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Mahfuzur Rahman

This was a nice experience that me and my wife enjoyed. The best part of this exhibit was the last piece which was a 3D show of life in the sea. I was actually hoping a majority of this exhibit was like this. That being said there is a kelp maze, the sounds and sights of the night, and "the red devil" part of the exhibit that were great. If they kept the above parts and just made the rest a 3D movie show akin to the Hayden planetarium life of stars exhibit, I would have enjoyed it more. Highly recommend bringing kids to this as this is a fun way for kids to learn about ocean life.

Larrolyn Ford

An amazing experience that I suggest everyone goes to. It is educational and fun and interactive. You will not forget the information you learn here. Note: THE MOST GENDER INCLUSIVE BATHROOMS I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED!

David Angotti

We visited The National Geographic Encounter using a highly discounted pass (NY Sightseeing Pass) and cannot imagine paying full price for this attraction. You will enter a few small, theater-like rooms and watch some videos of fish swimming, reefs, etc. There are not any real fish and your views of the fake, on-screen fish will oftentimes be blocked by the crowds of people around you. You will be herded into four-five rooms during the tour and crammed in there with a bunch of other tourists. The interactive elements of the attraction are poorly done in my opinion. Even if someone were to offer me completely free tickets, I would not visit again.

Darrell Bryan Rosales

Always love an opportunity to learn more about the the environment without harming the local wild life. Nat Geo did great on using modern technology to create an underwater adventure without harming and taking away actual creatures. Huge plus is that with the ticket entry, part of it goes to ocean conservation efforts. So yeay Nat Geo!

Devyn Robinson

I honestly expected there to be live fish, but it was all a bunch of screen displays. Guess I shouldn't have expected to see living animals in the middle of a major metropolitan city. It was a cool experience for the kids. You go through an informative tour with a group and you get to interact with some of the screen animations. It was a little frightening for the kids on a couple parts...even for the adults.

Taylor Jones

Nice presentation of the world below. Great information and a good interactive place for kids visiting to learn and grow. I will say, it's a little gimmick-y.

Patty U

The kids and I loved going to the National Geographic Encounter. When you arrive there is a person standing in front of an escalator and she asked you to go down to start the tour and grab tickets. There is a to Private tour included with other families and kids. As first when you arrive there are a lot of people but they divide people up so going throughout the exhibit is very easy. There are different rooms that you visit and everybody learns about what’s happening in the undersea.

Stephen C

As a native New Yorker these type of exhibits come and go. However, this exhibit was particularly good. My lady friend and I fully enjoyed the show particularly since we are boaters and and have a special appreciation for the water and its inhabitants. Frankly the kids who attended were a tad annoying-it was Easter week vacation. Oh well.

Kathy Recckia

I really enjoyed it. The exhibits are interactive and educational and unique. The kelp forest maze was stellar, and our guide was fun and well informed. Definitely would recommend. The squid experience might be a little frightening for little ones, but if you hold their hands or cover their eyes they should be fine.

e s

So far we went twice in 2 months and ready to do it again!! It is the most amazing place with the most amazing calming experience. Very pleasant workers and knowledgeable fun loving guides who bring the experience to life with plenty humor. This is one place You DO NOT want to bypass. Made for young kids too so long as they don't have extreme indoor phobia. I see kids loving it all the time.

G Aho

Don’t bother with this place. Trust me! It’s just a bunch of boring videos on big screens and stuff. Nothing real. Such a ridiculously overpriced entry fee too. Luckily we used the NY Pass (which I highly recommend if used strategically and you visit many places each day). Even with the pass though, we should have skipped this one and gone elsewhere.

Fernando Almeida

Very interesting place speciali if you go with childreans. Important message on recycling

Scott Pool

Not worth it, at all. Don't know why this has so many good reviews, which I'm a bit suspicious about. However, I can guarantee that you will be disappointed.

Nicole Gehring

Really cool. Well done. Truly a unique experience. I went with a friend, both adults, and we had a blast exploring each exhibit.

Chi Yamasaki

I went here with some of my friends a while ago, and we did not have fun at all. It was overpriced and very cheesy. There were no real fish or anything. Everything was on animated screens, and the animations were really choppy. There was a room that was pitch black with a lot of loud noises that made many people in the group very uncomfortable, and a scene of two animals fighting, which ended with one animal eating the other animal, made some little kids cry for the rest of the tour. It was short and boring, the best part was the end. I do not recommend this to anyone.

Cortney Thomas

If you are a fan of marine life, this is the place to visit. A very life like encounter of different parts of sea life. This is a complete walking tour with minimal seating. It lasts about 60 minutes. Each room captures a different area and you are transformed into the deep ocean. The final room exits into a gift shop and a "lounge".

Alex Rod.

My daughter Liked this place in which is had educational ocean aspects, you get guided to each each room with other people that booked tickets for that exact time. The only down fall about this tour is that it too short and I was expecting More Takecare ♡


This place is good as it shows the people on how we can help the ocean and teaches the world about these animals and best of all they dont have real aquatic creatures with them as they dont want to take the animals away from their natural habitat.they do have some interactive screens so the people can have some fun learning

Andrew Griffiths

Entertaining attraction, especially for kids, although perhaps with the advancement of 3D headsets, looking a little low tech now. Width visiting if you have one of the NYC passes, but not sure I'd pay separately for it


Cool experience. Very enjoyable for all ages

Asia White

Very fun take your kids to learn about the the ocean and the Sea and the creatures that live in it. The Geographics look real like you are in the water

Liliam Delgado

Great experience for kids of all ages. Awesome use of technology to give you a sense of being under water. The interactive floor and holograms were really cool. The 4D experience was awesome!!

Chad Rey

Very knowledgeable staff , great display and experience. Wonderful for kids and family

Warda Kamran

Overly was mostly illusion nice but wayyy over price for less then an hr and nothing reall! I wasnt excited to visit and spend that much money on just illusion not impressed at all.

John Kennedy

We had a great time. Handsome bouncer seated us. The waitress A,M was so pleasant and the mac and cheese was fantastic. It was a relaxing stop before heading to the Rockaways

Neon Kitty

I love the fact that the experience doesn't use real animalsbut it looks and feels so real.

Krish Mehta

The show was outstanding and wasn't only for children. There were different parts to the show and every one of them were nice.


My family visited to celebrate my daughter's 13th birthday, we couldn't have had a better time and she was THRILLED! Our guide was informative, friendly and very knowledgeable and kept both the 13 year old and 9 year old engaged and interested. Even my husband, who is usually so stoic, had a blast!! This is a great event to have as a family!

Shari Costanzo

The experience itself was awesome! Very fun especially for kids. However took off 2 stars because the escalator does not work and to use the elevator upon entry, you have to go next door and go upstairs to take the elevator to the basement?!?! Elevator upis no problem.

Sunil Chauhan

Excellence at it's best. Value for money. Kids will love it. Once in a lifetime experience. I'll suggest everyone to visit this place you will feel your are living the future already.

Calie Ritter

We really didnt know what to expect when we went through but it ended up being very informative and cool to see. It's an interactive experience that takes about an hour to walk through. We did have a hard time hearing out guide but other than that it was worth seeing.

Konamaneti Sreenivasa Reddy.

It's thrilling journey to pass through various shows of aquatic life. The virtual ocean will leave you spellbound. Once you enter inside of this mesmerizing world.... You will wonder that's in Manhattan times square area. Kids will enjoy thoroughly.

James Carlone

National Geographic is a worthwhile adventure for families, especially for younger kids. The special effects are pretty cool and everyone enjoyed the kelp forest and 3-D film. Our "dive guide" was funny and informative, shepherding us through each step of the tour. Our kids enjoyed the interactive center at the end. I think the tour is really geared more towards younger kids but any family can enjoy a morning or afternoon here. I'm glad we went!

Donnie Cianciotto

They have an all gender restroom, which is progressive and fantastic. My tour guide (Alex? Alan? Andrew? Definitely an A name...) was informative and great, and the exhibit itself is really cool. Each experience outdoes the last. Totally recommend.

Rupa Kale

This exhibit is really neat and perfect for kids. It's interactive and informative and packed with a lot of information. We really enjoyed it. Recommend the 4 person in family pack. Best deal!

F. Laun Maurer

Beautifully done, interesting facts I didn't know, exciting and visually extraordinary. Glad we did it even though we're adults and thought from commercial that it was for kids!

Donald J Hillbish

All digital interactive. Very educational. Kids loved it!

Nefetera Roberts

Very boring sorry I went. I was expecting much more.i dont even think ill bring my kids here...

Jack Stubbs

Cool tour with immereive technology, however this definitely needs to be marketed towards kids, and there are no real animals. Tour guide was informative and friendly.

Mandy Loshinsky

Very cool experience, good for people of all ages but it's more fun when you take little kids with you some they get very excited by all the cool interactive parts.

Ram Nov

It was a very good experience. We were a group of 8 (10-53) and we all enjoyed it. Especially we loved the California seaweed mirrors experience.

Mykol Sutton

My son had an awesome time! He loved the maze and interactive seals.

Caitlyn Calder

This is a very well made walk through experience. Some of it is even interactive, letting you really be a part of the scene. This is a wonderful activity for kids, even if they’re really young, as almost all of it is not a traditional museum.

Stephanie Logan

It was super fun, educational, and immersive. Everyone will enjoy Ocean Odyssey. The last part of the tour is so exciting.

Monty Haller Jr

Worth going, it was better then I expected. Awesome

Cortney Carroll

We had a great time! We had a 9,11, and 12 year old with us and we all enjoyed it! Perfect activity for a rainy day! And such a cool way to experience the ocean! Worth every penny! The staff was organized and the scheduled wait times worked well with very short wait to get in! Highly recommend

K Sisko

We made reservations for a later experience in the evening so less crowded . Perfect for our family. Our kids-age 5 and 9 were engaged the entire time. Perfect balance of interactive and informative. Staff was very friendly and helpful from customer service/ticketing to guide to Souvenir photog and photo desk. Left our stroller in a stroller check room which was open to all other people with strollers - adequate but don’t leave anything valuable in your stroller. Easier to experience everything if your hands are free (wear a backpack, keep your jacket on or tied around your waist/shoulders). Great encounter!

Edwin Valdez

Best place to take your children. Everyone will love it

Ashleigh Lennon

Just OK. The staff are friendly enough, and know their stuff, but boy what a let down inside. Not worth $40 plus at all, while everything is interactive and no real fish etc, I did expect something amazing, what was experienced was a few gimmicks, a 3D short documentary, some ocean sounds, and then a room with interactive desk to press buttons before the gift shop... pretty much blah.

Kushal Shah

It's a fantastic experience. At first, it seems like a small building on Broadway St. with a small sign, but like they say, don't judge a book by its cover. The whole tour is an interactive experience with motion sensor videos, amazing decorations on walls, mirror maze, 3d movie and a play room/lounge for kids to explore at the end of the hour tour. The tour is quite informative and talks about the dangers to marine life and how we can save it. And although it's a walking tour, you don't really feel tired. Overall I think it was worth it.

Ashly Priest

Great interactive space that is family friendly. They have put a lot of time (and money) into the cool tech features, lighting, and educational components. Totally worth a visit, its a really cool reprieve from busy Times Square.


Awesome experience... Do not miss if you are in the neighbourhood.

warren sweberg

Very worthwhile exhibit, both for visual experience and important conservation issues. Found tour guide's microphone not adequate. Didn't feel rushed as expected with timed entry.

Avishek Nandi

Fact: Did you know that 50% of oxygen in earth comes from the oceans? This is a place where cutting edge technologies showcase the marine life, what ticks them and the pollution we make that fails them. It's a pity that this is a short tour.

Sathish Kumar

This place is very different. !! There are no real Fishes but the way its presented in digital is awesome. They have guided tour for the whole encounter.!!. It's a different experience and the 3D at last was truly amazing.


Yawn yawn. Would not recommend unless you carry a NYC pass.

JESUS' princess!

Simply gorgeous! It was interactive and unlike any other attraction.

Maleena Reid

I needed to kill some time and popped into this exhibit. It was $20 with a student ID and they get you started immediately. I went on a Saturday night so I was pretty surprised by this. My tour guide’s name was Kendall (no Jenner according to him) and he was great. Wait for him if he’s around! He was knowledgeable, funny, and made the experience really enjoyable. The exhibit really is something the whole family can enjoy. Some parts may be scary for smaller kids, though. I spent an hour and a half in the tour but the last part is self guided so you can spend two+ hours in there if you read and look at everything, which they give you time to do. Overall, worth the time/money.

Kevin McMinn

I'm going against the majority here, but I felt this tour attraction was just mediocre. It could have very easily cost half the price. The entire guided tour lasted about 30 minutes. The exhibits were fairly decent overall; I especially liked the one where virtual, energetic tropical fish, horseshoe crabs, and sea snakes swam at your feet on a giant interactive projected screen. My step son enjoyed the exhibits, so that's all that really matters to me. But he's too young to understand the value of money. National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Oddysey just didn't give enough bang for the buck.

Lisa Shirley

A very fun experience. Wasn't crowded for a Sunday, which made it better. Our tour guide was nice and had great enthusiasm. I really enjoyed the Kelp Maze and the 3D show. I recommend checking this out...but be forewarned. The Humbolt Squid might frighten some children.

Hannah Haug

It was an interesting experience. Definitely not an aquarium which is what I was expecting. There are no real animals. It was cool that they had interactive screens but I would say some parts were not kid friendly. Very dark, very loud at some parts. You learn a lot of good information but just not what I was expecting. Also not worth the price.

Adam Pool

Great - wonderful high tech adventure - not so many guests so well worth going.

Ion Meitoiu

It's really nice that they are doing stuff to stop ocean pollution. The info is interesting and some of the rooms in the experience are really cool. But not all of them are that interesting. Not sure it s worth 40, dollars.

itsyogurl_ kiwi

Its the most amazing place ever!!!! They teach you about sea animals and how they live. Your experiencing the live of a animal deep in the seas. My favorite part of the whole tour was the giant spuid fighting and hunting and the huge humpback whale eating you and tiny fish! I really want to go back.

Priyanka Kulkarni

No live fishes. Its all animation and cool effects. great setup but was not expecting that for $37. Good for kids. Nothing there for adults.

Jan G

I attended by myself and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I thought the price was a little steep for what was offered, but hey - it's New York...and I'm happy to support NatGeo in its conservation efforts. Families expecting a "wow factor" for very young children should be aware that it is very limited in "hands on" stuff - but still very interesting, enjoyable and educational.

Rodney Weinstein

For the price, not good enough. Yes we enjoyed it bit not enough this GS to do for kids. Again super expensive which I understand as it's in time square. Was more of a museum.

Heather Leasure

So much better than I expected. Educational and fun all at once

H. Alexa Regtoumda

I loved this exhibit. Great for all ages. !

Emily Colon

Very fun! We had a super enthusiastic and friendly guide named Emily. She was very knowledgeable. The kelp mirror maze was so much fun! So was the 3D show after. Because we went on a Sunday evening we got free drinks afterward because of an event :) I know it's technically a tourist trap but I had fun even as a native New Yorker.

Jacquee Spano

Nice experience. I enjoyed it a lot although a bit pricey for what it is.

Zehra Naqvi

Kids loved it. It’s all VR and the details and information shared is a lot. Kids had a wonderful time!

garret robinson

It was very interesting for the adults and fun for the kids. Don't go if you or your kids are afraid of the dark, the show is based off of lights, darkness, sound effects and marine biology/animal facts. There was a 3d show at the end guaranteed to surprise you in a fun way and two other shows that had my body believing it was moving while I was stationary. Highly recommend for ages 5 and up, can be scary to very little ones.

Waksig Machine

It was actually quite fun and nice colours inside a magical place

LuzMarie Rodriguez

It was pretty cool. I went with a large group and our tour guide was unenthusiastic and barely audible. The experience could have been better with a better guide. I'm considering returning to see what it's like without the group. The experience takes you from room to room with different visual and audio effects. The 3D room was the best

Cathy Hobson

Allan M

Awesome, never expected the grafix, you were actually there, worth every penny.

Monica Garofano

It was a little outdated. Touristy place. Good for a rainy day.

Isabel Seda Melendez

We had an amazing tour guide (Kendal) he was so nice and had a positive vibe the entire time. He was very friendly with the kids as well. Although I came her because I took my son it was even fun for the adults. You learn a lot about the sea life. It’s interactive which makes it even more exciting for the kids to enjoy. There’s a lot I didn’t know about sea animals so I really enjoyed learning. I will point out it is more for children but anyone will really get a kick out of it.

Deepa Patel

One word: amazing!!! I didn't really know what to expect, so was pleasantly surprised with this guided interactive experience. What a great way to see the world under the sea! I loved that there was not one live animal behind glass here but you still felt like you were really interacting with the ocean life. I especially enjoyed the bioluminescent experience. Also, the restrooms here are gender inclusive and very clean!

Vida Du

A wonderful place for family. Kids will love the interaction game. Parents can learn more about marine life.

Kirsten Peterson

Incredible experience!! You must see it to believe it. Our tour guide was Malcolm and his passion and knowledge was contagious!! Definitely would recommend.

Richard A

This is a really great place with an important message about conservation. My teenagers enjoyed it and most of the exhibits engaged them.


Loved the awareness of the ocean that this experience provided. I do wish it was a bit longer in some places, because it was so fun!

Bill O'Leary

Unless you get a VERY big discount or have already bought a multi-attraction pass, this is not worth doing. Fully priced at $39 one should expect more than what might be found at a high school science fair. There is some interesting 3D and VR content along the way, but no better than you would see in a larger version of a video game. The NYC Aquarium/Bronx Zoo/CP Zoo are all 20 bucks or less and you see real creatures, not fake.

Corrina Nielsen

Reading some of the positive reviews makes me wonder if I went somewhere different. Alas, no. We went as it was an attraction on our Sightseeing Pass. What a waste of time. Would have been gutted to have paid the entrance fee.

Rosana Pereda

Really enjoyed this and a must bring for children. It's very interactive and full of information.

Eoin Miskell

Great place if you have kids. Very educational but has lots to keep them entertained as most of the exhibits are interactive.

Efis Gloanas

When you hear about virtual experiences, one has to wonder if they are any good. National Geographic far exceeded our group's expectations. A really world class exhibit, it dives into not just marine life, but ocean conservation as well. It has plenty of interactive entertainment for children and adults alike. Our guide was bubbly and friendly, and if I could rate this experience 10/10 I would.

Ron Dooley

Really great activity for the whole family. So often I feel like I paid a fortune for a poor experience for my kids and I. This was not the case. This was a good value, educational, fun and engaging for my kids and wife and I.

Diahann Darwood

My 7 and 12 year old enjoyed themselves. The people we're nice. Our tour guide was great! Cool interactions for the whole family. Take your own pics if you can. I bought one they took and my youngest was cut in half. Lol

Norman Negron

Nice place for educational purposes. Great place to bring school children to learn about ocean conservation. You will learn humans impact on the ecosystem and how it's affecting us.


Pretty cool, and staff is great. I love marine animals, but it unfortunately isn't as long as I thought it would've been.

Tanayshia R.

Yessss!! I LOVED this!! It’s soo realistic!! It’s very interactive & fun! My favorite part was the 3D aquarium part! I really felt that the fish were swimming to me.

Ashish sinha

It's a fun experience, esp for the kids. Maybe a bit steep at the window, but we used our city pass and plus, they are at time.square. Also friendly and helpful staff.

LaShon Winstead

I took my 29 campers ages 4-10 . I had originally paid for 35 campers and 4 staff and 4 adult comp ticket. So 39 ppl. But only 33 ppl made the trip. We opted to have lunch there. Which we pre paid $13.50 for 2 slice of pizza and soda. Plus $1.25 for a large cookie the option said. After finishing the tour which the children loved. We are into interactive trips. But the problem came when the lunch we were supposed to be having at 11:15 came 2 hr over 2 hr late like around 1:30-1:45. I know I should have left after one hour but by the time we would have had to travel back to Queens NY it would have be an even later lunch. I was told they forgot to order the pizzas. Really!! How do you forget to order a $500 plus order. Not to mention the large cookies was the ones you get from Costco or BJ. They charge a $1.25 per cookie. What a joke!! Do not order their food options bring your own lunch. They can’t forget that. I was told I would get a refund. Nope that didn’t happen.

Anne Fernandena

I agree with other reviews that you need to set your expectations with this attraction. It's not a real aquarium. It's a virtual experience of what animal and plant life is like in our oceans. At times you do feel like you are in the ocean with fish swimming all around you. It's also educational as well. It's definitely an experience for any school aged kid. This is a perfect spot for dads to take the kids while mom goes shopping in NYC!!! It is very interactive so it will keep the kids entertained. The movie experience at the end is a definite must see.

Jenne Ramsey

Fun , interactive, digital based educational experience. They work to engage all of ypur senses. This is not an aqarium it is digital animation in a museum like experience. If you have small children or children with Sensory Processing issues, you may want to step aside from some of the exhibits. Just let them know if you have sensitive kids there are places to step aside.

Marcus H

I am not sure why the reviews are so high on. Reading the details closer after attending I can see no where does it say there will be real animals but there are no real animals. That being the case I would have assumed great film footage being this is a National Geographic event but that isn't the case either. The tour is far to expensive for the experience. The reason I will give it two starts is we went on a Sunday night and received a glass of wine at the conclusion.

Francine Asquith

Very short but very interesting. A tour guide takes you through each section. I expected a bit more but we got discounted tickets and my 12 year old enjoyed it.

Whitney Cherry

Great Ebony Roberts was exceptional!!!Great customer service I will definitely be back

Akeisha Neely

Had the time of our lives here. Our guide Amy was incredible. She made the trip exciting and so much fun for the whole family. I recommend everyone go see this. Its like nothing you have ever seen. All i can say is WOW

maria Cotty

It was a wonderful experience My Husband, Daughter, Grandson (2yo), and I, had a very interesting and fun time. The leader of the group was friendly and informative. Upon leaving, we felt that we learned a lot about the ocean. Thank you!

barbara dessel

My granddaughter, aged 14, and I enjoyed the Experience very much. Did not know what to expect but was entranced by the encounter. She want's to go back and I would highly recommend it. It is in the heart of the theatre district, and for me it was fun to see all the famous buildings.

Camille Newell

Awesome!! Pretty cool learning experience, interactive as well. Great graphics and also great for a family trip, a date or even solo! I went by myself and had a blast. Very fun for children and adults alike!!

Valerie Cortalano

It was very enjoyable. The guide was very pleasant and knowledgeable. I am glad I went.

Ankush Kumar

This was ok. Our guide was good. It was part of our new york pass. The visual effects seem to be bit outdated. Apart from 3d movie and glass maze, rest exhibits weren't much engaging. Great message by the way and near to times square.

vinodh raj

Pricy, but great setup. I initially thought that the animals are live. But after going there realized that the animals are animated. Nevertheless, the animation and your is great. If you have kids, they will enjoy for sure. The price for the animated setup is too much. Otherwise the experience was fantastic

Erin Cummins

Great amazing experience for all ages, very educational and right in the middle of Times Square

On the Look

Is a wonderful place to learn. Also is very realistic is like you being in the water with the sea life.

Sandip Ray

I really don’t feel good to rate them 3 here but i have my own reasons... Pros- Fully indoor, good for all age group. May be not for toddlers.. They offer reduced rate parking coupons for ‘PARK’ $30 for 6 hours instead of $50.. Thats it!! Cons- Over priced tickets.. Just one 3D show of hardly 5 minutes A guided tour that ends in 35-40 minutes.. You spend $38 for a 5 min 3D movie and few damn old concepts for a 35 min guided tour??? A good marketing and website though!! Cheers!!


Awesome experience! It was fun and interactive for the kids (5yr, 22mos) and myself.

Gulhan Bizel

Less than 1 hour tour, good for kids 3-7yo

Andrea Owen

Not what we expected. This place got so many great reviews here and on Trip Advisor, that we added it to our list of things to do on our trip for our 10 year old daughters birthday. Note: there are NO live animals here, it’s all digital screens. We honestly could have had a similar experience watching a Nat Geo documentary at home and then donating the $113 to Nat Geo directly. Our tour guide was unenthusiastic and acted like she couldn’t wait to get off work. There were some much younger kids that seemed to really enjoy it, but our 10 and 12 year old kids were bored. Bottom line: I wish I would have known it was all digital screens. Glad our money did go to a good cause, but for us it was a waste of money.

Ola Marie

I went with my students, which consists of 3, 4 and 5 year olds. We had a great time! Yes I said WE! During the summer we go on outings with the kids twice a week, same trips every year, it's great when one trip stands out and breaks the monotonous flow and adds a new adventure. National Geographic provided that. The sights, the sounds kept the kids engaged and excited, the anticipation of entering each room built up by the ooohs and aaahs coming from the children beyond the door! Every fact shared by the pleasant, engaging and accommodating staff backed up with visual beauty! I attend to visit again this time with my nieces, nephews and godson in tow! Highly recommend trip!

Shelly Kotek

Thought this would be ok but ended up having a fantastic time! The imagery was beautiful. Kids had fun! Kelp forest mirror maze was fun and the 3D bait ball thing was interesting.

Keep Me Warm Doghouses

Great tour! Very informative and interactive. Gave great tips on how we can save our oceans. Great animation, digitally mastered! So much better than going to an aquarium where animals are removed from their families in the wild, and held captive behind glass tanks for the rest of their lives and denied everything that is natural to them. Don't support this abuse of our beautiful animals in the sea or on land. Great job Nat Geo!!!

Edwina Bertha Narita

Not necessary the most interactive or attractive spot, but it is very nice and a great initiative. I would recommend it for rainy days or if you visit with kids.

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