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Where is Friends Apartment?

REVIEWS OF Friends Apartment IN New Jersey

Andrés AVG

Not really much to see. The area around it is very nice

Matthew Norman

Happy that this hasn't been commercialised in any way and you are free to take pictures as you like. The surrounding streets are also very beautiful to walk around.

Charles Bouillon

Exactly what it says on the tin or at least the outside view. stand on the opposite corner of the building to replicate what you say in the friends trailer. Not much more than that but a fantastic neighborhood and also close to a few SATC locations (Carrie's apartment and Magnolia Bakery)

Tamás Váró

If you are a fan of Friends its a must see, easy accessible, quick thropy hunt. Also lower Manhattan is amazing.

David Smith

Fun to see after all these years.

Raed Ghanja

Can you imagine being a fan of a great TV show and wishing that one day you will meet your favorite actors in real life?? Well that didnt happen.. at least not yet, but i hope it does! But on the other hand, i was able to visit "friends apartment", a place that i used to see all the times on TV, and now i saw it in front of me for real! Thats a great feeling honestly.

Maria Dicheva

Awesome area to visit! Washington square park is a must see also when going there.

soheil khodaparast

great neighborhood to walk , close to Washington square and chelsea market, it brought us back all the good old memories,

Jack Heskett

Must see as a Friends’ fan, iconic!

Marilina Duarte

Loved visiting the apartament I saw sooo many times on TV. Looks smaller in real life, though.

Natty and Daddy Show

So cool seeing the building with your own eyes! And there's a lot of cool sites in the vicinity.

Siddharth Asawa

must visit if you are FRIENDS fan. Nice Locality. Great food Area.

T Unitt

Years and years of seeing this place on tv we finally got to see it in real life. Amazing place but it is a family home. Beautiful building.

Himanshu Trivedi

This apartment complex is in residential area, I would say it shouldn’t be in you TO DO LIST for NY unless you are a great fan of Friends and you have time, instead I would suggest to explore other places like Dumbo and Brooklyn.

Ethan Cole

This place was a quick walk from our hotel, and it was super fun! If you’re close to it, definitely visit! Fun to see it in really life!


Very worth it I’m not from New York but I was in Manhattan so we decided to go see the apartment building because we are huge fans of the show ... No it’s not the real apartments it’s just the building used in the outside shots of friends (said to take place in New York but didn’t actually shoot it in New York) ! Yes ppl live here there was a ups guy delivering packages to the building when I was there I walked to the door to try and get a look inside just was curious ! Don’t try to go in you have to be buzzed in ! Very cool experience if your a huge fan of the show ! There is a shop under it it is not central perk . It was a made up shop also .

Sagar Vora

Must see if a F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan .... feels so good to see it in real the building which you have seen it for 10 seasons in the series. There is no such central perk beneath the building but there is other nice restaurant there. On the right side of the restaurent there is a wall with all the quotes from the series and you will find funny to read them.

J. Marc Simpson

That's it alright. Fun seeing it in person. The house across the street is for sale, if you are interested... a mere 12 million and it's yours.

swatantra neupane

Apart from FRIENDS, it's in a nice neighborhood. Just hold your expectations a bit if you're a FRIENDS fan, might not feel the same as what you've been looking at in the episodes for years.

Pablo Lopera

Nice place to take picture from outside...the real apartment was inside Warner Studios...still nice quick stop if you are near by...

Terry di Paolo

It is a fire escape, there is no apartment here. More incredible are the gangs of tourists that come here and ignore the actual charm and history of one of the quaintest neighborhoods in NYC.

Arvid Bux

Awesome area to visit. You can walk along the waterfalls, or take a boat. Every single view is breathtaking. Do make sure you have plenty of time as you don't want to leave this place.

Parvathi S

Awesome! Must visit if you're a friends fan.

Matt B

So lame. I like the show but not a super fan. Was very anti climactic... It's just a regular building that looks like all the other ones. Go do something more exciting.

Cory Woytkiw

Very cool spot to visit. Seen every episode growing up. The neighborhood that the building is in is so cool. A very walkable neighborhood. Not sure how Ross's building was across the street though and where was ugly naked guys building? Doesnt quite add up based on the building and the surrounding buildings, you would have to check it out.

Sheri Anderson

So cute, all the fans dancing in the street reenacting the opening from friends. The eatery on the ground level needs to change its name and utilize something's from the show (what a miss on marketing) but I really enjoyed the neighborhood. Lots of character

Deb Palik

Was dissapponted that it wasnt the inside of the apartment .... and no Centrsl Perk.

Mandy Dibble

Not to crowded of a street to get your iconic pic. If you're a true/huge fan you will love this.

Adam Forrester

It's always busy down here. Easy to find, no need to take a tour. Don't forget Ross' apartment across the road too. Also near Greenwich Village is the Ghostbusters Fire House although it's a bit of a walk. The architecture around the village is very beautiful. Take a walk around the areas paying particular attention to the gardens and yards between the buildings. I guess when you are paying premium to love in the area you want to maximize your space so it's amazing what people do make space to sit and relax. Enjoy!

Dino Moll

Such an iconic building. Even though Friends wasn’t actually filmed here, it’s cool to get some pics with it! This is also such a nice area in New York to get a bite to eat - there are so many cute little restaurants and cafes - enjoy!

Konstantinos Babetas

The Friends' apartment. If you loved the TV series then it will definitely be a good idea to come to see it. However this apartment was only used for the outside shots, as the series was filmed in the NBC studios so bear that in mind. The neighborhood is very nice and there are several places to go eat around so it would be a good idea to come before lunch as the lighting is also pretty good around that time.

Patrick Crystal Brophy

FUN! My daughter and I had this on the top of our “TO DO in NYC” list! It was pretty awesome standing out there on the corner where they’d film the quick shots of the building for the show. But guess what I didn’t see.... UGLY NAKED GUYS APT! Yea yea I know that it wasn’t actually filmed there, so there is no UNG’s apt.

Piyush Jain

An epic view for all the friends fan, but this is a residential and quiet neighborhood. I would request anyone visiting to take a pic and keep the visit short, do not want to disturb the people living there! Another place marked visited on the checklist. I would definitely recommend walk till there since its such an amazing area in general, lot of local pubs and food joints as soon as you hit the main road. Absolutely loved visiting there.

Rupalee Ruchismita

The kitchen is well equipped. There is a full bath and a half bath which really helps. Great location. A 5 star on walkability. Follow the very detailed instructions the host shares and you are good to go. (Rooms have no a/c and tend to get warm in summer.) I recommend, you spend time in the hall which has an a/c, piano, guitar and books!

Kauana Lopes Ferreira

This corner will never be empty. Fans are always around taking pictures of this iconic place. Very nice!

Mieke van Wageningen-Karbet

Nice to quickly see. It's a stop, make a photo and go thing, 5 minutes is more then enough. But the area looked Nice too

Beth Neil

This was a fun thing to see and snap a picture of. Great neighborhood to walk around. There is nothing more than a photo op available.

Paco Reyna

Nice to be part of a sucho of iconic tv show!!!

Abigail Schmitz

Iconic building with a very good diner. A must see in the Village

varun pathi

Wonderful place gets you back to nostalgia just dont forget to go there in daytime the street light is positioned exactly at the intersection making it impossible to get a photograph.

S Sieveking

So cool to see it! Cute neighborhood. I recommend going over after brunch in the Village at Jane’s. Good to walk a bit. Be careful taking pictures at the intersection!

Pridi Hengsadeekul

Nice and all, located in really cool neighborhoods, place for food and coffee just around the corners. When taking picture please respect the local who live there, seems like they lost all there privacy...

Grishma Bheda

Must visit if you are a fan of FRIENDS tv series. Nice neighborhood to grab a bite too.

Daniele Ferrara

It's nice for those enthusiasts about Friends, but mo more than a picture and go

Andrea Kidd

So cool to see the building they used for the outside shot of their apts especially since I'm a huge fan of the show!

Andrew Harrison

Looks like the real thing and plenty of people hanging around to take pictures. Not really concerned if it was genuine as the area is lovely anyway and worth a visit. I would say the quieter and more homely side of New York. It's where I would like to live if I was local and had tonnes of surplus cash. :-)

Khushboo Thaker

Saw many tourists taking photos and enjoying their love for friends.. friends is not just a series but a phenomenon

Andrea Hardy

I love the peace, quiet and tranquility of the place. The owners David and Theresa along with all the other staff that tend to the site are fabulous. They are always there for help, advice in fact anything else you might need. A truly lovely place to own a static home. I love it

Pluksa doikham

I’ll come back to NYC and see this one day. ‘Friends’ are my therapy during the bad tough days, it’s also my ‘IKiGai’ during the good fun days. (I know my review is Not about the place at all, but hope to get experience from my most favorite show)

Tony Bainbridge

Everytime I see the building on TV I get excited!! And say "been there!" So cool

gautam sharma

Big fan. A heaven for FRIENDS fans :)

Kasper Rud

As a fan of the show, it was fun to stumble upon this building, but there's not really anything to do there.

Nabiha Yousuf

I was there for you.. ♥️

Kris Männama

It's a cool to see the classic location from friends but there's not much more to to it. Don't be dissapointed the cafe donwstairs doesn't match the shows.

En-Pu Chang

Visiting here is like dreams come true.

Gary Belfield

Great place to visit just the outside dont expect anything special

Rachel Duggan

As any guidebook will tell you, it’s just the facade but worth going to visit if you’re looking for a day in the city to up your step count.

Ronni Kerstein

We went because my nieces wanted to see it. It doesn't look like anything more than any number of bldgs. in the city.

Stuart Frizelle

People I know who're big friends fans were delighted to see this place and grab a photo. No obvious sign marking it as the apartment frok what I could see though. However there's usually a bunch of people takIng photo's so it's easy to spot!

Megan Armstrong

After eating some pizza at a spot near the train station, Megan wanders down an adorable cobblestone road. As she coolly strolls she begins to imagine the many people who had been there before her. The history that lined these very streets is both astonishing and precious. She sighs longingly at the thought and then checks the map on her phone to retrace her steps. “Ah, how fascinating!” Megan mumbles to herself. “I’ve been down his road before!” And Megan was right! In fact she was here when her cousin was in town. They had made the trek to Greenwich in order to set their sights upon the apartment from the hit 1990’s television comedy, “Friends” some time ago. Upon realizing this, Megan looks up at the apartment complex which was entirely separate from the Hollywood set in Burbank and slips back into her love of this city, and the many stories it carries with it. How people have loved and laughed and lived amongst their friends in a city where dreams are made.

Brenda Jedi Master

So great to just see the Apartment that was part of an awesome show. I don't understand the negative reviews. All you see is the apartment why are people expecting more? It's a show and they don't actually film there.

Abel Rodriguez

I went for my step daughter, she wanted to see because she watches the Netflix series "Friends". Everything seems to be acurate and the same... she was soooooo excited!!!!

Mikkel Helmersen

Amazingly it's exactly like in the show. Such familiar feelings as you approach the building.

Abanoub Nasr

As a friend fanatic, going to their "virtual" apartment and taking a shot is a lifetime experience. I never felt happier during the whole trip to New York till I got there. I got there by Uber but the place is easily accessible by bus. When I got there, I found a sort of a local tour guide with a group of foreigners and the surprise was a lady, saying that she is the owner of FRIENDS apartment, offering one of them to go up there and see it from the inside. However, you need to bear in mind that the apartment from the inside is not like the one in the series; the one in the series is a studio in LA.

Darrell Winwood

There's nothing really there, just a street corner on a quiet street but it's cool to see the building you saw so often on that show.

Jimmy Fountain

It’s just a nondescript apartment building. There are many other more interesting building and movies landmarks in nyc like the ghostbusters fire station

Maria Jose Baez

Great place to visit if you are a Friends fan. Very nice neighborhood and there is a coffee shop right there, although it does not look at all like the central perk they serve really nice food and coffee

Nilda Dazzio

Ha! Super cool to see! My son is a huge fan of the show and this was his idea! He loved it! So did my husband and I. If you're a fan, go check it out.

Marilín Campos

Beautiful neighborhood. Good memories.

Neha Sidana

This place is everything for FRIENDS fans and just a building for others. I enjoyed this building as mush as I enjoyed friends. Only if I could find Monica and Rachel in apartment 20. Well a must go place if you are crazy about friends.

matthew smith

Why not! Grab your shots and cross it off the list. Short sweet and exactly what you'd expect. Don't forget to sing and clap a little, or at least add it to your post.

Diana Tran

I came from Montreal to visit New York and as a huge fan of Friends, I would say that the walk to get to the building was so worth it! It's a beautiful place and you can get all the feelings from the show coming back to you as you look at it. :)

Robert Marsh

Definitely made my wifes day checking this place out. A must for any true Friends fan while in NYC

Douglas Wright

It's the building from friends. Smaller than I expected. Lovely part of the city.

Aravinda Ramakrishnan S

Must visit place for friends fanatics like myself. It is in prime New York and if weather permits it is a nice walking distance (about 45 minutes) from more well known tourist attraction like Central Park, Rockefeller center.... if you are tall enough ( about 6 feet or more) , you can hang down from the fire escape stairs like Joey and Ross

Scott Hackenburg

I love the show so this was totally worth it for me. I'd say the only negative was there was some dude trying to sell pictures with a Rachel and Chandler cardboard cutouts here. He should have had at least Rachel and Ross.....come on dude! But awesome touristy thing to do, plus folks in this neighborhood are super awesome, we got lost heading for the sight and two friendly New Yorkers came to our rescue!!!!

Hamdi Ceylan

It was okay seeing the apartment. Nothing special. I guess only die hard fans would enjoy it

Jun Guo

It is the Friends' apartment building! BTW, Friends is filmed in CA.


It was very busy, a man walked by and said they did not actually live there which ruined the whole experience for me in all honesty.

Brian Miller

I'm sure for those who love Friends, this is a good spot. I could care less. For those considering to find this spot, do something better and more exciting with your time. There's so much more-better to do in NYC.

Carlos Pena

If you are a friends fan, this is a great place to photograph and keep in your memory book. The exterior apartment that belonged to Joey, Chandler, Monica and Rachel is real. Just don't be upset when you can't find the Central Perk coffee shop.

Josue Polanco

Friendly.. But it's there was a scent of a Smelly cat in the city day.

Christian Fuller

I love the show and this just made my entire trip to NYC perfect

Erica Roberson

If you love FRIENDS, you should take the time to see this building. There is a small restaurant on the corner bottom level. No gift shop or tourist attraction.

Annalisa Manga

Very cute and beautiful,I really liked the street in general.

Alma Otaño

Amazing experience, for someone like me that have been highly influenced by this tv show the experience of been in this location that is as iconic. I went in a lovely day, and I was able to to have a fantastic experience. Also the whole neighborhood is beautiful I recommend wondering around you won’t regret it! PS: Washington Square Park is really nearby

Zoltán Munkácsi

Nothing much to see, but still cool to see the building in person.

Kevin Olidan

If you're a fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. this place is a must visit! It looks amazing in person and it is still just like the transition in the show. Worth the walk to get here.

Matt Autton

Sorry to put a downer on it but it’s not the ACTUAL apartment is it? It’s kinda cool to see it but make the most of the area around it. It’s one of the more beautiful Manhattan neighborhoods to walk around. Check out Grove Court opposite...

Paola Latino

It's a must-go place for people who are fan of Friends, and it's a good neighbor to walk around.

Rammie Kamal

My daughter insisted on visiting this iconic exterior. Not too far from Broadway and the High Line, so a fun detour. Check out the messages scribbled on the wall near the door.

Kav Alex

Ahh "Friends" is the ones who brought me here. The tv series memories will never leave from my memory .

Omar Hijab

The apartment is nice but the real surprise is this weird little restaurant "moustache pitza" 1 door down on Bedford...handmade and freshcut ingredients and meats combined to create incredible "pitza" and vegan dishes, lentil soup, lamb kebab, . ..amazing would have never found it if not for FRIENDS...

Pankti Bardolia

Hello F. R. I. E. N. D. S die hard fans!! The Apartment is so famous, in NYC. But I should tell you, there's nothing else than just the Apartment!

Heather Norman

Fun pop culture photo opp in the west village. Nice little walk after fantastic pizza at Bleeker St Pizza.

Kamil Konkoľ

Are you a fan of Rachel & co.? Then go and take some pictures. A great memory!

Brendan Bhim

After watching the series for so many years it was so amazing to see that building facade in person!!

Iris De Guzman

Easily found. Not a lot of people there which is great for taking pictures.

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