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REVIEWS OF Field Station: Dinosaurs IN New Jersey

Kazu Fujita

Perfect place for kids. They can spend all day attending hands on activities and 15min mini lecture. They well prepared to grab kids' attention. Buying a season pass is a good option for parents having a small kids.

Shivang Patel

Very nice place, good for kids. At first it seems kind of small but they have enough activities to do that you can easily spend several hours there. You can even bring your own food and drinks which is awesome for parents. Only issue we had was like most we bought out tickets from Groupon, we had to wait 1 hour plus to redeem it... Maybe it was the time we went but it's a minor inconvenience for a great fun filled day.

Cecilia Montalvo

It’s a great experience for little explorers. The food options they have is limited to fried food. It’s ok, you’re supposed to be in a field exploring camp. My only concern where the bathrooms! THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!!!!


This is a really fun experience for children. Unlike a museum where you see the skeletons; this really makes the idea of dinosaurs come to life. They have a variety of different activities during the day, shows with sing a long songs, digging, etc. They have a passport book that kids can collect stamps in for participating in activities. You should bring water, sunscreen and a hat because it's in a field so can get very hot. They have a big tent in the middle for eating so if you want to pack a lunch instead of eat concessions that seems to be an option as well.

Santosh Kumar

Fun place to visit with kids.

Gerard Mackie

My 4 year old son had a great time

Rustam Babaniyazov

Small park, nothing special, entrance expensive,just 1 small bottle water $2. Toilet horrible.Thanks for free parking.

Youngjoon Jo

My 4 year old was afraid of the dinosaurs at first, and then had lots of fun! They have 20+ dinosaurs that are pretty realistic. We visited for ~2 hours, good value for $10 Groupon deal.

Matthew Alcalde

It's a fun overall experience, and I love the fact that they incorporate a lot of science workshops for kids to keep them entertained and learn something.

Fel Fer

Its ok, the original place was better

maya lopez

not a good experience at all the bathrooms dirty and there was really besides seeing the dinosaurs nothing else to do we lasted there 45 minutes the were no shows

Rick Flynn

Lots of fun to be had. Dinosaurs are so cool. The shows were a little underwhelming at times, but have great potential. Lots of direct sun so have a hat and sunscreen!

Ana Aguirre

The place is very nice, I went with my kids 7, 6 and 4 years old and they had a great time, they left very very happy. The show is so nice and friendly for all age, definitely we will back. The shop is expensive but you can find things for buy and make kids happy.

rishika gupta

Loved our experience to this park. The park is thoughtfully designed with informative activities. Our 4 year old had a fantastic day. All activities were awesome.


It was a great experience for kids who love Dinosaurs!! Well though out exhibits and lots of things to do for kids. Nice to spend 2-3 hours. My only complaint was about the smell of manure that was pervasive. Looks like a town compost facility or something like that right next door. Other than that, it was well worth it.

Fay Zhao

The park itself is fine, what rubs me the wrong way is the 'Daredevil Dinosaur' show, with its production quality, entertainment value and knowledge level of an elementary school project, it's a bit pathetic they charge $5 extra specifically for this. The only person clapping throughout the show was the person checking tickets at the door. If you have a dino-obssessed toddler, go for the big dinosaur installations, the included games and shows, but skip the one that requires an additional ticket.

Markus Little

It is great to see life size dinosaurs. Lots puff different types. Kids loved it. The employees are very helpful. Parking is free. They need a better selection of food. The water and the Gatorade is small and expensive for the size but that is expected. What was not expected was that they were not cold. All in all I would go back but bring my own food. Parking is free.

Angela Barreda

Good place to share with kids, a lot of activities for them.

Ayanna Mc

My son absolutely love this is a great experience for kids

Christopher Doran

So I have mixed feelings about this one. It is definitely geared toward children which I feel kids would love. However, as an adult, it is underwhelming. I think the staff do an amazing job and they really make the park. Yet, it lacks excitement as the dinosaurs are concerned. Their movement is limited and their sound effects did not give the effect of "realness". I would have liked to see a live person operated puppet of a raptor or smaller dinosaur, while having the larger ones moving more. It would have been a thrill to see acting of staff with puppet operated dinosaurs, similar to a Disney attraction. As I said, I think kids will definitely enjoy it, but as an adult not so much. The grounds and sets seemed amateur. It seems like they had a week to throw it together like a travelling attraction. I will be going back to see if it was just an off day and will adjust my rating if it is so.

alma brown

Best day for my grandson he enjoy learning about all the different dinosaurs and playing the games they offered. He enjoyed all the activities they offered. He is four and he has been going since he was two.

Niq Silva

My daughter and nephew had so much fun that my daughter continues to ask when are we returning. Everything this experience offers is great for kids and adults alike. The staff was very knowledgeable and so courteous. I wish it was actually available year round and bigger.

Julianne Sudbrink

I come back again and again..I have a season pass

Dewin Hernandez

Very cute... great for kids

Bharanidharan Kuppusamy

Nice place for kids. Not very big. But half a days worth fun if ur kids are interested in dinosaurs

Krati Agrawal

It was a very hot day. So i would suggest to go on a cloudy day. Its an open park with life size dinos moving and making sounds. I went with my 2 year old daughter. She felt scared initially but soon realized that these will not walk and felt comfortable and enjoyed. Shows were fun with hands on activities for kids. The people were nice and very energetic in that energy draining weather too. They give you passport kind booklets to kids where kids can get stamp for each show attended. I used groupon which was $10 per person. We had to pay taxes on top of it at the ticket window. Lost and found is good. Lost kid's water bottle but it was located and sent to ticket office. There is a small cafe inside with benches. Good space to have food. Pack lunch from home. They allow it.

Kanu Suguro

My son is really into dinosaurs and visiting Field station made me remember I was into dinosaurs as a kid. This is a very fun way to get into paleontology and more!! I also happen to like their fire grilled burgers at the cantina. It's a simple burger but they use real fire and a real grill.

Michael Spoto

this place was absolutely awesome. We got the tickets on a Groupon for $10 each and it was worth every penny. It was not a huge place, but they made exceptional use of the space. It did not feel cramped at all even though they put a lot of activities in a small area. the employees were very friendly and enthusiastic and seemed like they enjoyed what they do. The kids had a wonderful time. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Great experience.

Drew Finley

Had a great time at Field Station: Dinosaurs. My son loved seeing all the dinosaurs and the different activities.

Marianne Mazzo

Reopens in the Spring. Watch for Groupon tickets for savings. Worth the trip for anyone with any interest in Dinosaurs! Fascinating, educational and lots of activities for kids. We had a fun time!

Chandele Morris

It was very cute. Young kids who like dinosaurs will love it.

Travis Mitzkewich

If you are local to the place it is not to bad. But if you have to travel at all, don't waste your time.

Gary Panetta

A bit out of the way but certainly fun for my 3 year old who prefers calmer settings. Lots of open space to run and find your favorite dinos. Staff are enthusiastic in the field and seem to enjoy teaching. Lots to do as the presentations rotate every 15 minutes or so.

Michelle Gonzalez

My granddaughter loved this place. Great activity/show. Staff great with kids.

Phat Diep

Smaller than I thought, but nice. 1 star off because they hold your driver license when you rent a stroller. It would have been better if they just charge a deposit fee and give it back when you leave.

Gee Parker

This place is amazing. Great place to bring your kids to learn about the history of the dinosaurs and evolution. They get booklets that gets them stamps on the way to becoming junior paleontologists. Prepare yourself to be there a few hours as each show lasts about 20 minutes a piece along with trekking through the park for pictures. Come and enjoy!

Marina Lokshin

Really fun for the little explorers! It's just big enough to keep the little ones interested but not too exhausted. They have set up tents with benches inside to help you rest and hide from the sun for a bit. Overall, great experience for your toddler / little big kid

Dionne Smallhorne

This is a great tour to compliment what is taught in school about dinosaurs. The staff working in the different stations are friendly.

jennifer martinez

I was pleasantly surprised how great this place was. Sure, you can walk around all the Dino’s in under an hour but the shows and activities were top notch. Highly recommend the glow in the dark puppet show and the t-Rex feeding show. We spent about 4 hours in the park and brought our own lunch.

lele Campos

Loved this place. Perfect for kids

Steven Bonito

Great for kids. My 3 yr old loved it & cant wait to go back.

Dennis Phillips

Seems like a totally random location for this, BUT it’s pretty well done if you have a kid who’s big into dinosaurs.

Keyshore K

Good place, but not much to see

El D

Pretty good for little ones, i wish there was more and better sounds that dinosaurs roar

Miriam Shanderson

Great adventure for my little Paleontologists!

Dominick Villella

Not worth the price. Easily walk through in ten minutes.

Joe H

First time visiting. The dinosaurs really did look great and life-like. The displays we're set up very nice as you weave your way through the pathway over small wooden bridges, through wooded areas to find dinosaurs hiding in the brush and in the open field. I thought that the staging was done very well and even though you can look around and see some of the larger dinosaurs you still need to be directly in front to be enthralled by their size, teeth, spikes, etc. It is not scary for little kids. The information posted at each display was short and to the point. Nicely laid out and colorful. There was a small gift shop, a food area, and a birthday party location. There is a large tent to sit under near the food area. We all had a great time on our visit, from age 38 all the way down to 4 years old twins. The weather was quite enjoyable too on our visit, but please check the weather and bring sunscreen. The other couple we were with brought in a small wheeled stroller in some parts it was hard for them to push and we eventually ended up leaving it near the end and just walking with the kids.

Liz Leipzig

Great for Dino loving kids. The staff is great and the shows are fun. The dinos are exciting for the little ones. The old location was better because of the more natural location. This location is one big field so not as exciting because you see it all at once.

Naomi Capasso

This is a small park, perfect for younger children (ages 2-8) and especially those who love dinosaurs. Thoughtfully designed educational experiences as well as some surprisingly good animatronics. The park is laid out like an expedition campsite. The theme works perfectly but be forewarned, you are outside the entire time. We brought drinks and snacks into the park. The entrance was staged as if we are entering Jurassic Park, which began the experience with a little bit of magic. The best surprise were the theatrical components of the Ampitheater shows. The actors were talented and endearing, very good with the kids. This park missed five stars because the bathrooms were hot and smelly (which can be expected) and we had a Groupon, but I would have been disappointed at full price. Also, there were "upgraded" experiences that you had to purchase outside before entering. Not convenient for first timers. We spent about 3 hours in the park.

Divya Garg

My kid loved going to this park. It caters to kids of younger age and have large size dinosaurs. The entry is cheap as we used a groupon. Overall the staff is good. Being a children's park you would think they would have better bathroom facilities. But the bathrooms were stinky and too cramped. It was unbearably bad. They have only one food truck and 30 minutes wait to reach the billing counter. Scorching sun during lunch hours makes it worse. I would not go again just because they don't have proper bathrooms. Hence 3 stars.

Frank Fuzy

Rediculous that you still have to wait in long ticket line even though you have groupon printed out tickets. Need a better system. Never have had to do that for any other groupon printed ticket. Too much time wasted.

Prateek Jain

Nice place.. smaller then what I expected.. washrooms stink pretty bad..

charles hauser

The entire staff was very good. Everyone was so nice and very good with the kids. Definitely coming back. Maybe even a birthday party for my son.

Ekaterina Derkach

Good place to spend time with kids

David M

Very kool place my 6 year old son loved it especially the live Trex show

Ahmar Rashid

Kids really loved it, my younger kids wanted to go back the next day.

Mustafa Gatollari

Lots of different stuff to do, really is fun for all ages. Extremely educational, definitely going to try getting a season pass once my kid is a little older. Downside is that it can get pricey if you're bringing a lot of people. I understand it though because there's a lot going on.

Kaylah Gendell

Our dino lover had the best day!

Georgianna Meditz

Great place to take the kids. Actual life-sized dinosaur mechanical models with sounds effects. A bunch of short shows to teach all about how dinosaurs lived thousands of years ago. Some interactive shows. Educational and fun. A must-see.

John D'Adesky

It's hot. Not very big. Lots of dinosaurs. A good many activities if you can time it right. Would be great in fall/spring weather. If I were local I would get a season pass. My 7 year old autistic lasted about 2 hours, 14 month old toddler would have explored all day happily. There are some shade trails and an interactive walking dinosaur which my son was to scared to do. There is one show in an air conditioned tent to cool off. Knowing there is a place to sit and cool off should help.

Denise Gallagher

My son loves dinosaurs and seeing them life sized was an amazing experience for him. The stations they have where the kids can get their passport stamped is a great idea! Once the book gets completely stamped they are official super paleontologist. Very cute :)

Joseph Cella

Nice day out with the family, checking out dinosaurs.

Linda Koetter

Cute for the kids, but pricey.

Roibe Duran

The bathroom was really nasty, the dinosaurs size weren't accurate, the store was a highway robbery. The puppets show was really good. I would said was the only thing that we really enjoyed.

Daniil Shakirov

What an amazing great find: especially if you get the groupon!!! My 6 year old had a wonderful time here . All the staff we encountered were amazingly friendly and really encouraged my sons enthusiasm. The parking lot is extremely close to the entrance. The bathrooms and food truck are easy to find. But the best part of this place were the interactive activities that were continually scheduled through out the day. Make sure you plan your trip so you don't miss the TRex games!!!! Honestly children under 3 may not love this place. but the older children and adults will.

Jessica O'Connell

My 3.5 yr old daughter really enjoyed it. Ticket on Groupon was $10, but ended up paying extra $8 for Dinosaur Daredevil puppet show (worth it). I’d say the right age group is 3-8. The older kids I saw were bored with how corny the songs and shows were. On the other hand, my kid loved getting stamps after each show and activity, and was so proud when she filled all six spots and got her special sticker. We brought picnic lunch and found a shady bench to eat it. Glad we read prior reviews, so we were prepared with extra clothes, towels to wipe off the mud and dirt, and shoes we were fine with getting muddy. You will be miserable if you bring cute shoes or sandals that cannot handle the mud. My kid loved it...we will be back.

Hana Denson

Took my 4-year-old here. paid for the extra puppet show which was very worth it just for the original music and cool glow-in-the-dark puppets. Fun for his age and I'd guess up to about 7 or 8.

David Chou

The idea of it all is great for little kids and everyone had fun but the reason I'm giving it a poor review is because once you go towards the river for other dinosaur displays the trail isn't safe. Poison Sumac apparently is all around. I tried to avoid it but too late. This is very unsafe for children. I hope someone that works there sees my review and trim back more of the growth. Dress your children in long sleeves ..tough in summer or just dont go off trail.

Jake Vogelezang

My 2 year old son really enjoyed it!

Lindsay Nunez

I was expecting more because when I looked on google, it showed me that there were some rollercoasters and tons of games but when I went there, it only showed the dinosaurs, no rides were there or games but I would say that it would be good I guess for little kids to go there if they love dinosaurs

Krystal Marrero

Amazing experience! Great staff!

Danielle Swedeen-Smith

INCREDIBLE! A hidden treasure for an Awesome Dinosaur experience. Boys can't wait to go again. Don't go on super hot day as lots of the extra activities happen under tents. It was HOT!!! The paths to some Dino's are shaded. Lots of info. There is a snack bar under a cooler area. FUN day

James Seo

It is small but good place to go with kids.

Jason Huang

great place to visit with little kids. They have the animatronic dinosaurs and people that works there clearly enjoy their job. Can learn quite a bit about dinosaurs.

Noelia Fernandez

Great fun place my son is 5 and he had an amazing time. Even I was excited to see dinosaurs the animatronics are greatly built

Nohel Barahona

Great place for kids and spend time with them

Hailey Smith

wesome experience at the Dinosaur Park. I was expecting a robotic Dinosaur but I was wrong. The staff were very knowledgeable and professional. SHOUT OUT to the Lizard guy and gals, they had King Python, Tarantula, Salamander, Madagascar Hissing Roach a.k.a Cholita Roach, and cute little turtles. Sorry for my non-scientific description of the reptiles and amphibians.

Aderson Daveiga

Pretty good place to go if you have toddlers, but its definitely better to go when its not so hot, or else your day will drag and it will feel like you are walking inside of an oven.

Steve Welch

Wife and I took our 3 YR old twin boys and they had a blast. Look on Groupon for coupons. You’ll get lots of pictures with Dino’s and they have little stations to do activities that are fun for the kids. Just go.

Anna Shvets

Lots of dust, otherwise the place is great for kids

Anne Lear

Fun place to take kids who are into dinosaurs.

Vasyl Gavkaliuk

Ugly dirty park.17$ per person. Waste of money

aleksandr drebskiy

This is really good place for kids


Good place to spend time with your kids

Rafael catalina

The atmosphere is a bit off, but some employees definitely try to make the best of it. Food, drinks and gift shop are super pricey. Our son is autistic and one employee make it a bit difficult going through a exit to visit the shop since we already paid. He was having a bit of a moment and she wouldn't let us pass even after being told he was special needs. The open field needs better arrangement. You'll end up going around back and forth looking for a certain area. Its kind of one time visit to me.

Carrie Breen-Fuller

It is a nice visit for young kids. But there is an upcharge for additional activities. Bring your own food and beverages as it is expensive.

Yonas Fesehatsion

My son loves dinosaurs, he enjoyed the station.

J. Pato

Just shy of 5 starts because we wish there was more to see and do. Both our toddlers loved it!!!

Tony Jones

What a great place my kids 3 and 5 really enjoyed themselves. You will learn alot from the guides there we love dinosaurs so we stayed for about 2 hours and we are planning to go back not far from NYC so we can visit frequently

k A

The beat place for kids. Very educational.

Jen L

Pretty cool place for kids. Took my niece who loves Dino’s. She had a blast. Wouldn’t recommend for kids over 10 though.

Pablo Santiago

Amazing place for kids. Groupon all the way. The move and make sounds. Kids get excited.

Chevon Martin

Nice spot for kids to let their imagination run wild! My kids enjoyed themselves ages 4 and 3.... Smaller than expected. Canteen closed before I could check the food so cant tell you much about that but overall ok

limom lee

Nice but too small place also there are no too many activities for kids.

Michael Roman

Great for the kids just get a Groupon and save some $$$ as well but pretty neat place

Arpita Shrivastava

Lovely place for someone who is into Dinosaurs

Qudrat Ahmed

Excellent park to visit with family, the kids will specially love this Jurassic world.

Lynn Heinisch

Not a bad park, very fun. However, the bathrooms are absolutely horrifying. The smell that is in there is the absolute worst thing I have ever in my life experienced.

Anyeli Rodriguez

Is really nice park to take the kids. They will have so much fun. They have lots of show they have one in the dark the only thing is not included in the entrance tickets but for me it was worth to pay extra, there is food. The kids had so much fun I recommended

Jaden Reimbou

The park is surprisingly small took me 10 minutes to see it all, some dinosaurs didn't even move and the food is too pricey. $3 for soda????? The dinosaurs are so fake and don't roar loud. Worst part is the bathrooms they smell like fish. Make this park better. 1

SHARON Siegrist

Loved it had so much fun ..your stuff were great and fun...will be back

Jessica Dominguez

Cute park, the kids had fun. I personally hoped for it to be much bigger

Andrea Gennis

It was great until they had to close today because the power went out. So we had to evacuate. But we got vouchers to go back.

louis sevilla

Long lines not much to see you walk around the place in half an hour and very expensive.

James Bandeira

We really enjoyed it. Only downsides I noticed was poison sumac literally everywhere and general admission is just that... general admission. Everything else costs more.

Kristopher Sevill

Perfect for 2-6 years old. My 3 and 4 year old enjoyed it. They didn't want to leave. They have been singing one of the dinosaur songs from the show for last couple of days.However, I thought it was pretty cheesy and overpriced, but at least kids had a lot of fun.We went was 89 with real feel of 98. Way to hot, not much shade when walking around. Recommend going on day weather is nice.

Tom Chell

Great place kids had a great time

Catherine Meglio

Take the phones, computers and TVs away from the kids for a little while and bring them to this unique place for an enjoyable and imaginative journey back in time! Impressive displays, fun interactive shows, good ticket deals available, friendly staff, nice location.

Wendy Glasson

Cute for younger children, under 10. Pack a lunch and drinks as food is very limited there. Personally a bit outdated with its mechanics of dinosaurs but has lots of facts. I thought it would be a bit harder to find the dinos, but they are pretty much out in the open. Hands on activities for the kids and the whole campsite is very jurassic

Rudy Lion

Dont waste your money

John Bennett

If you have a young one who is into dinosaurs the place is great! The staff are dedicated and great with the kids. The activities are well spaced out and if you take part in them there is very little down time which is great if you have very little ones. Good place for kids imaginations and it was educational as well. Nice place!

Francine Asquith

Not bad but not great. Probably better for younger kids. My son is almost 13 but loves dinosaurs. Very small place, bought Groupon tickets.

Rohan Bhargava

If you have kids who are interested in dinosaurs, this place is a must see. The park is small but hosts numerous events throughout the day that are both fun and educational for kids. I'd recommend looking online for discounted tickets before buying at the gate.

Tzila Seewald-Russell

Great for kids who are on exploring stage like 5-6 years old not younger

Carmen Ortiz

Our granddaughter loved it ♡

Nik Prithviraj

Cool place. But was able to see everything in less than a half hour

Richard Loperena

Great place for family time with kids !

Omer kalafatoglu

Very nice place. I am an old cast member at Disney world and I saw same level of quality on the staff. I and my 3.5 years old son also accidentally met the owner Guy. They are great people and they also have a cute little baby boy. God bless them.

Christopher Velis

Cool for kids, boring for me. Haha

Grace Hwang

It was pretty cool place for my kids. Very educational and informative. I wish they would use better speakers so it would feel more lively. Smoother movements could help too.

Juan Fundichely

Loved it, amazing place to take your kids

Gabor Kiss

Such a fun place for the whole family! We easily spent more than 2 hours in there, enjoyed every bit of it!

Danny Hayden

WOW!!! We drove out from Long Island to Jersey on the second to last day and it was freezing out, but it was AWESOME!!!! Life sized animatronic dinosaurs that make sounds too??? Almost too good to be true, but was just the best experience. Do it up and get the pass for it all so the kids can get their own fossil excavation kit in that tent, then dig outside the tent! See the play!! And the food was delicious! Whether it be the hot dogs or fries , chicken was all great! Nice gift shop as well. It was an experience we will never forget and will return in the late spring!

Kennedy Murrell

It was hot but really fun if you have kids


It could be a bit more entertaining, & definitely needs more shade in the tent areas lol. It was HOT when we went. My son was 3 & my nephew was 5, they had fun & my son still talks about it almost 2 years later. We'll most likely go this summer :)

Alexandra Arango

This place is good for children, and it provides a couple fun hours outside, but it isn't amazing. Some of the dinosaurs' electronics did not seem to work very well or at all, and some of the activities are not suitable for younger children and kind of low budget. The staff, however, are very nice and were all enthusiastic. Overall, it was a fun day out with family.

Andre Cotto

I took my family, I have been wanting to go here for a long time and I finally made it there. My son is now 12 years old. So I wish I would have come when he was younger, but he did enjoy our time there, and we all had a great time. It was little tricky to find, it's in Overpeck Park on the north east side, past the first parking lot. Just wish there were better signs as you drive in. Parking was free, I got a Groupon so I got a good discount on the entrance fee. All the employees were very nice and made it fun. Make sure to do all the activities that are included in the park entrance fee. I did pay extra for the Puppet show, I just like Puppets... lol I liked it but it's not a must do. Get there early so you have time for everything, I had to rush because I only got there 2 hours before it closed. I suggest you get there no later then 2:30pm to get the full experience. I think the best age group would be 6 to 10 years old. But fun for the whole family. We had lunch there, it was fine, nothing fancy just like a food from a local pool, or snack stand at your little league game. Your not there for the food anyway. Great to take pics there with your family. On your way out you go though the gift shop. I would say "that was the most disappointing part." It needs a big upgrade! It's small, there are not many choices of things to buy, over priced, and there was water leaking from the ceiling all over. It's not a deal breaker, but it would be nice if the last thing you do is best thing and not the worst. I don't want to end on that note, so I would like to end with saying it was fun for something less then a hour drive away. The dinosaurs are great to see in person! If I had younger kids I would definitely take them. Enjoy! Hope my review helps.

sydney c

We went on a nice sunny and breezy day, awesome with the breeze and sitting inside the side trails. You are allow to bring a backpack with your own snacks and drinks. I think if they fill it up with more dinosaurs it would have been a 5 star experience, a moving zip line pterodactyl or petinosaurus, a pack of velociraptors, saber-tooth cats, maybe some scared cave people by a cave, a volcano with some noise with some leaking lava, walk inside the AC volcano with a bit of history on volcano, lava, size, temp, ash, rock, past and present info. It took us 1 hour walk to finish the whole place with some lite picture taking, 20 minutes listening about dinosaurs eggs and what the kids mostly wanted was the gift shop for toys..

Wong Jamie

I felt like I was in a mini Jurassic Park. It’s full of dinosaurs and the atmosphere in the area was full of fun! It has interesting activities for the kids and shows that is fun and full of educational there. My kids love there although they were kinda scare in the same time lollll It is a good place for field trip or just go with family!

Joanna Haritos

Very age appropriate from around 4 to 14. It was reasonable priced and there are discounts available. It is outdoors with dirt trails so your Sunday shoes would not be a good choice to wear. Parking was easy.

tony bryant

It was fun for the kids but they over charge for everything! $3 for a can of soda and $2 cheap bottled water! It was very hot so of course drinks are necessary. Don't go if rain is in the forecast or bring a second pair of shoes/boots.

Jorge Cajas

I loved the place and for 15 -20 dollars per person for adult passes, its just great The dinosaurs move electrical with sound and they move in their place. They have about 35 to 40 dinosaurs small and big which are the most popular ones. I think children would enjoy it too.

mo ali

Great variety of animatronic dinosaurs. There are signs with info on each dinosaurs so no need to study before hand. Some even have sounds. Do not go on a hot day as all the exhibits are outdoors. They have some up-sells look a fossil fuels (visit site for $). I think it took about an hour to visit the main exhibits. The exit is through the gift shop (Be prepared for this) overall I would recommend for someone with small kids. My 5 & 3 y/o loved it. Beware the bathroom are clean but smell very strongly of pee. I think they have some kids off waterless urinals. Never checked the ladies bathroom so not sure if it's the same.

Doug Maul

Small park. Not much to do. Shows were not good at all. Okay for kids 5 and under just to walk around for 20 minutes and see the statues as most did not move or make noise. Food way over priced. $10 for a cheeseburger with nothing on it. $9.50 for a hot dog. Dinosaurs looked very fake, shows were boring and non-informative and seating at most were cramped. Bathrooms smell bad (expected that) and very little parking. We had to park down the block as the lot was closed and a sign at the entrance said it was full, it actually was not full. FYI, cost $145 for family of 5 with the extra puppet show and a basic lunch. We wont be returning.

Andrew Rispoli

We had a great time

Jose I Marrero

Good for kids but they don't have to much to do no slides or kids play area

Yanill Estevez

My family & I absolutely adore this place! Yes, it's not huge, but you get to take pictures with a TON of life sized dinosaurs. The activities are super fun and it's inexpensive for the amount of things kids get to do and participate in. The puppet show is really cute, the paleontologist activity is entertaining and you get a souvenir, the T-rex feeding frenzy is SO COOL. An employee who really stood out for us was NICK for being SO FUN, FUNNY, AND ANIMATED. I love that this place looks like they put in a lot of effort to make it fun for the kids, and the employees are knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has young kids. Time flew by in this place- so much to do, so little time!

Tapas Paul

Ok, not much of value for $10 per head

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