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james beach

Neat little aquarium with 'touch the fish' area in several places. Great interactive aquarium for kids with a nice selection. The top floor gives a description of the various climates.on Earth.

Liandra Hewins

This is a wonderful place. Just wish it was bigger! I love the touch tanks and especially loved the moon jellies and the turtles.

Raiesha Johnson

I really enjoyed the aquarium here in Atlantic City. The staff were very friendly and the animals seemed excited to see people! I loved the octopus. Maybe I'm used to the aquarium back home in Baltimore but this just left sooo much to be desired. The tropical rainforest had about 5 animals! What I hated about this place it that none of the animals have labels to identify them. You have to get a small pamphlet from the front. The sting ray feeding and petting was amazing!

Rob Davis

Very nice aquarium, but also quite small. I went for a children's birthday party, and they had a very nice sized room that comfortably fit 20 people.

Tee Brown

I didn't actually go into the aquarium. I was at an outdoor concert on the grounds. The place is spacious and we had an AMAZING time. Bring your lawn chairs, coolers and have a great time. There are places to eat and plenty of room for you to have a great time. There are regular bathrooms(thank God)as well as porta pots. I will try to get to the actual aquarium next time.

joanna coo

Place is great, its a small aquarium. It can take 1 hr or less. But the kids enjoyed touching the stingray

Zia Ellis

Its a small but nice aquarium. They have hands on experiences. Like petting sting rays and the huge turtle is awesome!! Will def go back to support them.

Helen Qiu

Because of the seagulls outside of the Aquarium, we gave it an enthusiastic five stars! You can buy small popcorns for only one dollar and enjoy them while strolling around the two-story aquarium. Exhibition is small but with two rare purple scorpionfish that we have never seen before in bigger aquariums in Chicago, Montreal, Quebec City, New York City or Montreal in California! The aquarium is filled with three hands-on stations where you can touch horseshoe crabs, sharks and stingrays! Animal show and stingray feeding twice of each everyday before 2pm! Cost is 10 for adults and 6 for children. Highly recommended for a relaxed and happy day trip! :)

Sherry Mosley

Nice lower floor exhibit need to improve the other two floors

Samantha Carey

Small aquarium, but a nice place to have fun for a few hours

W Smith

Small aquarium but you get what u pay for and more. We had a blast! Events for kids are nice and the giftshop was small but stocked and so reasonably priced. Can't wait to return!!

Thomas Kuhns

Not worth the time or money. 3 floors, the first and second being the only floors with animals. Better off spending the admission fee on a clothing item you don't need from a nearby outlet.

Effie JenkinsSmith

Touch tank for kids, small but great view of deep sea fish.

Kylene Clemens

Small but nice. Perfect activity for younger kids with shorter attention spans. Clean and interesting. Unusual animals like tarantulas and baby catsharks.

Lisa Opie

This is a great small aquarium to visit. The views from the observation deck are amazing.

Lee Shoenberger

If you go to A.C. with kids, this is a must see. Very interactive with touch tanks, hourly shows and you may even get to hand feed a stingray!!

maximus marro

Nice fun for kids small aquarium takes like an hour or two

Aubrey Kenney

Very cool. We could feed the stingrays, touch the cat sharks, etc. Very cool aquarium!

Michelle Vieth

Great for kids there are lots of exhibits.there are hands on tanks where kids can touch different animals. Loved it too my 4yr old twin nephews they had a ball

Andre Williams

I didnt go to the aquarium..i was at Kelsey and Kims..for the best breakfast ive had in years...fried whiting...cheese omlet..home fries.....everthing prepared fresh..for a reasonable 14.99..wont eat another meal was plenty..and tasteful..

Michael Kelley

It's a great place for kids. The exhibits are nice and the cost is low

Live Laugh LOVE

A bit small but it packs a lot in its little building. Very informative with many many different species avail..some you are able to touch. Great variety at gift shop with good prices.

Jason Buchter

Just enuff for us. Smaller aquarium with many touch tanks. Great for all ages realy. You wont be spending hours here like other full sized aquarium but still is worth the visit and they sell realy cool children's shirts and noveltys.

Na- na Lamont

The aquariums was nice. It was affordable. It has 3 floors. The top floor is play area for kids with beautiful views of Atlantic city and the ocean. There is an outdoor area on the third floor as well that's great for photo opportunities. The second floor has turtles, snakes, more fishes, and a touch tank for sting rays. There is also a large party room for private parties. The first floor has fish tanks, eels, turtles, and a touch tank for baby sharks. There are some interactive activities for kids like coloring station, shark picture area, and top floor. Fun for the whole family and priced right!

Hg Nyc

Great time and beautiful place to visit

Shelby Lewis

Good price. Kinda small but perfect size for little kids. No need for a stroller

William H. Mong V

Great place to bring the family must go to back Bay Ale house and the site seeing boat tour at a sunset.try Gilcrest at sunrise

Cotrenia Pritchett

The aquariums have Exotic Fish there including piranhas no Finger's IN Any Tank's , up to ur basic gold

Jkirchner Kirchner

The tanks at this aquarium, although clean, were entirely too small for the amount of marine life forced to live there. It was so disappointing to see the animals all crammed together. Stingray enclosure not big enough for them to turn around let alone swim, reptile tanks with turtles and lizards on top of each other and an eel who was forced to keep a verticle, standing like position because he either couldn't fit in the hiding enclosure or there wasn't enough room for him to move around and hide like eels often do.

Trina Finnerty

It was pretty cool to see the big fish and watching the stingrays get fed

brittnee hughes

Me and my son love coming here. Plenty of space for him to run, tough and feel. Its really a great little spot.

Raval Seojattan

Kinda small and simple but still enjoyed it.

Hafiz Masoud{Gmail}CPA,GroupCFO

Great place to visit. I love it. The first time I visited was in 2013 In 2018 I was there with my wife

Andy지수맘 Yeo

Feels like a personal corrector's exhibitions. Dissapointrd how they displayed-water was dirty.. The price was $10 for adult but it wasn't worth it somehow.. It's more negativr to kids feeling non-guilty to bother the sea creature's rest time. And how do they display that dead animal skin to let kids touch it? Very surprised..

Alexander Trask

Kind of a depressing little building. There's 3 stories, 2 of which have live animal tanks. All of the tanks seemed undersized and I was met with some guilt while watching the creatures inside. There was a good number open tanks where you could pet creatures such as sharks, rays, and Horseshoe crabs, which I could imagine would be enjoyable for small children. I spent a total of 20 minutes inside, read all of the scarce information tabs, saw all of the fish and wildlife and then left. Cost entry was $10, but I found a coupon online that saved me a buck. $9 for a 20 minute mediocre experience just didn't seem worth it.


Warm and welcoming staff. Live shows. Coloring stations for kids. Gifts and souvenirs reasonably priced.

Jacob Rolon

Small but great interactions for kids.

Jon M

Very nice small aquarium. Worth the $10 admission.

Joe K

It was a very cute and informative aquarium. The staff was friendly and welcoming. It has a nice variation of exhibits with a picnic area outside.

Johnny Chen

Quaint aquarium that's definitely on the small scale. For the $10 admission fee, it's worth a visit but can get old rather quickly as there are a very limited amount of animals/displays. It's a hexagonal/octagonal? building. There 3 floors; floors 1 & 2 house animals & exhibits. Floor 3 has activities for kids & a great outdoor deck. The register at the entrance also functions as the gift shop. To their credit, they weren't kidding about the amount of animal interactions! Tropical sharks, 2 horseshoe crab touch tanks & interactive animal shows on the 1st floor. 2 stingray touch tanks along with a pelt wall on the 2nd floor. The AC aquarium appears great for young kids & is worth the $10 as an adult, but is quite small. You will definitely see all the exhibits in 1 hr or 2 hrs tops even at a leisurely pace.

Jeff Hawarden

The Aquarium is a quaint educational well maintained attraction. There is ample parking. Admission fee is reasonable, the views are spectacular.

Raymond Hackney

It's not the largest aquarium I've been to, but every inch is quality content, whether it be nautical diagrams or some very unique inhabitants. The surrounding area is also good, family friendly fun and learning.

Amara Humayyun

It’s cute little and cheap aquarium. Although they have dad fish but you can touch other fish like sting ray. It’s a very compact place.

Jack Barros

Great exhibits! Especially for kids

Kev McK

Small but filled with many wonders! The touch tanks clean and all the animals seem very well cared for.

Debasis Guru

I was little confused between 2 and 3 stars. The reason is that for the $10 price, the place is too small and you will find that the aquarium ends even before it starts properly. The top floor practically has nothing but an open balcony. The second floor has some "touch" species and some snakes and frogs. The first floor has some big tanks but that's it. As compared to many national and international aquarium and with a scale of $10, I finally settled for 2 stars. If you have never been to an aquarium then I wouldn't stop you from going here.

Karen Wagniere

Real nice & nice exhibits. We saw the ray feeding & the kids were really thrilled.

Nicole Marie

I was all excited to see what it was like and they had a note on the door that said closed for emergency. It would've been nice if it was posted on their website so I didn't drive all the way there for nothing.

Francis Benjamin

Great place for hanging out the seawall love it.

mandie lembeck

A "bigger on the inside" aquarium, with polite staff, and critters from different parts of the world.

Michael Alvarado

Small intimate and gift shop was reasonable. The ability to touch some of the creatures was super cool!

Gennaro Basso

Lovely little place. If you're in the area and looking for an easy outing it's worth a visit. It's small though so don't plan on making a whole day out of it.

vinit shah

There isn't much to do here. Very small and if your kids are older then 5 they are not going to have fun

Barbara Dejarnette

Prices to high for small aqurium but nice

Stephanie Bange

The aquarium was closed so I could not go there but the surrounding area was very pretty.

Constance Collins

It's small but the kids loved it.

Shelly shell

Kids and family friendly. Close to the beach

Bill Andrews

A good 0lace to go to see their sights! A great view to see the boats too!

Kristen Hoyt

It had a few nice but very small exhibits. Much prefer Jenkinsons Aquarium in Point Pleasant. The free parking was a plus. Maybe more enticing for very young children, but not very entertaining for my 11 year old. Overall disappointed in driving an hour to come here.

Amy Martin

Small but worth the 10 dollars. Loved the stingrays and cat sharks. A nice variety of exhibits to veiw.

Tammy Doernbach

It's a nice place to take younger children, while able to walk across and have lunch

Suzanne Gilchrist



Quaint place, cool for the kids and great views from the 3rd floor rooftop. Definitely worth checking out.

Deborah Sola

Fun place to take the kids. Nice because there is a great dinner next store n it's on the inlet for fishing!!!

Ki Han

Pretty cool for a little aquarium but worth a visit. My kids loved it

Amol Joge

Nice little aquarium for kids. Not much to see but kids can definitely enjoy for an hour or 2. They have petting and a small animal show which is fun and entertaining.

Traci Gadson

Small but love anywhere I can get up close and personal with some Ray's and horseshoe crabs :)

Jeff Powers

Nice place. I didn't know it was there

Princess Candy

It is nice aquarium but not much animals they need more.

Bobby Matulevich

Great place to take the kids and yourself for some SeaWorld education

Ashley Hanna

This is definitely for little kids. I have never been to an aquarium but i really felt like i was in a really big fish store. It was nice but i wouldn't even bring the kids unless they're maybe under 9 or 10 yrs old. Very small. You would have to be a very young child to enjoy this experience.

Andrew Orens

A fun an enlightening experience. The aquarium is fairly small, two levels and an observation deck, so only plan on spending an hour or two, but the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. The interactive 'petting' tanks are fun, especially for kids, and the other displays are quite informative. All in all, a nice break from the casinos, boardwalk, and beach.

Kiodi Mercado

This is the best aquarium yet. The kids and I loves the fact that there were petting exhibits. Super duper cool.

Lance Willhoit

Very nice a lot of cool fish and other animals! Needs more variety however.


Quality 3 story aquarium with elevator. Several touch tanks with calm animals

Evyeni Serafim

Not super big or big at all. You can touch sharks and rays. Cute cheap place

Chris Tate

Nice, small, adorable. The gifts have prices in all ranges, so you can get a souvenir. Friendly staff

Cj Zoccali

There are so many different kinds of fish to see. There is a small touch tank, some really cool jelly fish and a collection of corals as well

Sandra Peterson

Very enjoyable! Nice little Aquarium. The employees are very helpful and very considerate and very nice! Great to feed the fish! Beautiful views! Thank you!

Melissa Wells

its incredibly small with just a few exhibits. Really, it's something quick to do with the family... no big things except a sea turtle (no dolphins, sharks or any really cool things) ... you can feed the Rays but you have to get there early bc they only sell a few trays of the food.

Arianna Miles

I loved it it's like tradition my family does every year

Sam Rankins

Beautiful Very excited with alot of knowledge & entertainment my my love it that her JOY & excitement we had Fun

Judy DeSain

Great place. Kids love it. Kind of small.

Stephanie Salvatore

Nice rainy day weekend trip for the kids

Anne Hobbs

Three floors of fish, reptiles, and hands on touch tanks. The guide at entry is easy to follow and informative about what is in each tank. Cute activities for kids. Great views of the area can be seen from the third floor observation deck. What's not to like about aquariums!

Jan Gibb

Just the right size for my 2 yo granddaughter. Price for adults was great, too. Surprised it wasn't more crowded on a school holiday. We had a great time.

Genifer Equite

So nice and the staff was so helpful. Had fun looking at all the beautiful fish

Jefferson Lee

A small but very cute aquarium. Although you can probably go through the entire place within an hour, the entry price is low compared to other places. I recommend it as a nice way to spend some time out.

Xiomara Cruz

Is very tiny, nothing extreme here... cute place to take the little ones and maybe have a picnic outside afterwards. Nice views to the beach, you can see everything in less than 30 min. Make sure to get your coupon for a dollar off your admission. Just Google acaquariumcoupon.

jonathan mondich

Small but good time! A group of us went and had fun! Lots of touch tank animals!

Maria Burns

Small but fun. Fed some stingrays.

Leah Delgado

Such a bad experience. The animals look so sad and miserable. It was so depressing to see them in these extremely small tanks and the environments were poorly taken care of. Just sad all around to see that. I’m literally shocked to see the good reviews here. I guess people don’t understand how animals should actually be cared for.

Tara Maceyko

Very cool establishment overlooking the water. Lots of hands on! Kid friendly:)

carol ferebee

Small Aquarium but big on displays. Wide variety of aquatic life on display. Tanks seemed too small for some animals. Otherwise, nice Aquarium.

Daria Klyukin

Great place for small children, although even my teens had fun touching the sharks and sting rays.


Such a fun, cheap outing for the kids! This aquarium is not too big and not too small, perfect for smaller children.

Carlos Bermudez

I recomend anyone to go check out the aquarium in AC. Its a awesome place to bring the family.

Walter J Shuster III

A lot of different types of exhibits as well as live shows. Place is very well priced for a great family outing.

Todd Parsons

This place was more like a glorified pet store than an aquarium. Unless you are in AC and it is raining or something, don't waste your time.

Kellie Greene

The animals seem happy to see you. Each exhibit is smallish but clean and more than appropriate to the creature that calls it home. I was delighted to find so many touch tanks with a knowledgeable attendant to teach and protect the animals. I was absolutely thrilled with the stingrays and delighted in feeding them at their very large touch tank. They are gentle social creatures and there was one in particular who seemed to love being touched and he would pause and seemed to be waiting for me to pet him. He would wait to be rubbed and then swim away before coming back and waiting to be petted again. I'll stop back by at feeding time when Im in the area again. I really enjoyed my afternoon here

oluwatosin bankole

Nice place, dont know if I will visit again though .

Jay Hernandez

Nice small place not much to see here but some fish that they do have are great to look at. The whole visit would be about 10 mins.

Eric Montoya

A quaint tourist pass time.... A few fish and exhibits. Good place to stop by if you're on your way to parasailing or chartering a dolphin cruise.

Marshall Gibbs

Wow I had a great day at the Seawall and Aquarium. This is a good tourist destination for young and old. Plenty of attractions to see and awesome food and drink just relax and enjoy your day.

Shelly Ackerman

The Aquarium is small but reasonably priced. The highlight of our visit was being able to pet the sharks. It was not an all day activity but we were there for about 4 hours. The elevator is a little small but it made life so much easier for my mom with her Walker and the baby in the stroller. I don't live local so I wouldn't make the drive just for the Aquarium BUT I will stop again the next time I'm in AC


A bit small but a great way to spend an hour.

Just No

Very small aquarium (we usually go to Adventure Aquarium) but it's very nice and clean. They still have a touch tank with stingrays which my kids love. Top floor is my favorite since there's seating and a play area. You get really great views of AC too! The staff is always friendly.

Camuel L. Jackson

It's a cute little aquarium. Not a whole lot to see, but they do have giant turtles, an area where children can touch different sea creatures, and cool wild life demonstrations.

Angela Malinowski

Cute little aquarium. My two year was fascinated and my 10 year and 13 year old thought it was pretty cool.

Odoyle Rules!

A good amount to look at and touch. Was hoping to be a little more diverse in aquatic life. A lot of stingrays to pet

Janice Claymore

Kids liked it, very small aquarium. Fun for maybe once or twice, but feels like it would get old quick.

John B. Gibson

It is too expensive for a small amount of exhibits, no food purchasing options if you arrive hungry, security outside made us park at a different lot far away in 100 degree heat to allow the lot to be used for a free concert. The parking lot they put me in was full of bottles as the police guided me by hand to the overflow parking it blew up on my tire. The staff on the upper level didn't provide any info about the animals... The bathrooms were messy and crowded, the concert booming outside made it horrible. This should have been a free or half off day at the least. Just a lousy visit. Go to another place like Cape May Zoo and check out their free reptile area instead.

tyrone christie

Great food and really fast service

Fish Wisperer

Looking for something to do down the shore on a overcast or rainy day with the kids? This is it. The place is no monster aquarium but there is plenty of cool things to see and do with the available tanks that the kids can pet sharks, horseshoe crabs and sting rays. If your there at the right time you can even feed the rays! Very cool. Afterwards can take a walk at marina and see some cool boats.

Alejandro Head

Small aquarium. Not expensive for entry. Three levels but exhibits only on 1st two floors. Top floor offers great outdoor views. My only complaint is that some of the exhibits are too small for the animals.

Joseph Gerald

Nice little aquarium that's inexpensive (10 bucks per person) and full of some pretty cool fish and animals. Don't forget to hit the observation deck on the roof before you leave for some great views.

Ron P Swegman

Atlantic City's best bet may be this full aquarium situated along Absecon Channel. Nice variety of fish, reptiles, and amphibians housed inside a three-story nautical space full of nooks and crannies filled with interesting, attractive creatures. The opportunity to feed and pet cownose rays is a safe, fun daily activity for children of all ages. Five stars

Brittany Young

It was a very cute little aquarium. Lots of history we learned and the staff was very nice and friendly. Also Adult Admission is 10 dollars. Not bad at all. Make sure you head up to the third for to get the awesome balcony view.

Jill Ceresini

Small but awesome. Very informative. Great location.

Virginia Robison

Not a lot there. Top floor was the best viewing.

Andrew Oliniski

Cute, small and enjoyable. Fish, turtles and rays are my favorite. I love them and had fun time.

Barbara Minton

A marvelous little gem of a local aquarium. Great place to take kids. Surrounded by outstanding ocean views. Could have spent an afternoon on the observation deck.

Noah Morse

Fun place to go with friendly staff. Not very expensive and quite a bit to see. There's a few touch tanks too

Davis Johnson

The place is very small, but there were some sea creature that I have never ever seen even on TV like the National Geographic or Animal Planet channels. Jelly fish is so beautiful. They have a small show at certain times of the day, an interactive show with a few animals.

Omar Werkheiser

I loved this place the food is worth taking the ride for

Madison Turner

Small aquarium and bothered me during the experience how small every tank us. Huge turtle and fishes in a tank no bigger than the average patio. However I did enjoy how interactive the staff was with their facts about each animal

Amaris James-McCadney

Small but a great place to visit with the family. They have times to feed the sting rays as well. Definite must try, it was an unforgettable experience.

larry miller

This was a great place very nice people and great service even have a petting place for the kids to touch a shark and stingray.


Very nice display well worth spending some time there. The descriptions of the different species could have been a little more detailed. Really enjoyed the Lookouts on the third floor

David Tallman

A great place for small children. A bit boring for older kids. Good shows but not enough to hold the attention of young teenagers. Walked through in about a half an hour.

Jennifer Hoag

Place is small but worth the $10. Beautiful views, would be great place for a picnic. Outside picnic tables.

Shawna Resavy

Not big at all. Only 2 floors. But staff is great amd very educated on their animals. Was hoping for more interaction or anything really.

Robert Bryan

Good place to take the kids... Reasonably priced and the staff is always very friendly

Marjie Georgieff

Such a fun day! Especially because there was a Motown concert going on! Great time!

Jessica White

I’ve lived in South Jersey my whole life and never been to the AC Aquarium until a birthday party invite. Once you get past the ticket/entrance mess (there was a long line when we got there and just one girl, at one register, which doubles as the gifts shop, so yeah, a mess), it was pretty cool. Great for small tykes, small enough to let them walk with you, but big enough to keep adult attention for a bit. Also, free parking and relatively easy to get to (if you know AC). So that’s a big old win.

Suzanna Bryant

AC aquarium is a good value with coupons from local hotels and publications. There are 3 levels to explore with more than just aquatic and semiaquatic animal exhibits. There are quite a few stations for kids to touch or create art, and a small gift shop at entrance. Some of the tanks looked a bit small for the size or quantity of the creatures in them, but hey what do I know about it?

Thomas Falco

It's a small aquarium but if you have a family or children it's nice for them

Todd Terrill

This aquarium is nice and not intimidating like a lot of large aquariums. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. This was the perfect experience for my 3 and 5 year olds.

Sheena PhatFat

Im Just As Excited As The Kids Are...I'll Always Love This Place...

Jay Riggleman

This is a cute aquarium. Not big by any means but fun and very visible when looking for the animals and fish. At 10 bucks u can't go wrong.

Satya K

A small aquarium but has a good collection. Children will really enjoy especially the live feeding by public. Not to be missed.

Michael Milfort

Very small quint place good display of marine life. Top level givers great views. Great for the kids.

Heather Parker

Always love going here especially to feed the stingrays!

Brittany Smith

Even though the aquarium is small, it sits in a beautiful area. It has a lovely outlook spot where you can go off the second floor and view the ocean and the garden beneath. There are touch tanks for the children (and they're much less strict than they used to be regarding the touch tanks). It's worth taking the time out of the trip to go.

Venehisa Ayala

This was my first time to an aquarium. It was awesome seeing all the different fish up close. There were three floors with many different habitats. Small little activities for the kids and events. I was here with my family and the kids loved it. It was a nice day as well. I look forward to going back and visiting other aquarium to compare. So far I recommend to visit if you're here in Atlantic city for vacation. It took me a few year to finally make a stop. I'm glad I did.

Nicki Ping

Nice cheap aquarium. You can interact with some of the things like manta rays. Theres really a decent amount of cool things to see in there and its not expensive at all. Went there on a rainy day during vacation and it was really fun. It does get crowded though

Joseph Gaunt

It was fun and informational. I just wished their big tank with native species to the NorthEastern coast had Striped Bass in it.

jennifer blanchard

Very busy. Good for kids under 10.

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