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Where is Atlantic City Boardwalk?

REVIEWS OF Atlantic City Boardwalk IN New Jersey

kim sersland

Loved the boardwalk and accessibility it offers to so many places. It's a real shame Atlantic City itself hasn't put in half the effort for clean streets as the boardwalk and Casinos have. The city itself is very dirty. The location would attract more return visits if the public weren't afraid to hit the streets of the city.

Heather P

The board was clean, easy to access and the beach had been cleaned up. We enjoyed our stroll.

Ashley McCullough

It was nice and relaxing had fun with the kids but could’ve been a little cleaner on the sand in the water

Mary D

Love! So nice videos blaring, lights all over...reminds me of Vegas!

Joel Monserrate

Excellent relaxing area, beaches are nice n the restaurants are nice and everything's close to the casino! The park is not that bad neither!

Doren Gendron

Saltwater taffy stores were nice. Many shops were old and cool. Many were junky though. The neach was of course, beautiful.

Joshua Ellerby

We had a great time the beach was clean and the water was cold !! That's all you need at the beach !

Rich Levis

Great place to walk, shop, eat, try your luck at games.

Divyesh Patel

Nice boardwalk but not enough good restraunt

Jen Shakeel

The boardwalk is our summer getaway. As soon as the temperature is above 70, my kids are ready to hit the shore. One of their favorite places is Boardwalk Cupcakes. Used to be one of my favorites as well because they do make incredible gluten free cupcakes. However how many they make and the variety has decreased since they opened last year. So if someone in-front of you decides to buy a dozen... and you are next needing a gluten free option, forget it.

Mary Williams

Great for walking! Lot's to do, and places to eat. Great fireworks!

Steven Fernandez

The very north end or south end of the boardwalk are much less crowded. It is really cool to see the new University accessible right from the boardwalk. If I were looking at colleges at this point of my life, this would be up for serious consideration. Affordable living right at the beach isn't all that common. If you are looking for a place to come let loose, the casinos and clubs are here. If you are looking for some great food or live music, AC also has you covered. If you are looking for an enjoyable beach day away from the crowds of Ocean city or margate, venture to the far North or South end of AC and you can find that too (no beach tags required).

Celiflora Lopez

Enjoyed walking on the boardwalk! There is a variety of stores and food spots. Great to see so many people enjoy their day on the boardwalk either by going to the beach, eat, taking a run or even going in the casino and play your luck

yesenia lopez

Enjoy the attractions. Was here during the week, excellent time to enjoy everything without the hassle.

Sharon Kennedy

They have really improved the entire area. Much more upscale and outdoor dining available along the boardwalk. It is a beautiful place to take a long walk.

Nadana Ravishankar

We are there for quick visit and had a great experience here. Good lengthy boardwalk and lots of casinos and nice beach. My kids have enjoyed the beach and good pier area. It’s a weekday so little crowded but beautiful place for a day visit. We have stayed only for 2 hours but enjoyed it. We will definitely be back here for a stay to enjoy the full day experience.

Rodney Brasfield

Nice but could use a little update or paint

Ryan Fordan

Lots of great shops for the family, huge variety of food. I can only imagine the night life here.

Sreeni Sarabu

Nice place to walk around. All key attractions can be entered from boardwalk.

Grenda Poole

Girls trip....nice stroll and plenty of people watching. Many casinos to choose from.

Keith Herbert

Always a great place to be! Something for everyone!

Craig Allen

Tons of stores tons of architecture to look at from the casinos they have a pier , different shops, tons restaurants on the boardwalk, beach bars , have rides on the steel pier And 24 hours A-day you can walk it and have a great time. Only downfall is there are people that are living under it that hassle you for money etc. Just be careful late at night. There are special police that just patrol the boardwalk so not to worry

Marlene Prieto

I go to this amazing place every summer but this year I can't. But still this place is WONDERFUL AND THE BEST. Hope u enjoy if u going.

Raaj Sn

The glory/shine of the boardwalk has reduced more than 50% of its 'peak most' time! Though lots of visitors still are attracted to it

b.j. thomas

I recently went to the boardwalk after not being in Atlantic City since 1991. I thought the boardwalk was beautiful . There were a couple of sketchy people walking around but I thought it was really nice and I enjoyed seeing the shops and casino and of course the beach was beautiful.

Amarilis Salazar

Nice boardwalk. Lots of entertainment and good atmosphere.

Ruthanna Hitchcock

Seemed pretty skuzzy. Most of it looked worn and jaded. Shops closed up,many retail spots empty. Where is the revitalization? At least the Hard Rock Hotel was nice. Soundwave area needs something better than folding metal chairs.


I've been coming to this boardwalk for the past few years.. it's a really great place to spend time at. The boardwalk is usually more busy in the summer months. There are casinos and small shops. The beach is also very nice.

Chris Martin

It was only okay. Food is decent beach is okay. Not alot of people on the weekday and have access to shuttle passes which is convenient for not having to walk up and down the boardwalk.

John Krucar

As always amazing ! In the summer still gets a ton of people out here ! These hotel are catching on giving room comps to get people here ! For awhile they stopped ! That will put them out of business ! Some revenue is way better than no revenue !

richard cabral

Great place, Love the Beach. If you love to people watch this is the place

Stephanie Huancas

Great place to grab lunch and hang out with your dog! I brought mine along with my family for a little sightseeing and we were fortunate to be able to sit under an umbrella outside of the restaurant. Makes family time with a dog so much easier!

Biks Videography

Very Nice board walk with the view of the ocean. I was here with my friend and family on New year. I went multiple time here and really enjoyed it. It was winter and difficult to walk. Lots of shops on the boardwalk. The pier had more rides and fun activities. Very nice people and enjoyed casinos. Sitting on beach and enjoying the view was ultimate fun for us. Really enjoyed my time there. worth a 5 star.

King James

It's a good place to go with your family and enjoy the weekend out. So come down and enjoy nj

Jernelle Lorde-Gray

We had such a great time. The parking space situation is a tough one. We orginally found a meter but after running back to the car we decided to park in a parking lot. That didn't turn out to be as expensive as we thought. Don't expect to ride a trolly- they are always full. Tried getting one by the amusement park but no luck.

Rick Willis

Very nicely rebuilt. Clean. The crews that patrol the boardwalk are great for any kind of advice you my need. The shuttle service is good just need to staff according to busy times.

Noel Damico

Nice walk on the boardwalk, other than all the bicycles with no actual bike lane.

Pappu Das

Nice walk, don't expect it to be Vegas street walk rather position yourself at Miami's south Beach

T Dutta

lovely place to spend your time.u can take a walk ot enjoy different kind of rides. and play lots of games.good place for family and kids.

vinit sethi

Fun place place. Nice beach. Good to go with family.

Mark Wegh

Nice clean boardwalk, great for a relaxing walk near the beach.

life with nairan

Favorite place to stay can't wait to go back

Rosemary Walsh

This is my home town! Our beaches and boardwalk are lovely!

Bob Smith

The beaches are clean Boardwalk is clean and a lot to do down there now Fun Spot

Chen YuHsuan

Lovely and chill place Have a nice weekend here

D Heb

Variety of shops......nice weather. Boardwalk looks cool after it was redone after tropical storm Sandy. Nicely lit all night as well

Abdul-nasir Mohammed

Atlantic City was great today. It was a bit windy for my taste but overall it was an awesome!

Angi Gomez

It's been a while we haven't gone there go in yesterday with my kids my husband and my nephew I was loving it was The Best Time Ever we spent made good memories yesterday. Lasted for years

raven mcwhorter

Only my second time here. First time was in the winter and it was too cold to walk around. This time was the summer. A complete difference. Way more people of course. Shops were opened and lined up. Some places had live entertainment too. The pier was filled with a bunch of fun carnival rides and games. We rode our bikes up and down the boardwalk. We didnt like that you cant ride on it after 12/ noon. We get the reason why because theres too many people walking but still was a bummer. Otherthan that, everything was perfect.

Blank Spxce

Very fun! But there's a lot of walking and if you don't want to walk there's people who will either push you or drive you for a low amount of money I suggest the drivers they're very very cheap. Everything was great though.

Sridhar Srinivasan

Very Good Place.. It will be very good on weekend..

Samantha Webb

Absolutely amazing!!! It was so clean and there is so much stuff to do and see on the boardwalk. Had a really nice vacay and hoping to go back before the summer is over...we will be making it an every summer trip!

Raymond Mcgrade

Where else can you find some good times good food and all the water.

srishti srivastava

Just love this place as the perfect weekend getaway.. so relaxing and lively at the same time. Be it during the day or night, the boardwalk has so much to offer for all.

Martha Preston

We were on the beach it was a nice breeze not to hot just perfect and the water was not to cold and we had great conversations with my girls⛱️

carl milligan

Great place to spend some time walking then pop over for some beach walking or gambling .

Joyce Rodriguez

Love Atlantic City we stayed at the show boat it is dog friendly very clean nice pool and workout facility that stays open 24 hours and can't forget you can go right out from the hotel to the beach

Mavith O. Hurtado

It's a nice boardwalk where you can enjoy a nice stroll either with your significant other or your family. The old casino - on the left side of Tropicana- is closed down, and noone walks that way. All of the action is only towards ceasars hotel. Still a nice place to go.

Bobby Hamer

I really could not have picked a grosser place to spend the night. The airport and people were great but now living in Miami, Atlantic City has become the new ocean front ghetto. It has the smell everyone says new jersey is famous for. A pilot recommended the Tropicana saying it had been completely remodeled and it was. Back in 1955. A true dump of a town

Gurpreet Singh

Lovely place with nice scenic beauty. Many casinos are there nearby boardwalk. There are many local shops for shopping. Prices are also decent. Many restaurants are also available thereby. Steel pier is also at Broadway. Many popular casinos like Tropicana and hard rock also situated there. Very long boardwalk which is around 2.5 miles. Electric vehicles also available to Rome around boardwalk.

Comedy Adjasont

They call this a board walk, but it definitely wasnt a BORED walk! so many stores and restaurants! It kinda smelled like my ex, but I'm pretty sure that was just the salt water and ocean life.

My Hanitizer

Could be a great place or used to be one. It's still fun and an experience

R Russo

Good time just too many people smoking pot. Day and night, kept having to move cause my kids. Also, some people just plain old passed out middle of the day. One had pot right next to him.

Judie K.

Was a real nice beach day, thought it would be packed because of weather but nice breeze and found parking, couldn't ask for more

B Humphreys

This time of the year (2 wks ago) it was busy but not packed, breezy so not too hot. Enjoyed walking the boardwalk under those conditions. Didn't visit any of the stores to be able to comment.

Santosh Ravi Teja Goteti

Excellent Place for Day trips. All Beach items are available at the BroadWalk. You can get chairs, Tents and Surfboards as well here for so cheap and rent them also if you want. Go on a Sunny day and you'll enjoy the beach.

William Nelson

What can i say it the boardwalk in A.C. love it.

Ed Renfro

Several ways to get around the boardwalk and a variety of shops along the walk. Lots to do.

Mary Merrifield

The board walk is a staple at the beach. I have been going to AC since I was a small girl. It is a shame that it is becoming a ghost town. So many empty buildings and the vibrance is just not there any more.

Abel Gutierrez

Fun place you just have to know where to go, do your research and you'll have fun

Jairo Reyes

It’s lots of fun with plenty of things to see and do

Sallie Quaintance

Loved my time.and ate at Tropicana market place Had the best food there and the best waiter.Will differently go back again

Jennifer Deschepper

Ride the cart n put your toes in the ocean. Great shopping and food


The Atlantic City boardwalk is not like it use to be! To me it's more for Adults with the Casino's and that's fine, but if you really want to get people to come back to Atlantic City upgrade the rides for kids, get more activities for kids, everybody can't and don't want to find babysitter's for kids they want this as a Family Trip, get a lot of those places that's closed down bring excitement back to the Walk! Make those hotels put back into the boardwalk to get people to come back! Johnny Rockets was fantastic and riding the train up and down the boardwalk was relaxing!

mohit sharma

This is a very happening place, lot of activity beach is very near and has lot of casinos. You can go directly from hotel to beach in 2 min. It is a very long stretch with wide variety of food and shops. They have live performance at night

Joe Williams

There is only one Atlantic City, and one Atlantic City Boardwalk. It is worth seeing. If you're into gambling and casino type entertainment, there's plenty of that. Or if you just want to stroll the boardwalk itself, take in the sights, contemplate the history that was made there, it is worth a visit. Have a hot dog, a slice, or an ice cream, get a beer and play some corn hole, maybe swim in the ocean.

Jimiao Zhang

A first timer to this place. Although it has been declining over the past one decade, it is still vibrant and dynamic. One fly in the ointment is that I left my trunks and thongs in the car. Better bring sunblock with you as the Sun rays are a bit strong. Reminds me of some spots in Thailand and the Philippines. LOL

Emerson Willis

First time walking the AC boardwalk since early last year. Not too crowded, comfortable. Nice time.

Nature Chick

Pretty empty. Fireworks lasted only ten minutes. No free music. Doesn't compare to Coney Island. #disappointment

Mike Fell

Its.. a bit garage to say the least, especially how people like to act. It is clean though and the building's are pretty to look at but the famous Atlantic city boardwalk isn't a ton 10 for me.

Annette Gilliam

I enjoyed my vacation here this summer. And yes Atlantic City Boardwalk do have dollar stores. I no because that's were I did alot of my shopping. And they have some great stuff.


Please make me a product of services of what Atlantic City Board Businesses have to offer. I always loved the board and Casinos since I was a kid.

jackie mottley

This my go to for a quick get away. It has everything I need and no driving .

Daria Klyukin

Love the boardwalk. Well lit, well maintained, and wonderful sights to see up and down this boardwalk

Kris Oliver

There is still alot of excitement at a reasonable cost! NJ Transit can get you here from Philly or New York!

Denise Jones

It was my first time in my entire life ever I went to! It wasn't enough to see everything on the Boardwalk. I'll go again to get full sightseeing the whole city.

Tim O.

Great place, especially for concerts like warped tour. Casinos, food options, lots of space. The closed stores are kind of depressing but hopefully the area makes a comeback.

Nick Pizzurro

This was our first Vacation as a family and an absolutely amazing experience. This place has everything for all ages. We had such a fun time just walking up and down the board walk and exploring all the cool little shops, casinos and stores. The beach area is also a ton of fun and has a great atmosphere. A+ rating and cannot wait to return!

Natalia Andeliz

Good place to go if you want henna, a hoodie, some souvenirs, or to get tipsy and eat some good desserts. Beside that there's not much to do. Good ambiance but not the best place to take little children. And it can get a little overwhelming sometimes with all the people

Denise Diresta

The boardwalk itself is outstanding, however, it needs repair & some new businesses to come in outside of another casino. Could be much cleaner.

Jenna Roadside

Not as great as the Wildwood boardwalk but still fun! More of an adult atmosphere.

Steve Elko

Lots of closed stores, not well lit, run down. You'd think it would be bright and vibrant with the casinos but it remains an eyesore on the Jersey shore. Such a shame to witness.

meah avar

Had a great time. Econo lodge is perfect, its close to all the 24 hour stores and 5 minutes from the beach. Gotta a good deal on some mini skirts. We played a bunch of games and raced in the motor cars.

Desiree Desi Morris

Only gave it a 4 because the shower area was covered in sand (can't rinse your feet off) and the phone charging stations didn't work! Great place to visit and the DJ jammed the entire time.

Kiodi Mercado

My family and I ended the summer with great fun memories. The ferris wheel. The casino's. The food..this helicopter ride was the best of it all. Its better in the night, but not to ride the ferris wheel. It was so scary. Over all fun the family.

Charles Murschell

Walked the boards on the south end of AC. The boards were in good condition and it was a pleasant stroll. The dunes are so high that you can't see the ocean. You need to watch out for the large number of bicycles.

Josette Franklin

Great sun at the Beach! Love the Salt Water Taffy by Fralingers!

Viraj Gadgil

A walking street along the beach of Atlantic City, NJ is a nice place to visit who like pubbing, casinos or even natural beauty. One will find lots of shops for beach clothes, souvenir etc and-- food-food and food. Private clubs available on the sand shore to add more to the peppy life of boardwalk. Beaches are mostly clean and one can enjoy swimming, sand castles along with family. Paid public parking is available from 0.2-0.5 mile walk from this place. Parking fees are $5 per 8hrs (on weekend atleast) on some locations and range to even $15.

David Kane

Awesome place for some R&R. Take some time out of your busy life and enjoy your "Roots" down at the AC shore. Smell the Roses while you can. "WOW" Food for Thought.

Kathryn Elsayed

Gorgeous boardwalk in Chelsea area. Quiet and peaceful place to walk and enjoy the breeze. Very large beach area as well. A wonderful way to commune with nature and get a healthy workout.

Thanh Wisler

Do AC it's a good time so much love

Michael Cruz

Had a great time. Boardwalk is really long and there is a lot of shops to visit. Restaurants are great. Visit Harrys Retaurant and you will love it.

Nadirah Davis

Just left a whole lot of walking . Family loved it.

Autumn Anuszkiewicz

Amazing, try sweet Charlie's if you get the chance. (It's rolled ice cream)

Morgan Shivers

Had not been there in 30 years. Amazing.

skip raccio

Love this place .Love going there .Been going for years.Love walking the Boardwalk and watching the action of people having fun.Walk through whats left of the casinos and hearing the sounds of the slot machines. Due to make another trip down there............

Rob Silvagni

I am from Atlantic City, so it will always be home for me. But I have to admit that there are other board walks that are cleaner and more family friendly. While the city tried to make it nicer with TV screens on every light pole, all they do is broadcast the same 5 advertisements ad nauseum.... and loud too. There are homeless sleeping on the benches and run down dollar stores on every block. Unless you like to gamble, there are nicer boardwalks to try.

kathy morris

Went doing the off season so it was pretty quite during the daytime. Needed a mini vacation.

anu vrinda

Best place ever! Loved the energy on the boardwalk. Everything was great

Tyrone Smalls

Not like it used to be, but a good place for a nice walk

Odimar Tomazeli

Good place but not as clean as I expected

Rosa Alvarado

Absolutely Love Being Here. The best place to take your Family our just have adult time. Fin for Everyone..

Dev Gandhi

Great varieties of shops, it is worth it. One of the best New Jersey attractions.

Janine Weatherby

A must. Very safe. Love the little shops. Helped the casino's stay open. Everyone did.

G Brusca

Clean, family-friendly and entertaining. However, the service at the shops and eateries was positively lazy and rude.

Jocelyn Laney

Great place to go for a walk. You'll see some interesting things.

Jennifer Bosco, Realtor

Sad to see how desolate parts of the boardwalk are, but I still prefer this boardwalk. It's very laid back and clean. It's much quieter then other boardwalks. We came down for the beach and Rainforest Cafe and accidentally ended up going during the Air show, which was very nice. There are several bathrooms up and down the boardwalk, but showers not so much.

Yolanda Collins

I had a really great time it is definitely a good place for rest and relaxation. My granddaughter didn't want to leave the beach. Very memorable time.

Loretta Ferrell

Too many junk shops with the same merchandise. Need a more upscale appearance. Not like it used to be yrs ago.

David Heinz

Lots of little shops along the boardwalk and decent parking options around. Definitely still be back!

Colette Olavarria

AC boardwalk enjoyable but still many unoccupied buildings. Enjoyed the evening and the fireworks

Karen Grust

Nice long boardwalk with lots of stores & shops. We had a bus trip to the Tropicana so we mostly stayed there. It was a rainy day so we didn't get to do much outside.

David Anderson

Didn’t go in peak season, and it was a rainy, cold December evening, but the atmosphere was nice! I’m sure in the summer it is busy and bustling with tourists and beautiful sun and patios :)


It's nice to walk by the ocean and pick shells and sea glass. Plenty of tourist shops, restaurants, and casinos. Prices are ridiculous but you'd expect that at tourist places.

Noelle Florek

We took a day trip to the beach and chose AC because friends were already there. It was also close to home for us in Philly. It's a nice beach. A bit crowded but it was a perfect day in August.

Heidi Sterling

Doesn't feel like the beach on the boardwalk anymore. They put up 24 large t.v.'s. Real visual pollution. But the worst is they are screaming car commercials at you all the way down the boardwalk. The beach still lookes nice. The beach is still kid friendly. But only the beach.

fitnessand Self-Care1

Nice and hot walk it but it a great place to see and be

Renni Zacharia

Nice beach, beautiful blue shallow water nice board walk, lot of food.. Can't beat this place


My weekend get away was nice.

D Here

Nice place to stroll.. i loved seating there people watching. It can get a little chilly in the evening,so bring a spare jacket.

Thilo E. Schaffert

Nice and clean, a lot of things to do and see.

Doris Abdur-Rahim

Had a blast work my son. Great food and shopping

Jacqui Carfi

Love the boardwalk and the Riff-Raff is entertaining. Wish the bicycle cops would do a better job of corralling the panhandlers and cleaning up the benches.

Aaron Ortiz

Never been on a Boardwalk before! First time here and for a week of vacation to top it off! Amazing!!

Dawn Greenfield

I love this place.!! So much going on. So many shops to shop in, wait until i get my credit card statements.!!

Tim O'Sullivan

The Atlantic City Boardwalk where opulence and poverty meet. We visited just for a few days but saw many homeless folks in the Boardwalk. These people need help and I assume there is not facilities for them locally. The casinos and restaurants are fancy though it's not as upscale as Vegas or Myrtle Beach, SC.

Eva Puccilli

Such a nice beach wish I would have stayed there more

Jasmine H

nice place to sit and relax until the police bother you and tell you no sleeping. 1$ hot dogs.seen some famous people looked like charize theron. then someone left a baby stroller. saw two crabs one blue the other brown clams. saw the ice cream man the other day light music. people are pretty nice giving their leftover food they wont eat

Heather Watts

Went for a short getaway and in just one afternoon we were approached by "homeless" folks 7 different times! Some for money, some for cigarettes and it was not only on the boardwalk but also inside the parking garage and different casinos. I am all about helping others but this was ridiculous! Honestly, it was those you could tell that were homeless with their shopping carts and sitting out in the rain that really made me want to help, not those who were up in our face begging with their "Come on, man!" We asked one of the cart drivers where a good place to eat was and he pointed down the road and offered to take us. When we thanked him but said we would like to walk and enjoy the sun, he waited until we were about 20 ft away and began yelling for us and proceeded to tell us there was not only 1 but 3 restaurants in the building right across the street! Lying, manipulative people were what we found during our time there. I understand they are trying to make a buck but be honest! I would have been more willing to use the service at a later point that evening if he would have told us the truth when we originally asked. The beaches had trash all over them, just sad. Dogs aren't allowed on the beach but they would keep it cleaner than some of the ignorant visitors we saw. Only once did we see security or police on the boardwalk and they were only passing through. It would benefit the whole place to have more security/police presence and get the hogs to clean up after themselves! This was our first trip to Atlantic City and sadly probably the last.... I'm sure it could be a beautiful and enjoyable place if there was more pride taken in what they have.

Mary DeLeon

First time going to Atlantic City Boardwalk in over 20 yrs. We were very disappointed at all the stores and hotels that are closed down and look abandoned. We went in Chickie and Pete's whom I know is a good restaurant in Philly, not only were they telling customers there was a 15 min wait for seating when I saw the open tables downstairs and a lot upstairs, but the bathroom was absolutely disgusting. I was really shocked to see a Chickie and Pete's like that.

Tina Harris

interesting fact this boardwalk is the longest in the world and the oldest in America. Other than that it’s basically food and tourism stores, nothing really special that I could see.

Robin Deaver

It was nice on the boardwalk. The shops are nice lot of restaurants and beer joints

Rae Rae D

Theres a pizza place on the baord walk that served my family and I expired garlic knots with fungus. And when we went to tell the workers about it they looked at us like we were crazy. But everything else on the board walk was great.

Bebo daLoop

This time around much better. ... I remember coming here way back there were lots of holes on the beach and all together look very neglected.... Today was a whole different picture...not too crowded... We had a great time... And everything was accessible within walking distance.

Adonis Porch

Soo many great stores and the view of the ocean is BEAUTIFUL

Maryanne Stevenson

Love,love,love the AC boards & beach. It's diff from other beaches,like the boardwalk right there. My husband and I spend a wk @ the Tropicana every Summer. More 4 adults then children, my 4 r grown!

henry strimel

Always love comming down here to Atlantic City Boardwalk ..always something to do love the ocean the smell of food the sand ...the beautiful sunsets and rises..the boardwalk rides and stores great place to bring the family ...was here on …

Fran Vut

Much cleaner than years ago lots of good restaurants in the casinos cheap stores on board walk beach is cleaner

Joanne Olsen

Excellent! We saw the air show and just had an enjoyable day

Teresa Tubin

Very small, hardly no tables. A fire hazard. Waited an hour and seated ourselves. Menus were thrown on the table and waitress wa super rude, to the point that she suggested certain foods and when we did not agreed she was upset and stated we were picky and did not like anything. All we wanted was Jalea and fried fish...finally we walked out...what a visit!!

Wes Michael

I bet back in the 80's and 90's it was something to see. But a New Jersey Boardwalk with only 2 places to get (mediocre) pizza? Sad. Ocean City's Boardwalk has more to see and do.

Garvin Alexander

Not like it used to be 10 years ago. A lot of places are closed and the service in the places that are open is not as good as it used to be. I do recommend Wet Willie's if you visit

Chiquita Jackson-Grant

I have enjoyed this trip thus far. What a great expirence. WE WILL BE BACK

kenia rondon

The beach good but I think this place needs more life more food places, like places that attract people the most.

Linda Taylor

Inside the Casinos are nice. Don't venture off the semi-sketchy boardwalk as it gets VERY sketchy in those areas. We visited in the daytime.

Trudi Heiselman

I love that they have a Rainforest Cafe on this boardwalk! Casinos are nice. The shops could improve.

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