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REVIEWS OF Battleship New Jersey IN New Jersey

Henry McCarthy

We spent a great day here in the middle of summer. The ship was much bigger than expected and full of fascinating history. What was really cool was being able to speak to service members while on board the vessel. A great day out especially if you love Naval Military History.

a. de luz esparza

We easily spent 3 hours here and didn't even notice! Keep hydrated. Even though the ship is air-conditioned, it can get pretty hot in some sections of the ship. (We went during the summer) Entering the big 16" canon turrets, as well as the 5" gun turrets, was very hot and humid and all in a very small space. Those who are sensitive to such conditions may want to avoid climbing into the turrets. Otherwise it's a fascinating exhibit to walk through.

Heather P

The ship was amazing, little confusing to find. The sad part was the gift shop was on the boat not the ticket area.

Jane Doe

My Grandfather served on the Battleship Missouri back in 1944. My mom just told me about it today, I never had the opportunity to meet with him nor my grandmother but from what I've heard they didn't treat my Mom very Nice. Need less to say I'm Glad I Never Met them I Have No Respect for Either one of them....May God Forgive Me.

Dane Cunningham

Amazing tour/museum full of well written and informative exhibits. Knowledgeable staff throughout the experience. Took a while to do because there is soo much to see and read. I would absolutely go back which Intend to do when I bring my father, who served in the navy. I think he’d enjoy it

Ian Hud

It was butteful I am a big Histroy man so for Historyians tha know about ww2 or battleship must go

D Kingore

Great place to visit, but I wish there was more access to engine rooms.

Annie S

This is a very worthy sight for those nearby or passing through Philadelphia. Take note that it's closed during the winter months. However, visiting it is not for the faint-hearted. I could barely breathe inside and had to run out for fresh air. Can't imagine being inside the ship at sea for months. So only three stars - with a lot of people, steep ladders, not a lot of air and no or very faint air conditioning this is not a very comfortable exhibit.

Adeel Fakhar

The Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial is truly amazing place to visit. The most decorated battleship to have served in the U.S. It was part of World War II. I went there in this Independence day & really enjoyed Fireworks that they especially arranged each year in Independence day. Make plan to go there but i should on Independence day

mae arg

We arrived after hous so the ship was closed to the general public. This is a great venue for special events. I attended a private dinner banquet. The catoring staff were attentive and the meal choices were satisfactory. At 9:00 pm …

SriKrishna Narla

A very unique experience. Expect lot of climbing, the steps are very steep. I have gone with my 9 month infant. I had to carry her all the time. Carry ample water with you. There are no vending machines inside the ship. The cafe was closed on a weekday. The parking is 10 dollars. There is no street parking. The whole Camden is a rip off for parking. The views from the battleship are really nice. If you are a fit person, you would certainly enjoy it. There is lot of history in the battleship. My son loved the gift store. He got a miniature ship and I got few magnets.

Vinny Ton

Great experience with USS New Jersey battleship as our great Navy history accomplishment. I love to come back

Joseph R

This is the biggest ship by far that I've been on. It makes the battleship in Boston really small. I got plenty of good pics on and by the ship and they do have a tram that runs from the Aquarium to the ship.


You can feel the history on this amazing ship. Awesome guides make this an unforgettable destination!

Ania Stacey

Great experience!!! We were a part of the scout overnight adventure. Although we didn't have the best guide and the food really sucked, the museum itself was pretty amazing. We got to sleep on bunks (which were super tight). There is a lot of small spaces ( very claustrophobic) and steep stairwells. If you can't handle that type of experience, I would not recommend it!

John Moorhouse

I know the crew and support The Battleship. The tours and guides are incredibly knowledgeable. This Museum and Memorial is constantly being updated - they just added an engine room tour. It is truly a fascinating and important piece of US naval history. Rain or shine, lots to see and do.

Jean-Francois Désilets

Please plan lots of time. Reading all the information posted would take 3 hours. Very well done display and vets to talk to.


This is a really great place to tour!! If you love ships or anything to do with the Navy, I highly suggest going here as I learned a lot. The only thing you should worry about is hitting your head on the roof. But, you shouldn't if you listen. Definitely go to this when your in the area!!

Ric79 Demor

Excellent self guided tour. Amazing facts I would have never known unless I was in the Navy. Great piece of history. Go visit

Jaclyn Borek

Watched the Naturalization ceremony. Very touching. The playing of the Star Spangled Banner was great

paul fylstra

Just took the new tour Steam to Speed. The renovated engine rooms look great. The staff is great at answering all your questions. The ship is worth a visit with the family.

Scott Goldstein

An old worship turned into offices and tours. Interesting for a few hours

Raymond Ellis

I enjoyed the self-guided tour. The accompanying audio device was very good, as well. There are docents around the ship who are available for questions.

Emilee O'Leary

Incredible experience. Museum alone is a good 1 hr of your time... Advise to plan for at least 2 hours, especially if you're doing the self guided tour. They have mini free tours going on throughout the day, so might be worth checking that out beforehand to schedule your arrival appropriately.

Sama Nekakhtar

Fantastic tour. It’s self guided and the guides along the way are very involved in making your tour more meaningful. There was a kid compartment which had an amazing variety of play things for our almost 2 year old and it’s carpeted so no stress for parents. Convenient tram service to get you to and fro parking/ferry

Bob Parina

Great tour. You can take a guided tour or self guided tour. The ship is marked with a red stripe on the floor for self guided tours so you see everything. There are tour guides through out the ship to help answer any of your questions. One of the best tours I've been on in a while

Chris Turner

I have now been on several battleships. This is by far my favorite. I was able to spin an AA gun. This makes me very happy.

J Gibson

Really interesting. Can easily take 4+ hours to get around doing the self guided tour. Definitely worth a look.

Luke DeGraw

I love the Battleship New Jersey. I was visiting Philadelphia from Las Vegas, NV and I had no idea she was here. We spent hours on board and didn't even get to see everything. I'd like to come back some day.

Tim Gatto

Some amazing details! Transported back to WW2.. nice restoration by the volunteers.


Very fun place to visit. Tours guides were very knowledgeable

Adrian Thern

You meet nice people here on this astonishing ship. You can visit a lot of places on board and see a lot more than on many other ships. Everyone you will meet here is can explain you alot about the ship and makes you feel welcome. …


Such a cool exhibit! This is well worth the cost of admission as you have access to virtually the entire ship. Very historic and well detailed. The crew was nice. A must stop of you come to Philly. Took us a while to get through it all but it is a great piece of history. Highly recommend!

Alicia zimmerman

Got VIP tickets so got to walk and look around was awesome

Jim Olszewski

The battleship New Jersey is an incredible experience everyone should see. It's a great walk through history of the ship the battles and history of all the ships that are battleships and were battleships around the world it was a great day.

adam haynes

Great battleship very good self guided tour route too

Joseph Dolan

An excellent historical site. The very best historic ship to visit in the United States. Very interesting and family friendly. The staff is knowledgeable friendly and helpful. Would definitely go again.

Kimberly Corley

Very nice and awesome ship. Amazing size and the tour was awesome. Great famy time.


Kids and adults enjoyed. Battleship is well maintained and visit enjoyable. Trolly home was fantastic treat!

Anant Iyer

A must do tour! Amazing experience. Its like bringing the ship back to life!

Keith Halloran

Some excellent history maintained by passionate volunteers. It's an excellent family trip but some of the stairs are very steep so maybe think twice if you have mobility issues.

Roland Redner

The tour was awesome and the ship is amazing so glad we brought my Dad who is a Navy veteran from Georgia for his 80th birthday

Mike Rodriguez

Outstanding! Take a step back in time to WW II and experience living history

Dylan Karasawa

A great conservation work. A fun thing would be to visit all 4 sisters

Michael Carmine

It was okay. Deck is in horrible shape. Holes everywhere. Grass and weeds growing out of the deck. AC system sucked. Repairs going on that were noisy. Just sad to see the Big "J" in this condition.

Dave Cuevas

Great sir to learn and very exciting for kids to see some thing like this up close

Natraj Patro

Extremely great experience to view this machine participated during WW...

Miss KrazyKat

My friends and her now Navy husband got married on the ship. The ceremony was very nice and the food at the reception was delicious. All in all, it was a nice wedding. We also got a tour of the uppermost part of the ship. It was very interesting although walking on the wooden deck was tricky in very high heels. My GPS took me through a particularly dicey neighborhood around the battleship. Just saying.....

Paul Stack

Amazing displays. Well managed. Give yourself a few hours and charge the camera batteries. Recharge facilities acailible, but not USB-C. Only did swlf guided audio tour. Would go back for firepower and engine guided tours.

Suzette Keys

Retired ship but was so awesome to take a tour. My husband was in this ship years ago. This was a reunion for him and mates.

Wade Dowden

Really wonderful place, really preserved well. The ship is huge the tour is self guided, long and very interesting. The best ship tour I've ever done. The ship is air conditioned too!

John Fornoro

The battleship New Jersey is a nice place. But make up your own mind, watch my YouTube video. Search: John Fornoro battleship USS New Jersey

Sy Wodakow

Awesome experience. Volunteer guide incredibly knowledgeable. Highly recommend it.

John Tiessen

This is a great place to stop and enjoy the history of one of the United States great ships. The exhibits are informative and well maintained but could use significant updates. Parts of the ship need extensive repair and repainting but this is expected considering that the site seems to have its staff stretched thin. A good place to visit but could be great with some minor (or suppose major given the cost) improvements.

Douglas Schmidt

A lot of cool stuff to see. A little bit of a workout for an overweight 62 year-old but I made it! Had a great time. Very pleasant staff.

Corey Marsee

This was one of my favorite places to go while I was in New Jersey. So much history can be found on this ship. Very interactive for the kids. Just a warning to those with little ones. You must be able to walk on your own and be able to …

Marcia Steinberg

great place to be, on the Delaware river. what an amazing ship. Attended a ceremony to promote a friend to rear admiral. wonderful ceremony, great reception. really a lot of good people work on the ship. they were so helpful. had a great time.

John Brian Anderson

Took the 90 minute Firepower tour, it is excellent but you need to be athletic enough to climb ladders and make sure to wear good footwear, I would recommend sneakers. The tours are conducted by ex-crew and are quite informative. I went with a school trip of teens and they were in a different world, clueless!?!

Vince Vitello

Was really interesting to see a real Battleship. Guides around to explain areas. Audio tour cost extra though. Entry fees reasonable. Even the kids enjoyed it.


We had a blast touring the battleship New Jersey. I wouldn't recommend it for younger children (under 2) or elderly people that have trouble with stairs. We went at the end of July 2018 and it was very warm out so make sure you dress appropriately for the weather.


withdrawals. wasn't so much the Battleship as it was a lack of refreshing or recovery places within the facility for you to cool yourselfftom the heat. This would make it much more attractive to visitors on or with future bookings

Joel Martinez

History at it's finest. Great place to visit, they also had a Caribbean festival at the same park when we visited. Win win.

Half Portal Fortress

Was totally worth crossing the Ben Franklin bridge from Philly. I admit I was a but skeptical about the admission price, especially having just come from DC where all the museums are free, but I can say undoubtedly that's its totally worth it. The only person I wouldn't recommend this museum for are those alwhp are afraid of walking for some hours. Yes hours. I did go kinda slow but that's because I wanted to savour this experience. The ship is awesome and seeing all of it plus the very well crafted and put together museum exhibitions about the ships history and personnel next to seeing all of the intricacies of the ships facilities and weapons makes this trip extremely memorable. Unfortunately I only had enough time to do the red tour but if I had enough time I would definitely do the blue tour as well

Maria Ortiz

I love the battleship, I work there,love the history. It's amazing come check out the history and all the great people aboard the ship. You gonna love it.

alex b

Great place to visit. We did an overnight with the Scouts and the program was well run. The tour guides were very knowledgeable and it made it very hearth warming to have it run by mostly vets.

Guy Elsmore-Paddock

We've visited both the Iowa (in Los Angeles) and this ship -- the New Jersey -- and this one gives you a lot more to see. The ship is in much better condition; a real "must see" if you're into Navy ships.

Devin Lantagne

This an incredible piece of American Military History, and the level of attention to detail and respect that the volunteers and staff have shown is astounding. I absolutely recommend that anyone in the area with the opportunity to visit, do so. The only qualm that I have is that parking can be somewhat difficult to locate.

Christian Schilder

Very good museum. U should bring enough time, though. This is one big ship! They let you see a lot of the ship. Sometimes there are former crew members, who will answer all your questions. I would recommend USS New Jersey and USS Intrepid together, since both ships fought together in the pacific.

Danielle Haury

$10 parking not mentioned anywhere when ordering $30 per person tickets. Tram operator asked for tips but then tram wasn't available on the way back to the car. Even with "air conditioning" it's still too hot in the ship. Not worth the money for me.

Korrine Rudderow

Price is a little higher than I thought it would be ($25). They do amazing upkeep though. Great history

Mari Bar

Calling all super nerds, this is the ship for you. It's hard to describe the scale of this ship - it's massive and the self guided tour is extremely detailed. If you're really into warships and history, budget at least half a day or more. I would also recommend the guided tours as many of the tour guides and people working there actually served on the ship! It's a memorable, moving experience. You can take it as slow or fast as you like. I also strongly recommend doing the bonus, blue line portion of the guided tour that takes you through the machine shop, turret loading area, and doctors and dentists offices! That was probably our favorite part.

William Jones

I served on this ship during Vietnam Restoration is coming along nicely. The men and women who are volunteering are very respectful to the former crew and their families. Thanks

Kayla Penkava

Worth the trip! It's an amazing experience seeing the Battleship New Jersey! They have many areas in the ship open and the ship is easy to navigate without missing anything since you can follow a red line that goes through the entire ship! You have the option of having an audio tour too. All of the staff was helpful and courteous. I would highly recommend it. You are inside a ship for most of the time and the air is a little stale in some parts so if you don't like confined spaces I would recommend staying on the deck! It's still really cool!

Robert Baker 2nd

Love this ship especially since they allow the homies at unlocked to through a two day music festival on it for us all to enjoy

Christian Fuller

It was really cool. A bit creepy cuz of the mannequins but whatever. I definitely recommend it

Paul Towle

Visited from the UK & first chance to see a battleship at close hand. Really amazing and so interesting (for us guys at least!) Spent many hours here and still didn't see it all! Hope to visit again soon. Well worth the visit!

Nick Kapur

A (not so) hidden gem!!! A MUST VISIT for all ages if you are in the Philadelphia area! This is BY FAR the best "museum ship" I've been on. It is positively HUGE, and unlike other museum ships which only let you into a few areas, this one let's you have free run of most of the ship! You can take a self-guided tour, either with audio or without, or you can pay to be guided by an expert tour guide. If you do the self-guided tour, you follow a line of red tape up, down, and all around the guns, super-structure, and below decks. But if you still have time, don't forget to continue on to the blue line that takes you even deeper into the ship below the waterline! Another great thing about this ship is it is not just an empty ship. Most of the rooms on the tour are fully outfitted with furniture, tools, equipment, and personal items, so you really get a sense of what it was like to be on the ship when it was still in service. There is also an incredibly detailed museum section that tells you all about the history of the USS New Jersey as well as battleships in general. This ship is suitable for people of all ages and interests, and is enthralling to children. The only note of caution is that there are no elevators or accommodations for people with limited mobility - it's a battleship after all.

Cuong Ho

Kind of pricey, $10 parking, $25 ticket but nice to walk through the ship instead of watching a movie

Swetha Guruprasad

This is a fantastic exhibit. It's well worth the money. So much history and had access to almost the entire ship. There is so much to see and lots to explore. We'll worth the time spent

Tom Olson

This is an incredible museum- you can easily spend 4 hours here if you read all the information presented to you, or much less time if you just want to check it out and do minimal reading. If you're at all interested in war history then you're doing yourself a disservice by not visiting this amazing ship.

Dustin Van Dyke

This was a fun and informative visit. There is a lot of walking so be ready for that. Also I reccomend the audio tour.

Calvin Renfrow

I’ve been here twice. The first time was in 2015 and I thought she looked pretty good. I understand that restorations take time, money and resources overall looked great. The last time I went was in 2018 and let me tell you I thought they switch her around with a brand new ship. New paint, a single quad bofors battery, more exhibits on ship. She looked amazing, fell in love with her during the tour. I even got a hat that a wear everywhere. Please visit this ship she’s the American version of the Hood but much better (and also New Jersey hasn’t sunk in one hit).

Tim Barbosa

She is a great place to visit! The interior seems like a time capsule. Most every thing it seemed like except the crew.

Andrew Fisher

Always enjoy visiting the New Jersey. It's a great tour of an amazing piece of history. Knowing what this ship has been through and how well taken care of by the hard working people who care for it. I have been lucky enough to go through this bad boy and see some of the areas most people don't get to see. Amazing how the technology was when ships like this were built compared to todays ships.


Just walking around the ship was awesome. Lot of history. Cool for people to see how "comfortable" navy personnel lived on ship. Very nostalgic. Enjoyed it very much.

Hunter Smith

The Battleship is one of Camden’s hidden treasures. Although it’s glory days have been long over, you still feel the spirit and learn so much history of the ship and American Navy culture. Lot of climbing, so be prepared (but they also have …

Robert Powell

Historic, accessible, incredible. Make a quiet visit for the history, go crazy watching the fireworks. This is a must see if you are in the Camden area.

Ed Weller

Incredible story behind this ship. What a great piece of history

Perspicacious Observer

This museum is well worth a visit, especially for anyone interested in naval/military history ranging from World War II to the 1980s. To give an idea of how much time to budget, I spent four and a half hours there, at times even getting lost within the cavernous bowels of the vessel (the line markings will sometimes lead you on an endless loop where you have to think creatively to get out of there). The exhibits were comprehensive, especially those comparing and contrasting U.S. warships with those of the Axis Powers during WWII. Visitors can also gain insights into important historical figures like Admiral William "Bull" Halsey (kudos to whoever created the Halsey mannequin--it looks just like him, sitting there in his stateroom!). You can get a real feel for the life of a sailor, everything from military operations to mundane daily activities like the barbershop, laundry, printing services, meals/snacks, and even the brig. Overall, the museum is very well-done and a valuable and informative step into the past. The only downer (and, frankly, what prevents me from giving this museum five stars) is the parking lot attendant. What a nasty grouch! To say that he was unhelpful is to be kind to this jerk. Dealing with him was a nasty way to start a museum visit. Really, you would think that a museum solicitous of visitors would hire someone who could be more pleasant and welcoming. To keep him there as a first and visible representative is a horrible choice that reflects badly on the whole operation. Note to the USS New Jersey crew: if you want to create a better impression on visitors from the outset, can this crabapple, stick him in a jar full of formaldehyde, and hire someone who gives a cheerful welcome. Don't let your visitors breathe his toxic air, not for another minute.

Mike Jackamonis

Awesome experience, I liked that it's a self guided tour, and it's good to know guided tours are also available of specific areas on the ship. There are guides at certain areas as well that will talk to you about the ship and the area where you are.

Ty Klyuch

Really friendly staff. Stairs are my only complaint. It was really stressful with kiddos but the managed well. Wear pants and sneakers to stay safe when climbing. Kids area is really a nice touch. They had s blast while I caught up with our guests we brought with us.

Summer Coons

High Caliber Music Festival was amazing sooooooo ready for day 2 ⚓


Excellent place to satisfy your curiosity if you are interested about the Navy.

Lily Ray

Lots of cool stuff to see. We had a great time.

Christopher Jones

Awesome experience. You'll feel like a real squid by the time you're done.

Mat Mueller

Great museum! Great audio tour. Take your time. To explore the whole boat you need at least two hours. Staff on the boat is super friendly.

Brian Skuzinski

This is a very cool museum that we got a custom and private tour of late at night do to awesome doing some ghost hunting. The tour guides were extremely nice very helpful and took us every place we wanted to see on the boat. We also got a good rest oreck rundown on how the but was run and got the chance to see every part of the boat. It wasn't very good for ghost hunting as only one person was killed ever on the New Jersey but it was great for it's historical value.

Kurt Randazzo

It’s amazing... I definitely recommend it. It is a little expensive though.

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