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REVIEWS OF Cape May County Park & Zoo IN New Jersey

Tina Monaco

We visit the Cape May Zoo every time we go to Cape May on vacation. It is a very nice zoo & it doesn't cost anything to get in. You are welcome to give a donation at the entrance gate if you would like, but they don't ask you to do so. They have all your regular animals you expect to see at a zoo. I enjoy seeing the flamingos & the peacocks. The whole zoo is very clean & very eye appealing just like everything else in Cape May. They have a really nice food court with an enclosed eating area with ceiling fans. Their gift shop is also very nice. It's a very nice day to spend with your family.

George Bennett

It's one of the best zoos in the country. The place is clean and the animals are well cared for. They do not charge for admission so it's voluntary what you pay for. The zoo is spacious and the animals have lots of room to move around. It's a great outing for the whole family and it won't break the bank. We usually give them a decent donation though because it is worth it.

Anusha R

Cape May Zoo is a fantastic place where you can easily spend the entire day. They have animals from all around the world. The entrance and parking is free but they request a donation. There are plenty of shaded areas and benches to take breaks. The cafe and gift shop is also really wonderful.

Heath Ledger

Really great zoo to go with the family and walk a whole day and eat right there afterwards. Really great. I’d only wish that they would improve on the outside speakers they have for any safety reason. Last time I was there I think this little girl was lost but got found. But I could barely hear the voice of the person speaking through it. I just think if you’re going to announce something important than have the property equipment to do so. And also, I wish they have like arrows on the pavement. It would definitely help and then there wouldn’t be such necessity for all these maps that end up in the trash.

Christine Corrigan

A wonderful, fun, donation-based zoo. The grounds have plenty of space for picnics and hanging out, as well as other activities (zip lining was fun to watch!). The zoo has many animals and they are always improving the exhibits and enclosures. Plenty of shade, too!

Marlene Blithe

Free admission. Facility is well kept. Excellent location for picnics, parties or school trips. Educational and informative.

Selvakumar Dharmaraj

Loved it. Well maintained. It is free. Nice place to spend time with your family and kids

Charlie V

Can't say enough great things about this place. The zoo is very clean. The habitats are on target for the animals in them. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They survive on donations so please be generous, there is no admission fee. We travel all over to visit zoos and this is in the top 10.

Dani Davison

We had a great time at the Cape May County Zoo. The parks around the actual zoo were spacious and casual. Most of the animals seemed pretty happy or at least content. I usually don't like zoos but this was pretty nice. Worth a visit!

Susan Cammiso

This Zoo was wonderful! The animals we seen are amazing and beautiful! I took my granddaughter last week. She loved it and so did I. Very clean, family friendly. The staff was very helpful and friendly. I highly recommend for a good time!! Loved all the beautiful animals. They also have a nice playground. Its all by donations. Thanks Cape May!! Oh also there's lots of shade from the sun.

Jamie Cook

Free zoo with lots to do and see. Awesome bird house. Wish they would've had more bathrooms and friendlier staff. We saw an elderly woman (with demetria maybe)who had an "accident" and not a single employee was helping her but simply pointing in the direction of other places. I dug out a pack of baby wipes and gave them to her so she could clean up. My group pointed out to the employees that she may need assistance in finding her aid but no one seemed to care. The zoo is great but the staff needed work.

Gina Gibbons

We have visited this zoo for the past 25 years, every year. We have enjoyed watching the animals grow, and seeing the progression of the zoo over the years. We miss our tiger friend Rocky and hope to see some new tiger Cubs in the future. My all time favorite is the Pink Flamingos!!! Love this zoo!!!!

Jeff Myers

Zoo is free to get in, they just ask for a donation. Kinda small zoo but very nice. Something to do while at the shore other then the beach and boardwalk.

Harish M

Well maintained Zoo with good collection of animals from different continents. Entry is free, pls donate at the donation box!! Have fun...

Sarah Barney

My family has been coming here for years we love it. The zoo is amazing and staff is very friendly. It's great to go see the animals and bring some food to have a picnic at their benches. You can also rent an area for a party or barbecue. The gift shop also offers a military discount.

Rob Giordano

Lots of animals to see here. My son enjoyed seeing all of the animals and we all had a ton of fun here. The zoo is free of charge for admission. It's a great day trip!

Harold Martinez

Great Zoo!! It is incredible that it is $0 dollar entry free! It's not the biggest zoo but it is we'll kept and a good variety of animals. The tree top course is awsome!


It's a great park and zoo. Lots of animals and 3 or 4 parks outside the entrance for all ages. Plus it was by donation which was great. A couple places to eat not sure what all they offer but the one we stopped at had hot dogs, premade sandwiches, soft pretzels etc just watch the seagulls. Made for a perfect day to get out of the sun at the beach and have fun with the family.

Tony Sirota

Awesome zoo, quiet, friendly, easy to walk, saw giraffes on the move as a family. Just a great experience, not overcrowded and the playground outside is great for the kids, the park and forest in the outer perimeter makes the place that much better. Bring your kids here

Ray Perillo

Loved the layout. Wish some of the bigger animals were more lively. Everything was just lying there. Should have more than one bathroom and several porta-potties. Good fun exercise by walking the zoo.

Alicia V

A great zoo. Always have a fun time with the family here. My son loves the bird exhibit!

Jessica Meagher

We aren’t huge fans of zoos but we love that this zoo is run on donations. The park is big and open with a lot of shade. The animals looks happy and have nicer enclosures than a lot of zoos we have been to before. My toddler had a great time and we can’t wait to go back.

Alcides Montalvo Jr

Awesome place to take your children for a family day. It's free to get in but I suggest you give a donation it helps with the animals. Beautiful Park and playgrounds. Great place to have birthday parties and barbecues.

Michael Szubrowski

This is a very nice zoo with a suggested donation. The staff is very friendly. There are plenty of exhibits and all kinds of animals. There are also picnic tables and areas to walk around. It's a very nice zoo and isn't overly crowded. There is plenty of opportunity to view the animals.

Rebecca R

Great for children. Lots of free parking, and free admission! (Donations accepted) There's a petting zoo and many animal exhibits. There is an adventure park for older children and a playground for younger children. It was a great place to keep my 3.5 year old occupied for a few hours.

Sheila Miduski

They have wheel chairs and also power scooters. The park is family friendly and its informative. The park is very clean and beautiful.

Christopher Witalec

This is a wonderful place to visit especially with the family. It is very well taken care of the exhibits are outstanding and you only need donations to get in. I have been there with my own family numerous times and continue to go back because it makes for a wonderful weekend afternoon.

James O'Keefe

We love this place. We make it a point to stop here every year and it never disappoints. Amazing collection of animals and totally free as well. Theres also a great playground and ropes course on the grounds.

Randy Fetter

Beautiful attraction! Still can't believe it's "free"! We still gave a donation - all those animals can't be cheap to feed! Modern, clean & nicely set up. My young niece & nephew loved the place.

Evelyn Mangold

The Cape May County Park is great ! Had nothing to do one day... I was trying to think of something where I haven't been lately...Bingo !!! Cape May County Park Zoo came to was perfect..not too much traffic. All the animals were awake...they didn't feed lunch yet... I was thrilled to see all awake. I loved it...very clean...benches all over... But most of all...I loved all the Animals. Excellent & fun day.

Adraine Stepnowski

Beautifully kept park & grounds. Picnic pavilions, nice playground equipment. Great place for a day out with the family. The main attraction is the zoo which has free parking and admission (though I strongly recommend that you give a donation). Nice sized zoo with tons to see. Many recent upgrades to the park such as Zipline course (for a fee) and many seasonal features in the zoo area (children's train, carousel, food court, and gift shop). Well worth the trip!

Jamie Husson

First off, it's free! They only ask that you donate (I gave $10). It was jam packed that day and even though we waited in line to park for like 10 min we still got a good spot. It's laid out very well on the inside, and the animals have a lot of room to roam, and seem very happy. Our favorite section was the african/safari zone where the zebras and emus were. My family enjoyed it very much and will definitely come back next year.

Danielle Giddings

It's a great place to take family for a nice outing when you're on a tight budget. The zoo and parking is free. However, I highly recommend giving a donation. They put a lot of time and care into the upkeep of the animals and property.

Michael W

It's organized really well. Just the right size. Just don't go during nap time! All the animals were crashed out like Sunday morning after a Saturday bender!

Cassie Millet

Such a great time. Love to be surrounded by animals and nature. Can get crowded. Very fun free attraction for family and friends to experience

Rosalie Clouser

Best County Zoo in America! Beautiful well kept, well loved grounds and animals. The animal care staff really love these animals. We appreciated the several memorials placed around the zoo in memory of some of our old favorites who have passed on. We have gone here almost annually for 25+ years! Our children now bring their children!

Brianna Porteus

Amazing zoo. Helpful staff and it's free. They have a good deal of animals. The parks are very nice. Plus they have zipline type activities. Great place for all ages

Crystal Castaner

This zoo is free... Which fits any budget.. Staff are friendly and the layout is spaced perfect.. Not too crowded and not too far apart.. Keeps the kids entertained. Has many options for fun.

Jo Springer

My family have only visited this zoo a few times, and our time spent there was both educational and fun! Pack a picnic lunch. And donations are the right thing to do!

Erica Hadley

We did the Tree To Tree ropes course experience. I’m 38 and I brought two boys 10 and 13yr it was the perfect course for our first time. The instructors were great and always around to help. We went through it all together but I skipped the extra adult course to stay with the boys. Hope next year we can all do the adult course together.

Keri Puleio

such a cool place and a lot bigger than i thought it would be! there is no charge to get in, but they do accept donations. the exhibits and habitats are very clean and you can tell they take very good care of their animals. it’s also a great place for kids.

Leanne Back

Loved the park. The animals were so well kept. Especially the Human specimen in one of the exhibits. He showed the ability to keep his pen cleaned. (LOL). The zoo is wheelchair accessible and it was a blast riding across the bridges. The only challenge is that is short people have a hard time see6over the rail.

Alexander Cary

Very nice zoo. Clean, convenient layout. Plenty of shady boardwalks beneath the canopies of trees... Keeps the sun from beating you down. Nice selection of animals... Great place to bring the kids for a few hours. Not the biggest zoo, missing some of the larger animals such as elephants, gorillas and rhinos, but there are a few interesting primates and birds, indoor reptile exhibit, a rare snow leapord, lions, bears, giraffes and don't forget to see the Otters. There is no admission fee, but if possible leave a donation so the zoo will be around for generations to come.


Was a great day with my 1 year old and wife. Clean , simple , and good shading. Only suggest not going during a while bunch of schools are doing field trips.

Carissa Casella

The zoo is all run on donations, so it's a great to going you have a large group of people and don't want to spend a lot of money. There are a lot of different exhibits from giraffes to bears and lions. There is also a reptile and bird houses. Definitely a great place to go for family fun day when in the area.

Pamela Braun

Great zoo and it's free! As a zoo volunteer I always go to other zoos to see what they are like. Since our last visit they did add more seating especially in the African area which was nice since it is a long walk. I few more would be nice but what they added was well worth the effort.

Nichole Moll

They only ask for donations. It's really a free zoo! Great customer service. The employees are so nice and helpful. The animals are the best. The food and drinks are a bit pricey. But 25% of the sales go to the animals. We enjoyed this zoo more than we expected. Even better than our local zoo where we live. Absolutely recommended and we will revisit in the future.

Michael Tillett

This park was great! So much to do from zip lining, face painting, animal exhibits, and much more! Everything is donation, I do recommend donating because you'll get park maps to help navigate, and it's also good for the animals!

Catalin Deluxus

Fantastic little zoo with animals from around the world! Savannah - think tropical bids, zebras and giraffes. North America - Buffalo, bison, wapiti. South America - llamas and alpacas. Great for kids, and best of all - it only requires a small donation in the front, at your discretion!

Melanie Skotnicki

The zoo has a wonderful variety of animals and reptiles. The Woodlands within the zoo makes the experience more appealing than some zoo's that are concrete and cages. The boardwalk around the zoo is easy to walk on and is very well suited for the disabled. It is an activity that is suited for all and definately should be on one's to do list while in Cape May.

Bob Fina

Amazing zoo. Just large enough to keep you entertained for a free hours all for the price of a donation. Excellent side trip when visiting the shore beaches.

Bridgette Hall

Beautiful zoo. Love it's a nice size but not too large. Enough places to sit relax and take in all the beautiful scenery and animals. A lot of the staff were out and engaging everyone and the animals. A great place to visit in my opinion. I like it was free but hope most would give a generous donation as I did.

Ning Pollak

Because this zoo is free when it's a bad beach day it becomes incredibly dangerously crowded. Each section of the zoo only has one point of entrance or egress so on a really crowded day, you are in line back to back going through all the exhibit. Imagine all the strollers and being jammed back to back. Literally you're in line before the entrance and through the entirety of the zoo visit. Can't imagine what it's like in an emergency. In addition, the animal enclosures lack coverage. I.e., the reptile house has barely any foliage in the individual habitat. They have impressionist jungle scenes and one or two fake branches for the snakes. Turtle enclosures barely have water. They need to just have a small fee at the latest and definitely limit the number of people at a time. Extremely stressful for the animals and the visitors.

john h

It is a great place to bring the whole family to spend a few hours. It's very clean, and there's so many different animals. They also have playgrounds, picnic areas, and refreshment stands.

Sean Mahoney

Great small zoo...animals appear to be Well taken care of and the grounds well maintained. The complexity of the layout and programs surprised us... Our group consisting of 3 adults and 2 young children were treated to a very satisfying experience!

Megan Slack

Amazing zoo that runs on donations. The park and the zoo are free. You donate and pay for food and other attractions like zip lines and ropes course. There's face painting and other fun activities. There is also a playground. Great half day activity for all ages. Most of the zoo is in the shade so even visiting on hotter days isn't bad. There is a feed stop where you can get food to feed the goats and cow. Bring quarters or dollar bills to use the feed machines.

Laraine Chamberlain

I loved this zoo. The animals have much more space than a typical zoo. The park area and playground is also very nice

Ryan Hvisdas

Great little zoo attached to the Cape May park. Had a fun day walking around the enclosures and looking at all the different species of animals that they have available. Best part of the zoo is that it is free all week and accept donations which are used to feed and care for the animals. A great place for a date or to have a nice relaxing day walking through a well shaded area.

Ajoy Kumar Singha

Nice small zoo. No entry fee ( you can donate at the gate if you wish). Liked the exotic birds. There is a tree climbing/adventure section. I didn’t try it but looks exciting.

Bill Shepherd

Great zoo for the kids. Best of all, it’s free! This zoo really does compete with a zoo like the Philadelphia Zoo on some levels. Obviously, being a free zoo, it cannot be as nice, but I really do mean it when I say this one is nice. You’d expect more of a petting zoo style place if you’re going to get free admission, but here, you get much more than that. Great place and we will be back.

Beth Pettis

Absolutely wonderful zoo! So many different animals to see! There is a really amazing bird habitat building. In this building a wooden observation deck/pathway enables you to walk through the habitat. Quite a unique experience with the many different exotic bird species roaming and flying free in their "natural" habitat complete with waterfall. The zoo is free and so is the parking. Donations are greatly appreciated!

Sadie Garrett

Just left there with my fiancé and my 3 year old. We absolutely loved it! For a zoo that runs off donations everything is so beautifully well kept and spacious. All the animals were well fed and the staff was so friendly and knowledgeable. We left a donation because they deserve it! Absolutely impressed ❤️

Colleen Veneziale

I love this zoo!! It's free and always a great time!! Best to go early to make sure you see all the animals. They also had people around the zoo who would give you information about the animals.

Jordan G

We visited the Zoo while vacationing in Cape May. We were pleasantly surprised how good this Zoo was. It has many of the animals (such as Lions, giraffes, zebras, cheetahs,etc) you would expect from larger zoos. It has a nice layout and has lots of shade for those hot days. It also has a large play area for young children. We were glad we came at opening (9am) since it was pretty busy by the time we left at around 11:30. This Zoo does not charge admission or parking and runs completely on donations so please donate if you are able.

Lisa Thompson-Ripoll

We had a fun filled day at the Cape May Zoo. There's so much to. We played on the play ground, had a picnic lunch then saw the animals. We those on the carousel and the train. They ever have ziplining and more. If you haven't visited the Cape May Zoo you need to plan to go soon!

Corey Marsee

Very cool zoo and lots of different animals to see and read about. Only complaint is that it is not as big as I was hoping. I am from The Chicago Area so I have zoos like Lincoln that is huge!

Brittany Davis

Big enough to keep even the older kids entertained for a few hours. And enough shade to be comfortable even on a 90° day. Plenty of animals and having a "donations appreciated" ticket price frees up some money to do an animal encounter or 2.

Gary Shadle

This is a great zoo. The guides & security a very good. The animals are well taken care of. It's hard to believe this is a free zoo for everything they have.

Magico Cowgirl

It’s so nice here! The deer exhibit is ethereal. Truly, I could of stood there all day watching them. Definitely recommend stopping by AND giving them a big donation!

mary kenny

Thank god, finally a zoo that you're not in direct sunlight all day. The zoo and I good size, small enough that you're not exhausted but big enough that you see an array of different animals. And its free!! Nothing better than animals in a zoo that look happy and healthy and its free!!!

Matt Merkel

I've seen some really nice, high-end zoos that cost an arm, and some rather pathetic, low-end zoos that don't cost a thing. Cape May Zoo falls closer to the expensive zoos than the free ones. They could easily get away with asking $10-15 per person and still be reasonable. Hope they don't, of course. This is not a small zoo. They have a pretty large collection of animals that you can't find just anywhere. Most of the enclosures are pretty basic, but they seem clean and usually afford a good view of the beastie inside. Generally speaking, everything was pretty well maintained and the animals looked healthy. A fun place to visit.

Mare Calotta

Great zoo! We were able to see almost everything in 4 hours (with a lunch break). Definitely recommend!

Kate Graff

Wonderful family time. Can do the whole zoo in around 2hrs. Only down side is you need a reservation for the tree climb/zip line shop for a spur of the moment trip the kids can use that.

Corrina Youngs

I would give 5 stars but there aren't very good directions on how to get through the park. Other than that the park is beautiful very well kept and just amazing. We visited the zoo. We can over the ferry from Lewes de. Ty!

Bill Ostrove

This is a really nice zoo. It's larger than I expected. We spent about 3 hours there and still missed a few exhibits. With only a donation to enter, the price is certainly right too. The zoo is also part of a park, so there are plenty of benches and picnic tables to eat a picnic lunch. We didn't realize that before we went so we bought lunch at one of the concession stands. It was a little overpriced, but not terrible for a zoo and they had some healthy lunch choices. I recommend this zoo if your vacationing on the Jersey shore, especially if you have young children.

Valerie Bobb

LOVE this zoo!! Great place for couples, kids, family, or even by yourself. Well kept. Nice walk that gets shaded as well as many benches along the way to take breaks. The staff is very friendly. This place is free to park, free to enter. Please give your best donation!

Mindy P

I don’t support zoos but the Cape May Zoo truly has the best set up for the animals with lots of big green space and under the trees. It feels like a zoo in the woods. This also provides a ton of shade making it comfortable even on a hot day. Everyone is friendly and we had a great time. The whole park and playground is great and it’s all free! Perfect for young kids!

Glen Trush

Nice place to spend a few hours with the grandchildren. Admission is free, donations are accepted and encouraged. Plenty of live animals to see and a large well maintained playground. Free parking.


Before i start i would say Awesome Awesome Awesome. Its a beautiful place with so many animals. Start from little birds to huge zarafa (giraffe). Well maintained and staff welcome you with their heart and staff was so friendly and we had chance to meet an intern sorry i forgot her name but she gave us best presentation/ information about Eagle. Next we rented a pavilion I believe group prices they are charging are not bad at all. Think about it no entry fee no parking fee ( other then groups) no hidden charges/ fees.And less than $100 u can have place all day long. Usually in public areas restrooms are not clean but restrooms they have are perfectly clean and finally Thank you Cape May county zoo and park for all your effort to keep this facility well maintained and clean

Kathleen Fleig

Loved all the animals and birds. Did not go into reptile area as I am afraid of snakes. So glad they have them in a separate building. It was a perfect day it was beautiful that day and shared it with so many good friends.


Great zoo especially since I was not expecting much with no entrance fee. Went here on a cloud day and it was packed which I guess is to be expected. Had an interesting experience when my daughter dropped her phone off the ramp right next to the snow leopard cage. Worker was so nice getting grabbers on a long pole to get it for us.

Ron Braz

Hey it's always nice to visit a zoo and see all the animals especially it when it's free hey. We always donate they have a ice park for the kids to play in and and very educational. Would we go there every year

Jonathan DiBenedetto

This is a fantastic zoo considering it's free! The kids loved the reptile house and the safari portion that goes into the woods. I would highly suggest visiting here if you are not a beach person or just want a half day break from the ocean. The connected park has plenty of picnic tables and a couple large playgrounds as well.

Michael Guastaferro

Super solid zoo for just a donation. Went here with some of my friends for a weekend day trip and it’s a great stop on the way to Cape May. Ample parking playgrounds and stuff (not applicable to us but still was fun). Really nice spread of animals too and you can easily spend a good hour to hour and a half here if you are not engaging with every animal. Only suggestion is to not go on a super hot day. We were and most of the animals were not active obviously. Even when super hot there was still a lot to see in the reptile/amphibian building aviary as well as most animals being at least visible.

Robert Korosko

Best free zoo we've ever been to. Very well taken care of and lots of animals to see... highly recommend


I love the openness of the park, it was great. A lot of fun for kids of all ages. I wish the Zoo had more parking. The best part of the that it is free. Please give a donation of at least $5.00 (per person)

barbara boucher

Amazing, clean, well kept zoo. From the parking lots, restrooms, playgrounds and walkways this zoo is one well kept secret of Cape May county. Most of the animals are active, in their habitats that allow visitors a good view.

Art Barlow

We've had our family reunion here for 20 years now. The park is wonderful and CLEAN! The zoo is one of the best I've ever been to, for a free zoo!

David Chen

One of the best free or paid zoo's I've been to. Fortunately, this one is free (they ask for donations). We stop here every year on the way back from Wild Wood and take a picture of our kids in front of the stuffed bear in front on the gift shop. This is year 13. A must see if your in the area.

Zachary Seeley

Great place to take the family for a trip to the zoo. Free for the family but donations are accepted for the zoo. Easy going, lots of shaded places to stay out of the sun for a bit. A nice deck that goes though a wooded area to reach more animals. Enjoyable trip for sure!

Donna Keane

We love it here. Lots of shaded areas to cool off in summer. Great playground outside the entrance. The zoo itself is large, so definitely worth the trip! My sons love the lions and otters and I love the giraffes! The animals all have good sized enclosures and seem well cared for.

R Breslin

Great experience. I wouldn't plan to be here a whole day but is a nice couple hours of education and pretty neat animal experiences. The zoo is clean and you can tell they really care for the animals. Kids really enjoyed it.

Camille Lewis

Loved it. Many animals to see. A wide space and lots of seating to rest weary legs after walking around. Plus it's also free. A great outing for the family or with a friend.

Antonio Foster

For being a free day out with the kids, you would expect it to be cheap and drab. It wasn't that at all. My daughter had a great time, I had a good time. There are enough exotic animals to give it the same feel as the for-profit zoos without breaking the bank. Good time!

keirissa weeks

We love the Cape may zoo! My daughter's 5th birthday party at the zoo was the best birthday party shes ever had! The staff were helpful and friendly, and the animal presentation was awesome!

Susan Perti

A wonderful family day out. Parking can be a pain during busy days but it's pay what you wish and there's a large selection of animals to see. Really nice place to go and convenient to all seaside towns off of Garden State Parkway in NJ. Perfect outing.

Joshua Davis

My girlfriend and I went here while on our vacation. It had friendly staff and a decent variety of animals. My girlfriend loved it. I thought it was eh. I've been to better zoo's before. However the staff was friendly and I did have fun there. I also thought the food was good, but it was over priced for how little there was. Great time for children and adults alike though.

Renee Bitner

This place is amazing. The allow you to make a donation so families can go at little expense which we thought was neat. We gladly paid once we saw how many different animals they have and well cared for they are. I can't say enough good about this place.

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