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Where is Morristown National Historical Park?

REVIEWS OF Morristown National Historical Park IN New Jersey

Jamie Hearsh

This is a very informative and educational historical site to visit. The museum offers lots of interactive and historical exhibits for visitors. It even has a movie to watch. These exhibits will teach you about George Washington and the American Revolution. One example is there is George Washington's Inaugural Sword at one of the exhibit rooms. That is a golden gem at the museum. It even has interactive exhibits for kids to learn about history but , in an interactive way. There is a Ford Mansion Tour which starts at the museum. The tour teaches you about George Washington’s stay at the mansion and the winter of 1779 to 1780 which was a very bad winter. Even talks about the history of the home itself. Even there is Jockey Hollow (park) where you can walk around and see the huts + wick home. Also there is an another museum at Jockey Hollow. The best part it is all FREE!

Caleb Rothe

Morristown is a great historical park. It can be seen completely in only and hour or two. Be sure to visit the museum at Washington's headquarters. My two young boys loved the exhibits, especially the short videos and replica uniforms they could try on.

Charles Link

Great hiking. Beautiful and serene.

Susie Christ

Expect anything here ! Beautiful park.

Monique Conte

Didn't remember going there

Thomas DeLeasa,lll

Great piece of history go visit!!

Justin Garratt

It was a very wonderful experience my wife and I saw the Ford mansion an it was very informative

David Hernandez

It's a really great place to go hiking. There are 1, 2, and 6 mile hikes. The smell of fresh air is amazing.

Matt Leszyk

National Park with something for everyone. Good family outing.

John Rudy

One of my favorite places to walk

Allan McKinley

It was a nice experience very enjoyable.

William B

State-of-the-art exhibits am really good staff as well as a small gift shop make this a great National Park. It's a little hard to find due to one way roads but well worth the effort. I enjoyed the coin and postcards that they had for sale as well is the nice T shirts. The exhibit were you have to make decisions as if you were George Washington and you have different officers giving you advice was a lot of fun. I can't say enough about the great the staff .

Harris Miller

Kids loved the museum

Katie Boudreau

A great place for a quiet weekend activity. We stopped by to check out Jockey Hollow. On our way to the attraction we went through the visitor center, which is small but offers a video for visitors to watch, an example cabin, and a cute gift store selection. We purchase a National Park passport and got a stamp at the counter to keep track of our visit and future park visits! The park was super quiet, we practically had the place to ourselves. We definitely plan to come back to check out the many hiking trails throughout the woods. Everything is super clean and well maintained. Definitely worth a visit!

Dee Snow

Was a nice short walk off main roads

Barry Lass

Good view of the city

Volkan Mihcakan

A good opportunity for learning a part of the American revolution. You can learn historically important details about Genaral Washington's winter encampment in 1779. Watch the fifteen minutes video first and then see the replica hut inside the visitor center before heading out to the Wick's mansion. Plenty of hiking trails is a plus if you want to make your visit more enjoyable.


Awesome place. Great history.

Daniel Castellanos

Great museum tucked away in a quiet corner of Morristown.

Daniel Rodriguez

Beautiful fall walk...and summer

Nicholas Canzano

A hidden gem

Natalia McCallum

Excellent exhibit

Sally Fisher

Going place for a quiet walk. Kids enjoyed exploring y many paths.

Robert Marzi

The Ford house viewing was neat - I learned a few interesting things from our tour guide - he did a great job - I found the museum a bit dull - but it's worth sitting through the video if you have not seen it on TV

Janet Persaud

I checked out Jockey Hallow park.. It was great. We hiked the green and red trail.

Rochelle Harris

Learn so much about our history as Americans

Xiang Gao

Beautiful country road to walk on in Fall season

James Sheerin

Great place to go for a walk. Take photos with the family and learn about American history. I would highly recommend this place for those who are and are not into history. A hidden gem in the Morristown area.

Nasse Lambert

It's under construction right now , don't have lot of truck parking in the area for moment......

AuPair Lavitas

It has beautiful space to walk and nature. Also the ways are food

Sar-Shalom Strong

I spent most of my time at the Cross Estate Gardens. But did explore some of the trails. Enjoyable, and would return

jose martinez

Very peaceful place

Anna Rudo-Hutt

Beautiful park with interesting historical buildings. Great for an easy hike.

Michael E Bailey

Very nice historic park with a lot of things to see and learn. The Visitors center is very educational. Part of the park is in the city, but it feels like it is still out in the country. It takes a lot of time to see everything and it is well worth the time.

Freddy Mace

Get there early to get your tickets. The visitors center is great with really nice displays and artifacts.

heart attack on a plate

Great historical place to visit and great for hiking

Irene Fadeev

Large park, has historical significance (Washington troops spent a winter there, stop at their visitor center to learn more); also great for hiking (marked trails of different lengths).

James Connors

I love the National Park Service. This little museum is informative and well done. Tours are available as are supporting materials pointing you to the other locations around the county for the historic park like Jockey Hollow and the Ford Mansion.

Debie Foster

We love to hike here!! Great trails ranging from flat and easy to hilly and challenging. Lots of wildlife to observe. Lots of parking and the welcome center has lots of history.

Ben Ho

Grew up in Morristown. These parks were part of my backyard. Low key. Rarely many tourists. Nice way for revolutionary was history to just be part of the background. Also lovely places for walks.

yao he

This park is enormous. You need a day or two to explore. Beautiful place to learn American history.

Patricia Segovia

Beautiful and peaceful work out

Fausto Fondeur

Best trail in NJ so far

Jorge Matias Caviglia

Awesome National Park. Great trails, woods, meadows. Information center with wifi.

Osia Knowles

This is quite possibly the most underrated historical site I have ever been to. The museum is a treasure trove of Revolutionary War artifacts and informative videos, maps and interactive displays. My 8 year old son was thrilled. They have replica clothing you can try on, as well. Excellent gift shop, as well. The tour was nothing special. We had a boring guide. It was informative, though.

Fan Li

The trails are easy to hike and the staff is super friendly.

Yaroslav Sapozhnyk

Very quiet place without many people

Waleid Aly

I’m geeky guy I love history and I won’t rate any less than five stars.

Scott Stevens

Unaware of the significance of Morristown in the Revolutionary War, this was a nice and informative visit. It a quick and interesting stop and don't miss Fort Nonsense for the views and interesting history.

Alex Kevis

Great place to go for a hike, and walk your dog. Many different trails.

Rebecca Decker

Very neat George Washington and Revolutionary War information. Reasonable rate for 3 room museum and Ford House tour. Guided house tour, Susan was properly passionate about the information and pride in local history. Cool things in gift shop.

R Houseman

This is a review of the trails. The park says it has about 27 miles of trails and I ran over 10 of them today. The trails would get a 5 star but for the need for maintenance. A lot of trees have been knocked over and many lay across the trails. At one point on the Aqueduct Trail you have to go under a widow-maker also some spots are just mud. Some trails, like a portion of the Patriots Trail is so overgrown you can't see the ground. Don't plan on using the NPS map as it does not have many of the trail. You will be better off taking a photo of the map at one of the kiosks. Note: There are places where trails intersect and could use markers to indicate which trail goes where. The only time I saw anyone on the trail was on the yellow trail near the soldiers hut and near Wick's House. Many walked people walked, ran and biked on the road but I had the trails mostly to myself. Definitely plan to come back and run more of the trails.

David Warner Photography

Great bit of history and nice views

Jamie Ballard

Can't fit a truck in

Chris Braganza

Very nice place. Not that you can't bike on the trails

Lauren Paxton

This place is lovely. I love the park trails and also the small river.

Christina Gould

This is a lovely museum! It doesn't take very long to go through, about 2 hours or so, depending on how much you like to linger over the exhibits. The Ford Mansion tour took about 40 minutes and is wonderful.

Stephen Landry

This is a wonderful view into life in the winter of 1779-80 and the struggle of the American Revolution. The 50 minute Ford Mansion tour was very well done, historical restored with period furnishings. The National Park Service ranger was very knowledgeable as well as entertaining. The exhibits in the Visitor Center are interesting as well; plan to spend an hour or so there. The manuscript gallery was the highlight for me. The National Park Service always does a great job; I highly recommend visiting.

Allie Genia

Oh boy is this place a wonder! It's a piece of history tucked in between highways. It is very much worth the drive to get here. My love and I weren't able to make the house tour, but that allowed us to spend more time in the museum. This place is an absolute treasure trove of primary resources from that era!! You can tell when visiting that a lot of love went into the curation of the museum. When you visit, make sure you have enough time for the museum, tour, and to walk the grounds a bit. More than worth it!!

Flip2 Hardwood Floors New Jersey

So many thing makes part of history, really enjoy!

Rob Hebrank

Great place for some history and hikes.

Alexandra Stephens

Great place to take a dog for a walk, even in the rain!


Great place for those interested in Revolutionary war. Learn about Washington's army, browse the interesting selection of books and gift, or go for a walk through history. National park, so little rangers can earn a badge here.

Richard Smith

A excellent peek into our National history.

Mark J Vogel

Another great Spring walk at lunch

Mary O'Malley

Good for hiking and good for learning history. Site of the winter encampments of the Revolutionary Army, the historical sites offer a good view into the extraordinary suffering and dedication required to win freedom from Great Britain. Hiking: The longest track (Grand Loop) will take one six miles around the park. It is well marked. This route also connects with Patriot Path, a much longer trail that leaves the Park and travels through nearby communities. There are two gardens within the Park -- one sited in the main body of the Park on the grounds of an historic farm, and another nearby, adjacent to the New Jersey forces encampment.

Aimee Huard

Nice to walk around. The exhibits in the education center in the Washington museum were particularly fun to play with. The tour in the Ford house was interesting, our guide was very knowledgeable.

O Mongelluzzo

Loved it. Home tour by ranger was excellent. So glad Jockey Hollow is still preserved after 240 years.

Mr. Castro

Very cool place. Lots of history, the visitor center had a great recreation of a soldiers' hut and an interesting documentary about the harsh winter during the revolutionary war. The trails were great, clearly marked and very easy to follow with a nice variety of paths. Will revisit.

Kevin Nelson

I spend a lot of time in Jockey Hollow. The rich history of this place is a good enough reason on its own to visit. I usually go trail running on the various trails which are all very well maintained. It can get busy at peak times but even then the magic of this place never fails to disappoint. Check out the soldier cabins and the main rotunda if you are a history buff. If it’s too cold, taking a drive around the loop isn’t a bad way to spend a few minutes either.

Janet Brocato

It's a great view from the top

Lesya Mikuta

Great place! Lots of historical buildings, nice trails, roads!

Mitesh N

Nice place for history buffs

David Stephens

Very interesting and historic place. Great for walks and learning about the history of Morristown, New Jersey, and the United States.

Alex Fadeev

Great historical outdoor destination. Giant park with hiking and walking trails, a few historical exhibits, free parking.

Jesska Innamorato

Cute date spot. Clean, beautiful and quiet. I would definitely go back.

Bill Byrnes

Beautiful gardens. One of the best-kept secrets within Jockey Hollow National Park

Liana Bayles

Awesome new interactive area! Fun for adults and children. Helpful, friendly staff.

Alina Mann

The Wick House is a beautiful piece of history. Next to it is a recreation of a rustic, small colonial garden. If you like hiking, there are a few trails to choose from. All of them lovely. There's much more to this vast place, that I haven't gotten to explore yet.

Margaret Hayter

Much more interesting than I expected. The tour guide did an excellent job of putting us right there in the moment. Even our 8 and 10 y.o. grandkids were interested. The tour takes an hour. Well worth a visit.

Fr. Philip-Michael F. Tangorra

For Revolutionary War buffs, Morristown is a must. The Ford Mansion, Fort Nonsense, Jockey Hollow, the Green, all great places to visit and learn about our nation's founding. Morristown has a phenomenal history and played an important role in our nation's fight for independence.

Joseph A

Nice park 3 Mile loop with hills. Nice ride on a bike

Miles Mu

Love to go running here with my brother.

David Beverly

Always something to see garden a must.

Dan Goedeke

The ranger was very helpful. Our group really enjoyed the time we were there.

Luz HC

The museum is excellent!

Eric Estes

Our favorite hiking location, beautiful at all times of the year

Anthony Mori

It’s a nice place to get history of the war of independence. When matched with Valley Forge it brings the history more than alive. Unfortunately we were there on a very rainy day. This precluded long walks on the grounds. The staff was more than helpful, as not many visitors they were able to provide some depth. Not as famous as Valley Forge, but just as important.

Peter Palumbo

Beautiful park right here in the middle of NJ!

Donald Chan

Main winter encampment of Continental army, it survived a tough winter here in 1980. Wicks were true patriots. Wick garden and house are maintained by National Park service.

Bruce Baker

Cool place found while wandering

Patricia Butcheck

Historically important, and full of amazing details - Morristown is General Washington's winter encampment location. He stayed at the Ford Mansion - which was lovingly preserved - during the winter months of 1779. There we saw how the Ford family lived along with Washington and his men (and eventually, his wife Martha). Down the road was Jockey Hollow where the Continental Army encamped over the winter. Up a nearby hill is the footprint of Fort Nonsense - which has an amazing overlook. All in all, we had a lovely day visiting the mansion, museum, and fields in Morristown, NJ. Despite the rain!

Christopher Adams

An excellent spot to spend an hour or two whilst re-tracing George Washington's footsteps. A visitor center provides plenty of interactive, educational exhibits. Come see period artifacts, reenactments, and short documentary films describing life for members of the continental army who camped near Morristown.

cIRCitmage Neuromancer

Got there close to close, but the rangers were so nice

Giancarlo Tosi

Beautiful little museum and park. Fun for a short stop.

Craig Roberson

The gentleman at the check-in and cashier desk were able to answer our every question. The gift shop was very nice and full of items. Check out the two national parks nearby if you're in town

Ajey Dambal

Great place that mixes nature with history. A the small visitor's center has a nice video presentation of the events of 1779-80 which helps puts things in perspective. The trail/walking road is picturesque and there are recreations to see along the way.


very quiet and beautiful trails. Aware you could meet a big bear so I don’t recommend to walk through forest with small kids. But still worth for drive!

Kerri-Lynn Tronolone

Great place for the history buff! Learn all about our country's fight for independence! Lots of information, videos, museum pieces and even an interactive area for children. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the quality of the tours of the Ford Mansion is inconsistent, with more or less information depending on who is giving the tour.

Nadine Bibi

Went for a hike here - I may have been being dense but couldn't find any trail heads for quite a while and kept going in circles! Once I got on them they were great and not crowded. Gentle hike, though occasionally unclear on which trail was which when they divided. Have bathrooms around the back of the visitor's center. Would highly recommend a visit!

Susan Prisco

Beautiful park great paved roads or wonderful dirt trails to hike.

Tammy Schweiger

Awesome. .great time

Susan Davis

Tickets for For Mansion are free but first come/first serve. You should come early.

Mark Morgan

I really enjoyed my visit. I went to the park with coworkers. The irony is we had a summer intern from England join us on the tour. The interactive exhibits were very informative and fun to use.

Sabrina Finigan

Nice place to hike, lots of history there. Better maps would be great! Did not see a restroom anywhere near the Jockey Hollow side.

Caleb Kempf

Great historical gem off ths highway in New Jersey. Can learn a lot about the Revolutionary War here. Well-maintained place.

Steve Fitzgerald

Historic and pretty. Look out for ticks.

Nick Rapagnani

So much history, great medium length easy hikes!

Jason Webb

The hiking was beautiful and scenic through lush forest areas with mild elevation changes. Bring some bug repellent! Otherwise, the visit in mid July was highly enjoyable. I will return with more time, and will update this review to include info on the visitor's center and more of the historical landmarks.

Erik V

This is a really special spot with lots if history and a great trail system. Be sure to stop b uh the visitors center and learn more about American History

Wilson Chan

Was surprising great trip, great for family.

Russell Clark

I'm usually not about this kind of stuff - but I had a blast here. It's pretty spread out and makes for a great walk.

Terry Gray

Very interesting place to visit would recommend it if your in the area

Shawn Sorrels

Nice easy trails. Did the big loop, about 7 miles. Very little elevation.

Sabitabrata Maity

I went to this place along with friends and family on a sunny day. This place is good for a day hike. There are several trails for hiking and most if them are easy to walk. The forest was lush green and it would definitely sooth body and mind. We went to visit the winter hut and found out how the American soldiers lead by George Washington, struggled and survived long winters during their fight for freedom from British rulers. This place is pet friendly and must visit.

Howard Braun

Step back in time and experience American history.

Dustin Dutcher

Great history lesson. Museum is clean, well kept and informative. Our young children even enjoyed it.

Rosoro 1980

As a truck driver I always stop here for my ten hour reset.

kathe coopersmith

A great place for a walk or even a hike.

Dave Rossman

Lots of history here - take the dog for a hike on the many trails. Make sure to visit the soldier's huts.

Anthony DeJesus

An excellent place to learn some things about George Washington and the Rev War. Extremely well educated staff in all departments and the customer service is always great. They’re latest addition is very modern and super kid friendly. I would recommend this place to people of all ages and types.

Ravikumar reddy

This is one of the best places to have a moderate hike...and scenic beauty is too good to believe when it rains

Chuck Strimpler

Extremely knowledgeable staff and the grounds are very well kept. Learned a lot that we never knew about Washington's winder encampment here. All you ever hear about is Valley Forge, but I think they had it worse here - it is just less publized.

Charles Trapp

I went there for a trail run of the Grand Loop. I was really disappointed with a trail signs and thought that they could use quite a bit of improvement. I suspect that the people rated the trails very highly must have had a map with GPS. I went with the assumption that the trail signs would be good enough to follow. Perhaps that was my mistake.


Very cool historical place in NJ. We took a free tour of the Ford mansion and got to see where GW himself slept. Amazing to imagine life 300 years ago when there was barely any development here. The story of the soldiers in winter was jarring as well, and the museum did a great job of showing us what it was like. Good for kids.

Scott Tsui

It was good. Lots of people walking their dogs.

Paul Birrell

It's woody and green.

William Brophy

My wife and I took a lovely hike with our dog here. It is beautiful trail (we took the outerloop), well maintained and well marked. There are small creeks and ponds scattered throughout the hike, maps to keep you on the right path, view points with benches. We will definitely be returning again in the future!

Jessica Casto

Humbling to know I was standing where General Washington stood. We are huge Hamilton fans, so being were they "courted" was also pretty cool.

S. Koiley

Very nice park to visit!!

Kevin Blumberg

Went camp8ng and hiking with a Boy Scout troop, beautifully maintained trails and campsite. Terrific historical trail, rangers were friendly and helpful.

Thomas Schlomann

Beautiful hiking trails. Historic buildings to see.

Roland Kelsey

Great place.


If you love history this is a must go place. My kids enjoyed seeing history come to life by all the volunteers. I really enjoyed the historical reenactment of Washington's encampment of Morristown during the American Revolutionary War. Plus it is free.

Rob Wilson

A great piece of history right next til NYC. A most stop for anyone interested in the holiday of the U.S. There is a lot do here, including hiking, looking at historical buildings from the 1700's and a cool museum with a gift shop. Highly recommend visiting and learning about how important this site was during the revolutionary war.

Anu Punukollu

Walking or hiking in Jockey Hallow is a humbling experience. Takes you back to George Washington days.

Eric Fritsch

For anyone who is a fan of history and hiking it doesn't get better than this. Hike to different original and recreated historical sites from the Revolution. See buildings as they were and listen to reenactors tell you the history. If hiking isn't for you then you can drive to different sites as well. As always, the National Park Rangers I encountered were wonderful.

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