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222 Jersey City Blvd, Jersey City, NJ 07305, United States Located in: Liberty State Park

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REVIEWS OF Liberty Science Center IN New Jersey

Patricia Balzarek

We saw Mesamerica planetarium show. Arrive early for a good seat.

Colette Goodman

Great exhibits, awesome hands on learning. This place is really awesome. And don't miss the planetarium!! I was in awe right along with the kids

Jesse Cahill

Great for kids of all ages, but particularly on the younger end. Lots of hands on exploring, lots of space to run around. The cafeteria was totally serviceable, too.

Kumu Kaui LLC

An absolutely outstanding science center! Multiple and varied educational science exhibits for all ages! Definitely worth spending a whole day!

Michael Forgione

This is a great place for the kids to go and expand their minds. They have animals with live demonstrations. They also show you everyday things that we take for granted such as how sky scrapers are built or just simple motions of the human body. They also have other exhibits that cost additional money other then the entrance fee.

Jose Nuñez

A great place to take the family to encourage kids to engage in the sciences. Although it's a bit expensive they have several things for kids to do and see although I do believe some of their exhibits could be more engaging.

maddie dangel

Worst place! I had to pay $7 to park (only option) but the only reason I went was for the gift shop. I told the unfriendly and rude staff lady ( I should have got her name) at the information booth as she started going crazy as we (family of 5) walked towards the gift shop, "that were just there for the gift shop and don't want to do the science center itself". She told me "I had to buy a ticket that was 22.50 per person" - my group was of age 14 and older-all charged adult price (WTF). I said to her "to walk into the gift shop"? Her reply- "yes". We left!! I'm was so disappointed!! Per my understanding there is no other gift shop located around there and by 2pm the ferry was sold out. Whoever is in charge needs to fix that ASAP! If people are just visiting the gift shop then you should not try and charge people the entrance fee (SMH)! It's annoying enough you pay $7 to park when your not planning on staying more than 10-15.

Yubing Ji

Treat it as science center where you take your kids and explore vs. science museum. There are not a lot of contents for adults as it mostly presents interactive exhibition for kids. In the weekend, it will be filled with kids and family. The Sherlock Holmes special exhibition is really well designed and cool. Highly recommend!

Yoliisabella Rosser

A most see place, for all ages, this center is amazing! You can relax, you can play, you can learn here. You have to visit this place!

Liam Roddy

Awesome place to visit with kids!!! So many fun activities and things to do! Also the planetarium is amazing!!!

Angela B

We had a great time at Liberty science center. We brought our 3.5 year old and 18 month old kids and there were activities for them. Their favorite was the lion king exhibition as it was age appropriate, and the make believe room. We went on a rainy day so it makes sense that it was a bit crowded, but even so it wasn't that bad.

Rob Giordano

So much to do here. Lots of fun for the kids and adults. Play areas are nice, exhibits are really interesting. Definitely recommend going if you're in the area

Melissa Smith

Great place to take the kids. My favorite was seeing the animals. They have a monkey. So cool

Catherine Salvatore

We loved our time there! There were a good variety of exhibits. One of the people courteously listened to and acknowledged the suggestion I made to be included in one of the exhibits. Definitely have to come back with the remainder of my family ☺

Meir Gunsher

The Liberty Science Center promotes a method of educating both young and old in the field of science in the most enjoyable way. You can spend the entire day there and not realize that it is time to leave when closing time is announced. Bring your youngsters and oldsters for a most enjoyable day.

Heather Alsop

We loved our time there! There were a good variety of exhibits. One of the people courteously listened to and acknowledged the suggestion I made to be included in one of the exhibits.

Oliver Krisch

Member since 2016 every year great and awesome place to visit with the family

Alaa Afeefy

We brought the kids here before heading to see the Statue of Liberty. They had an amazing time. So much hands on activities for them. My sons are 8,6, and 2 and they all loved it. We got a good deal on Groupon. I wish we could have spent more time. We only had about 2 hours to spend here but they could have stayed much longer than this. The restrooms were very clean and the staff friendly.

Daniel Strang

Pretty solid science center. There is lots to do for young kids but there is also enough information presented to keep adults entertained. There is quite a good variety of exhibits as well as movie experiences, including a very nice planetarium. It is a bit on the expensive side to get in and any movies aren't included.

Melrose Johnson

Great After Dark Party for 21 and up, every 3rd Thursday of every month. Different themes, food vendors, specialty cocktails, and live DJ. Worth the trip.

Erica Ortiz

One of my favorite places to visit with my toddler. Great interactive exhibits, decent food, and lots of things to do. Worth a (few) trip(s).

Krishna Singh

Excellent place to visit especially with children. There are 4 floors to explore and they also have science workshops during the school calendar year. My children love this place. I live in Queens and it's only a 40 minute drive there. You can actually see the Statue of Liberty there because it is directly across lower Manhattan.

Josh Singleton

Many hands-on exhibits, some were showing their age. All science centers have some broken things, but this one seemed to have more ham normal. Fair price though, and the live demonstrations made up for the older exhibits.


There is lots of fun, educational, age appropriate things for kids to do. We went yesterday with a nine and eleven year old. They had a blast! Were busy for hours and they learned something too. My only complaint is I wish it wasn't so expensive. I understand it costs a lot to run a museum like that, but those prices can be challenging for families. It would be nice if there were some discounts.

Madamoiselle Neo Phenix

Wonderful Learning Experience For All Ages

Marie Anselmo

It's a great museum but we found a lot of the hands on exhibits were broken! So unfortunate..because my Granddaughter was having a great time exploring the exhibits. The planetarium show was good.

Kir L

So many fun things to do and see at Liberty Science Center. Great for all ages and a nice place to spend the entire day!

Diana Guzman

I went with my 4 year old and his cousins age 4 thru 13. Many of the exhibits for his age were not functioning properly, missing parts or just very basic i.e. not science based. It opens at 9am and we arrived at 10am on a Saturday and left a little before 4pm, they close at 5pm. The bathrooms smelled uncleaned, of urine to be exact, on every floor. I know this because 2 of us are pregnant and needed to use the facilities quite often as we toured. By the time we left the last bathroom did not have paper towels left in the dispensers, however they were kind enough to leave the paper roll on the counter. There was a general odor of dampness and uncleanliness throughout. The dino dig was a small area very basic. The bee exhibit featured a hallway of pictures and small hive enclosure also quite small and very basic. The touch tank at the aquarium is only open for an hour and a half from 3:30-5:00, so we missed that. I would not bring him back even when he is older as this place has continued to decline over the years even with the added exhibits.

Carol Grazevich

Great for kids. A few things closed way to early, and some stuff was run down. VERY Expensive gift shop, food was good, price for drinks to high but we had chicken and fries it was good.

Sherrie Burt

I loved the Lego exhibit. Incredible displays. The planetarium was beautiful. My family had a good time. It was a great day that did not cost a fortune. I will definitely go again.

Jessica Purzycki

We drove almost 2 hours to bring my 2.5 yr old and to say we were underwhelmed is an understatement. We paid over $70 and there was nothing my daughter was interested in other then an apple from the cafeteria. We walked all 4 floors twice …

Heather Mezzadri

We've taken our family here several times, and we are never bored here! Particular favorites are the dinosaur dig, the infinity climber, and the touch tunnel. I recommend coming later in the day if you can only do part of a day. The …

Yi Qu

I took our 16 month baby girl there, and she loves it. It’s a big museum, 4 floors, with a lot of place that kids could interact with, the third floor has a room with archeology sand box and a dinosaur train which she spent most time there, and there is a little zoo with reptile like turtles, snake, bugs which is also amazing.

Marco Giovanni Aliberti

Amazing for kids and you can spend some good time with all the family!

John Atti

I really enjoyed the inside of this place, even though I was just passing through for a birthday party. I wish that there were more of these places around. The only downside of this place is that you need to pay for parking, but I won't give it less than 5 stars because the staff was friendly and the inside of this place is a really great tool for getting kids interested in science. Even as an adult I wanted to try out some of these things!

Michael Losa

Great things to do with the kids. My son lives it here. The only reason I gave 4 instead of 5 was that some of the interactive displays are always broken.

Deborah Wilson

Took my Nephew. It was really nice. We liked the exhibits and shows.

Tyler Ellis

A lot of fun for the kids but expensive. Best if you're planning to catch a show too.

Masha The Doge Adventures

Best experience ever! There they have a planetarium and it is one of the best experience of a 3d area the dome is 360° and is at a tilt but the movie of to planets above or something around that was great

Matthew Kuznia

Lots of cool exhibits amd educational stuff. We've been there 4 or 5 times and each time my daughter always has a good time. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Anthony Salters

Great place. Dont know why my son cant reach the sinks. Maybe it's not as kid friendly as we would have liked it to be.

Rodolfo Polanco

Couldve been better taking care of. Things not working drywall issues etc

urena shah

A lot to do! Make sure you leave yourself a half day at least if you like to explore the place completely.

Matthew Cushman

Good for little kids I guess, but otherwise surprisingly lame. Having been to real science museums (for example the Exploratorium in San Francisco, Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Smithsonian, etc.) this place is just sad. I don't recall seeing any exhibits that actually had anything to do with science. Other than a few playground-type fixtures for kids there was literally nothing even the slightest bit interesting. Hate to be a bummer but I calls 'em like I sees 'em.

Michael K

Only reason I took away a star is cause you have to pay for parking with admission. Great place for kids (preferably 2+). My son had a blast running around experiencing everything there is to touch. Even my wife and I had a great time learning new things.

L Abraham

Great place to bring the kids and let them explore all the different stations. They had a fun time learning and how the brain, ear, vocal and chords works. They also enjoyed seeing the different animals.

Hector Alvarez

The BEST and Most Friendly Customer Service representatives I have ever encountered. They made the entire evening for Mesmerica amazing. Very thoughtful and caring.

Gde Katya

Interesting for kids for three times, not more. The exhibitions too simply and give pure information. Anyway the membership card is profitable. It's the only place like this in neighborhood.

Michael Perl

Great hands on family fun! Constantly updating exhibits.

Vandana D

Not worth visiting at all. Don't waste your time for this sightseeing. Only planetarium experience was good. But not worth paying only for this show. Poor and old exhibits.

krupesh faldu

Loved the planetarium. Watched two shows black hole, night sky. Both of them were amazing. So much informative. I recommend to have little bit of previous knowledge. Great place for kids. So many things to touch and play. We all were adults but could see kids having great fun. 1 less star because it was too crowded. You can bring your own food and there is good dining area on 2nd floor.

Rick Brister

The place is absolute magic! I'm a 57 yr old contractor and I LOVE coming here. The image is from a Lego display which occupies two rooms.

Brenden Michelus

Nice museum with fine exhibits. The IMAX dome theatre is really cool as well!


It's such a great place to go with family and spend quality time while learing scientific stuff you probally never knew or saw before

Thomas Jose

The liberty science center is a great place to take kids to learn various scientific facts. Also great for kids to play.

Jocelyn Alveari

Had a great time when I went a few days ago. Lots of interactive learning experiences. Planetarium show was awesome too

Hannah Kim

Really cool exhibits and has a variety of things to do. I went to the Lego: Build & Play area and had lots of fun. I will definitely be going back to Liberty Science Center again in the near future. Had a great time!

Ahmed Hegazy

Great place to take the kids and if you like science, a great place for you to feel like a kid. There are lots of activities to do and shows to enjoy. I went alone with three kids (2 toddlers and 1 infant). The way the place is set up and how the exhibits are structured makes it easier to handle them. They are closed off so the kids only have one way out and in.

sunil puranik

This is home to the biggest dome in the western hemisphere! We visited this place on a weekend to catch some astronomy shows, the place itself was not so crowded and the wait time to obtain the show tickets was not that long. One of the attractive science exhibit was that of the Tesla electricity generation coil, wherein visitors had a chance to experience the fabulous display of electricity in a dark environment which was cool. We also got a chance to catch 2 planetarium shows one on black holes and other on wonders of night sky. The dome is an absolute delight to the senses, The guides toned down their language to cater to the general public even those who are not very familiar with concepts in astronomy. Great place to visit on a date night.

Brian Magrogan

My daughter loves going to Liberty Science Center. We always go on the first weekend of the month when BoA members get free admission. The exhibits are always great and entertaining for my daughter. It is great that the main exhibit rotates so there is always something new to see.

Kushal Shah

It's overall a good science center like any other. It also has the largest planetarium in the western hemisphere, and a good simulation of 'curtain wall' against a hurricane. However, the rest of the science center is for young kids probably up to 14 yrs old. If you have older kids, they may not find it very interesting. Nevertheless, it's good to visit it once.

Efrain & Liz Rexach

My girls loved it. Lots to do. My kids love this place. Between discovering, reading and hands-on activities, you cannot go wrong.

Donna Waller

Feel that the staff could have explained more about the exhibits shown. Took a minute to figure out how things worked. Overall my grands enjoyed it.

Gilda Wisniewski

This place is well organized, the staff is friendly and professional. The cafeteria had a great selection of food for everyone. There are plenty of restrooms on each floor. The store had plenty of fun and educational gifts for purchase. Overall excellent experience.

Kieran Peers

Absolutely rocking place for a two year old. Lots of interactive and engaging exhibits. Seems to get refreshed fairly often too. Gift shop is really varied and well stocked.

Edward Hazell

Really cool exhibit going on this day, but old exhibits are dated. Need more new material

V Tancredi

Multistory interactive science museum located in easy to reach part of new Jersey near the ferry to Ellis island. Creative exhibits for all ages including travelling shows. Cafeteria, giftshop and bathrooms compete the experience. Definitely one of the best children's museums I've seen. A bit pricey unfortunately plus parking not free. Locals should get a membership.


Absolutely love this place, for me as well as my kid. Tons of stuff to see, touch, hear, and play with, but more importantly, to keep my kid engaged, intrigued, and curious to learn. I take him once a month so as not potentially bore him of the place but so far he has enjoyed every minute when we are there.

Shiek Guevara

I remember coming here as a kid. They joy and excitement of all the activities and different types of experiments was the coolest. It’s Nothing like the Liberty Science center. Being able to pass the tradition on to my own offer springs make life worth living. The babies need more hands on out door action and memories and less video game and t.v. time. Seven months through out the year they have free family nights. No cost to get in just I.D. and number of children in your group.

Jahaira Guilbe

This was my first time attending the center for an After Dark event. It was a great time. Drinks were good! Food was tasty and the music was great! Can't wait to go back.

Matt Hensz

The place is a lot different than when I was a kid 20 yrs ago going on school trips there. Was still a good time. My step daughter had fun. I do miss the Giant heart you were able to go thru before. Hope that makes a come back.

Jacqui Elliott

Awesome place to take the kids. Staff are very friendly and the experience was amazing especially in the dome theater. Love the place, my kids never wants to leave.

Asad Ali

Have been here multiple times and always something new and even the old exhibits are quite informative which means we go there again and again

Jose Endanattu

This was our first time here. My daughter absolutely loved it. There was so many different things for her to experience. She loved the Sesame Street experience and digging for dinosaur bones.

Jesse Adams

I love it, they have very affordable prices and there is always assistance if you need to know something about the activities, the staff is very friendly.

Roibe Duran

Absolutely the best science center in the area. The place is full of activities, fun facts, living animals, cultures and the full families could have a great time. I wish this place could be open every day until 10:00 PM.. The dome is absolutely amazing it is Mind blowing. The perfect place for been with your kids without wasting your time.

Linda Vought

Great place for all. Exhibits well done and plenty of possibilities for interacting

L. Mc

The place is under construction and there are also a bunch of empty exhibit spaces. The ones that were there and open were cool for the kids to enjoy.

Khristina Sly

This place was recommended to me as a fun kids experience. We spent HOURS in here, enjoying all the hands-on activities! Four floors of adventure, IMAX theaters, an enclosed, suspended, (netted) climbing feature piece, gift shop, cafeteria with a variety of food (or, I believe you can bring your own), it's no wonder we spent all day here! 4 stars because I feel the cost was steep (more than I typically pay for a kids activity) but well worth it!

A Mitch

Fantastic! Great things to do..the kids had a blast

Samantha Gutierrez

Went for the laser shows! It was so much fun! Don't recommend sitting up top Id do the middle or bottom for the most immersive feeling. The night of the laser show the museum was opened after hours! It was great exploring with my friends and drinking beers in there!!

George Evans

Excellent place for kids with lots.of science exhibits to touch, see and experience.

Joe j

Very nice for the kids.. But can use some updates..

Derek Bacharach

Went to the Mesmerica 360 show in the planetarium. Parking was a bit tricky so it's good to leave early if you need to be there for a show or meet someone there at a particular time. The museum is spacious and staff did a nice job organizing and guiding attendees of the show to line up inside for the planetarium. Inside the best seats are in the back rows in the middle. It's stadium seating with headrests, carpeted, deep rows and very relaxing - - great for sleep-deprived parents of little kids - - to nap. The PA system is crystal clear but the music was at times a little too loud. Exiting was in the back of the planetarium and returning back to the car was easy too.

Sundari Mohanakrishnan

Few exhibits weren't working. Not much help around. Planetarium was good. Displays didn't exactly fuel curiosity in science for kids of specific ages. It was more fun playing with displays than learning from them.

Juliana Cho

My kids loved this place. We will come back so they can learn and explore some more. It's great that they make learning so fun.

Kathy G

I loved this place as a little child and I'm sure kids see it the same way as I did. There is a good amount of things to see and they change the kids area to different themes I think 2 times throughout the year, the lion king and doc mcstuffins. Movies and other special things are at an additional prize. Besides that there is a schedule to see and do different things such as the touch tank, touch animals, and skeletons.

Reem McCollin!

Family fun. Great educational place for children of all ages.

Talanie Chan

I loved this place! I had a great time because it had a planetarium and it looked so cool! I aslo had a fun time in Sherlock Holmes section.

Soul. Searcher

Filled with fun and activities for kids. Planetarium is good. Plenty of other options like short movies, dino fossil search, meuseams. Etc. Good to spend one whole day with kids.. Food cafeteria is decent.

Omar Radwan

Wonderful to visit with the family. So many amazing exhibits and activities for the children. Highly recommend. Sparks curiosity and desire to learn. Ample parking available

Amaala Martinez

My issue is- why would you take my money when you know that many of your exhibits are either broken or missing pieces. This place could have been so much more fun. My toddler enjoyed a few activities but so many he couldn’t do or enjoy because they were broken or missing pieces. It was ok. Not worth the money though

Mike kratzer

Fun even as an adult. Lego exhibit was really something to see. Wish they’d keep up with maintenance on the exhibits included in general admission, everything was broke or missing.

Michelle Won

Great place to bring kids, only downside is how crowded it gets on weekends. If you can go early on weekdays, it's the best experience. Joining as a member is totally worth it if you think you'll go at least 2x in a year.

Amanda Vidal

Went here for a field trip. Place is really cool and a great way to spend a Saturday but the gift shop is WAYYYYYY OVERPRICED. They sold stuff at 30 dollars but you could get the same thing for 10 locally. If u bring 30 dollars for the gift shop u I’ll only be able to get 1 or 2 things. But other than that I loved it!

Dana Sainte

Great, hands on learning experience for kids at liberty science center! Filled with camp kids during the summer weeks, of course, so it's pretty crowded. Blast of cold air from the air conditioner as you walk in but eventually you don't feel it anymore. What I didn't like was that there were no hand sanitizer "stations" throughout. With all the kids that pass through and the germs that come with them, we should be able to disinfect on the regular. Just saying!

Oksana Cantrell

This place is awesome. Lots to do, lots to learn - my son loves it. The planetarium is the best!

Anémone Benoit

A very beautiful and huge science center. For every ages. I also took exta thing as the black holes experience and that was impressive. I loved it. There is also a lot of science playground for children of every ages.

Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala Lol

The only field trip that I enjoyed going to.

Kim Wilson Marshall - PR Director

I am extremely impressed with venue. But I am not impressed with the ridiculous fees to experience the space. Folks are paying more than $50 in admission and then adding extra $$$ for exhibitions. C'mon


Great place to learn what they didnt teach us in school.

Earl Terrill

I had a great experience. The IMAX Dome is extraordinary. It's a great place to take the family. There are many interactive exhibits.

Jay Gollamudi

Nice place for kids entertainment. I would recommend this for families with kids for education and entertainment

Hifza Atir

Great for a whole day activities n fun .. you can enjoy with your 2 yr old and older there... great planetarium.....

Frank Cianciotti

Very educational and entertaining. I would recommend getting a membership.

Toba Shifrin

Interactive, educational.. my kids were happy to keep going back when we became members

Dan X

Great place for family trips with kids. Has something for everyone to enjoy and learn at the same time. A personal favorite is the Rubik’s cube exhibit when it’s featured, highly recommend it when it’s around. The Dome Theater is something everyone has to experience for themselves, the first time is very awe inspiring. Overall a great place to take a trip to, entertaining and educational.

Larry Donargo

Nice time yesterday at the LSC. Lots to learn, great for kids and adults. Just think that paying the highest price, A, should give you access to all the films. Got to see two, but not the beatles one.

Shibabrata Dey

Excellent place for young kids and old ones too

Joe Fort

Sadly overpriced. I realize its better than nothing but children and their families are in need of more in depth learning experiences at lower prices than those provided. Very sad for families particularly that may have to struggle to pay to bring several children here. Three of us spent over 100 dollars to enter, see one special exhibit, and one mediocre planetarium show. Thats a substantial amount of money for the average family.

Fernando Garcia

Although a very crowded experience on the day that I visited, there is a great deal of knowledge, ideas and culture shared at this venue. Very detail oriented and full of facts for those who have a deep understanding of science, or even a basic touch. Definitely was an unforgettable experience that I will hold with me for a long while ahead.

Mia Abigail

Great place to take the kids, especially when the weather is bad outside. Plenty of different exhibitions and things to do and see. Like that there's a dedicated space for the younger kids too so that they can play feely.


It was very fun overall. There is a lot of people in the exhibitions as well. I recommend to try the things which you can physically touch, like the touch tank, salt and the water experiment. The Lion Guard exhibition is very fun. It was a …

Maureen Greenbaum

We took out 4-year old grandson here on a Sunday. there was a health fair in the lobby as we entered with people like Cabot cheese giving away sample. My grandson was blow saw by the movie (about planets) but the 1/2 hour of facts, facts, facts was a it much for him. His absolute favorite was the climbing around the Infinity Climber (Climb, crawl and balance your way through the world's first suspended climbing play space of its kind) and the huge blue forms in the Block Party to stack and build. Unfortunately there were not enough movement and involvement for his young mind.

Marco Rodriguez

Some of the exhibitions need maintenance, and the center needs to do a better job about removing signs for exhibitions that are closed, but the planetarium makes it all worth it.


Great place to bring your kids. Fun, educational, hands-on. Love the current Lego exhibit. Pays to join. Small doses works best for my crew.

Nadya Barandica

Educational and fun. Great for small children to adults. Planetarium is the most impressive feature. They have different activities and they change during the seasons. Must visit.

Never Free

Great place to bring the kids. Lots of activities for them to do. Plenty of help there. Food was good but very expensive. The service was good as well. Overall a great place to spend the day.

Jim Kelly

This is a fun-filled family placeanybody interested in the stars and the planets plus other facts of science it's a must-see attraction, you'll enjoy it.

Samhari Lourdi

Excellent to visit with the family and have a great day learning.

Ernest Espinoza

The Liberty Science Center is a beautiful museum that is great for families and students with lots of hands-on activities for children. I really enjoyed my visit here. The structure inside the museum was gorgeous, and the staff was friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend!!

Damon Marshall

This is the place. An amazing experience for youand your children. There is so much to see and interact with. Understand though, the expeditions are a seperate cost from general admission.

Aidan Lameira

Learned so many new things in a hands on way, very cool things there.

Maryann N.

Great place for kids to exhaust their energy with variety of activities, movies and hands on lab experiments. Their membership deal is a good one if you intend to visit more than once within a year. Easy to explore locations within the building.

Shia Schwartz

We really enjoyed! The kids had an amazing time. There a Lego exhibit Wich is gorgeous.

Christian S

My wife and I were here for LSC after dark. It was great! Not at all what we expected. The place was packed with people and it basically turned into a night club. The food trucks they brought in were nice but the lines were very long. We waited 30 minutes to get food. But the exhibits were fun. All in all it was a decent night.

Jessica Lee

Review for the LSC after dark event. Won tickets to the May one. Doors open at 6 and came in with my friend at 6:35 thinking we got there early, but it was already super packed inside and the line for goat yoga was probably 100 people …

Rachel Kim

very good and educational!! i went there and it's great for all ages- and the food court has some vegetarian options if you look hard enough one small downside is that there are a lot of schools coming for field trips and so it can feel a little crowded

Derek Lavery

Amazing for kids. I took my three boys aged 6, 8 & 10. So much to do, interact with and learn about. Bring lunch!

Amish Thakrar

Great place for all ages. There's tons to do here for kids you can spend a couple hours or a whole day. Tons of interactive exhibits to learn and play with. Cafeteria is pretty good and has a good variety of food. Definitely would recommend.

Wassup Fred

Really liked this place.. it's been years since I've been.. Good place to take the kids and watch some of the shows... Pricing is fair.. and they have season passes as well. Plenty of parking and not hard to find.. Stop by, you'll def enjoy the learning experience.

gilberth celi

It's a really good experience, try it! you won't regret best show ever about space and black holes.

Tariq Hassan

Great place for kids and adults. Lots to see and learn. Parking should be free and not paid as it increases cost to visit

Jennifer R.

Expensive experience, especially if you have been there before. Lego exhibit was excellent. The bathrooms are very unclean.

gabrielle keiser

Kids where entertained for hours. Highly recommend the hands on experiment on the top floor. You can reserve your time. Planetierium was worth the additional charge.

Sarah Samaroo

Went to see the black hole video in the dome with my in laws and husband. It was really nice. Alot of kids were there though. So if you have kids a great place to take the.. if you dont like kids... well i wouldnt recommend. I also went to the touch tunnel. I definitely recommend it. Really enjoyed it! :)

Dov Fobar

What a ripoff! $7 to park the car, $23 ticket per person to enter. And they've got metal detectors and security guards at the entrance. They wouldn't let us in because I had a little pocket knife on my key chain. Are they afraid we'll hijack the science center? I asked. They're afraid I'll drop the pocket knife on the floor and a little kid will pick it up and cut themselves. Seriously. Isn't a science center supposed to promote sanity? This is such an unwelcoming place that we decided to leave. I don't need to be abused by idiocy.


I love this place. Since my nephew was born I have been coming here a lot. The place has changed a lot since they renovated the place. But, it's very cool. The changing exhibits have been very interesting. Moreover, there is so much do here. Also, the wolf dog show was amazing.

lisa Brumbaugh

I am torn with my review today. The Liberty Science Center is a great place with a ton of stuff to learn and explore. However, the unruly, uncontrollable, pushy, rude kids and their nonresponsive zombie like parents are what make me never want to return.

Joshua Bernstein

This is a great place to bring kids. Crazy busy on a rainy day. If it's nice outside the place is empty. TouchTunnel is a favorite. Ask anyone from New Jersey and they'll remember going on a field trip here as a kid. Some rooms are good for ages 1 to 6. After that older kids will understand many of the exhibits.

Scott Vollweiler

This is amazing for all ages. Although the Sherlock Holmes mystery was definitely more for adults, everything is so much fun. Lots to. Explore. Tons of interactive exhibition and of course the planetarium. It's a must see.

amit laddha

Very nice place for curious kids. I have 9 year and 5 year and they enjoyed it. We took the general admission and then we converted it to yearly membership. So go ahed and enjoy.

Rimpi Singh

We had a birthday party here and everything was really good from kids perspective as well as parents. The food was good and arrangements were perfect. There is so much to do inside and outside that one can easily spend a full day here. They …


So good that we became members. More than worth the cost.


Had the pleasure of seeing Mesmerica at the planetarium. Amazing experience at a beautiful location. Would like to tour the science center during their regular hours.

Sean Dray

This is an amazing place. You can spend the entire day. Lots to do and see. A lit of interactive activities. And any show in the dome is amazing. Bring the kids

Jimmy B

My kids wife me and our friend loved it. A bit pricey but fun.

Claire Ryan

Lots of fun, a great way for kids to learn. There's a lot to do so you'll definitely have to come back to finish your list of things you wanted to do. Exhibits are often changing too.

Chris Moussot

Great place for the kids. I remember going to this place as a child growing up. Went here recently with my girlfriends young cousin. He had a great time. Lots of fun ad well as educational. One downside is the planetarium is an extra ticket costing money.

helen chen

Plenty of things to do for anyone at any age. There are desks in the summer that have activities such as arts and crafts and brain puzzles. There's plenty of 3d movies along with an amazing planetarium that made me feel like I was on a space ship flying through space. I really recommend you visit the planetarium. The food is slightly overprice but they're GOOD! The exhibitions are also quite impressive. It's filled to the brim with hands on activities (though quite a few popular ones are broken) and adventures like the famous touch tunnel and infinity chamber. There is even a zoo inside of the museum and a touch tank. Be sure to wear sneakers as many activities require closed toe shoes. I also recommend buying membership as it will make your experience at lsc THAT much better with all the discounts and member only events. (Half off all premium exhibits and 10% discount in café. That's $2.50 for a planetarium movie per human!) I've had a blast every time I've visited LSC and I'm sure you will too.

Moses Vargas

Lots of exhibits and lots to do with the kids, family friendly for sure. If you plan on visiting more then once definitely get the membership per visit can be a bit costly.

Scott Reierson

We had a ton of fun here. The planetarium shows are only 5$ each per person but they were all great.

Janna Ellis

I went to see the International Sherlock Holmes exhibit. Both the ticket cashier and the docents were friendly and seemed emergized, though it was the last couple hours of the day. One, Mr. Ray, even let me borrow his pen for my whole walk-around (when mine died)! The exhibit itself was well organized and fascinating, being both Exhibit and Interactive Crime Scene. I'm already looking forward to going back to see the permanent exhibits!

Robert Zdichocki

Love it here. I bought a family membership so I can visit whenever I like for a year with my family. It could be a little pricey, but there is a ton to do, see, and learn.

Letica Fox Thomas

Great fun for me and the kids. I gifted membership to a family from church and they loved it. I'll def go back to see the special shows

Sam Chaleff

Just the coolest place. We saw a show in the planetarium theatre and it was pretty mind blowing. It’s really fun, interesting place with lots to do. Very easy to get to as well, right off 78E before the city.


Wow wow wow.. ultimate science experience center

Scott Reagan

I really want to like it here more. My family and I are members. It's ok for the kids to just run around. But the exhibits always seem poorly maintained and broken. Frequently too crowded in small exhibits to really enjoy or partake. Not sure how I'd fix that maybe timed admission for certain sections? Can almost never hear the info being presented by the recorded exhibits.

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