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Pier 86, W 46th St, New York, NY 10036, United States

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REVIEWS OF Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum IN New Jersey

Dean Hoisak

Another amazing museum. My second time visiting this awesome attraction and there is so much history here. Always a hit if you are former military member as there is so much to see. Plan on a minimum of 2 hours, 4 hours is recommended.

Sandi Genetti

This is an awesome place to visit. Throughly enjoyed all the exhibits and had fun exploring the battleship. I would not bring any kids that are in strollers and make sure to wear sneakers and comfortable clothing. There is a kid section that is off in the back of the Intrepid, but it is not walled off. The kids can touch things and explore on their own with supervision. There is only air condition in one building, so I would also recommend not going on the hottest day of the year. I recommend starting in the back where the space shuttle is, then do the Intrepid, then the submarine. It worked well for my boyfriend and I to do it this way, since the sub takes literally 10 minutes and is right near the main entrance. It makes for a quick and easy exit when it's time to leave.

fs pedron

Lots to see here, many varieties of fighter jets, helicopters, the Concorde, the submarine, the shuttle, and of course the carrier, the Intrepid itself, which is huge. Lots of fun info and trivia throughout, which really helps too. There's lots to learn about in here, and you will likely find something of interest for most people. There is also plenty of walking and stairs, etc, so good shoes would be recommended.

Filip Rajic

A fun, historic and educational Museum. It is based in the USS Intrepid and USS Growler. Its amazing, but not the best out there [Smithsonian ones are so much better]. It had many iconic aircrafts , like the MIG 21 , MIG 19, F14, F16 etc. Overall it was an enjoyable experience, 4/5.

David DeJesus

I've always dreamed of visiting the Intrepid ever since I was a little kid and I finally got to go for the first time last summer. I was not disappointed in the slightest. The exhibits were all amazing, going inside the different areas of the ship was a blast and my favorite part was the new space shuttle area. My son loved it as well and we will definitely be going back every year.

Patti Walker

This was the highlight of the trip for my 8 year old son. The volunteer in the Admiral's Navigation room was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. My son asked him a hundred questions and he answered them all and pulled out a binder with photographs. This was an experience we will never forget.

Vampire Nofear

The museum is at the ideal location. It's on a pier containing a submarine and the jets. There's also a space area where a space shuttle is. There's a lot of knowledge in this place along with educated staff who tell you about the specific things when asked. Definitely recommended!!

Aarones 3183

I've always been wanting to go and see an aircraft carrier and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. Had an amazing array of earlier jets and even a few props. It is also host to the beautiful concorde and mind boggling Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. If you are a tourist or even live locally. This is a must see attraction.

Ethan Stein

A must visit when coming to Manhattan, it is built on the intrepid aircraft carrier built in 1943 and decommissioned in 1974. The museum opened in 1982 and it’s pretty interesting the main attractions are the carrier itself the uss growler, the spaceship enterprise and a British airways Concorde. They also have lots of aircraft parked on the carriers top deck and some under the deck that you can get close too. There is a gift shop and cafe at the museum so you can get an intrepid t shirt or a skymarks British airways Concorde model.

Marcos Rivera

It's a nice place.Is it worth the $33 adult price?Not Really.Before going I read that if you're a NYC resident you pay only $18.When I arrived at the place I asked about it.The ticket clerk told me,"Not anymore." The old planes and helicopters there are beautiful,though.Walking around inside the Intrepid carrier,and the Crawler submarine also,was okay.You have to step through several small hatches (about 2-2½ ft in diameter) to get into the different compartments of the sub however.If you're a short person you can lower your head and step through,but if you're tall you may have a harder time.I couldn't believe how small the beds were in the submarine!The sailors back then couldn't have slept well on them.I told my friend,"Can you imagine Shaquille O'Neil trying to sleep on one of those beds!"One guy laughed when he heard it:).Warning:If you're claustrophobic I wouldn't advise you to get inside the Crawler submarine.The Museum mentions that on their website,also.It's really narrow inside,and you'll be on a slow-moving line in close contact with others.It's also quite stuffy and warm inside the sub,very few compartments have A/C.

Farhan Siddiqui

I think it was an interesting museum. I would advise you to go before noon so that you have enough time to explore all the exhibits because half the time you will be standing in long queues. Apart from the main exhibits there are also a couple of flight simulators. They are fun but it seemed expensive for such a short ride duration. Overall, a must visit if you are a history buff and even if you aren’t, you get to learn new things.

Ankur P

We spent around 4 hours here having a great time. All the exhibits, right from the aircraft carrier itself to the Growler submarine, to the many planes on the deck, the space shuttle to the Concorde, the interactive gallery, interaction with ex servicemen, everything was fun and insightful. Kids enjoyed the whole thing a lot.

yazzle dazzle

Most of the museum is in the breathtakingly large ship the Intrepid. This is a very great place to bring the whole family as there's not only interesting exhibitions, but their hands-on exhibition is unique and allows you to go inside different air & space crafts. My personal favorite was the space part of the museum as they have the actual Enterprise space ship.

Lad Bell

Great history lesson for an inexpensive cost. Come and go all day with your ticket. The space shuttle "Enterprise" should not be missed. There were at least four day camp groups on this day making the hands on displays impossible to get too. WARNING! Eat before you go. The food prices are totally a rip off. They rob you. $2.75 for a kids apple juice. $12 for a salad. Legal robbery!

Alex Pintado

5 stars all the way!! Great for all ages... Lots of history and lots to see. An aircraft carrier, a nuclear submarine, a space shuttle and a Concord are just a few things that you can see there. A definite must when in New York City. Enjoy!!

Richard Lango

So amazing! So much to know, so much to see! ...and the smells old and gassy, I loved it. They paint a great picture of life on the sea in a floating city. Kudos to all those involved in the experience!

Deckard Hendrickson

Wonderful exhibit of both air, sea, and space that is definitely worth the visit. Interesting special presentation over the shuttle program with an engaging reviewer. Very accommodating for veterans and service members. Overall a wonderful experience for young and old to enjoy.

Wayne Remnant

Waited 22 years to get back here since last NYC visit in 1997, so well worth the wait. Up close to the displays and really lots to see everywhere you look.

Tony Cheung

Must see! Fantastic place to visit, once you've finished exploring the Intrepid ship and its multiple levels the fly deck has loads of aircraft to see. There is also the space shuttle prototype Enterprise, which didn't make it into space but still a very interesting site to see. An ex-submarine is also available for you to go inside, well worth the time to explore and appreciate the cramped conditions - probably the closest thing to seeing how busy it would have been when you set off in small groups down the submarine.


We got there quite early in the morning and had to wait until opening time at 10am. Once you pass security it's starts with a warehouse full of planes, flight decks and simulations, from there you can pretty much go around the whole carrier on your own. It was a great morning!;)


A good surprise! All is done to well understand a part of US military history. Cherry on the cake: staff is present to explain parts of the submarine, of the aircraft carrier etc.

Matt Taylor

Must see the lace if you have a family. Kids would love this place. My wife and I enjoyed every part of it. Great experience top to bottom.

Tanay Anand Bhandari

One of the best museums,I have ever been to. The museum is inside the the historical aircraft carrier intrepid. The best part of the museum is of course the flight deck and you can also visit the bridge as part of the tour and see the helm of the huge ship. Another interesting part of the museum is that a Concorde plane is also kept in the complex and there is another ship well actually a submarine which is also in the complex,The USS Growler which you can visit. Overall an excellent museum.

eunice casillo

It was nice...but too much $ for just walking around a museum.. I had two 13 year olds with me and any fun activity was extra... it was $72 just to get in and walk around...then all the virtual activities were another 10 to 12 dollars.. very overpriced. Not worth it

Bhushan Tripathi

You cannot miss visiting this museum. If you ever wanted to be close to a space shuttle or fighter jets then this is the only spot and the closest you could get to any of these things. The submarine experience is pretty awesome too with an in depth tour of the growler. The entry fee is pretty steep though but this is like a once in a lifetime experience so do not miss it.

Ann Ryan

I took my 14yr old son who is a war history buff loved it. He got to see all the planes he read about in his history books as well as the space shuttle. We will definitely come back.

Boris Reid

Interesting museum with number of interesting exhibits: a walk in submarine Growler, some planes and also representation of life on board, open cockpits and more. Planes condition is great. Price is pretty high

Anton Zouplna

Had a great time. Lots of great aircraft on display and the staff is very knowledgeable. Highly recommended for all existing enthusiasts. My main recommendation for anyone planning to visit is to purchase your tickets online ahead of time, you'll save yourself a lot of time not having to stand in line to buy tickets at the museum.

Connie Peterson

So INCREDIBLE!!!! I loved every thing about this museum from the pines on the air craft carrier to seeing the inside and the control deck, the captains quarters, the way the navigation systems were when this carrier was in use is mind blowing. Then having the opportunity to see Space Shuttle Endeavor was just Awesome!!! It's hard to believe you can fit so many airplanes and a space shuttle on one ship. It really gives you a huge respect for our military, those who operate these, those who live on the carriers, those who fly planes on and off of them. Seeing this in person was incredible and absolutely worth it. If you drive there are parking garages across the street. The intrepid website gives directions on how to get there by car, bus, water etc. Every city pass, sightseeing pass etc. Had offers for the Intrepid. There are so many ways to get discounts to visit. When in New York out this on your list.

Nate Meier

Large museum spread across multiple deck levels of an older air craft carrier. Plenty of war history, aviation facts, and aeronautical wonder can be found here. Just the experience of being on an aircraft carrier was pretty cool. Though being an old ship it lacked sufficient air conditioning on several of its exhibits such as on the bridge/control deck. About half of the exhibits were targeted towards kids, the remaining for adults or kids making for a good mix for families. Will visit again with kids someday.

Ronald Longhofer

Well-designed presentation of the Intrepid's role in various wars and it's survival of kamikaze attacks during WW II also includes access to numerous ship areas and displays of various warplanes, helicopters, and a special pavilion at the end of the flight deck showcasing space shuttle Enterprise. A British Airways Concorde is displayed at the end of the pier and submarine Growler may also be toured as part of your admission.

Linette G.

In NYC. They play an old movie once a month in the outside of the boat. Is a huge place, make sure you arrive early and keep on mind that you could expend couple hours or maybe more walking around and looking at everything they have there. Submarine, old airplanes (war). Have 3 levels and a submarine to the side. If you love history or look at details you really have to expend a lot of time there if you want to see it all. Worth it!!

Ray Kuryla

I'm not only a Navy Vet but also a Submarine Vet, so I'm biased. This was a great experience. VETS: BRING PROOF YOU'RE A VET. ADMISSION IS FREE! Submarine Sailors: in case you don't know: there's a Boat here: the Growler (ex-USS) SS-577. Great tour guides, especially Bil Peters aboard the Growler. I also loved walking around the space shuttle Enterprise and the Shuttle displays. But my favorite was the Submarine.

Gavin Bollard

This is so much more than a museum. This is living history. Many of the exhibits are kid friendly and allow for photographing kids in cockpits, authentic bunks etc. There's options for kids to send messages in morse via light or sound. The 4D cinema is an optional extra and probably not worth worrying about. The museum has a lot of great exhibits including the Enterprise space shuttle, the Concorde and the Growler submarine as well as the intrepid herself and a plethora of amazing aircraft. Much of the museum is disabled-friendly but parts of the ship and submarine require a level of dexterity to traverse.

David T

Went for Smithsonian Museum Day and enjoyed it immensely! It was very busy, however the lines though appearing long went rather quickly. All the exhibits were amazing, they also had volunteers stationed throughout that added information and personal stories which made it all the better. The Kamakazie exhibit was very engrossing. I recommend anyone with a interest in aviation, military history or space exploration history

Tom Wood

I liked this place far more now than in my childhood. They have all kinds of cool stuff to see, like the SR-71, Concorde, and most importantly the Enterprise. It was incredibly cool to get a look at the shuttle, even if it never went into space. In the same exhibit they have an old Soyuz capsule as well, if you want to truly understand claustrophobia.

Pooja Prem Kumar

What a great place to go. So much great information, so well organized and just super cool. My husband was a little child and so excited to see the Enterprise rocket. Some of the exhibits here and so interesting. We spent a cool 2 hours and still had more to see. Highly recommend!

Kevin Slate

Amazing museum. So many exhibits and unique opportunities to learn about air and space. I attended a conference and if you are looking for a venue to host your party or conference then this is the place to go. To me, one of my favorite places is to sit on the fantail and look out over the Hudson River. Of you are visiting NYC, this is a must go for a unique experience.

Silviu Mercan

It is someting you don't see everyday. It it the first aircraft carrier/museum I visited ever. It has a lot of cool planes, including a Concorde and a submarine you can visit. Above all, what I found the most interesting/beautiful was the fact that inside the museum were Navy veterans who answered questions about the ship/planes and also tell stories from the time they served in the Navy, which I find it very cool.

Gio P

Had a great time there seeing all of the airplanes and the ship itself. The NASA exhibit was definitely a wow for me as seeing something like that up close makes you think. Overall a good museum for anyone with a love of aviation and naval trivia. My only gripe is that when it started to rain, at closing time, they were not really prepared for the crowds that were waiting out the rain, in the doorway. Although they had ponchos and umbrellas for sale, they were priced high for something disposable, and there wasn't enough to meet the needs of the crowd. Other than that, everything was great.

Fleetfoot S

Very good floating museum. It not only features the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid, but also the submarine USS Growler, as well as the space shuttle Enterprise. You need to spend at least 3 hrs in total to fully read, listen to the audio explanation and fully appreciate the place

Chris Dzierzko

Beautiful shop with lots of cool planes to seen. If you talk to one of the volunteer guides you can hear some very interesting stories. Good place for tourists or for a day trip with kids. You can walk to the hive structure from there too at Hudson yards

Wendy Medina Rodriguez

Nice attraction, a little over price. Better if have someone with a N.Y. library card, can print some free pass. Enjoy!

Adrian Thern

Awesome museum, you'll get to see many nice airplanes including the Concord. The highlights of cause are the Growler and Intrepid and the Spaceshuttle Enterprise, which you can both walk in. It's an amazing opportunity to see a perfectly fine Sub and CV like that and you could even see parts of Growlers engine room. Sadly on the Intrepid you couldn't see too much of the technical highlights but therefore you could visit the hangar, deck, island and AA armament and some of the crew cabins Sadly the windows of the Enterprise were blacked and the engines covered so you couldn't see inside of the Spaceshuttle.

Maria Paletta

If you're interested in planes n boats this is a great museum. I was a bit bored, but it's not my thing. I'm sure it's great if you like this sort of thing. I found the reading the history of the boats and planes interesting and the drone section was fascinating.

Chintan Desai

Good museum and history. Need a good time to see everything. A fun day trip. The exhibits are educational. Loved to see the Spaceship Explorer and also F14 and Stealth Bomber. The backdrop against West Side NY is spectacular. Amazing to see that it is an entire small City that exists in the ship.

Sukru Murat Cebeci

A must see in New York. Experience the living history Intrepid Carrier with all its wonders. Did you know that they have built the ship just in 18 months? And also constructed it in two separate halves like two halves of a sandwich and then welded the two parts to make a full ship! Intrepid is full of surprises. Visit the nuclear submarine docked near Intrepid for free and also pay some extra to visit the coolest commercial airplane Concorde. Please spare some time and don’t rush thru the ship halls, listen to the staff whenever you can. They’ll give you a lot of gems.

Donal Buckley

I found the Shuttle and Growler submarine in particular to be interesting. You may be interested in the aircraft carrier and planes. Allow about 2 hours 30 minutes to three hours.

Ally Liu

A very unique experience, life in submarine looks much more dull than that on Intrepid. Also the surprise is to see a lego with 250,000 pieces!!! Largest I’ve ever seen. I came around 4pm, less crowded and no running kids. Ticket is from BoA museum on us event, otherwise the ticket might be a bit too expensive, considering some attractive activities need extra charge.

Richard RENAUX

It's a good museum if you are interested in planes, aerospace or submarines. Otherwise it can get a bit boring even though the planes and the shuffle really look incredible. You cannot go in there though, only in the nuclear submarine and apparently the Concorde, albeit it was closed while I was there. Plan 2-3 hours to explore nearly all of the museum.

Mykol Sutton

My son had a blast! There so much to do and see. His favorite part was the ship and interactive exhibits.

Caitlyn Calder

Great museum for people interested in wartime history or in airplanes and gliders. Give this place at least a half day to see everything. Warning: it is an extra charge to board the concord.

Kevin Bolton

Loved this museum. The intrepid may be a small aircraft carrier by today's standards but it's not lacking! There's a lot to see. Plan to spend at least a full day to see your favorite displays. Plan for two days if you're interested in it all. That's not to scare you from a shorter visit - know that you'll wish you had more time

Zachary Bersson

It was super fun I enjoyed it a lot. It is also good for all ages. It can also teach you about what happened a long time ago.

Jonathan Davies

If you enjoy military history this is a must-see if you're in NYC. The growler submarine was a real treat and felt like a unique experience. The carrier is massive and deserving of several hours of your time especially if you're into space. The shuttle was a nice surprise. The audio tour add-on is well priced and enriches the experience.

luis glz

It's great and so fun. The carrier has all your favorite planes from the movies and even a space shuttle. The submarine is also quite fun and interesting, just dont bring a stroller because you won't be able to come inside.

Katja Baan

Various exhibitions can be visited in the museum. For example, in the Space Shuttle Pavilion you will find the Enterprise space shuttle. But that is not everything! You can also enter a real dive boat. The USS Growler is the only submarine that was armed with guided missiles that is open to the public. On the aircraft carrier outside is the aircraft collection: a collection of special aircraft. For example, there is a concorde from British Aiways, the Lockheed A-12 Blackbird and an old Tiger F11 aircraft from the Blue Angels.

Pearl Lee

My husband and I loved the museum. The admission cost was expensive ($33), but we in for free because we were Perot museum members (and they have reciprocity). The staff were so friendly and knowledgeable.

Shari Costanzo

Great place for the whole family with the Aircraft Carrier, Submarine and Space Shuttle attractions! Lots of walking and climbing into small spaces, there are elevators to get around easily on the aircraft carrier, also a decent cafe to grab food. Give yourself most of a day to get through everything!

Dalila Mesa

I loved it. Kids will love it too. You have to check the submarine at the entrance. The captain will help you answering all your questions.

Davis D. Janowski

This first-rate museum is not far from the heart of Times Square. It would receive five stars if the family membership had not become a bit disappointing in terms of what you get for your money. We belonged for several years and initially it was a splendid value for the money, especially the rides in the simulators that my daughter enjoyed, which have since been cut back. As far as the quality of the museum displays and especially the volunteer guides, they remain top-notch. Many of the volunteers are veterans, many of the them veterans of Intrepid herself. The addition of space shuttle Enterprise has been inspiring too and it will be wonderful to see a permanent space built around her in future if funding can be found. Personally I would like to see even more World War II aircraft on display but the remainder of types that flew from Intrepid are hard to come by via the Navy system of procurement. It is disappointing also, to see the SS United States propeller moved to the parking lot with no signage, especially given the attempt so save that record-holding vessel.

Khushboo Shakya

Loved this place. Anyone who loves aeroplanes will love it! You get go inside the vessel and check out the quarters. We also got to talk to one of the folks who was in the submarine. There is a lot of walking up and down stairs involved and limited elevators. The view from the top of the ship offers a nice view of the skyline as well.

Michael Interbartolo

Great displays and educational material for the ship in the hangar deck. Cool planes on the flight deck though some are in need of some refurbishment. Space shuttle Enterprise is a nice display even if it is just an approach and landing test vehicle not a flown in space shuttle

Jasper Heijboer

Worth every buck of the entrance fee! How nice that you can walk through an aircraft carrier and be able visit almost all stations. And they have replica planes on the flight deck, a spaceshuttle at the back in a separate hangar(on deck), and last but not least, a submarine alongside, which you can also visit inside. Brilliant!

Venus Mars

I discovered this by accident while wandering the streets, wow the original ENTERPRISE Space shuttle is onboard an aircraft carrier with it's own hangar! Also a Soyuz capsule, amazing other aircraft and great gift shop. Great photo ops there!

Shirly Niego

Tons of stuff to explore. Real submarine, planes and ships. They even have some space related attractions. Really interesting and fun experience.

melanie marra

Huge remodel. Very impressive set up, handicap friendly which was nice to see elevator access to the decks of the ship at all levels. It doesn’t disappoint. If you want to do the interactive stuff get there early. We were told the wait was 45 minutes to use the tickets I bought for the Interactive Virtual Reality ride, so I ended up giving them away. In hindsight if I knew that I would have gotten there early and went straight for that first. Other than that everything was fantastic. The huge LEGO ship is a replica of the Intrepid from WW2. They had a movie play at one point explaining the history of exhibits and it really made you feel a deep respect for those who serve and have served this Country.

Estrella P.

A New Yorker tourist and local must do. Amazing photo opportunity, learn a great deal about anything you ever wondered from our military and space vessels. Summer lines are longer so arrive early and with comfy shoes! Local eateries are abundant and a great idea after your late morning or afternoon stroll on the intrepid.

Jeanine Melhado-Harrington

Two years ago I did the Lupus walk there. I have had lupus for 41 years. I loved the kindness of the staff being that at that time I was in a wheelchair. They treated me like a queen there. I love to see the history of our great nation! What's funny was , I had to move to Jersey to begin looking at stuff that was more easily available when I lived in Brooklyn.

Konamaneti Sreenivasa Reddy.

A must see place for the kids... To show them the glory of the country... The birds in display... Are great. One can have near view of these war planned and helicopter and learn it's functioning. It gives idea of how the staff worked in this ship. The theatre inside the ship is marvelous. The screening has high quality projection. Centrally located. Parking sufficient for medium crowd. Restaurant prices are too high.


Great place! Very interesting for all ages. Be prepared to spent not less then 3 hours.

Rahul Dube

Beautiful museum. I would budget about 1 and 3/4 of an hour to get the full experience. Good restaurant with plenty of options. I highly recommend for aviation/military history lovers.

Ryan Mohieddin

So much to see and do here but not enough time! We did have fun on the aircraft simulator and as you wait in line you can see the participants inside the capsule. Watching the people in there was almost as much fan as being in the simulator. The submarine was also interesting, almost impossible to imagine what life was like down there in that tiny vessel.

Dejan Kulpinski

Great way to spend 2-3 hours with a kid. Good exhibits and some interactive content - we tried the flight simulator which turns 360 degrees. If you are aviation buff there are some great planes to see here including Blackbird and Concorde. Also early nuclear missile sub Growler is pretty cool.

Banky Chalk

I love visiting the Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum. I've been there twice so far and recommend it to all my friends who are visiting NYC. Besides seeing the Aircraft Carrier and the fun selection of planes on display on the flight deck, this museum is home to the prototype of the Enterprise, a space shuttle, which is amazing to see in person! It's huge and worth the price of admission. Seeing the Concorde is also pretty neat, though the inside was closed to the public when I went. You can occasionally get deals on tickets through City Pass and Goldstar. (We used a Goldstar pass to save a few bucks and it worked out great!) Overall, this is something you must check out when in NYC!

Pravin Charles Vaz

Along with the Concorde outside and whole bunch of different aircraft on the deck, the Intrepid is a must see in New York. The Lego model made out of 225,000 pieces (approx) is impressive. Submarine Growler is cool too and claustrophobic.

George Lin

I had a great time at this museum - there’s different sections and each has its own unique experience to offer. I personally really enjoyed the submarine experience cause it gives you a great idea of life in the sub. A lot will require you to be outdoors so warm weather makes it pretty rough when touring the ship. Definitely worthwhile experience

Alan Dorvil

As a Marine corp veteran. I was glad to see all the military exhibits and meet the brave veteran's who served. OOH RAH

Al Wood's Modelling Mayhem

How often do you get to walk around an aircraft carrier? Or a submarine? This museum was awesome for someone like me who is interested in military history and modelling. But it was not just about the exhibits. Veterans who are volunteers are happy to share their knowledge and experiences with you and gave the place that personal touch. There are highlights to visiting New York and it usually involves a place, but these people are just as interesting and unique. Just wonderful.

inging fnu

My kids always have fun when they came here. They love to see those jet plane. Also they have lots of special event for kids.

Maksim Krigmant

It was really nice inside all the planes and aircraft fighters on the top deck of the intrepid the inside also was filled with planes and diffrent things from the ship itself showed how the crew lived and operated on a daily living. As for the submarine it was pretty cool inside some of the places where really really tight. Also showed you the living quarters and daily life on the submarine the only reason I gave it a 4 because some places aren't air conditioned and it is 100 degrees and everybody is sweating and some places really smell like pee. Other than that the places is a fun day with a couple or kids. Also there is a million people with kids also.

Bruno Dirksen Orlandi

This is one of the must visit museums in NYC. The experience is jaw dropping. If you love military history, aircraft, ships and submarines, you are in for a treat. There are few places in which people of all ages can enjoy in so many different levels. I would probably reserve three hours to see the exposed models, the submarine and play in the simulators. The place is wheelchair accessible for the most part (there are some original quarters which are thigh for everyone not making it possible to adapt). The museum is absolutely incredible.

Evan Oake

Amazing museum! Very cool to be aboard a real aircraft carrier. Lots to see. Not many places you can see a real space shuttle! Great selection of aircraft. Very cool exploring the vessel. Staff are excellent and knowledgeable.

Mukul Lele

Loved the submarine visit. Loved the concord visit. You need to take an additional ticket to visit the concord aeroplane inside but I would say it's worth it especially for people who have liking towards airplanes or concord in specific. The other aeroplanes placed in the Intrepid are maintenaned well and worth checking out. They also have a virtual reality experience of gravitational force - G Force as we call it. It is worth checking out as well.

Tiffany Allen

This place is fun, interactive and very informative about the history of our naval forces. I would definitely recommend it if you have children or you just want visit yourself.


First, let me say I am a huge fan of anything sea, air, and sometimes space. So I was very excited to see this museum. The submarine was probably the best exhibit since I'd never been in one before. Everything else, the airplanes, jets, helos, all on the flight deck and in the hangar, and the aircraft carrier exhibit, were interesting but were not unlike other things I've seen before. So here's my point: if this is your first trip to NYC, and you've been to airshows or seen a warship before, you might consider skipping this museum and go somewhere more NY-ish. But if you still go, you will enjoy it.

Melissa Taylor

A great place for everyone. So informative. Be prepared to send hours learning and being amazed. Lines and waits can be long but totally worth the wait.

Lisa S

Be warned if you go in the summer when its 90 degrees outside. No ac in many parts of the ship and submarine. If you can stand not moving in stale air with 100 % humidity and 100 sweaty people then you will enjoy. I wish we had gone in the fall, I would have enjoyed it more.

Brayden Mora

The Museum Westside of New York is with a warplane carrier, one atomic sub-marine, the explorer shuttle and the Concorde very well equipped and extremely interesting. Additionally the Museum contains a lot of infos on the exhibition items and good pictures and videos! Like very rarely you can explore the interior of the carrier and the submarine and have a real impression of the daily life of the marines at that time! Brilliant! What I don’t understand is as we have it to do with national icons why the entrance has to be as high as 33 Dollars and for pensioners poor 2 Dollars less! US: be more social!

Utkarsh Wadiar

The place is beyond words!!! What added stars was visiting here on Memorial Day weekend. Take good time to visit, there is so much to see that you may be here for over 3-4 hours. I salute the brave soldiers who served here. Visiting these places fills you with a sense a pride and it really wouldn’t matter which country you belong to, you will have a great time here. The decommissioned Intrepid and decommissioned nuclear submarine Growler should be top on the list to visit in NY. Enterprise, the 1st spaceship to orbit the earth is also stationed here. Imagine, you get to see a aircraft carrier ship, a nuclear submarine and the spaceship which has orbited the earth. Kids will have a great time too.

• JayD3vo •

This was amazing! You never get an opportunity like this too walk around on an aircraft sub machine and boat / tank. All of the airplanes where up close and personal. The time that it opens and closes isn’t even enough too view the entire area since there’s so much too see! It’s extreamly impressive too see the big shuttle and space area as well. I loved how big it was there. The view on the boat was amazing too see in NYC as well. I’m very impressed.

Vinicius Mareze

I have visited this museum again after 18 years and it is still awesome. Was even more special now with my kids and they loved all the different equipments and ships. We spent a total of 4 hours in this visit, as there is so much to see. There is a small place to have hot lunch at the lower level of the carrier. There are also volunteers who are war veterans who had served in the carrier. I strongly recommend a visit, especially if you have kids.

Keith Woeltje

Really interesting museum. The carrier is huge. We enjoyed the guided tour we took. Submarine and Enterprise space shuttle also well worth seeing.

Leon Fot

Beautiful place, a huge amount of aircraft and amazing museum. The staff there was very nice and explained anything my brother didn’t know about! One of the Concordes and the space shuttle enterprise is there, which makes the experience all the better! I really loved this museum and would go again. I would overall recommend it if you’ve got an hour or so in NYC and are looking for something that won’t be very crowded.

michael chancey

Went with my son's school field trip. Had a great time. The historic ships and equipment are really fun to explore. It's amazing how big the Aircraft carrier is. Give you a chance to truly appreciate the hard work our military does.

Diane Keller

Always enjoy a trip here. So impressed with the technology and the history. The volunteers are excellent. They are friendly and knowledgeable. I have never had a question they couldn't answer. Seeing the Space Shuttle The Enterprise is inspiring.

Vincenzo Prestera

The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum is an American military and maritime history museum with a collection of museum ships in New York City. It is located at Pier 86 at 46th Street in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood on the West Side of Manhattan. The museum showcases the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid, the cruise missile submarine USS Growler, a Concorde SST, a Lockheed A-12 supersonic reconnaissance plane, and the Space Shuttle Enterprise. On the lower deck there is also a reproduction of a WWI biplane. Founded in 1982, the museum closed in 2006 for a 1.5-year renovation of Intrepid and facilities. Those included new exhibits. The museum reopened to the public on November 8, 2008. Strongly suggest to visit if you are in NYC!


Interesting place. Easily accessible. Lovely aircrafts. My husband and I had the opportunity to go inside a submarine and tour the intrepid ship, it was a fun educational experience. Recommended for families and couples. A cafeteria, restrooms and gift shop are also available.

Jazmin Jurado

I visited the Intrepid museum after many decades during Memorial weekend Fleet week. There were many activities going on for families. I spoke to the soldiers and they were informative about the equipment they work with everyday. Went inside the submarine and went to see the NASA Rocket exhibition this was amazing. My visit was short since we arrived a bit late. Will return, maybe with my class.


Great place to visit, to learn history of the ship and the submarine. Nice selection of planes on the ship. The gforce experience was great for the kids. The space museum was educational but you have to be 13 years old to experience some of it. Ended up spending more time here than I planned but it was worth it, suggest you come early so you don't have to be hurry to enjoy everything.

Julian Fritsch

It was a great experience! We just visited the submarine and the concord and even that was great! I recommend everybody to use the New York Pass if you are going to visit more attractions, because it really saves money.

Srikirti v

Go early and the queues to the submarine are non existent. As the day progresses, the lines increase as there are only a particular number of people allowed inside at a time. The Interpid shop is magnificent and the history and people stationed at various exhibits are friendly and knowledgeable and keen to share it!

Daniel Volodarsky

One of my favorite museums in the world and I've been to a lot of places! Talking to the veterans who served on the ship is a unique experience as they guide you through the bulkheads and share the story of the fighting I. What a fantastic ship she is, and it's great that her history can continue to be told instead of being salvaged for scraps. Make sure you don't bring any big bags, open toe shoes or high heels, it'll make your life easier. Fleet week takes place all around her in May, you can tour the USS New York when she's on port during the week. Another great experience and the Navy/Marines walk you through the vehicles, aircraft, firefighting, ship components but, some parts of the ship are off limits for obvious reasons.

Andy Barron

As a couple fellas who came here to avoid shopping with the wives, thought it was great way to spend half a day. Easy walk down from our hotel which was beside 57st subway but there bound to be ones closer. You don't have to be from a military back for it to appeal. Staff were great, exhibits were varied and interesting. If your of a certain age the whole space exploration section will take you back to your youth. Generally well laid out, if you wanted to bring the kid's they have really tried to engage them with some of the interactive displays and simulators. Well worth the money


Loved the museum... Very well laid out & informative videos & stories over the ship about its history & role with accounts from the life of the crew which made the experience that much richer. A definite visiting place to go to

Joshua F

This was a very fun museum. There was so much to do here and it is perfect for a family. You could easily spend a whole day there either just walking around or going on tours. It was cool to see how the submarine, ship, planes and etc. operated. Good trip for the whole family to go on. I would recommend it for a fun day trip.

san francisco nguyen

Great learning experience. Shuttle history was awesome. Submarine was ok as it's a narrow path, but only one of it's kind. I would come early, as later on the line is coming from outside the building.

Jonathan Christensen

There aren't many places you can see a Concorde or a space shuttle, let alone both. Highly recommended, especially if you have a membership at a ASTC reciprocal museum that will get you in for free. The Lego model of the carrier (on the hangar deck) was also a highlight.


Good experience. Lots to learn. Cool being on the original ship. Because the Intrepid happens to actually on the water, it can be out of the way but worth the trek if you want to experience some US Navy history firsthand.

Carla Oporto d'Ugard

I have been to most of the museums in NYC and I honestly believe this one is one of the most pricey ones. It did not live to my expectations. They have amazing items to showcase but the organization lacked a bit. Specially in the ship control tower. They should allow grouped spacing them out like they do in the submarine. I feel there’s more space to improvement. Specially to charge the amount of money they charge.

Anne Fernandena

Upon completing a Hudson River cruise that left from pier 78 my sister and I noticed this aircraft carrier in the distance so decided to go and have a look. We had no idea what was in store. Moored alongside was the old decommissioned aircraft carrier USS Intrepid. As we got closer we saw how massive this ship was and went aboard for a tour that took us some 3 hours overall to view what was on display. It is one of those exhibits that you have to see for yourself to appreciate its size and importance in history. On the flight deck there is a large array of aircraft that have all had a role to play in the ship's history. Overall it was nothing short of awesome.

Christopher Wolfe

Take the tour, it's well worth it. We recommend Ron G., he was our tour guide for the "Pacific" tour. Fabulous, detailed, 100% interesting.

Ankush Kumar

This is amazing. My first time on a warship and in the submarine. It has many fighter jets in display from F16 to black bird (the X-Men jet). Also has a place for kids to experience how it feels inside a shuttle or on a seat of helicopter.One can spend 2-3 hours easily here. Experience of going inside the submarine was also good. Do it if you are in NY.

Steve Myers

Another great experience and the Navy/Marines walk you through the vehicles, aircraft, firefighting, ship components but, some parts of the ship are off limits for obvious reasons. Large museum spread across multiple deck levels of an older air craft carrier. Plenty of war history, aviation facts, and aeronautical wonder can be found here. The museum is absolutely incredible. recommended!

Jaime Cintron

It was awesome! The submarine was really interesting and the ship gigantic. You need plenty of time to cover it all because they have many activities on site.

varun gupta

Very informative. Can spend a whole day just reading and listening to the stories in this museum. Must visit in NYC. Walking inside a submarine was an amazing experience. Walking around a space shuttle is another cool thing you can do here

Maria Chorti

Amazing museum, worth the pricey ticket, definitely a must see if you're visiting NYC. So much history in one place!!! Highly recommended. For families with small kids there's an interactive part called 'Exploreum' where they both have fun and learn.

Mark Torres

It was an interesting experience. The staff was helpful and the exhibits are breathtaking. I didn't plan ahead for the events that were scheduled but that is a common problem for any sudden going to places. One minor issue I have is the ticket prices. Though I suppose that is a must to maintain the vehicles and ship. Worth going at least once if you're in the city.

Mary Pinto-Meyer

It was very cool to see all the old navy things. I think prices are a bit high to get in, especially when you have to pay for almost all the activities. The kids enjoyed there time and there were things they could do, touch and feel.

Eugene Tan

Aircraft carrier was great but some of the planes (especially on the flight deck) were not in good condition. Submarine was very nice--go for that exhibit first since it backs up when there's a crowd. Allow 2-3 hours to cover the entire attraction.


A great museum! It's amazing to see an aircraft carrier preserved as a museum. There is a good selection of aircraft on this ship, but the shuttle just feels out of place. If the shuttle was removed the museum would be much better and more aircraft could be exhibited on the flight deck.

Sara Boyer

If you love to explore then this place is for you! I loved being able to walk around a massive aircraft carrier with tons of nooks and cranny's to walk through. There is a ton to learn as well. Great for the history buff or something who just loves exploring!

Joseph Steinberg

A unique experience for most people. This air and space museum is on a WWII air craft carrier permanently docked in midtown Manhattan. There are also events hosted on the ship.


A neat place. Kids will love the interactive exhibits. Their folks will love the history. An interesting place to explore

Mark Craig

LOVE this museum. Wish I could have stayed all day. Needed much more time there. Lots and lots to see here. The guided tour was outstanding. Very friendly and professional staff, too!!

Robert Zdichocki

Great time with the kids, even without them. We enjoyed the free day with our Liberty Science Center family pass.

Gracia Elena Durón

Evurthing was so interesting! You wanna get here as early as possible cause there's SOOO much to see and learn. Take the Intrepid 101 and Concourse guided tours if you can, they are so worth it cause you get insider's info and entrance to places general admission don't have. You won't regret it!

David Le Guyon

If you are interested in aircraft and or aircraft carrier, then the Intrepid is the place to go. You can easily spend a full day there. It opens at 10 am and closes at 5 pm. Ask the guides, dark blue shirts, and they'll tell you all there is to know. They are extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. Some attractions requires an extra ticket. On your way in or out, you can visit a late 50s early 60s submarine.

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