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REVIEWS OF Branch Brook Park IN New Jersey

Squalie Zullo

Always love cruising thru my old stomping grounds , always feel right at home when I'm at the Four Diamonds field

Bethany Olson

I go on walks here regularly. There is a moderate amount of traffic by people jogging, walking atvs exercising. The trees are beautiful and most of the park is very well kept. There are a few spots along the trail that consistently has trash.

Délio Barroso de Souza

It has amazing landscapes, beautiful trees and a lake with beautiful fountains in it.

Ruchie Shrivastava

Nice place! Best part was free parking that I liked the most. For Family picnic time and for kids there is big play ground.

Jim Temple

Beautiful park well maintained and litter free great lakes in huge park that is connected by roadways. Stubbled upon this park , wish I had more time to explore.

GARY Pannullo


Eddie Pared

Great park and great place to rest and enjoy the outdoors. Essex County police does a great job patrolling the park and keeping it safe.

Rosa Jorge

It's a good park to take the kids to play and relax, if you're a parent. It's also a good place to go for a quick jog or just walk. There's Sheriff's driving around all the time. Good place to take wedding photos, especially when the cherry blossoms bloom. BEAUTIFUL PLACE.

Gerardo Gomez

Peace and quiet and sometimes they got shows and recreation.

Heather Craig

Since they've revamped the park, it looks Beautiful. You can stop in the information building and find out about the good things happening. Not just in Branch Brook park things that are happening all over Newark and Essex County. I was excited to find information regarding an audio walking tour! Can't wait to do it!

Danuta Andrychiewicz

The Branch Brook Park is huge and very beautiful park, a lot of trees, the People with the kids can come for walk and relaxing.

Sonia Navarro

Is very clean,a lot green área to enjoy with the family.

Jagannath Dora

Definitely the best place to see the cherry blossoms during the Festival. Mid April is definitely the best time to visit the area to see the cherry blossoms. It's a great area to just walk around and take pictures, but expect to be in a sea of hundreds of other people doing the same. It always over crowded and street parking only , so go early and find best parking place for your car.

Jacori Zeigler

The vibe of the Afro Caribbean festival was so positive and fun ... The vendors there had great selection for voluptuous girls

Anthony Palma

Lots of natural beauty. A hidden gem in the middle an urban city.

Roy Bernard

I love Branch Brook park and the job the city and Prudential does keeping it up. Great place to see a diverse group of people walking, running, cycling and just enjoying it. Gets better every year.

Elizabeth Ramos

This park is beautiful and clean. Very relaxing and the views are gorgeous.

Marco Chasi

It's clean, diverse, secure and the dog park is such a great iniciative. I hope they finish it before the winter comes and It would be more appealing for young generations to have a play ground. Then, I will give 5 starts!!

Benjamin Johnson

During the spring season, the Cherry Blossoms are a magnificent sight to see. The roller skating rink is phenomenal. It is well policed. You feel safe.

Elmer Rivera

The cherry blossom festival here is such a beautiful thing to experience

Angelo Jimenez

It's my home where i was born and raised AP much fun and so much to offer

Robert Asdal

Cherry blossoms we're out at their peak when we visited. Fredrick Law Olmsted, however, might be quite disappointed with how this gem of a park that his firm designed is now maintained. For one, I'd like to see a lot more effort into restoring the grounds to their former glory. Great efforts were made around the south entrance to the park...but many other areas were in need of work.

Mitch Gold

Went to Branch Brook Park on the last day of Cherry Blossom Festival. I was absolutely enchanted by the thousands of magnificent ornamental cherry trees. The festival was wonderful, thousands of people enjoying displays of Japanese culture and music as well as a good selection of food and activities for children. What a wonderful day.

Xavier Carpio

Park can be very cleaner. Lots of fishes in the water but water is very dirty. There are bicycles in the water and a lot of Algae. When are they going to clean it for families to enjoy fishing with their kids?

Julie Astor

What a great place but water needs to be cleaned

Jack IsBack

It is lovely at any time of the year. In Summer and Winter the trees look beautiful. Although I do advise you not to go there at night cuz it can be dangerous, but that's for anywhere.

Sharon Clark

The side of the park you enter by making a right on Heller parkway before burger king has the most beautiful gated park area fit for children infant to seven. The park is clean padded features swings, and two slide sets all made of plastic that don't burn the kids. There is a fountain. And two play areas one for younger kids and the other for older kids. There is also always an ice cream truck parked in front. There's plenty of parking. Overall a good place to have a play date.

Miss Tiny

Enormous park with lots of land and walkable roads. Nice place to go for a jog or even to have a family picnic. Only suggestion I have is maybe a park with sprinklers for the summer days. Would be a great addition. But I am extremely ecstatic for the dog park that is currently in play.

Shawn Kelly

I had all day to wander, and looped the entire trail around the park. The park is massive and has several different sections. It is a fantastic escape from the city and is clean for the most part. There are a lot of places here for outdoor activities and sports. It was nice to see people enjoying the park and being active, there are several streams and lakes/ponds here which are scenic. Someone told me that the cherry blossoms here in the spring are some of the best in the world!

Eboni Williams

The Orchestra was fantastic. They must have treated the grounds because we didn't get bit once. The fireworks finale was awesome!

Maya J

Beautiful this time of year! Better during the Cherry Blossom bloom! The best Park in Newark, NJ.

wendy williams

Beautiful cherry blossom season... fishing, photo opts.. jogging trail, workout stations, out house restrooms, beautiful huge park!!!


The park itself isn't too too big and honestly I've only been there when cherry blossoms were out so I can't say much, but it was nice. It was just a little too crowded but it was that season of the year so I can't complain. I feel like the park itself is not big enough to hold all the visitors though. And when it gets busy, it's hard to find parking spots, so just be aware of that.

Somesh Rao

Cherry blossoms are beautiful here. No need to go to Washington DC, you see as many trees here. Come early as the parking fills up and you have to park a little far away.


Checked out the brand new

robi robea and more

Its absolutely beautiful. From the glistening water to the carefully sculpted statues and monuments, it's just an overall breath of fresh air compared to the rest of the town. The only problem that stopped me from giving it 5 stars was the amount of bird poop everywhere and the pollution in the water. There were places that I disnt even wanna step because I didnt wanna get all that bird poop onto my shoes. But if you can look past that, this is an absolutely wonderful place to go, I highly recommend it.

Yamilka Cancel

Very peaceful. Nice to spend time with the whole family.

Bo Xu

Great place for cherry blossom in new Jersey. Very crowded though. It's a narrow park and near lots of traffic. But a good place to spend a day during the cherry blossom festival every April.

Muffin Carrol

It's clean, quiet and a great place to get some exercise.

cooking with shonda mama shon

I like it nice place to take ur kids

Candypie 2010

beautiful quiet park to come relax, jog or bring the family the park is big and is covered by trees to block the sun. I come here mostly to walk around or watch people play basket ball on the court, there's many parts to the park so you can go explore each side.

patrick collins

Clean, calm placid and serene a wonderful outing beautiful park

Newstein Chang

Very expansive park, with certainly a nice touch of scenery. Cherry blossoms are a big attraction, especially when they blossom in the Spring. They have big plots of grass for picnicking and frisbeeing, and long paths for leisure strolling. Could use more kid-friendly attractions like a playground. Walking paths could definitely be cleaned up in many areas. One of the more beautiful parks though, for which I give a 5/5.

Sneha H S

Great place to see cherry blossoms! Beautiful colors of pink and white. It was a busy weekend during full bloom- street parking was well organized by the traffic cops. Crowds, performances, food stalls and icecream trucks were also around the place. Tents with seating and tables were helpful. Open playgrounds in between for the kids too.

Aziza Kibibi

Beautiful park, especially from the end of March to early April during the cherry blossom bloom season. Great for pictures and family outings. They also have a roller skating rink.

Maria Raspaldo


Carlos Dickerson

My favorite park in Essex County. Whether going to grill with family, play with friends, or enjoy a nice book by the water; this park is great. I have visited a few of Newark's parks and lakes and by far this is the most enjoyable. The pool is a few feet away and it connects Bloomfield to Newark. A MUST SEE.

Peace Dove

Very nice place for family and friends fun and outing moments. Good attendants with nice hotdogs and others

Alex Tour

clean park for what it is and the location. there are geese and otters in the lake. there is a walk area the geese like to poop on but someone cleans (powerwashes im guessing) it when it gets bad which is good.

Thandi Pollard

Beautiful open space. Had a great time at the festival I attended here.

Bryen R.

For most part, I love to come skating here, on Sunday nights! The session is 9p.m.-12a.m. It's an adult session, and usually has a big enough crowd. From time to time celebs will stop thru, which definitely tells you, somethin' good is happening here, and there are a lot of skilled skaters here.

Israel Morales

I've lived here practically my entire life And i know the history of this place i fish i played i exercise i have the most memorable moment of my life here.i recommend for families to spend time here Look at the history ove this place and enjoy It's beauty. Thank you Your truly Israel Morales

m m

Nice good for kids to have fun n play

Andy Mur

A very good place to have a walk.

Shiwanda Anderson

nice and big for grandson 2 play .. he seen a deer

David Prescott

Family time is a fun time in branch brook park. Even enjoyable for a date.

Daniel Rodriguez

Wow, what a jewel of a park in the heart of Newark. Took a drive through the park after reading an article in the Amtrak magazine. The article I read mentioned that Newark, NJ had more cherry trees then Washington, DC. After a hearty breakfast at the Central avenue Diner on Halsey Street my wife and I took a short drive to Branch Brook Park. It turned out to be a treat driving the roads in the park. There were so many cherry trees I could imagine the blizzard of petals falling later in the season. Have to return to the park later in the year.

Laura Pflug

I've lived in this area for over 50 years and have never seen the beauty of the Cherry Blossoms in Branch Brook Park until this past weekend. There was a full gathering of a very diversified crowd enjoy the beauty of this park. Many families taking photos, enjoying picnics, and seeing what the festival organizers had for entertainment and food. I believe there was a fish derby earlier and saw one guy with 3 trout on a stringer. Parking is crazy so practice your parallel parking and good driving ediquet.


Absolutely gorgeous. The tennis courts are abundant, the cherry blossoms brought life to the park, open areas for play and picnics. You can easily spend the day as a couple, with the kids or alone.

Joseph Gallardo

Great place for walking, enjoying family and sports activities and dog friendly. Love Branch Brook

Donna Pietroiacovo

Cherry blossom trees area beautiful when in bloom

Hardik Bhavsar

Definitely the best place to see the cherry blossoms during the Festival. Mid April is definitely the best time to visit the area to see the cherry blossoms. It's a great area to just walk around and take pictures, but expect to be in a sea of hundreds of other people doing the same. It always over crowded and street parking only , so go early and find best parking place for your car.

Syed Shah

Eid prayer I was visiting NY on EID day and found out they were having Eid prayer :) As well as refreshments :D

Tina Hill

One of the best park's in Newark. The side from central ave over to Glenridge is gorgeous. Filled with wild geese, cherry blossoms and a beautiful lake. My kids and I love the walking trail. We like to pretend we are in a mystical forest or jungle as parts of it becomes hidden and you can find little treasures like a stream and small waterfall.

Sharon Johnson

This park is huge and one of my favorite places to visit during the Spring because of the cherry blossom festival. It's a gorgeous place to walk around and take pictures. Highly recommend visiting if your nearby the area! The weekends during this time gets pretty busy so I recommend going during the week to beat the crowds!

Shoukat Ali

Experience best spring colors in NJ area. Lovely lake view with loads of variety of flowers during spring. No need to go to DC to enjoy cherry blossom. Closer to Rutgers university.

Jim Mcdyer

Beautiful park....esp the cherry blossoms when they are in bloom

Terry Joe

It's always good to go to Branch Brook Park. I usually stroll with my little dog and my friends. Today was a warm day, so the park was full. Soon the cherry blossoms will all be out, an event we look forward to every year.

r Shabazz

Beautiful park!!! Not a beautiful park "For" Newark NJ, Branch Brook is a great place for any and everyone of all races, ages,etc. It happens to host ice skating, Roller skating in and outdoors and yes to boast it is the Host of the annual Cherry Blossom display which draws hundreds of thousands of spectators to Yes Newark NJ without fail n regardless of weather. If not thee BEST anywhere is arguably 2nd only to that of the one held in The Nations Capitol. Considering our present potus and the possible Next to hold the Seat being from From Newark it Likely will command tops for some time to come. Go Brick Cities own Branch Brook.

Yamily Quiles

I love this Park so much. I grew up here and the park grew with me. Through all the changes from bad to good to hurricanes and then the makeover. It's a gorgeous park and a great place to exercise. As a baby, I took my first steps there. As a kid my dad would take me with him to run the park and exercise. At the age of 7 got stung by a swarm of bee's and lived to tell about it lol it as an adult the park was destroyed by a hurricane and through it all and with the help of generous people, Branch Brook Park is a great place to spend the day just enjoying the breeze, the fountains, maybe go fishing or go for a run. Like to ride bikes? This is the park to enjoy that experience and or rollerblading, it's all good. ❤❤❤

M.vladimir Santillan

Beautify and offers a wide variety of ways to help us with any questions about how much you got the life.

Miguel Amador

Great place for a walk. There's lot's of people playing baseball and its feels safe.

goodonya - ENL

A well spaced out, well groomed park, great for the a stroll or the brisk run. The Cherry blossom trees are quite impressive as you can see. Don't forget about the outdoor events too!

Marquita Gittens

My favorite park in Jersey. Great memories are made here. It's a gem in the heart of Newark and has been for years. Walk, run, play soccer, have a picnic the options are endless.

Jes Jon

Park has massive open space for walking, biking, etc. Track loops in the park for running and jogging. Wide variety of cherry blossom trees. Very packed for the cherry blossom festival. There are more trees at the welcome center which is in the northern part of the park. I would return to this park when all the cherry blossom trees are at full peak. 10/10.


Beautiful sight! nature at its splendor! Nice trail for a walk, quiet areas to enjoy a good read or even just to appreciate the view...

Adeline Gonzalez

Beautiful place to take yours pets. First time going and will continue bringing my puppy to run and play.

Carolyn G

This is hands down my favorite park in all of North Jersey. The scenery is breathtaking when the trees bloom. Do yourself a favor and go check it out. Taking a stroll is the best thing to do on a sunny weekend afternoon.

Aster Pheonyx

Great! Did the Branch Brook Park 5K. Fueled by Doughnuts!! Thanks for the beautiful park. Great place to run

Roberto Valenzuela

I went last weekend and had a great time taking pictures of the cherry blossoms in full bloom. Audio types are available through your phone. The welcome center has plenty of info on other attractions and events in Essex county.

Chanerra Tillies

Peaceful, clean and quiet. Plenty of activities and things to do. Games, picnics, playgrounds, exercise, events, etc.

treasure man

Family friendly place no one is really in a corner with there own little family all the children wondering around with in eye sight playing happily together. No selfishness among anyone the weather is fine big open space and very clean and peaceful at the same time. Bring a mat a blanket and relax

Joseph Goss

The brook was bright green, mucky mess. Walking paths along the brook are not completely paved. No play areas for kids in the south end. One bathrooms not open the other not so clean.

Elamurugu Arumugam

Park is spread over has good trails and play ground on the center of the park with some parking spaces. Park is continually monitored and very safe place to be. Has baseball play grounds for kids. Wonder cherry blossoms.. Not that much compare to nationwide. But its bit overrated.

Daniel Clyburn

The park has come a long way from what it use to be. I applaud the county for keeping our green spaces clean and safe for our families. I had a really nice day at the Family Day Cherry Blossom Festival.

Shawndelle Decruz

Nice scenery. Spacious. Celebrated Guyana Day there. Toilet was clean.

Junior Torres

Bring back good memories. Playing baseball with friends. .and going to the cathedral . Plus I live cross street from the park . Plus it was a beautiful day going .my daughter had fun going

Noelle Lorraine Williams

Really one of the most beautiful parks. It is even associated with Olmsted! Various places to walk, lounge and play sports. Light rail goes to North End of park where in the spring there are cherry blossoms. However, lots of geese poop!

El Perro Papo

I stopped to make phone calls and two guys in a van stopped to ask me if I was lost or needed help. People were enthusiastic, very energetic walking towards the games and planned activities in this park. Cherry blossoms were blooming! It was a gorgeous day when I celebrated my son's birthday. It was truly the perfect day to be at this park but I was only passing thru. I'll visit it again.

maria perez

Love the trails, great walking, or running. Padded walkway.

Carl Beltran

Absolutely beautiful cherry blossoms at it's peak. It's worth the challenge of finding a parking spot. The best place is the west side of the pond where you can see the magnificent Cathedral of Sacred Heart of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark.

Diana Seale

A pleasant afternoon at carribean festival.

scarlet ohara

Very peaceful place to come. Love the little lake.

nelson tirado

It's a big park, and a Beautiful place to be for relaxing and to take your Family.

Richard DeJesus

Just a good place to walk and run. They are doing their best to make it a quality destination for families. Some nice wildlife you wont expect for the area, like deer, hawks, coyotes, etc.

Rachel Milito your Realtor

Great place for a nice walk in a beautiful & quiet park !! The cherry blossoms are absolutely stunning this time of year! They all haven’t bloomed yet but in a couple weeks they will be thriving. Leashed dog friendly park ! Lots of trails to walk down, bridges && spots to sit and relax or play ball !!

Joshua South

This is a beautiful park all the time! I was just under a lovely natural tree canopy and the air smells good and the trails here are nice and each section of this large lovely park is excellent. The Newark light rail stops right here from Newark Penn Station. Come and visit, you will like Branch Brook Park. Nice to sroll along the park on a nice breezy day with the trees in full bloom. You can walk or drive through the park and at the end come across the Church as well.

larnette luckett

The best chicken store on the north side

Sunil Dubey

Until yesterday, I had never paid any attention to this hidden jewel of New Jersey. But now, after today's trip, I am a fan. Until yesterday, I was always thinking of paying a visit to Washington, DC during the spring to give my family a glimpse of the Cherry blossoms. No more after today's visit to this place. The place is beautiful during this time of the year. The Cherry blossoms are in full bloom. There are thousands of people posting a visit and the place is full of activities in addition to all the natural beauty spread across all the 300+ acres of the park. It is certainly worth a visit during spring. I am happy!

Lisa Mitchell

The paths have such a great surface for running! The park is large and well lit. It is a very nice area for running in Newark.

Andrea Bobby

Fantastic job on the make-over. The whole facility looks amazing. These are the new addition- pickleball courts.

Pankaj Soni

really nice park. went with my kid, lot of space to play. you have to carry your own food, as didnt see any options there. area near light rail is little dirty dog poop. :P

Samantha Hagen

Beautiful cherry blossoms in spring. The park has definitely been looking nicer and cared for over the years. I'm looking forward to the improvements I've seen started.

Dianne Pope

Am so blessed to live across the street from such a treasure!

Delon Smith

Great place to bring your family... and great for cardio

Cynthia Edwards

Best area to get Tony's hot dogs. Hey Tony has great dogs, looks like they are getting thinner with the meat but they are still great. Shout out to TONY don't short the dogs!!!

Anne Fernandena

Essex County Cherry Blossom available now (April 2019) for a short time in Branch Brook Park due to Blossom short term. Gergous coloring, Great park and pathes to walk around (some area can use bike, not too long of a strech). Awesome nature walk, visiting center available, awesome day for a family. Some benches to sit and enjoy. Recommend to take a good 1-2 hours stroll around park. Didnt observe much biz travelers or professionals, seems more newark local residents from the area. Several residential buildings/ garden apartments in close proximity. Magnificent sunsets!

oso pirutiful

Beautiful peaceful park very big too love coming here having picnics with my husband

Lena M.

Awesome Foliage During the spring and fall. Great summer sports, such as tennis, baseball, soccer and rollerblading.

Roger Reacts

Wow it was fun and the festival thet had there was great

Jose Colon

It's very clean and beautiful... the people are friendly... I walk 4 miles every morning and no problems

Lynn Forrest

For cherry blossoms, I find both the north and south ends of the park to be the best. You can skip the middle. For the north end, park at the Cherry Blossom Welcome Center (listed on GoogleMaps) and walk away from the playground towards the ball field area. You'll hit the river and there are lovely paths along it. The trails can be a little confusing, as they are mostly unmarked and we had to cross the road a couple times when our path petered out to hook up with a new one. But it's a skinny park and you can't go far wrong. GoogleMaps on your phone can be helpful. Once back at your car, drive down to the south end of the park - it's a long walk and there's not many blossoms in between. Follow Branch Brook Drive, which stays inside the park, until you see a small parking lot on your left. At this point you'll likely see cars parked on the sides of the road. Park anywhere in this area and walk around the pond - lots of beautiful trees! When walking up the eastern side of the loop, you'll see the spires of Sacred Heart Cathedral which is a very short walk from the park and worth visiting even just to see the impressive outside up close. I hope you enjoy this lovely park!

Sandip Ray

Been there during the Blossom, it was wonderful a worth visiting. Better to avoid the festival weekend to avoid the crowds. The park itself has lots to check out other than just the Blossom.

Christina Anthony

Beautiful park with a big walking track around the lake. Wonderful during cherry blossom season. We went at peak bloom and really enjoyed it. Free and better than going to DC if you just want to see and enjoy the blooms and not really looking to photograph them against the DC monuments.

Amer Homsi

Nice local park. Bigger than I expected. Clean. Lots of walking trails and cute little clearance to have a picnic or sit in the sun. Some history to explored there as well. Been going here about 3 times a month on average for 2 years and haven't gotten bored yet! Still areas to explore. Is really quiet and tranquil. Ne careful after dark, just like in any park!

Siddharth Singh

We visited yesterday on last day of Cherry Blossom festival and were amazed by nature's beauty. It was cloudy, but the beauty of cherry trees were at its peak. The park is huge and the kids had a great time. It was very crowded and finding a parking spot was fun! but totally worth the visit.

Stoic Peace Warrior

We stopped to find a geocache quickly. The lake is beautiful and there is also a roller skating rink. Apparently they have publuc concerts here too. Nice surprise in an urban area.

Frank Notra

Great location for the whole family to enjoy nature.

Maribel Gonzalez

Just Magical during Cherry Blossom season. Wonderful place for pictures.

wanda landers

Getting better since I've visited

Kohcoa Kibibijaweta

A beautiful serene place to spend time for relaxtion and/or reflection. You can do yoga, or anything else

hafez seddique

It was good, very crowded but good

Denard Norton

Awesome place for a workout;cookout family fun..

Life With Harolyn

We all know this place is great and REALLY big. If you are trying to go for a picnic come here, if you want to catch some fish go to the lake at this park, and if you are trying to relax outside this is the place for you

Gi Freeman

Great location to do just about anything. Especially during the bloom. Everywhere you look everywhere you see there is beautiful trees and cherry blossoms. Its a great place to see different dog if you are a dog lover. It is a great place to fish if you are a fishing type of person. A lot of ice cream trucks. Some hotdog trucks too

Da Ho

I just had one of the best days of my life. I was with my favorite person in the whole world. I think that had something to do with it. Park was nice too!

fernando gonzalez

Excellent place to fish during the summer and with its hills the kids love going here during the snow season to slide down..they have a long trail for walking/running as well as 24hr police patrolling for safety..

pedro benitez

This is a family oriented place. You can walk at this park track and now you have a state of the art dog park.

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