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REVIEWS OF Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament IN New Jersey

Janette M Weisneck

I have been taking my children, grandchildren and now great grandchildren. The food was delicious and our server, Manny, was very attentive. The actors took the time after the show to answer all the questions the kids had. I thanked them for helping me to create memories. I loved seeing the kids reaction!


Had a good time. Food was decent. Show was fun. Definitely geared towards kids. All the kids in the stands loved it. No need to show up 75 minutes early. That's just for you to buy drinks and souvenirs at all the shops scattered around waiting area.

Stephen Huang

This is by far the coolest place for both eating and entertainment. Suitable for all ages. Great for weekend fun as well as arranging your child's birthday. Recommended to book early online. Also arrive early to have closer row. I arrived 20 min before start and got 3 rows down from the top.

Deryck Loy

Really great for Birthday Treats. A great medieval show and dinner totally had me feeling under a magic spell, like if I was transported back in time. Most enjoyable and would definitely recommend for Birthday occasions etc. I loved it !!!

Paul Strafer

Lots of fun!!! Decent food and a fun show... hopefully they change up the script every so often.

Mr. Directator Movie Man

Honestly the show was Okay.... The food was great, I loved eating with my hands. It made me feel like a kid again and also helped me understand how people ate back then. The server was very nice and did not serve me anything with nuts. (Since I have an allergy) The slushies were awful and they were VERY VERY OVERPRICED $10!!!! The cashiers made me purchase the light up cup with no option of the normal $5 non glow one. Also the gift shop is very bare with out of this world prices and I mean this in a bad way. A plastic crown (that I could get from the dollar tree) is $45!!!! And a little sword $10!!! You really need to tell your workers to tell the people there options and add more of selection and lower your prices. Also I had a horrible view and it was so dark where I was sitting unlike where the other blues where sitting. Also the horses pooped a bit you should leave a time for intermissions to let the horses do their business, because it is not fair for them. I hope you understand my opinion.

Lydia Santana

Still as great as I remember. Our medieval meal was delicious. The show was amazing and entertaining. The knights were true athletes. Overall, lovely place to celebrate a preteen's birthday.

Kathleen Andrews

Fun experience. Some of the actors looked a little grumpy but some seemed to be having an amazing time. Difficult to hear what the king and queen were saying at times. Good food. Front desk staff was very casual and not too professional. Horses and riders were skilled and lovely to watch, the animals seem to be very well cared for.

Ross C

Feels a bit like going to a theme park, but I suppose that’s the point. Tools the kids here and they had a blast watching the show. Food was okay. Overall experience felt like a lot of waiting around and an opportunity to shell out lots of extra money for medieval-themed collectibles. If you’re not with a group that’s drinking pre-dinner, the wait can feel a bit lllllllooooonnnnnggggg...

Jacqueline Reaves

It is an exceptional show and the food is superb. The show is family oriented and very enjoyable. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend it for any occasion. It was my daughter's birthday and they made her feel very special on her twenty birthday.

Frank Brennan

We had a great family outing. Brings lots of money though, everything costs something. The show is a cheese fest but still fun. The food was surprisingly good. The chicken was hot and juicy, the

Luke Coull

Absolutely a must do. Fantastic and actioned packed show. Fantastic food and brilliant service. If on the Manhattan side you can catch a ferry and then Uber to venue. Was most cost effective method.

Flavio Bonacordi

Awesome experience. Be prepared to eat your dinner without fork and knife. Tasty food. A lot of entertainment. The falconry act is amazing.

Miriam Hernandez

Had so much fun. Definitely worth coming

Mary Thomas

This was a lot of fun for children of all ages. My husband and I also enjoyed the show. The food came out hot and was surprisingly good. Arrive early because the line fills up quickly. We purchased general admission tickets and we were all seated together. I don't think there is a bad seat in the house.

Angelica Collazo

We had an awesome time..great for families to just sit down nd spend quality red!

Farhan Chowdhury

Best Entertainment ever. Amazing food.I got a cookie as dessert. Chicken is bomb.Bring money there will be merchandise like lifht up swords or a wooden sword or a flag of your team.If you want to go with your family or friends then do it

Christopher Gutierrez

I went to this place to watch a show, about knights fighting and battling in games. It gives me a great experience on how knights battle to protect their king and queen

Eric Steadman

Excellent restaurant. The food is pretty good, and the show and atmosphere is amazing. You walk and immediately you are treated as a noble from a foreign kingdom, come to a feast and tournament of brave knights who joust each other off their horses and fight to the death. We're talking real people, real horses, lances are broken, real swords and axes, but of course no real death. 5 stars, would totally recommend.

Carlos Rivera

Spectacular show. Dinner was very good. To enjoy fully you have to be early. The fact of having food that you have to use your hand and fingers makes it more appealing and challenging. Fully recommend it. A++++.

Slik Carp

It was a great experience. Definitely exceeded my expectations! Everything is well planned and the battles are awesome! Definitely I'll go again.

Victus VonGuyver

I have gone here twice over the last 4 years. It's still a fun experience for any group. It's comparable to a wrestling match mixed with a variety show. Falconry, horse parading, games, stunts, simulated combat, and even a scripted storyline. I also appreciate the extra work put in to do all of this safely. Overall this is all presentation with some good food and a well put together show. Kids will delight in this all. Parents who might not care normally will at least find one thing enjoyable about the show from all the effort put it. I salute the staff for their consistent work and fun experience. I may very well go there a third time, maybe bringing my siblings for the experience.

Keanu Villa

This place is worth a visit. They have big portions for reasonable rates. Constantly well organized and with fantastic mood. Will visit here again.

Amanda Zega

Had a work appreciation event here. It was a little confusing to get everyone in, get lanyards, drink coupons and tix out because we were a large group. However the show was great, the meal surprisingly very good, and all the staff were excellent! Fun as a kid, super fun as an adult! Museum of Torture left something to be desired but neat anyway. We had someone in our group Knighted (was a surprise to him).. that was awesome! If you haven't been awhile, go!!

edithmarie guzman

Love this place. Servers are very nice. It's much better if your able to get one of the packages

Wilfredo Rivera

Fun time with tons of excellent food, atmosphere, and combat. Will definitely go again. Only downside is I wasn't able to choose my knight.

Keith S

Very nice dinner theater. Certainly needs to be on your bucket list. Transports you back in time. Food is pretty good. Large partion. The show is nice. Great for kids.

Kanu Suguro

My kids love this. The horses are so beautiful, I'm usually just watching the horses. The food's actually pretty good too.

Victor Jimenez

A wonderful experience for the first for me and my girlfriend. We had so much fun, the alcohol drinks we great. Definitely recommend going to try something new or looking for something to do for fun.

Andrew Salvatore

Great time.. haven't been here since I was a kid.. brought my son's cub scout pack out here for a day trip and ALL of us had a great time. you def get your money's worth.. good food good show great time.

Isamar Vasquez

Amazing, HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Decided to take my husband for father’s day and It was such a great experience. The staff was very friendly and the food was delicious. Thank you, My family and I had a awesome time.

Sinful Pixie

I would give it 5, but our announcement almost ruined our whole experience. We went with the celebration package, as we were celebrating three birthdays. We even flew a friend in for his birthday dinner. Our server, Chris, was amazing and super attentive. The castle was a great experience overall. The food was tasty. The show was entertaining and not completely predictable. The horses were gorgeous. However, when it came time for the announcement I paid extra money for (although it came with our package, I was charged another $30?) I specifically handed the announcement taker a printed request for "Happy birthday, Princess Sarah, happy sweet sixteen Princess Emily and happy birthday Prince Johan". What we actually got was, "and last but not least, we have three special birthdays, Lady Emily, Lady Sarah and Lady Johan. " There's only one sweet sixteen, so this can't be redone and to call our prince a lady is not acceptable after I spent almost $500 to make their special day memorable. He laughed about it but he was obviously hurt and offended. We might go back and would probably recommend other locations but I'd skip the announcement because it's definitely not worth another $30 to ruin someone's trip.

Andrew Holton

Amazing experience. Well trained and beautiful horses. A fun story for the show and some medieval games and combat. You get fed a meal while watching the show too. There is not a bad seat in the arena either!

Jasmine Brown

This was first time at the NJ location and it won't be my last! The 4 course meal was hot and fresh and yes, you eat it with your hands! They give out warm, wet wipes so don't worry. 2 drinks and coffee are also included and you can order alcohol from the bar. The show was entertaining and you really feel a part of it. Parking was hassle free , and it was simple to find your way through the castle. Definitely will be back again.

Kimberley Yuhas

Chaperoned a class trip. The educational show was good. Kids enjoyed it. Had been to other locations for regular shows with other groups.

Stephen Colon

Went here for a birthday with a group of 6. Entered confusingly with no clear sign and made my way to the no wait line. Checked in seamlessly and found seats with no problem. Food was great, show was great, server was good, energy for a Sunday afternoon was unexpected, and overall fun. Overall problem was the sound from the seats we were in (Row 9) was very hard to hear from. It didn’t sound as if a speaker was on facing our direction so was very hard to understand speech. Other than that it was great!

Moone Shadow

Great time. The actors are wonderful and the show was amazing. Food was great. I'd recommend this place to anyone who loves the modevil time period and fantasy. 3rd time going in my life time and it was as great as I remembered it.

Carla S

The entire family had a great time. The tomato soup was a hit!

Cragg Utman II

A great way to spend an evening! Great food and entertainment.

Missy S

The Food was great & the Jousting was Thrilling! A great Photography & filming Location. I highly recommend this place for a history class field trip. Students can experience what's it's like being in middle ages while watching action packed jousting & eating food with bare hands & drinking soup from a bowl with a handle.They have spacious seating so you can bring like 8 of your friends/family members over. It felt like a museum.

Mattenvious Plush productions

I took my son here because he saw a commercial online. When he asked if we could go I said hell yes! I have been here since I was a kid. We both had a great time. Food was delicious and the show was great. I would definitely come here again with my son.

frank cantasano

Medieval Times was absolutely amazing! The food was surprisingly delicious, service was excellent, and the entertainment was awesome! Great action, the acting was actually pretty good and the battles/fighting was really fun to watch! It is truly a fun place for people of all ages, the adults will have just as much fun as the kids! Do yourself a favor and go to Medieval Times if you haven't and if you have, go again!


Been coming here for years since I'm a kid, field trips summer camp etc. I recently came here just my girlfriend and I. We had a great time, being her first time ! She loved it well be back.

daniela ferman

Exciting for the whole family, the horses are so talented and absolutely no smell, which I was worried about since it's a horse show but I was pleasantly surprised and my daughter had a great birthday!

Sam Cooch

Great night out with the family. The atmosphere is great if your with the right crowd. This was our second time here and definitely better this time because of the group we were with. Riders & horses are amazing. The victorious knight changes the first time we went the blue.knight was the victorious the second he was the bad guy. Seats - pretty much wherever you sit you will get a great view. Small children will need a booster seat so they can see over the top of the table. Food was okay mostly everyone in our group had nice moist chicken some were a bit dry. The drinks are expensive but to be expected. We had reduced priced tickets which at $34 a person was a really great night out. Our servers worked so hard they really deserve a good tip. Next time family come for a visit we will go again.

Alex Martin

Great service and food. Will definitely be back


What an incredible experience! Definitely wish I'd done this long ago. This place is wonderful and filled with fantasy and excitement. The acting is great, the food was flavorful and delicious, too. We drove 2 hours to this event and it was worth every minute of it!

ann marie vavricka

Great time! Great food! Great show! Great time with family! Educational museum tour is a must see. It's crazy to think all the ways they punished people in this time frame. Definitely a lot of fun. Suggest you bring plastic silverware for young kids that won't eat with their fingers since you eat with your hands. A must see!

Matthew Mulea

My family and I had a wonderful time! The kids loved it! This was my third time going and every time it’s a little different. You will never see the same show twice. Our server was extremely polite and attentive to our needs. And the food was great! We will definitely be coming back again.

Lance Martin

Great time and fun experience. I remember seeing this place when it was being built when I worked on Wall Street West, but had never been until we took our son and niece here for a celebration. Went to the early show on Sunday and had a fantastic time. The food and show were great and we all had a lot of fun. It's something we will be talking about for a long time. The celebration package was worth it just for the pictures that we all received.

norma i calderon

1st time with the family great experience .We look forward to returning

c h

Security there takes their job very seriously. They threatened a group of guys that were a little loud. Food was good. Show was ok if you are 12.

Titan 515

For my 35th birthday my girlfriend brought me and our kids here. It was my first time and I loved every bit of it. The spectacle and entertainment and the food were all amazing. My only complaint would be prices on gifts etc, but I understand businesses need to make money too.

Amanda Zajac

I went this past weekend and had an okay time. First, the tomato soup that they give you as an appetizer was literally marinara sauce, not soup and only came with one piece of garlic bread. For dinner, the chicken was amazing!!! They could give you a whole potato on the side and not just a wedge since they also only give you 1/2 of a corn cob as well. Dessert was a joke. Literally old ice cream that was put into little Dixie cups with caramel on top and put in a freezer for what tasted like a week. If this review was only based on how well the food was, I’d only give them 2 stars but because the staff was so kind and the show itself was entertaining, I’m giving them 3 stars. Drinks are expensive as well...2 alcoholic drinks ended up costing $30. Overall the place is very welcoming but also very overpriced, outdated (hasn’t changed a bit in over 15 years) and needs to really change their food (except for the chicken!)

Raymond Colanero

It is exactly what you would expect. The food is ok, they give you a full meal. The show is good and the staff is nice. Wasn't very crowded on a week night but can get packed at certain times.

megan hoffman

Amazing! You won't regret it! I've been to just about all their locations. I will say this one was by far the hottest. We sweated the entire show.

Kristina Dureau

Soo much fun, you really feel like you have gone back in time. Food was great

frank szajkowski

Brought my son here for his birthday and he loved it! Food was surprisingly decent and overall experience was great! You definitely have to play the game and look for coupons otherwise the ticket price is pretty high. That's the only part I don't like is that if you don't find a coupon or deal you will get ripped off. I wish they would just price them reasonably so I wouldn't have to play that game.

Zoey McCarthy

This place was very awful to the animals. They were trapped in a gross dark place being whipped. My kids absolutely hated it and wanted to leave within minutes.

Daniel M.

It was fun, but I don't like seeing the horses being made to perform tricks. The dungeon was pretty cool. The story was decent. I would rate it 4.5 stars if I could.

Jieun Park

Kids were sad to watch horses being forced to walk in certain way and dance. and the plot was very boring, very predictable and same repertory. (each team's player does the same thing over and over. when your team player is done, you don't really want to watch the rest of them.) Pretty cold inside. Had to hold the hot soup or hot coffee all the time. wouldn't recommend this at all.

Thomas Szetela

Great food. Great Show. Always have specials on ticket prices on their website, Groupon, or emails if you're subscribed. Tons of great souvenirs. Have been here multiple times , and always enjoy it as much as the first. An all year substitute for the Renaissance Fair, which is only once a year and for a limited time. Don't even think about it. Just Go !!!!


Very nice evening out... My husband surprised me with a birthday party... Had an awesome time.

Joanne Gutowsky

Amazing prices and a fantastic show. It's great for families, but it's a bit loud. The food is great, and there's a vegetarian option. The gift shops have a lot of beautiful things for sale.

Andrea Johnson

I brought the whole family with us and everyone had a wonderful time. The only reason why I'm giving 4 Stars instead of 5 is because some of the knights we're not committed to the choreography as the others were. We were in The yellow section and even though yellow end up winning I felt like our night was acting as if he was more rehearsing then performing. His all wasn't truly into it compared to the blue of the red team. Other than that the food was excellent. There really isn't a bad seat in the house. Our Medieval Times picture came out wonderful and I actually thought it was going to be a mess. The atmosphere was great. And I loved being called my lady.

Ritesh Nair

It is a good entertainment for the family. We enjoyed the time. Of course, the show is so just display, but when you allow that, it is fun rooting for your team.

Doug Lasher

It was my first I when with my son and is wife and my daughter and my three grand kids we all have a great time my two grand daughter age 4,8 the 4 yrs.old caught a rose from the blue night and my 8 yrs.old received the queen ribbon from the blue night and the queen(Queen of love and beauty)the both were so happy we will go back again I enjoy it also my grand son when home with a sword that lights up.Great place

Jeannette Ruiz

First time there, it was awesome! My boys loved it, the show was very entertaining. The food was really good too. The staff was really nice and one of the knights reminded me of Jon all my GOT I would definitely go back again.

Shenan Reed

They will never admit they had fun, but they did! Yes, it’s cheesy and no, the food isn’t amazing. But watching the horses and the stunt men and cheering on your knight is a good time. Go for a birthday or as a team building event

Dominic Horne

I love this place! Always had a great experience here. The show is fantastic, the staff is fun & friendly and for the most part stay within the theme. The food is delicious as well.

Jo-Anis Vazquez

I have always loved Medieval Times. I go there about 4 times a year. The experience is always fun, and the food is always delicious. The last time I went (which was about 2 or 3 weeks ago) it must have been the first time I wasn't too satisfied with our server, but it didn't take too much away from the overall experience. The a/c inside the arena wasn't working which was problematic because it got hot very quickly (but I felt more bad for the performers)! But things break down. It happens. Thia place is great.

Pamela Braun

I haven't been to one if these in years. The show was nice. Only thing I personally didn't care for was having a fight to 'the death' and having kids cheer for this. Food was plentiful but corn on the cob, chicken and a potatoes was too dry of a combination. Couldn't finish it all.

David Greer

Took my kids and grandchildren. All had a good time. Food was very good. I'm not sure why people are complaining about the speed. You are there for 2 hours, what's the danged rush. Everyone was very professional and helpful. Already making plans to go back.

Jonathan Kay

Always a great time. Tournament is always fun. Food is surprisingly very good. Just a fair warning you eat with your hands for those unfamiliar with this place. Only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is my knight never wins.

Steve Perfetto

Always a fun time here. Foods great and everyone is friendly. Only issue was the gift shop employees. They all seemed to care less about helping, and seemed bothered when I'd ask about items. No one knew any prices and just guessed what things cost. Sometimes close, sometimes far off. Servers were great, food was excellent, and the show was entertaining. And our knight finally won!

Mel Nyegaard

I love this place. The new show is entertaining. They did switch from Apple strudel for dessert to soft served ice cream. Always buy tickets at a discount, there are almost always codes if you look for them. We took our 15 month old on Father's Day and she loved it.

Rob Mac

Just went there for the first time, and I have to say it was super fun, my knight lost,but the show was great,and the food was good. I say for that price it's amazing I will return ,and hopefully next time my knight wins, but if you are expecting to have the most amazing meal of your life ,please. It's the experience. But I do have to say the food was much better than what I thought it would be. Overall awesome and the cast did a great job.

Ryland McGinley

Went for my sisters b day and the staff was sooooooo friendly. At the end of it the White and Black Knight gave my sister a sash from the queen after he won the tournament. A great experience all around. (GO BLACK AND WHITE KNIGHT)!!!!!


The show was amazing. The place is clean and my family loved it. There is so much going on that it was a bit hard to follow the narrative. However the time we spent there was amazing for us the grown ups and the children. They do serve drinks. The best drinks are from the lobby area. When the show was about to start we ordered drinks from the server, the drinks were watered down. The bathroom was clean and the food was delicious

Vin Zambri

Lots of fun. Food was better than expected. Show was great.

Minja Bae

Always a fun time. Really great for the family and kids if you have them. Definitely get the VIP upgrade if you can. They give you a bunch of cool little extras but most importantly you get to go in ahead of general admission. Food should satisfy everyone's appetite as you get: tomato bisque, garlic bread, half a rotisserie chicken, baked potato, corn on the cob, soda, and dessert. The actual choreographed joust/fights is much more exciting than for example the Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival. They legitimately take some hard and fast swings making some really satisfying clashes with sparks and noise! All hail the Queen!

Daron Copelin

Its awesome! But they need more space between the seats.

K Butler

This place gives superb service as well as tasty menu. The best spot in the city. The food and drinks served fast and the prices are economical. Highly recommended.

Abhinav Ananthula

Very much disappointed with the food served here. When you charge high, you should reach atleast minimum expectation. Even if a roadside truck sells cake for a dollar, it would still be much better than the cake given here.. Even the tournament is boring due to repetition of same stuff. Its a 20 minute show dragged for 2 hours.!

chris lopez

Always a pleasure when we go. Very friendly staff and always a great show.

Linda Rose Isler

Loved the staff!! Our waiter was EXTREMELY PLEASANT AND VERY HAPPY. SERVICE WAS AWESOME. Took my grandchildren for their birthday with other family members. We had an awesome time including my 1yr old Granddaughter who cheered like crazy and ate the corn on the cob. I highly recommend this as a great Birthday idea

M Shawn Wright

AC is horrible. Food was not bad. and VIP is not worth it. Just pay for regular admission. You will see everything just fine. Groupon has the best deal.

Christina k

The staff at Medieval Times in Lyndhurst NJ were more than accommodating to my family with special needs. Every employee was kind and respectful of our needs. I highly recommend a visit.

Barry Stuart

Awesome show. We enjoyed it. So did my 7 month old.

Kumru Karatas

Everything was so good. Corey is the best!!! He serves our food and drink and overall everything was great.

Tae Lee

You have to visit at least one time, and that one time will be enough. Food was not that bad, but not fantastic either. Seats are not cozy, but it is fine... Their show was good. But telling you one more time... Visit this place once, not worth for twice.

Lauryn Nolan

Awesome fun time! The staff was super cool and the food was hot and tasty. We went for first time last night. One word of warning, the seats are small! But they made amazing accommodations for us.. if you’re 6’4” , you’re gonna be uncomfortable in the red zone. The staff bent over backwards to make sure they found us a better seat and they were so nice about it.. we had a great time!

Paul Villafranca

It is fun for the whole family.. Cheer your knight to victory.... Great food and a great show... Will go again..

Bob Mac

Great time, wonderful show. All the players were authentic and demonstrated outstanding skill. Can't wait to attend another show!

Carlos Retana

I really liked their old storyline with the Black Knight as opposed to the current one. The food was alright, not bad but nothing to write home about, still a great place to bring your kids to.

Victor Olaore Omoshehin

Wonderful place to visit. The staff are very active and at their best though, they struggle when there are high demands and guests to attend to. The movies and life play was at it's best. I just felt like I was in the real movies being played. I fell in love with the culture, costumes and displays. It's a good play for partners to have their great time out.

Jennifer Delta

We go to the one in Baltimore for every occasion, and always have the best time but decided to go to the one in New Jersey for Father's Day, and the show just didn't seem very entertaining. We were kind of bored actually. The food was absolutely fantastic though, of course!! And they serve ice cream!! The one in Baltimore doesn't!!

Veronica Rosas

Great experience! The employees seem to genuinely enjoy their jobs which is always a plus. Mostly family oriented. The food is great but they seem to leave out the soft drinks for too long so they serve flat soda. The museum tour is not worth the 2 dollars, it's one small room with very little to see. Overall, worth the time and money. I wouldn't worry too much about vip tickets. It's a big arena and almost every seat has a good view. The picture is first row

Debora Camacho

No matter what package you decide to get when buying tickets doesn't matter because you still get a view. The food was delicious, and your given good amounts that can fill you up. The staffs give a good vibe to to make the experience better. Nothing is better then screaming for your own team most of all.

Amanda Hill

We have been here a few times and enjoy it, it's a little cheesy and very repetitive. The food was good, not as good as the oadt times. And they now have ice cream instead of the cake. We wanted to take family here since they had never been. I would say going 1 or 2 times is cool, but they it's to pricey.

LJ True

Unbelievably fun! Some of the actors gave dirty looks and it was painfully obvious that they hate their career choice however, food and overall experience was exciting and fun! VERY WELL ORGANIZED AND OUR SERVER WAS AMAZING!

Roseann Poff

Celebrated my daughters b-day Wednesday nite. First time we were ever there. Yes u eat with your hands. Dixie cup for dessert doesn't really fit in. But I loved it-the falcon flying above u-the knights jousting-the horses, I really enjoyed it and our knight won. Hail yellow knight-our champion

Reesy P

Great good and entertainment. Our waitress/wench Theresa was the BEST hands down. She is a blessing to this business.

Patricia Melchianno

Dinner and show were good horses and staff entertained us very well!!!

Matt Peluso

I love this place! For those of you that aren't familiar... As soon as you walk into the "castle" you take a stroll back in time. Greeted by staff in costume and playing the part. Feel free to join them on their medieval talk! It's a little pricey, especially for great secluded seating but it's a great time! I'd go to this over the theater any day of the week. I didn't even mention the food yet. It's awesome! Eating with your hands isn't a necessity but it won't be frowned upon. The team you cheer for gets dictated by your ticket upon arrival. You cheer for your knight and hope for the others to fail as they fight for the princess! Great family atmosphere.

Roddy Cruz

Wonderful experience for all ages. The food was magnificent! Very tasty and juicy chicken. The only request I would make is to have booster seats for smaller children that can see above the table.

Ashlee Pense

Took my 5 yr old son and 10 yr old niece. She definitely got more out of it than he did. It was a nice experience but there was a lot of dialog which I think is why it wasn't as enjoyable for him. The chicken was good, but potato, soup and corn were average. The ice cream was good also. Great service by those who work there! Glad we went. We did the royal package so we upgraded to priority seating and got a free lanyard and cheering flag.

Sagen Williams

Didn't know how I would like this. We got front row seats and the show was amazing. They even served a full course meal. Which tasted great.

Stephen Kellerman

We brought our son and four of his friends for his birthday. They are all 11 years old and had a great time. The show was exciting, and easy to get into when rooting for your section's knight. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the meal as well. All in all, it was a great family event that wasn't cheap but definitely special.

Cindy Lara

Had a great time however please be careful with your chicken. My daughter chicken was not cook all the way. I understand you cook for so many people but please cook your chicken a little longer and give it a little more color. Other than that we had a great time.

Tim Botta

Very fun evening. The premise that you are attending a royal jousting exhibition is faithfully and strictly adhered to by everyone working there. The reception hall is really a huge gift shop. The bought tickets to the torture museum; which was just extensive enough to justify the ticket cost.

Brandon Foltz

Create experience and the food was actually pretty decent. The show is great as usual. The drinks were very good. Note get the three shots.

Savannah Marlow

The staff was phenomenal when our youngest had a hard time with how loud it was. We had no idea it would be so loud but it makes sense that it is. If you have young kids, you may want to plan on bringing ear protection. The staff offered us ear plugs, but they were adult sized and didn't fit. Still, they were super accomodating.

Alex Dreyfuss

The entertainment was great and so was the atmosphere. Food was average but for a venue like this, acceptable for the price. My only complaint was I was the last in my section to be served as they came around with things, so they constantly ran out and had to serve me when returning. But other than that, service was pleasant and professional.

Melissa Regan

Took my daughter for her birthday. Such a fun experience.

Mister Personality

A great time for friends and family. They offer a lot of food and the show is a lot of fun to watch!!

Shaun Gauler

Alot of fun for the family. Crowd really becomes apart of the show! Show is really well done. Food is very plane and my kids didn't eat much(predetermined menu no kids option) but it didn't take away for the experience.

nicole dantonio

Introduced my kids to Medieval Times this past weekend. I hadn’t been back there in quite a few years. The show is still exciting and kept us all on the edge of our seats (even my 13-year-old who thinks everything is boring these days). The food was still out of this world delicious (and they give you so much that we had leftovers to eat the next day for lunch). Our server Denise was fast, attentive and incredibly nice. We also all went through the museum which has Medieval torture devices. I’ve been through there before years ago. My kids were shocked by what they saw and for $2/per person I thought it wasn’t too bad of an add on. My 8-year-old is already planning our trip back there for his birthday! It’s definitely a great time!

Michael Guajardo

I absolutely loved it here! It was a great experience from the moment I was greeted at the front door. The staff were very polite, helpful and engaging. I got a ticket for the torture museum while I waited to be seated and it was short but very cool and worth the $2 admission. I got the VIP package which I recommend for priority seating. Once seated the server was great and the view from the front row was perfect I didn't miss any of the action. The food is served in stages starting with bread and soup, then a half chicken with cob corn and a half potato. You eat everything with your hands off of metal dishes. The corn and chicken were amazing and really well prepared. The show consisted of very well trained and good looking horses showing their skills. Then a really cool falcon show and the grand finale of the 6 knights battling for the queen. Everything moves along at a good pace it does not seemed rushed. I would definitely come back again

Amie Gallagher

Huzzah! We are so lucky to have a Medieval Times less than an hour from our house. We've been going with our children since they were born and they are now in their late teens. We are thoroughly entertained each time. The show is spectacular. Part of me goes just so I can watch the lighting and sound effects, being in a theater field myself. Another part of me attends for the food. How do they make such tasty food for over 1000 people at a time?! And the cast themselves are wonderful. I wish I could ride a horse! The skill these riders have is amazing. We go to Medieval Times 2-4 times a year. It's that good!

James Amenta

Always a great time! The staff plays their parts perfectly, always in character. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. The food was great, hot & delicious. Our server was really great, she took very good care of us. The show is amazing! From the falcon that they have fly around the room, to the horses trained to perform tricks and of course the joust & fighting. This was the 3rd trip for my wife and I and I know we'll be back again.

Gache A

This was the first time our grandchildren came to experience Medival times. They are 13 and 14 yrs of age. THEY LOVED IT! They were very excited! They really got into character with the entire show!They also enjoyed the food! Thank you! ***Delighted***

Joshua Lutz

Pretty neat experience, obviously when food is prepared for the mass you can tell but well worth the money for food and entertainment!

Annie Gonzalez

The food was to spicy, and some things should have been added to the package but other than that it was a great expirience.

Nicole Isaacs

This was a great experience. I took all my kids ages 5-13 and they all loved it. I will go again, excellent service as well.

Lisa Turner

Love, love, love this place. Great family entertainment center. Never disappointed.

phone rand

I've lived near Medieval Times since they've opened and finally went for the first time. I had a lot of fun. It's for kids but I could see bringing a date there for a fun night out. The horse back riding was very impressive! I had to go to the bar during the show because our alcohol waitress was terrible. Feel free to dress up. There was a ton a tacky souvenirs. Some nice souvenirs too but be prepared to spend money if you are bringing children.

William F Austin

An amazing show with top notch staff. Would recommend 10/10

Cuddlebuddes DeRitter

I went to medieval times on a school trip and I thought it was going to be really boring and childish but it turned out to be really fun and really exciting I actually popped two of my friends years while screaming for the black and white team because that's the team you were cheering for and I kind of lost my voice afterward. the food there is really good especially the chicken and the corn. I've only been here once so I can't really give a good review especially cuz it was only for a school trip.

Reese cup Lover

I must stay this was a great school trip in 5 and 6 grade I loved medieval times and the show the food and gift shop was great I still even have my medieval times magnet on my refrigerator door that is 20 years old what a great trip Loved it

eagles flyers

I had so much fun! It's fun to play make believe even when your an adult. The show was great, some of the sword fighting was well acted. The horses were beautiful. The food was okay. The chicken hurt my stomach not sure what the seasoning was on it. But the tomato soup was good. The alcoholic drinks were very pricey. It was almost $50 for 2 slushie drinks. They had a nice variety of things to purchase. I ended up buying an axe!I had a good time and so did my party so that's all that matters.

Matt Mattison

This is a place I've wanted to go to for about forever! To see some knights jousting and having sounds fights sounded like a great time! Let me tell you, it was all I expected! The show was phenomenal, the food amazing, the crew amazing! The atmosphere is welcoming all ages! After attending the medieval times in New Jersey, I decided I need to visit them all!

Rommel M

The food was surprisingly good for mass produced food but the star of the evening was definitely the tournament. Great show and my son absolutely loved it. Don't expect 5 star food or dinner service, go for the show and relax and have fun.

Angelina Maldonado

The only thing that bothered me is I'm a animal lover & I know it's part of what needs to be done but I really hate when they use the whips for the horses it disturbs me. Especially if I have my 3yr old thinking that the houses are getting disciplined she tells me mommy they hitting the horse's. What do u say knowing they so young & can't understand. But she loved everything else even called the soup dragons blood which was cute.

Lourdi P

The show and food was great. What I didnt like is the VIP package. There was barely any perks. We werent even brought to our seats. Also they let anyone in first (with or without passes).

John Kennedy

Nice show food ehhh so so. Other than that a good time!

Gloria Lopez

Very friendly i loved it it was my first time something different the food was very good the soup was nice and hot that's how I like it the strawberry drink very good Its good for the kids but its an experience for an adult i do recommend its a Family thing.Very Good

Terri Grosso

I've done this a few times. It's always fun. Kinda silly but fun. The food is generally okay, although it's hard to roast a half of a chicken without drying out the white meat a bit. But it's still tasty. And the table service was great. My biggest issue this time around was that there was really minimal air conditioning. It was definitely better than the heat wave outside, but it was warm. With a lot of people sitting very close to each other. That part wasn't great. And I think it affected the crowd response. Something to think about if you're going in the summer.

aseem dixit

Fantastic concept and execution! Was expecting it to be boring but was really interesting and the show keeps you engaged throughout. We were 11 vegetarians and weren't expecting good food but were surprised on that count too. Right from soup to salad to main course to dessert to coffee, everything was to our liking. Awesome concept of watching jousting and other medieval games while being served food throughout. Good lighting , music and actors. Great stunts.

Sarah Myles

This was so much fun! The show was awesome. The food was pretty good. You get half of a chicken, half of a baked potato, corn on the cob, soup and ice cream and coffee for dessert. Sometimes guests dress up. The part I liked the most was the horses. The stuff they were doing was so cool.

Mila K

Great place for a family. Can't gave 5 starts, it was too crowded for my taste. I've noticed kids were having great time as well as parents that's all it matters.

Tracey J

Amazing Amazing Amazing I love everything about this place if I could rate it higher I would. The food the service omg the show love it all, a little upset they switched dessert to ice cream only because I'm allergic to it but that's okay I gave it to my son lol he loved it.i highly recommended going to see it at least once.

Rob Alicea

Great food and entertainment. Nice place to hang out with family and friends...

Jennifer R.

Excellent food and show. I really enjoyed it! Second time!! Still great! I had the vegetarian meal. Lot of food. Very delicious. Great value!

Amanda Nill

I absolutely love Medieval Times. It is always such a fun and interactive experience. The staff is so friendly and the new storyline is great. Victoria who was working in the merchandise sales area was incredible! She was so lovely, helpful and patient! We like to stay at the hotel next door so we can walk over.

Mary Kylee Smith

A great experience for any age. Fun for adults with the special sauce (drinks) yet a bit pricey on that end. The food was great and the show is fun to watch for the first time. Great for kids though but has little repeat value in my opinion. Only complaint was the constant attempt to update you. Up sell your package, getting flags and banners, roses and pictures. It kinda interrupted the flow of us eating and watching the show. Other than that it was fun to do every once in a while.

Maries Almarales

We got tickets online for a birthday and it was fabulous! We arrived early to get parking, but looks like there’s tons of parking. We walked around and took pictures. Everything was nicely decorated with lots of kiosks selling toys. The alcoholic beverages were delish! Once the show started and the full meal we were all living it!! The food was amazing!! Chicken, soup, corn, bread.


Awesome show! Went tonight for my dad's 50th birthday and we all had a blast. It was exactly how I remember from the first time he took me when I was younger. Good food, friendly staff and servers, and it was fun to eat without utensils. Ice cream for dessert was also a nice touch. I can tell that the performers genuinely love what they do and that helps make the overall experience great!

Jose Velazquez

Visited Medieval Times in NJ for a friend's birthday, we were cheering for the Yellow Knight. Unfortunately our team did not win this night. I'll split the review in two sections, the food and the show. The food was good, nothing amazing but good if you truly engulf yourself in the fact that you are in a Medieval environment. Eating with your hands, no utensils and drinking from a stein was a cool experience. I'll give the food 4 stars. The show was absolutely great, the staff including the waitresses and waiters definitely get you involved in the show. You are invested in your team and allies when it comes to winning the contest. The acting of the non combatants was funny in corny type of way especially since it's a child friendly show. The combat and horse portion of the show was really good, felt like I was back in Medieval era. Will come again to bring my family.

Kevin Blumberg

We had a great time. Food was very good, not awesime, but very good. The vegetarian bowls were great too. The show was fun, a little tough to understand one of the actors, but really good still. Very well trained horses and talented riders as well.

Rae Rae D

It was amazing!! Nothing to complain about. Great nice service and I had an amazing experience. I hope to go back soon!

Raymond Pabon

I had a fantastic time celebrating my birthday and will definitely come back again...3 Cheers for Medieval Times..HIP HIP HOORAY...HIP HIP HOORAY...HIP HIP HOORAY

Chrisu Superino

Very friendly staff and a great show. Got extra garlic bread which was delicious. Would recommend this location over others.

Eve Sanchez

Fun place! I wish you can go and just watch the show and option out of the food. But it's quite entertaining!

A-lynn Acosta

Always have a great experience here, no complaints at all. If you’re looking for a quieter time- 8:00 on a Saturday night is definitely not a good idea!! Food is really yummy, the horses were beautiful and the entertainment was incredible! Black team won!!

Michael Beinetti

Bizarre other dimension. I was forced into Kingship but humbly accepted the role. The horses are real. There could be more blood.

Ronnie Roselli

Mesieval times was fun and exciting, the horses were beautiful. I think my wife enjoyed the experience more then myself and my kids. The food was good and flavorful. Well worth the experience.

Waleska Ramirez

I had such a great time with my family here. We had a party of 20 people and all of us had a great time ,all kids and adults. The food was really good. Just watch out for everything they try to sell you! You could easily spend money in there. But the experience was amazing!


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