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Where is Lucy the Elephant?

REVIEWS OF Lucy the Elephant IN New Jersey

Noam Steinerman

Lucy is a fun visit. Have you seen the seven wonders of the world? Well I haven't, but they give nice tours of this legendary elephant and there is a really nice view of the ocean up top. Come on and check it out if you'd like!

Wayne Ruben

Cool. Its historic from a roadside attraction point of view. Always have heard about it, but never had seen it. Took the trip south when leaving Seaside. Was worth an hour ride, not more. If ur in A.C. and want a kid friendly diversion. This is it.

Omar Saeed

Just went to check it out from the outside, worth the photo if you have a car...not worth it if you’re spending a lot of time getting there

Jerry Pinaha

We were at Lucy a few years ago. This was our first tour. 30 minute guided tour learning the history of how she became to be and all she has gone through in the last 100 or so years. Really interesting. Not for those who have trouble with steps or are claustrophobic.

Lisa Kelly

Historic preservation. Small fee allows you to enter, not much inside, but interesting on architectural or historical level. Small souvenir gift shop.

darlene stockton

Such a great place to visit. You would.never believe how beautiful Lucy is inside!!! Great history behind her

Bill M

Great to see Lucy again after all these years. Congrats to the "Save Lucy Committee " those folks did a fantastic job!!

Andrea Longo

So much fun.. kids enjoyed being there and learning about the history. All the staff are friendly and knowledgeable!

Brant Fester

Great thing to do with the family. Free parking is available

Bill VanNote

Waited many years to get here. Nice short tour by well informed guide. Staff very nice. Tour fee slightly high for a short tour but happy to support keeping this small piece of roadside America alive. The video that is part of the tour shows a great but sad story of how Lucy was almost lost to neglect but fortunately the right folks came together to save her.

Jean Marie Howard

National Treasure!! Beautiful and unexpected ❤️

Julie V

Great place to discover more of the history of the area and a wonderful view from the top

Shawn Goudie

One of the all time great roadside attractions. Great story and they've done an amazing job maintaining it.

Robert LaCourse

Try to book dinner in lucy... awesome

Scott Fields

Lucy the Elephant is a true treasure. A great place to stop with the kids.

Vince PeGan

Such a cool place, with an amazing history, must see!

Antonette Bomentre

Loved stopping by Lucy! Ryan the greeter was such a historian and delite! The giftshop was quaint! A must see.

Charles Tucker

Love the outdoor food place right near Lucy, it has good food, and a great view of the beach!

James Angell

It was a good time. A quick stop and fun with the kids.

Keith Charlton

Lucy the elephant is in a great location not only is she unique, she sits beside a great restaurant/inside and outside bars and it's also practically on the beach.

Shyamili R. Sharma

Wonderful experience. Lucy now a place on my fridge (magnet) and we plan of paying her visit now n then. Something different and extraordinary to do with kids n family. Stairways are pretty narrow so not for all seniors. Got have good knees and medium body type! Nice experience with breathtaking views at the top.

Mark Hondo

Pretty neat roadside attraction. Marsha was a great tour guide.

Ania Stacey

We loved visiting Lucy! Such great history behind it. Worth the little guided tour!

Jeromie Hunter

Great spot to bring the dogs to play in the sand. Was clean and well maintained. Only complaint is dogs cant be on the boardwalk


It is very funny, if you drive through AC and then there suddenly appears a huge elefant in front of you. Definitely worth the visit.

Caroline Atwood

Very cute and worth the drive from Ocean City. It had been 50 years since my aunt had been here and our recent visit was wonderful. We had a very knowledgeable tour guide and had beautiful views from the top. Definitely worth a visit to this National Historic Landmark.

Jay Smith

Americana at it's finest. Picture opportunities abound especially at the top. Definitely worth a visit.

Jason Boustead

Pretty cool to see...but we didn't wanna spend $10/person to go inside.

John Conway

what can I say it's a hundred foot elephant I mean it's so big that if you had to paint it and you fell off it you would probably die . It's definitely something you have to see it is so interesting I wouldn't even call the tourist trap. Lucy gets five stars from me

Ellie Beck

A must do. How often do you get to stand on top of a 6 story tall elephant and look out at the ocean? She's beautiful and worth the time for the tour.

Amy Gamulo

Very interesting! Tight staircase!

Bob McGuigan

Great Photo Op and Gift Ship! Top notch local historic stop. Lucy has stood on the beaches of Margate since 1881. 138 years! Great tour guides and volunteer shop workers.

a bomb explodes

Always love the new facts I learn about Lucy!

Charles Davis

Loved the tour. She is very spacious inside. It surprised me.

Marty Amberg

Might be fun for the kids,. Was closed. Worth a look if you are near Margate ,NJ

Mere a

Bigger than expected. There is a gift shop. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. You can go to the very top of Lucy. Great piece of history. A must see when you go down the shore!

Wade Hale

America's oldest roadside attraction, fully restored and standing within sight of her original seaside location. Friendly and knowledgeable tour guide with regular tours. There are a limited number of free parking spots for visitors with a limited time duration.

Sir Arnie

Unique attraction and well worth a visit. Our tour guide was very informative as well. I will say that the tour is more for adults who like history. Kids might get a little bored. Also, it is free to walk the grounds, which is great if you don't want to take the tour and just want to take pics.

James E

The tour is worth the price because it goes to protecting and maintaining this majestic beast. The tour is interesting and insightful. Also, the view is awesome from the top. Would recommend! She is an old girl, which means she has a lot to tell you if you want to listen!

Akavar Dylutra

When you're in Atlantic City it's worth the trip 5 miles south to see Lucy the elephant. This is a unique attraction that is over a hundred 25 years old. If you enjoy roadside attractions then this is a must stop for you. The place is well kept and admission price is reasonable. If you enjoy roadside attractions, then this is a must stop for you. After all, where else can you see a 60-foot elephant that's made out of concrete and is over a 125 years old? I recommend you take a few minutes away from the excitement of the gambling in Atlantic City and spend an hour to come down and see Lucy.

Kristy McCoy

So much larger than I expected! Fun stop at the USA's oldest roadside attraction.

T Dutta

it's a okay okay place. elephant is looking nice from outside. we take a tour inside also.but it's not worth it. u have to buy a ticket.but I think I will say skip the inside tour. not so important.

Diane McGrath

Day trip with my family celebrating Mom's 90th birthday. Our guide, Mortimer was very knowledgeable, funny, and quite entertaining. Turns out is was opening day for the new season. Quite a story to be told of Lucy the elephant. Free parking & a gift shop.

Denise Slater

Lucy the Elephant is a Margate/NJ shore landmark! You must come see her. She looks great for being over a hundred years old and her keepers are doing a great job. Also, who doesn't love an underdog story especially when the community comes together. My neice came all the way from Australia to see her and she was not disappointed. You MUST go!

Janet Winey

Exciting for little kids. Restaurant next door plus picnic area. Flyer says you can book birthday parties.

Christianna Fabozzi

This is really awesome to see, really nice area near Atlantic City

JoAnn Catuosco

Lucy is cool. Something different to do ... quick thing to visit in the Atlantic City area.

Julie Kubilay

I love Historical sites. Lucy is fun to go to.

William King

If you go to the Jersey Shore, there are two necessary landmarks. Steel Pier on the Atlantic City Boardwalk and Lucy the Elephant in Margate. After those visits, you only need to see the Empire State Building and Golden Gate Bridge, and you've seen America! Yo!

Lela Strysky

You can't pass by and not notice Lucy. She's iconic and has been week taken care of. Glad we stopped in to say hi. "I Love Lucy"

Dennis Rothermel

Great place to see. Not hard to get too. Great staff and guide. Great place to take the kids see Lucy and spend the day at the beach.

Mathew Smith

I would vote for Lucy as governor of New Jersey! A true New Jersey icon and something has stood up for the test of time. Save Atlantic City, Governor Murphy!

Patricia Rogacki

Went with my boyfriend. Fun

Mark Smith

If you have kids you have to visit Lucy! If you don't have kids you have to visit Lucy! Very close to AC, Ventnor & Longport, this is just one of those attractions you have to visit. Even though there's been some construction of new buildings nearby, you still get a great view of Margate and its beach. Nice little food stand too. Typical beach food nothing amazing but it is good. Great thing to do on a bad beach day or when looking for something different.

Chuck Bradshaw

Oldest roadside attraction in the country. Amazing story and your. So worth the trip!

Dee Dolo

What a great landmark by the boardwalk. Liked it so much we came back a few weeks later to bring my parents. It was already cold when we went, so the ice cream stand was closed and it was not crowded. But I can see this being really crowded in the summer.

Scott Whitelock

Fun little side trip family loved it

Jean Muzzin

Our first visit. Love the history.

Lindann Miller

Lucy is magic! She is a 6 story elephant on the beach in Margate New Jersey looking out to the sea. Lucy started life as an advertising novelty in the late 1800s. Lucy was moved several times, neglected for many years. When the city of Margate attempted to destroy her a committee of local women saved her and got her placed on the National Historic Register. Walking tours inside Lucy are available every half hour. It's a hike, remember 6 stories, but its worth doing. The view from Lucys' howda is amazing! Also, the gift shop is guilt free because the profits go toward Lucys' upkeep. Lucy is magical, be sure to see her when you're in Atlantic City.

Sharon Harmon

The history of Lucy is so amazing and the people responsible for reinventing her for other generations to see are a blessing to future generations to come!

Keith Hoover

Interesting American kitsch. We only looked around outside. Didn't take the $8 "tour".

Maria Cerda

Something neat for the kids. There is a fee to go inside Lucy the elephant. The tour takes about 20 minutes. There are lots of steps up the first and 2nd floor. There is also a giftshop with all sorts of little gifts.


Was a quirky way to spend the morning. Your guide, Mortimer was knowledgeable about Lucy's history and very animated about his job. We loved visiting Lucy and the gift shop left us with a good bunch of souvenirs.

Christina Castor

Lucy the Elephant is an old vintage statue placed near the beach in Margate. You can view her for free and spend the day at the beach. They have tours that you can do ($8.50 for adults. $4 for children) which go through the statue to the top. They show videos on her history during the tour and they even have a gift shop! Great place to visit. I've been there several times!

Comedy Adjasont

Lucy is an elegant beast. theres a video about her history and a pretty nice little gift shop.

vaibhavi be

My 6 year old kid enjoyed this a lot. View of beach from top of the Lucy is beautiful.

Justin David Provoncha

Margate's wonderful historic attraction! Family fun

Earl M. Bruder Jr.

Great to see things restored and preserved

Prem Prakash Sahoo

Nice big elephant , kids friendly but the ticket price should be less

David Goldstein

A National Treasure as a local roadside attraction.

Amber Polen

This was a really neat place to visit!

Tim Carroll

It's nice seeing a piece of history still alive. You go up inside her and watch a video about her history then go up top to take pictures. Nice experience.

Kathie Mendoza

Super cool. Love the history over here

Valjean Grant

A birthday adventure for my wonderful son. We loved the tour, it was a great way to spend his 41st birthday. It felt like a story book spring day.

Coffee Mommy

Great roadside attraction!!! The staff members were so helpful and the tour guide was sooo sweet and informative.

Beth George

Staff was super friendly. It's a few miles away but a great side trip to take with the kiddies! I love supporting local history so this was a nice bonus to my vacation in Atlantic City.

Mary Rasa

Wonderful historic site. Unique and cool.

Cyril Moore

Fun place to stop. It's the oldest road side attraction in America. Tours to the top are 8.50 each.

Kellie Greene

We toured Lucy the Elephant. It was an interesting tour. You go up into the main body, then go up into the houda. I had visited as a child shortly after she was moved and the houda was not on at that point. The history is very interesting. They show a short film about it once you are in the main body. I recommend this for anyone. Children on the tour enjoyed it except for one who was really too young to enjoy it because he cried most of the time. His older siblings loved it. He was just a fussy toddler, he wasn't scared.


Great photo op. Must see if you are near Atlantic City! 6 story wooden elephant, you can go inside! Or just walk around the outside. Parking right there.

Edna Francesco

Great visit and Mortimer was excellent guide. So much history

Sharon Farmer

What's always on my bucket list to see her please look up her history it was a wonderful day and many people in this area don't even know about her

Tom Catania

Very unique place to visit! It is the largest remaining 'road-side attraction' left in the USA. I suggest you visit when in or near Atlantic City and see how our previous generations, from 1881, produced entertainment!

Suzanne Haegele

We love Lucy, I stop by every time I visit my family in South Jersey. You gotta do it

Rosemarie Domenico

Historical site in Margate NJ tours of Lucy the Elephant, visit her store, children play on the spacious grounds, eat at the grill, walk the beach or play in the surf. Private parties from birthdays to weddings. Always the best welcoming staff. We love LUCY ❣️

Ron Braz

We haven't been there in a few years I have seen the changes that improve Lucy would go there again

Jaclyn von Hohen

Fun place to take your kids at the beach!


Marsha was such a nice tour guide!

Cory H

Cute road side attraction, or maybe beach side. The gift shop isn't the most exciting place in the world but the tours are a fun family adventure.

Barry Miller

One of my earliest memories, from summering in Atlantic City in the forties and fifties. It's in Margate, the second town down the beach past Ventnor from AC. This six-story behemoth landmark is truly unique, and the Lucy the Elephant foundation continues to keep the shine and polish on this powerful pachyderm. Get inside Lucy. Take the tour. The craftsmanship is wonderful. Visitors may climb the quite narrow staircases all the way to the top. It's still a thrill to stand on Lucy's back and gaze over her head at the ocean. Plenty of neat Lucy merchandise available in the gift shop to remember your visit. But how could you ever forget?

Cindy Pollum

Quick stop to say "hi"! Took pix and went home. We love Lucy!

chris wronski

Great roadside stop. Must see this peice of NJ history.

Fish Wisperer

Legendary spot to visit a must if your in yhe margate area. Landmark! Took my kid by there when we were on vacation the other week and I can still remember the stories my grandpop made up to tell me about Lucy when I was a kid at their house in margate. Kid loved it this year as much as last year. Go visit with the family its worth the tour. Great views of the beach and water from deck on top.

Adis Estevez

Cute place for kids and adults to enjoy the history behind Lucy.

Ivette Palacin

Great site with a great story behind it (not a pun)! You can hours at the gift shop deciding on which souvenir elephant to take home!

Norberto Gonzalez

Fun fun fun right around the corner from Congo fall's mini golf.

Jeamy Nguyen

Local history! Awesome visit.

Nancy Moroney

#1 you have to experience Lucy!!! #2 great tour, very educational. Great for adults and kids. Woth the donation to keep Lucy with us another 100yrs!

Stephanie Lynn

Always seem to have good company while visiting Lucy

john feichtel

Wonderful attraction ! 130+ years old! Looks good for her age.

Marjie Georgieff

We loved Lucy. We love historical places, this was a check on our NJ Bucket list!

David Caggia

Nice little pitstop to make when in the area. The beaches, restaurants & bars are great. Parking is a bit of a headache in the summer.

Madelyn Torres

You have to pay to get to the top of elefant but you can go in the gift shop and see the fun stuff they sell of Lucy.

Linda Steelman

Very educational. Our guide Marsha was very good, giving us the entire history of Lucy. So glad we stopped to visit Lucy.

T Seidel

Cool information and nice to see history maintained.

mitch gross

I remember going there as a kid.Don't remember them charging $8.50 for a guided tour.REALLY !!!!

Martin Werzberger

Intresting landmark with nice views.

Patrick North

Fun visit with the family! The tours were every half hour and lasted about that long. They have free on-site parking, the gift shop was cute, and they told a great story about Lucy.

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