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REVIEWS OF MetLife Stadium IN New Jersey

Trev Reigns

WrestleMania 35 was Lit I enjoyed every minute of it my favorite match was the main event

Jeff Mandel

MetLife stadium is absolutely beautiful to look at. The sightlines for the football game are great, especially from the first and second levels. Our seats are on the first level, right about even with the goal line. When play is at our end of the field it is perfect, at the other end not so much, but there are four huge screens that show everything very well and that makes up for it. You feel like you are right on the field, much more than at the old stadium. The problems? Very hard to get around. You are restricted in which way it is best for you to go in and out, aisles narrow and if the people in front of you stand up (almost every play) then you must also though that is not the fault of the stadium. Loooong walk to or from parking, even handicapped. Traffic flow very badly designed. And, to have built a new stadium in this area in this day and age, it should have had a dome. Although they show replays on the big screens, if you want to pick nits, watch the game at home and/or DVR it and you can pick it apart over and over to your heart's content. Being part of the crowd, though, at the game and tailgating, makes it worth any hassle. The ticket cost ($160/ticket plus $30 parking) not so much.

Bill Dowd

Great crowd control.. moving traffic in and out. Lots of parking. Friendly staff all around. Fun place.

Brian Hale

I was a visiting fan. Felt safe the whole time. Concessions were fine. Train was convenient to use. A+ all around

Leroy Holland

Absolutely amazing structure that holds 80,000 fans roaring and cheering on their favorite team. To see families cooking in the Parking Lot alone was beautiful on a Sunday afternoon. At least 50,000 people were wearing Giants and Jets Jerseys and T-shirts which made you feel like you was apart of the same family. Loved the experience and would do it again in a heartbeat

Danette Villavicencio

The Stadium is great. The food is good and there was plenty of games and prizes.

Everette Hamlette

Great experience! First time at an NFL game and the stadium was huge! Even though I had seats in the 300s it was still a great view. I could see everything! I will definitely go back! Security was smooth. Didn't take me long to get in. Food courts were responsibly priced considering it's a stadium! Make sure you check out the deal of the day! I got Grande Nachos for just $8!!!

Julie Morganti

The parking staff were very helpful. Getting into the stadium was quick and easy. Had an enjoyable time

Rusty Shakelford

It's a very nice place. The building is huge. We went to the flea market which was a lot of fun. Then the NJ State Fair was open and it was the time of our lives. Best fair ever.

Cathy Laurent

MetLife was an amazing venue to see the legendary Rolling Stones! Clean bathrooms, lots of food & merchandise, pricey but plenty of it! Tremendous event.

Travis St.Marthe

Only way to watch is if you're on the 50 yard line. Great and massive from the outside but when you're all the way up in the bleeds, the corners, and off center. You're better off watching at home. Paying $100+ to watch on a screen is a waste

Nate Ohl

Always arrive early for parking, makes life easier. The crew and staff are very helpful and kind. If you're lost they'll point you the right way. I often visit the stadium for Giants games. Even when they're not winning there's nothing like being in the seats with thousands of cheering fans. A great experience everytime.

Scott Harrigan

Came here for a Jets game (yes they lost). My first time here and I was very impressed on the layout of the facilities and also the views. There is not a bad seat in the house. It’s much brighter than the old Giants Stadium. Overall a very nice place. Won’t disappoint

Kirby Ellingsworth3


Kiyah Xtra

This was a pre-season Jets/Eagles football game but it was still fun..First live game, not my team but a great time...Tailgating in the parking lot before hand was awesome..Fans, food, drinks..Been to MetLife for graduations and the Draft...Very cool place, nice, friendly, knowledgeable staff...

T Gray

The Game was Fantastic. The seat were great section 131. My parking was good. Close to the stadium and my seat section

James Fahy

An impressive looking stadium. The seats on the third tier give a good bird's-eye view, but it must be 100 yards from the action. The TV screens around the ground help to make up for it, but overall, I think I'd prefer to watch it at home on the TV. Not specially atmospheric, certainly when compared to an English Premier League football match. Note that the food and drinks are sold at shamefully extortionate prices - a can of beer for $13!

Michael Schaeffer

Went to Monster Jam 2019. Very well put together with the pit area and the stadium race. We loved it. The stadium seating was great for even the kids to be able to see and the food concessions had something for everyone. Even a gluten free grill.

J Collins

Came for son's (Franklin Warriors) participation in Yamaha Cup..great experience

andre johnson

Great time at Met Life. Great service in the suites. Food and drinks was good. Good win for the Giants against the Bears in preseason.

Maya H

Amazing stadium. Very big. Plus the food is quite cheap and tastes good.

Christopher Chauca

Awesome stadium!! Staff helped us park and find out seats with no issues!! Definitely recommend travel an hour to two before your event because traffic is terrible to get there during event days!

Spike Buxton

Super fast in through security. Clean. Run well. No lines for food or drinks. Getting to Uber pick up lot after? 2 hr disaster.

Joseph Brady

Stadium is great. Wish they would have put a roof on this tho. Would make winter games great.

elaine gatanis

Everybody was so nice they treated you wonderful and the food was good everything was nice I enjoyed it

Rebecca Morris

The AMA Motocross was incredible. I have never seen a motocross race. To see the talent of these riders, the experience of being up close to the riders. I never understood the excitement until I was at MetLife stadium.

scott metzger

Stadium management needs to commit to making it easier to get Into the stadium. 30 minutes to get through security is just too long

Raphaëlle Beauregard

Good venue, but they double booked our seats, and while the Rolling Stones were opening we were being walked around to try and find another set of seats. When they did, they realised people were also in those, meaning another trip around the stadium for us. The venue is good, the beers are 12-14$, the cocktails 15$, that is to be expected. The employees were helpful to the extent of their abilities, but that kind of thing should not happen

Frank R

Well, it's a stadium, I understand that and I went there to see a concert but I have to say, it was a great experience. Driving in was easy, paying for parking hurt ($40) but with 4 people in the car it wasn't crazy. There were plenty of spots. Getting through the security was quick and remarkably pleasant. The stadium sections are clearly marked and tons of ushers are around to direct you. Seats were comfortable and had enough leg room. Yes, things cost too much but that seems to be par for the stadium event course. Visibility was excellent, with the screens helping a lot. Sound was pretty darn good too for an arena. Going out wasn't too bad only they should have more interior signs directing you to the various highways. All in all it was a very good experience.

Robert M

Stadium is Beautiful!Though,If You're going to see the Rolling Stones.If Your Fortunate to have Lucky Dip Tickets.The Ticket Staff You have to Watch them.The Lucky Dip Tickets are Supposed to be in a Sealed Envelope.So,No One can see if they're Down Front Pit Tickets.At Every other Stadium the Stones Performed at.Lucky Dip Tickets were in Sealed Envelopes.At Met Life Stadium.The Envelopes were Not Completely Sealed.Jeopardising integrity of the Procedure of Luck of the Draw.Customer Relations was made aware of the Envelopes.They proceeded to say.That this is how the do it.Well,That's Not how it was done in every other Stadium.Everyone,The Envelopes had the top open.Like as though they used an envelope Opener.So,Staff know if they're Pit Tickets in the Envelope.If there's also a Pit Wristband.Than,they can pick and Choose Who the want in the Pit,Not Fair Tactics.

Pamela Ford

Very helpful staff! Have a mobility problem and they volunteered to wheel me to my seat even though I could have made it slowly with my cane. Much appreciated!

lois lane

Tailgating is the name of the game here so get there early and come hungry. The stadium itself is easy to get to, navigate and is clean. The parking lot is lined with portable toilets for your tailgating pleasure. Grab your tickets and make your plans because nothing but fun is meant to be had here.

Danielle Blount

MetLife Stadium is so nice. They are quick with letting you through. Couple of things you should know though: It's a lot of walking, traffic and is very expensive. Worth the trip.. Great experience.. Great seats and security is on point. Oh! and you are allowed to set up a bbq party in the parking lot. Enjoy!!!!! Have a blast!!!!!

Jeannie Caccioppoli

The tour guy Eddie was super! He was able to handle a tour of 90 middle school students and staff. We were able to visit the press box and the suites. The only issue was that we were unable to get on the field because Verizon was having a private event.

Lady Charu

Staff is amazing! The concert we attended was amazing and I am happy it was held at MetLife Stadium! The staff and security were top notch and very helpful and professional! The view from any seat is amazing due to the compact nature of the way the stadium is set up! Great seats anywhere! I look forward to attending another event here in the future! Worth the 7 hour trip to go!!!

FortMinor043 Stevens

Visited this stadium, with my family, for the BTS Love Yourself:Speak Yourself concert. I was in section 123. The view from my seats were okay. Wish they had a few more screens to see the boys with but nevertheless, the concert was nothing short of amazing! The staff were super friendly too! Definitely recommend!

Rich LaFredo

Clean, easy to get around, and great field views. Seats are comfortable compared to other stadiums.

Brian Atchue

Love the stadium. Seem a few football games and concerts here and always have a good time. Parking is a nightmare so be prepared to be stuck for a while afterwards.

Matthew Reiser

Went for the fair. Always a good time. Great food and a lot of free shows. Tons of food options and great rides. Fireworks show late at night during July 4th Week.

Karen Burgos

I went to the Utopia concert and, overall, the stadium was pretty accommodating. There were many entrances to allow the traffic to flow smoothly. But to get out of the parking was a disaster. We waited 35 mins to get out. Easy to get in but super hard to get out

Joseph Antonick

Old Giants stadium was better in my opinion I felt a little packed in like a sardine.

Marty Borruso

The Stones were Fantastic, the seating was great. God Bless Mick Jagger who has not lost a step in 50 years. The music was fantastic it brought me back to my youth. But the traffic to get out of the parking lot was horrible and ruined the evening

Deb Adams

The energy that is there is amazing. They also know how to get you out and on to the road in no time.

Leandro Mega

Very nice stadium with a great feel and atmosphere. Came here to watch my first ever NFL game and it was spectacular. Only downside is if you don’t come here to tailgate you will be ripped off as drinks are an extortionate amount of money.

Jose Hdz

Home of the NY Giants I went for Wrestlemania 35 had an amazing time, the venue was very clean had good seats to the event. I do recommend taking winter gear especially if they do events in April it was a chilly night.

Craig Casey

Bring your credit card and your patience. Both will be tested to their limits. $40 to park your car for the pleasure of waiting for 40 minutes to get the hell out of the lot.

Frank Flores

OVER CHARGING FOR PARKING..$40. IF im paying $40 I don't expect to wait 1-2 hours to leave the venue. Come up with something better or charge less..... unacceptable.

Tim Christian

Incredible structure. Really is amazing if you get a look at it. Fun place to go to watch football games tailgate and have a good time. Drinks are outrageously expensive.

Alex Rivas

Never disappoints. Very good game and good seats

Nancy Ferschman

I love Met Life Stadium! Lots of fun to be there. I feel safe and the staff is very helpful. Highly recommend going to events there.

Edgar Perez

My experience at this place was extremely xplendid it was awesome. Having the opportunity to see the Mexican players so close it's a great privileged. Thanks God had a good time. MEXICO 3 - USA O.

Timothy gorman

Best place for a game. Great sightlines all over. Good food. Good beer. It's got what you need.

Matt Morais

Had a great time watching the Bills beat the giants on September 15th. Tailgate was great, was hoping they would be better organized with the traffic after the game. Funniest thing I saw was two chocolate chip cookies for 8$.

Stacy Tucker

Amazing venue for an amazing show (BTS). Entry was easy, parking was beyond ample. The crowd had already gathered and the lines and entry were well organized. Food selections were plentiful and diverse. Restrooms were clean and easily located. Exiting the venue was also much easier than I expected given the vastness of the parking lot.

Keith Burdick

Bring your walking shoes. It's a big place. Food was decent but over priced. Nice bar inside but VERY over priced for what you get. Seats are not friendly to larger people but are much better then other stadiums. Great jumbo TVs. People where friendly great experience. Go big blue

Yolanda Crandoll

So expensive but worth it. Seats need to be further apart otherwise it was an excellent experience. Hope to visit again real soon

C. Foo

Sure, the souvenir and food prices make movie theater prices seem reasonable ($6 for coffee! $20 for cotton candy?!). But honestly, the value in a venue like this isn't in what you buy there; it's about what you buy into before you walk through the metal detectors. It's about the memories of a live show, the comraderie with like-minded strangers, the shared experience you'll always have with the friends or family that accompanied you. The stadium is huge and spacious, there's a ton of parking (for a decent fee, of course), and there's no excuse not to commute via public transportation. Every time I've come here I've had a great time, and walking up to the gate always fills me with eager anticipation that is always entirely fulfilled by the time I leave.

Banks Shah

Great new stadium. The suites are awesome!

Christine Provenzano

Attended for Hackensack Meridian 's Life & Library event . It's awesome to be on the 50 yard line.

Manju Nagpal

My daughter attended BTS concert. The service was good and there were plenty of security measures to keep everyone safe. I overall had a great experience.

Ilya Shaikouski

Been here for both sports and concerts - great place for both occasions.

jason knox

Nice looking stadium. Food was nothing special. Jets fans are passionate! Leaving was a nightmare!

Tracy Blumer

Enjoyed the night at MetLife attending a BTS concert! This stadium is huge! Our seats were located in the United Rental club part of the stadium. This was a fantastic thing! This included an area that was enclosed, air conditioned, restrooms, had tables to sit and eat, tons of food options from fries to sushi to pizza and everything in between! There was even a concert merchandise table, that I wished I had known about so we didn't waste our time in line outside in the sun and heat! The views from section 220C were good. We had 1 lighting tower that blocked a little of the stage, but not terribly. Parking was easy as well as leaving. Prices for food and drinks hurt the wallet, but were on par with other like venues. Parking was $40. All the staff were friendly and helpful! Can't wait to attend another function here!

Jay Lobo

I took my family here to see a BTS concert and it was the greatest time that they all had. The food and drinks are extremely expensive though so if you ever go there make sure you have at least $500 to spend inside because the cheapest item in there that I saw for sale was a bottle of water for $10. Over all the MetLife Stadium is a top notch first class place to take your family or friends.

Yohanna Garcia

Was my first time and it was better than I thought, it was clean very nice staff food was overall ok I like it

Theresa Brown

I had a problem with my seat due to a disability. Flow and Pete from Guest Services were excellent. They helped me out and even though the Giants lost, I had a great time.


Visited for monster truck show, I was expecting a mess due to the crowd but entrances were really organized, security was moving fast. The seats tables etc. were very clean! Overall an awesome experience!

Jonathan Ridgwell

It’s a new stadium that’s well designed but better in the warmer months than the winter as it’s open air.

Kelly P

Efficient going in and out. Attended concert and wish they had more video screens on as we could not see main stage from our seats. We were in top section but still had a great time.

Emma Nagy

I experienced the last US stop for BTS' Love yourself, speak yourself stadium tour and it was amazing. The staff was extremely helpful, even with small things. I had asked a guard where to buy earplugs at since I experience some static like noise in my right ear during concerts; he told me he had some earplugs that I can have, for free. He was very sweet about it. The line into the stadium went quick and easy. The staff was very well trained and very friendly. Especially the staff at the merchandise tables before and after the concert. They were extremely helpful all around. Whether it was finding our way around the venue or where a certain lot was in the parking lot. So very very helpful. Highly recommend going to MetLife for any kind of event.

Michael Witkowski

This was my 1st time being back in giants stadium. I went to games in the old stadium all the time. the seat had a great view. All the new food courts our great. The stadium as a whole is now fabulous and better than any other stadium I have been too. With all the new food vendors anybody and everybody can find something wishes to eat. This is not just the old hot dogs anymore.

Tyhiame Curry

Nice stadium always fun great place to see a game good view from anywhere in stadium

Hernan Cortes

Metlife stadium always reaches my expectations. Ive come here for concerts, and even soccer games and in all honesty the staff is really friendly and the place is clean. Amazing environment.

rachel saunders

Way to think ahead. I was here for the BTS concert, and knowing the ARMY is about 80% female they took the time to designate some of the men's rooms for us women so the lines stayed under control. They handled everything really well. I had a great time. Staff and security were on the ball with everything!

Ayala Molinari

Wonderful stadium! Ample parking. Well lit and identified. Large entrance gates so never a long wait in line to get in. Love it here!

John M

I went there for summer jam! nice stadium and the bathroom was clean on the floor side. summer jam was definitely nice and going well till we had to leave for the thunderstorm! (Postpone)

Caron Nejame

Fan friendly! There are plenty of employees willing to help if you need it.

Jonathan Vargas

Very nice place and I loved the concert I ATTENDED to it was amazing, very surprised when there was more than just one singer.

James Rennie

We had a great experience at a soccer match. Unfortunately my car keys feel out of my pocket. Left the stadium and was at my car. Couldn't reenter to look for the keys. Fortunately the security staff was polite and understanding. I was directed to the main gate. The security at this gate escorted me back into the stadium. We went to a couple of lost and found locations, at the last one the gentleman went into an office area and came back with my keys. To everyone at the stadium, you are great and thanks so much for all your efforts!

Michael Roche

Great stadium really good amenities. Wish they sold beer up to end of 3rd qtr though.

William Hutchinson Jr.

First time going.Had a great time.Little pricey on the beverages.Crowd was electrifying,and plus they beat the Redskins 24-3.Thanks to my lovely wife who purchased the tickets on my late birthday in August.

Morais Bloomfield

MetLife Stadium is a modern entertainment facility boasting all the comforts for the deep pocket fans and corporations. The stadium cost approximately $1.6 billion to build. And is located in East Rutherford NJ, a short hop from NYC. So you won't be disappointed in the comforts that kind of money buys. There's nothing to dislike about this facility except; the cost of entry for the average working sport fan.

Daniel Niedermaier

Make sure to arrive at least two hours earlier! Tailgating is big when the Giants have a Home Game ;) Stadium itself could be a little bit nicer from the outside but from the inside its perfect. Also you don't have to wait very long for Drinks or Food.

Anthony Diaz

View even from the sky-seats was unobstructed. Not comfy, but very few stadiums are. Would be nice to have more coverage from the sun, but at least you get some up high with the light surround. Biggest issue I had was with the food prices. Just far too expensive. Gotta take a cue from Atlanta and bring the stadium experience back to the people. The ticket prices are expensive enough without gouging for the food which is at best fast-food quality.


Great crowds! Our seats were section 121 and seats are comfortable

Stayc Gates

Went to the BTS concert. It was a Great setup for a concert, security was great, they let made us all go back after it was over because a severe storm was about to hit. Passed out waters. Helped with phone chargers. Nice stadium, good experience.

Mark Anderson

It look nice from the outside never got a chance to get inside

Peter Lore

Great view but steep. Good luck if your impaired

Ryan Rasmason

Don't buy beers on tap from the concession booths. They never clean the taps and it tastes sour. The jets stink and so do the Giants, but a bit less. Section J is the best place for cool people like me tailgating.

The T Family

Came here for a concert. Getting into the parking lot from the highway was a nightmare. I thought it was congestion causing the backup until I got to booths where I had to shell out $40 for parking. The stop to pay for parking backed up traffic for miles in every direction. Once you get passed the booths, there is ample parking. Getting into the stadium was quick. Got through the security screening quick. The interior is clean and modern. Restrooms are clean. Plenty of food and liquor but be ready to pay a premium price for liquor and just okay food. There are no water fountains so you're forced to have to shell out $5 for a bottle of water. At least I didn't see any water fountains. I asked a restaurant worker who rudely brushed off my question. "Go ask one of the MetLife people" she says. So I did just that and the MetLife employee looked at me like I had two heads. "We don't have water fountains". I was thirsty. All I wanted was a little water. Goodness! Come to think of it, doesn't an establishment have to provide water if you ask for it?

Lou Cap

This is the facility which accomodates both the New York Giants and the New York Jets. You may wonder why both organizations are named as New York when in fact this arena is situated and located in the State of New Jersey. It may have something to do with the actual location and registration of the corporations that are the true owners of said teams. Said corporations are most likely registered as a business in the State of New York. As such they remain commonly known as the New York Giants and the New York Jets. If this does not turn you off then maybe the three hour trip home after seeing a game may be enough of a reason to stay home. Watching on a 60 inch high definition TV may actually be better then seeing the live product that is on the field. Especially during this horrible season for each team. Oh well. Money needs to be made, so whatever the teams want to call themselves, if you can get over it, enjoy yourself if you have tickets to see either of these misnamed teams take the field. Be early for the tailgate and if heading over any of the Hudson River crossings to get home, stay late for the after game tailgate party. Good luck cause staying late will not get you over the Hudson any quicker.


Went there for Cowboys vs Giants Week 17. Staff was great and it was an amazing game. Really like the stadium and all it has to offer. Parking and food are easily accessible.

Stephen Cleary

Parking is tough unless you show up early, but navigation of the stadium is very easy, and user friendly! Tailgating is more professional than the football teams. Yes, that good. However, beware, no more drinks sold after the end of half time, because of Jets fans fighting too much. Thank you Jets fans!! There are turf areas set up for kids to throw footballs around, and smoking areas that you can also take your beers to drink. Law enforcement, however, you CAN NOT bring your firearms inside the stadium. If you live outside of New Jersey, your ammunition is probably illegal anyway!


Great place but I wish it was actually in New York because that's who plays their New York teams.

Myriam hernandez

Went to see Romeo Santos here staff was nice but not a very well organized event. Did love that they showed emergency exits and evacuation procedures before the event started.

Packed News

Went there for wrestlemania 35 staff were great check in was super quick but throughout the night it was freezing and I had a jacket on still was able to feel the cold temperature around April recommend you come with a blanket unless it’s fully summer. Also once event was over security made us wait 15 minutes to be able to have access the parking lot they just made us wait outside some guy wanted to climb the little gate security told him don’t you dare I’ll have u arrested guess security were just doing their job since this was a huge event like super bowl

Yailyn Cortez

I got to see BTS here. I’m so happy that I got to. This stadium will be very memorable.

Alex Fletcher

I just had a marching band competition and it did a great job blocking the wind. Allows a lot of sunlight in too. The food stands were also good quality. (We took first place btw)

Shaunna Dooley1

The sound quality in this facility was god awful! The echo was unbearable! We spent good money on 4 tickets to The Rolling Stones show last. Isn’t and we couldn’t make out any of the songs being sung! Waste of money, gas and time! What a downer! It should be illegal to sell such a poor experience!

Miss Tish

Great stadium, enjoyed the Toyota Club. Delicious food, great seats for the game, very friendly staff everywhere we went

Milind Singh

Great experience! Just watched the US vs Mexico soccer friendly. Great viewing experience. Decent amount of parking space. Ok walkways. Good times! :)

Christian S

There are some stadiums that are just much better. The food selection is fine but so over priced. The bathrooms bare generally clean and well kept. It is easy to navigate but just not that great of a stadium. I wish they had added more character.

Altagracia Santos

It was the most amazing experience I have had in an event. Since becoming disabled I have become uncomfortable with events. Due to the present dangers and people's BS. The staff went out of their way from the curb making sure cars were not taking advantage. Not to mention: respectful, courteous, engaging and considerate to the individuals needs. The idea of the, very comfortable chairs, the seating provided in the aisle provided comfort and a great view of this amazing and spectacular event. Have not seen a team of security, secure the event without bullying the attendies. Thanks very much

Anthony Vidas

Went to the Real Madrid ICC game and it was very easy to get to by train. I came from long island. The train pulled up right at the entrance to the stadium. The stadium itself was nice and clean just wish the seats were a little wider. I've been to other stadiums that were recently built that had much better quality seats. Seems like anywhere you sat you jad a great view of the game.

Tammi Trudel

The venue itself is great. Easy to get around good food choices ( loved the Greek food!) Someone got ill and they did a good job of cleaning it and caring for the person. However, parking and trying to get out of the lot is a living hell!!! No-one working there can be found. Security is all at the enterence looking confused and not interested. For the price they pay to park, they should have it much better managed!!!!

Emmanuel Karlea

Nice stadium, plenty of parking space. No hassle. Traffic is a worldwide problem at stadiums. not too bad here.Will always come back here. Need bigger and wider screens like the ones at the Yankee Stadium.

Mark Torres

Impressive place, but security rules need to be clear even if the events are different because their website says different. Plus coat check trailers should be closer to the stadium. There is also a need for clearer guides to the lots as it took me a good 10 minutes of finding the correct lot (Lot K) to get onto the buses that would take me back home.

Ray Cruz

Absolutely the best flea market on the east coast can be found here every Saturday. Hundreds of vendors selling everything under the sun. There is a new section as well as a use section where you can find tons of bargains. Take a trip down you won't be sorry.

Natan Diaz

There so many things to do there u will enjoy ur time there

Cynthia Kostylo

Viewing the concert from the stadium was great! The public transportation from Penn Station was very convenient and easy to navigate and very reasonable for round trip. The stadium could have more refreshment options, but the cheese steak was really tasy

Don Parseghian

Good place to tailgate and to watch a football game. Neither team currently playing well. As a Giants eason ticket holder, I feel management can improve on restrooms, and parking access

Yamil Tenorio

I had an incredible time at MetLife stadium! I stayed in the United Airlines section of the stadium, and it was one of the most amazing things that I've experienced, wherever I've gone for live sports. Their food was so delicious and fresh, the staff were helpful and friendly, and the game was so much fun. I highly recommend.

Wendy Lliguichuzhca

Just went to the BTS concert here and I loved the experience! The boys were great as expected and overall the stadium was pretty great. My only issue, and the reason why I’m giving them two stars, is the situation with the pickup. There were only two lots for pick up(D and K) but the amount of traffic was insane, as expected. The issue comes when they were re-directing some cars towards deck A, with no way to actually determine where that area is. On the maps app that location doesn’t exist and the map for the stadium provided by MetLife isn’t very clear. It took us two hours to finally find the car that was going to pick us up and on the way we saw so many people, especially younger teenagers, walking around as confused as we were. When we asked staff they weren’t able to direct us towards the location of the deck and we managed to find it after roaming around the perimeter of the stadium for more than an hour. While I understand the magnitude of this event and how insane traffic was, MetLife should’ve prepared better! The whole drop off/pick up situation was extremely hectic as many other people have mentioned. There were young people looking for their parents and they couldn’t find them because of the lack of clarity in the different locations of the stadium. Do better for their sake!!

Daire O'Donnell

Good setup here, easy find seats. Whole range of food and drink to be found. Plenty of toilets etc. Friendly staff at convenient bag dropoff areas which are free if your bag is too big to be brought inside - they give you a see through bag to bring with inside.

mack hunt

Great stadium! Awesome views from every vantage point. Seats are a little snug not made for fat people like myself lol


Clean stadium, great parking and staff to guide you where you need to go. Staff is kind. Great stadium.

Steve Gordish

Was impressed with this venue. Security was pretty tight. Bomb unit present, helicopter flying high and am aware of face recognition technology present. Employees helpful and food was acceptable. Prices towards the high end, but there were some deals. Lots of parking available. There was a wait exiting the stadium after the concert we attended. Most seats provide a decent view of the stage/field. Great sound quality. A great venue to see BTS at. Good times!!

Jay Sway

amazing stadium. prepare your way home after or leave early.


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Lucy the Elephant
Lucy the Elephant
Tourist Attraction - New Jersey

Historical landmark

Absecon Lighthouse
Absecon Lighthouse
Tourist Attraction - New Jersey

Historical landmark

The High Line
The High Line
Tourist Attraction - New Jersey


Cape May County Park & Zoo
Cape May County Park & Zoo
Tourist Attraction - New Jersey