyfriend and I went here to check out the planetarium and ended up checking out the entire museum. The staff were so nice to us and pleasant and such a clean place. I would recommend going here for a nice quiet date or if you want to take your family to the planetarium. There weren't a lot of people so we were able to really appreciate the museum. We had a great experience and definitely will be back again.

jennifer Marquez

Someone to help you at almost every corner. Staff is friendly and helpful. Very clean and new things to do and see often. Newark residents get in for free and that's such a nice thing.

Noelle Lorraine Williams

I like it because it is local and has a strong African contemporary collection.

Elaine Gallagher

Beautiful venue for a party. Ample and easy parking. The exhibits were beautiful. Friendly and knowledgable staff.

Pat D

Ballantine house is very interesting

Dorothy Jones

I grew up with the Newark Museum in my backyard and although moving (not far away) I still try to get there as often as I can - renewed my affair when facilitating youth groups (once saw Whitney backing up her Mom Cissy during Black Hx Month). Then bringing my young daughter for workshops, performances and/or just spending a day - free. I try to remember to renew my membership so I can enjoy the vast array of exhibits, events and full life the museum offers

John Sandsworth

Great place full of beautiful art and history

Joshua South

We visited here on a Saturday in July, and we happened to arrive right when it opened. The front desk and surrounding area is bright, open, and clean. We were greeted cordially by the staff. We spent two hours here, but because we had …

Anne Fernandena

Very pleasant space in downtown Newark. Small, but surpringly deep. Excellent specimens of Native American art, especially baskets and pots; good explanation of anthropology importance of pieces; Asian art including Tibetan altar; room tracing Egyptian, Greek, Roman. Friendly staff waiting to meet you. Events for school children.

paul ciraulo

I attended a jazz performance held in the Museum Garden this past week. It was magnificent, and one of many reasons that I am becoming a Newark Museum member very soon!

Jeremy England

I got 5k steps walking around the place. Neat art and not as crowded as bigger museums, so a much more personal feel. Oddly enough, I remember my shoes sounded nice while walking the place. The current Christmas themed market in the middle have reasonable prices and neat, unique items for sale.

Pat Lag64

You can come and enjoy your time

Ellie Knight

Very nice Museum! Much bigger then I thought it would be. A lot of different artifacts from North American, African American, Native American and even some South Asian countries. Also only $15 for admission.

Javier Ramos

Nice place very good service

Marvin Jones


Atul Avijeet

Very beautiful museum, also it's free for New Jersey students.

Phil Silverstein

Great museum! We come here every year. Always something new . The Balintine House had a special exhibit when we were here.

Mahnoor Hyder

Loved it had a lot of interesting things and exhibits to show


Never knew Newark had a museum with such gtrst art and history. I came here with a group and they all loved it. The planetarium was a great feature of the museum. There is alot to look at and I was not bored one bit

Ann S

Nice exhibit showing the history of the Japanese Kimono.

Stormy Williams

My girls had a good time!! There were some areas under construction....but all in all a good learning experience.

Antonio Fletcher

Great art available for viewing, even if you don't know the art someone in their will have such a joy for the art they will tell. P.s a random person informed me what I was looking at

Antonio Mitchell

I must complete this museum. I didn't know that it was that big and legal

Nick Miceli

Small but wonderfully curated. Don't miss the Balantine House. It's a local treasure.

sunnyed1 Sonja

Holding the Mayor Baraka holiday celebration event at the museum was a fabulously unique idea. The opportunity and ability to view art and fellowship with fellow residents and workers was great!

Mike Bogle

One of my favorite places since childhood

Kate Orlando

opening of kimona refashioned. great exhibit. wonderful people. very nice event - thank you!


I love the Newark Museum. It is awesome. It has Something for everyone. Wonderful place for kids and families

Madeleine Thier

Great intimate museum...nice exhibits and lovely gift shop.


Great exhibits and community oriented activities

Amy Rios

Beautiful atmosphere, attentive and intellectual staff!

Lina M Tabares

We love go to this Museum, it's great, my kids enjoy a lot, it's has different things every time

LaTricia Peterson

The Newark Museum Is The Best

James Hofbauer

Absolutely fantastic Museum and planetarium. Only wish it were only for more than 5 hours because it's not enough time to see everything.

תמי דורון

Nice museum alot of things to see and explore.

Lauren Walker

A real cultural hub. The exhibits don't disappoint. The staff is helpful and courteous. You WILL learn something new or see something of note to share with friends, and acquaintances. Check it out. I even took this picture for myemergency engagement pics here, long story, but they were so accommodating because I have a membership.

Bruno Xavier

Very nice interior design. Nice workers and lots of different cultures

Naurene Antoniotti

There's so much in it that you really can't cover it all in one day. would like to go back sometime to hear one of their talks on various topics. The Ballantine house was a real surprised and I particularly enjoyed it. I never realized that that beer started in New Jersey.

Ariel Cajamarca

I like that place and it was so much fun

Vivian Drew

Haven't been to the Museum since I was a kid. Well kept and educational. Peter Wright, Manager of Public Programs at the Museum was a wonderful host. Will visit again.

Nafeesah Scott

Very elegant. A very calm and welcoming atmosphere. Nice for the children. The planetarium is fun. We loved the different exhibits they had on display and on the third floor we had a whole science class just from observstion. We loved it any will return again soon.

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